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Okay, this is ( hopefully ) the last time I’m going to talk about Saiouma and this mess;

Many people think Ouma’s 100% gay. And it’s okay if you think that and I will respect that opinion, but nothing like this was ever 100% confirmed.

I agree with people in the comment section: There’s still an option he’s  bi or pan.

I get why some people might not agree with that but please try to understand. 

Btw. If I sounded like I have something against gays -that’s NOT it. The main reason why I don’t like Saiouma is Saihara.

I don’t want this blog to be full of ship wars so I’d be very glad if we can end it here.

-Mod Himiko

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Nepeta fur that one thing abt how you think of them please!

We got some nep fans in the house tonight I see!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

As you can tell everyone in homestuck is pretty hot.

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: i heard nepeta leijon has an eight pack. that nepeta is shredded.

worst quality: died too soon :/

ship them with: Terezi, Roxy, Jade…p much all the girls.

brotp them with: also tz, roxy, and jade…and equius obvs. and calliope tbh they’d get along so well.

needs to stay away from: gamzee, though i think if a second post-murderstuck encounter were to occur, she could beat him up.

misc. thoughts: as much as i want to mention Davepeta in this post, they’re their own character at this point and deserve to be treated as such. Plus y’all wanted to hear about bona fide nep.

Your Mercury + Language You Should Study

I love learning new languages and these are the ones that I feel best suit each mercury! This assessment is mainly based on the culture behind the language and the semantics of each one. Disclaimer: PLEASE don’t get hung up on the descriptions guys, they’re just my personal opinions. Sorry about some of the gifs, I know they’re not the best quality. Anyway, enjoy ☾

☿ Aries: Mandarin (speech that is considered to be honorable & intricate)

☿ Taurus: French (speech that is elegant & associated with a natural poise)

☿ Gemini: Italian (speech that is expressive and uses the entire body to convey)

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☿ Cancer: Swahili (speech that is inclusive and relational; feels welcoming) 

☿ Leo: Spanish (speech that is passionate and can be explosive in nature)

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☿ Virgo: Latin (speech that is concrete and has roots; can help with deducing the meaning of words from other languages)

☿ Libra: Thai (speech that is respectful, diplomatic and friendly) 

☿ Scorpio: Swedish (speech that is bold, daring and mysterious)

☿ Sagittarius: Dutch (speech that seems to have no rules; liberal and fun)

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☿ Capricorn: German (speech that has strict rules that many natives have trouble following; dedicated and raw)

☿ Aquarius: Arabic (speech that can reach many, near and far; code-switching makes for interesting dialogue)

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☿ Pisces: Japanese (speech that is spiritual, hospitable and delicate)

Why I’m not okay with the pewdiepie thing

As a jewish person, I don’t care if pewdiepie is not actually anti-semitic. I don’t care if it was just a joke, I don’t care if it was “out of context” on the media. It doesn’t matter. It’s worse enough with the context.

The guy has 50 million subscribers, you don’t put that kind of message and laugh it off. You don’t help normalizing this kind of stuff. It’s fucked up.

There is an ENDLESS LIST of stupid funny shit you can have them write on that sign, was “death to all jews” really necessary? 

Death to all jews it’s not just some thing people said 70 years ago - No, we actually get it a lot. There are probably people out there who watch this video and smile because here is their stupid fucking radical opinion on a popular video. (the daily stormer actually calls him “our guy”). 

This sentence is not supposed to look like a joke to you, or something that can be used for a stupid meme. Please don’t be forgiving towards anti Semitic remarks while Antisemitism is clearly alive and well.

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Please never get that obnoxious again holy hell. Some real bad opinions coming from you

*pulls up to the intercom at the Bad Opinions According To This Anon drivethru* hey yeah can i get a fuckin uhhhhh “gay kids exist and deserve to see themselves represented in media”

Lately, I’ve been seeing something slightly bothersome around studyblr, and I just want to say something about it. Basically, there seems to be this attitude cropping up (or at least that I’ve seen/heard about more frequently these days) that your grades reflect your level of effort, or that by simply working hard and putting more effort in, your grades will automatically improve. I disagree.

Yes, there are certainly some cases where you’re already proficient in a class and if you just put in the extra time to study, you’d do better. But there are some classes where grades are not a measure of the level of effort you put in, and therein lies my biggest issue with the grading system and these types of studyblr posts in general. This was certainly the case with me in honors physics (so bear with me, because I have a very large point to make with the following anecdote).

Personally, I’ve always had “easy A” classes where I don’t have to work hard; my brain and academic strengths simply favor me in that particular subject, so with minimal effort I can still be top in the class. And then I see peers who go in for tutoring every day, who spend hours studying and meeting with teachers, who basically invest 100 times the effort I do… and still can’t get above a B or C.

This is not to mention people who take classes that are “reaches” and, accordingly, don’t do so well – even though they work hard – because it’s a challenge. Then there are those who take lower level classes but have capabilities beyond that – and don’t need to put effort in – thus giving them an unfairly easy A. Does their A mean that they work harder? That they’re a better student, studier, scholar, intellectual? Hell to the no.

English is one of those “easy A” classes for me. I’m just innately strong in verbal-linguistic intelligence (going off of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences), so I’ve literally never had to study for English tests or reading comp/writing. But put me in other classes, particularly science classes? Well, that’s something else entirely.

Which brings me to junior year honors physics. 

Guys, I studied my ASS off, for hours at a time. I desperately Skyped people in my class nearly every night to try to understand the homework and spent every lunch block trying to master the material. I met with my physics teacher and tutor all the time and had a dozen anxiety attacks (and I mean actual, diagnosed anxiety attacks) over that one class because I tried harder than I’ve ever tried… and I got a B for the whole year. I was the one who dreaded seeing that red number scrawled on my test, who shoved it into my backpack before others could see and blinked back tears, thinking, But I studied so hard!

Physics was a nightmare I was desperate to forget by the end of junior year. But then a couple things happened that shocked me, and I instantly thought of them when I read some of these posts about good effort = good grades.

