can i please have his babies

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I'm looking for two fics. Both contain parent!destiel and are canon compliant. In one of them, Cas is given a baby that's the combination of him and Dean (it's a son) and he goes to tell Dean about it. In the second one i'm looking for, it takes place after season 5, where Dean and Cas fall in love after Sam is trapped in the cage. Cas saves Sam then tells Dean he's pregnant. Please help!!

I don’t know if these are the ones you’re looking for, but:

An Excess of Grace by SillyBlue

The peace after the successful closing of the Hell Gates is disrupted by the sudden disappearance of Castiel. Dean spends three months waiting, praying, worrying and trying out every summoning spell he can find.

When Cas does return he’s not alone.

> Castiel disappears, has a grace baby son named Emmanuel that’s a mix of his Grace and Dean’s DNA info.

You’re The Good Thing by SillyBlue

Dean should have known that nothing quite goes according to plan if you’re a Winchester. Sam wanted him to lead a normal life. Well, Dean wanted Sam to not be dead. Entering into a sort of relationship with Castiel instead of focusing all of his energy into hunting, beer and one-night stands also wasn’t something that Dean saw coming. In the end everyone gets what they want because even Winchesters deserve happy endings.

> Post season 5, Sam is in the cage, Dean and Cas have a friends with benefits relationship at first, Cas saves Sam, pregnancy reveal.

If these aren’t the fics you’re looking for then I want to know what they might have been because I love to collect canon compliant Mpreg stories!!

starrybinu’s secret birthday project - help a baby aroha!

hi guys!! so i have a younger sister that’s turning 10 on april 12th and she’s a baby (in both senses) aroha! she loves astro with her whole heart and i think that she would be really happy to get a glimpse of how arohas are so loving and connected.

here’s a few pieces on info on her, if you’re interested in making a gift!

  • her name is arianna (two n’s!)
  • she’s turning 10
  • her bias is eunwoo
  • she likes dragons, dinosaurs, and harry potter

if you have the time, making even a gifset, edit/graphic, fanart, fic, etc would be so helpful!! if not, reblogging the post would be nice as well!! thank you for reading and considering this 💗

if you have any other questions feel free to message me!! i’d love to make double digits an important birthday for her

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-slides into your inbox- heyyy, so since i'm basically dying of this cold i was thinking about the rfa members losing their voice and I think all of them would be fairly chill about it, except Zen. He'd be highkey freaking out because he can't act?? without his voice?? and he also doesn't understand the concept of bed rest so poor MC is basically forcing him to stay in bed and force feeding him soup and medicine like nO YOU HAVE TO REST, YOU HAVE TO (idk have a random headcanon i guess lol)


Okay bUT 

Imagine Jumin without his voice 

What a fucking baby I love him so much he is so upset that he cant communicate and tell people what to do 

Jaehee is please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Also Saeyoung would be a mess. He doesnt friggin shut up. He has to constantly have an input just like Jumin so they would both struggle. Both would have an app they created (saeyoung) or a board they would use along with texting (Jumin) to let you know what they needed and how they felt at all times. 

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Something where the reader is insecure about having a small chest sorry if it's too specific lmao just having one of those nights ya know? You don't have to do it though

Comin right up! (I hope you feel better, i relate a lot to this one and if you ever wanna talk or vent or anything, my ask is always open)

•eth noticing you’re being really quiet


•poking at you and stuff but you just dont feel good

•"ethan please leave me alone”

•you trying to fight back tears and eth can hear it in your voice

•"hey baby whats wrong?“

•eth sliding into bed next to you n wrapping his arms around you

•using his finger under your chin to make you look at him

•"baby tell me whats wrong”

•looking ethan in the eyes and falling into his chest

•"i just hate my body like..i dont even have a chest or anything and u-“
“Listen to me,”

•ethan making you look at him

•"you are absolutely perfect”

•his eyes literally filled w emotion

•"every part of you is perfect. Even the parts you dont like"

•his words hittin u like 100,000 bricks

•"whether or not you have a big chest or anything does not matter. Your body is perfect because its yours"

•eth literally letting you lay on his chest as he reminds you how wonderful and special you are

•loving body posi eth

:)) feel better my love


Little chatterbox Seung Jae


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Request:  Can you do an imagine where Newt is allergic to on of his creatures but he’s being ridiculously stubborn about it as he doesn’t want to admit that he could possibly be allergic to one of his babies.

