can i put this on my cv or something

i’m going to be evicted on my birthday

long story short, i moved to england because my landlords lost a cheque and told me they’d already cashed it, so i thought i had $1700 more than i did. i spent it, four months later they found the check, and they want their money back. i’ve already paid back $1000, but i owe another $650 still. i’m trying to pick up as many hours as i can, but i live in the city with the highest unemployment rate in canada, so that’s not easy to come by.

my birthday is on sept. 29, so i’m hoping i’ll get enough birthday money to cover at least half of it, but my family is also pretty broke so i’m not sure if that will pan out.

basically i’m scared. i’m really scared. my roommate and my partner don’t deserve to get kicked out of our beautiful home because i can’t make enough money. i’m in tears right now because i don’t know what else to do but ask for help.

if you’d like something in exchange, i’m very willing to put my skills to work, so this is what i can offer:

- i’m a masters student in education. i’m damn good at writing. you want a resume/cv? cover letter? essays? book reports? proofreading? not only will i do it, i’ll do a damn good job. want it to sound like you, but better? send me a sample of your other work and i’ll make it happen.
- want me to ghostwrite your story or fanfiction? i’ll do it. if you’re not sure if i’m a part of the fandom you’re looking for, just ask.
- want a letter you can read when you’re feeling down telling you how amazing you are, how valued, and how loved? i’ll write it for you. hell, i’ll write it by hand and mail it to you with little stickers.
- you want nudes? fuck yeah, done. you into weird stuff? trust me, i do not care.
please signal boost this and donate if you can. i’m so scared that my 25th birthday is going to be the day i’m evicted from my home.

Tales of Miss Fortune(Part 3)

Oh, boi, here comes the smutty crack again. Sorry if there are any mistakes.

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Adrien felt his eyes dry as he stared at the screen of his laptop, while fastly writing a reply to one of his emails. This day had only brought problems. There was a delay with the delivery of Mulberry silk, the model for the May editorial called in sick and they needed a last minute replacement. There had been problems with the director for the new perfume commercial and the concept that the team he refused to work it. And there was the problem with the executive of the Milano branch who was apparently very incompetent and the board of directors there wanted to change him. Adrien sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose. His head was about to burst. It was well in the afternoon and besides that usual croissant in the morning he ate nothing. And he didn’t get too much sleep either because he spent a good part of the night stopping a kidnapping. It was moments like this, when everything was just too much and too overwhelming, when he simply wished to give everything up and just go to the Agreste private island in the Caribbean and spend the whole day drinking cocktails and swimming and then get a full night sleep in his silk sheets while the room smells like jasmine scented candles. And he could use his face masks in peace. He didn’t put a face mask on for about a week now, his skin was dying, damit. Clenching his jaw and remembering he has to be a responsible adult, he was ready to return to the problems at hand when he was gently pulled against the back of his chair. He closed his eyes as his temples were massaged gently, before her hands slipped in his hair, making his ponytail come undone.

“You are going to kill yourself if you keep this up.” Marinette stated while running her fingers through his hair, and making circular motions against his scalp.

“Mhm.” was the only thing he managed to say as he relaxed against her touch.

Marinette’s fingers slid from his hair, along his neck and over his shoulders. And then she began massaging his back. Adrien bit his lip to keep from moaning. It felt so good, the pressure of her hands against his back muscles, making every knot of tension come undone. He wondered if her hands were so warm or it was his body that was warmer than usual. As she moved her hands with practiced ease, Adrien kept trying to keep the purr that was about to ring out. Her fingers pressed against a certain spot on his back and Adrien even brought his thumb to bite into. Anything to keep him from doing something extremely awkward.Godammit, massages weren’t supposed to make you almost orgasm.

“You are a goddess” he groaned, allowing himself to go limp against her hands.

Marinette giggled. “I’ll make sure to put that in my CV.” once she took care of his back, her hands slid up again, rubbing his temples gently. “I’m serious, though. I know you are technically my boss and you can fire me for this, and probably blacklist me from the fashion world forever if you really want, but frankly,” her voice changed from soothing to threatening. “I’m going to kick your ass out of the office at four if you don’t intend to leave it yourself by then.”

By all accounts, he should have been insulted for being spoken to like that. But it felt so good to not have someone kiss his ass for once, that he couldn’t help, but laugh. “Thank you my conscience. I promise we will have a normal schedule today.”

He kept his eyes closed, enjoying Marinette’s little massage, entirely obvious to the self satisfied smirk on her face.

Adrien hated his life. Thanks to Marinette, he actually got home at a decent hour and made himself a nice consistent dinner. But when he was about to draw himself a bath with bubbles and essential oils, he got an alert on his phone. Miss Fortune. Of fucking course. And now, when he stood across from her, he couldn’t help but glare as she smirked cockily at him, a painting held securely under her arm.

“Hello, kitten. You look awfully tense.”

“Thanks to you.” he kept glaring at her. “How about a deal. You put that painting down and we just go home in peace. No fighting this time.”

“Hm.” he hummed tapping her chin. “Depends. Can I bring you to my home instead of the painting?”


