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hiya. this is going to sound random but i'd really like to thank you for all your swanfire fix it fics. with the c$pocalypse happening tonight it's reassuring to know how much the sf fandom has each other's backs. i'll be so relieved when this shitstorm is finally over...

Aww thank you so much! This really means a lot to me.

I love the Swanfire fandom for how kind it is and how we can always encourage each other. I am ready for tonight to be over, so Emma can finally just be all ours. Whether that be for those that ship Swanfire, Swan Queen, Gremma, whatever.

Headcanon: When Emma took on the darkness, it took her to a parallel universe where Neal never died. She’s close with her parents, she’s with Neal and they co-parent Henry with Regina. C$ was never a thing.

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My Top OTPs

I just realize I ship a shit ton of OTPs, like really ship them, as in my heart starts pounding every time they come on screen. I squeal and gush when I follow their story. Watching them struggle, watching them fight, watching them argue, watching them drop truth bombs at each other, but then coming together in the end. How can this be possible? Oh right I’m a TV junkie…

My Top Hardcore OTPs (Though this is like a 3rd of the list…)

Daenerys and Drogo (Game of Thrones)

Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand (Game of Thrones)

Emma and Neal (Once Upon a Time)

Snow and Charming(Once Upon a Time)

Belle and Rumple (pre season 3 OUAT before things got stupid, oh except for mid-season finale of season 4 (ya-know what I’m talking about…)

Hermione and Ron (Harry Potter)

Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games)


Queen Anne and Aramis (The Musketeers)

D’Artagnan x Constance (The Musketeers)

Henry VII and Anne Boleyn (The Tudors) (***Alright…before Henry went crazy with the whole head chopping thing…)

Lucrezia and Cesere Borgia (The Borgias) (Eww I know, but you don’t understand, their chemistry was off the charts!!! T_T)


Lola and Narcisse (Reign)

Kenna and Bash (Reign)

Mary Stuart and Francis Valois (Reign)

Claire and Jamie (Outlander)

Anna and Mr. Bates (Downton Abbey)

Mary and Matthew (Downton Abbey)

Sungnyang x Wang Yoo (Empress Ki)

Princess Yoon-Seo and Prince Sohyeon (The Three Musketeers)

Kenshin and Karou (Rurouni Kenshin - anime and live action)

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter (Captain America)

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (Iron Man)


And then… half of them ends in tragedy. Like C'mon now… T_T

Hit like if you ship any or all of them. What’s your OTP?

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(1/3) I can't believe that Lana said "our fanbase is very open to change". Has she SEEN our fandom? We hate change. This isn't just me criticizing the Regina/Lana fans, every fandom on this show hates change. cs is angry that Emma is gone from the show and freaking out over what happens to Hook, SQ and OQ are raging over Regina's new love interest, Snowing is upset that their ship have been out-of-focus lately and are now gone, Neal fans are still angry that Neal died, etc. Every other interview

(2/3) has A&E and Colin asking fans to give Season 7 a chance. Most of Adam’s tweets are him trying to placate fans (admittedly mostly cs fans) raging over the reboot. If we were very open to change then they wouldn’t need be trying so hard to convince us to watch. The only reason Regina fans have been “open” towards S7 is because they haven’t lost anything, except now they’re raging over Lana wanting Regina’s new love interest to be a man because they lost their precious lesbian headcanons.

(3/3) This fandom can be ridiculously close-minded about anything that threatens their favorite character or ships.

Lana just doesn’t know anything about the fandom because it’s all about her and what Regina does and how Regina is so great and shit.  She stays inside her own bubble and just doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything other than herself.  She should know that she needs to tread carefully because of how many people are upset with this new “change” and the way we’ve been treated because of Jen leaving.

But, then again, we have a right to not want change.  With the way things have been written some people might not like a certain change because it’s a bullshit change.  A&E are notorious liars so we have a right to be upset with the way things have been and we also have a right to say, no, this is not right and it should have been this way.  Also, with the spoilers we have gotten it seems like this “change” isn’t any sort of change at all, it’s just a copy and paste of season 1.  