Now, my physics teacher, who has a reputation for being on the strict side and being a tough grader, has had four teaching assistants (TAs) in five years of teaching. Most science teachers at my school have as many as five a year. At the end of 11th grade, after I’d scraped by with a B in his class, he asked me if I wanted to be a TA. Out of the entire grade – out of the multitude of students I’d watched parade past with straight A’s and “that test was so easy” and “I barely studied” and “sorry Edye I don’t know how else to explain it to you” – he chose me.

I think I (very graciously) blurted out, “What? Why?” because I was so taken aback. He said that I was hardworking and dedicated – that I’d always gone above and beyond in my studying and meeting with him – and he wanted someone like me to be a TA. I was flattered, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a TA during senior year. (Also, anyone who doesn’t think he’s super nice is incredibly wrong. He’s awesome.)

Two years later, I got to read his college recommendation for me. Bear in mind that I was not, based on my grades, a top student in his class. And this is what he wrote for his opening line:

Honors Physics is a rigorous course that draws from the strongest students in the junior class and Edye proved to be one of those students.

What? He had seen my report card, right? I got worse grades than all of my friends. I got a goddamn 66 on a test in that class, my all time low. He continued:

One of the many examples of Edye’s commitment [is when she] had been ill and missed quite a bit of school and consequently had a lot of school work to make up in all of her classes.  Many students in this situation would take one or more classes pass / fail for the quarter; Edye would not take the pass/fail option and insisted she complete all the work and complete it with the grade she would earn.  She did in fact complete all of the work and with a B-.  A remarkable accomplishment considering she kept current with her studies while making up all of the missed work.

He called a B-minus “a remarkable accomplishment.” Did he say “too bad she didn’t put enough effort in, which was reflected in a B-minus” or “she only got a B-minus, so I guess she didn’t try hard enough”? No, he praised the amount of effort I put in, even though I didn’t even get a “good” grade.

I’m hardly one to knock putting in effort, but what bothers me is that this attitude, that effort = good grades, has the potential to make people feel bad. To feel like if they aren’t acing a class even though they’re studying harder than anybody else, well, they just aren’t trying hard enough. Yes, grades are important. So is effort. But they are not always directly correlated. As is evidenced by my story, sometimes people who get lower grades have worked even harder then those who got high grades. And, if they’re lucky, this will be acknowledged. (I can certainly attest that while I’ve been praised by English teachers for my writing skills and intellect, they’ve never singled me out for putting in an exceptional amount of effort. They know that while I’m proactive and responsible, I don’t try super hard because, well, I don’t really need to in order to get a good grade.)

Encourage other students to put in a reasonable amount of effort; recommend different study methods. But don’t tell them that good effort = good grades. Teach them to measure their success by looking at how productive they’re being, how proactive they are in reaching out for help, how dedicated they are to their education, how resilient they are in the face of obstacles, how committed they are to school. Admire those who refuse to take the easy way out, even if they only get a C. These qualities, which are far more important than a 4.0, just don’t always translate directly into good grades.

I dislike seeing this message all over Tumblr, that to get better grades you just have to try harder – which carries with it the implication that if you don’t get good grades, it’s because you aren’t putting enough effort in – when I know from firsthand experience that this is not always true. I strongly believe in trying to be the best student you can be, rather than trying to be in the top 5%. But in the end, do what works for you. Just take it with a grain of salt.

And to my followers, and anyone reading this… please know that, if you work hard regardless of your grades, you are already a model student, and you are absolutely someone I look up to.

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Hello, Cherry. Could you please shed some light on signs and gemstones? I've read so much on this topic and I only get more and more confused. I would love to know your opinion! ^.^

hey, i used to study crystals a lot, i found it hard bc i am not a visual person. but they are forms of energy and some can resonate with certain signs and accelerate or relieve energy, there are some i have found over the years that help certain signs

Aries: Aragonite - promotes patience and acceptance, calms the the mind and body, dispels self contempt. Ruby -  refills depleted energy supplies, heals overexertion and exhaustion, lights a steady and warm inner flame. Blue Obsidian - provides a sense of peace. Aventurine - dispels anger and hostility, restores health to head region 

Taurus: Citrine - fortune, income, stability. Garnet -  helps exchange materialism for spiritual peace, promotes abundance from within. Goshenite helps to dispel tired, destructive habits 

Cancer: Emerald - helps articulate thoughts, encourages domestic pleasure. Green Dioptase - Releases past-life and current-life emotional traumas, heals one’s inner child. Halite - protects from negative and poisonous energies 

Gemini: Fluorite - intellect and concentration. Amber accelerates everything and Gem needs everything cos they are everyone. Red Jasper - balances yin and yang. Yellow fluorite - Heals sub-personalities and negative inner voices

Leo: Kunzite - heals self - negativity and self-depreceating voices, reduces negativity caused by fear and insecurity. Coral blue - heals the relationship with inner child, disintegrates trauma from an early age. Suglitle - helps to identify what gives will be given to the world. Tiger’s Eye: energises pride, power, and courage

Virgo: Rhodonite (relieves anxiety), accelerates generosity, Carnelian -  promotes logic, clarity, and perception. Sodalite - helps infuse analysis with intuition. White Mother of Pearl -  aids in knowing that everything is okay, also helps immune system

Libra: Herkimer Diamond -  promotes mental clarity, positivity, aids living peacefully, connects to other dimensions and stars. Coral - supports intuition and intellect for creativity. Jade - harmonises chaotic relationships. Septarian - Takes in energy and psychic information from and about other people when they are focused upon 

Sagittarius: Apophylite-  illuminates truth and accelerates intuition, generates light. Magnetite - hip and leg relief, grounding stone. Orange Sapphire - stimulates one’s desire for soul growth and experiences that lead to soul growth. Labradorite - connects spiritual and physical worlds

Scorpio: Botswana eye Agate allows for exploration into the unknown, Red Coral balances physical and spiritual worlds, Malachite - transformation and embracing of new challenges. Pink Sapphire - heals heart scars 

