can i please be one of you when i grow up

I know that a lot of Monbebes are scared and worried about the fact that Monsta X is going to have a comeback when many of the senior and more established groups are coming back, and I know that a lot of you are starting to lose hope in them getting their first win this time around. I am too, and that’s totally understandable but please don’t let this worry hinder the amount of support you’ll give them. Please don’t give up on them because you see no hope. There is actually so much hope! Not only is our fandom growing everyday, but Kpop as a whole is also growing exponentially as the days go by so DON’T lose hope. We can make the best of it since each and every comeback will give them more exposure to the public eye and they’re actually doing really well in terms of popularity recently. If they don’t get a win for this comeback, then we’ll just have to work even harder for the next one so please don’t lose hope. Don’t feel sad, and just focus fully on supporting Monsta X and giving them more exposure, and know that there are many other fandoms who also loves and supports Monsta X.


This is my story, I’m a 19 year old girl who lives in West London and my family are a little bit different!!

We are nudists! I have been raised as a nudist from birth so I don’t really know any other way, I do have a close group of friends that I have known for years that I can talk openly with them about their experiences and occasionally they even join in with the “nudity” when at my house

I have a younger brother who’s 15 and my sister is 13 yes both are at the age where you are at your most self conscious about your body..

One thing being nudists has done is bring down the barriers and the awkwardness around this stuff!! I was the embarrassed one being the eldest lol literally we have the funniest conversations..

If you are interested in my crazy family please hit the like button so I’ll know to keep writing the post..

Any questions about my life just comment??


Just saw the video that evoked the “Hurt Bae” hashtag on twitter and I’m so heartbroken. No good woman deserves that kind of treatment, no one at all does.

I know some have been through this, when a guy doesn’t appreciate you or see your worth, downplays you because he can’t control his wandering eyes etc. just wanted to say this, some people need to be reminded of these things:

1. Becareful of those who claim flirting is in ‘their nature’ their just childish and don’t want to grow up acting like thirsty Highschool kids.

2. If he disrespects other women, no matter how nice he may be treating you know, expect that nasty behavior to pop up when he’s with you.

3. Please do not date someone who emphasizes a lot on your looks, some use the cause of 'constructive criticism’ to cover their sick fetishes of wanting a woman with a certain body type (this is a prevalent point but I’ll still add it)

4. If he’s hung up over an ex, don’t waste your time.

5. If he does something you don’t like, say it, don’t keep it to yourself, from his reaction/response you’ll know if he’s worth it.

6. Know your worth, you have to accept that as much as you like him if you know damn well he is toxic, DONT THINK YOU CAN CHANGE HIM. This has happened too many times to people, so learn to accept if they can’t/won’t change.

7. If he has cheated once, he will do it again. #DontWasteYourTimeTryingToChangeADirtBag. And I don’t mean just cheating on you but if he has cheated on an ex, that’s a serious red flag.

You deserve better.

‘Stardust’ sentence meme

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn’t true. I know a lot about love.”
  • “What do stars do? They shine.”
  • “You want to grow up and get over yourself.”
  • “Wait! How do I know you can be trusted?”
  • “Have you not got it into your thick head yet? I’m not walking anywhere!”
  • “You seriously think I could kill anyone?”
  • “Do I look like I’m your mother?!”
  • “Honey… you’re wearing a bathrobe.”
  • “But of course! Nothing says “romance” like the gift of a kidnapped injured woman!”
  • “You saved my life. Thank you.”
  • “Ending up with my heart cut out - that will serve me right, will it?”
  • “Look at me, I’m unarmed. Please!”
  • “You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful.”
  • “Hold me tight and think of home.”
  • “They’re going to kill us, aren’t they?”
  • “I think I love you.”
  • “Why would I want this? It’s just a measly handful of stardust.”
  • “How do you know my… Who are you?”
  • “Has excessive begging or pleading ever persuaded me to spare the life of a traitor?”
  • “Can I see it? Is it beautiful?”
  • “I don’t deal with time wasters.”
  • “I could never have imagined an adventure this big in order to wish for it.”
  • “Are you all right? Do you want some help?”
  • “I think you’re in my bath.”
  • “My heart… It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it doesn’t belong to me any more. It belongs to you.”
  • “You’d better be telling the truth, you two-faced dog.”
  • “There is someone following your tracks.”
  • “Do you see anything non-human? No. And you know why? Because it’s a field!”
  • “You look like the wrong end of a dog.”
  • “Don’t you ever sleep?”
  • “I’m not being silly. I’d do it. For you, I’d do anything.”
  • “Oh, please, you’re not annoyed at that whole murder thing, are you?”
Star-crossed lovers