She sighed dramatically. “Then it isn’t a deal. This piece will look lovely on my living room wall. Though,” she smiled at him. “You would look even more lovely while I nail you against the wall.”

Chat tried to ignore the blush spreading over his cheeks as he lounged at her. With a fast move, she dodged, the set the painting on the floor carefully. After making sure her catch was out of the way she jumped back at him engaging into hand to hand combat. Honestly, his job would be much easier if she wasn’t such a talker.

“My, my.” she said in an appreciative tone while blocking one of his blows. “I could cut myself on that jaw. And even so, “she sighed dreamily. “I bet it is wonderful to sit on.”

Chat hoped his blush wasn’t to evident. “Trying to distract me with talking won’t work this time.”

She giggled. And the next thing Adrien knew was that he fell on his ass, before being rolled onto his stomach. He tensed as he fet her body slid against his, his hands immobilized. He began to struggle to free himself, but any attempt he might have done, disappeared when she spoke again.

“Oh, I really love this position.” she leaned closer to his ear and whispered. “Say, kitten, do you like pegging?”

Adrien was blushing again. Because she was using dirty tricks on him, not because he may actually really be into pegging. Seriously. His lack of answer seemed to bother Miss Fortune.

“It is not polite to not answer people, you know. But if this is how you want to play, fine.”

She began rolling her hips against his ass at an agonizing speed. Too damn slow. And yet. His body relaxed against her movement, even if his brain screamed at him to fight her, not let her dry hump him. But it felt too good for his body to even want to resist anyhow. And when her hands moved from gripping him to massage his back, Adrien just went putty. Oddly, the massaging seemed somehow familiar, but he couldn’t bring himself to care or try to figure out why. His body needed that. Miss Fortune noticed that as well as she pressed a kiss against the nape of his neck. Adrien bit his lips to the point of bleeding to keep from moaning. He was letting her dry hump him, but he would be damned before he let himself show her that he was enjoying this. The touches became slower and Adrien took a few seconds too much to realize she wasn’t on him anymore. Glancing over his shoulder he saw the painting was gone as well. He groaned.

Fuck Miss Fortune.


What is on my iPad mini?

This is all the “educational” apps on my iPad! 

Below I am going to go through some apps that I specifically want to talk about (basically how i use it or how to use it effectively/the best way). The ratings I give next to each app represents either how much I use it / how much I recommend it. All of the apps I recommend down below are available on iPhone too! (This is quite long so i put it under keep reading, but I have all the links for the apps provided to make it easier for everyone!) 

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anonymous asked:

Hiya! My mum wants me to write a CV so that I can start looking for work now I'm 18 which is- fair enough. But I have no idea how to go about it when it comes to the trans side of things. I'm out to my parents, they know, but it's not really something I can ask them about. I want to be known as a guy if I get a job, but I'm worried about how I'm supposed to explain that on a CV. I'm pre-t and everything, but I think I pass fairly well. I live in the UK too, not the US, if that changes anything.

Hey! So on your CV you have to put your legal name but you don’t have to put anything about being trans on it. So it would just have your school history (if the school name was gendered you’re allowed to drop the words “girl/boy” our of them), work history and any volunteering you have, and whatever else you want to put on. I’d say that if you get an interview when you shake their hand just say i actually go by X name not the one on my CV and I identify as male. Most places will be cool with it and respect that, it’s just that your name has to be your legal name on things such as pay checks! I think i covered everything, let me know if you have any more questions!!


Today has been so nice and relaxing. I got loads of practical stuff done this morning and am now registered at the local doctors surgery. I gave in my contact details for a volunteer charity shop position so I can put something recent on my CV. I spent the afternoon with my Mum and then met my brother and his girlfriend for a drink this evening. For dinner I got fish & chips and ate them on the beach and I just feel so content right now. Maybe it’s all the fresh sea air that everyone keeps saying will help improve my mood.

July 18, 2017

Dear Ben,

I’m leaving. Again. Soon. I’m finishing something. Again. Soon. A line in my CV, a page in my book, a moment spent in a particular place with particular people. And our narratives crossed momentarily and they diverge again. It always feels so bittersweet. And now that the end is closer, I can feel myself already idealizing and putting a nostalgic veil all over these past few months. But isn’t that always the case?


Piercing After Care

Alright, as someone who has had many hole put in my body, I’ve had alot of trial and error with this shit and with every pirceing it’s been a diffrent set of challenges.

Tip 1. (For ear pirceing) Get a fucking neck pillow, youd be amazing how quickly something heals when yours not squishing it all the fucking time. (Yes, it takes some getting used to but your body will thank you)

Tip 2. Use the CVS (if your financially able and can use it safely; everyone’s heath is diffrent) wound wash, I’ve tried many brands marketed as piercing wash and they tend to have a higher ratio of chemicals to water and it’s not good for the skin (even in oily areas, skin is still skin) I’ve never had burn issues or build up issues with the CVS brand.(Use this on nights you don’t soak)

Tip 3. Soak your pirceing every time you shower (or atleast 4 times a week) in a saltwater solution:
¼ a teaspoon of non-iodized salt in 1 cup of water.
For 5-10 minutes. Try and keep the water hot but don’t burn yourself in an attempt to promote blood circulation it’s counter productive to healing.
(Note that most coffee cups and jam jars can be used for this)

4. Try to avoid cotten balls and q-tips but if you do use them make sure you’re not getting cotten thread spun around the bar.

