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I’m Not His, I’m Yours // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Prompt: Just prepare your eyes for some very dirty filth.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Jealous!Dylan, Dominant!Dylan, Daddy!Dylan, Fingering, Orgasm Denial, Oral (female on male), Spanking, Daddy Kink, and Swearing.

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 4,951

Song: Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez


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“I’m gonna kill them.” Dylan complained over the phone and I laughed at his impatience.

“No, you’re not, baby.” I chuckled, coaxing him the best I could. “It’s just one more day ‘till the weekend. You can survive this, I know it.”

“I swear to God, if either one of them annoys me one more time-”

“Then, I’ll destroy them myself.” I answered and Dylan let out a deep breath.

“I have to go, but I don’t want to hang up on you.” My boyfriend groaned over the line. “Can we just stay on the phone for the rest of the day?”

“No, Dylan.” I laughed and I could tell the sound alone made him feel a little more at ease. “We have to be responsible here. But, tell you what, when it’s time for your next break we can Skype call. What do you think?”

“I think that you’re the best girlfriend a guy could ask for and I love you very much.” Dylan swooned and I could practically hear the smile in his voice.

“I love you, too.” I responded, smiling as well. “Now go, I don’t want you getting fired.”

“They can’t fire me, it’s the last season!” Dylan laughed wholeheartedly and I laughed along with him.

That’s what our relationship mostly consisted of: smiling, laughing, fun, and heart eyes. Even though Dylan has been beyond stressed lately because of everything that’s happened in the course of the past two years, we never fail to make each other happy. Things have been very intense for him ever since the accident that shall not be mentioned. Shooting The Death Cure had to be pushed back to this year, Dylan had to stay home for six months and try to avoid paparazzi harassment at all times, he needed to physically train for American Assassin and completely go against his doctor’s recommendations, deal with crazy fans that literally sent him death threats when they found out he wouldn’t be in all of season 6B for Teen Wolf, and even manage to audition for future projects to top it all off. Stress has been very imminent in Dylan’s life and I always felt like it was my job to make him feel better.

Which is why, being the amazing girlfriend I am, I wasn’t going to just Skype call him. I was going to personally go over to his work and give him a fun little surprise.

With excitement running through my veins, I jumped up from my position on our bed together and immediately ran to the bathroom for a shower. Dylan’s next break should be in about an hour, considering he doesn’t have a lot of scenes to shoot this year, so I knew I had to get ready quick.

Once I was out of the shower, I put on Dylan’s favorite red lingerie and took a good look in the mirror. The way the strong red color contradicted with my skin tone will definitely drive him crazy and I can already feel myself getting wet at the thought alone. I didn’t even bother putting on any pants because I knew I wouldn’t really need them and, instead, I picked up the t-shirt Dylan used to sleep from our messy med and slipped it on. Bringing the fabric up to my nose, I took a deep breath and glady breathed in his incredible smell. Sure, I see him everyday but I can’t help feeling addictive and always needed more of him.

Putting on makeup right now just to see Dylan would be useless considering he was going to smudge it up anyway. Therefore, with a smile om my face and exhilaration running through my veins, I put on my black stillettos and grabbed my car keys to head for the Teen Wolf lot. It didn’t take too long to get there and, in a matter of fifteen minutes, I was already greeting Phil the security guard as he let me pass the barrier and enter the studio.

The first thing I did was park my car in an area Dylan would never spot and, then, gladly entered his trailer. Since Dylan hasn’t been in the greatest mood lately, I knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to stick around on set in between scenes like he usually does. From what he told me on the phone, Cody and Sprayberry have been driving him crazy all week and he’s definitely going to want as much distance as possible. Which is where I come in and make him feel all kinds of good before returning to work for the rest of the day.

Having patiently waited for Dylan, laid on his pull-out bed, I immediately jumped up and fixed myself to look sexier the moment the door to his trailer flew open. The look of surprise and immediate lust in Dylan’s eyes when he entered, instantly, made desire crash down on my body. I already knew that I would be putty in his hands in a matter of seconds. Without even saying anything, Dylan just slowly closed the door behind him and took off his sneakers as he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Do you have any idea how good you look just wearing my shirt on?” Dylan questioned, his eyebrows raised in intrigue.

“Do you have any idea how much better I’ll look once you take it off?” I teased, smirking up at him.

My words definitely sparked something in him because Dylan instantly jumped on me, the intense sexual tension in the air an incredible influence on him. I giggled at his excitement and his lips were quickly on mine as my fingers instinctively ran through his hair. I smiled when Dylan’s tongue slid across my bottom lip, already asking for an entrance, and I didn’t think twice before opening my mouth for him. He allowed me to call the shots and would moan everytime I played with his tongue skillfully.

When we both needed to breathe again, Dylan detached his lips from mine and gently caressed my cheeks with his soft hands. His eyes gazed into mine with such emotion and care that a blush immediately made its way on my skin. Dylan never failed to make me feel special and I adored how intimate our relationship was. I always thought that intimacy was about allowing someone to touch you, but it’s so much more. Intimacy is someone who touches you beyond just the physical contact because they find a way to your soul. Intimacy is who you text at four in the morning to share your biggest fears and dreams. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.

“I love you.” Dylan whispered before pulling off his shirt I was wearing and placing a gentle kiss on my mouth.

The moment he realized I had put on his favorite lingerie set, Dylan couldn’t hold back the immediate moan that fell from his pink lips. His eyes raked my entire body and I felt his cock slightly twitch against my thigh, through his red crimson pants he wore for Stiles’ character. Standing up from the the pull-out bed, Dylan began unbuckling his belt.

Suddenly, the door to his trailer immediately flew open and the both of us froze in absolute shock. I didn’t even have the thought in me to cover myself up with something, anything, before the intruders invaded Dylan’s safe space.

“Hey, Dyl, are you trying to hide from us?” Sprayberry immediately hollered when he and Cody were inside, both instantly stopping in their tracks once they noticed their co-worker wasn’t alone. “Oh, my God!”

“What the hell are you guys doing here?!” Dylan shouted angrily, the veins on his neck bulging against his skin.

Well, looks like someone’s stress is officially back.

“W-We, uh, W-We,” Sprayberry stuttered trying to answer, but was too astonished to form an actual sentence.

Much like Dylan did just moments ago, Cody’s eyes raked my entire body and, by the way he was biting down on his bottom lip, he definitely seemed to like what he saw. Before I could even do anything, Dylan jumped back on the bed and instinctively covered my body with his. Embarrassment and uncomfort took over my emotions as my boyfriend protected me, shielding my body from unwelcome eyes.

“Get! Out!” Dylan yelled, his Alpha male side appearing now that someone glanced at his female without his permission. “NOW!”

Sprayberry was the first to immediately sprint into action, forcefully pulling Cody out the door with him and literally having to tear his gaze off of my body. I let out a nervous breath I didn’t even know I was holding in the second the door sounded shut and the two actors were finally out of the trailer.

“Damn, it’s a good thing I wasn’t naked yet, right?” I chuckled nervously, trying to make the best out of this situation. However, it was no use. Dylan was furious and no longer in the light-hearted mood like before.

“He was totally eye-fucking you and that’s what concerns you the most?” Dylan scolded and even though he was angry, my entire body filled with desire.

Dylan’s usually very sweet, but every now and then he goes completely dominant and it’s the sexiest fucking thing ever. The way he pulls my hair as he forcefully pounds into me or roughly spanks me just because I went against one of his many commands always had me on the edge.

“You’re right.” I smiled innocently, looking up at him as he noticed the tension change in the room. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

The flicker in his eyes immediately went from rage to complete and utter lust the second I let the kinky title he loves so damn much come out of my mouth. The warm and golden-brown color once in his eyes was replaced with a dark black, his pupils now dilated to the maximum. Dylan’s bulge pressed against his pants and  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, knowing exactly what stood beneath the fabric. Although he wasn’t the only one turned on beyond comprehension as arousal pooled uncomfortably in my panties and I desperately wanted them off of me.

Reaching my hand down to my panties to get rid of it, Dylan’s hand suddenly gripped my wrist and stopped me from moving any further.

“Did I say you could do anything yet?” Dylan questioned.

I gulped and slowly shook my head, his eyes focusing on my lip when I bit down on it. He let go of me without another word, but it didn’t even feel like he did because of his addictive touch still lingering on my skin. Dylan stood up and walked over to the door, locking it as he licked his lips with his eyes trailing over my body.

“Take off your bra.” He commanded, walking back over but not sitting down.

“What?” I asked as I watched him take off his shirt, the sight of his impressive form stunning me.

“Ah, ah, ah, babygirl. You know the rules.” Dylan tsked, shaking his head as he unbuckled his belt like before and opened his pants. “Only speak when I give you the permission to.”

Heat rushed throughout my entire body until it landed with full force in my core. Dylan and I had this little game whenever he was dominant and it was one of my favorite fucking things. The game was simple, but absolutely drove me crazy: Dylan would give me three chances and if I strike out every single one of them, he had no other choice than to punish me.

“Strike one.” Dylan stated, a smirk playing on my lips with what he said next. “And I know you just heard what I demanded.”

At the same time that I reached behind my own back to unclasp my bra, Dylan dropped his pants. His erection pressed hard against his boxers, the gray fabric slightly wet from his arousal. When both of us finished taking off our pieces of clothing, Dylan’s eyes were already glued onto my now exposed perky breasts.

“Now your panties.”

My boyfriend and I pulled both of our underwear off our bodies, watching the other intently. As soon as we were free of clothing and completely exposed to each other, Dylan grabbed himself in his hand and stroked his shaft slowly. The sight of Dylan pumping himself as his eyes gazed on my body turned me on in ways that I can’t even explain.

“Touch yourself, babygirl.” He commanded, my mind melting at his husky voice.

Following his orders, I sat up straight on the bed and spread apart by legs for him to have a full view which made him moan in response. I brought my hand down to my already soaking core and gently slid my finger through my folds, separating them. Slowly rubbing small circles against my clitoris, I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I watched as Dylan used his thumb to caress his tip and I desperately wanted it in my mouth, but I knew that I had to follow his order or else I’d be punished. However, being punished by him does sound very inviting.

Using my other hand to pinch my nipples and tease not only myself but also Dylan, I noticed his grip tighten around his member. Dylan let out an unsatisfied groan when I took my hand away from my breast, but then immediately moaned when I used it to push a finger inside my heat. My back instantly arched and I let out a whimper at the feeling, provoking him to pick up his pace around himself.

“You look so beautiful pleasuring yourself, princess.” Dylan grunted as I moved faster along with him.

Of course I knew how to work myself and make my body feel good, but there’s no denying that Dylan is so much better at it. The way his long and skillfull fingers knowingly curl up inside of me in such a perfect way that not even I knew how to do or the way his sinful tongue flicks expertly against my nub has me wishing that he would just jump on top of me already. But, if there’s one thing Dylan O'Brien certainly loves being is a fucking tease.

“Fuck, baby. Even though this feels good, nothing compares to your beautiful lips and warm mouth wrapped around my cock.” He moaned as my body craved for his touch. “Stop what your doing and come kneel in front of me.”

An exciting idea roared to life in me when I decided to ignore Dylan’s command and willingly get my next strike. I tuned out whatever he had to say and focused on the incredible feeling of my finger pumping inside of me purely to spite him. Which definitely worked because in a matter of seconds I could hear Dylan growling and approaching me. I, suddenly, felt his hands rip mine away from my body and forcefully pull me into him, our naked bodies against each other as we stood.

“Strike two.” He warned through gritted teeth, his jaw clenching and looking sexy as ever.

Before I even knew it, Dylan pushed me down to kneel in front of him and harshly grabbed onto my hair with his hands. Bringing my own hands up, I held onto his thigh with one hand and wrapped around his base with the other. I smirked at Dylan as I licked my lips and gawked at the delicious sight in front of me. I gladly took Dylan’s tip inside of my mouth and he immediately moaned when I did. The first thing my tongue came into contact with was his precum and I can’t deny that I love the salty taste. As I gently sucked his head, my hand began to slowly pump his dick.

One of the many things I love about Dylan is that he’s very responsive and isn’t ashamed in letting me know exactly what he liked. Which is why I already knew that one of his favorite things I do when I give him a blowjob is lick his prominent vein on the underside of his cock at the same time that I very lightly and very carefully graze my teeth against his topside. Dylan let out a throaty groan the second I did exactly that and it seemed to light a fire in him because he immediately took control.

My boyfriend pushed himself fully into my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat and I was gagging around him, only for him to pull away and do the exact same thing again. Dylan was happily fucking my mouth and, to be honest, I didn’t even mind it. The lust was so far deep in my blood that all I could focus on was how sexy he looked as he practically used me as a fuck toy and how damn good he tasted.

I hollowed my mouth around him to create a much tighter environment for him and the filthy sounds of his shameless moans erupting from his chest made my core ache more than it already had. Due to the fast pace and my wet mouth, it didn’t take long for Dylan to reach his much needed release. I hummed when he unloaded and his hot cum shot straight down my throat, his hips bucking in response.

Once Dylan came down from his high, I pulled him out of my mouth and he shuddered at the contact due to how sensitive he’d become. Wiping away the spit on my mouth and any cum spilling down my chin, I stood up with a smirk on my lips and Dylan immediately kissed me. His dominance faltering for the slightest second so he could show me how much he cared for me through the gentle action. However, the moment we parted, dominant Dylan was back.

“Can you sit on the chair for me, babygirl?” He pointed to the chair under his desk he uses to study his lines as he headed over to the small closet.

“Yes, Daddy.” I obeyed because both of us knew that even though he asked, it wasn’t actually a question.

My eyes widened immediately when I noticed just what he grabbed from the closet and Dylan approached me with an intense grin on his lips. I wanted to desperately ask him why the hell he had that in his trailer or what he thinks he’s about to do to me with it, but I knew that that wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

“It’s not mine.” Dylan defended himself when he obviously saw my shocked facial expression at the metal handcuffs in his hands. “It’s Stiles’, but I don’t see why we can’t have our own little fun with it. What do you think?”

“Well, I know for a fact Stiles and Lydia have a lot of kinky sex with handcuffs.” I smirked, reaching my arms behind the back of the chair for him to lock them there. “So, I say we should also give it a shot, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” Dylan smiled, placing the cold metal around my wrists to lock them behind me.

The next thing my boyfriend did was push my legs apart so I was completely opened for him in a way that felt so dirty and exposing but I loved nonetheless. Dylan’s lips instantly wrapped around one of my breasts, already biting down on my nipple, and I whimpered when I couldn’t grip his hair with my fingers. As he teasingly worked on my breast, Dylan brought a hand up to my core and my hips instinctively bucked the second his middle finger rubbed against my sensitive nub. He started slow at first but as soon as he knew I was ready for more, Dylan picked up his middle finger’s pace and, using his other hand, he slid one of his long fingers inside of me.

I couldn’t hold back my moan at the incredible feeling, considering my body had been craving it for the longest time now, and the first finger was immediately followed by a second. I absolutely loved how much Dylan understood my body and exactly what it needed which is why I was already getting close to my release in a matter of minutes. His skillful fingers curled inside of me and pumped with such fervor that I didn’t have any ounce of self control in me anymore. I knew I was about to reach my edge and, much to my dismay, so did Dylan.

“Not yet, princess.” He teased and I whined when he removed his fingers from my soaking wet heat. “You only get to cum when I say so. And I want it to happen around my cock.”

After seeing me completely opened for him and a moaning mess just because of his fingers, Dylan’s erection was already back up and ready for more action. Precum glistened on his tip and even though I did give him head only a few moments ago, I already wanted to do it all over again. What can I say? The man has a delicious dick.

Dylan was pumping himself a little bit as he watched my chest rise and fall from my rapid breathing before grabbing my feet and hitching them up on the chair. He pulled my waist towards the edge of the seat, making me lay down since I still was locked to the back of the chair, and Dylan positioned himself in front of my entrance. Without even giving me a warning, he instantly slammed inside of me and my entire body arched at the invasive act. He waited a few seconds for me to adjust and when I sort of did, Dylan began roughly thrusting into me.

“Fuck, babygirl, you’re always so tight.” Dylan moaned, his face snuggled into my slightly sweaty neck.

The pleasurable feeling of his thick width stretching my tight walls as he pounded in me, quite deeply considering how the position we were in favored his ability to be completely buried inside of me, sparked the orgasm I was so close to reach that Dylan denied up to the surface again. I clenched around him once and he growled against my skin, my entire body vibrating with the sound.

“Don’t cum yet.” He demanded and I whimpered.

Even though I tried to hold it back, I clenched around him once more and this time Dylan immediately brought his face up to glare at me. We were so close that I could feel his breath brushing across my skin and, yet, all I could focus on was the bound knot in my stomach ready to break free any minute now. The thought of going against Dylan’s commands was both terrifying and exciting and, to be honest, I didn’t know which one attracted me more.

“Don’t you dare.” Dylan threatened, bringing one of his hands up to forcefully pull my hair and make me look him straight in the eyes. “I’m serious. Promise Daddy you won’t cum until I allow it.”

“I-I promise, Daddy.” I managed to say through moans. However the second his cock twitched inside of me when I said his favorite nickname, I was long gone and there was no way going back.

My entire body shook, my toes curled against the chair and uncontrollable shouts erupted from my chest as one of the greatest orgasms I’ve ever experienced bolted through my veins. I could feel my core clenching around Dylan’s shaft at the same time that it released all of my pent-up arousal and gushed onto him. I screamed so loudly that I was certain everyone on the Teen Wolf lot heard me and I was also sure that despite not following his orders, Dylan was loving the way I was a mess. Everyone including Sprayberry and Cody knew that the person who just made this young woman scream so much in pleasure was Dylan and that it didn’t even matter how badly they might have wanted her, she was his.

My own release triggered Dylan’s and as I was coming down from my intense high, my boyfriend was reaching his. Dylan’s cock twitched before cumming for the second time today and shooting his liquid inside of me, the incredible feeling of his hot cum running against my walls making me moan. The sound of Dylan’s own moans echoed through the trailer and I watched in awe as his face contorted in pure pleasure. He held onto the edges of the chair tightly, his muscles straining against his arms as he shook.