ANON REQUESTED: Hello! Could you write a one shot with jon snow please? Where the reader is the daughter of the winterfell maid and when she dies Nedd gets y/n to care, she grows along with the Starks and gets very close to them, y/n and jon end up falling in love but jon leaves for castle black and she stays “Depressive”, like, she don’t smile anymore. After the war between jon and ramsey they meet again and you can make a super fluffy final, please? i just found you blog and i love it ❤️

Jon Snow x fem!Reader

Words: 1712
Notes: Y/N = your name; f/c = favorite color.

Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn had always been kind to your family, especially in the rough times they supported your parents in every possible way. Your house was not important like house Stark, but it was respected and your castle led over rich domains. Sadly, you seemed to be born under a bad sign as the first years of your life were scarred by tragedies: first, your land started to dry out and the crops had been poor; shortly afterwards you father fell ill and even maester Luwin couldn’t do anything to save him. As a widow who was no longer of marriageable age, with nothing but unfertile lands for dowry, your mother accepted lady Catelyn’s offer to stay in Winterfell and she became one of her maids; anyway, a few months later, she died too, leaving you alone. That was when Eddard and Catelyn Stark decided to take care of you, welcoming you in their castle as their own child.

You were tutored by septa Mordane with Sansa, but you also liked to play with Robb and Jon with wooden swords and mud in the courtyard. Those days of your childhood, spent with the Stark children who were roughly the same age as you, were quite happy indeed. The three of you got along fine, but when Theon arrived in Winterfell, Robb unattached himself a little from Jon and you, bonding with the Greyjoy as they were brothers. Theon, moreover, seemed to despise Jon: they were always quarreling, dragging you and Robb in, and that regularly resulted in fistfights and punishments for everyone.

So, in a way or another, you grew up with the Starks and became a pretty, young northerner lady. To return the kindness of their parents, you took care of Bran, Rickon and Arya, especially Arya, and because of it you often ended up with her and Jon in the backyard shooting arrows at a wooden target, just like that day.

Arya stood in front of the both of you, stretching the bowstring and taking aim; you seated on the low wall just ten feet further, humming and kicking the air, while Jon leant against the bricks right next to you.

– Are those new shoes? – he asked suddenly.

You looked at him at first and then you lowered your eyes to the f/c slippers and nodded.

– Such attention to detail – you kidded stealing one of his rare smiles.

– Just thought they were pretty.

– I agree, – you stated clicking the shoes’ tips, – that Greyjoy can be a prick, but when it comes to this kind of things he really knows his stuff.

– Theon? – Jon asked with wide eyes.

– A-Aye… – you stuttered timidly noticing his gaze souring.

At that moment, Arya yelled from across the yard, – It would be nice if my teachers looked at me hitting the bull’s eye! –, and she unstuck the arrow from the target.

– Well done! – Jon shouted back, then he left without saying more or even giving you the time of day.

You gave a quick and worried look to the little girl, waved her a short bye, and followed him inside.

– Why are you angry? What did I say? – you exclaimed walking briskly at his back. At those words, he stopped and turned to face you.

– Are you serious, Y/n? Are you really taking presents from Theon?

– Is that the problem? Theon buying me a pair of shoes?

You didn’t expect a reaction like that, but the look he had on his face was quite troubled. You sighed, searching for the right words to explain him the situation.

– He bought me a new pair of shoes because he ruined my old ones making me falling in the muck, two days ago.

Jon’s frown soothed a little, but not enough. You groaned and took one of your feet.

– Y/n…? – he said confused watching as you put off the slippers. You then pounded them on his chest.

