can i please have these

Don’t get me wrong…

Tired heroes having a well deserved rest. ヽ(´ー` )ノ
Has it gotten even a bit colder? I wanted to draw them in warmer clothes for fall. They’re wearing each other’s colors! 

“companion(s) - doggos there to lick your tears and make you smile”

i need more young yuuri and young viktor with their doggos ;v;

extra: (from my experience with my cousin’s poodle, I learned that)

doggos react when they see other doggos

doggos react when they see ball(os)

doggos react (sadly) when they don’t see owners :’(((


Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]


So I sent Cheritz an e-mail regarding this CG that appear on 7’s gallery ( @deathatintervals confirmed that it appears of her game as well). I never saw it during 7’s route or secret endings, let alone during V’s route. So I ask if they could shine on us since it’s confusing if its Saeran or Saeyoung, since they are at church and sometimes Saeyoung appears without glasses.

After this e-mail and once I updated the game, the CG disappear. So @deathatintervals and I are betting that Cheritz maybe posted a possible Saeran route CG and now fixed their mistake.


The Essential Yuzuru Hanyu: A Playlist

1.   FS Hope and Legacy || World Championships 2017
2.   SP Let’s Go Crazy || Grand Prix Final 2016
3.   EX Notte Stellata (The Swan) || NHK Trophy 2016
4.   EX Requiem of Heaven and Earth || World Championships 2016
5.   SP Ballade No.1 in G Minor || Grand Prix Final 2015
6.   FS Seimei || NHK Trophy 2015
7.   FS Phantom of the Opera || World Team Trophy 2015
8.   SP Parisienne Walkways || Olympic Winter Games 2014
9.   FS Romeo + Juliet || World Championships 2012
10. SP Étude in D-sharp Minor || Cup of China 2011

emo wizard boy lovingly admires his murder tree and probably wears a shirt that says ‘plants are friends not food’

Each time I watch the Guardians (and Ravager-Guardians aka Yondu and Kraglin) interact with Baby Groot during serious situations, I just love to headcanon that the Ravager used to treat Peter in a similar way when he was a child, especially Yondu.

I mean, like – a fight is going on? Somebody puts Peter in a spot where he can see the fight and they can keep an eye on him, but where he isn’t in the middle of a crossfire.

“’kay, Pete, ye stay ‘ere and we get rid of the a-holes over there.”


“And put yer music on really loud, ‘kay?”


And Peter sits in his hiding spot, humming along to his music while he presses his earphones tightly against his ears. He has promised not to look so he doesn’t, and that’s a good thing, because the Ravagers are especially quick and brutal about their “work” when they know that there’s a child that could be discovered and dragged into this mess at any point of time. Only when they are sure that there’s nothing moving anymore do they go and pick up Peter again, making sure that he’s tucked tightly against one of them so he doesn’t have to see the slaughter.

Because for all their roughness, many of the Ravagers have got to know death and horror too early in their lives, and if they can spare a child for a while, they will do so. Peter will have to deal with this early enough.


Or when they prepare to fly away, probably for a quick escape:

“Move yer asses, you lazy bitches – Quill, seatbelt, now!”


“Seatbelt, boy, or I chuck ya out the airlock!”

“Do as Capt’n says, buddy, we gonna jump now.”


Or when they are in the middle of a quick brawl, Peter old enough now to be able to watch, and one of the nicer Ravagers catches his gaze and gives a tiny wave over to the child while grinning brightly, although he has already been hurt in the fight.

They also make sure that Peter is close to them, now that he’s older, which means that he either hides behind Yondu during the fight, or tucked closely to the side of one of the sharpshooters (mainly Kraglin) or gets carried by someone during all of it.

And when coming back from a mission and they make a quick survey if everyone is there, Peter is called out first – “Where’s the Terran, guys?” – and Peter learns to answer “HERE!” really quick and loud because if he doesn’t and they don’t see him immediately, hell breaks loose, Yondu starts bellowing orders and everyone freaks out cause holy shit we lost the kid, Capt’n is gonna kill us.

Just… the Ravager knowing that they can’t treat a child like they would one of them, no matter if they want to make them useful, and thus holding back a bit with the kid until he is older.