Capricorn: Onyx - durability and endurance, Citrine - income, stability, fortune, Sodalite encourages self esteem. Jasper, brings back to present time, regenerates and repairs the grounding system. Orpiment (orange)- Helps manifest their life purpose and path, highlights success pathways

Aquarius: Blue Goldstone (galaxy, astrologers stone), Atlantisite - enhances intuitive and cerebral functions, expands the mind, Giarsol Quartz - facilitates powers of the mind for goodness. Rosalite - educes stress and burnout, overstimulation, sensory overload and being overwhelmed

Pisces: White Phenacite - fills the aura with white light of protection. Kornerupine - grounds the overuse of psychic energy, heals the emotional heart, clears heart scars. Smoky Quartz - helps ground into this dimension and incarnation and planetary consciousness


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hi viria i have a problem im dealing with right now ;; in my fandom genderswaps/bends are growing ever more popular and more and more big art/fic creators are accepting and supporting them. as someone trans i've been trying to educate people on how harmful it is, but as more & more 'big' or 'popular' accounts publicly enjoy them, its harder & harder to have an audience that will listen. i used to enjoy genderswaps myself but now ive come to see how truly harmful they are. i want to keep (1/6)

trying to educate ppl but soon it will be near impossible to convey my message as almost a whole of my fandom will just come to accept them and love them so much they wont listen ;; do you have any words to say from your perspective as an artist or from any other standpoint? even just a small word would mean so much, this trend is growing more and more rapidly and stronger every time a fic or piece of art supporting it is produced ;; (2/6) 

i come to you asking such a thing because there are fewer and fewer people that share the same belief as me that it is bad. the argument defending it seems very convincing to many. some trans/qenderqueer/nonbinary people find it enjoyable and comforting but those that are on the opposite spectrum - ppl like me who feel dysphoric and invalidated by it - are in the end told to deal with it and let ppl write/draw what they want and just avoid it since its a comfort to some. another argument (3/6)

is of artistic liscense: you should be able to make whatever you want and this is strengthened by the fact doing so comforts some trans/gq people. but i feel forgotten. do the people that are hurt by it not matter? i feel ashamed now when i try to put out my msg. but i just want to feel a little more normal within my fandomspace. i want to feel like i exist. yet hardly anyone will listen. it’s not longer something i and my friends can avoid and never really was, because it is harmful and (4/6) 

we have a right to speak out against harmful things, yes? i am finding it harder and harder to believe it. i really just yearn to feel normal as the people that are consoled by genderswapping feel normal. i feel i should mention i do remember when you made genderswap art and were educated and apologized, i have gone through the same process myself. i hope i am not bringing up bad memories and apologize if i happen to ;; please, if you could give just a few words yourself it (5/6)   


Hello! I’m sorry, I think my askbox managed to eat the last part of your message, so it’s not entirely full! But I feel like I get enough information from these parts nonetheless. 

First of all, please, please, try to not let any strangers on the internet make you feel abnormal. I feel like it must be very hard to be put in such a space, but as much as you can, please focus on the people who DO share your opinion on this. As much as it might not look like it, I am sure many people (even out of those who still do genderswaps) mean no harm, don’t yet know how hurtful it is for some other people and WILL listen to you!

I remember when people educated me over this, there were so many who thought that…how to put it. That I think very very bad of transgender people, while I, at that point, didn’t really know much about this issue. When it doesn’t happen to you, it’s not always the thing that crosses your mind. I feel like people who explain why and how this is wrong to artists, especially with their point of view, do help to fuel a thought in someone’s mind, offer them to think about it if they didn’t have the option before.

I try to be hopeful for people, I want to think that even if genderswaps are popular, there are still many empathic people who will listen to you, and who will understand how you feel.

For many it comes to a choice: whether they enjoy genderswaps enough to still draw it when they know how much it upsets some people. It was very fun to draw, but I don’t want to be the cause of someone’s distress by doing it. So… I want to think many people might share my choice. 

I’d say…if you choose to explain your point of view to people who still do genderswaps, try to not make bashing someone the first thing you write them. It might cause anger and defense, and it might not lead anywhere. Back then I was “educated” in a way that made me cry my eyes out, but it’s not something everyone will be willing to go through. For me, it wasn’t people who yelled at me what a piece of crap I was, but people who really explained what they felt that made me think on this topic more. Keep in mind that there still might be people who don’t yet know your point of view. What they see - is the pictures on the internet, people do them, so they assume it’s okay. You don’t usually think “Hm, what can possibly be wrong with this picture?” about drawings you see on the internet. 

As for your safe place, I think you have already done that, block all the genderswap tags to try to avoid on your dashboard. Even if there are people who stop doing them, there will most likely still be people who just started, simply because there are so so many. You don’t want to stress out because of something the stranger did from the other side of the globe.

I’m sorry if this is zero help, I know there is no way to change everyone’s opinion or to inform everyone, but please, don’t lose yourself with this. You are you and you are important, what you feel is absolutely legit and valid, remember it!

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I know I never make original content but here we have it, a fic rec list from yours truely! I’ll say the rating and give the discription, and my opinion as well. Always check tags before reading! BTW these are not in order at all!!


Every Colour You See

“Lance always wanted to be an artist. But after a car accident, he’s left with a rare disorder called monochromacy; making him unable to see any colour.
Keith is a rebellious foster kid with a photographic memory and a passion for drawing, making safe places in his art, pieced together through photos in his mind…”

Rating: Teen and Up, 13 Ch; 39K words, Ongoing TW: violence, panic attacks, car accidents, PTSD, check tags on work before reading.

My opinion: From whats there so far, it’s full of support for each other and full of equal panic and angst so read carefully.


Not That Bad

“…College AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.”

Rating: Mature, 12 Ch; 68K words, complete TW: anxiety attacks

My Opinion: This whole work is amazing, it’s well written and it had motercycle Keith who doesn’t want that. Keith is shy, unrelated to Voltron, but the author made it work very well!


On Thin Ice

“…This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.” 