– Here. Take them, Jon.

The two of you remained quiet and so close you could feel your breaths on the skin. Your lips were just few inches apart. That day, with your new shoes pressed on his chest, bare feet on the cold stone floor, you gave your first kiss to the Stark bastard Jon.

Because of Lady Catelyn opinion about him and because you felt so in debt to her, you and Jon agreed to keep your love affair a secret for just you and him two. Even if you found it hard not to sink your fingers in his hair when he was seating beside you at the dinner table, or not to rest your head on his shoulder when you were watching Arya and Bran practicing, you held on for the sake of your love. Jon was struggling too for the same identical reasons, not to mention the great effort he had to make to stay calm every time Robb, or worse Theon, got too close to you. Besides, you were the only good thing happened to him in a whole life and the only thought that helped him getting through Lady Catelyn bitterness day after day. He didn’t talk to you about it, he didn’t want to be a burden or made you sad, but he could not consider Winterfell his home anymore, and the night he heard by mistake Lord Stark and his wife discussing about a possible suitor for you from the riverlands, he made his decision, alone.

The night of the celebration in honor of the royal family’s arrival, when you joined him outside in the cold night air, you felt something was wrong. Then Jon stretched out a hand and took you by the wrist, keeping you close to him. Resting his forehead on yours he told he was leaving for the Wall and you knew deep down inside there was nothing you could do to make him stay: if you forced him to do that, he would eventually hate you too. So, the next day you let him go away with his uncle; when his figure disappeared over the distance, he took all your love, joy and laughs away with him. No one never heard your laugh once since that farewell.

There is not much to tell about the following years: you spent your days out of apathy, sharing fake smile cold as the north winds. During the Ironborns’ possession of Winterfell, you helped Bran and Rickon to escape, but were not able to run away with them; free or caged, you had nothing to lose anyway.

Speaking about Ramsey Bolton, the things were different. Under his captivity, you really were frightened. You saw what he did with Theon and what your poor childhood friend had become because of his twisted mind. Twice you implored the bastard to have mercy, and twice his men beat you senseless; by the time you restored consciousness, you found yourself in the courtyard, with rain and blood all over your dress, hands and face. Servants had orders to ignore you, on pain of death. After that, Ramsay ordered you to serve as a kitchen maid, and so you did. Once Sansa came back and became his wife, he humiliated you in front of her more than one occasion, dressing you with rags, keeping you locked up in the kennels for the night, or cutting your hair short with a knife in the middle of the hall threatening to skin you.

It was an endless nightmare.

Everything that happened after Theon and Sansa ran away was fast and terrifying. In a blink of an eye, Rickon was brought to Ramsey and a second later Winterfell was at war carrying the red flayed man banners. And when, in the silence of the castle walls, the sound of the distant battlefield was overcome by the main gate blown to pieces, your heart started to beat in your chest again: Jon was standing there, strong and alive, and he was defeating Ramsey who now laid exhausted on the ground. Every punch hit the Bolton’s face you took a step towards Jon, until his eyes finally met yours.

Jon closed the door behind his back as you stood still ahead and never once did he averted his gaze from yours. Neither of you had said a word yet, but your fingers were tenderly caressing the palm of his hand, sensing the earthy and bloody smell from all his body. Just like he did years before, he took you by the wrist and held you against his chest, embracing your bruised body in his sored arms.

– I never should have left – he said in a hoarse whisper.

The tightness in your throat cut off your breath and you started to sob softly.

– I never should’ve let you go! – you cried out holding Jon as hard as you could.

You both remained there in each other’s arms, without paying attention to the flow of time. Tears were falling quietly down the cheeks and hands were firmly gripping fabric and leather. Only when your heartbeats were back to their calm normal rate, Jon pushes a little away from you; even so, he did not let go of you.

– I’m afraid I’ve soiled your hair – he smiled looking at the hair that was falling on your forehead, now a little muddy. You giggled, sniffling and drying the trickles on his face with your thumbs.

– Don’t worry, Jon, it wasn’t my best hairdo anyway – you kidded gesturing to your short locks. Then he rested his head against yours and closed his eyes.

