can i please have one of them

nova jeans.

everyone loves those city living jeans and i love super ripped denim so why not? I also shortened them so that they’re a smidge higher on the ankle and you can tuck your bodysuits and such in them. (not boots though so if you would like those let me know and i will post those separately) enjoy!

  • There’s 21 swatches– some from Jade @cupidjuice’s dream pop palette (of course), 2 from @citrontart‘s neutrals palette (of course x2), and one with a patch (as shown above)
  • should have its own thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • please let me know if anything goes amiss with your game!


IMPORTANT UPDATE !!!!!: my dweeb ass botched something and the jeans didn’t show up at all in game! I fixed it all up so PLEASE redownload !!! it’s the same link as before, I just updated the package. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!!

Acquaintance: So I’m interested in being a zookeeper - what jobs are open right now? Can you put a good word in?

Me: I mean… what experience do you have? Do you have a biology related degree?

Acquaintance: I just LOVE animals and I’ll do anything to work with them! Just please get me a job!!

Me: This is a career path, it really goes beyond just one job. Have you done any research? There’s a lot of factors here…


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Oh geez Guys !!! Somehow, it makes me very happy to have so many :’D
I wasn’t expecting so much… But yeah, I won’t be able to do every single one of them, you can understand right ^^’ ?
I wanted to choose like 5 at first ??
Then, again, please, don’t be mad at me if I don’t draw yours :’D

Now, let’s draw some palette ships !

Hi!!! I was wondering if anyone would like to send a family so that they could fill my town in Iridescence? They can be any kind of family you want. I would just prefer it if it could include 1 or more toddlers since Ash is only a toddler and I want her to have some friends/school mates. I only have one definite thing and that is that they need to be mm/semi mm (with mm hair basically).

If you would like to send them over, you can send them through an ask, personal message, anyway you’d like really! it’s up to you!!! If you do use cc could you please tell me the links, or if you even have a backstory for them, it’d be nice to know! Thank you!!!

If you are under 18, you can not be a pedo.phile. You can not be a “m.ap”.
You yourself are still a minor. Minors are attracted to a wide age range. Hormones are shit, kiddos.
If you have intrusive thoughts about children and you fucking HATE IT, you are not a p.edo. You are not a m.ap.
Please, PLEASE, don’t go to that community. You will be groomed into believing you’re actually one of them.
I literally just came across a post who said they “found out they were a m.ap” at, guess what? 14. A fucking 14 year old child. They thought they were a p.edo. Now they truly are one. If you don’t think that’s sick and wrong then I don’t fucking know what’s going on in your head. @softanti @the-map-community-is-dangerous @davepetasprite-hates-pedos @feferi-hates-pedos

Wow, I did it!

I was going against making this post because I didn’t want it to seem like I am bragging or something. But I’ve decided that I should because I would feel even worse if I didn’t. I HIT 3,000 FOLLOWERS. I did awhile ago but again, I was going against this for awhile. Thank you to everyone who followed and supported me or even just requested something. It helps me a lot. I never knew my blog would get this big. I thought my posts were stupid and that no one would even look at them twice. I guess some people proved me wrong. 

I’d like to especially thank my best friends @kpoplover2313 and @rpsarang (check them out by the way please, if you can) for supporting me through all this and not treating me any differently because I have a ‘popular Tumblr blog’. But really, thank you everyone who gave my crappy blog a chance! I love you all so much!

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What if we dance tonight?

this is such a mess and it’s probably third version of it, but whatever xD

this is mostly for my baby yaz @unteventful bc ily, (she is also gonna publish her own poem book so please say woop woop for her!!!)

i hope you guys like it

Day 4: “You noticed me standing off to the side instead of dancing, and I told you that I can’t dance but you just gave me the flirtiest smile and said that you’d teach me, and who am I to refuse?”

What if we dance tonight? 

Luna has learned to love faculty parties with time since she started her studies. Her friends keep dragging her there every single time one is organized so she doesn’t really have any other way out of this except attending them and enjoying as much as it’s possible. If it’s not for Simón or Ámbar (who always crash with her, but not today, today they are on a date), it’s for Luna’s group friends, because all of them got a plan to set her with someone finally. She usually doesn’t mind; it’s silly in this cute way even if she gets absolutely nothing except guys wanting to talk between classes next few days.

The only thing she does mind is when her friends make her drink with them just to dare her to do stupid things like getting free drinks from older students.

