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hey I’ve seen a couple of artists around recently who look like they’re copying your style pretty heavily…should I say something to them or link you to them so you can handle it?

I really appreciate you guys letting me know if you see my art being reposted or sold, but please don’t worry or feel like you need to speak up if you see someone with a similar style. There’s a good chance that they weren’t even inspired by my work–they could be emulating a different artist or even have just come up with something similar on their own! And if they actually are imitating my style, that makes me happy. A lot of artists, especially young ones, try out elements of other artists’ styles while they’re developing their own (I know I did!), and I would never want to punish/discourage anyone because they were inspired by my work. So it’s all good! Even if they do stuff in a similar style, it’s still their work and I’m proud of ‘em and want them to keep exploring their style!

Just a heads up, I’ll be skipping today’s episode because I still don’t have anything but mobile 4G internet (will download later), but PLEASE try and DVR it and watch within 24h in case you can’t watch live due to Thanksgiving engagements, and be sure to copiously use the #Supernatural a few hours before, during and after the episode airs on twitter and on Facebook.

Look, I know it’s a bucklemming ep and it will be plot heavy and probably messy as hell. Also, prepare for the following:

- Very little DeanCas interaction, and what little we will get will probably be “neutral” (aka mostly plot related talk)

- Cas to be separated (either by his own will or forcefully) from the Winchesters

This WILL happen so if you know this might upset you, try and prepare for it mentally/emotionally. Keep in mind that we know for sure that Misha/Castiel is NOT leaving the show (waaay too popular for that, see the ratings of last episode. He brings in the $$$), and he’s not gonna die because they just did that ;)

Any separation will be temporary and due to the fact Misha can’t be in every episode. And honestly, they need all the destiel content to cool down a bit, because frankly there’s very little they can still do without making it canon already, and they’re probably not gonna do that before the end of this season at the very earliest (I think).

Bit despite all this, if you want the writers to keep giving us what we have been getting so far in eps 1-6, keep putting TFW (2.0) central and putting destiel more and more into the text (and out of the subtext), we need to keep supporting the show! We need to be positive and let the writers know we like the overall direction the show is going in. We need to separate us from the screeching hateful dinosaurs who want the show to go back to what it was in S1-2. Show them that WE are the kind of fans they want to keep and that we will support endeavours like Wayward Sisters.

Not saying you can’t speak up about problematic things - of course not. If they ever pull another Charlie or Eileen, they will hear from me, trust me.

But in my personal opinion, overall, things are going in a wonderful direction, especially character-wise, so I will continue to support the show even thorough some of its more mediocre eps (in a 23 ep season they can’t all be winners, anyway) this season, provided there aren’t any huge missteps.

Please join me if you agree!


Anyone who suffers with bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety, please re-blog so I can follow you. I don’t have anything on here at the moment, so I do not expect anyone to reciprocate. I just hate feeling so alone in this. Friends and family do not seem to want to understand. I wish they knew that refusing acknowledge something doesn’t make it go away.

Thank you!


Ugh guys I’m so sorry but it looks like the final chapter of Hidoku Shinaide volume 7 and the smut extra will stay censored.

My Hidoku uncensorer is too busy with private life. I’m gonna try to do it myself but full redraws with just a mouse and no tablet… I don’t know if I’m good enough (I’m kinda picky when it comes to Nekota Yonezou ehehe) or if my hands can make it.

So I might have to release it censored for now. (maybe do a reboot next year)

Just wanted to let you know and maybe there’s an artist-san out there who knows how to redraw beautiful Nekota Yonezou dicku’s. If that’s the case please message me 😭


(so sorry!)

As a fan of all three members of the shield, i can say that we know Dean was a grandslam champion first.

Us Jeff Hardy fans had to deal with people claiming Dean was the youngest grandslam winner in history, when in fact it was Jeff Hardy, Jeff is the youngest grandslam champion and only Jeff and Chris Jericho have held all the titles in the original format. Yet, you didn’t see us complain, we were over the moon for Dean. Still are.

Just because we’re excited Roman is now a grandslam champion, doesn’t mean Deans reign is non-existent.

Please, just let Wrestling fans be happy for the guys and the girls that we love.

Stop all of this hate, as Roman said the first thing Dean said to him in the ring was,“congratulations on being a grandslam champion.” It hadn’t even processed in Roman’s mind at that point in time.

Please, just stop all of this hate towards each other. Wrestling is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Not full of petty thoughts and opinions.

Roman and Dean are best friends, brothers, family. Roman and Dean love each other and their fans and would be dissapointed in youse for hating on one another over them. I mean, just look at Roman and Dean. You can’t fake this bond ever. Be glad that they have one another.