Can you please do one where the reader and Newt are just cuddling and Newt’s being cute and teasing the reader about the blush they have and CUTENESS EVERYWHERE? I’M SORRY

You heard Newt sneeze while handling one of his creatures, you and him brushed it off and you continued feeding Frank and giving him some love. You went in to the kitchen and started making dinner and when it was ready you called Newt in and he had a little red nose and his eyes were watering a little bit. “You alright?” You asked walking over to him.

“Perfectly fine, yes.” He said with a shy smile. You raised your eyebrows but left it alone. You served dinner and he smiled at you when you were pouring him a glass of water, he’d never drink unless it was a special occasion.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?” You asked, blushing slightly. Even though you’d been dating for years, you’d still blush at the littlest things. Newt would too.

“You’re beautiful.” Newt said simply. You shook your head laughing at him.

“You’re an idiot.” You replied, making him laugh.

“I love you.” He said, smiling.

“And I love you.” You replied, sitting down. As you were eating and chatting, Newt’s face seemed normal again. You thought it was quite odd. He couldn’t be allergic to one of his beasts, could he? When you had finished dinner, you went back out to finish feeding the creatures. As Newt went back to the ones he was feeding previously, you heard another sneeze come from him. You looked over at him and he was furiously rubbing at his eyes. You walked over to him, “Newt, darling?” You asked.

“Yes, love?” He replied, sneezing again.

“I think, I think you’re allergic to Jeffrey.” You said quietly.

“No! No it’s simply a cold.” He tried to reason, he didn’t really know why because he knew you would see right through him.

“No it’s not and you know it.” You said sternly.

“But he’s my baby! I’m his mummy, what am I going to do? I have to keep him and look after him.” Newt said, getting upset.

“Hey, hey, darling it’ll be okay. I’ll tell you what, we keep him, and I’ll look after him okay? You can admire from afar. He will understand. I promise you, I’ll be the best new mummy he could have okay?” You said, holding his hands. A few tears fell down his cheeks but you quickly wiped them away.

“Okay. Okay, you can do that.” He said quietly, giving you a watery smile. You wrapped your arms around him, and let him cry in to your shoulder.

“I know, I know it’s hard. He loves you though, and I love you my dear.” You said quietly in Newt’s ear. You gave him a quick kiss. “Okay you go and lie down and I’ll be there in a second okay?” You said kissing his cheek, he nodded and went to lie down in your bed. “Hello Jeffrey. I’m going to be your new mum. Newt is a tad allergic to you but that’s not your fault at all. No it’s not. But I’m going to look after you and you are going to be so loved.” You said, before leaving Jeffrey be. You wandered in to yours and Newt’s room and collapsed on the bed with him. He pulled you in close and started whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You began to blush and tried to hide your face in Newt’s shirt.

“Awe look! My baby’s blushing! You’re adorable love.” He teased smugly.

“Oh sod off Newt that’s not fair.” You said, kissing him.

im trying to take my cat sokka to the animal clinic but i need $60 before he can even be seen

can anyone donate? my cats are my life and sokka really needs help….. if anyone is skeptical i will even post receipts of his visit at the clinic this afternoon

my paypal is

please help me save my cat. i dont have much right now and if i loose one of my fur babies… idk what ill do…

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good morning! i have a companions request for a baby inquisitor going up to the companions and going "i wuv you!" or something along those lines please :) you can do gifs if you prefer


Cassandra: (at least internally for the gif)

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She smiles, genuinely, heart lifting. She lifts them into her arms for a hug and laughs. “I love you, too.”


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He stares in utter shock, then chokes back a sob and smiles. “I love you, too.”