Rating: Mature, 9 (long) Ch; 150K words, Ongoing TW: anxiety attacks, SLOWBURN

My Opinion: I can not get enough of this fic, it has me waiting for the next update with antcipation at all times of the day, do not read if you care about social life. It’s so well written that lance feels tangible tbh. You get sassy interactions and a deep backstory that’s been yet to be released, although I have some ideas…

ALSO: Please go check out @soottea and @wardenalistair the former being an offical artist and co auther to the later, they are amazing and answer questions and are just generally lovely people! you can look through the tag OTI on my tumblr for some art!


Never Saw You Coming

“Three months in space on his own would have been fine. Three months in space with Lance McClain is a whole other fucking story.”

Rating: Mature, 1 (long) Ch; 47K words, Complete TW: anxiety attacks, Mental Torture, Slurs 

My Opinion: This fic was super sharp and harsh on Keith’s side of things, and it stays constant as you read through up until the very (very) end where everything falls into place and it all becomes soft. I love klance *swoons*


What are you willing to do?

“They fuck in the Red Lion.”

Rating: Mature, 1 Ch;4K words, Complete 

My Opinion: It’s the discription tbh nothing aside from it, read the tags :*


Don’t Break Connection, Baby

“Keith works part-time as a phone sex operator and receives a prank call from Lance. This does not go as planned for Lance. Thus begins the adventure of our dear sweet goofball continuing to call Keith to fuck with him (but not like fuck fuck with him…at least not yet)…”

Rating: Mature, 10 Ch; 38K words, Complete no major warnings but read the tags

My Opinion: This is so good, it has more plot than I expected and it’s actually super sweet. Keith does the hair thing and Lance falls for it as much as I do.


Dirty Laundry

“Lance makes the mistake of telling his Mom he has a boyfriend coming home with him for Christmas. Keith makes the mistake of agreeing to be Lance’s ‘fake boyfriend’.” 

Rating: Mature, 9 Ch; 85K words TW: Homophobic slurs, Anxiety, Violence 

My Opinion: SO GOOD, it moves at the perfect pace and you can watch them fall in love from miles away. It is amazing and theres so many times where it hurts to continue reading but you do anyway~


call me, beep me

“(00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose?
(00:31) Or was it a genuine mistake?
(00:32) Like maybe she writes funny and I misread it?
(00:32) Some of the numbers do look a little dodgy…
(00:33) Cause, you know, her threes could very easily be poorly formed eights? And maybe she writes her sevens like her ones?
(00:45) What
(00:46) The
(00:46) Fuck???
(00:47) Oh good, you are awake! “

Rating: General Audience, 10 Ch; 85K words 

My opinion: UgH this is so sweet and I am in love, they’re all in college I think and pidge and hunk are the best wingmen. 


I bet you look good on the dancefloor

“So like in ‘Step Up’?”

Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in ‘Step Up’.”

The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance


doesn’t believe in dance camps”

Rating: Teen and Up, 7 Ch; 43K words TW: Shiro is shot, but he lives, 

My opinion: The dance fic everyone needs, and meme lance, pidge, hunk group.


This is it for now, but I can assure you I’ll be back!! please message me about literally any of these fics, I love to discuss <3

Rant thingy

Ok so everyone has heard about the new policy with enlistment but it seems that people are making stuff up about whats really going to happen. They are not getting sent to war, they are not being forced into anything and no one has attacked the country.

Honestly as a Korean(Im not speaking for all of us) you get used to it bc hey everyone does it not just idols, you go w/ the person to drop them off say bye/see you later/call me then go back home no tears nothing.

Im trying to say please stop over exaggerating it. Your “oppa” isn’t getting sent into an active warzone its literally just a boot camp. NOW LISTEN. IF something were to happen and we need an army then it may be dangerous/scary but a good majority of the time they just do their training then get stationed somewhere like a police station/base camp. NOTHING BAD/DANGEROUS HAPPENS.

Its mainly just a precaution that if anything were to happen to Korea(seeing as were not on good terms with some countries like NK) we have people trained and ready to be sent off. Unlike countries like America where if something happens your name is randomly chosen(if its in the database) even with no training.

My brother and father were both active in the army(Korean and American) they did 6+ months of bootcamp then were stationed(my dad was in Daegu my brother in Nevada) unless a country attacks they stay at their station for the mandatory amount of time then they get options 1. You can either willingly stay in the army and help or 2. You can honorably discharge. My brother left and went to college while my dad stayed, now my dad served for almost 10 years and only got sent into an active warzone THREE(3) times. He is now a veteran and working as a chef.

The ONLY time they will be sent into war is if absolutely necessary not “just because”. I know some other Koreans may not agree with me on the “its not that bad” standpoint because we all have separate opinions but please do not worry. Your fave kpop star will be ok, just as the rest of the men doing service with them. Please do not make posts saying that they are in danger, making false posts about their wellbeing or scaring people into thinking someone had attacked and that they will be stationed there.

Writers: Break the Rules

The entire reason we want to have writing “rules” is so that we can break them

Between my annoyed ranting and my personal opinions, it slipped my mind that many people haven’t been told this, and it’s only been brought to my attention recently that my own posts (and many others) don’t emphasize this point nearly enough.

Please take every writing guideline with a grain of salt. 

If someone says don’t do this it should never mean don’t ever do this but rather do this sparingly in order to get the effect you want out of it.

If you use stammers and ellipses to show pacing throughout your story, those things become the pacing itself. But if you use the sentence structure and action tags to show pacing, you can use stammers and ellipses to show anxiety, or create a unique speech pattern for a particular character, or a multitude of other cool things.

If you constantly use epithets to describe every character in your story, they become a long, often annoying alternate to a pronoun or name. But if you cut out most epithets, and just use a specific one to refer to a particular person or group of people, you can show something about your pov character’s view of the world, whether prejudice or admiration or adoration; the possibilities are endless. 

The same idea can be applied to most things pertaining to writing. Remember that almost anything you use frequently throughout your writing will loose its point. That’s why said is such a good dialogue tag. Once you use it enough times, most readers don’t notice it anymore. 

So when you read a writing guideline, one of your first thought should not be that’s a foolish rule or wow my writing must be terrible, but rather in what ways could this rule be broken in order to achieve a certain effect? 

