can i ship neal and snow

Plot twist: Emma goes dark, but it turns out that she’s very much her father’s daughter in this regard.

So Darth Emma always drives at 5 mph over the speed limit, and puts the spoons in the fork compartment of the cutlery drawer, and hides David’s car keys in the refrigerator, and doesn’t rinse her dirty dishes so they’re harder to clean, and takes ages at the checkout because she insists on digging out the correct change

and Snow is annoyed because Emma lets baby Neal have far too much sugar when she babysits (“No I didn’t!” “Emma I can see the candy wrappers” *poof* “… what candy wrappers?” “ugh”)

and Henry is embarrassed because he’s thirteen and Emma ruffled his hair in public (“Mom!” “Muahahaha, kid!”)

and Killian is upset because she referred to the Jolly Roger as a sailboat (“It’s a ship, Dave, and a majestic one at that!” “I know, Killian, I know…”)

and Regina has had just about enough of Emma ringing the doorbell and then poofing out of there before she can answer (“I know it’s her, Robin, but I have no proof!” “Well maybe just lodge a complaint with the… sheriff… damn.”)

and Belle is really sick of Emma borrowing books and not returning them by the due date (“Just get it back, Will, you’re a thief!” “Yeah, but I’m not bloody stupid enough to try and steal from her!”)

I’m just saying, I think it has potential.

Can We Ugly Girl Cry Over...

“I’m not…I’m not used to someone putting me first.” 

Hook: *kneels on the hard floor*
Hook: *sacrifices rum for wound*
Hook: *gives up brother’s ring*
Hook: *would go to end of world, or time*
Hook: *refuses to stay in sheriff’s station*
Hook: *offers his ship and safe passage to Neverland*
Hook: *does not force his way, waits to win fair and square*
Hook: *brings grilled cheese and onion rings*
Hook: *falls into time portal*
Hook: *fetches paperwork*
Hook: *does not utilize enchanted lips*
Hook: *tells Snowing that Neal is alive*
Hook: *makes arms available during Snow’s execution*
Hook: *makes arms available after parents reveal their lies*
Hook: *ensures reconciliation with parents is accomplished*
Hook: *fakes a portal-side sword fight*
Hook: *successfully gets Excalibur*
Hook: *does not reveal Gold’s plan to murder him*
Hook: *ensures no one ever uses the dagger*
Hook: *trades prized possession in return for a magic bean*
Hook: *sacrifices life in alternate universe*
Hook: *sacrifices life in Camelot*
Hook: *sacrifices life in Storybrooke*

…..Well get used to it. 

OUAT ships right now

Captain Swan: adgdhbbdgjkff! THEY MADE EYE CONTACT AGAIN!!!!!

Snowing: Stop blowing holes in my ship A&E!

Outlaw Queen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Just stay dead Zelena!

Swan Queen: The sexual tension in these waters be thick!

Swanfire: Look they mentioned Neal!!!! *cries buckets of sorrow* I miss him so much!!!!!

Rumbelle: Is this it? Is this all you can conjure A&E. We have weathered much worse angst.

Scarlet Beauty: SO CUTE!!!!!

Scarlet Queen: Where the fuck is Anastasia!