Iron Bull: 

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His heart. It has melted. He hoists them up, and they giggle and squeal as he kisses their cheek. “Love you, too, Imekari– little kadan.”


Originally posted by droppppthebass

Aaaaaawwwwwww!” She squeals. “You’re just the cutest–” She picks them up and pelts them with kisses. “I love you, too, little boo!”


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“Love you, too, kid!” He hoists them into his lap with a grin and starts impromptu story time, as he does several times a day with them.


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He gasps in delight. “Heart, so bright and cheery, nothing but joy, safety, love, I love you, too!” he says excitedly.


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She’s actually taken aback, for once. After staring for a moment, she runs a hand through their hair and smiles genuinely. “You’re just the sweetest, cutest, most precious thing. Do you know that?”


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He’s shocked silent, and chooses not to say anything for a moment while he tries to make sense of the situation and what to say. Finally, he settles for a soft smile and running a hand over their head. “Ma serannas, da’len. You are too kind…”


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He beams and lifts them into the air, swinging around as they squeal in delight. Finally, he presses a kiss to their cheek and laughs. “I love you, too, little amatus.”


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She lets out a squeal and kisses their head as she picks them up, cuddling them. “Oh, you are so sweet! I love you, too, mi pequeño amore!”


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She grins slyly and picks them up, bouncing them in her arms. “I love you, too.” she agrees. “For being so sweet, would you like a story or a song?”


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“I… I…” He’s speechless, eyes wide with shock. Finally, he smiles, soft and sweet. “I love you, too.”

dating remus lupin would include...


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- he’s literally the sweetest boyfriend ever
- reading to each other in the common room
- him writing sappy love poems about you
- he blushes when you read them and giggle
- you think he’s absolutely precious and reassure him with a kiss
- catching him staring at you every second of every day of the week
- sweet, gentle touches at all times
- kissing his neck because you can’t reach his lips most of the time
- refusing to let him go on a full moon
- “please don’t go.”
- “i have to, baby. i’ll be back soon, i promise.”
- extra cuddles before he has to leave you
- wearing his sweaters around even though they’re very big on you
- him smiling and flushing bright red when he sees you in them
- leaving cute notes and drawings in the margins of his journal
- he replies back to them in your journal
- it becomes one of the cute little things you both do every day
- pouring your heart out on paper about him to send to your parents
- they fall in love with him through your letters because your happiness shines through your writing
- he admires you when you sleep a lot
- james and sirius coo, pinching his cheeks when they catch him doing it
- “our sweet remus is in love, james.”
- “we’ve been replaced!”
- “shush. you’re gonna wake her!”
- him staring at you because he can’t believe you’re his girlfriend
- cuddling with his head on your chest
- you find it cute that he’s comforted by the beating of your heart when he cuddles you
- telling one another everything
- having absolutely no secrets because you both value honesty 100%
- fights are few and far between 
- having little fights about who loves the other more 
- cute play fights all the time oMG
- nose kisses!!!!
- watching him read and blushing like crazy because you’re so in love with him
- “i can’t focus on my book when such a beautiful girl is staring at me, sweetheart.”
- so much blushing i can’t even
- jealous remus = cuddly, needy remus
- “you’re cute when you’re jealous.”
- him getting shy because of it and nuzzling his face in your hair
- “i love you”’s every second of the day
- being relationship goals to everyone

BTS - they don’t want to change their kids smelly diaper. (maknae line)

Request: please do bts maknae line not wanting to change their kids smelly diaper. Thanks!


“Jimin, he’s your son too. You have to change his diapers whether you want it or not.” “But jagi … It’s very smelly. I’m going to die.” He pouted. “I don’t care. Do it now.” “Okay, be prepared to become a widow.”


“I can’t believe you’re forcing me to do this.” He spoke looking disgustingly at the baby. “It’s just diapers with a little poop.” You laughed. “Do you smell that? It looks like someone died in it!” “If you don’t change it now, I’ll rub that dirty diaper on your face.” “Okay, I’ll do it now.”