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Also, Seth will get his chance too!! The WWE love the three members of The Shield and their work ethnic. They know that Seth,Dean and Roman don’t care about the money and fame, they only care about doing what they love which is wrestling.

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They love each other, how can we not love one another?

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Can I ask what make he tain fell in love with mo ??

Hi Anon! Of course you can ask me, though please keep in mind this is just my personal opinion. Overall, I think it’s Mo’s fiery personality that made He Tian fall for him. The ‘kick-off’ was when Jian Yi bumped into Mo in the hall at school. (I have my own speculations about why that ‘bump’ occurred but that’s for another day). I’m sure HT knew of Mo, the guy has a reputation of being a delinquent. This was probably the first opportunity HT had to approach him with reason though & he doesn’t hesitate. From that moment there’s obvious chemistry building between them. Something is transpiring, you can see it from the way HT’s focus is solely Mo like he’s the only one that exists in that moment. That intense lip stare?

Iconic. It’s lust at first sight that quickly developed into love if you think about the timeline. HT fell pretty hard. He’s used to people fawning over him or using his intimidation to get what he wants. Mo is not having that & HT has to work for/earn his attention, affection & trust. Are his methods the most orthodox? No, but don’t forget they’re 15, they have a lot to learn but at least HT is trying. Initially, I believe Mo thinks HT is trying to use him as others have in the past but we can see HT is lonely & truly desires Mo’s company. Mo is blunt, honest & doesn’t kiss ass, I’m sure it’s refreshing for HT.

The love in my opinion developed the more HT desired & found ways to be around Mo. (Having Mo come to his house to cook, looking for him at school, kissing him.) I think the kiss and the aftermath are the turning point where HT acknowledged for himself that he truly cares about Mo & his well being & confirms this over the phone with Jian Yi. HT probably fully realized he was in love when he fought She Li. His Business is My Business, again Iconic. Then he goes to find Mo right after the fight, despite being injured. I think in that moment he has to know if things are okay between them, if Mo forgives him, if Mo feels anything for him in return. I think it’s clear Mo does but is trying to understand those feelings himself. I love the chapter after that so much, cuz the boys ride the train, go grocery shopping & cook together. Theres such a sweet honeymoon feel to that chapter. Plus, we get to see HT’s soft & philosophical side where he basically states he can’t help but be drawn to Mo. At this point in the story HT is clearly in deep, with his nicknames for Mo, that moment on the basketball court, the earrings, getting him a job. That grip he had on his shirt in the last chapter, too cute. 

I like that HT is open & has always been about his feelings. Thanks for asking :D

I’m Here Eddie x Reader

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Request: Hi! I think your imagines are just hella cute and I have an idea for one I think you’ll run with. So can you do an imagine where Eddie’s taking care of the reader when she’s messed up(hurt) and/or sick after the boss battle? Eddie is my child and need more appreciation😂👌 Please and thank you!

Author’s note: Im sorry it took me forever to write this and Im sorry its short but i hope you enjoy this!

Reader’s pov:

“We’re going upstairs so be quiet. If my mother found out I was sneaking you in, she’ll have an heart attack.”

I nodded silently as Eddie took my hand, guiding me upstairs.

“Wait here.” He ordered.

I sat on the edge of the tub, waiting for Eddie to come back.

Everything ached, I couldn’t help but think about the long and scary day we had. I couldn’t help but be paranoid. There were things I saw today that are burned in my memory. Stan after he was attacked, he was in such distress, it was just hard to watch. When Bill shot Georgie, my heart shattered even though I knew he wasn’t real. Then when Bill found the raincoat he was wearing the day he went missing, it was hard. It was difficult seeing people you care about in such pain.

“Y/N?” Eddie asked, catching my attention. “You okay?”


“Are you sure?” He asked, unconvinced.

“I was just thinking.” I answered, watching him look in the first aid kit.

Eddie carefully laid out all the supplies he needed to stitch me up. I had a few small cuts that would be fine with some bandages but the cut on my hand was significantly deeper than it should’ve been.

“You can talk to me you know.” He responded. “This is going to sting a bit.”

I nodded as he took my hand, cleaning the dirt and dried blood. The pain numbed itself, the peroxide didn’t make any difference.

“Sorry.” He mumbled as he continued.

Eddie’s hands shook as he tried to thread the needle, finally after a few attempts he was ready to go.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” He asked.

“Do it Eddie.” I answered.

He nodded, silently he began stitching my wound. I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt because it did but I knew I probably wouldn’t end up going to the hospital anyway so at least it’ll be taken care of.

“Sorry.” Eddie commented. “I’m almost done.”

“Thank you.”

Eddie wrapped my newly stitched hand, and it was good as new. I examined my hand as he cleaned up the supplies he had used.

“Do you want me to walk you home or..” Eddie trailed off.