Today though they did beat their own records when someone (Luna doesn’t remember who now since she was too outraged by this at first) told her that no matter what she wouldn’t go to Matteo Balsano and talk without making a fool out of herself.

And who is she to say no after those three or four drinks she has already had?

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Hello😍 Can i please request Kuroo Oikawa and Iwaizumi reacting to a girl coming up to them and telling them that she will take away their girlfriend 😂😂 will the boys be jealous of a girl?

Hello!!! I only did twooooo i’m sorry! look at me posting two days in a row!!!


Kuroo Tetsuro

- it would happen on one of your dates, like at a park or some mall somewhere

- and you’d notice this girl following you around everywhere

- so you thought like “ah she must have a crush on my boy”

- and so you’d tell Kuroo to wait and you walk over to the girl

- You would ask her about why she was following you everywhere

- she seemed a solid year or two below you

- and she would have this huge blush on her face as she brings out a bouquet of flowers                                            

- Kuroo would be alal smirky and walk over to you and was like ‘ah these must be for me’

- but NO

- “I hope you like these, _____-san! I think you’re really pretty.”

- Kuroo’s eyes would widen and he’s shoOKT

- “… excuse me?”

- he wouldn’t be jealous, just sort of confused and shocked

- doesn’t judge tho

Oikawa Tooru

- the girl would come up to him and he would immediately say:

- “I’m sorry, sweetheart but I already have a girlfriend.”

- that ass

- and the girl would be like “Oh I now”

- He would be really confused bc this was usually a failed attempt to get his attention

- The girl was younger than him, and she had a blush on her face as she looked into his eyes and said:

- “I’m gonna win _____-san’s heart.”

- his eyes woud widen and he couldn’t move


- after a few seconds he’d come to his senses and he’d say something like

- “I’m happily in love with her, and she’s happily in love with me, sweetheart.”

- and he’d sass the hell out of her

- he has no shame about it tho

- “damn, _____. You’re so beautiful even girls fall for you.”

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Can you do a think where Romano finds out that his s/o (fem) had a similar sibling dynamic as him, where her younger sister is everyone's favorite and instead of getting angry like him they just get quiet.

by thing I’m assuming you mean headcannons, if not please send in another ask

  • He would be sadden that they have this heavy burden on them
  • he knows just how hard it is
  • when they get quiet, it breaks his heart
  • he will start yelling and ranting at anything nearby to get the people talking bout her little sister to get distracted and stop talking
  • After wards, he will do anything he can to make her smile again
  • literally anything
  • one time he chased a wild rabbit for two hours just to show her the cuteness and make her smile
  • he will assure her everyday, multiple times a day, that she is perfect, wonderful, and amazing
  • will tell her how much he loves her every time she gets quiet
  • which is a big deal for a tsundere like him

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I read all your BTS fics! dont usually read Jimin-centred or Got7 ones, but OMG No Strings changed all that! Your writing is so addictive! So I read Angel and the 7th Prince and in the process of reading the rest of your Got7 stories, what are you doing to me? proof that a well-written story is always worth it, bias or not! I would definitely read an original story from you if you write one ;) p.s is it too late to get into EXO? Might start following them so I can read your fics OMG! - infj anon

Wahhh, INFJ anon! This is such an amazing message - I’m alskjfals. Thank you very much for reading my fics - and outside your biases! And it is NEVER TOO LATE TO GET INTO EXO. Please send all questions my way, I have so much love for those wonderful boys. 

I mean, look at them

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Hi cupcake ! Hope you're good. Could you do an "Sharon and Sam dating would include...", please ? Love you !

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Sharon and Sam dating would include…

-          Steve and Bucky would be proud of him and supportive, though Bucky would tease him.

-          Honestly everyone is supportive of it.

-          Both of them have military experience so they’d have miniature fights about who’s a better fighter.

-          “I could kick your ass.” “I have wings honey, I’ll just fly away.” “You can’t do that if I shoot you down.” “…Damn it.”

-          Outside the military and one of them being an Avenger, they would try to have as normal of a life as possible.

-          But they know that if trouble comes, Steve and maybe someone else will come knocking at their door.

-          Bucky and Steve will help Sharon annoy him till he kicks them out.

-          They’ve decided that when one of them quits working for SHIELD, so will the other, and they’ll completely settle down.

Hope you like it!