“Honey, are you sure he’s just a baby?” “I’m sure.” “Come on, you smell that! That look like a monster.” “IT’S ONLY POOP!” “I WILL HAVE TO PUT MY HAND IN THE POOP?” “NOT IF YOU DO THAT RIGHT!” “God, help me on this journey.” He said looking up.

requests are open until tomorrow. you can ask now. 

Silk Robe (Johnny!!!)

My fav anons requested:

 - Hiiiii! Could you possibly do a Johnny smut??? Like idc what it’s about as long as he is dominant af because have you met him? Tysm in advance!
 - Can you please make one for johnny.
 - Could you please do a Johnny smut but something that has to do with Trey Songz- Love Faces lol please and thank you

- Can we get some lovely Johnny smut to celebrate his debut?^^

author: ADMIN NI, MAN

genre: smut

word count: 1,953

a/n: HIIIIIIIIII. It’s been forever, guys… Thank you guys for requesting so much of my bias, my baby, my Johnny… there’s still so much more I get to do for him!!! I hope y’all like it(;;;;;;;;;;;; seriously love you all so much, you request such good stuff.  btw I didn’t proof read so there is bound to be some errors

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let’s take a moment to appreciate how selfless sasuke’s mission is

I was talking with my mother about gaiden when sasuke’s absence came out.As someone who considers sakura her favorite character in anime I was considering the situation from her pov. I don’t have a father so I think I can understand also sarada pov , when suddenly she asked me “ what about sasuke poor baby” after all the shit he went through ,how coud you not feel sorry for him? she compared the situation with her leaving me to live with my grandparents for 6 years…. Even know my mum breaks in tears when she remebers leaving me back. Was she an egoist bitch , who left me behind , without a father? or a caring mother who had to leave me in order to gain money to live and to have a better life? so why is sasuke considered the egoist scum who wanted to leave his family and dissepear?

Not only he basically becomes the hokage in shadows , as a second danzo but he had to leave his dear loved ones back , after he finally gained the happiness he wasn’t allowing himself to know.  This is such a noble gest

And I don’t see people complaining about naruto’s wish to go with him? why the argument is valid only with sasusaku ? that’s quite contradictory isn’t it;)

And please notice the look he has, does it seem to you a happy men who wanted to have fun alone , by leaving his family back



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Hi, could you write more domestic/dad Bucky things? Like Home. I loved that so much, oh my gosh. Maybe them having a big family or other baby on the way, or just interacting with their children, please? <3

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: same universe as this (but this prompt can be read on its’ own)

A/N: dad!bucky is basically my kink lol. AND I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED “A new home”!!! I hope you enjoy this little piece as well <33 

You rushed down the stairs (or at least tried to be quick, but being heavily pregnant made it a little harder) and went into the kitchen where Bucky was currently making pancakes for Amy and Nathan.

“Sorry, I’m so late. I love you,” you kissed Bucky, then the back of the children’s heads.
“You shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself, (Y/N).”
You simply waved him off and went outside to your car. Your due date was in two weeks. That was two weeks of you being able to get stuff done. You certainly wouldn’t waste that time.

The kids watched you drive away, then returned their attention to their dad.

“Daddy? When do I get my baby sister?” the three – almost four year old asked and Nathan rolled his eyes.

“They’ve already told you that it’s going to be a boy.”

The girl turned her head to her brother, then back to her father, then once more to Nathan and one final time to her dad, with tears filling her eyes and her lower lip trembling.

Bucky sighed annoyed by his son’s attitude.

“Good job, buddy.”  

Nathan simply shrugged. It’s not like he was lying. 

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Request: Can I request a jay park smut where he’s the submissive for the night and the lead girl over stimulates him and he’s begging and a mess please?

Genre: SMUT!!!!

Word Count: 2732

Contains: smut, sub! jay, dom! MC

Comments: forgive me father for i have sinned // i kinda took this idea and ran with it // it’s kinda bad but i hope you like it omf

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Okay, so we all agree that after Keith is revealed to be a Galra, all the drama happens, and things are sad, right?