Also, I don’t think many of us are that close minded to change.  Fans were open  to ideas when they made sense and when change needed to happen.  We needed change to happen with Emma learning how to fall in love given her past with Neal.  Hell, even Regina got a change of how to learn what it’s like to be “good” (in like 3a, not the rest of the seasons).  Many of us were open to that change.  It’s only when the change is some sort of bullshit or convoluted mess is when we shouldn’t be allowed to have change.  

Finally, I don’t think you should be saying we are so close minded because of ships.  A&E have been stating bullshit about this season and have made this season into a mess given their main character is leaving.  The reason why we are not open to this change right now is because of a couple things: half the original cast is gone, the main character is gone, and with the finale of season 6 it was a perfect way to end ouat as a whole and many fans wanted that closure not to have this show go on forever without the characters they like and enjoy.

Once upon a Wait...WTH was that

Season 5 edition!  On FF

Welcome to part 1 of OUAT season 5. This is a very serious work of literary genius. Check your sense of humor at the door there’s no room for it here. This is chock full of references to spoilers so if you’re trying to avoid them… well… not sure what you’re doing here!

This very (very) serious chapter was brought to you by myself, lynyrdwrites and kat2609.  Thanks to nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable for reminding me how much fun this was! 

Swan: *Vanishes in a swirling vortex that does not at all resemble a unicorn*

Killian: I’m cursed. I’m cursed to spend every bloody hiatus pining. Why am I cursed to spend every hiatus pining?

Writers: Because you pining is our bread and butter. How else are we supposed to make sure people are on the edge of their seats all hiatus?

Killian: Couldn’t you just keep giving Swan and I casual intimacy scenes and making people argue about whether there’s more happening behind the scenes?

CS Coffee Conglomerate: We all know they’ve done it. I mean… look at them #neverland renaissance

Romantic consortium: No way, there’s no way we don’t know for sure. I mean … Snowing got that scene. OQ even got one and they’ve only been together a few weeks!

Killian: See, that would have worked. There was no reason for this whole self-sacrificial plo-

Regina: What… an… Idiot.

Snowing: Regina!

Regina: WHAT? Doesn’t she realize how inconvenient this is for me. Now we have to have an entire character arc that is not about me.

Fandom: REGINA!

Regina: Was I talking out loud again?

Robin: Yeah, kinda were.

Killian: So are we all just going to stand here… never mind. I’m not going another hiatus in pining mode. *makes for dagger*

Robin: If you think about it, it is kind of a natural stopping poin-

Killian: BACK OFF.

*mysterious ticking noise*

Robin: WTH?

Killian: You gave me the chance to exude dominance over someone else on screen. I’m told that the sound that follows is the sound of pirate/princess fiction being born into existence.

Robin: That… makes me slightly uncomfortable. Also I think there’s a decent chance the dark one will kill us all if she does come…so I’m going to step back a few feet.

Killian: *summons dark one*


Killian: *glances at Henry*

CaptainCobra brigade: OMG he’s looking at Henry, Henry looked back at him. They’re gunna be such a happy, beautiful family. CAPTAIN COBRA TO THE RESCUE!

Killian: Maybe I just didn’t enunciate clearly enough… *summons dark one again…*


CSers: *Sobbing*

(Fandom: I mean, what did you really expect?)

Belle: Well at least she’s not indefinitely unconscious. I don’t think this bodes well for my already precarious claim to screen time. I’m thinking about starting a book club. Maybe take up knitting?

Ruby: Might as well. I’ve got nothing better to do apparently.

Granny: Where the hell did you come from?

Ruby: I’ve been … around.

Granny: *side eyes Ruby*

Granny: *shifts focus to Belle* Hmmm…well we might start the knitting lessons with skirts that cover your ass.

Belle: Book club. Definitely book club.

Killian: Do they make a self-help books for people who married murderers?

Belle: Yeah, well, you shot me.