Once you know that, it’s much easier to tell if the rule itself (and the breaking of it) is something you think would benefit your writing, or if you’d be better off ignoring it entirely.

(If we could pass this around the writeblr community that would be wonderful!) 

Disclaimer, sarcasm, and more info below the cut:

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Why do you answer rude anons? You complain about getting hate but you'd get much less if you just block and not give them a platform.

I want all of you to read this, and really listen to me. 

I see a lot of people on Tumblr who get lots of hate get accused of attracting more hate by addressing it, and I want you to understand how incredibly fucked up that accusation is. 

First of all, I was getting lots of hate well before I started answering it. When I first started writing Overwatch fanfic, I got lots of what I considered ‘frivolous’ hate, people getting shitty about random things, accusing me of being an overhyped, mediocre writer, telling me to kill myself, etc, etc. Just like I’ve been taught to, I blocked/ignored. And you know what happened? Nothing. They didn’t stop. I didn’t get less of them. 

But you know what did happen? I felt isolated. I felt two-faced. I was presenting this front of being a happy, positive person and behind the scenes I was getting people slinging shit at me and not being able to answer it, not being able to address it negatively affected my mental health. 

So I decided fuck it, I’m going to answer it. I’m going to draw attention to the things I’ve been accused of, I’m going to tell anons how they are wrong, and I’m not going to keep pretending everything is fine in Asy Land. 

And you know what? I don’t get more hate based on answering hateful anons. Occasionally a nasty anon will fire back at me after I’ve answered them, but that just gives me a way to block/ignore afterwards, so it’s a blessing. 


And, most importantly: please stop implying that someone’s behaviour causes the abuse they receive. That is victim-blaming, and it’s really, really hurtful. Abusers are the bad guys. Abusers are the ones who should be held accountable for their behaviour, and I have LIVED THE PROOF that answering anon hate does not cause more. It just makes me feel better, being able to stand up for myself. 

Furthermore, my followers can benefit from hearing my input on issues I get nasty anons about. 

The reason I get hate is because of my original, public posts and the opinions I put in them, or because people have some personal issue with my writing or the fact I get attention (and probably think I don’t deserve it), NOT because I answer anon hate. 

Please re-examine your opinions if you think that ANYONE causes or deserves anon hate because they bring it to light or answer it. That is NOT the case, I have experienced how wrong that is. 

Please reblog/share this post, because this is a widespread misconception we need to stamp out!

GOT7 Reaction to their s/o or bff getting into a fight

Request: Okay so short story: I got into an actual fight defending a friend of mine (that I have a crush on wow) and I have a bruise on my jaw now. How would got7 react to a friend/crush/So getting into a fight w/ someone? Alternative: bts or got7 reaction to a protective s/o?



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Joker Imagine - Self harm

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can you write one where joker finds out the reader is selfharming? Like when he catches he doing it?

!!!! WARNING !!!! 


Side note: I’m not trying to romanticise self harming in any way. It was requested and (warning, an opinion is coming!) I think that people should write anything really. I mean, for some murder can be an awful topic. If no one wrote about crime, there would be no detective stories, comics etc. Just saying! 

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Your P.O.V.

The pain was one feeling that made me feel alive. I didn’t feel completely empty, numb and dead inside when I made myself feel something. When the blood tickled down my skin or the electricity pinched me, I felt alive. Funny how a few weeks ago I was scared to do this, so terrified that my boyfriend the Joker would find it. I still was, but I reached a point where I couldn’t stop.

I cut myself, not so it was super obvious, but sometimes here and there. What I mostly did was something different. I used a few wires and a battery to give myself shocks. It hurt like fuck and rarely left marks. Of course my skin was bruising but J wouldn’t suspect a thing. It was better so. He wouldn’t understand anyway.

I was a disgrace, a stupid girl who couldn’t do anything right. I felt like J would kill me off sooner or later because no one would want someone like me around for too long. Right? Who the fuck would put up with me for longer than a couple months? I was surprised J hadn’t realized what kind of a fool I was by now.

It was Monday evening in Gotham city. J was out somewhere with his goons so I was all alone in the penthouse. The day had been okay so far, but then things turned upside down when I was alone. My thoughts were clogged with bad memories, all the negative things people had told me, my super awful years and simply depressing thoughts. Like Joker hated me, he only used me, the entire world hated me. Stuff like that.

A couple hours passed and then I found myself in our purple bedroom, sitting on the floor close to the bathroom just in case I had to hurry there. I stared at the electricity gadget in front of me. My vision was a little blurry because I had been crying earlier. Tonight seemed worse. I needed something worse than some shocks. ‘’Fuck it’’ I spat out and got up, walking hazily to the bathroom. I opened a white drawer and grabbed a razor. The small cold metal could do a lot of bad things.

I looked at my almost clean wrist. It was very tempting since I used to cut my legs. J would see if I had a lot of scars on my wrist. One couldn’t be too obvious. So I took a deep breath and placed the sharp metal on my wrist, pressing it gently to add pressure.Then I just stared at it with my heart beating harder than normally. I just had to drag it, down, then it would be done.

‘’Come on now’’ I growled at myself, getting angry because I couldn’t find the guts to do it. Then I leaned against the bathroom wall and I tried again. I just couldn’t. My gut twisted because I was a little pissed off with myself. ‘’Do it you sick idiot! It’s not like anyone cares’’ I spoke out loud once I saw my reflection in the mirror. I saw an ugly worthless girl. I gritted my teeth and then let the anger take the best of me. I made a deep cut and then I dropped the razor on the white tile floor. It took me a couple seconds to realize what I had done.

Blood started oozing out of the fresh cut and it hurt more than I expected. ‘’Oh no’’ I whispered and quickly pressed the wound with my clean hand. I made a huge mess! J would get so mad if he saw a ll this blood! ‘’Shit shit shit’’ I hissed under my breath and hurried to another drawer, pulling out a towel. Then I fell down on my knees and I tried to clean the blood. It just soaked the green towel and my bleeding wound kept making a mess. Before I could do anything else, I was stopped.