But what about, after things have calmed down, Keith trying his damn hardest to make the best of his situation. He’s a Galra, right? Time to help the team figure out Galra weaknesses. He trains against them all, one by one, so that they can figure out the best ways to take a Galra soldier down. He lets Pidge and Coran and Allura perform scan after scan, test after test, so they can fully understand Galra anatomy and physiology. No matter how uncomfortable he may feel, if this helps the team, he’s willing to put up with it.

But the most important thing to him is helping Shiro. Shiro, who still flinches when he catches sight of Keith, who sometimes will freeze up when they’re fighting. Shiro is (understandably) terrified of the Galra, and Keith wants to help.

How? Well, the fun thing about Galra is that their fur? Actually happens to be really soft. Like, think giant purple chinchillas. His ears are even softer because they’re super fluffy. Keith gets the idea from Pidge, who mentions off-hand that they wish they could pet Keith’s ears, and Keith figures why not try it? If letting Shiro pet his super fluffy and soft ears will make him feel better, then he is gonna try it.

Of course, the tricky part is how to approach Shiro with the idea. He can’t exactly go up to his leader and just say, “Hey I noticed you’re still kind of scared of me but if you want you can pet my super fluffy ears and maybe that will make you feel better?”

(Actually, it turns out you can do that. And Keith doesthat because he can’t think of anything better. And it’s weird and awkward at first but somehow it actually works and it turns out petting Keith’s ears is actually really soothing and therapeutic and he ends up kind of offering to the rest of his team sometimes too except he only does it when they’re having a really bad time because it’s kind of embarrassing for him but Shiro’s allowed to pet his ears whenever because Shiro is always having a really bad time and Keith just wants to help so yeah Shiro has unlimited ear access. And all is well)

Just wanted to throw that out there. Consider the fluffy possibilities

Cute? - Taehyung Smut

Words: 976

Warning: Smutty

@ariesm12 requested: Hello I would love if you made a story about Kim taehyung being bi polar and doing some kinky stuff feel free to add what you want please and thank you.

Originally posted by btstaehyunged

  He was there, on your bed, you both smiling and playing some cards. His smile was driving you insane. He was doing so much aegyo that you were almost throwing up a rainbow.

 “Damn, you are so baby that I’ve no idea how someone can fuck you” you said. He smirked, touching his non-existents dimples.

 “That cute face makes everyone want to fuck me” he said and you laughed at him. You kept playing that game of teasing but then, you crossed the line, not even knowing you did.

 “Come on Tae, you don’t have to lie to me. You are such a baby, what can you do, huh?” you teased “Fuck someone with this baby-dick? You couldn’t be rougher even if you wanted to” you finished and his smile fell from his face. O-oh.

 “Excuse me?” he asked his voice too serious for your liking.  He started to get closer to you and you gave a step back onto the bed.

“I- I mean, you are so cute that I can’t even imagine you being rough” you whispered shyly. Why were you shy?

 “So you think I can’t be rough? That’s what you think?” he asked. You didn’t say anything before he leaned in and crashed his lips on yours. At first you couldn’t answer, you were in shock.  What should I do? This will ruin our relationship! Should I stop? You asked yourself as he licked your bottom lip. You opened your mouth to him unconsciously. He pushed you softly against the mattress, pulling away from the kiss and spreading your legs apart. You tried to close them, because you were wearing a skirt.

 “I’ll show you that I’m not just a cute face” he said and attacked your neck. Fuck. He gave you licks and bites, making you moan a little. His hands found the edge of your shirt, pulling it up slowly, his fingertips touching your skin as it was getting exposed. You shivered against his touch. He took off your shirt completely and lifted you long enough to take his.

 “No bra? You’re so nasty” he teased and you rolled your eyes. He took one of your nipples on his mouth and the other in his hands, massaging it. You moaned and felt his smile against you.

 “That’s it. Moan for me, baby girl” he groaned. Fucking hell, were you really doing that? And worst: did you like?

 He let his teeth brush against your nipple, making you scream and lift your back from the bed, but he forced you down. He traveled down to your stomach, living wet kisses till he found your skirt.

