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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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hamilton songs
  • alexander hamilton: hi i'm alex love me pls
  • aaron burr, sir: mean guy ft french guy, fuckboy mulligan and my boyfriend
  • my shot: i have dreams listen to them
  • the story of tonight: we're gonna be famous y'all
  • the schuyler sisters: sister squad goals
  • farmer refuted: revolution bad. congress bad. hamilton need calm down.
  • you'll be back: i'm The King it's ok
  • right hand man: senpai noticed me
  • a winter's ball: fuckboy squad
  • helpless: i <3 u
  • satisfied: i <3 him too but it's ok i can manage
  • the story of tonight (reprise): fuckboys take the piss
  • wait for it: Bad Guy is sad
  • stay alive: don't die pls thanks
  • ten duel commandments: meet me in the pit
  • meet me inside: y don't u love me daddy
  • that would be enough: fuck i knocked her up
  • guns and ships: french guy is cool
  • history has its eyes on you: morals and shit
  • yorktown: fight fight boom boom. immigrants. victory?
  • what comes next: i'm still The King it's ok
  • dear theodosia: oh fuck i knocked her up 2.0
  • non-stop: @y'all pls stop harassing alex
  • what'd i miss: guess who's back. back again.
  • cabinet battle #1: hamilton is Angry
  • take a break: eliza shhh senpai noticed me
  • say no to this: oops
  • the room where it happens: burr gets Jealous
  • schuyler defeated: burr is Petty
  • cabinet battle #2: hamilton gets Angrier
  • washington on your side: high school bullies take the US government
  • one last time: daddy come back
  • i know him: i'm still The King it's ok but i'm confused
  • the adams administration: swear central
  • we know:
  • hurricane: hi i'm alex love me pls pt. 2
  • burn: taylor swift breakup song
  • blow us all away: Daddy Burr and Daddy Hamilton
  • stay alive (reprise): LEAVE ME ALONE IM NOT OK
  • it's quiet uptown: SHUT UP IM STILL CRYING
  • the election of 1800: suck it burr
  • your obedient servant: Sass Battle
  • best of wives and best of women: domestic & cute
  • the world was wide enough: yeah i'm gonna shoot at the sky that's gonna work right?
  • who lives, who dies, who tells your story: morals and shit pt. 2 but i'm not listening because i'm sill crying

          “give me a sec…to catch…my breath!” her hands were resting on her knees as she tried to catch her breath and steady her shaking legs. why she had for their help she wasn’t sure, but this is what she got for asking a SOLDIER for combat training. “keep in mind that i am so not applying for SOLDIER, nor am I as strong as them either. i can’t keep up.”

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ok this is the last one i swear. so someone is flirting with clarke on the subway and clarke is not interested but the guy can't take a hint. he says: "i really like this blonde hair blue eyes thing" and clarke just rolls her eyes and says: "yeah so did hitler" and the stranger next to her (bellamy) bursts out laughing. pls? thank you - s.

Clarke had what could definitely be called a love hate relationship with the subway.  On the one had it was effective, fast, and meant she didn’t need a car.  All of which were great.  But on the other hand, it smelled terrible (especially the orange line), was almost always packed, and meant she had to field unwanted and usually creepy comments.

She’d had a long day at school and mostly just wanted to go home, the ten stop trek out of downtown that usually took at least forty-five minutes.  Being one of the lucky few who had managed to snag a seat, she had her head leaned back against the window, and her eyes closed, listening to the clack clack of the cars over the rails and the ever-present screeching of the green line as it trundled around a corner.

The train slowed and hissed to a stop.

“Hynes Convention Center,” the automated voice announced as the doors sliding open to admit another wave of busy and exhausted workers and students.  “Next stop, Kenmore.”

Clarke cracked her eye open as someone’s toddler trod over her foot, smiling at the harried looking mother, waving it off.  She drew her feet in closer to the edge, making room for the stamped of people that was trying to push its way onto the train before the doors closed again.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

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hey so ill be doing emergency commissions for $5!!! i’m in a really dire situation at home: my mom is emotionally abusive to me and has threatened to kick me out of the house soon; i am unemployed and i already have to provide myself with my own food, and i am in need to pay for basic needs and such (also vet bills for my cats which are about $300 in total) my mom has threanted me many times before and i am really afraid she will go through with her actions,.

guidelines: no nsfw, furries, or mecha. OCS/original characters is OK!

  • $5 each (in either style A or style B)! Additional characters is plus $1 
  • i can only accept payment through paypal with USD. (!!!
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You can contact me via email (, twitter or here.

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hello!!! ok, wow, first of all, this can also be a 2 months anniversary thing. next: 2.5k!!! i can’t believe…falls on the floorgets choked up… no but like for real thanks for putting up with my shit. when i started this blog on a whim i honestly didn’t think i would get past 500 but here we are!!! it’s kinda overwhelming tbh.


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