– You still look ravishing, Y/n – he said softly, – You can’t imagine how amazing it is to see your face again, after being all these years away.

You raised your chin and laid a gentle kiss on his lips being careful not to touch any bruise or cut the battle left on his skin.

– I was rather surprised to see your hair up… – but you were not able to go on because, in the heat of passion, Jon wrapped you up in his strong arms and deepened the kiss you both longed for so long. You’d never divide again, and now you knew that, after all, you were not star-crossed lovers, because that kiss was just the first of many to come.

✨🌿Please always remember!!🌿✨

Do not give up on yourself if your plants die!!! Do not stop growing plants just because some of them die!! It takes time, practice, and care to grow plants, even easy ones like succulents. When I first started growing, almost all of my plants died. Even now, years later, I have a succulent that I feel will die soon. Sometimes this happens, no matter how caring and careful you are. Keep going, keep trying, because you can do it!!

rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Okay but imagine the Assassins reacting their S/O trying to talk in their native language (in headcanon style please?)

yaaaaaassssssss i love me my headcanons


also i hope this format is okay D: 


  • putting it off for months because Malik is the only one you can ask to help you learn and he scares the shit out of you
  • Malik only scoffing “novices” when you finally pluck up the courage and ask
  • checking and double-checking and triple-checking that Altaïr is no where near the Bureau when you go for your lessons
  • Malik growing fond of you 
  • Altaïr growing suspicious of the fact that Malik is fond of you
  • you wanting the words you say to be perfect
  • Malik growing tired of you chickening out when the perfect opportunities arise
  • wanting the time and place to be perfect but accepting the time and place given to you by Altaïr‘s profession and the guards that relentlessly pursue him
  • Altaïr’s barely restrained surprise and love when you speak, convincing the guards with shaky pronunciation and nervous trembling that he’s been with you the whole time and absolutely no where near the dead body they’ve chased him from 
  • Malik scoffing “novices” when he learns that you’ve finally revealed what all the secrets you’d been keeping were for 
  • Altaïr becoming determined to protect you from the treachery of his Mentor and begging Malik to keep you safe as he finishes what he set out to do
  • sneaking out of the Bureau ahead of Malik to go after Altaïr and kick his ass yourself how dare he leave you behind like this 

omfg this one went off on a tangent of its own yikes need to stop before i go any farther lol 


  • no fleas on Ezio, he knows from the get-go what you are up to mate
  • Ezio takes great pleasure in the way you try to keep it a secret though
  • he especially loves the excuses you make up when he asks you what you’re up to
  • Claudia being your tutor
  • Claudia being a tough tutor
  • Ezio sneaking in accidentally arriving back from a mission early just to watch you flip out and stammer out excuses
  • “this vendor said something to me the other day in a really rude voice and I just wanted to know what it meant”
  • when you finally speak, he’s flattered and honoured and so playful, teasing you relentlessly but lovingly
  • not the mention you speaking italian gets him really ‘worked up’. really, really worked up
  • Ezio giving you more intimate italian lessons in the aftermath (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • he teaches you when he’s completely rat-arsed
  • it’s not a lot - the same drunken sentences slurred over and over - and it’s usually silly phrases you’ll never use outside a tavern
  • he always forgets that he’s started teaching you so convincing him to say something else is a challenge 
  • “eh? nah, nah, i haven’t taught you that” “yes, you have. last night in fact” 
  • “where’d ya learn that?” “from you
  • speaking welsh when he’s sober and telling him you’ve learned from someone else just to mess with his head a little 
  • admitting to him that he teaches you when he’s drunk when he doesn’t let up with the interrogation - “who is he? where is he? i wager i can teach ye better than him” 
  • edward quipping that your pronunciation is off
  • pronouncing each word perfectly and watching him watch you, his lips curling into a smirk and his eyes sparkling