“Strike three.” Dylan managed to say through his husky and breathless voice once he came down from his high.

The sweet taste of adrenaline rushed though all of my veins and my heartbeat pounded so hard it pulsed inside of my ears the second Dylan said those two simple words. A mixture of concern and lust flooded inside of me and I didn’t quite know which one was stronger.

Dylan slowly slid out of my body, his eyes staring into mine the entire time, and I winced at how sensitive I’ve become. Going back over to the closet, Dylan pulled out a small key and walked over to me again. He hovered over my body, his incredible smell filling my nose, and unlocked the metal cuffs on my hands. They immediately dropped to the floor with a clang and Dylan didn’t even seem to care. Putting the key down on his desk, Dylan stood up straight in front of me.

“Let me ask you a question, princess.” He husked. “Do you think you’re a good girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I answered, bringing my hands over to settle on my lap. “I do.”

“Hmm, well, I happen to think you’re very very naughty.” Dylan murmured. “And do you know what happens to naughty girls, baby? They get spanked.”

Before I could even put together what was about to happen, Dylan harshly grabbed me and made me stand. My boyfriend pushed me down onto the desk, my ass sticking out for him, and he stuck his leg between mine to keep them apart. He slowly began to caress one of my cheeks with the palm of his hand and goosebumps covered my entire body.

“How many should I give you, babygirl?” Dylan teased. “Does ten sound good?”

“N-No, that’s too much.” I stuttered.

“Okay, then, ten it is.” He chuckled darkly and I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come. “Count for me, princess.”

Suddenly, Dylan lifted his hand and roughly slammed it back down on my ass cheek. The intense pain immediately making my hips bucker in response. The ache and pleasure shooting through me and landed straight in the bottom of my stomach, sparking the creation of a familiar knot.

“O-One.” I whimpered and, as soon as I finished speaking, Dylan spanked my same cheek again. “T-Two.”

He repeatedly smacked my right cheek five times in a row, my skin aching intensely with every hit. Everytime he would slap me, the knot inside of my stomach would become tighter and tighter. I knew that by the time he finished spanking me all ten times, that knot would break and I would be orgasming for the second time in this trailer. I was already a shaking, moaning and whimpering mess in his hands and, as embarrassing as it was to be so vulnerable to someone, I couldn’t care less.

Dylan rubbed my right cheek for a few seconds to ease the stinging pain on my skin before moving to my left and striking my ass again without any warning. My knees were wobbling and weak and if it wasn’t for his leg holding me up, I would’ve definitely fallen down my now.

“S-Six.” I mewled, my voice only able to come out as a whisper whilst he continued his punishment on me. “Seven, Eight, Nine.”

By the tenth strike, the extremely tight knot had snapped and spread an insane amount of pleasure inside of me. My vision blurred and went white as my orgasm dissolved in my blood and bones. My body jerked against the desk, my skin digging into the wood, and arousal immediately spilled out of me and ran down Dylan’s thigh. It didn’t matter that my ass was burning in excruciating agony, the pleasure was so much more powerful.

Dylan held onto my hips as I finished reaching my edge and came back down to Earth. His fingers creating tender circles on my skin.

“You okay, baby?” He asked me and I managed to bring myself back up, with his assistance of course.

“Yes, Dylan, I am.” I turned around with a smile on my face, wrapping my arms around his neck for stability.

“I wasn’t too harsh, was I?”

“No, you were perfect.” I shook my head happily, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Good.” Dylan smiled, his eyes no longer dark and now back to its gentle color. “It’s just, the way Cody looked at you drove me insane and-”

“I know, baby.” I interrupted him before he could finish, caressing the back of his neck with my fingers. “But, I’m not his, I’m yours.”

Dylan smiled at me with everything he had in him and I swooned at how beautiful he was. However, not just in the way he looked or in the way that he always manages to say things that makes me fall in love with him more and more everyday. But, just in the pure way that he is.

That Was Not Acting - Cody Christian imagine

Summary: Y/n is an actress, she stars as Theo’s beta on Teen Wolf and has been for the past 1 ½ years. Her character Rebecca is required to have a steamy make out session with Theo leading into other things. No one knows that both Y/n and Cody are actually in a serious relationship until now.

Warning: Steamy make out sesh,kinda fluff and suggested smut.

A/N: gif credit to their respected owners ps ignore the fact i used Scallison as a gif it was the closest to my imagination XD

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The day started like any other I arrived on set at a quarter to 8 as I always did, as usual Shelley and Tyler were on set first. I parked my car,grabbed my phone and bag then made my way out locked the car and went on with my way.

“Hey Y/n,on time as usual” Tyler greeted “that’s my girl” Shelley embraced me sweetly “So whatcha wanna do till showtime?” I asked “I dunno how bout pull a prank?” Tyler smirked wickedly “yes totally” Shelley moved her hands like a wicked scientist “but who?” I wondered “well we’ve done Dylan,Sprayberry,Ryan,Victoria-” Tyler began but Shelley cut him off “Khylin,Michael, Ian,J.R,Melissa,Holland,Each other” I pondered “Cody..we haven’t done Cody” I smiled nervously “that’s so true” Tyler exclaimed “let’s get a move on it he gets here by before 9″ Shelley expressed.

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Can’t Stand Being Away From You - Tom Holland Imagine

Request by @ireallyneedhelplikenow​ : Hiya lovely, could you do a Tom Holland imagine where the reader visits him on set of homecoming? Could you make it really fluffy please ❤️❤️Thank you x 

Warnings: lots of fluff, Language

Word Count: 1,261

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: This sucks. Hope this is enough fluff to satisfy you : ) 


“How’s filming going?”.

“Its great everyone is so incredible, its really a dream come true”.

“That’s great Tom” You chuckle.

“Yeah, wish you were here though”.

“I know, but you know I just can’t get up and leave school”.

“I know Love, it just feels weird not being with you”.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve been away Tom”.

“It still feels weird” There was a silent pause from him.

“I miss you”.

“I miss you too, when are you coming home” You leaned into your phone.

“Soon I promise, I’ve had this busy schedule, but I promise when I get the chance I’ll come home” You hear Tom of the other line.

“Okay, I love you baby”.

“Love you more, alright there calling me to set I got to go love”.

“Bye Tom”.

“Bye Y/N” You hung up and leaned against the counter top.

Tom’s been away to film Spiderman Homecoming so he hasn’t been around much, and that drove you crazy. The apartment was getting lonely just with you in it. He suggested that you go with him, but you couldn’t leave in the middle of your semester, he understood that school was your priority so he didn’t push it any further. If only you could see him.

You bought the cheapest plane ticket you could afford and packed a suitcase. You were going to fly to Atlanta, Georgia to surprise Tom. If Tom knew you were coming he would of paid for everything and you didn’t need the special treatment. He had too much on his plate as it is. The flight was okay but it wasn’t fantastic. A kid sitting in the back of you kept kicking you chair, his mother being too busy sleeping her ass off. You didn’t care though, you were going to get to see Tom and that’s all that mattered. 

Once you landed you picked up your luggage, hailed a cab, and told them to take you to where the set was taking place. You barely had enough to pay.

It took a bit of convincing for the security guards to let you in, but once you explained who you were they let you right in. You walked around trying not to get caught by Tom and ruin the surprise. Tom was nowhere to be seen, but you did notice that Harrison, and Zendaya were playing basketball while Laura was sitting on a chair on her phone. Although she was the one to notice you first.

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Good Vs Bad

Nolan x Werewolf!Reader

Requested: nope

Summary: In which Nolan and Y/n are best friends but Nolan doesn’t know Y/n is a werewolf.

Warning: Swearing (shouldn’t be a warning really.), blood, fights, car accidents.

Notes: dedicated to @chimeracuddles because she loves Nolan/Froy and has made my hatred for Nolan became a love hate relationship.

“Hey kids.” You say as you walk to the table where Corey and Mason were sitting. You see their facial expression as they looked up at you.

“What’s wrong?”

“Brett has gone missing.” You nod your head.

“Liam went to help find him. We called Lydia to try to help and all we got was the number 68.”

“Number 68? That’s Nolan’s lacrosse number.” You tell your friend.

“Oh? Well, I don’t think we bother her anymore. I did a lot of things while she tried to focus.” Corey’s face reddens. You giggle.

“So I have a bio test and I also have a history test, which one first?”

“I say bio, because its harder.”

“Okay then, history it is.” Corey glares at you as you get up to find a book.

“So Nolan’s your best friend right?” Mason pops behind you. You jump and turn your head to face Mason.

“Mason, You scared the shit out of me. Don’t ever sneak up on me like that again.” He laughs.

“I am best friends with Nolan. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. Have you told him you’re… you know… the same as Liam?”

“No. I don’t want him to know. I want to protect him from this world.”

“Are you saying that the pack is all dangerous?” He jokes.

“No! Of course not! I’m talking about the supernatural world in general. It’s dangerous and humans can barely survive it. Unless its you and Stiles.” You find a book and take it out. You head back to your seat. All of a sudden, Nolan slams his things against the table. You jump and look up at your best friend.

“Hm Nolan? Are you studying for bio?” You ask.

“Yeah actually, I am.” He sits down, his knees hit against yours, sending shivers up your spine. Needless to say, you were in love with your best friend.

“Trying to understand how organisms can change.” Mason and Corey start to help him understand while you tried to ignore the feeling you got every time Nolan’s knee brushes against yours. You tuned out of their conversation and opened your book to read. You were only interrupted when Corey got up. His hand was bloody, so was Nolan’s pen.

OWH.” Corey covers his wound as everyone in the library got up to look at what was going on. Nolan quickly grabs Corey’s injured hand and shoves it your face.

“Look at him Y/n. Look! Look at him!” Corey pulls away. You stand in shock of what just happened as Nolan leaves the library.

“Holy shit, Corey I’m so so sorry about him.” You apologize after you snap out of what had just happened.

“It’s okay Y/n.”

“I’ll talk to him, don’t worry.” You say before packing your things to go home. You wave goodbye to your friends and started texting your best friend Nolan. 

You: Meet me at my place in 20

bff<3: Okay 

When you reached your house, Nolan was already there.

“Nolan? You’re here early.”

“Yeah I got nothing to do.”

“Mmhm.” You say as you open your front door.

“Why didn’t you go in? You knew where the spare key was.”

“I wanted to wait for you.”

“How did you know I wasn’t home yet?”

“You were in the library. Also I looked at your room window. The light wasn’t turned on.”

“Hm okay. Anyway, I just wanted to ask why did you stab Corey?” You ask as the two of you enter your room. 

“I wanted everyone to know about him. I guess I wanted to prove something.”

“Nolan, you can’t go all stabby stabby on people to prove something.”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to show you that he is not a human and that he is dangerous.”

“Corey is not dangerous. If he was, I would’ve stopped being friends with him.”

“All of them are dangerous Y/n. You can’t trust them!” Nolan raises his voice.

“I can! I know them! and I believe them! They will never hurt me!”

“Are you saying that you believe them more than your best friend?”

“Nolan you know that’s not what I meant. I know you are paranoid about the situations that have happened around school but it’s not gonna happen again.”

“How do you know Y/n? What if your friends are the cause of everything that has happened?”

“They are not! Can you stop attacking my friends?”

“Why are you on their side? You’re my best friend!”

“I’m on the side that’s right and I believe that what you did to Corey isn’t right.”

“You like one of them don’t you?” You look at him confused.

“What? No I don’t! Nolan, if my friends are dangerous and are monsters, then I would be dead by now.”

“All I want to do is protect you from things that could harm you!” Your heart fluttered. 

“Nolan, I know you care about me. But I can take care of myself okay? You don’t need to worry.”

“If I lose you, I would have no one left.” He mumbles out, fidgeting with his fingers. You walk up to him and touch his hands,

“I will never leave you. You’re not gonna be alone. You are never gonna be alone.” You hug him tightly. Your phone vibrates from your pocket and you take it out.

duMbar: Help me and bring ice cream

You: Why?

duMbar: I did something very stupid, I need cheering up and icecream pls.

You: I can’t help u if you dont tell me wat u did. u always do something stupid.

duMbar: I don’t like u sometimes.

duMbar: So like I exposed US to the world and now I’m ashamed. 

You: dude, how could u? I’m coming

duMbar: really?

You: to kill u :)


You: did u save Brett? Is he ok?


duMbar: he is fine btw

duMbar: hello? ru ignoring me?

You: sry was debating about if I should waste my $ on u.

duMbar: plsss we’re buddies pls bring me icecream.i will love u forever if u do.

duMbar: all I want is icecream is that too much to ask?

You: k i’ll bring the icecream and then I leave 

duMbar: no! don’t go, stay over plssssssssssssss

You: stop being annoying and I will come over

duMbar: oki, come thru window it will be unlocked for u:)

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Not Strangers Anymore (Part 2)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Warnings: swearing, plain ol’ sex, making out (again, is it even a warning??)

A/N: OH MY GOD!!! First of all, I am so glad you all liked Not Strangers Anymore. That got over 200 notes!! I am so proud of myself. And, I got a bunch of new followers, so thank you for that. Many of you asked for a Part 2 so here you go. If you want me to continue to write for Dylan and his other characters, please let me know. XOXO

P.S. If you haven’t see Dylan in The First Time, go watch it right now! It is amazing.

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Apparently, some people actually think that Stiles and Derek had no development.

I thought they were just joking, but some of the ones I’ve encountered honestly believe that.

I’m not talking about in terms of romance, because not everyone ships Sterek, so that can slide. These people who’ve said it think that they had no development whatsoever, no development into friends or even allies, as in they remained the same since season 1.

Now, people say a lot of things about Sterek, but that has got to be the funniest one yet.

I’d just like to explain why those people are wrong.

Season 1

Stiles and Derek hated each other in the beginning, obviously, right from the get go. Stiles even suggested letting Derek die in the beginning, and Derek threatened his life twice in one episode, a couple more times throughout the season and slammed his head into a steering wheel (or was that season 2?)

Most of the times they were brought together was because of Scott. For example, 1x04.

In this episode, Stiles and Derek were forced to spend an entire day together while Scott went about in search of a wolfsbane bullet to save Derek.

In this episode Derek said he rip Stiles’ throat out with his teeth, yanked Stiles forward, there was also a lot of bickering, especially on Stiles’ part.

And even after all of that, Stiles still made an effort to wake Derek up when he suspected that Derek was dead.

I do suspect that this did have a lot to do with a person dying in Stiles’ presence, the guilt or the memory of it that would follow that worried him, but at the same time, Stiles probably was worried about Derek somewhere deep down inside.

We all know this episode as well.

In this scene, Stiles was shoved up against a wall by Derek who proceeded to try and demand things of him until eventually Stiles reminded him of who’s home they were in.

And for all the people who said that Stiles has never done anything wrong to Derek, well, in this episode he used Derek’s body to get Danny to do what he needed him to do. It wasn’t physical, so people saw it as harmless, but it could be seen by many as objectification. Obviously, very problematic.

And let’s completely dismiss the fact that by this time Derek trusted Stiles enough (and knew Stiles was smart enough) for him to come to Stiles for help. Moving on now.

Obviously season one wasn’t their best season, but we do see clear signs that they didn’t hate each other as much as they had claimed like when Derek protected Stiles from Peter in the hospital and when Stiles got in Argent’s face about what Kate did to Derek and his family. No development yet, but there was something.

Season 2

This, for me, is the season where things really started to change between the two. They paired up a lot that season, such as in 2x02.

The car scene was incredibly enjoyable, but the most notable part of this episode was when Derek roared Isaac into submission when he tried to hurt Stiles and became Derek “I’m the Alpha now” Hale.

It’s really in 2x04, Abomination, where Derek’s whole view on Stiles changed.

There was yet again, a lot of bickering in that episode, no surprise. But the fact is that Stiles held Derek’s paralyzed body in the water for hours and refused to let him drown.

Guys, this is the same Stiles that was pleading with his best friend to just let Derek die in season 1.

But that was not even the best part of that, it is viewed as the best part by many, but in terms of their development, the most important part of 2x04 was…

Even without context,  this gif displays just how real that scene was. The intense yet soft eye contact they made was enough, especially coming from Derek.

Before this scene, Derek’s never broadcasted that much appreciation and affection towards anyone whilst on the show.

It was hard to understand at first, but there was a post I read about a year ago that explained this scene perfectly.

When Stiles finished off Derek’s sentence, labeling the kanima as an abomination, it registered to Derek that Stiles didn’t view him as an abomination. An abomination, something he’s been viewed as for years, something that got his entire family killed because that’s what werewolves were seen as by hunters. It meant more to Derek than maybe even Stiles understood, hearing that and it shows on his face.

And we all know this episode due to a specific “title” and quote given by a specific someone.

Yes, 2x10, Fury.

Another one of those episodes where Stiles and Derek were thrown together, quite literally this time too since Stiles was literally thrown on top of Derek.

Later on in this episode, when Scott came to the rescue, Derek had urged him to just take Stiles, think of Stiles’ to safety first as he did on the same night of the pool scene where he told Stiles to leave before things got dangerous.

It honesty says a lot that Stiles, who Derek found highly annoying, was still someone he cared enough about to think of his safety.

Season 3

That season seemed to secure their friendship.

Yes, there was that one scene where Derek punched Stiles’ hand.

It is quite clear that this scene was there for nothing other than comedic relief. No, I’m not trying to justify the action since it was still harmful, I’m simply stating that it wasn’t meant to be seen as something serious.

And other than that scene, it seems like Derek and Stiles mostly just looked out for each other that season.

The moment after Boyd’s death cannot not be in this.

Let’s remember that the season before that. when Stiles laid a hand on Derek’s shoulder, Derek gave him a look that suggested it would be best for him if he took it off.

Yet, in this scene, 3x07, Derek easily accepted it despite being in a more vulnerable place than he was in 2x02. He allowed Stiles’ comfort without a single word.

Let me also acknowledge the fact that Stiles cared enough to do it, knew Derek needed something, a little support, and he was there for him.

And in 3x10, the fact that it took only one look from Stiles for Derek to believe Stiles over Jennifer.

Also in 3x10, the fact that Stiles reached out for Derek, who was possibly about to do something risky, almost as if it were an instinct by that time after the many times he’s protected Derek.