‘’What the hell is going on?’’ I heard a very familiar voice by the bathroom door. My entire body froze on the floor, every single muscle and cell just tensed up once Joker’s voice rang through my ears. How long had he been here?

‘’ was an accident’’ I lied with fear in my voice. Then I started getting lightheaded. I felt like I could just go to sleep for years. But I was also scared shitless now that J caught me. ‘’Don’t..lie’’ He tried to say as calmly as he could, but Joker wasn’t the best anger controller. I could tell that he was fucking disappointed in me. The way he spoke sent a shiver down my spine.

I fucked up.

‘’I’m not lying’’ I whispered with tears in my throat. Suddenly I felt like I could sit on the floor all night. I ignored eye contact and I focused on breathing. In and out.. in and out..

Joker growled something under his breath and I could tell that he struggled to keep as calm as he was. Then he kneeled down in front of me, roughly grabbing the towel and then my arm. I had to bite my lips so I wouldn’t start whimpering when he pressed the towel on my cut, pressing it so the bleeding would stop. He faced down so I couldn’t see if he was super angry or sad. It honestly scared me a little bit.

‘’I swear I-I’ll clean up’’ I broke the silence, because it was killing me. Suddenly J raised his head so he could face me. His red lips were pulled into a thin line and there was a dark, perhaps dull twist in his icy eyes. I tried my best to look into his eyes without crying, but it didn’t take long to fail. His silence was just awful because I knew what he was thinking, what he was doing. 

Tears blurred my vision and before I knew it they were rolling down my face. My body started trembling and then I sobbed quietly. Why wasn’t he speaking to me? ‘’Why?’’ I finally heard his voice. Now he sounded both angry and somber. I covered my  eyes with my other hand and I tried to wipe away my tears, but I couldn’t stop crying. It’s like all my feelings I had kept inside wanted to burst out. I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to explain it to someone who could react in ways I couldn’t imagine. Even tho he was my boyfriend..

Joker did the unexpected. He scooted right next to me and pulled me closer to him by wrapping his strong arms around me. I leaned against his chest. Soon after he started comforting me the best he could, which was a lot coming from him. J ran his fingers up and down my back, slowly, but so I felt his presence. Then he let me cry. I felt like a kid, crying wildly before it could speak. That was exactly my situation.

‘’What made you do this?’’ He asked me with a raspy voice when I calmed down a little bit. I grabbed the towel hard and I tried to take a deep breath. I had nothing to lose anyway so I could tell him anything. ‘’My thoughts’’ I started with a small voice. I had to tell him, because knowing J he wouldn’t let me off the hook until I told him the truth and if there was a person behind something. Once a guy yelled at me in the club because I apparently bumped into him, ruining his outfit with a drink. J shot the guy in the head, just like that.

‘’My thoughts are so mean to me, it’s like I have a bully in my head’’ I tried to explain something. Then I sniffled and blinked a couple tears away. J played with my hair and let me continue. So I simply told him anything that came to my mind. I told him about my past, my bad childhood, stupid exes and how the voices in my head seemed to get louder and more cruel. Everything.

‘’I just feel so worthless, like you’ll dump me soon and then I’ll have nothing’’ I whispered, partly hoping that he couldn’t hear that part. Suddenly he stopped playing with my hair, making me nervous. I hadn’t looked up to him while talking so I didn’t know his mood. I turned a little so I could look at his face. He seemed surprisingly sad. His red lips were parted a little bit and his eyes were very tedious. First he looked into my eyes, then my tearstained cheeks and my wrist where his eyes stayed. 

A wave of guilt slapped my face. I made him look so sad. It’s all my fault..

‘’Why haven’t you told me anything before?’’ He wanted to know, this time being the one avoiding eye contact. My heart skipped a beat. I expected him to pull out his gun and put a bullet through me. ‘’Because I didn’t want to bother you J. I-I didn’t want to seem weak’’ I explained myself carefully. J shut his mouth and looked at me again. Then he put his big hand on my cheek, gently. ‘’You’re not weak baby. Damn..’’ He growled and tilted his head from side to side. He was probably debating inside his head whether he should sound harsh or try to stay calm.

‘’You took down a group of armed men by yourself, you managed to get a cold man like me to feel things. Remember when we met?’’ He questioned me with a deep and raspy voice. I nodded, wondering why he brought that up. ‘’You weren’t scared. While everyone else were down on the floor, scared for their lives, you stood out. You walked up to me and I could have shot you, but no. You were so brave. So you’re not weak. If you were weak, you’d be dead by now’’ He told me very honestly without sugarcoats.

‘’But you must promise me something, and I’m not letting you break that promise’’ He warned me seriously. I knew what he would say, but I still waited. ‘’Don’t ever, I mean never ever do this to yourself again’’ He tried to make a deal. The tone in his voice was harsh and I knew why. He wasn’t playing around. ‘’I promise’’ I sighed and faced down, feeling ashamed. I couldn’t do anything right.

J touched my jaw and made me look at him. ‘’I trust you kitten, I really hope you can keep it. The next time you feel this way, speak to me. We can either talk and be like normal people, or go and find a toy to torture. You don’t have to hurt yourself when there’s plenty of people around’’ He suggested  seriously with a small smile. The suggestion sure sounded more thrilling.

‘’I’m sorry J’’ I apologized and sighed. I knew I’d have a scar on my wrist to remind me of this whenever I saw it. ‘’Mmh’’ J breathed out and shut his eyes.I didn’t even want to picture what it would be like to find him in my shoes and me in his. If I ever saw J so broken, I’d break too. Did he feel the same way about me? Or was I in deeper than he was? I had no idea and I didn’t want to find out.

‘’Let’s clean you up’’ He declared after a while. Then he got up and helped me on my feet as well. After sitting down and bleeding for a while, standing made me lightheaded. J put his hands on my shoulders so I could let my blood flow and clear my head. ‘’Thanks’’ I murmured silently. Damn this crying made my head hurt.