“I don’t want to be alone.” I mumbled.

Eddie nodded, carefully taking your hand and guiding you to his bedroom. His room was tidy but it felt like home to me. Pictures of us and our friends carefully pinned on the cork board at his desk. Things would never go back to normal, not after this summer. He gave me a pair of neatly folded shorts and a shirt to sleep in.

“You can change in here.” Eddie nodded, giving me privacy to change while he changed in the bathroom.


Eddie had insisted I take the bed and he’d sleep on the floor. I tried to sleep, I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried. Every time I closed my eyes, it replayed in my mind. Every thing, getting attacked, watching Bill shoot ‘Georgie’ in the head, fighting pennywise. After staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours, I rolled onto my side.

“Eddie?” I asked quietly trying to keep myself calm.


“I need you.” My voice cracked.

Without another word, Eddie climbed into bed beside me, his arms hesitantly wrapped around my waist. I held his arms tightly as if I were afraid he’d leave me alone.

“It’s okay, I’m right here.”

im sorry but some of the anons are… taking it far thinking im against all inspiration or anything like that. can you please take the time to read every word in my original post. PLEASE.

what is childish about me just wanting people to not mistake someone for me? without wanting the person to get attacked? come on.

i also made it clear it is NOT anyone who i havent already contacted. so i assure you- its not you. the person KNOWS because i have talked to them. im not hurting anyone else by doing this. i just want some peace, oh my god.

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Obito hear/say headcanons (SFW/NSFW) Thanks!

I think I almost understand how these headcanons are supposed to work, maybe (৴ ・ _ ・ )৴  [?]   \(・ _ ・` \) ~Admin Marx

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[Hear SFW]

“Hey, you’ve been seeming kind of down lately. Do you want to talk?”

“You always want to be the little spoon. Does that mean I’m the man in the relationship?”

“I love you.”

[Say SFW]

“No, I’m fine… Come here and sit on my lap. I just need to hold you, for now.”

“But if I’m the big spoon, I can’t feel your arms around me. 

“… you too. More than you know.”

[Hear NSFW]

“P-please…touch me there, there..!”

“You don’t have to lick me..down there, it’s okay–!”

“I want to be on top tonight.”

[Say NSFW]

“You mean here? Or…here?”

“I want to taste all of you. Open your legs for me. Please.”

“Whatever my princess desires.”

Nuzzled Narratives - Wonwoo (fluff)

Request: Can you make a scenario with Wonwoo where it’s bed time an he’s reading to you and keeps touching y/n and they end up in a tickle fight? Please and thank you 💖

A/N: Wow yes. I’m, excited for this. I love my emo intellectual wonu lol. Thanks for requesting !! Also Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. For those who don’t, I also hope you have a great day. Much luvvv💕

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I literally just sat down and read ABoT in one sitting and between the bawling and the "Chrissy no you can't break my heart like this," I'm very pleased that my first sat-and-read fanfic since I was 14 was this good. Thank you so much.

Me, feeling bashful about receiving compliments for the Immense Evil in ABoT:

ah, askjjkdsffd but thank you!!!!

Being 14 and binge-reading an amazing fanfiction is like…one of the best memories I have, so I’m very honored that this like, calls to mind that kind of experience!

I’m having a hard time sleeping tonight, so I’ll make one more post relating to the holiday tomorrow. (Also, those of you who sent asks, I saw them, I’m just waiting until I can actually properly respond.)

Good nonbinary pals or trans sirs, please do make sure to take care if you are binding this Thanksgiving (or any time, really). Don’t spend all day in a binder, don’t go over 8 hours, listen to your body when it starts to hurt, and for the love of all that is good, please don’t use bandages. I know other blogs have said these things plenty of times, but some people are still somehow unaware of what’s safe and what isn’t. It sucks to come home in pain because you didn’t know any better.

If you want, you can go to the restroom every so often, take it off for a few minutes, and put it back on when you feel ready to. These little breaks really do help in the long run and they feel really nice after even an hour of wearing a binder. If you don’t have a safe way of binding, I’d rather you wear multiple shirts if you can, even a slightly snug undershirt is better for you than completely constricting your chest (as long as the undershirt isn’t something you have to force yourself to fit into, because that’s also bad). DO NOT double bind, that’s just unsafe. I don’t want any of you going home with a bruised up chest. You can give yourself actual cancer if you do this sort of thing. It’s okay if you’re not completely flat, no one is. It doesn’t make you any less of a man if you’re not 100% flat chested.

And remember that no matter what, you’re always valid and accepted here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and always stay safe.

Dean ran into the room as he heard a pain filled cry from his beloved angel. A single man tear dripped down his face as he saw the winged man laying on the ground in pain.