Surely, this does contrast from season 1 and 2 where touching Derek was never really an option unless it was necessary.

There was also the elevator scene, the scene that paralleled 1x04.

Going back to what I said before about why Stiles acted the way he did the first time, how his fear of someone dying in front of him probably overrode the fact that it was Derek who was that person. In this scene, it was obvious that Derek was his only focus. He was worried about Derek’s state at that moment, which was clear from the look on his face and the panic in his voice.

And let’s also not forget the fact that Derek was questioning whether they should take the Nogitsune, obviously a danger down because it was in Stiles’ body.

Let me rewind back to the beginning of season 1 where Derek wanted just about nothing to do with Stiles, meaning he probably wouldn’t have cared if Stiles were to die. Let’s also remember who we’re talking about, Derek Hale, the man who jumps for the kill at the slightest signs of danger. The Nogitsune, clearly not good news, and he hinted that he would feel remorse putting the fox down, the only reason being that Stiles was still there somewhere.

We also have the fact that Stiles was Derek’s anchor, Stiles who he hated somehow became Derek’s anchor.

This alone is enough to justify just how highly Derek began to think of Stiles, Stiles who, again, he hated.

Oh, and let’s also not forget that this was the season Stiles obviously became completely comfortable with Derek who he said himself he was scared of in season 1. Yet, in season 3, he was constantly pushing Derek’s buttons, knowing he was safe and that Derek wouldn’t harm him in any way. He lost that fear and in came fondness.

Season 4

Though they barely had scenes in this season, it definitely did show just how close they got.

There was the fact that Stiles worried for Derek’s safety when he went missing.

There was the face Stiles got when Derek’s name came up on that list of people who were being targeted to get killed.

There was the look on Stiles’ face when Derek was dying.

Oh, and the fact that Stiles looked back, reluctant to leave Derek even while leaving meant saving his best friend who was in danger at the time.

Bringing up again that Stiles wanted Derek dead in the beginning, but in season four, he found himself worrying about Derek’s safety and life in general more than once.

Season 5 (Bonus)

That wonderful moment where Stiles found himself smiling at Derek’s initials, a reminder of Derek.

This can easily be seen as Stiles missing Derek, Derek who he hated and learned to appreciate and care for.

Stiles and Derek’s development process goes far beyond what was in this post. There was so much more that I could’ve added but did not, these were just a few of the more significant events in their growth.

Many fail to have noticed their development because they’ve still carried a few factors of how they started with them throughout all the seasons, such as their constant bickering, and even with that bit, their development is clear.

Whether you ship Sterek romantically or not, there is no denying how much they’ve grown. Stiles and Derek had that slow build, the slowest build ever on Teen Wolf and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, developments on that show.

It was a long journey for them and they really did come a long way.

anonymous asked:

I got really excited when I watched the trailer, but then remembered s4,5,6 and their trailers so I calmed down lol. In all honesty I do want this to be the best 10 eps in tv history, bit ik they won't, and even so that won't erase the last 2.5 seaosns

Here’s the thing to ask yourself: what exactly excited you about the trailer? Was it that Derek is back? Stiles? The sterek interaction? Then take whatever it is that excited you and remind yourself the truth of that thing:

  • Derek and Stiles are, at best, in a few scenes in the last couple episodes. 
  • Were you happy with the amount of Stiles in 6a? Because Dylan was on set even less for 6b and so was Tyler. 
  • In all likelihood, their appearances are more like cameos and probably a flash-forward ending than legitimate characters in the season. 

And the sterek interaction looks fun in the trailer…when you don’t think too much about it. But, as you pointed out, those trailers are always misleading. Look critically at what we were actually shown:

Now, sure, this looks like they arrived together. But we don’t know that. We don’t see Derek leave the jeep, he’s already outside it. And even if they do show up in that jeep together, we don’t know that they were alone. Anyone could be in that back seat…

So maybe you’re thinking that even if they didn’t show up together, they at least clearly communicated to be at the same place at the same time, right? But not necessarily. Someone else could have contacted both of them and had them meet there…someone like Malia. 

Then there’s this scene:

But this scene really just has both Derek and stile present in it, not interacting. And look at the placement of this shot: Scott and Stiles in the middle, Malia and Lydia bracketing them, and then Peter and Derek on the outskirts. I think that’s very telling and exactly what we’re going to see: the sciles friendship is central, Malia and Scott are together, Stiles and Lydia are together, and Peter and Derek are present but still essentially outsiders. And in regards to sterek, they are careful to keep both Lydia and Malia closer to Stiles; he is as far away from Derek as he can be. I’d pretty much count on that being a theme. 

Then there’s this shot:

And, yes, it’s beautiful. And, yes, it mirrors the pool scene from 2x04. But we have no idea what is happening here. We don’t know the context and we don’t know who else is going to be present. For all we know, this could be a 5-second scene that ends with Stiles handing Derek off and then running to save Lydia or Malia. At best, I’d say we’re looking at a classic bait scene akin to the 2x04 pool scenario and the season 4 finale. But that’s at best. 

And, let’s be honest, we all know this is going to end with the same hetero bullshit it always does. 

Basically, when it comes to all things sterek this season:

*It’s also probably good to keep in mind that this is likely just about all of the sterek footage they have for this season*

When I Was Your Man // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt/Song: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Fingering, Cheating, Swearing, and Angst.

Word Count: 7,956 (No ragrets. I like detail, okay? I enjoy making you feel like you’re just as involved in the story as the characters are. So, sue me.)

Disclaimer: I don’t know who the gif belongs to because I found it on Google, but credit to them none-the-less.

Your name: submit What is this?

Wiping his clammy hands down on his crimson red pants and taking a much needed deep breath, Stiles Stilinski walked into the loud dance club to attend his ex-girlfriend’s birthday party. Which he technically wasn’t invited to but went anyway, because the man knew no boundaries. He did know, however, that she probably didn’t want to see him ever again and yet he couldn’t find it in himself to stay away. He absolutely hates that he had to continuously lie to protect the woman he loved, the woman he still loves, from the supernatural world but what he truly hates the most is that he’d have to constantly let her down because of it.

He’s lost count of all the times he had to cancel on their dates because someone in this chaotic town needed saving or how many times he had to try to come up with excuses to cover up his secret only for her to see right through them everytime. It broke Stiles’ heart to know that he continuously deceived her, but he knew that he had no other choice since he didn’t want her anywhere near the danger the pack always faced.

The day she ended things with him is the day Stiles hates the most in his life. He couldn’t handle the way she cried as she told him all of the nights she spent sobbing because of him or all of the times she felt betrayed because her own boyfriend would deny telling her the truth whenever she asked. Stiles’ heart shattered when he watched her walk away from him, never turning back, and it still remains that way. It’s already been two months since they broke up, but the wounds were definitely still open.

“Stiles?” He heard a voice call over the loud music and the human instantly turned around to see a familiar redhead. “Is that really you?”

“Yes, Lyds.” He smiled at her shocked face. “It’s me.”

“You seriously came to your ex-girlfriend’s party without an invite?” Lydia smirked, now chuckling along with him. “How daring of you.”

“What can I say?” Stiles shrugged. “I’m a badass by nature.”

The laughter that erupted from the banshee’s throat should’ve offended him, but Stiles laughed along with her instead. They both knew Stiles was a big softie and not exactly a badass, but he could still be tough whenever it was truly necessary.

“Of course you are.” The redhead snickered, lightly patting him on his broad shoulder. “But, I would avoid staying here if I were you.”

“And why is that?” Stiles narrowed his eyes at her, surprised when she, suddenly, stopped being in a light-hearted mood and became serious.

“You don’t know?” Lydia cleared her throat, nervous now that she realizes she’s the one who has tell one of her best friends the bad news. That without a doubt will hurt him even more than he already was.

“Know what?” Stiles asked, now anxious along with her. “Lydia, you’re scaring me.”

“S-She has a boyfriend.”

The second those words came out of her mouth, Stiles’ already broken heart dropped down into his stomach and shattered even more, which he honestly didn’t think was possible. A gaping and bleeding hole took the place where he once had a beating heart. Stiles felt as if the Winter Soldier himself had punched into his chest with his powerful metal arm and he was officially done for. It doesn’t even matter what Stiles does to try and fix himself, he’s now always going to be broken.

“A boyfriend?” He asked, his voice weak and Lydia winced at how pained he sounded.

The redhead just nodded, turning herself around to point to the couple wrapped in each other’s arms on the dance floor as they moved their bodies to the beat of the deafening music. Stiles reluctantly followed the direction of her finger and bit down on his bottom lip to somehow keep from crying when he saw the girl he so desperately loved dancing beautifully. He watched in awe at the way her hair bounced against her shoulders as she happily sang the words to a song Stiles had never heard before. But, he already liked it just by the way she seemed to. Jealousy and hurt flooded his body at the sight of some unknown guy dancing closely to her with his hands gripping her waist, the same waist Stiles held onto whenever they were intimate. The same hips he loved planting kisses on when he moved lower and lower down her body until he reached the area she desired him the most.

“I should probably go.” Stiles stated, trying to swallow the hard lump in his dry throat.

“Yeah,” Lydia nodded, but then smirked with an idea. “Or you could get a quick drink first. It is open bar after all.”

Tearing his eyes away from the painful scene, Stiles looked down at the banshee and nodded. Lydia smiled and lead them through the sweaty crowd and towards the bar, the smell of alcohol getting stronger with every step they took.

“Bartender!” Lydia called once they reached it, slamming her hands down on the counter. “Can you get me two beers, please?”

“Two beers coming right up.” The polite man smiled and pulled out the two their drinks from under the counter.

He snapped the tops off with a specific tool and slid the beers over to the redhead, who easily caught them before they could fall off the surface.

“Thank you very much.” Lydia smiled back at him as she handed Stiles a bottle.

The young man immediately took a swig and enjoyed the feeling of the bitter liquid making its way down his once dry throat. Lydia looked at him with a kind smile on her face, taking her own sip of the drink. She put the bottle back down on the counter as she licked the remaining liquid off her lips, but Stiles didn’t dare put his drink away. He needed this beer more than anything to somehow feel better at the realization that he lost the girl he actually believed he could get back, forever.

“Are you okay?” Lydia asked, noticing how quiet and still he was. Two characteristics Stiles Stilinski certainly never displays.

“No, I’m not.” Stiles answered truthfully, taking another sip of his alcohol.

“I know what it’s like.” She patted his shoulder to comfort him. “But, hey think about the bright side. At least she’s not a lizard who turned into werewolf then left you to go to London. Or a former Alpha that actually killed people you knew and ended up dying before you could ever see him redeem himself.”

A muffled laugh escaped from his lips even though he was still drinking from his bottle and Stiles swallowed his liquor before turning to look at Lydia whole-heartedly.

“Right, but at least things between you and Parrish seem to be working.” Stiles answered.

“Yeah, when he’s not on fire.” Lydia scoffed. “And I’m not even talking about sex.”

This comment was enough to make Stiles’ heart a little less heavy as he detached his attention from the dancing girl to his best female friend and her spicy sex life.

The dancing girl, on the other hand, was currently wiping away the accumulated sweat on her forehead as she continued dancing with her new boyfriend. He was the sweetest and most attentive guy she’s ever met. He always makes sure to spend as much time with her as humanly possible, so much so that his GPA score in college had been dropping from his lack of studying. It was very refreshing to her, having a boyfriend around all the time… something completely different from Stiles Stilinski.

However, it wasn’t at all his fault. He couldn’t control the supernatural or make it go away, but he believed it was his job to at least save the people this world puts in danger. It hurt her so much to know that Stiles had a mysterious secret she could never be apart of. She knew that Stiles loved her and only ever did what he thought was best. But, it’s too bad it just wasn’t enough.

As if on cue, the heartbroken girl turned her head at the exact moment that Stiles decided to take a peak at her. The world screeched to a halt when their eyes locked and finally saw each other again after being separated for two whole months. Her eyes were wide and her jaw dropped at the sight of the brown haired boy with freckles painted all over his fair skin. Her heart immediately beat faster and she felt as if it would suddenly jump out of her chest and fly towards him. She missed him, there’s no doubting that. And apparently, so did her body and soul. The way she’s feeling right now, just by the realization that she’s in the same room as him, was enough to know.

Stiles carefully put his bottle down on the bar counter and tuned out everything Lydia was currently saying, his attention only focused on the girl gazing at him. Her face was completely shocked and he chuckled internally at how astonished she looked. Stiles could see the blush heating up on her face all the way from the other side of the bar and it made his heart flutter to know he still had an effect on her.

Lydia stopped talking absentmindedly when she noticed Stiles slowly lift his hand and wave with a smile on his face towards someone on the dance floor. The redhead turned to see just who he was greeting and immediately smiled when she realized it was exactly the person he came here to see.

“You should go say hi.” Lydia suggested.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Stiles answered, no longer waving to her but still holding the gaze.

“Oh, she already sees you.” The banshee shrugged. “I see no harm in at least going over there to wish her a happy birthday. I mean, at this point, it would be rude if you didn’t.”

Stiles carefully thought over Lydia’s suggestion, her words repeating in his head over and over again. He wanted to talk to her desperately, but then again he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable in any way. He knows how recent this all still is and he’s well aware of the pain pooling inside of her just like it was in him.

“Fine.” Stiles nodded, taking a deep breath before standing up.

Stiles’ ex-girlfriend’s eyes widened even more, which wasn’t thought possible until now, when he stood up from the bar stool and began walking over towards her. She didn’t know whether or not she wanted him to approach her, but she definitely knew that her heartbeat rose with every step the boy she still loved took.

That’s when the unexpected happened and neither one of them were ready for it. The techno beat song that was echoing in the dance club ended and was replaced with a slow love song. But, not just any love song, their love song.

Stiles immediately stopped in his tracks and she immediately stopped dancing. Her boyfriend looked at her with a confused glance, but her focus was locked on Stiles. Neither one of them knew what to do as all of the memories, the times they spent together, the intimate touches and the feelings came crashing down on them with full force. They both almost fell at how weak their knees felt.

The way she was gazing at him right now made a new sense of confidence coming from an unknown source spark in his blood and an idea lit up in his mind. It could either end up really well or really badly, but Stiles didn’t give his anxiety the time to think it over. He moved his legs once again and continued walking towards her which made the girl panic. Her boyfriend continuously asked her if she was okay but she couldn’t even answer, too nervous over the boy approaching her.

“Hi.” Stiles greeted and she swallowed nervously at the sound of his voice again after so long.

“H-Hey.” She responded and completely let go of her boyfriend to push her hair behind her ears, a habit she has whenever she felt anxious. Which Stiles knew about and couldn’t help but smile at how adorable she looked.

“Hi.” The boyfriend spoke up and Stiles took his attention off of her to look over at the source of the voice. The young man told Stiles his name even though it was pointless considering Stiles would forget it in a matter of minutes. “And you are?”

“Stiles.” The boy with freckles answered, politely extending his hand out towards the fellow guy. They both shook hands with kind smiles on their faces.

“What brings you to the dance floor?” The boyfriend asked.

“I was actually wondering if I could borrow your girl for just one dance.” Stiles requested and the girl felt like she was about to faint. She didn’t know if she had it in her to be able to dance with Stiles without falling apart.

“Sure, but don’t steal her for too long or I’ll get jealous.” The boyfriend chuckled after taking a few seconds to think it over. The man was undoubtedly a good person and Stiles actually liked him as he turned around to place a chaste kiss on his ex’s lips. “I’ll be over at the bar with the boys if you need me.”

She just nodded and he looked at Stiles one last time before smiling at the both of them and walking away. She gazed up at Stiles with doe eyes and he couldn’t help but smile at how beautiful she was. Extending his hand out to her, she took it and he placed it on his shoulder at the same time that he used his other hand to put it on her waist. When both of her hands were on his shoulders, Stiles rested his other hand on the other side of her waist. Their faces were just inches apart as he stared intensely into her eyes, her heart pounding heavily against her ribcage at how lovingly he gawked at her. It’s been a month since she found a new boyfriend but Stiles certainly still had her wrapped around his finger.

“You know, when I found out you had a new boyfriend I was really hoping I’d hate him.” Stiles spoke up as they started to sway their bodies to the rhythm of the song that belonged to them and no one else. “But, damn, I actually like the dude.”

“Yeah, he’s a really nice guy.” She laughed at Stiles’ surprising compliment and the breath-taking sound made his heart stop.

“You really know how to pick them.” Stiles chuckled, quirking his eyebrows at her to make her laugh again and a smile appeared on his face when it worked.

“I guess I do.” She giggled, letting her head fall on his chest for the slightest second as she laughed before picking it back up. But, this time she was no longer laughing and had a serious expression planted on. “I just don’t know how to keep them interested enough to stay.”

“What are you talking about?” Stiles questioned, furious that any boy would ever dare think this amazing girl in his arms was boring. “Who was stupid enough to think that?”

She looked at him with pain evident in her eyes, water glossing over them. Which only meant she was about to cry and Stiles’ gut wrenched at the scene. The last time he saw her cry was when she ended their relationship and it was the worst thing he’d ever witnessed in his entire life. Stiles strongly believed that this beautiful woman should never had tears in her eyes, only sparks of happiness.


Stiles felt as if he was just trampled on by a herd of the biggest elephants on the planet when she referred to him. The three lettered word took the shattered heart in his body and pounded it until it was a mere pile of dry dust, making him feel worse than he ever had.

“M-Me?” He stuttered, not being able to think properly. “How?”

“You always canceled on dates, you never texted me or called me back enough, you always put your secret life first that you’d never let me in on, and you constantly felt this need to lie to me for no real reason.” She listed, trying her best to wipe away her tears but there was no point due to the immense amount running down her cheeks. “I guess I just wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Don’t you dare say that.” Stiles shook his head, taking one of his hands off her waist to place it on her flushed cheek. “You were- you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Then, why didn’t it ever seem like it?”

“Because things are more complicated than you can imagine.” He defended, but she simply scoffed at his ridiculously vague response. “Look, I need you to believe that whenever I lie to you, I do have my reasons.”