‘’And just so you know, after a bath and sleep we’re going to find your old bullies and torture them’’ J let me know and then he started filling the tub. I looked at him, first without an expression but then the corners of my mouth carved into a wicked smile. He truly cared about me. ‘’I can’t wait’’ I replied and then the flame of revenge burnt down my misery, at least for the moment.

I’d make them suffer for ruining me..

Hi I would just like to remind everyone that if your an adult (18+) and sending minors on here hate because of what they ship/characters they like, you need to stop immediately. Not only is it wrong but also can get you into legal trouble for cyberbullying/harassment. Also if any minors feel uncomfortable with an adult (like me) following them/reblogging their edits/commenting on their posts, please let us know and we will unfollow/stop. I understand people are frustrated with the writers and the characters story lines but some of you are crossing the line between stating an opinion and verbal abuse. Also minors please feel free to block/report anyone spewing this hate. Keep a record of what they post but do NOT engage. Stay in your lanes people. Especially if you’re an adult.

Boyfriend Jaehyun
  • jaehyun my bby <33
  • my first bias ever, aw
  • ironic that now he’s the last one in my bias list, lmao
  • i can expect lots of flufyness and cuteness from this
  • shall we start right away with this?
  • soooooooo,,,,,,
  • he’s still a smol baby so he would be really smiley and soft when he’s around you
  • everytime he looks at you his eye shine and his whole face iluminate
  • he’s just so happy around you, aw <3
  • he loves touching you in really innocent ways
  • like holding your hand and kissing your knuckles softly
  • or hugging you and caressing your hair at the same time
  • but he’s not clingy at all
  • he just really enjoy feeling your warm and wants to make you know how much he loves you with little actions
  • because i think he would be too shy to say them??
  • like, he wouldn’t be shy of letting you know how beautiful you are of how much he loves you
  • overall, he would be really sweet with you!
  • but not to the point were it can be considered romantic, he’s more chill
  • and he wouldn’t mind if you’re being clingy or if you like skinship a lot
  • but he would feel a lot more comfortable with cute little actions a lot more than having you kissing his face 24/7 ya know
  • he loves it when you play with his hair and when you backhug him
  • and only one little kiss in his cheek or forehead can make him happy for days
  • so, don’t gave him too much love bc he may actually die bc of your cuteness, okay?? ^^
  • and even if he always keeps skinship really simple, if the members are around he would be more careful with his words and actions
  • because all of them fucking love teasing him
  • the thing is that he gets really shy and blushy really easily when it comes to you and it’s the cutest thing ever tbh
  • “oh, hey y/n! good thing that you’re here today because yesterday jaehyun wouldn’t stop talking about how much he misses you”
  • “why is jaehyun so needy today? y/n, make all of us a favor and go and kiss him for once”
  • “i can see jaehyun’s dimples, y/n what did you did now? were both of you making out in the kitchen again?”
  • also, instead of skinship, he would appreaciate sincere words a lot more
  • once you wrote him a love letter for his birthday and honestly, it was the best present he ever had
  • since it’s really hard for him to express his feelings with words, he really admires how easy is for you to tell yours
  • and, because of this, you’re a huge inspiration to him
  • he probably writes a lot about you but iT’S TOO SHY TO SHOW YOU, AW
  • and the only time he did you enDED UP CRYING BECAUSE IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL
  • and he was so confused and scared like, why, what what is happening
  • and he blushed so much fdghsjkl oh my god
  • talking about that, he’s becomes doubly soft if he sees you sad
  • he would sit by your side and hold you in his arms
  • from time to time he would leave kisses in your shoulder and cheek and even say some comforting words
  • “it’s fine, baby, everything it’s alright”
  • “i’m here now, okay princess?”
  • “you’re so beautiful, y/n”
  • “you’re really important to me, you know? i love you so much”
  • it’s probably the only moment when he wouldn’t get shy and his words would be sweet fluently
  • the only thing that he would really care about in that moment is you, and he would do the impossible to bring your precious smile back
  • once you separate from his embrace and feel more calmed and relaxed to talk with him, he would be a great listener
  • he would sit by your side and grab your hands, caressing them with extreme care
  • at the same time, he would have a concern expression as he looks at you
  • and he would not interrupt you not even once, he would wait for you to finish
  • and once you do, he would put an arm around your shoulders and let you rest in his chest
  • he would kiss the top of your head and tell you his opinions about it try to give you some solutions to your problem
  • and he would assuring you one more time that everything would be fine
  • he’s an angel, isn’t he
  • where can i get a boyfriend s perfect as him, someone please tell me
  • the mood went down really fast so gotta cheer up now
  • but is too shy to do them 24/7 so you only cuddle when y’all have sleepovers and y’all have to sleep together
  • he’s always the big spoon, bc if he faces you he’s afraid of being too awkward because seriously, he gets shy with the smallest things
  • and if you ask him to sing for you hIS WHOLE FACE WOULD BE IN THE BRIGHTEST SHADE OF RED
  • and it would be high-key hard to convince him to sing for you
  • but who knows, if he wants to or not depends of the day
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • but, basically you have a five year old as your boyfie
  • but, idk, some of you think that he’s really perverted and wild but in my eyes he’s like a smol baby
  • he’s like the 9th member of nct dream
  • sicheng is the 8th member
  • okay lmao and the end
  • i hope y’all like it a lot!

Chlonath week day 3 prompt ART

Ohhh man this was supposed to be short and sweet and cute and somehow it got really deep! Somehow that’s how all my intimate scenes end up…oh well! Hope you enjoy!

“I can’t believe you actually said yes to this.”

“Relax,” Nath muttered, his voice barely more than a whisper, which sent chills down Chloe’s spine. “I’m an artist, remember?”

“I’m pretty sure makeup is a different than your paint and charcoal,” she pointed out, although she couldn’t help but giggle, which earned her a gentle slap on the leg for her to hold still as he dipped the tiny brush into the gold eyeshadow and gently guided her eyes closed with his thumb.