*Not my gif

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Thank you for helping me out! And as a thank you gift, to all the people who helped me I will take an art request for them.

  • If it’s one of your characters, DM me a ref.
  • I will make it as detailed as I can!
  • Please do not make it a human, or anything related to a human such as a monkey. (I’m terrible at monkeys.)
  • If I don’t make your request please tell me.
  • Please understand if I take awhile, I’m either having a headache, taking a break, or I’m making somebody’s else.

And thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for all of the ship requests. I finally got a new keyboard so I was able to finish typing them all out. Hopefully they made you smile! That’s the goal! If I misunderstood or I made a mistake in your request, please feel free to let me know so I can correct it!

Ship requests are still going to be closed but I am now opening my inbox for……..


Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen X Reader requests! 

Yep, you heard me right! Big multi-chapter fic projects are a bit overwhelming for me right now since I have some stuff going on, but one-shot requests are now open and welcome! So anything from those two musicals are now free to request from! Just please keep your requests at least like…PG13….have mercy on me…. just kidding, request whatever the heck you want, just please keep it clean for my sake cause I suck/aren’t super comfortable writing NSFW stuff. Requests will be open for 1 week starting today, so that way I don’t get too swamped and I can get through them efficiently. That way I’ll be able to open them again sooner rather than later! 💕


Mod Cookie 🍪 ♥️

I don’t think I put this in my rules, but I will tomorrow. This isn’t aimed at anyone specific.

Writing anything takes me a bunch of spoons: I don’t get much done in a day. So… if I write someone starters and they wait weeks to reply to any of them, but they request more, I will respectfully decline. I can’t commit myself to writing for people who won’t write back. That’s reasonable, right? If you owe me more than one thing and haven’t replied, please don’t like my starter calls. I’m sorry, but writing together requires both people and I’m not enthusiastic to write for people who can’t reply to what we already have.


Would anyone be interested in me mailing them some small cut outs? Like totally free, I would mail you 1-5 little peices of my own art. The reason why is like I understand many of you guys are broke and can’t buy my commissions I totally get it, but I would just like for people to have my art.
I can give you the ones I already have or make customs one for you. From almost any show(depends on how complex they are to draw) but yeah, if you guys are interested please hit me up. Also they will only be from the shoulders up? Cause man, I’m not gonna draw the whole body lmao.
You have to be comfortable in sharing your mailing address and all, and this is only for people in the US. (Sorry :^( )

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Okay but like, I can't be the only one who, after seeing Ema compliment Kusanagi's skills, wants the two to meet up or at least talk in some fashion? Honestly I probably just want to see Ema geek out and stuff but I also think they'd get along great and I really need them to interact, writers let them interact please there's so many possibilities.


I feel like the writers could be setting up their eventual meeting? Which would be pretty rad; iirc Ema is the first person to pick up on Playmaker having an ally. And she still needs to finish the job she took from Akira in episode 3—to find Playmaker, which she hasn’t been able to do yet. So maybe, she’ll direct her efforts towards finding his ally, Shoichi. 

Which could… go in a multitude of different directions, since Ema’s a wildcard. She and Shoichi might hit it off right away, or they might start off as enemies—it all depends on how she approaches him.

okay look. i get a few asks every now and again about age gaps in relationships and i know that there are exceptions to every rule but.

i know three girls my age, twenty four, who are stuck in relationships that they shouldn’t be in because an older guy groomed them when they were young teens.

one was thirteen when a seventeen year old boy started flirting with her. she was flattered. she started lying to her parents and sneaking around with him. she fell in love with him. he says he loves her back, and maybe he thinks he does, but he doesn’t act like it. he quit his job without telling her when she was pregnant with their second child, almost singlehandedly raising their first, because he just felt like it. no regard for the family. and she laughed about it when she told me, like it was the funniest thing, like he hadn’t endangered all of them on a whim. because he’s done so much little shit over the years that she’s accustomed to it. he always gets his way and she cleans up his mess because she loves him.

another girl works a full time job and then comes home to cook and clean because her unemployed boyfriend refuses to. she was fourteen and he was eighteen when they started dating and she is still convinced he’s going to change. he quit smoking when she threatened to leave but literally weeks later, as soon as he’d cowed her back into submission, he took it up again, and then tried to paint her as a villain for ‘trying to take away his joy’.

all three girls become completely different people when their partners are around. quieter, smaller.