“It’s too bad that I don’t believe you.” She pulled his hand off her cheek and began to slowly detach herself from his hold.

“No, don’t leave!” Stiles panicked, not wanting her to leave his presence just yet. Or ever, really. “I-I still love you and I know that I can make it up to you somehow-”

“Stiles-” She cried, not wanting to hear him speak because she knew that if he did she would be putty in his hands soon enough.

“Wait, just let me finish.” He interrupted her just like she had interrupted him, his voice already desperate. “I know I messed up and I know I can never take it back. But, I can change from now on and, I promise, I will change. You have my heart and I am nothing without you so please– please –don’t do this. Just come back to me and I swear I’ll do everything right this time. I’ll always pick up your calls on the first ring, I’ll buy you flowers every damn day, I’ll take you to every party this town can offer because I know how much you love to dance, I won’t cancel on dates anymore because you will always be my priority, and I promise I’ll give you all of my hours when I have the chance.”

He confessed the beautiful words with such emotion and love in his frantic voice that it made her heart stop and melt in her ribcage. Even though she’s been trying to move on and find a way to forget him, there’s no doubt that Stiles Stilinski still had the key to her locked heart. She wanted to be with him more than anything, but she also wanted to respect herself. Men always say they’re gonna change, but they never really do and she knew that. Even though she wasn’t used to it, the girl had to put herself and her own feelings first this time.

“Will you tell me what you’ve been hiding from me?” She asked, hoping desperately that he would say yes.

Stiles’ face fell to the floor in defeat because he knew that that wasn’t possible. Everyone that gets involved in his dangerous world either always gets hurt or… worse. And Stiles would never forgive himself if something happened to the woman he loved. He would rather lay down his own life than ever let her be vulnerable to the risks and threats that come with the supernatural.

“I-I can’t.”

“Then, I can’t go back to you Stiles.” She responded, her heart breaking even more. “I deserve better than this.”

“I know you do.” Stiles’ voice was weak with the tears threatening to escape his eyes.

“But, I still want you in my life. I still want to be friends.” The girl requested and Stiles scoffed at the common sentence every former couple says but never actually commits to. He felt her soft hand rest on his chin and lift his face that had fallen to look up back at her. “Stiles, I’m serious. I can’t lose you.”

“I can’t lose you either.” He confessed, feeling small.

“Promise me you’ll be in my life.” She requested. “Even if we don’t have the emotional stability to see each other all the time, just promise me you’ll at least be there for the big moments.”

Stiles looked into her breath-taking eyes and he felt himself getting lost in them. She was everything to him and he would never want to lose her friendship, even if that meant having a painful one. Butterflies made their way into her stomach when the edges of Stiles’ lips curled into a beautiful smile.

“I promise.”


Lydia Martin rushed down the halls of the beautiful hotel with the life-saving tool in her perfectly manicured hands, the sound of her heels clicking on the floor as she ran. Quickly opening the door to the dressing room she so desperately needed to approach, the redhead strode inside along with Malia hot on her trail. Their eyes landed on the girl that used to date Stiles who has now become one of their best friends and smiled the second they saw her smile at how breathless they both were.

“I got it!” Lydia celebrated, walking over to the girl and handing her the mascara that was in her hands.

“And I got this.” Malia smirked, gesturing towards the alcoholic beverage in her grasp.

“Congratulations to both of you.” (Y/N) laughed, taking the mascara Lydia was giving her and opening it to apply it on her eyelashes.

“Do you need help?” Lydia asked, closing the door to the dressing room.

“I’m okay.” She smiled, but immediately groaned when she smudged mascara on her eye lid. She turned away from the mirror she was using to face Lydia, who already had a grin on her face. “Please save me.”

“Alright, Alright.” The redhead chuckled, walking closer and taking the mascara from her. “Lydia Martin to the rescue.”

She began to put on the mascara on her eyelashes as she internally appreciated the rest of the makeup on (Y/N)’s flawless face. She had a simple smokey eye that really made her eye color pop along with the perfect amount of blush spread across her fair cheeks. She hadn’t put lipstick on yet considering it’s the last thing you should do when applying makeup, but Lydia already knew the right shade that would tie up her entire look.

“There you go.” The redhead smiled when she finished the job and closed the mascara, putting it on the dresser her friend was using. “All set.”

“Thanks, Lyds.” She smiled, her entire face glowing with happiness. “You’re a life saver.”

“I know.” Lydia smirked, pushing her strawberry blonde hair behind her shoulders for sass.

“You know who else is a life saver?” Malia spoke up, walking over to sit on the small couch. “Scott.”

“And why is that?” Lydia questioned.

“Because I just overheard someone was trying to sneak in and he took care of it.” Malia shrugged, taking a sip of her drink.

“Who was trying to sneak in?” (Y/N) asked, curious that someone would try to ruin her special day.

“I don’t know.” Malia shrugged. “But, the dude was absolutely hysterical from what I heard.”

Even though the girls didn’t want to believe her, Malia actually had a point. The person that wanted so desperately to enter the hotel indeed was hysterical. But, the thing was, he wasn’t just any person. He was Stiles Stilinski and he would stop at nothing to get inside to the girl he still loved after being away from her for an entire year.

“Bro, you know this isn’t a good idea!” Scott exclaimed at his best friend frantically trying to get out of the Alpha’s grasp. “Go home.”

“Scott, I can’t just go home!” Stiles whisper-shouted, careful not to let any of the guests know about the scene he was causing. He didn’t want to make things any worse than what he already had planned. “I have to see her.”

“And do what exactly?” Scott questioned, his eyes narrowing at the human.

“Stop her from marrying the wrong guy!” Stiles yelled and the werewolf let go of his best friend from how shocked he was, his jaw dropping and eyes widening at the process.

“You can’t do that.” He shook his head. “Stiles, don’t do that.”

“I have to, Scott.” The human answered, fixing his vest and letting out a sigh. “She’s the love of my life and I can’t let her walk down that aisle if I’m not the one at the end of it.”

“Stiles, this is the most idiotic plan you’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot considering all of the really bad ideas you’ve had before.”

“I don’t care.” Stiles huffed. “I have to talk to her.”

“Okay, fine.” Scott stated, his voice challenging. “I’ll let you in if you give me your invitation.”

Stiles’ eyes dropped to the floor in defeat and he shifted on his feet as Scott watched his best friend with a pained heart. He hates that he has to do this, but he’ll hate himself even more if he lets him go and Stiles gets hurt even more. The girl he loves is getting married today and she’s not just gonna drop everything for him. Life isn’t a movie, it’s real and usually comes with disappointing endings.

“I-I can’t.”

“Because you don’t have one.” Scott said and Stiles just nodded. “Don’t you think that’s enough of a sign to let you know that this isn’t something you should do?”

“What would you do if it was Allison marrying someone else?” Stiles asked, picking​ his head back up to look at Scott.

“I’d let her.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” Stiles disagreed, knowing his best friend would fight for the love of his life until his very last breath. “And I’m not letting (Y/N) go either.”

“Stiles, you’re just gonna get hurt.”

“So, be it.”

Before Scott could even expect it, Stiles rushed past him and immediately ran down the halls towards the room he just witnessed Lydia and Malia entering. His detective skills made him deduct that that’s where the bride was and he approached it without even thinking, Scott running right after him.

The same door flew open from two running young adults for the second time today, but this time (Y/N) didn’t smile and lightly laugh when it was revealed who had barged into her dressing room. Instead, her smile she had on with the girls had faded.

Awkward tension instantly invaded the small space when hers and Stiles’ eyes landed on each other, her heart already stopping and her breath hitching in her now dry throat. Stiles was also shocked, not knowing what to expect when he finally saw her again after all that time. Neither one of them said anything, they just kept their wide eyes locked together and didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were both breathing heavily.

“I’m so sorry!” Scott shouted, breaking the awful silence. “I-I tried to stop him, I swear! But, he wouldn’t work with me and-”

“Scott, it’s okay.” The bride intervened his panic with a weak and strained voice.

“I-It is?” Scott stuttered in surprise and she nodded, everyone else in the room just as shocked as the werewolf.

“So, you’re the crazy dude trying to break in?” Malia spoke up and Stiles just nodded as well, not willing to take his stare off of the girl he wanted to be with. “Makes sense.”

Stiles’ eyes trailed across (Y/N), taking in her sight after missing it so much. She was so beautiful he had almost forgot. Sure, she was only in a purple satin robe and her hair was down in its natural state, but the young woman looked breath-taking to him anyway. And Stiles himself looked amazing to her. He was wearing a white button up shirt with a silver vest on top of it and a silver bowtie to tie everything together, not to mention the black tuxedo pants, and (Y/N) was certain she would faint at his never ending beauty.

“Guys, can you give me and Stiles a minute?” She asked and everyone’s eyebrows raised.

“Are you sure?” Lydia asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay.” Lydia nodded, grabbing Malia’s hand as they walked towards the door. “We’ll be at the temple.”

The redhead got a hold of Scott last before she pulled the three outside and the werewolf shut the door behind them, leaving the two exes alone in the same room together. And to say they were both extremely nervous wouldn’t be enough to describe how intense everything felt.

“I wonder if my invite got lost in the mail.” Stiles cleared his throat, speaking up first. “Because I’m pretty sure I was supposed to receive one.”

“I-I didn’t think you’d want to come.” The bride responded nervously.

“Yeah, but I made you a promise, remember?” Stiles answered, taking a step towards her. “I’ll never miss the big moments.”

Her heart fluttered and she immediately stood up, approaching him as well. Their bodies closer and already craving the other at how much they missed each other.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here.” She confessed and Stiles smiled.

“Me, too.”

“Did you bring a date?” She asked and Stiles scoffed at her question.

“I could never.” He shrugged like it was the most obvious thing ever.

“Why not?” (Y/N) tilted her head to the side, confused as to why someone so handsome like him wouldn’t have a girl attached to his arms.

“Because I’m in love with someone else.”

She didn’t even have to ask who it was, just by the way he was gawking at her like she was the only girl in the world made her already know. She hadn’t cried since that night she saw Stiles at her birthday party, but that strike was about to be ruined with how the familiar burning sensation poked in her eyes.

“Stiles, y-you should really go.” She stuttered, worried that if he stayed something would happen between them.

She loves her fiancee more than anything in the world, but there’s always going to be something there with Stiles. He was her first boyfriend, her first time, her first love, her first everything. That kind of person doesn’t just go away in your life, they’ll always be there lingering in the back of your mind and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

“Not without doing this first.” He shook his head, taking one more step towards her until he finally reached her.

Stiles’ hands gently grabbed her cheeks and, without even thinking twice, he crashed his soft lips against her plump ones. The bride couldn’t even find it in herself to stop him, her mind and body already falling into a trance. She understood that letting him kiss her was wrong especially since she was about to get married to another man in a few, but all she could think about was his familiar mouth moving against hers.

The kiss wasn’t just any simple kiss though, it was full of love and saudade. A word in portuguese that means a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent someone that one loves. Saudade was once described as “the love that remains” after someone is gone and is the recollection of feelings or experiences that once brought excitement, pleasure, well-being, happiness. Which now triggers the senses and makes one feel alive again.

Once they both needed to breathe, Stiles pulled away but kept his hands on her face. He smiled at how swollen her lips now were and she felt thankful for not having put any lipstick on before he arrived.

“I love you.” Stiles stated, caressing her skin with his thumb and smiled.

She didn’t say it back or really had the time to if she wanted to say it in the first place because the next thing she knew Stiles’ lips are back on hers and he’s pushing her towards her dresser, the back of her knees hitting the edge. Stiles’ hands moved from her cheeks to swipe away all of the makeup on the dresser, throwing them on the floor, and lift her up on the surface. When his lips went from hers to place tempting kisses on her neck as he slowly untied her robe, (Y/N) immediately snapped back into reality.

“Stop!” She exclaimed, instantly pushing him off of her and breathing in the air her lungs were begging for.

“Did I do something wrong?” Stiles panted, his voice worried.

“Yes! I’m about to get married, Stiles! You can’t just kiss me or try anything else!”

“I-I’m sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Leave, Stiles.” She ordered, pointing to the door. “You can’t be here.”

“No, no, no. I don’t want to go and I know you don’t want that either.” Stiles shook his head frantically, approaching her again. “Remember when you asked me to always be in your life?”

“Yeah, but not like this!” She flailed her arms to express her frustration. “I want us to be friends not destroy each other with our lingering feelings.”

“I’m sorry, I really am. But, my feelings are always gonna be there.” Stiles placed his hands on the surface around her thighs, but didn’t dare touch her out of respect. “Especially since how we ended things so abruptly! I never got the proper closure.”

“And neither did I.” She retorted. “But we have to move on, Stiles. We’re just two disasters that are detrimental to each other. We aren’t meant to be.”

“I can’t be apart from you.”

“I can’t be with you.”

Silence filled the room as they both thought, neither one of them ready to except the other’s terms. Stiles can’t imagine a life not alongside (Y/N) and she can’t imagine a life constantly being lied to with him.

“Does he make you happy?” Stiles asked suddenly and she certainly didn’t expect it.

“Yes, he does.”

Stiles couldn’t handle the truth she just confessed to him because in that moment it finally hit him will full force. He would never get the girl he was in love with back ever again. She had slipped from his hands and there really was nothing he could do to have her return. The gorgeous bride before him was the one that got away.

“So, is this it?” He asked, not caring that there were actually tears escaping from his eyes. “Is this the end of our love story?”

She didn’t dare say anything because she knew if she did she would burst into tears and sobs. Instead, the bride just nodded.

“C-Can I say goodbye?” Stiles asked, never feeling more vulnerable in his entire life.

“Yeah.” She shrugged, thinking he was just going to hug her and leave but was completely surprised when he kissed her again.

Stiles held tightly on her waist and kissed her with so much force, she almost fell back on the mirror. (Y/N) knew that this would be their last kiss ever and therefore didn’t feel the need to stop him. She allowed Stiles to kiss her with everything he had in him and she kissed him back just as passionately. Both of them forgot the whole world around them as they let themselves fall into this moment of pure weakness.

“I’ll go now.” Stiles breathed, pulling away and placing one last kiss on her forehead as he let go of her to leave the room.

The blushing bride thought long and hard before she decided that that wasn’t enough to say goodbye. She was well aware she was about to get married, but she also knew that this was the last time she’d ever have the opportunity to be with Stiles again. After today, they would be officially over and, for that reason, she immediately grabbed his hand and stopped him in his tracks. Stiles instantly turned around with wide eyes when she pulled him back to her.

“Wait,” She stated, spreading her legs for Stiles to settle in between them and placing her hands on the back of his neck. “Not yet.”

Before he could even ask what the yet meant in her sentence, her mouth returned on his and this time she was the one that kissed him hard. Out of pure instinct, his hands rested on her waist and she tugged his hair which earned her a small moan from Stiles. She took advantage of this and slid her tongue inside, Stiles moaning again in surprise.

“What are you doing?” Stiles panted, breaking their kiss the second she began undoing his bowtie and threw it on the floor.

“Saying goodbye the right way.”

He finally understood what she was getting at when she pushed his vest off his shoulders and began unbuttoning his white shirt. Stiles didn’t waste any time either, considering she was literally on a tight schedule, and untied the straps of her robe. The satin fabric fell on her dresser and Stiles let out a shameless moan when he realized she was completely naked.

“I didn’t want any panty lines.” She shrugged, taking off his shirt. “And the dress has a built-in bra anyway.”

“Oh, I am in no way complaining.” Stiles smirked, letting go of her to quickly unbuckle his belt and open his pants. They instantly fell on the floor and he pulled off his boxers as well, stepping out of both pieces of clothing.

The two gawked at each other, enjoying the sight of one another’s naked bodies after spending so much time away. Stiles licked his lips at her perky nipples, waiting to be nibbled on, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of his increasing erection. He wasn’t at his full potential just yet, but the young woman still believed he looked incredibly sexy.

Stiles’ lips attacked her neck and sucked hard on her pulse point, his hands wrapping around her back as he pushed her bare body into his.

“Don’t leave any marks.” She requested and the words without a doubt wounded him because he knew she didn’t want any evidence of their time together. Even though it hurt like a bitch, Stiles pushed the pain down and focused on making her moan.

Which he definitely succeeded in because in a matter of seconds, the bride was a whimpering mess under him and the sounds jolted through him straight to his dick. What turned her on even more than what he already was doing to her was the delicious feeling of his erection rubbing against the inside of her thigh.

“Stiles, we don’t have much time.” She moaned, her hips bucking against him and begging for the friction to calm down the throbbing ache in her core.

“Are you wet enough?” He asked before bringing his hand down her body to slide his finger through her surprisingly soaking folds. “Oh, you definitely are.”

Stiles’ middle finger landed on her swollen clitoris and her eyes immediately shut when he rubbed slow circles against her wet nub. The increasing feeling of desire rushed through both of their bodies and he couldn’t help himself when he attached his mouth on one of her inviting breasts, sucking hard as his tongue flicked her nipple. The bride could already feel pleasure build inside of her and she knew that she would lose her mind if he wasn’t in her soon enough.

“Stiles,” She panted, the young man’s cock twitching at the sound of her begging his name. “Please.”

“Okay, okay.” Stiles nodded, biting down on her nipple and letting go of her now wet breast with a pop. “I don’t suppose you have a condom on you, do you?”

“No.” She laughed. “But, we don’t need one.”

“We don’t?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

“I’m on the pill.” She stated and the pain inside of him resurfaced when he realized just why she was taking such precautions.

Stiles didn’t want to think about the fact that she was having sex with someone else and that, after tonight, he’ll be able to touch her, kiss her, hold her, make love to her as much as he damn pleases. The woman that has his ruined heart in her hands was going to be a wife and what hurt most was she wasn’t going to be his wife. The young man decided to ignore his feelings and just enjoy this one last moment with her as fully as he could.

Stiles removed his hand from her core and used it to pump himself a few times as she spread her legs more for him. When he felt like he was ready enough, Stiles aligned himself with her entrance and slowly pushed in. (Y/N) immediately moaned at the feeling of his thick staff stretching her tight walls and Stiles was a mess of so many different emotions.