“Cas! What’s wrong!” He cried out as he ran to his lovers side.

“D-dean i-“ Castiel had a hard time speaking from all the pain he was in.

He was weakening as the moments drew on, he struggled to fill his lungs with air.

“Cas you have to stay with me man. You can’t die on me now. I just got you back.” Dean cried while lightly caressing his angels face.

“Dean-“ he said struggling to breath, “i-I’m no-not sure I’m g-g-gonna make it”

Dean started to cry even more. “Please! You can’t leave me! Just use your grace to heal you!”

Castiel sighed in pain, already knowing it was too damaging of a wound to fix.

“What even happened! Did someone do this! I swear i will murder their entire family!” Dean shouted with rage.

“No Dean i-i-“ he struggled to breath again.

“You what Cas! What happened!” Dean sobbed.

Castiel pulled dean closer to him so his lips ghosted over his ear.

“Dean i-“

“You what angel. Tell me.” Dean whispered.

“Dean, i stepped on a lego.”

Deans face went blank. He got up and shook his head. “Cas, i am so done with you. That wasn’t even funny i thought you were dying!”

Castiel got up laughing, “it’s true though. I stepped on a lego and it freakin hurt!”

Dean sighed and walked away.

“Oh come on! I was just joking around! Dean wait-“ Cas said while running after Dean.

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Have you heard of #ElsaGate? Please help spread awareness!

Are we talking about youtube’s algorithm fucking up and showing weird shit to little kids on the youtube kids app? Clearly they’re going to have to sort that out asap, but I think the parents need to monitor what their kids are watching a bit more too. A lot of parents today seem to think you can just plop and ipad down in front of your child and check out, which isn’t cool. This isn’t me giving youtube a pass AT ALL but when you see how many views some of these weird videos get, and how long they are, it’s pretty clear that these parents just aren’t paying any attention. 

Looking For Pose Pack Testers

Would someone like to test my upcoming pose pack? My mod folder is a mess right now so I can’t go in game and take screenshots for the preview pictures, haha.

It would be kind if the one who’s testing the pack could take screenshots (you don’t have to edit them though).

Plus, you need the expansion pack Cats And Dogs, because the pose pack is all about cuddling these cute little fur balls.

The pack will have around 20 group poses.

I’ll finish the pose pack by tomorrow (or one day later), if you’re interested just write me a message :).

Please reblog!

Some pictures of the WIPs:


Javier came out of his room late to avoid his mother… he knew she was going for bunch and therefore wouldn’t have the time to waste with him the morning. Just how he liked it. 

He met Rozalia the house Butler as he moved around the apartment and was happy to see her had barely seen her since his return and somehow always managed to miss her when he visited home once in a blue moon. 

“Mr Fernandes.. how lovely to see you again!” she exclaimed happily 

“Rosie you haven’t seen me in a few years and you’ve forgotten my first name?” 

“No sir, just that your mother prefers professionalism.” 

“You don’t have to do that ridiculousness with me! its Javier please…!” 

“You look hungry sir, can i make you some breakfast?” 

“No don’t worry yourself Rosie i’ll probably grab a bowl of cereal and head out!” 

“No no, I insist! Sit down and i’ll make you something. I haven’t seen you in a long time.. you can sit here and tell me about university while i make some breakfast for you!” 

Javier chuckled… “Okay.. you win!” he said as he sat down on the stool! 

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ok so i am bi but i think i might be pansexual. i know the difference between the two, but how do i know which one i am? i also read somewhere that you can identify as bi but not care much about gender, but that seems like it would get tiring to explain. can you help me please?

Hi there! This is a wonderful question, and a really common confusion, too. 

Since you already know the difference between the two, I suggest the next thing you do is try to just feel which label FEELS most right. Which one really describes you? Which one are you more comfortable with?

Remember that you don’t have to use a label, and there are many gray areas between labels, too. Labels are made for humans so we can feel a sense of belonging, to finally have language to put to the way we feel, but not everyone can feel represented in one label - again, there are gray areas. 

The bi label is a wide-fitting one. Some people who feel attraction to many genders choose to identify as bi for their own reasons, and it’s perfectly fine. How you label yourself is your choice entirely, and it’s about YOU. Your decision.

You could try out one of the labels you’re considering for a while, and see how it fits you. There’s no shame in switching labels as you figure things out.

Good luck! 

- Mod Elena 🌻

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please pray for me. I went through a breakdown a few days ago. I'm tired and have trouble sleeping. I've been isolating myself. I just feel restless and tired.

I’ll shoot up a prayer for you right now, friend.

Please reach out to someone you trust. You can vent to them and they can help you process things. Isolating yourself is not the way to go about this. You deserve so much more. I’m sorry you’re tired, I hope you can find peace and rest soon.