They were sitting cross-legged on her king sized bed, hundreds of makeup supplies, brushes, and even a few magazines flipped open to random pages spread out around them. Nath hadn’t been expecting this when she’d invited him up to her room…but he wasn’t complaining. It was surprisingly therapeutic and he was always excited to try something new. Especially when Chloe insisted on it, considering she wasn’t a huge advocate for change in the first place.

“Not really…it’s just a different medium. You still have dimensions and layers and colors to worry about…” he mused.

“Then by your definition, I can be an artist too.”

He chuckled at that and hummed in affirmation. “Yep, you are. Thanks for teaching me, by the way.”

“Please, Nath. It was the least I could do. I mean, how else am I going to get a real opinion on how my makeup looks instead of some bullshit guy answer that’s not really an answer?”

“Hey, I’m not about to be the guy who tells Chloe Bourgeois that her wings are uneven,” he joked, switching from gold to a soft ballerina pink eyeshadow and dusting it across her lids before carefully blending the two colors together.

Chloe huffed, her lips pressing together in a tight line.

“You know I’m not like that anymore, Nath,” she whispered. “I used to be, but I’m not like that anymore. I want you to tell me the truth. I don’t want you to be afraid of upsetting me and have our relationship built on lies. I’ve had enough of those…”

Nath looked down at the palette in his hands, an embarrassed blush creeping up on his neck and ears. “Sorry. It’s just that…that’s how a lot of relationships work, y’know? The woman’s always right even when she’s wrong, don’t ever tell her she looks fat in those jeans even if she does…that’s all I have for reference, Chlo.”

“Well, whoever told you that, they’re wrong.” She opened her bright blue eyes, the intensity of her gaze nearly making him breathless. “I don’t want that kind of relationship. I want you to be honest…because if I go into public looking stupid and you weren’t man enough to tell me and help me fix it, then how much do we really trust each other? How would we ever get this to work out?”

He bit his lip and nodded. “You’re right. I’ll…try to remember that in the future.”

Her gaze dropped down to their laps. “I just don’t want this to be like my parents were.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. She’d told him months ago what her parents’ relationship had been: rocky and materialistic, full of lies and passion, but hardly anything that actually worked. They’d separated only after a few years because of that and Chloe had to pay the price: growing up a spoiled, materialistic, shallow girl because that’s all she’d ever known and seen from her parents, and then just her father.

“Hey,” he whispered, putting a finger underneath her chin and lifting it up so she could look at him. “We won’t be like that. We’re already better than that and I promise you…if you’re being a bitch, I will definitely let you know.”

A bit of humor made its way back into her eyes. She giggled softly at him.

“Okay. Thank you, Nath.”

“No problem,” he said, leaning forward and kissing her softly on the lips. It was only for a moment though, and then he was setting the eye shadow palette down and picking up the liquid eyeliner. “Now close your eyes again, I’m not done here.”

So here are a few great tips for calling your reps, taken from an action group I follow on fb:

“Friends! As some of you know, I used to work on Capitol Hill as the person in charge of all the incoming phone calls to my Senator’s office. I have some insider tips to make calling your reps easier and quicker. 

1. Give your name, city, and zip code, and say “I don’t need a response.” That way, they can quickly confirm you are a constituent, and that they can tally you down without taking the time to input you into a response database. 

2. PLEASE ONLY CALL YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVES! Your tally will not be marked down unless you can rattle off a city and zip from the state, or are calling from an in-state area code. I know you really want to give other reps a piece of your mind, but your call will be ignored unless you can provide a zip from their district. And don’t try to make this up; I could often tell who was lying very quickly thanks to the knowledge of the state’s geography. Exceptions to this are things like Paul Ryan’s ACA poll which are national. 

3. State the issue, state your position. “I am opposed to ________.” “I am in favor of _______.” “I am opposed to banning the import of phalanges.” I am in favor of a trade deal to lower the price of juice smoothies.“ That’s it. That’s all we write down so we can get a tally of who is in favor, who is against. It doesn’t matter WHY you hold that opinion. The more people calling, the less detail they have time to write down. Help them out by being simple and direct. This keeps calls shorter, allowing more callers through. 

4. Please be nice! The people answering the phones on Capitol Hill already had the hardest job in DC and some of the lowest pay as well, and for a month now their jobs have become absolute murder, with nonstop calls for 9 hours every day. Thank them for their hard work answering the phones, because without them our Senators could not represent us!

What does this sound like?

"Hi, my name is Mark, I’m a constituent from Seattle, zip code 98***, I don’t need a response. I am opposed to banning the sale of blueberries and I encourage the Senator to please oppose implementation of any such ban. Thanks for your hard work answering the phones!”

This is how I wish every caller had phrased their message. It makes it easier for the people answering the phones and takes less time and emotion than a long script. I know that you want to say why, but keeping it short and sweet helps the office answer more calls per hour, meaning more people get heard. The bigger the tally, the more powerful your voice.

Also, when you’re reading off the same script as 100 other callers that day… well…they know what you’re about to say, so you don’t need to use the whole script for your opinion to be heard!

Pick one issue each day, use this format (I am in favor of _____ or I oppose ______), and call your 2 Senators and 1 Representative on their DC and State Office lines, and you’ll be on your way to being heard.”

Could Billie please stop treating interviews like he is the only person being interviewed.

Mike and Tré given the chance can have some very insightful, intelligent and unique things to say, Billie doesn’t give them a chance to speak or talks over them. Billie can talk like his opinion is the only opinion and the others don’t get a chance to express theirs. In some interviews Tré is practically sitting in silence for 5+ minutes and I love hearing him speak!

I find it silly that some of you seek consistency in the art style of Steven Universe and correct proportions when they switch animators for specific reasons. Naruto was drawn by like 10s of 20 people. It takes a quite a bit of hands to do some episodes because, timing, scheduling including availability, director’s choice, fairness, experiece building, etc. Many factors indicate the reasoning by the difference character models. However, it still looks aesthetically pleasing and plot matters, we’re just older and it can make us mad. Trust me, I know, I am an artist but I can only get so antsy about people working fucking hard to make something ~extraordinary~ happen.

EDIT: Many of you are artists and have varying opinions on this.