when it’s just us they laugh as they tell me about the men losing their tempers over something small, like knocking over chairs is a rational response to her asking if she can go away with her friends for a weekend.

they’ve been with these men since they were so young they cannot imagine their lives without them. their entire identities are forged around these uneven relationships.

and that’s the key - they’re uneven. i don’t doubt that two fifteen year olds can get together and stay together happily, because they both had the opportunity to grow up within the relationship, at the same pace. if it’s a fifteen year old and a nineteen year old, though, one has already done so much more growing than the other. they’re at completely different stages of development, they’re psychologically unable to have an equal balance of power in the relationship.

basically, please don’t be flattered by older people showing an interest in you. instead, consider why they don’t want to date someone their own age, who is far more likely to stand up to them when they get controlling. all relationships should have equal shares, but age gaps between early and late teens, or teens and adults, don’t allow that. please don’t take a chance on you being the exception to the rule.

ways to stay productive in summer-

1. learn a new language-

ah, all the time in the world we all have during summer! currently, i’m trying to learn Italian, which isn’t too hard because my first language was Spanish. if you all want a different post on how i got started tell me!

2. start a bullet journal-

with no school in your schedule, you have time to make your bullet journal as complicated or as simple as you’d like. i recently bought a journal and used it as a bujo. i love it!

3. practice your handwriting-

i know many people hate their own handwriting, but how are you going to like it if you don’t practice! i’ve changed my handwriting completely this summer. if you guys want a post about it let me know.

4. make a studyblr/blog-

that’s what i did! i’ve started my studyblr, instagram, and blog (all are linked on my tumblr page ;) )

5. practice calligraphy-

i’ve learned how to do calligraphy with Crayola markers. it’s very easy once you get the hang of it. There are plenty of tutorials online.

6. clean your room-

it’s a great time to clean your room! i know when it’s the school year i never have time to be cleaning my room. you can do a deep decluttering because you probabaly haven’t in a while…


please for the love of god, do! your! summer! homework! if! you! have! it! i finished my summer homework a couple weeks ago, but my friends still haven’t started. i’m saving their butts by helping them with it. i know plenty of people are going to start doing it two days before school starts. please don’t be one of those people.!-

i know a lot of people don’t like to read but maybe with your summer boredom you’ll get so bored that you’ll want to read? currently, i’m reading Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare.

9. try to prepare for the upcoming school year-

look up your classes and research about them. it’s good to start preparing for what you’re going to learn. it helps so when you go over those subjects in class, you can excel in it ;)

10. relax-

this is summer. your free time. relax and get ready for another stressful school year <3

🐝🐝OWW's Bee Tips🐝🐝

Alright I love bees. And honestly I have idiots at my school who kill them. So let’s get some stuff straight.

🐝Bees are Harmless. They won’t sting you randomly. I’ve had a few crawl over my skin out of curiosity. Not a single sting. They will sting, if provoked. Even if it was an accident. (I hit one with my bag at six flags and didn’t know until I got stung.)
🐝Bees work hard for our environment. Please, stop killing them. They pollinate and help plants we need grow and flourish.
🐝If you see a bee struggling to fly or move, its most likely dehydrated and give them some sugar water and wait until they can fly on their own. They may come back for more as they have done that with a few of my drinks before.
🐝If you’re allergic to bees, DONT SWAT OR HIT THEM AWAY! That’s the worst thing you can do. Stay still. Gently push them away if you feel you won’t provoke them, and they won’t freaking sting you. I’m tired of seeing that as an excuse to kill them too. THEY ARE HARMLESS
🐝Bees get curious when they smell something sweet/sugary like perfumes and drinks. They also tend to be attracted to colors. They’re just curious. Looking for things to pollinate and stuff to get nectar. DONT SWAT THEM AWAY.
🐝Find a local BEE KEEPERS NUMBER THAT COLLECTS BEES FROM HOUSES AND PLACES if there are bees at you’re home and you’re worried. DONT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR! You’re just helping them become more extinct.
🐝Bee Keepers know what’s best. Please ask them questions if you are really curious.
🐝"Wait but Bee Keepers where those body suits to protect themselves from bee stings. Doesn’t that mean that bees will jus–“ No. They wear that suit when they’re going in to check on the hive, collect honey, feed them and everything that can be seen as provoking them. When a bees hive is in danger, they swarm. So yes. They have protective gear, but you don’t have to worry because they don’t do that UNLESS PROVOKED!
~Moon Child