@s-leary thank you! It was reassuring, mostly. I was diagnosed with bipolar like ten years ago, but these new symptoms were really throwing me off. His priority right now is to do something abt my anxiety, especially my fear of never living a “normal” life. He said: “you can’t expect to feel good right away, you’re a literal clinic case and have had a long and difficult psychiatric carreer. So it’s gonna take time and work but you’ll get there”. And he didn’t sugarcoat things either, he literally told me I have every single one of the texbook symptoms of my disorders. I asked if I could put it on my CV.

anonymous asked:

Soo...who is 1dhq now? Like is half of the old team and half of the new? Or just the new? I really don't think this is modest's doing, they will imo just have their name in the rest of the tour and the next album but they sure aren't managing the boys anymore. Maybe Sony and Azoff?

Disclaimer: this post has been edited to clear up some confusion because my strange sense of humor or the tight lipped points could be misunderstood.

I am getting more confident as the great things keep happening that Modest is not around or has minimal power.
Whatever happened in the past and whoever approved of the closeting and the kiddy merch, Sony obviously supports the rebrand (and the CO). Just the top off my head: TXF finale no WMYB in the short film about the band, only respectable artists talked about them, performing WDBHG w Ronnie Woods, Apple T’shirt papped in TXF rehearsals, repeat hermit Louis papped in TXF coincidentally when he was wearing his rainbow t-shirt, Cowell’s rainbow heart twitter follows after BS2.0, and with Angela’s words: Louis is being treated as a Sony golden boy, his imprint!!!!)

  • We haven’t seen Griffiths or Magee lately, their speciality are award shows, they were nowhere to be seen. 

  • Suddenly the reps can put something in their CV: by this I mean that they started doing their job. There have been several statements in the last 2 months. /Clearing up the E breakup timing, Gryles denial, HL in bad terms denial, H going solo, Louis and that weed party + him sleeping with those girls, there was a Camila Cabelo denial too (from her, not 1D, but still counts), now Haylor is alleged, and there’s this strange out of the blue ambiguous statement from Flack (she said: IT and never said DATING, Joy Muggli fan created bullshit cleared up immediately, the second time threating with lawsuit. When did we ever hear about anything like this?  Why are there no more Harry stunts? They have a tour to promo, they always used the girls for that. Why is crickets on that front?

  • Denying radio play vs putting ot3’s name out there: remember how in 2014 there was a media embargo deliberately by Modest? They were giving zero access to the band for months and were pushing 5SOS for the radio stations who requested 1D interview. Songs and the band in all was blacklisted because radio stations got pissed at their team. Not doing interviews hurts their careers. 

  • Putting ot3′s name out there: the world now knows that One Direction doesn’t revolve around Harry only. There are papshots and articles about Niall, Liam and Louis of course, doing normal stuff, grown up stuff. 

  • Aggressively building Louis’ name - yeah the same Louis who was not allowed to be the co-owner of Rovers. And now the same Louis has an imprint of a record label, has already signed at least 1 artist.
  • The way album5 is being promoted already: in 2014 Oct we were complaining about the lack of promo - of course Zayn’s departure plays a part of this album5 push because it proves they are staying together as a band - but it’s not just the album push, I cannot disregard the huge media presence of 1D.

  • The way American press is up 1D’s ass

  • The exclusive presence of Billboard, People, Independent, and all kinds of respectable outlets. - hello Irving - 

  • Elouno break up: the timing, the way it was handled, and then People magazine had the official statement reported in an hour of the Sun’s interview.

  • more freedom and fan service on twitter

  • That everything is leading to longevity and Modest didn’t do shit in 2014, only cared about perfumes dvd’s and books.

  • À propos merch - no merch in 2015

  • don’t misunderstand this but I don’t see aggressive closet fights anymore. Louis is happily cooperating, Harry has been kept under the radar deliberately and I have no feelings of bs 3.0 or any retaliation coming. They KNOW that’s gonna come and they are OK with it. More than OK.

  • Niall’s presence!!! is reported in the media.

  • let’s not forget the praise to their music: they attended the Billboard Music Awards for the first time and they have a TON of articles in Billboard, several in NME, Rolling Stone, and several other respectable outlets. Again, this screams longevity to me.

  • THAT FRIDAY!!! - when everyone went to the heaven and then back to hell. I will sideeye it forever. You don’t delete an entire page of your client for more than 24 hours, get notified by one anon, and then leave the site down, only putting up 404 and maintenence after 8 hours.

  • To me the HL separation is explained by following a plan because the glass closet won’t work in Harry’s and Louis’ case. When it’s gonna be only them doing something together it will all blow up from there, so in my opinion the separation will be ongoing until the very last minute.

People say that Modest might have done a good hire, but WHY WOULD IT BE THEIR INTEREST TO KEEP 1D? It’s my personal opinion, but 1D would never in a million years sign with them again.