 “Hmm… Should I take it off?” he teased.

 “Fuck yes” you groaned and he chuckled.

“Yes what?” he asked.

You didnt know what to say. Did he want you to call him daddy? Sir? What?

“Please, sir” you said shyly.

 “So horny” he said and took off your skirt and panties, leaving you completely exposed. You shivered at the contact with the cold air. You watched as his head disappeared between your legs, kissing you inner thighs teasingly. You gasped when his delicious tongue found your pussy. Fuck.  His tongue was licking up and down your slit, occasionally entering your entrance agonizingly slow.

“Tae please…” you whimpered. You needed more.

“Are you already begging?” he teased. He introduced one finger inside you, then another, then another. They were sliding inside you easily, the sounds of your wet pussy filling the room.  He felt your walls clenching around his fingers and pulled away. You whimpered.

 He took off his pants and underwear, letting his erection breaks free. Fucking hell, that was big as fuck. He noticed your gaze and chuckled.

“You didn’t expect the cute boy to have a big dick, did you?” he teased. You licked your licks, wondering how would be his taste. He crawled over you and positioned his tip on your entrance. He teased, running it up and down but not entering.

 “I should not do it. I’m just too cute” he mimicked your voice. Asshole.

 “Just push in” you almost screamed.

“Beg for it”

Was he serious? Ah! You wanted him so badly, you just needed to fuck. Fine.

 “Please Tae, fuck me. Show me how rough you can be” you said and before you could finish your sentence he pushed in roughly, his skin slapping yours. You both groaned at the feeling. He started moving in and out in a fast and hard pace. He leaned in to suck your nipples, his thrusts hitting your g-spot so fucking well.

“I’m gonna fuck you like the little slut you are” he groaned.


  “Fuck, Tae!” you screamed, your walls clenching around his dick.

 “You like it, huh?” he groaned, “do you like to feel my dick in your tight little pussy?” Your skins were slapping against each other roughly, the sound turning you on even more. “I wanna make you scream my name” he said and pulled away, only to spin you around and fuck you from behind. He pushed in again, grabbing your hair and forcing your head back. He approached to your ear.

 “You’re such a dirty girl? Don’t you?” he groaned, his thrusts getting deeper and deeper.

 “Fucking hell, tae” you mewled. His hand traveled down and played with your clit, adding pressure. You wouldn’t take it for too long, you felt your climax approaching.

 “Taehyung!” You screamed, your walls clenching again.

His teeth found your neck, sucking your skin harshly. Cute? That wasnt cute. That was rough and you liked it.

 “Cum for me, baby girl” he commanded.

After you were done, you got dressed, both panting. You looked at him as he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer.

 “So, do you still think I’m cute or I still have to prove you the opposite?” he asked.

i can’t get over the (third) kitchen scene because it’s not like isak and even stopped being so fucking adorable the second the camera went to vilde and magnus. there’s no time reference. so remember:

the whole setting is soft and dreamy and a little bit nostalgic, christmas music playing in the background, and even and isak keep kissing in the kitchen, hands stroking cheeks and running through hair, and it’s not a serious make-out because when it’s just getting there, even suddenly asks isak if he can please have some of that money because isak wouldn’t even have 500kr if not for even, and isak buries his face in even’s shoulder as he laughs because that doesn’t make any sense, even? and then they start kissing again, and isak makes a humming noise, tilting his head back and opening his mouth wider, and even drops little pecks on his lips and whispers, please? i could buy a new hoodie and isak tugs on even’s hair and rolls his eyes, baby, you can use all of mine anytime you want. now can you please kiss me? and even pretends to think about it, lips pursed, then he says, nei. you can’t always have what you want, isak and isak puppy-scowls at him and goes, me? you’re going to say no to me? until even laughs and relents, okay, okay, i lied! you can have everything you want and they go on kissing for long, long, long minutes until eskild barges in on them begging even to put up the mistletoe because he’s a giant

Happy Birthday - SMUT

Pairing: Joe Sugg x Reader

Request:  “Can I have a Joe sugg smut please?”