Killian: Just the once… and besides I thought we were bonding over the crocodile’s sudden yet inevitable betrayal?

Belle: We were. And it was not at all awkward. But then he said he was sorry…

(Fandom: *sigh*)

(Rumbellers: *squeal*)

Will Scarlett: I’ll just be ‘eading off then, shall I?

Rumbellers: you’re still here?

Fandom: Actually, they’re right. What ARE you doing here?

Will Scarlett: Thought I was going to sweep Belle off her feet. I suppose I’ll have to resign myself to making Hook miserable.

Killian: Not really in need of assistance on that front…

Will Scarlett: Maybe if you had a bigger ship maybe she wouldn’t have felt the need to become the dark one to get some excitement in her life.

Killian: *glowers*

Fandom: *melts into puddle* #control your face #idiot #I want ten

Snow: So…I guess we get to go on another adventure?

Killian: TO THE JOLLY ROGER! It’s a ship of magnificent proportions… if anyone with an unclear role in this plot was wondering.

Charming: Yay! Adventure on his magnificent ship!

CaptainCharming contingent: *waggles eyebrows* yes, let’s talk more about his ship. #captain charming friday #you stabbed me dave

Regina: You two do still have a baby, right?

Killian: Me and Charming? Tragically, we are both heterosexual.

Regina: How is it I haven’t gotten around to killing you yet?

Killian: I’m good at sur-

Regina: Oh my God, enough with the catch phrases. Can you not think of a new line?

Killian: That one worked so well for me though. I figured I’d just keep rehashing it.

Charming: Doesn’t anyone want to see 24,532.5 candid shots of Snow and Neal.

(Fandom: I didn’t realize he and Snow were so close.)

Regina: Yeah… No. But… where is the baby?

(Fandom: Oooooh, that Neal. #baby charming #Neal who?)

Snow: Off screen. Must be with Belle.

Belle: Actually guys… I’m still here… for once.

Snow: *shrug*… I’m sure he’ll turn up.

Granny: Um….hello? Why am I holding the baby AGAIN?

Snow: Told you he’d show up with a minor character who exists solely to provide babysitting services off screen

Granny: I’ll have you know I’ve got a full time job running the diner! How many other people in this town have a full time job? What makes you people think that I can always babysit an infant?

Snow: I mean, you only have to run Granny’s at the beginning and ending of episodes… and during war councils. Honestly I’m pretty sure the only thing you ever have to make are french fries, grilled cheese, and hot cocoa.

Granny: Is that like the way you only teach one class a season? Are any of the children in this town actually literate?

Snow: They know how to build birdhouses… Besides that’s not important. What’s important is that we need to discuss plans for the carnival!

Killian: A carnival… I’m not the only one that remembers that Swan is missing, am I? What the hell are we celebrating?

Charming: Well… Emma is technically evil right now.

Killian: …And?

Snow: Well, any time we have a celebration, evil always arrives shortly after.

Killian: So your bright idea is to throw a party to attract your evil daughter home?

Charming: Shut up, eat some cotton candy.

Killian: I suppose I should just mope around and ensure that everyone knows exactly how miserable I am.

Charming: Stop being a grouch. We all know she’ll be back soon. CS scenes are most of what the casual viewers are watching for anyway.

Killian: Aren’t you supposed to be tormented with guilt for losing your daughter again?

Charming: Pretty much yes, but unlike you I know how to be a productive moper.

Killian: I don’t think that’s a real word, Dave.

Robin: You are kind of being a kill joy, mate. Look at me, I accidentally got my girlfriends evil, criminally insane step sister pregnant and I’m not moping about refusing to get a hair cut.

Killian: It’s a reflection of my inner turmoil, thief. A visual reflection of me tormented soul.

(Fandom: #offensively attractive men being offensively attractive #killian jones needs a hug 2k15 #I volunteer as tribute)

Robin: No… it’s a reflection of the costuming department’s intrinsic understanding of how fangirls work…

Killian: Isn’t that what I said?

