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Do you have any bottom trick headcanons? It can be single pairings or poly pairings idc :)

This was a long one so consider yourself lucky, anon lmao.

(I’m using peterick and stumpcest for this bc I’m going to hell)

-In prehiatus, Patrick was a subby bottom, but yo he was the biggest fucking brat ever. Always whining about him not going faster/harder when Pete’s trying to go slow, and the only way Pete can shut him the fuck up is by ramming into him and calling him “fucking brat” and “dirty little slut” and it makes Patrick giggle. When it’s over, he’s back to his sweeter state.

-Soul Punk is a whole different story. When Pete n trick have sex for the first time in a while, Pete thinks this will be easy bc Patrick’s tinier and smoller but nAAAAHHHHHHH BITCHES when Pete tries to pin Patrick down onto the bed Patrick flips over Pete and straddles his hips, lifting his boyfriend’s shirt up and purring “Such a pretty body” before grinding down hard onto Pete’s hips and sucking on his neck and collarbone, running his hand over Pete’s stomach and looking at all the pretty tattoos he’s gotten and rides him into next week. Patrick is the ultimate power bottom if Pete tries to tease him and will indeed get him back by edging him for god knows how long even after he cums and Pete’s an absolute mess bc Patrick tied his hands to the headboard and thrashing his hips, trying to catch Patrick’s mouth when he pulls away. Patrick even slips on a cockring “so i can suck as much as i want and not worry about you cumming” and he giggles when Pete calls him a slut. But sometimes he’ll let Pete Dom him.(that was long woo)

-From after soul punk to the current day, Patrick is a way more gentler bottom. The srar/abap era was when he was the cutest bottom. Letting Pete dom him most of the time, occasionally power bottoming, letting out the most adorable, quiet, high pitched pretty moans, leaning back into the pillows or leaning into Pete when he’s riding him, whispering out their name and adorable lil “I love you"s and they cum so nicely bc it all feels too good.

Now for the shorter ones, I’m so sorry XD

-Sp has a lot of control over ph. Like a d/s relationship. He likes to call ph “baby boy” bc it makes him weak at the knees and get all flustered. And lemme tell you they’re both into some kinky shit I can tell you that.

-Sp and current are both very feisty and vocal, most of the time they have to muffle themselves with kissing each other.

-Ybc and current/ybc and ph don’t really fuck a lot (ybc’s too afraid of hurting his fragile lil bean) but when they do, it’s gentle and full of love and lil kisses and quiet giggles. And ph doesn’t even complain once :’)

-Don’t let ybc and sp near each other. They’ll tear each other apart and spend about 10 minutes fighting for dominance. But ybc always wins, and he fucks the hell out of this twink-y, blonde, beautiful singer, pulling on his hair, but the aftercare is always very sweet and ybc gives sp a bath, brushes his hair, puts lotion on him and holds him close, calling him his pretty boy and “beautiful angel.”