Of course he was extremely turned on and loved that his cock was now buried deep inside of her, but he was also sad and actually felt like crying. Saying goodbye to the hope he had of being with her again was the hardest thing he’d ever have to do and Stiles, honestly, didn’t know if he could bear it. Sure, the girl he was currently making love to wasn’t the only one in the universe. But, to Stiles it seemed like she was.

He thrusted inside of her slowly and let his head fall on her shoulder at the incredible sensation of his member sliding in and out of her tight walls. Pleasure grew quickly in the two, both of them enjoying the feeling of being one again. The throbbing inside of her stopped, but appeared in Stiles instead. His cock unable to hide how much he adored her warm and slick core around him.

After making sure she was ready for it, Stiles increased his pace and was pounding inside of her in no time. All of the built up sexual frustration and tension between them really helped to make the knots in their stomachs tighten immediately. Stiles hitched her feet up on the dresser and (Y/N) couldn’t find the self control in her to keep her screams down. Stiles was fucking her in an entirely different angle, repeatedly hitting a sensitive spot she didn’t even know she had, and she didn’t care if people could hear how loud she was.

Stiles didn’t care either, in fact he secretly wanted people to hear. He wanted everyone to know that he was the one giving her immense pleasure and that no one in the world could make love to her like he could. She was screaming underneath him and her core would occasionally clench around Stiles, making him scream out as well. The continuous fast pace and hard thrusting didn’t take long to make the two near their much anticipated orgasms.

Not only did the dirty sounds of their moans and screams echo in the dressing room, but so did the sound of the dresser roughly banging against the wall along with their connected and wet groins slapping together. The sounds were music to Stiles’ ears and he never wanted to ever stop being with her. But, he knew that that wish would soon meet its end from how obviously close she was to falling over the edge. Without really wanting to, Stiles brought his hand down to her clitoris and rubbed intensely to guide her to her release.

The knot inside of her instantly exploded and spread an inexplicable amount of pleasure all throughout her body. It was so intense that she couldn’t control her own shaking and her core clenching down on him. Which, in response, Stiles immediately came as well. (Y/N) moaned at the feeling of his heated liquid shooting up inside of her and Stiles didn’t stop thrusting any time soon. He wanted to soak in this last memory they would create together as much as he could and he wanted it to last.

It was when she put her hands on his hips to stop his friction from how sensitive she’d become that Stiles halted his movements. Her ex-boyfriend then proceeded to place sweet kisses on her neck and cheeks before reluctantly pulling out. Stiles enjoyed the sight of her completely breathless because of him and his wet dick glistening with her juices one last time.

(Y/N) used her robe to clean herself up as Stiles put his clothes back on. His pants were the first ones on, followed by his white shirt and vest. The bride jumped off the desk and Stiles instinctively ran to her aid when her knees wobbled and she almost fell.

“You okay?” He asked and she nodded with a smile, giggling at the situation.

“I couldn’t be better.”

“Well, you are getting married today after all.” Stiles smiled.

“Which reminds me!” She pulled away from his grasp and rushed over to a rack that held her absolutely gorgeous wedding dress. “Can you help me put this on? I’ll help you tie your bowtie.”

“Of course.” Stiles chuckled, putting his undone bowtie around his neck as he approached her.

Stiles carefully and kindfully helped her put her wedding dress on and he almost fainted at how beautiful she looked. His eyes watered at the breath-taking sight and he envied her groom because he was the luckiest man in the entire world.

“How do I look?” She asked, spinning around in her dress happily.

“Words cannot describe how amazing you look.” Stiles answered truthfully and the bride blushed in response. “He’s a lucky man, you know.”

“I do know.”

“(Y/N), I hope he’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.” Stiles confessed, gazing straight into her doe eyes. “I hope he always pick up your calls on the first ring, I hope he buys you flowers every damn day, I hope he takes you to every party this town can offer because I know how much you love to dance, I hope he never cancels on dates because you will always be his priority, I hope he gives you all of his hours when he has the chance, and I hope he does and is everything I should’ve when I was your man.”

“Me, too.” She responded, unable to hold back the few tears that rolled down her heated cheeks.

“Goodbye, (Y/N).”

“Goodbye, Stiles.”

The bride fixed Stiles’ bowtie with a never ending smile on her face and when they were both finally ready, the two former lovers walked out of the dressing room and headed towards the temple. Stiles entered the room first and sat right beside Scott, who definitely had a confused look on his face especially since his best friend smelled mostly of sex. But, also of another prominent emotion that made the werewolf’s heart burn as he watched Stiles gaze at the girl he loved so dearly when she happily walked down the aisle: sadness.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked his brother.

The word saudade is not only the definition of an inexplicable longing for someone you lost, but it can also carry a repressed knowledge that the person of longing might never return.

“Yeah, Scott. I really am.”

Stiles Stilinski knew that he would never get her back in his arms. But, he also knew that as long as she was completely happy-

He would find a way to be, too.

Come back... Be here

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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A/N: I have been wanting to write this for an insane amount of time and yestereday the words just slipped, like it was truthfully meant to be written. I’m hoping you will like this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please give me some response, okay? I don’t kill me if you cry. I did too.

A huge thank you to my piggie @dylan-trash-tbh for reading this and telling me to post it. Love ya.

Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of sex, alcohol, cursing. that’s all. plus, it has been on Taylor Swift’s song “Come back… Be here”, so if you want to listen while reading… It would be nice. 

Word Count: 4760

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The One With The Countdown

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: You and Jeff find yourself in the peak of your relationship: arguing, making up, talking about your future together. Little do you know there’s a clock on your relationship that’s running out of time. 

A/N: died a lil inside writing this not gonna lie

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Friday, 8:17 pm

Most days, you and Jeff barely argued. You’d been dating for over a year and it had been a great year. You were young and in love, as cliché as that was and nothing in the world mattered more. Or at least it hadn’t. But for days you’d been arguing about where he’d been spending his time.

“No. Not Bryce’s. Not again,” you shake your head firmly, “Don’t you get it, Jeff? He is a terrible person and going to his parties-“

“Makes me a terrible person?” he raises a brow. You inhale sharply, resting a hand against his chest and looking into his eyes, “You’re a good person and I wouldn’t want anything to change that.”

“I don’t go to those parties so I can hang out with Bryce and his douchebag friends,” he promises you, “I go for Clay who goes for Hannah who goes for Jessica,” he says, all in one breath, “Is it so wrong to want to help my friend?”

“Can’t you just help him at school? Nothing good ever happens at those parties.”

Jeff raises a brow, “You know, we’ve never really talked about-“

“And I don’t want to,” you sigh.

Freshman year you’d dated Justin for a short while and that time in your life was a living hell. You hadn’t ‘put out’ and he’d invited you to one of Bryce’s parties just to break up with you and humiliate you in front of his friends. The jokes people made still rung in your ears when you saw him in the hallway.

Lucky for you, Jeff had driven you home from that party and you’d ended up good friends which turned into more eventually.

You knew everyone at school loved him and that he was big on the social scene and you didn’t mind it, it’s just each time he told you he ‘had’ to go to one of Bryce’s parties, you couldn’t help but feel disgusted. What happened to you wasn’t the worst of what happened at those parties and you both knew it.

Jeff rests his hands on either side of your face, “I’m not going to let anything bad happen tonight.”

You nod. At least you felt reassured by the fact that Jeff would help someone in trouble if there was any, just like he’d helped you.

“Why don’t you come?” he asks, pressing a kiss to your forehead before walking back to his wardrobe.

“Because I haven’t stepped into one of his parties since freshman year,” you scoff, “What time will you get back?”

“As soon as I have Clay and Hannah talking to each other,” he smiles widely. You thought it was cute that he’d taken it upon himself to help Clay out, though you were a little jealous that they were spending more time together than the two of you were these days.

“Mmm,” you hum, hugging him from behind, “When will I get all of your time the way Clay does?”

“You can have me the whole of tomorrow,” he promises, “A whole Saturday where you can make me watching Young Wolf-“

“Teen Wolf,” you correct him, chuckling, “Fine,” you sigh, “Be safe. Don’t drink too much.”

He rolls his eyes as he pulls on his jacket. You stand in front of him, adjusting the collar and shooting him a stern look, “Call me if you need me to pick you up, okay?”

“I’ll be fine, y/n,” he laughs, tracing a finger down your cheek, “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“But I do anyway,” you sigh, hugging him. He wraps his arms around you, resting his chin on the top of your forehead.

“Look, I’ll text you all night,” he says, “I’ll give you an hourly update on how Clay isn’t talking to his crush.”

You half smile, ruffling his hair, “Alright, get out of here before I strap you down to the bed so you can’t leave.”

“I’m not completely opposed to that,” he smirks before swiping his phone off the night stand and pressing a kiss to your cheek, “I’ll be back by 11. I promise,” he says.

You spend the entire night watching re runs of Gilmore Girls despite the same three episodes being played in a loop. It didn’t really matter since all you were thinking about was Jeff.

Every time he went to one of these parties, the two of you would end up fighting. Today you’d let it go but that just made it that much harder on you, having to internalize your fear all on your own instead of talking to him about it. You knew he wouldn’t brush you off but you also knew you couldn’t change his mind.

You knew Jeff wasn’t at risk of anything in particular but you knew that there was always drama around Hannah and Jessica and that if anything were to go down, he would step in on Clay’s behalf and that worried you. You couldn’t live if something happened to him.

“Screw it,” you mumble to yourself, an uneasy feeling growing in your stomach despite your best efforts to suppress it. It was already 1am and you hadn’t heard from him at all. You jump into your car, driving towards Bryce’s house. As you pull up his driveway, your heart begins to race.

The front lawn was littered with a few passed-out people, unsurprisingly, not all of them were fully clothed. You dodge around them, frowning, your eyes raking the house for Jeff as you walk in.

You could feel eyes shifting to you and a few scattered whispers. You hadn’t really considered what walking in here would do or what kind of rumours there’d be by Monday – after all, you’d avoided these for most of your time in high school. You pull your phone out of your pocket, dialling Jeff again, only to feel a hand grab your shoulder.

“What are you doing here?”

Bryce’s voice is a loud sneer that seems to echo over the loud music. Justin was standing by his side, shifting from foot to foot – he looked concerned.

“I j-just-“ you stammer. You could see his hand reaching out for you and you dodge it quickly, stumbling backwards and to the floor.

Bryce sniggers, crossing his large arms over his chest and stalking towards you. Justin quickly steps in front of him, “Come on man, she looks wasted,” he says.

“That’s how I like them,” Bryce leers, crouching down beside you. He traces a finger down your arm, before wrapping his thick fingers around it and yanking you up.

“Come on man,” Justin sighs. Bryce brushes him off.

“That’s what she’s here for, a good time,” Bruce shrugs.

“Actually, she’s here to see me,” Clay says, tugging you out of Bryce’s grasp. Bryce just rolls his eyes and falls back into conversation with his group.

“Are you okay?” he asks. You just stare at him wide eyed, unable to speak. He steadies you, walking you over to the backyard where it was a little quieter and points to a corner.

Jeff was slumped against a pool chair, his head lulling side to side.

“It’s my fault. We started playing beer pong against Hannah and Jessica and he drank so I wouldn’t have to,” he says apologetically.

You felt like you were going to throw up from what had just happened but your priority was to get the two of you out of there.

You walk over, crouching beside him.

“Y/N,” he mumbles, a small smile spreading across his lips. He closes his eyes, letting his head hang back and you loop one of his arms around your neck and help him up. He staggers all over the place until Clay links his other arm around his neck.

You avoid the eyes of Bryce and his posse as the three of you go through the front door. You didn’t need to look to know Bryce’s eyes were on your ass.

It was a struggle getting Jeff into the car but once he was in, he rested his head against the cool glass and was out like a light.

Clay frowns deeply, wringing his hands, “I really am sorry.”

“it’s not your fault,” you tell him, “Are you okay to get home?”

He nods toward his bike across the street, making his way over. He pauses, turning back to you, “Don’t be too hard on him,” he sighs.

You climb in, turning the key in the ignition. Your breaths were short and shallow, you felt like the air had left your lungs since you’d walked into that house.

You were half way to Jeff’s house when you realized you could barely see where you were going. At first you thought it was the tears that had been streaming down your face the whole time you’d been driving but soon noticed there were black spots all over your vision. You squeeze your eyes open and shut several times, your breathing so loud you could hear it over the music, but it made no difference.

“Fuck,” you croak, pulling over. You’d completely sweat through your shirt. You knew you were hyperventilating but you couldn’t get yourself to stop. You hadn’t had a panic attack since that incident freshman year. You rest your head against the steering wheel, letting our choked sobs.

I’m sorry,” you hear Jeff mumble from beside you. He rests his hands on top of yours and nestles his head against your shoulder, “I’m really, really fucking sorry.”

Saturday, 11:03 am

Despite your agreement to spend the weekend together, you’d dropped Jeff home on Friday around in the early hours of the morning and gone home, ignoring all his calls that had started shortly after..

He’d tried to comfort you in the car and apologized profusely for scaring you like that and dragging you into a situation you didn’t want to be in. You didn’t say a word, nor did you tell him about what had happened with Bryce. You simply drove him home once you could and told him you’d talk to him the next day.

But as you woke up in the morning, you couldn’t deal with it or him. You’d scrubbed your skin all night, just to get the smell of alcohol out – just to make sure there wasn’t an inch of you left that Bryce had touched.

But you should’ve known better than to ignore Jeff, he was persistent if anything.

“You ignored all my calls,” he says, standing in your doorway, “Y-your mum let me up,” he explains.

“I was tired,” you shrug him off, standing up and walking over to him with your arms crossed over your chest.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” he sighs, “I didn’t mean for any of that. I didn’t expect you’d show up – I thought I could sleep it off then go home to you.”

“You didn’t expect I’d show up? Do you know how much I freak out every time you go to one of Bryce’s parties?”

“I know,” he sighs, shaking his head, “I know and I’m not going to go to one ever again, I swear. I should have never put you through that.”

You run your fingers through your hair, biting down on your lip, “I need some time, Jeff.”

“Wait, what?” he frowns, inching towards you, “Come on, I just said I wouldn’t go.”

“But that’s your life,” you throw your hands up in the air, “You like parties and going out and I don’t want to stop you from doing that stuff if you enjoy it. I don’t – I don’t want to be the girlfriend that controls everything you do.”

“You’re – you’re not that girl. You’re just looking out for me, those parties are the worst place to be and I know that and I know that you’re right.”

“If you knew that then you wouldn’t have gone,” you deadpan, “I can’t keep having this same argument with you over and over again.”

“And I promise you’ll never have to again,” he pleads, taking your hands in his.

You pull them away, balling your fists up by your sides, “I know,” you sigh, walking over to the door and waiting for him to pass you.

Sunday, 5:22 pm

After you’d broken up with him, you’d avoided all his attempts at trying to fix things between the two of you. Even when he’d shown up at your window at midnight. Even when he’d gotten drunk and dialled you a dozen times Sunday morning. Even when he’d pleaded with your mom to let him see you at lunch.

“I’m sorry man,” Clay says, skipping a stone across the lake. After a day of failed attempts of trying to get you to talk to him, he’d caved and called Clay to pour his heart out, but the words felt stuck in his throat. He could have never imagined the pain that came with losing you.

“Yeah,” Jeff sighs, lying back on the grass. He’d planned to spend the entire weekend with you and here he was with Clay in the middle of a deserted park, watching the sun set.

“Maybe she’ll come around. She said she needed time, right?”

Jeff shakes his head grievously, “It was the last straw, I could see it on her face. She was so hurt,” he rests his arm over his eyes, “I should have listened to her.”

Clay rests a hand on Jeff’s shoulder, “She was pretty shaken up, huh?”

He looks up at him, “Right, I forgot you saw her when you helped me into the car.”

“Actually, I was there when that whole thing happened with Bryce,” Clay says with a frown, “He’s such a dick.”

Jeff sits up in confusion, “Wait, what happened with Bryce?”

Clay raises his brows, “She didn’t tell you?”

Jeff shakes his head, “What happened?” he asks slowly, knowing he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself no matter how minor it was.

“Bryce kind of grabbed her and knocked her around a bit, said some pretty gross stuff too. God knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t dragged her away,” he explains, “You know Bryce get’s what he wants, even if it’s in the middle of a party. The guy is disgusting.”

Jeff had stopped listening. He could hear ringing in his ears as he thought of you breaking down in your car, inconsolable. He could feel himself shaking, whether it was with remorse or anger, he couldn’t tell.

He’d put you in a position that you never should have been in and worse, you’d been so distraught about it you hadn’t even been able to tell him. Of course you’d broken up with him – you couldn’t have beared to stay with him knowing there was a possibility that it could happen again.

Jeff shoots up and Clay pulls him back.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to talk to her,” he says, growing agitated. He had to tell you how sorry he was.

“Jeff, she didn’t want you to know. And she probably doesn’t even want to think about it and you confronting her won’t help. Just give her a few days, let it die down a  little. God knows it’ll be a big deal at school tomorrow.”

Monday, 8:33 am

You could see Jeff watching you from his locker, hesitantly walking toward you with flowers in one hand and his other shoved into his jacket pocket.

You crack a small smile when he comes to a stop. Truthfully, your weekend had been miserable without him. It was only two days but it felt like lifetime – your days felt incomplete without him. And it felt worse to not have him to talk to, to not be able to tell him how humiliated and disgusted you felt about the party.

He holds the bouquet out to you, “I am really, really sorry. And just to be clear these aren’t ‘get back together with me’ flowers, they’re ‘I was an asshole and I’m sorry’ flowers and ‘even if you just want to stay friends or ignore me forever, it’s okay and I promise I’ll never step foot into one of Bryce’s parties again’ flowers.” He seemed out of breath by the time he’d finished saying it.

“How long did you rehearse that?” you raise a brow with a smirk, taking them out of his hands.

“The very long walk from my locker to yours,” he admits, rubbing the back of his neck, “So?”

“So, we can stay friends, Jeff,” you nod. A wide smile spreads across his face, “Good. Great, I mean,” he claps his hands together, “So then why don’t we skip Jessica’s party on Wednesday and go to that Italian restaurant you like?”