  • Achilles telling you you’re an idiot for trying
  • perceptively listening to Connor whenever he speaks to Kanen'tó:kon but struggling to find similar words or to puzzle out their meanings
  • asking Kanen'tó:kon to teach you on the fly, whenever Connor is away on Assassin business
  • it taking months for you to learn a single phrase to say to him
  • it taking even longer for you to find a moment alone with him 
  • the revolution and his father getting in the way before you can say it 
  • Achilles and Connor arguing and Connor leaving when you’re not there
  • leaving the Homestead to find him and convince him to return
  • finding him and pleading with him to return, to fix things with Achilles before it’s too late
  • saying what you’ve learned loudly when he starts to walk away from you, the words all but shouted from your lips because damn it you love him and he won’t damn well listen to you
  • Connor’s hand under your chin, encouraging you to look at him, a gentle and awed expression on his face and his large body shielding you from the sight of his father
  • a whispered promise that he’ll be home soon, a furrow of his brows at your heartbroken expression, and silence as you leave him

ngl this one was diffficult. is the language called Mohawk or…? also my headcanon for this came from a scene for another fic i haven’t written yet >:)


  • hiding yourself away in the library of the Sanctuary with books, pouring over the pages and teaching yourself french
  • unknowingly distancing yourself from Arno as you strive to learn just a single phrase, something to impress him
  • the two of you unintentionally drifting apart - he to his Assassin duties and missions that he takes more frequently than ever. you to the library and your books, whispering words into the quiet and testing phrases in the middle of the night
  • your relationship finally reaching boiling point, desperation pushing the two of you to argue - him out of frustration and anger, you out of confusion
  • finally, pleading for him to stay in broken french when things become too difficult
  • realisation and joy on his face when he hears you, dismay when he recalls the words he’d said, the fury in his voice
  • cuddling with Arno and falling asleep in his arms, soothing words whispered in your ear lulling you to sleep
  • Arno tutoring you from then on


  • learning from Liam before Shay’s defection to the Templars
  • Liam being overjoyed at the step you’re taking and thrilled with the prospect of this settling Shay’s troubled mind
  • losing Shay before you can tell him what you’ve learned
  • being unable to stand the thought of speaking Irish when Shay isn’t here to hear it from your lips
  • finding Shay years after, different and stronger and wiser but being no less in love with him than before
  • Shay taking you to Fort Arsenal to protect you from people you once called friend 
  • meeting William Johnson and asking him to continue your Irish lessons
  • throwing Irish randomly into your conversations with Shay, waiting for him to notice
  • Shay asking, “is that Irish?”
  • realising that Shay doesn’t know any and asking William Johnson to teach you both
Damsel In Distress.

Request: Can you do Leo hearing a struggle and seeing a girl surrounded by a gang, and he tried to go to her aid but then feels stupid when she doesn’t need it because she is a total ninja and he’s so impressed but embarrassed at the same time???
Note: LIVINGGGG FOR EMBARRASSED LEO! I really hope you like this!! I wasn’t sure how to end it, so I ended up with this!!! Seriously, I had so much fun writing this one!! ahh please enjoy loves!

Leo’s POV;

His brothers decided to head home, however Leo thought it would be better to stay out a little longer. He needed a break from them, he was growing tired being with his brothers constantly. He loved them with all his heart, however he was sick of the arguments, sick of having his role as leader constantly questioned - making him feel like he wasn’t worthy, then again, maybe he wasn’t - he was then dragged out from his thoughts by yells - 

“Get Off of me!” He heard a female cry out, he didn’t hesitate as he went off in the direction of the yell. Hearing the laughter of a couple of men, he knew immediately they were going to be apart of the purple dragons. It made his stomach turn, anger flared. He never understood why people would pick on the weak. 

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drrronice  asked:


OMG?? I love proposal prompts! And I like the twist in this one! 

