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Newt Scamander’s Day Off

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Request:   Can you please do when where Newt has a day off and he decided to take advantage and do cute stuff with the reader?  - Anon

I actually kind of liked this one? Bit short tho

You smirked.  “The Niffler.”

You were standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast alone, as always.  Newt would always be awake before you and go into his case to work on his book more, in which case you would call him up when breakfast was ready.  You softly hummed to yourself as you stood in front of the sink, when you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist causing you to let out a surprised squeak and jump.  You felt a head rest on your shoulder.  

“Hello, baby,” you said, bringing up a hand to pet Newt’s hair.

“Hello, love.”

“What on earth are you, Newt Scamander, doing up here this early?” You asked.

He unwrapped his hands from your waist and turned you around to face him.  “I decided to take a break from my book today and spend it with the most wonderful woman in the world.”

You smirked and cupped a hand around his cheek.  “Aw, you’re too sweet,” you said and leaned in to place a quick kiss on his lips.

He smiled and pulled you closer.  “Now come on.  I’ll help you with breakfast for once, I owe you one.”

You both made breakfast (without magic because Noot wants to spend quality time with you).  You made cinnamon rolls (which you referred to as Newt multiple times that morning)

You both enjoyed your cinnamon rolls together as you listened with wonder as Newt told you of new and exciting things he had learned about his creatures.  Pickett would occasionally pop out of Newt’s pocket to observe the scene causing you to giggle.

Once you had both finished eating, you volunteered to clean up and wash the dishes.  (Because you’re nice and you figured Newt, as clumsy as the cinnamon roll could be, would lose his train of thought and chip or crack a few plates).  As you scrubbed the dishes, Newt busied himself in the living room, tossing every pillow and blanket it seemed he could find onto the large sofa in a huge pile.

When you finished the washing the dishes and used your wand to put them back in their rightful place in the cupboards.  You walked into the living room where you saw Newt’s masterpiece.

You raised an eyebrow.  “Uh, Newt.  What is this exactly?” you asked, gesturing towards the sofa.

He grinned, walking over to you.  Newt suddenly and swiftly picked you up bridal style.

“Newt!” you squealed.

He laughed and pecked your lips.  He spun you around once, making you grip your arms around his neck for dear life.  “I just want to cuddle with my beautiful girlfriend!” he finally said and threw himself onto the extremely soft and fluffy stack of pillow and blankets; pulling you with him.  You giggled.

Newt pulled you extremely close to him so that your head was tucked directly under his chin.  You took it upon yourself to rearrange the pillows and blankets, (Even though Newt wouldn’t let you get very far out of his grasp), so that you and Newt were completely comfortable and engulfed by a mound of very soft pillows and blankets.  Newt pressed a kiss to your forehead and cuddled up to you.  You stayed that way in silence for what felt like hours but was really only two minutes.

He sighed.  “Why me?”

“What?” you replied, confused.

“Why me?  You’re Y/N L/N.  A girl who could have any man she possibly wanted.  Why did you choose me?”

You smiled.  “Baby.  Look at yourself.  You’re Newt Scamander.  You’re brilliant, talented, loving, sweet, adorable, and many other things.  You’re… different.  A wonderful kind of different.  There’s no one quite like you, Newt,” you answered, rubbing circles on his back.

He nuzzled his nose in your hair, inhaling your scent (creep xD).  “You’re too nice to me.”

“Aw.  I love you more than anything in the world… except…”

“Except what?” Newt quickly said, sounding angry.

You smirked.  “The Niffler.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

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spock holds things and looks cute

-we are number one plays in the distance-

  • half of the karmagisa fics I've seen so far: nagisa begrudgingly cross-dresses, humor ensues, forced romance at the end
  • NONE of the karmagisa fics I've seen YET: nagisa begrudgingly cross-dresses, for once someone actually notices that it bothers him especially now that they've met his mother, SOMEONE COMFORTS HIM MAYBE AND TELLS HIM HE'S HANDSOME??????????

Okay so… I’ve just checked the Terumob tag and, well, I’ve seen peeps arguing over the one-sided love thing and, omg I want you to know that it wasn’t my intention to show some kind of  toxic relationship between them!!. It’s just an idea, something I wondered like, what if teru *thinks*… what if he *THINKS* his love is unrequited? I never said it actualy was!! NNGH, I never wanted to kill teru either… I just thought it was a very romantic idea. Mob is almost forced to notice how much he loves Teru too over this disease issue. Happy endings are my favorite thing!!

could adult antis on this website please be nicer or at least more patient + less hostile with minors. any of the bad shit they’re parroting they absorbed from adults in fandom and the blaming of 13-16 year olds for getting sucked into the pervasive ideas that adults spread is useless



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Maestro Hux of the Erste Orden Sinfonie has survived the big gala concert and won over obstreperous piano virtuoso Kylo Ren and hopefully his board of directors too. But now Ren’s gone back to New York, and mysterious rumblings from the wings suggest that perhaps not all is as serene as it seems.


This is for @ceruleancynic, with an enormous amount of love.

And because I’ve never been asked so many times for a sequel by so many people, and because let’s face it, I wanted to come back to this too.

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posting here, because some people from my queenie blog also follow me over here. but for those of you who don’t know, hi, i’m ally. of several blogs around many fandoms, but of late i’ve mostly spent time on my queenie goldstein blog, lcgilimens

my queenie account was terminated. i don’t know why. i’ve contacted support and am trying to sort things out as quickly as possible. i did not delete in purpose. i’m trying to come back.

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