“I can’t skip Jessica’s,” you sigh, “I promised I’d wingman one of my friends.”

“Jessica’s?” you hear a voice boom from behind you.

You both turn around to find Bryce and Justin leaning against the lockers on the opposite side of the hallway.

“Will I be seeing you there?” Bryce asks, “Maybe we can pick up where we left off last night?” he chuckles lowly. Within a blink, Jeff is throwing him to the floor and pinning him down, hitting him until his knuckles are bloody. You were watching on in horror, unable to move for a good few minutes until you noticed that Bryce was about to turn the fight around.

You pull Jeff up despite finding it rather enjoyable to see Bryce being beaten to a pulp. When Bryce lurches forward you reach into your bag and pepper spray him between the eyes. He screams loudly doubling over and digging the heels of his palms into his eyes.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” he shouts, grasping around blindly.

Jeff half laughs, staring at you in surprise before taking your hand in his and sprinting down the hallway until you’re both through the front doors and out in the carpark.

“We’re going to be in so much shit for that,” he gasps, out of breath.

You study him intently, “Why did you do that back there?” you ask.

“Clay told me,” he confesses, his eyes reddening, “I should’ve known there was more going on. I should’ve known you were hurting.”


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that – that – I don’t even know,” he says frustrated, “I’m so sorry that right now if you asked me to walk into traffic, I would.”

“I’m not going to ask you to do that,” you laugh softly, slinging your arms around his neck, “Thank you, for what you did back there.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I knew you already felt terrible about me having a panic attack, I didn’t want to add to your guilt,” you say, resting a hand against his arm and your forehead against him, “I don’t blame you.”

“I feel terrible,” he whispers.

“I know,” you nod, “But don’t. Clay told me you cried all weekend and that I should take you back,” you say with a small grin.

“Of course I cried all weekend,” he scoffs, “I lost the love of my life.”

“You didn’t lose me,” you reassure him. You take his hands in yours, examining his bloody, bruised knuckles, “Should we go back to my place? Get you cleaned up?”

“Is that code for let’s get back together and make out?”

You roll your eyes and nod, “What else would it mean?” you wink, kissing him softly.

Tuesday, 1:07 pm

“Stop eating my fries,” Jeff groans, nudging you playfully. You roll your eyes, reaching for them anyway. He picks one up and dips it in ketchup before swiping it across your nose.

You stare at him, surprised, laughing before a small food fight ensues.

“Seriously, how old are you guys?” Clay grumbles as he sits opposite the two of you in the cafeteria.

“Sorry we have love lives,” Jeff teases, “I’ve been telling you all along to get yourself a girl,” he winks, slinging an arm around your shoulder. You shrug it off.

“Don’t listen to him Clay,” you chuckle, “You’re fine as you are.”

Clay mumbles something under his breath with an awkward smile, “So, Hannah is going to be at Jessica’s party tomorrow,” he says, “Should I talk to her?”

“Yes,” you both say in unison.

Clay stiffens, his palms growing sweaty, “W-well, w-what do I say?” he stammers, visualizing the conversation in his head.

You’d both been planning to go to Jessica’s party but now that her and Justin were together, it was guaranteed that Bryce would be there. Your friend had understood when you’d told her you couldn’t come but something about the puppy look in Clay’s eyes made you want to reconsider.

“Are you guys coming?” Clay asks.

Jeff shakes his head firmly, resting his hand over yours, “We’re spending the night in.”

It had been Jeff’s idea not to go and to have a date night instead. Those parties were insufferable anyways, he’d told you, and he didn’t want to have a hangover ever again.

“We can help him a little,” you whisper to Jeff.

Jeff raises his brows, “Really?”

You knew Jeff didn’t care how many parties he missed as long as the two of you were together, the same way you didn’t care how many he went to as long as he was safe. But you also knew how much he wanted to help Clay since Clay as the only reason he hadn’t flunked out, and you felt like you owed it to him.

“Yeah, really. We can be in and out,” you say, turning to Clay, “But you gotta stick to our plan.”

Clay nods firmly even though all of you knew he’d probably freak out at the last minute.

Wednesday, 8:54 pm

“You look beautiful,” Jeff says, leaning against the front door as you come downstairs. You were wearing a silk, red mini dress with black boots and a leather jacket hung over your shoulders.

“You too,” you laugh, running your fingers through his hair as he kisses you.

I can’t believe I’m dating the most beautiful girl in the entire world,” he says in disbelief.

You scrunch your nose up, “You’ve been paying me these corny compliments for two days straight. When will it stop?” you laugh.

“It’ll never stop now that I know what it’s like to lose you,” he says, his expression serious. He holds the car door open, waiting for you to climb in before getting in and switching the headlights on.

He stares ahead for a little, “Are you sure you want to go tonight?”

“It’s fine,” you nod, “We’re going early. We can be in and out before Bryce even gets there,” you tell him, “I know how much you want to help Clay.”

He nods appreciatively, “I promise I won’t let anything happen to you tonight,” he whispers protectively.

“And I will never let anything happen to you,” you say with certainty, resting your head against his shoulder as he begins to drive. Your house wasn’t far from Jessica’s. It was opposite the intersection where the alcohol store was and you could spot a few seniors in there and few juniors, trying to get away with fake I.D’s.

“I remember when that was us,” you laugh.

“And look at us now,” he says, resting a hand over yours, “And imagine us in five years,” he sighs wistfully.

“Five years?” you raise a brow.

“Graduating from college. You do law like you’ve always wanted and after a lot of struggling, I finally get into Medicine so I can help people like I’ve always wanted. We get married, have two kids – one boy and one girl.”

“Let me guess, Jeff Junior?” you laugh. You felt warmth wash over you as you envisioned your future together, more so due to the fact that he’d thought about all this before you had.

“Jeff Junior If it’s a boy and if it’s a girl,” he pauses, “Wait for it…. Jeffica.”

You snort, laughing, “I am not naming our daughter Jeffica.”

“We can name our daughter whatever you like,” he leans over, pressing a kiss to your cheek, “I just like the sound of it… our daughter; our family.”

“Me too,” you grin.

You pull up down the street form Jessica’s house and climb out. The party wasn’t in full swing yet, much to your relief.

Clay arrives at the same time as the two of you, looking slightly suffocated as he joins you.

“I feel like I can’t breathe,” he mumbles.

“Tonight is your night, my man,” Jeff says, trying to hype him up. His frown only grown deeper.

An hour into the party, Clay had disappeared upstairs with Hannah. You and Jeff smile at each other, impressed with your handiwork.

“Nice job,” you whisper to him.

“Couldn’t have done it without you,” he replies, kissing you. At that moment, a few of his friends walk in.

“Should we get going?” he asks unsurely, knowing if he walked over to his friends that you’d have to stick around longer.

You shake your head, “No, have some fun,” you smile at him, “This party seems pretty mellow so far.” You join the group in walking to the front yard where they take over the ping pong table.

When you step away, Jeff rushes to your side, “Wait, where are you going?” he asks.

“I was just going to walk home, I’m getting a little tired.”

“Let me take you,” he says, reaching into his pocket for the keys.

“C’mon man,” Zach says, “You said you’d grab us some drinks form the corner store.”

Jeff sighs in defeat, leaning in, “I can totally ditch them.”

“We can hear you,” Zach calls out.

“It’s okay,” you say. You adjust the strap of your bag against your shoulder, looking up at him, “Just meet me back at my place?”

He never would have let you walk home alone but the street was filled with your classmates and you only lived a few minutes away.

“I’ll be there in 10,” he swears. He pulls you against him, kissing you so hard you could barely breathe. You could hear his friends hooting in the background and you both pull apart, laughing.

“I love you,” he hums, breathlessly.

“I love you too,” you say, pecking another kiss to his lips before turning away. You could feel his eyes on you until you rounded the corner.

Suddenly you were tempted to stop by the corner store and grab some chocolate. You knew you and Jeff would probably grab dinner afterwards but you felt a serious sweet tooth coming on. You cross the street from outside your house to the corner store.

As you gather up a few candy bars and lay them on the counter, the cashier flashes you a wide smile, “Your boyfriend was just in here,” she says. The two of you had been in there so many times you were practically regulars, if that was a thing at convenience stores. You look over your shoulder through the door to try and spot Jeff but it’s too dark out.

“He’s a good boy, that one. You make a very sweet couple.”

“Thank you,” you nod, “He is. He’s great.”

You could see Jeff’s smile in your head. And then you hear it. The sound of bending metal and broken glass. You hear the crash.

You feel your chest tighten as you rush outside to see the an all too familiar car bent out of shape and an all too familiar face through the shattered glass of the window.

“NO!” you scream, rushing towards Jeff’s car where his body was slumped against the door, covered in blood. You feel arms wrap around you and pull you back just as you pry the door open. You turn around to find Clay staring at you, pale faced. You were already hysterical and in tears.

“Don’t move him,” he says, “You could make it worse. I already called an ambulance.”

“W-w- Clay, let me go!” you struggle, shoving against him. He barely flinches, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around you as you flailed around, kicking and screaming.

“I have to help him!” you sob, “I have to help him!”

You said it repetitively, even after the ambulance arrived. Even after they tried to save him and couldn’t. Even after they announced his time of death. Even after they pulled that god damn white sheet over his body and wouldn’t let you past the crime scene tape.

You rip through it anyways, pulling the sheet off his face and shaking him slightly, “Please,” you whimper, “I – I can’t live without you.”

Your mind replayed every kiss, every hug, every smile. Every night you slept next to him and every morning you woke up in his embrace. He’d changed your entire life and the plan was for him to keep changing it, beyond your five-year plan. You were meant to be together for the rest of your lives. He couldn’t be gone. You wouldn’t let him.

“Y/N,” Clay says, resting a hand against your shoulder.

A paramedic moved the stretcher with a sympathetic look on her face after a cop nudges the two of you away, pushing you back behind the tape.

I promised I would never let anything happen to him,” you croak, watching his body being loaded into the back of the ambulance in disbelief.

Breakfast / Cody Christian series

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Plot: After that sleepover things between you two got a little steamy. More and more by every passing minute.

Word count: 1 132

Warning: a little kissing and flirting

A/N: This is the third part of my Cody Christian series. I think that I should call it something else so if you have any recommandations then feel free to send them to me. Also y’all I’m so fucking sorry I just read the second part of my series and honestly. Idk how you guys understand, what I’m saying. I need to start proofreading my things #fat_fingers. Sorry. Enjoy x

Listen to me, when they’re in the car

Part 1

Part 2

He smiles at me and says: “Good night, y/n!” I smile wish him good night as well. This was the perfect moment for him to kiss me, but he didn’t. Is he not into me or he’s just being a gentleman? He must be a gentleman, because just a few seconds ago he asked me if he was in my friendzone. Enough for today, I should get some sleep.

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Why hate alone... when you can hate AND create? At. The Same. Time!

Maybe someone has said this before me but…

I used to hear of fandom wars but I never really understood it until I joined Tumblr and began to read about the juicy stuff that people think of each other’s ships and biases and whatnot.

I used to think anti-Sterek meant Scott stans/Stydia shippers but apparently, those are two very different sets of people. 

I just spent my morning browsing the “Scott McCall Defense Squad” on Tumblr and most (not all) hate Stiles and compare everything about him to Scott and say Scott is the better person, the alpha, The Teen Wolf. Stiles is just the irrational, distrustful, disloyal court fool (which, let’s be honest, is the role he was cast for). 

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Okay now that I have been in the fandom for a month or so, I have some fic recs (that no one asked for). I’m noticing a pattern….  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Taking Off the Edges by Ark
Summary: Scott’s regard turning completely away hurts more than the wounded, incredulous eyeballing. He’s bright red to the tips of his ears, and his hands are balled up tight into fists. “Tell me what the hell you were going to tell me, then,” Scott says. He’s not looking at Stiles anymore, so Derek’s the one who answers.“That we’re paired,” says Derek, calmly and decisively, from over Stiles’s shoulder. Explicit, 8.7K
Commentary: So beautifully written. And bottom!Derek (a pattern for me, tbh); hot, funny, perfect. 

By Any Other Name by entanglednow
Summary: He doesn’t know his name, he doesn’t know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he’s on the run with. But he’s pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it. Explicit, 33K+ 
Commentary: This is probably one of my favorite fics; it’s really, really beautiful and so different from other things I’ve read. 

Howlin’ For You by Lenore
Summary: A college AU with strippers, crime bosses, and a mystery to solve. Explicit, 33K+
Commentary: GREAT FIC A++, and a totally bomb bottom!derek scene. Stripper fics aren’t really my thing but please read this, you won’t regret it. 

headlong (I’m falling in a) by hits
Summary: Kink meme fill: When Stiles goes to college, for some reason, he has to share an apartment with Derek, which sucks, because Derek still hates him the most. They fall in love. Explicit, 80K+
Commentary: This is an interesting fic that really explores Derek’s more wolfish nature and pack culture in ways I hadn’t really considered before; plus there is a lot of great sex. It’s kind of weird, and I like that. 

The Alexandria Solution by Bexless
Summary: "I accept your body!“ Stiles says hurriedly. "I accept you. Sexually.” There is a pause. Derek says, “Thanks.” Explicit, 5.3K+ words
Commentary: I think we all need a light-hearted knotting fic in our lives. 

The one that’s a little bit party of five by kellifer_fic
Summary: He does a casual three-sixty and catches the gaze of a glowering werewolf with thick eyebrows and a strong jaw. The guy has artful stubble going on and he looks like he’s pissed off at the room, but especially at Stiles and Stiles can roll with that. Lydia wouldn’t have called attention to him if he hadn’t been Stiles’ type.His sister is good like that. NC-17, 50K+
Commentary: This is like Sterek meets Shameless. It’s pretty fucking hilarious and a very well-done slow build. So many warm fuzzies for the fic. AND the kids are great. 

Pretty In Tents by Kellifer_fic
Summary: Even though he’s making fun of it, Stiles thinks the whole thing sounds awesome and, like most stuff these days, the experience is going to be totally wasted on Scott. Mature, 7.6K+ 
Commentary: Fake relationship is one of my favorite tropes and this one is expertly done. It’s hot and intelligent and just a fun ride.

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll
Summary:  “Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food. NC-17, 76K+
Commentary: This summary, I feel, is misleading. There is much depth to this fic; Stiles and Derek are kidnapped and fall in love along the way. Great switching scenes, also bottom!derek for the win. 

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated by kellifer_fic
Summary: Okay, I know this is a huge stretch for you, but can you please pretend you’re like, into me? Mature, 4K+
Commentary: Again w/ the fake relationship. Hot college bar scene, Derek protects Stiles from an ex. Perfection, basically. 

One Life Stand by Vendelin
Summary:Stiles is used to selling himself to make ends meet. But it’s getting harder to keep those ends meeting, and there’s only so much of Stiles to go around. Until a too-fancy car shows up in his neighborhood, and he meets Derek Hale.All Derek wants is Stiles’s time, someone to stay on his arm for events and smile for the cameras. It’s the easiest job Stiles has ever had, the best-paying one he’s ever had, and he’s more than happy to sign up.Derek is everything and nothing Stiles expects him to be, with his tailored suits, sharp mind and his quiet way of caring. But it’s just a job and Stiles never meant to fall in love. Explicit, 84K
Commentary: The Pretty Woman AU we all need. It’s way better than that, actually. I’m not usually into fics that feature prostitution, but it’s really minor on that aspect and really big on the Sterek. READ IT. 


so i came up with stydia headcanons/ thoughts between 5b and 6a. 

  • after what happened in S4 and S5 their friendship dynamic changed. back in s3 they used to be comfortable with touching each other and it was like a second nature to them. but when stiles dated m@lia. stiles and lydia drifted away from each other and it was clear in S4, they were together just to do something for the pack.

  • after S5,more like after 5x16, their friendship changed. from my pov i felt like lydia put her feelings on the table and she was waiting for stiles to do something. she gave him signs that she loves him but stiles doesn’t read those signs anymore, he doesn’t trust his eyes. back then he tried to see if she liked him, for example when he asked scott to asks her if she liked him ( something to do with sexual desire lol.) . but now things are different, his relationship with lydia is different, she is one of his best friends, he doesn’t want to ruin what he already thinks he ruined .and lydia is mad because stiles isn’t doing something and maybe she thought that he is rejecting her or something,and for me i felt like that’s why she looked mad at him in 5x19, because he isn’t doing something.

  • i think between 5b and 6a they start to spend more time together, at first it would at some point get awkward. so stiles starts to bring scott with him whenever he wanted to see lydia, but then scott starts to notice what stiles is doing so he starts to make excuses that he can’t come, so stiles ends up with lydia alone. and with time they both get so comfortable together. they would always study together. watch movies together. stiles drives lydia to school. at some point stiles literally starts to drive to her house in the middle of the night and wakes her up. so they can figure shit out ( low-key wants to spend more time with her.)  just imagine them alone in his jeep in the middle of the night. i am going to cry.

  • and i 100% headcanon that stiles and malia talked about their break up, and malia knows that he still loves lydia,she tells him that’s okay and that she totally moved on ( even if she didn’t move on, she would lie to make him happy and not feel guilty ). and that’s why stiles doesn’t feel guilty when ever he touches lydia in front of the pack ( he isn’t like “look at me touching lydia” no he is like “i can’t help myself”) it’s simple touches,  his hand on her back while they’re walking. his hand brushing hers at pack meetings. 