You were half asleep in bed, feeling something running up and down your thighs. You groaned and pulled the duvet closer to your chin, trying to fall back to sleep. You heard a deep chuckle near your ear. “Happy Birthday baby.”

You groggily opened your eyes and turned over and you found yourself in the warm arms of your boyfriend, Joe. You smiled when you realised he was right; it was your birthday. “Morning” you whispered. Joe smiled back at you and his hand moved to your waist. He slipped it under your tank top. He leaned in to give you a kiss and you naturally reciprocated. His hand snuck up your body and rested on your breast. While still kissing you he started to gently tweak your nipple and you moaned into the kiss and felt him smile against your lips. He loved to tease you.

He moved down to kissing your neck, he knew it drove you crazy. “I’m going to spoil you today babe” He abandoned your neck and shifted down the bed. He spread your legs and lay in between them. “Starting now.” You had just slept in underwear and a tank top so you were already quite exposed. He began leaving kisses up your thighs and just as he’d get close to where you wanted him most he’d switch to the other thigh and chuckle to himself, enjoying your desperation.

“Please Joe” you pleaded. You needed some friction, you were about to reach your hand down there yourself when he looped a finger in each side of your underwear and pulled them down, leaning to one side so he could pull them all the way off and discard them on the bed. You moaned impatiently at him.  He rested his hands on the tops of your thighs, making sure they stayed spread. You felt his mouth on your clit ad you instantly felt yourself melt.  He used his tongue to flick your clit and he reached one hand up to again play with your nipple. The combination was driving you wild.  He lightly pinched your nipple and you moaned. Joe loved hearing you moan for him.

He moved his tongue to focus on your entrance and his thumb took over on your clit, slowly rubbing it. Joe brought his head up for a moment but increased the intensity of his thumb on your clit. Your breathing was getting more laboured and he just watched you enjoying it for a few moments. “Tell me what you want baby.”

You looked down at him “I need your fingers Joe, fuck.” You felt Joe slide a finger into you, burying his head again to use his tongue on our clit. You were in ecstasy, feeling Joe’s finger move in and out and his tongue making your writhe on the bed when you felt another finger being added. You hummed contently at the fullness.  Joe was going so deep every time and you couldn’t help but mumble swear words every now and them. As your breathing sped up and he knew you were close he stopped using his mouth so he could focus on hitting your g-spot, curling his fingers to do so. You knew he got your g-spot when you literally convulsed and a quiet but high-pitched sound came out of your mouth and he kept pumping his fingers in and out. He lightly kissed on a sweet spot at the top of your inner thigh, leaving hickeys.

 “Are you close baby?”


“Come on Y/N, come for me. I want you to come on my fingers while I fuck you with them.” His words were enough to spur you on and he quickened his pace. You grabbed the back of his head and brought his mouth to your clit again and he obliged.

You felt your orgasm wash over you and Joe kept moving his fingers and you squeezed your eyes shut as you came.

When you opened them again Joe was back at your side and wrapping you into his arms, you cuddled into him.  Joe kissed you on the temple “Happy birthday again Y/N”

A/N: Hope it’s what you wanted and that you guys enjoyed it :) Feel free to request anything else!

so i was inspired by @whatofyouyoungprincerenarin​‘s sa hungergames simulator post to make one for mistborn era 1, and the results were…not nearly as fun

of course he does. what an idiot. must be early book 1 elend.

this is DAY ONE. sorry brandon sanderson you were wrong. Kelsier would not survive longest in a pit fight to the death.

in character tbh. rip his guts out please.

a match made in heaven.

yes my boy deserves happiness.

haha Vin and Straff becoming such close buds after the stalking. next they will be a couple lol

or is it ruin????


???? such an odd combination…tho i guess TenSoon does have some experience with suicide pacts?

this is the worst crack pairing of all time. i did not mean it seriously. please stop. please bash his head in with a rock. 

YESSS!! my baby boy you finally did it :D now run through the fire and prove your strength

why does zane have memoirs? i dont understand.



no no no no no no no no

fuck you and everything in the world.