Killian: Oh! music. Perhaps there is one of these black discs that will reflect my current misery. *looks through record crates* 25 Polka classics…Oom-pa-pah Forever…Grumpy’s Greatest Hits…

Killian: *studies album intently* That is a little too sad, even for me.

Emma: *from a distance* Oh no you don’t, pirate, there will be no frown lines forming on that beautiful face.

Killian: SWAN, you’re inexplicably back and not looking evil! What did I tell you about swirling vortices… we were going to stay away from the swirling vortices!

Emma: But it was so pretty, and I had to one up your newfound heroic tendencies somehow.

Killian: Vortices always end really badly for me, Swan. The first one took me back to Neverland, the second I had to punch myself in the face. And then of course you know there was the whole death thing.

Charming: Not technically a vortex.

Killian: *glares*

Charming: *Shifty eyes* IT WASN’T MY FAULT!

Snow: *glares*

Charming: Let it go?

Snow: Sorry Charming, that’s so last season.

Charming: I swear, you kill your daughter’s boyfriend ONE TIME and no one ever lets you forget it

Fandom: #you stabbed me dave #in the BACK Dave #OTP: no one kills you but me

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Giggling our way through the hiatus.

Plot twist: Emma goes dark, but it turns out that she’s very much her father’s daughter in this regard.

So Darth Emma always drives at 5 mph over the speed limit, and puts the spoons in the fork compartment of the cutlery drawer, and hides David’s car keys in the refrigerator, and doesn’t rinse her dirty dishes so they’re harder to clean, and takes ages at the checkout because she insists on digging out the correct change

and Snow is annoyed because Emma lets baby Neal have far too much sugar when she babysits (“No I didn’t!” “Emma I can see the candy wrappers” *poof* “… what candy wrappers?” “ugh”)

and Henry is embarrassed because he’s thirteen and Emma ruffled his hair in public (“Mom!” “Muahahaha, kid!”)

and Killian is upset because she referred to the Jolly Roger as a sailboat (“It’s a ship, Dave, and a majestic one at that!” “I know, Killian, I know…”)

and Regina has had just about enough of Emma ringing the doorbell and then poofing out of there before she can answer (“I know it’s her, Robin, but I have no proof!” “Well maybe just lodge a complaint with the… sheriff… damn.”)

and Belle is really sick of Emma borrowing books and not returning them by the due date (“Just get it back, Will, you’re a thief!” “Yeah, but I’m not bloody stupid enough to try and steal from her!”)

I’m just saying, I think it has potential.


#okay so this is important#and don’t get me wrong I understand why snowing gave emma up. it was to give her her best chance#but it still shows us that emma grew up all alone#that they chose the greater good over her#with august he chose himself and left emma when he knew exactly what he needed to do since she was the savior#with neal? well we all know what he did#and I honestly do not care what you ship but don’t say that he had to send her to prison so she can complete her destiny#there were thousands of other ways of doing that#he left her and NEVER came back for her#(and don’t even tell me killian leaving her in the cell back in 2x09 is the same thing when it’s clearly not! they owed each other NOTHING)#neal didn’t even go back to her when he received the postcard telling him the curse was broken#but then you have killian despite what you think of him#you can’t deny that that ever since the season two finale he was the one person that ALWAYS came back for her#he came back with the bean#he came back to save her when regina’s guards imprisoned her#he came back for her in new york when he received the note to go find her#just the possibility of seeing her again was enough for him to trade his ship for her#he has been the one person in her life that has always chosen her#will always choose her and always comes back to her#and if you don’t think emma swan deserves someone like that in her life#well I’m sorry but you’re just wrong#because she deserves that and so much more 