  • in lydia case i feel like it’s different, sometime she would reaches to hold his hand ( like she always did in s3 ) but she notices that malia is in the room so she backs away.  just imagine if the pack were gathered around scott kitchen table discussing stuff that stiles thinks are happening to the town and he is close to yelling because no one is worrying about what is happening, imagine lydia trying to comfort him, she has the urgency to hold his hand, the one on the table,so she reaches for it but as soon as she remembers that malia is in front of her, she backs away and acts like she wanted to hold the water bottle that is close to stiles hand orrrr what if she laid her hand close to his and their fucking pinkies touch, they don’t move their hands. and malia notices she starts to drop hints that she is over stiles to lydia. when lydia is helping her with school, malia start to tell her about hot boys (or girls ) and lydia tells her that she isn’t looking for a relationship. and malia rolls her eyes and tells her “i meant for me” and lydia would be like “you want to date?” and malia replies “no, i want to have fun”. “you’re over stiles?” lydia asks under her breath. “of course it has been months”. ( i just headcanon that they talked about it and malia was totally fine with it. ) 
  • stiles notices the little things that lydia does for him, like one day he comes to school looking pale and tired , she spend the day by his side.when both of them sitting at the lunch table waiting for scott to show up, lydia sees stiles resting his head on his arms almost a sleep , she startles him asking why he isn’t eating and he replies that he isn’t hungry and that he is too lazy to get his food from his locker.she cuts her sandwich in a half  and put her apple in her tray and slide it to him. she forces him to eat. and she keeps telling him to stay hydrated, she give him her big ass water bottle and tells him that he have to finish it. he thinks that maybe she does love him but then he remember that scott always done this to him whenever he is sick. so he believes that no lydia martin doesn’t love him she is one of his best friends and she cares for him a lot but she doesn’t love him. 
  • i headcanon that they had almost kisses. imagine them studying on stiles bed.both of them laying on their stomach. lydia is explaining something to stiles while she is focused looking at the text book. he just gaze at her face profile and stare at her in awe ( he just love her smart mouth ) and after 1 minutes she speaks “do you understand it now?” but he doesn’t reply.she looks at him and she sees that they’re so close and they can easily close the distance between their lips. ( i am imagining the scene in my head and i am dying because there would be so much sexual tension) just imagine lydia gaze shifting from stiles eyes to his lips then back again to his eyes. and then they both fucking lean at the same time but stiles dad interrupts them. IMAGINE IF AFTER LYDIA LEAVES STILES DAD FUCKING ASKS HIM IF THERE IS ANYTHING THERE. IMAGINE STILES NOT KNOWING WHAT TO SAY BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT THIS TIME THERE IS NO SOMEONE ELSE, NO JACKSON, AND NO AIDEN .HE MIGHT BE THE PERSON THAT LYDIA MARTIN LOVES, BUT HE IS SCARED SO HE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. HE JUST SHRUGS. 

I Can’t Find My Jacket!

Written for Sterek Bingo 2017 (on AO3)

Summary: Derek doesn’t know where his leather jacket went because he’s searched everywhere and it doesn’t look like he’s going to find it any time soon. Damn… he really liked that leather jacket…

Derek searched all over the loft and it seemed like his leather jacket grew a pair of legs and walked out because it straight up disappeared.

He’s been trying to find it for nearly 3 hours now and it’s almost time for him to head to out. It just had to be his favorite leather jacket that decided to go missing all of a sudden.

The werewolf sighed. It’s only in his life that they go months without another supernatural occurrence taking place in Beacon Hills only for his favorite jacket to pull a Houdini on him.

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My Relationship with Teen Wolf

“It’s complicated” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I discovered the show when it was roughly a three months wait until season 3 would start.

I binge-watched all there was - the first two seasons. And then I, right away, watched it again because it was that good. And then I literally watched it for a third time in a row.

I just completely fell in love with it. Sterek fast became my OTP, I loved the fandom because it was a warm, beautiful place filled with the most amazing headcanons.

I even liked the canon straight couples. Jackson and Lydia were just so beautifully perfect. And Scott and Allison were probably the best example of “soulmates” - because literally nothing else would ever justify the shit they went through for each other.

Even the smaller roles like Danny and the Sheriff and the Coach were just so cool.

I loved it. I loved everything about it. And I was so ready for season 3.

I mean, Derek had Boyd, Erica and Isaac now. Jackson was now finally a wolf and could join the pack. The pack was growning.

Everything went downhill starting with season 3. Now, season 3 in itself wasn’t bad, but it was definitely the start of “bad”.

Writing Jackson, Erica and Boyd out just like that was displeasing at first - it became a bigger issue the more the show went on.

What is the key-element of why season 3 started to be bad however is the True Alpha crap they came up with.

Part of what I enjoyed about the show was the fact that Scott was just this average teen wolf, a little bumbling and awkward but with a good heart. He didn’t have to be the leader. I expect an Alpha to be a leader, a fatherly figure, someone older. Not an awkward newbie wolf who literally learned how to control his wolfiness from a human boy.

That they had to force not just “Scott is main character. Scott needs to be Alpha”, but also “Oh shit, we made it so you gotta kill to become Alpha but Scott is main character, so Scott can’t kill. Hurry up, writers, invent a creative way for him to still become Alpha”.

It’s a load of horse-crap is what it is.

The show would have worked so much better if they had cut that crap. Kept Derek around - as the Alpha - and allowed Scott to slowly learn what it even means to be a werewolf and to then, through character development, become Derek’s second-in-command.

Now. They wrote all those characters out of the show, but they started establishing the twins as potential new pack-mates. And okay. They slowly started to become… interesting characters, the more we learned about them.

And then they were written out of the show too. And that was when it became a real problem with this show.

They want a pack. But they keep writing any character who has the potential of becoming pack out ASAP.

The whole… Isaac/Allison romance, I am still wondering where they pulled that from. Like? She literally tried to kill you an literally all your friends before and she’s basically the big love of your new Alpha? What is wrong with you, Isaac? Do you need therapy? Oh, right, you do. Yeah.

Setting it up that Danny knew all along what was going on just to write him out too.

Killing off Allison. Writing Isaac out of the show.

Basically. We had the “Alpha”, his human best friend, a banshee, a kitsune and a coyote. In a fucking show called Teen Wolf. I mean. Yeah, they kept true to the name and stuck with only ONE Teen Wolf. Because who wants to see an actual pack in a show about werewolves? Oh. Right. Everyone.

Season 4 was just bad. It was lame, it was weird and it had zero pay-off when Peter was suddenly the bad guy again. I had been a hundred percent sure that Gerard was behind this and that this was the reason they kept him alive.

Gerard, other reason for why it became bad. How did no one make sure to kill him? And then, when it’s revealed that he’s alive and basically dying slowly which is cruel, no one finishes him off either. You can not argue the “The good guys don’t kill” thing because keeping him alive while he is slowly dying from the black goo is so much worse than just a mercy-kill. And if you’re setting your good guys up to be cruel assholes who torture their enemies like that… you don’t get to play the “He has True Alpha potential because he’s such a goodie-two-shoes” card. And I am terrified to see what he does in season 6.

Kira was a cool addition, mainly. She… didn’t really get much personality development beyond the point of Scott’s New Love-Interest, but the mere concept of her was cool.

I dislike Malia and will always hate how they shoehorned her in. “Hey, look! Another living Hale! And it’s Peter’s daughter! Wow!”. That she spent basically a decade in the forest as a wild animal but they just pretend that it’s possible to re-introduce her not just into society but high school - whereas she is completely lacking all middle school and half of elementary school education, honestly, can she even read and write? Because she shouldn’t be able to. Even if she learned that ten years ago, she’d have forgotten simply by growing up as a wild animal in the forest. Granted, her behavior is at the very least well-written and animalistic, but that just makes me question the weirdness of Stiles going “Oh, she’s basically a wild animal. Let’s start dating”. Right. Away. If they had taken the time to, you know, re-introduce her to society properly and learn things and her and Stiles falling for each other along the way, okay sure. But this “We just met. Let’s have sex in the basement of the asylum” thing was so weird and so forced.

Season 5 might just be one of the - if not THE - worst thing I’ve ever witnessed on television. If something has that crappy level of quality, I normally turn it off and stop watching.

But the masochistic part of me kept whispering how much I loved season 1 and 2 and that 3 wasn’t so bad and, sure, since season 3 it’s been declining, but they did so well in the first two seasons, maybe they’ll turn it around again.

They did not turn it around.

Season 5 was just… really, really, really awful.

The over-loaded plotlines that kept getting entangled.

The fucking awful new characters. Like. Liam was always and will always be only Scott 2.0, a very, very cheap rip-off of their own main character - and who even does that? But in season 5, he was just awful. That he threw his temper-tantrums and turned his back on Scott and was just generally a pain in the ass.

Allison 2.0 was even worse though. I legit do not bother remembering the name of Liam’s girlfriend, because she is so flat and… unlikeable. Her only reason for being in this was to create the tension between Scott and Liam.

And Liam’s best friend made them feel like “Oh boy, we cut out the jock and his lovable gay best friend. Let’s replace Jackson and Danny with those two!”. Honestly, they really gave up trying to come up with individual, interesting characters.

And casting showed that too. At least Liam’s best friend is black. But literally everyone else they cast after season 3 was two things - white and brunette. This show started out with such an individual, diverse cast - black male Boyd, blonde female Erica, blonde male Isaac, redheaded female Lydia, polynesian male Danny. And now they basically just cast dark-haired whites and the guys even all look the same. This Theo-guy and that… other… wolf… guy… thing… I honestly don’t remember but the guy who had something with Liam’s best friend, they basically looked the same to me.

The decline in character development and design, as well as the decline in story-telling was only topped off by the dreadfulness.

This show used to be bright. And funny.

As in: It took place during the day too. There used to be colors. In season 5, in many episodes, I could barely tell what was going on because it mainly took place during the night and in total darkness.

And I didn’t laugh once in season 5. Absolutely nothing was funny. It didn’t help that comic relief guy Stiles got kicked in the balls by the writers when they decided they also needed tension between Scott and Stiles.

No, fuck you, you don’t.

The friendship between Scott and Stiles has been the backbone of this show since the very first scene of the first episode. And now you decide that Scott should be stupid, shallow and trustful enough to trust Theo instead of Stiles? Really? That… That’s so OoC. Those are your characters, don’t write them OoC.

The fact that Derek and Peter too became characters who just… disappeared for long periods of time was just ridiculous too. It’s like this show is deliberately trying to sabotage itself and to remove good characters.

Lydia, Stiles and Scott are essentially the only characters left from the… bigger ones. Derek, Peter, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Jackson, Allison, Aiden, Ethan, Kira, Danny.

Instead we get to keep Malia around who, sure, ist still the best of those new additions. Liam. Liam’s girlfriend. Liam’s best friend. Fucking Theo gets to stay?

And Parrish, who… honestly just gives me the creeps because the dude is old enough to have been to war and to now work at a police station as a deputy, which I really hope for the sake of the safety of the people does require some years of training before you get handed a gun and a badge too, but thinks it’s in any way or shape appropriate to date a high school student? Like, sure, it may be legal but that doesn’t mean you have to do that. Especially not if you’re a police deputy. And I don’t care if that sounds like a hypocrite thing to say because I ship Sterek and that might be the same age-difference. I ship Sterek in fanfiction and fanarts. If fans go ahead and ship Lydia and Parrish sure, cool. Everything goes in the fandom. Not everything should go in canon, because there should be some kind of… moral… behind decisions made. Do not romantize adults dating teens.

So. Yeah.

If they hadn’t announced that season 6 is the final season, I would have turned my back after how bad season 5 was. But… cue in the voice in my head that’s still whispering how much I loved season 1 and 2. And this is the grand finale. It’ll be over after this. Just 20 more episodes, I can watch that. And then it’ll be finally over and they can’t ruin it any more.

The grand finale airs in four days. So I’ll be rewatching the first five seasons now and then I will start watching the final season. I’m terrified of it.

And am I the only one who felt like many decisions made were just made to snuff out Sterek? I mean. Stiles who didn’t have any romantic plotline before, all of a sudden having sex with basically a random stranger in a basement and Derek literally fucking the enemy while he’s half-bleeding to death, but let’s just hurry up and make sure they have female love interests…?

Time for a Change

REQUEST: Can you make a longish T-pose imagine? Tyler x Reader He’s been her best friend since pre school and he invites her to a Teen Wolf party. She’s always had a crush on him but he breaks her heart by kissing Crystal But after a couple of drinks to forget about what happened she kisses Dylan and starts to like him, then Tyler gets angry and jelly and they fight and the secret comes out and turns out he did love her And whatever you want the reader to end up with.

Here you go!! I did add my own ideas in to this too a little but I hope you enjoy! @lovekillianjones007-blog-deacti

I decided to make the setting back when they were shooting 3b.

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader / Tyler Posey x Reader

warnings: swearing, almost sexual scene, anger / jealousy

Word count: 2,010

sorry if there are any typos

“Hello?” You say into your cell phone while trying to fold your laundry.

“Y/n! Hey it’s me!” Tyler Posey, your best friend since pre-k says excitedly on the other end.

“Ty! Hey how are you? How is shooting 3b going?” you replied with a smile on your face.

“Great actually! We have 1 episode left, but hey I wanna ask you something Blondie.” He said.

“ Alright, what is it?” You said excited about what this mystery question was.And also bushed at the nickname he’s called you since 7th grade.

“ Ok, so the cast is going to have this big party on Saturday, since that’s when we are done filming, and I would love it if you would come hang with me and the cast?” He said. Ty sounded really excited about asking you this and you couldn’t help but get butterflies in your stomach. You had the biggest crush on Tyler when you were kids that never seemed to fade, even when you got your first boyfriend in 9th grade, and he had a girlfriends too. But you knew he just never thought of you in a romantic way. The crush has faded quite a bit now, that you have had your fair share of boyfriends. You were perfectly fine with being best friends, but the crush would always still linger and you would always get a little jealous when he got a new girlfriend.

“ Oh Ty, I’d love too! It’s been forever since I saw the cast! I sure do miss Dyl, and Holland, and Crystal, well everyone!”

“ Oh really! Yay y/n is coming!” He shouted. But it didn’t seem like he was talking to you. You heard Dylan O’Brien in the background saying ‘Yes! I love y/n shes the best!’ You smiled at the comment.

“ Ok, I’ll pick you up at 8 on Saturday? Y/n I can’t wait to see you!” He said,

“Me too! That sounds perfect!” You replied.

“ Ok, I gotta go, see you Saturday!” He said and hung up the phone. You were so excited for Saturday, you already walked back into your closet to pick out an outfit.

The sound of your door bell ringing almost made you drop your phone. You rushed to the door and there he was, looking as perfect as always. He was wearing a light grey button up shirt, that he had rolled up on the sleeves, and black pants on, his hair looked so silky and soft, and his brown eyes shined in the light.

“ Tyler!” You yelled and hugged him right away, catching his warm sent of something that smelled of vanilla and his cologne .He hugged you back with strong arms and a huge grin on his face.

“ You look beautiful Blondie.” He said taking in the simple black halter dress you wore, with your blonde hair straight and the natural makeup look you did. You blushed at his words and smiled, causing him to smile more.

“ Ready to go?” He asked and extended his arm so you could link yours with his. You nodded and he escorted you to the car. Once you arrived you saw that Jeff had rented out a bar for the night. The place was pretty large, with a dance floor, lots of tables, and the bar in the middle. You took in all the noise and people everywhere, seeing all the familiar faces. You smiled at Tyler and linked your arms again.

“ What a great place!” You said.

“I know! Dylan and Jeff actually picked it out, hey lets go find him.” He said. You guys walked over to the bar where Dylan, Crystal, and Tyler H were sitting talking and drinking.

“ T-Pose! Ah y/n!” Dylan said wrapping his arms around you. Tyler had always said he thinks Dylan has a crush on you, but you just chose to think he was always just being nice. You hugged Dylan back and said

“Dylan! Hey it’s great to see you again!” He smirked at you and turned around and handed you a drink that you gladly took. You said your hellos to the rest of the cast and then Tyler, Dylan, and you decided to take on the dance floor. Crystal soon joined in after, and danced a little more sexually with Tyler. You raised your eyebrows in confusion at him, but Dylan was the one to notice you.

“You don’t know do you?” Dylan asked biting his lower lip looking at you.

“Know? Know what?” You asked. You already had a feeling you knew what was about to come out of Dylan’s mouth.

“ Crystal’s character dies this season.” Dylan said with a frown, yet still dancing next to you. That was not at all what you thought he was going to say, a feeling of relief came over you. But quickly a pang of hurt did.

“ What! No way! Ty never told me that.” You said, Dylan laughed, shaking his head toward Tyler.

“Oh really? Yeah so this is kinda Crystal’s last wrap party. I’m pretty bummed about it. But not as much as T-Pose.” He said. You stopped dancing and gestured Dylan toward the bar, he followed you and you both sat down.

“ Yeah he never told me that. Wow.” You said with a frown.

“ To be honest,” Dylan whispered “I’m pretty sure they are secretly dating.” He smirked and shook his head lowly chuckling.

“What?” You said. You looked over to the dance floor to only see Holland, Ian, Max, Charlie and Melissa on the dance floor. Everyone else was all around talking and drinking. No sign of Tyler. You abruptly got up and heard Dylan behind you asking where you were going, you didn’t even know how to answer. Your heart was beating a million times a minute, your eyes were clouded and your heart was aching. You were quickly stopped by Daniel, and he asked,

“Y/n! Hey are you alright?” He had a stern look of concern on his face.

“ Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I’m just gonna go get some air.” You replied slowly. He nodded and let you pass him as you found your way to the nearest exit.Once you got outside and the cool air hit your sweaty stinging face, you felt a little better.You knew it was childish to be jealous but you were hurt he didn’t even tell you. But then you heard someone moan lowly. You looked over at Tyler’s truck to see him pushing Crystal up against it kissing her. Her hands in his silky brown hair and eyes closed. You couldn’t move, or speak, or process what you were seeing. You finally ran back in the bar, tearing pooling in your eyes. You made your way to the ladies room, and looked at yourself in the mirror. “Ok y/n, no more getting jealous of Tyler and a new girl. That phase should be long over. It’s time to move on after all these years. Like maybe Dylan would be a good new chapter of your life, Ty did say he likes me.” You said. You fixed your makeup and smiled, walking back out to find Dylan right where you left him.You told him out just needed some air, and then you guys had quite a few drinks. Then you felt more and more confident and decided to just go for it. You grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. He quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you closer kissing you back passionately. When you pulled away he looked at you with pure confusion and desire.

“Y/n what was that all about?” He breathlessly asked you, and smirked.

“ I’m not really sure.” You admitted. “But it felt right.” You winked at him and you pulled him down a hall in the back where nobody was near. He pushed you up against the wall, taking your neck and sucking on it. Your hands flew to his gorgeous dark brown hair and you pulled on the spiked up strands in the front lightly. You started to undo the buttons of the soft flannel he was wearing, the all of a sudden we hear a

“What the fuck!” Tyler shouted! You and Dylan jumped away from each other from being startled but he quickly stood next to you again.

