can i please hug you


You’ve brought up this issue before, this issue of not feeling like you’re in control. Do you remember? When we spoke about your father.


Aaron Dingle master of “the pouty frowny face™

Seriously how many pouty frowny faces can he do in one and the same scene haha 😂 also he looks effin hot here just saying 😍

Jim Moriarty Drabble

Word count: 353 

Warnings: none

Request:” Can you do 20 and 101 with Jim Moriarty please? :)” - toovillaintobehero 

Drabble: 20:”Hug me so I can get warm” 101: “You’re cute when you’re freezing.” 


People would think that being an extremely rich, criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty would remember to pay the gas and electric bills, unfortunately for the pair of you, he had been too caught up in his scheme with Sherlock to remember the bill lying in his desk draw in the office you weren’t allowed to go into. These regrettable events lead to you and Jim shivering under several layers of clothes and three blankets in your living room. “All y-you had t-to do w-was-s pay the b-b-bloody bill.” You managed to get out with your teeth chattering relentlessly. He huffed and looked over at you, red nose and cheeks poking out from your hoodie and blanket burrito. “B-but n-no, you ha-had to g-get t-too engr-rossed in y-your work d-didn’t you.” You sighed, hugging your body as you sat in the dim candle light, on the upside the candles filled the room with a lovely vanilla scent. 

He rubbed his hands together and looked at her softly"I already s-said I was s-sorry (Y/N), I’ll p-pay them this m-month th-then g-get someone to-“ "Y-your not ass-assassinating the head of our gas and electric company.” You said sternly, staring at the wall opposite you. You heard him whine and grumble under his breath. After a while of sitting in silence shivering you looked over at him and whined. “Will you just hug me so I can get warm.” He chuckled and shook his head. “WHY?” You pouted childishly causing him to laugh even more. “You’re cute when your freezing.” He said softly and poked your nose. “Will I still be cute when I get your pistol from the bedside table and shoot you?” You asked grumpily and his laugh increased in volume. You felt him shuffle next to you and wrap his arms around your cold body, pulling you into his warm body, you sighed happily and nuzzled into his chest. “No, then you’ll be really hot.” He smirked and kissed your temple. 

submission - pirate aus
  • you’re the feared captain of the high seas and I’m a stowaway that managed to get on your ship- you hate stowaways 
  • we’re both members of a mutiny crew and I want out; wanna start our own crew?
  • I somehow gotten a hold of an important piece of information and now I’m being hunted down by every major pirate crew, yet your crew saved me from my certain death
  • alternatively - you managed to obtain important information about some treasure I’ve been looking for, so I’m only keeping you around so that I can find it first
  • I’m the new cook on the ship and you’re the old cook who keeps giving me death glares from across the deck- I’m sorry???
  • I’m marooned on an island until your crew got shipwrecked on the shore and you’re the downtrodden crew member and I can’t help but see myself in you, please accept my hug
  •  we’re both rival captains yet nobody knows we’re secretly married
  • I’m the child of an important person who plans on outlawing piracy and I’m being held for ransom by your captain, you keep me company in this dungeon and I’m forever grateful
Fantastic Beasts Characters as Things I have said
  • Newt Scamander: I'm not too nice, there's no such thing! *repeatedly gives out tea to guest*
  • Tina Goldstein: I wouldn't interrupt you if you weren't wrong
  • Queenie Goldstein: *aggressively ruffles hair* Don't try to hide anything from me
  • Jacob Kowalski: *looks at a weird sculpture*
  • Credence Barebone: Don't hug me....maybe you can hug me...please
  • Percival Graves: I'm totally not stressed *eternal face-palms*
  • Seraphina Piquery: Look at my shoes, my life feels together because of my shoes
  • Bonus:
  • Niffler: I know I look good in gold, *see's price tag* never mind I think I look good in plastic
  • Bowtruckle: *pokes person* Hey,I don't do babysitting for free so pay me

“Sherlock? Can I please have a hug?” You whimpered as you drew closer to the jacket clad man. He looked at you for a moment before smiling. 

“YES!” he shouted quickly moving closer to you, wrapping you in a tight embrace. You were just slightly confused as to why he had actually said, ‘yes’. Normally he wasn’t the affectionate type, but as you took a deep breath in you were quickly able to figure out why he was so affectionate. 

“Sherlock are you… high?” You questioned, slightly muffled from your face in his chest.

“It’s for a case.” He muttered back, smelling your hair.

Imagine… Asking Sherlock if you can hug him because you had a bad day.

Gif: Not ours

Requested by: Anon

Made by: Mrs. Moriarty

• I don’t know who keeps leaving flowers on my desk but thank you I love them

• You were really nice at the bar and asked for my number but I’m already in a relationship oh god what do I do I really like you

• (OT3) Which one of you little shits ate my cake, I know it was one of you there are crumbs on the couch.

• (OT3) Please can you both just get home already, I need hugs and sleep and warmth I had a rough day.



“I had to take care of something on my own. I knew if I told you, you wouldn’t let me go there alone.”

“I fucking hate you.”

“Baby, please don’t c…”


“Okay…. *long pause* Can I… hug you?”

“You dare tou… *voice cracks* YES!”