Forever bitter that they killed Baelfire/Neal

And NOT because I shipped Swanfire (which I did - I thought they were perfect for each other) but because Neal was an important character in his own right. He was Rumple’s beloved son and Henry’s loving father. I will never be ok with Neal’s death because him and his father were FINALLY beginning to build a new relationship with each other. I will never be ok with Neal’s death because they robbed Henry of getting to know his father, a man who genuinely wanted to get to know his son the second he found out he existed. The son he willingly fell into a portal for when he had no idea where that portal would take him AND he had just been shot. He knew he could be going to his death but he did it so Henry wouldn’t grow up without his parents. So that Henry WOULDN’T have to grow up the way he and Emma did. As a boy Bae was willing to leave everything behind and go to a new world to be with his papa. He was willing to sacrifice for his papa who became CURSED for him. And when Rumple failed to go in the portal with him (something Rumple regretted immediately and forever!) Bae did not become a horrible, bitter, angry and selfish person. He remained as sweet and caring as ever. He gave up his freedom and for all he knew, his life, for the darling family. He was always stern but loving to his father, correcting him when he gave into the darkness (when he was a child, when he found Gold and Lacey bullying Whale, and in when he was with his father in Neverland). So, no, I am not still and forever upset that Neal is dead because I wanted Neal with Emma. I am upset because Neal was MORE IMPORTANT than serving as one part of a stupid love triangle. I am upset because Neal was a GOOD person who should have had the chance to be a father to Henry and to have a relationship with his papa.

I’ll admit it probably would have bothered me if Emma picked Hook over Neal (because I honestly don’t think that would make any sense) but if she did, you know what? I would have dealt with it. I would have gotten over it if it meant that Neal got to be a father to Henry. He also could have helped with Snowing family missions. He was smart, he was resourceful, he was caring, he was MORE than an eye-candy love interest! Which is more than I can say for Hook or even Robin to be honest (I ship outlaw queen but c'mon, Robin has contributed like nothing to this show lately except for sperm to Zelena). But that’s the writer’s problem, not Robin’s.

OUAT ships right now

Captain Swan: adgdhbbdgjkff! THEY MADE EYE CONTACT AGAIN!!!!!

Snowing: Stop blowing holes in my ship A&E!

Outlaw Queen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Just stay dead Zelena!

Swan Queen: The sexual tension in these waters be thick!

Swanfire: Look they mentioned Neal!!!! *cries buckets of sorrow* I miss him so much!!!!!

Rumbelle: Is this it? Is this all you can conjure A&E. We have weathered much worse angst.

Scarlet Beauty: SO CUTE!!!!!

Scarlet Queen: Where the fuck is Anastasia!

I can easily see why Charming (And Snow, for the matter) would ship Captain Swan instead of SwanFire. Neal got their baby girl thrown in jail/prison (I always forget which) and broke Emmas heart. That tends to be a no-no when it comes to parents. 

Hook, on the other hand, hasn’t done either of those things and is liked by them.

Therefore, the shipping. 

At some point, I really want Killian to build himself a new ship and I want everyone he loves to help him with it.

Emma will chip in and Killian will make some saucy remark on how sexy she looks sporting a tool belt at her waist. Together they’ll lift a heavy plank up and when it’s in the right spot, Killian will kiss her on a job well done.

I want to see Killian and his best mate, David leaning over a dusty table as they go over the designs. I want Killian and Henry to paint the side of the ship side by side before one of them sneakily starts a paint war.

And Snow would help by either bringing them food or refreshments and if she can find someone to watch Neal, she will roll up her own sleeves and pitch in.

And then Killian will say, “I wanted to do this not only because a part of me will always crave the sea, but because I wanted a ship that represents my new life with all of you. And no matter where we take her…whether it’s a few hours out at sea or to another realm…she’ll always find her way back to Storybrooke…because this is home.”

SON OF Rumpelstiltskin! OKAY THAT"S IT, ATTENTION SWANFIRE SWANTHEIF AND NEAL/BALEFIRE LOVERS EVERYWHERE IF YOU CAN"T SPELL NEAL RIGHT (not neil not niel not nial not nal not nell not kneel or kneal I have sadily seen all these spellings) then you have no right to ship Swanthief/Swanfire or anyother ship with Neal involved. You are not even aloud to think about him. I mean for the love of Once! I'm a CaptainSwan shipper and I'm mad people are spelling his name wrong! That is all

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