“Dylan are you for fucking real right now?” He yelled. You looked over at Dylan who had his brows furrowed together in confusion.

“Dude. What are you talking about? You told me you were okay with me liking y/n.”

“Well yeah, not like this, you can’t do that drunk!” Tyler said. He stepped toward Dylan and tried to throw a punch, Dylan dodged it and you stepped in. Tyler was obviously a bit drunk too, he would never punch somebody.

“Okay, okay, what the hell is going on?” You asked.

“What’s going on is Tyler said to me it was perfectly fine with him when I told him I liked you and now he’s suddenly not ok with it?” Dylan spat out.

“Dylan! I didn’t think you’d try to have sex with her tonight! I thought you would flirt with her and dance not this bullshit!” Tyler yelled again.

“Don’t blame this on him.” you said quietly, Tyler almost didn’t even hear you.He looked at you questioningly.

“I was the once who kissed him and brought him back here. I was finally having some fun tonight until you rudely interrupted.” You said. “And you can’t be saying shit Ty. I saw you and Crystal outside.” Both Tyler and Dylan looked at you shocked. 

“Wait what?” Dylan asked you.

“Y/n. Look-”

“ I don’t even wanna hear it Ty. I have waited for you to make a move on me since middle school. I get it that you don’t like me that way. It’s just I thought I’d never get over you until I told myself I had to. It has been years and you never showed any interest in being more than best friends. I can accept that now. I am happy for you and Crystal. Now it’s your turn to be happy for me.” You said with tears pooling in your eyes. You held them back and stayed strong.

“You liked me?” Tyler asked. His face fell and he looked so upset.

“At one point I thought maybe I loved you Ty. But I’m over you now so don’t worry about it ok?” He looked at you and tried to smile.

“ I liked you a lot in high school. But I had to get over you because I thought you didn’t like me.” He said looking at hi feet. 

“You are with Crystal now. It’s okay Tyler. I want you to be with her, I can tell she makes you happy.”

“She does.” he said

“Good.” You look over at Dylan, who clearly did not know where he stands anymore in the situation you took his hand and he had the biggest smile now, you smiled back. “Why don’t we get back to this party yeah?” You said. They both nodded.

“Dylan. I am so sorry. I know how much you like y/n. I want you guys to be happy too.” Tyler said and smiled.

“Bro it’s all good.” Dylan said and hugged his best bud.

“So we are all good?” You asked Tyler.

“Of course we are blondie” Tyler said and you hugged him. This was a good change, it was time to move on. And you could tel Dylan was going to make you very happy, and Tyler and Crystal were going to be just as happy.

Best worst ideas and heat centers

Pairing: Sterek (Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski)

Warnings: Smut

Summary: The undertone of his own scent on top of the alpha stranger hits him. It makes the voice of his wolf go from a loud growl to a low whine. He swallows thickly. Stiles takes a couple of seconds more, adjusting to the idea that now it was too late to change his mind.

Notes: I wrote this for the @stereksummerexchange​ based on the prompts @sunshinexlollipops​ gave them. 

My first smut, my first A/O/B fic and my first exchange ever, so if this sucks you guys know why. You might want to take a seat guys ‘cause IT’S BETA’D - thank you, Cara mía @roseszain

Heat is inconvenient. That’s the first thing that parents and teachers tells you when you get of age. There are hormones that rocket to the sky. A fogging desire to hump everything near you. And of course you can’t forget the loss of rationality that makes you end up presenting for strangers just because your primal side tells you to. Your senses are too sharp; smells make your mouth water. Things start to overwhelm you. Suddenly smells cause your skin itch. Lights and shadows make your ears ring and feel dizzy. And that’s without mentioning how your genitalia reacts. Like clothes and chairs getting drenched. Or your dick pointing to things that you didn’t even know turned you on.

So heat is pretty discomforting.

But it also is pretty unfair. If you’re in luck of being an Alpha, it doesn’t strike you full force. You get the need to mark, to claim. And every little thing ends up being a territorial problem. But you get that every two months. And just under the length of two days. Lucky bastards.

Instead, an Omega heat is baring your throat and pumping out your ass to almost everyone around you. It’s whining because the scent of an alpha hypnotizes your mind. Shuddering because you need fangs over your neck and claws marking your body more than breathing. And the best thing of it all is that it happens every month, and rolls over you full force for four long days or longer. Sometimes even a week. Just peachy.

And yeah, you get time out of school, work, fighting crime under a mask or whatever duty you have with a ticket straight to Jack-Off-Ville. Really wonderful. Who doesn’t want to stay home and play Hand Solo, am I right? But the painful arousal numbing your mind takes away the fun.

There are some solutions that school and goverment are glad to inform new pups getting their first heat each year. Pretty much the usual: stay inside, in a locked room with enough food and water. Have someone you can trust to check up on you once in a while. Sexual toys can be really helpful, but the heat fever may or may not dissapear just with that.

There’s also the option of the social health centers.

Those places are like fucking five star hotels for your heat. As easy and expensive as one would dare to think. You just go, fill some papers with the usual information. Name, age, social security number. What kind of room would you prefer? Are you an alpha or an omega? At what age did you have your first heat? What are your usual symptoms? Are there usually complications? Do you want some specific toys? Would you like a partner? Will you pay with cash or a credit card? Y'know, the usual.

And after all that, you got a nice room that has an unique code to get in. Safe from people in heat running around. And inside you are welcomed with food, water, a private bathroom and lube. Probably more lube than food but hey, you can’t really complain.

And the thing is that there he was. For the first time in his life. Getting the full experience. Fidgeting on the bed. Twisting his hands on the bed sheets. Licking and biting his lips.


Because that’s exactly what Stiles is best at: overthinking.

He breathes deeply. In for three, out for three. Goosebumps travel across his naked body. It’s not cold nor fear. It’s anticipation. Anxiety. The good kind of anxiety. Or at least that’s what he expects. He sighs, closing his eyes trained at the ceiling.

His mind is starting to get fuzzy at the same time the door to his room opens. He can feel his eyes flare yellow for a couple of seconds even though they’re closed. Instinct kicking in, trying to warn him about an intruder in his den. The undertone of his own scent on top of the alpha stranger hits him. It makes the voice of his wolf go from a loud growl to a low whine. He swallows thickly. Stiles takes a couple of seconds more, adjusting to the idea that now it was too late to change his mind.

“You requested an alpha to knot you?,” says a low voice that sounds like a growl and makes his insides flip. He isn’t sure if it’s because of the heat or the guy actually has the voice of a sex god, but probably at this point it doesn’t matter. He nods slowly, acknowledging with a huff in exchange. “My name is Derek Hale. I have to check that you fully understand the gound rules which are no intimate touching, no foreplay, no feral activities, no marking besides the knot and scenting.”

“Basically a bunch of noes that– fuck,” he isn’t prepared for the sight that welcomes him once he opens his eyes and looks at the door. His voice is from a sex god. Damn, how good it is to be right. And he is going to tap that. Or get tapped by that. Semantics.

The alpha keeps standing awkwardly at the door, dressed in just black briefs and a t-shirt a couple sizes too small that Stiles recognizes as his. There’s muscles bulging under the layer of fabric. Muscles that he wants to lick and bite and do all kinds of things that were already on the not-to-do list. And if the frown that he has is anything to go by, Stiles isn’t being as subtle about it as he thinks.

The silence is getting dense in the room. The alpha - Derek - rakes his eyes all over Stiles’ body, who starts to wriggle, feeling suddenly exposed and utterly horny at the same time. Huh. He prays it’s just a side efect of the heat and not a new kink of his. Stiles averts his eyes to a point over Derek’s shoulder, trying to look more composed that what he feels.

“I’m Stiles Stilinski–”

“What the hell is a Stiles?”

That is a question that he hears quite often and always loves to answer with as much sarcasm as possible. But in this case, a sincere bubble of laughter burst through his throat. He wasn’t expecting it. And by Derek’s face of utter disbelief at that slip up, neither was he. It’s completely priceless. He thinks about how for a moment it doesn’t feel like a medical procedure with a patient but more like two guys alone in a room. More of a cheesy porn scene than a Doctor House rerun. He lets out another laugh, a bit high pitched. Perhaps he isn’t as composed as he wants to believe. He’s slowly going into hysterics. Just peachy.

“Me, I am a Stiles. But don’t worry about it,” he gets up in a sitting position on the bed and watches somewhat amused at how the alpha’s eyes never leave his body. “Shall we start?”

Derek snaps his head up to Stiles’ face. Like some sort of trained puppy. He almost laughs out loud in response, barely containing himself. A bold nod followed by clothes falling to the ground is the last missing piece before Stiles’ brain starts to melt. The pit of his stomach getting fuzzy. He feels like a teenager again, letting his heat take the best of him. Which is his mind. But he couldn’t care less. A greek god is sitting by his side in the bed, ready to knot him. Losing his mind is just a side effect. And he can live with it.

His mouth feels dry for a moment once their eyes locks. Stiles tries to figure out what to call Derek’s eye colour and how is it possible that with the green and the blue there is also grey and gold giving him the same effect as a kaleidoscope. Plumb pink lips swollen and parted from bitting and licking nerviously. Honey brown eyes scanning the alpha up and down like a predator behind heavy lidded eyes. Derek looks away, swallowing hard. And that, my friends, that’s something Stiles is going to have in mind for future reference.

He can feel his throat close and the voice of his wolf growling claim claim claim and mine mine mine over and over. The heat taking over almost completely. This is such a bad idea, he is so sure. He runs a hand down his face, trying to focus. His skin prickling with the need to touch and his gums trying to flash out his fangs, to claim and mark down what clearly isn’t his to do. He balls his hands into fists, trying to ground himself.

“How would you like to proceed?”, Derek’s eyes again lock with his. Stiles feels taken aback because it is almost like if he was about to devour him. You need to keep this proffesional, Stilinski. This time he is the one adverting his eyes away.

“Just… stay there”, said Stiles, his long and lean figure standing up and walking slowly towards Derek. Stiles’ dick is hard and red, a normal response to the heat, but he’s sure it would have happened even without it involved. He’s mesmerized to see that Derek’s is erect and pulsing too. How many times had Derek been professional knotting for him to be so casual about this? Casual and calm but also looking like he would pounce and fuck the shit out of someone at any moment? It makes his insides churn with a bit of jealousy. He’s definetely going insane because of the heat. He swallows hard again in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid thinking, trying to stay calm even with those kaleidoscopic eyes now scrutinizing his face up close. Stiles’ not sure when they got so close or if it was him or Derek the one who took it further. He bites down a moan when the alpha starts scenting his neck with little to none delicacy. He’s going to have beard burn for days. A small whimper escapes from his lips.


Stiles”, a voice hoarse and cracked says. Stiles can feel his knees tremble at how wrecked Derek sounds. Like Stiles was more than just a client. Was it supposed to be like this? Feel so personal? Something pulls inside his chest and makes him want to get on board with the crazy ideas on his mind and forget whatever fucking rules they should follow. Like biting every inch of skin and bruise the rest with kisses until his primal side feels satisfied. Like carving his back with blunt nails and make Derek smell like him for the rest of his life.

Derek let out a soft growl, making his wolf howl, loud completely restless. Insisting to claim this man, to make him his. Persistent to a point in wich it ached, his skin prickling with unstoppable desire. This is definitely one of the worst idea he ever had, but Derek’s already under his skin. It’s too late now. He can’t leave. He can’t stop it. He don’t want it to stop.

With his mind attune to his primal side, it was easy to stop thinking and get going. He wanted to howl out loud. Bracing his hands on Derek’s shoulders, Stiles put his legs around the alpha’s sides. The arousal written all over his face. He can see Derek clawing the matress to keep himself from touching Stiles and that won’t do. Moving his hips a bit for both of them to feel the lust pool down in their groins. Alpha red eyes flashing at the feel of his insides breaching. Stiles gives a mischievous half smile before starting to lower himself on Derek’s shaft; his hole damp, clenching in anticipation, needing to be fucked raw and hard, to take the heat away.

His mind trying to convey if it is something normal, but losing the train of thought at how good it starts to feel. Derek growls low, which makes him huff a small laugh that dies into a moan. He wants to provoke Derek, get under his skin too. If it is the only way he could get him to remember his awkward self, so be it. “You can’t touch, big guy; s'on the ground rules”

Derek growls even louder, which makes Stiles’ insides vibrate. Everything feels amplified, smells stronger. Would Derek’s taste get stronger too? A whine escapes from his lips, thinking about testing it out. He wants to lick, to kiss, to suck and bite.


Just great.

It was supposed to be something easy to do. That’s what pamphlets said about health centers. Lying liars who lie. It was supposed to be a big “fuck you” to his heat not plain torture. Not literally because he gets to fuck Derek at least. Sort of. Does it counts when you do it all yourself? The torture is the idea of not being able to touch or mark his skin. It’s driving him crazy. The rhythm of Stiles’ movements get quicker each time a new wave of heat crash over him. The frenzy that pushes his mind into wanting to just come and be knotted is another whole new level of mental distress. In Stiles’ perfect scenario, Derek would take things slowly, make Stiles babble and beg to be fucked and marked. He wants to cry his name out like a prayer and leave no place free of the smell of him and come and them together. But they’re being so impersonal that it’s slowly killing him.

Derek leans near to the pulse point on Stiles’ neck, supporting his forehead there. Stiles stills for a moment before resuming the movement of his hips. He tries to think of a loophole to get around the rules. Something. Anything. His eyes close tightly while his mind tries to break the fact of this just being something professional. They’re not patient and a knotting somewhat-doctor. They’re not. But it doesn’t matter how hard he wishes, they are. His heightened senses flooding with Derek’s everything makes Stiles’ insides twist in a mess of angst and deep desire. The one you can’t shake away. The smell and the sound of skin hitting skin. The moans and whimpers. He can’t handle it. Too much out of his control. Stiles wants to know how Derek does it. How does he stays focused and pretend like this is a nice day in the office with a coffee mug in hand? He wants to know and wants to yell at him for it. But before he can say anything, another growl slips out of Derek’s throat as his hips buck up, slamming in to Stiles. Followed quickly by a surprising, growled out “Mine”, making Stiles gasp and completely stop moving.

And he knows.

Stiles knows how fucked up this is but can’t find a fuck to give. The alpha teeth dragging across the sensitive skin of his collar bones. His tongue caressing the places roughly scraped. A constant rumble on his chest making everything inside Stiles’ vibrate with him. He’s clawing Derek’s shoulders and back while Derek’s hands are on Stiles’ hips, clawing back. A combined loud moan fills the room.

This is wrong and he knows he should stop.

But the sudden urge to make Derek fall apart the same way Stiles is and mark him up so he can’t forget he is his. It’s stronger than anything he ever felt before and it clouds his mind from all reasoning. He starts scenting Derek feverishly. Nosing along his neck, licking and nudging his jaw. Only to suddenly claim Derek’s mouth almost painfully. A clash of fangs, teeth and tongue. The movement of their hips stop, allowing their primal side go. Derek is clearly as intensely affected by all of this, touching every little piece of skin he can - running a hand down Stiles’ back, squeezing his ass, scraping his thighs, scratching his happy trail, pinching his nipples. But never his shaft. Just close enough to make Stiles beg for more. When Derek somehow seems satisfied, he sums up the movement of his hips into deep strokes that draw gasps and moans out of Stiles’ mouth. He can feel something inside himself melt. His wolf side’s ecstastic. Mine. Mine. Take. Mark. Bite. Mark. Scent. Give. Scent. Mine. Mine. He’s not sure when he started, but he can hear his own voice babbling the words out. Wrecked to the core.

A small whimper catches his attention and the next thing he knows, Stiles’ is pinned down on the bed with Derek biting down on his shoulder. Hips stuttering, Stiles feels the swelling of the knot forming in him just as both of them are coming. White lines now covering their bare chests. Stiles can feel joy and pride forming in his chest at the scene. Derek is his and he’s Derek’s. A strange purr comes out of him while scenting Derek’s neck, still holding onto him. He can feel the cloud of arousal dissapearing slowly. The calm and the afterglow turning in to sheer panic.

Oh shit.

How high was he on hormones? He can feel Derek tense slightly under his touch. Derek retracts his fangs looking at the bruise on Stiles’ shoulder. He looks at it too and yeah, that’s definitely a mark that’s never going to leave. Neither physically nor emotionally. Stiles’ face blushes, a small smile tugging at his lips. The same bruised, bitten and parted lips after kissing Derek senseless just moments before. They’re both breathing heavingly. And Derek keeps looking at him, probably in the same way that Stiles is. With awe and surprise. And something fond that make him feel all gooey.

He tentatevely takes one of his hands and cups Derek’s face, who nuzzles into it and relaxes completely. Stiles can feel his heart rate increasing and his insides flip. He wants this forever so much. The soft alpha wolf by his side, nuzzling and cuddling. His other hand slowly traces every feature on Derek’s face. From his eyebrow and the crinkles at the side of his eyes, to his lips and the stubble around it. Every little detail that makes him beautiful. Stiles’ is sure the memory of it all will never leave his mind.

“That wasn’t– We shouldn’t–,” he can hear Derek’s voice crack and go soft before he finishes the sentence. Words dying somewhere along the way between reason and feelings. Warm hands caress Stiles’ side slowly. Derek hides his face in the crook of Stiles’ neck and he can’t avoid the delightful smile that appears on his face.

Everything starts to fall in to place. The tugging in his chest. The jealousy. His wolf going nuts. Even how sappy he is feeling right in this moment. It finally makes sense. It wasn’t normal. That literally wasn’t supposed to happen. Not in such a big world, with so many chances. But what exactly in his life was ever normal? The answer is exactly nothing. And there they were. Making theirs a one in a million case.

He laughs out loud, shaking their bodies with it. Derek rumbles still tucked in Stiles’ neck, making Stiles grin. “Don’t be such a sourwolf.”

Unique and awkward but perfect in their own way.


This was definetely his best worst idea ever.