Chuuya Nakahara 

  • Chuuya is absolutely touched when he learns that you want to propose to him. He’ll be grinning ear to ear and could feel himself growing giddy and beaming with immense joy with every passing second, because chances are that Chuuya already wants to spend the rest of his life with you, too. Getting a house with a white picket fence, starting a family someday, and growing old together. He wants that life with you and can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.
  • Though, truthfully, Chuuya wants to have the moment of getting down on one knee and popping the million dollar question (and he’ll actually beat you to the punch and you’ll never even see it coming). He wants to experience every single thing leading up to the fateful proposal – the meticulous planning of detail for a perfect and romantic evening, feeling the nervous jitters spread throughout his body and trying to calm himself before he faces you, and checking his pocket at least a hundred times to ensure that the small velvet box is still there and didn’t magically disappear on him.
  • Chuuya would want to know how you were planning to propose to him though, (probably to see if he needs to take his planning up a notch because he doesn’t want his proposal to be underwhelming compared to what you already have in mind. I think it might even turn into a one-sided competition to one up the other, to be honest), and he’s going to find out one way or another. Preferably with the help of a fellow mafia member keeping an eye on you and providing him intel of your surprise proposal to him, or he might just talk to a really close friend of yours that can keep a secret.
  • I also headcanon that Kouyou and Mori are actually the ones who brought up the idea of you proposing to Chuuya so they have some kind of influence there (though it’s more heavily on Mori’s part). Honestly, Kouyou and Mori think you both have been together long enough and already act as a married couple and wanted you two love birds to make it official since it’s been so long overdue. Also, Kouyou may have been the one to “unintentionally” let the information slip to Chuuya because she believes that the man should be the one to do the proposing.
Not So Tough- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Not So Tough
Request: hi can i please request a peter pan x reader where the reader is a lost girl and although peter and the lost boys are known for being a bit rough and tough she is incredibly soft and kind and somehow always makes the boys (including peter) soften up. maybe some fluff between peter and the reader as well? thank you so much!
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
AN: This is written in Y/N’s POV, enjoy!

“Don’t kill the butterfly, let it go.” I would say.
The lost boys wouldn’t touch a butterfly ever again.
“Plants are living things too, don’t just rip up grass for fun.” I would say.
That grass would grow to be a foot tall.
Anything I told the lost boys, and Peter Pan for that matter, they would all do.
At first when I got to the island, Peter and the boys were all tough and acted like they ruled the world.
Yet when I became a lost girl, they started to listen to me.
It was a great feeling, I took some of the roughest people in the world and made them softies.
I don’t think at first they had realized what was happening, so I knew I had to tell Peter.

“Hey Peter can we talk?” I asked him.
“Of course Y/N.” he responded smiling.
We sat on a log side by side, and I faced him.
“When I first got to this island, remember how you and the lost boys wouldn’t listen to me at all?” I asked.
“Yea, I still feel bad about that.” Peter responded.
“You all also thought you were the most bad ass people on Earth and could do anything and everything.” I added.
Peter nodded, “Yea.”
“But now you listen to everything I say, and you all do it too! I’ve mad you all soften up. It’s hilarious.” I laughed.
“Soften up? More like we just learned to listen to you.” Peter laughed.
“No, I’ve softened you all a little. Come on Peter, admit it.” I added.
He smiled at me, “What ever, I guess you have.”
I laughed right in his face, “Not so tough after all!”
Peter got really serious, “There’s a reason that happened, you know that?”
“What?” I asked.
“We all listened to you because a girl came to camp. The lost boys and I, I guess you could say we started to try and impress you. If you can’t tell all the boys have a thing for you. So do I.” Peter responded.
“Are you serious? The lost boys all like me?” I laughed.
“Yes, and I do too.” Peter responded.
I looked him in the eyes, and my mind started to go crazy.
I never knew that just a few words could make my heart go insane, but Peter’s words did.
His eyes hit me right in the soul, I knew right then and there his words were sincere.
Then, my heart started to speak before my mind, “I like you too, a lot Peter.”
Then my mind caught up with me, I just confessed to the King of Neverland I liked him.
“You do?” he asked.
“I really do.” I added, and this time my mind was speaking along with my heart.
I really did like him, even though I never thought I would.
“Good. I’ve been trying to win your heart ever since you go here.” he responded, “I’ve said every possible thing to make you like me.”
“Then stop talking for once and kiss me!” I smiled.
Peter chuckled, and leaned in to kiss me.
Peter Pan wasn’t so tough after all, and he knew it.


Thanks for reading!


anonymous asked:

Dear stirringwind, can you please talk a little more in depth about Chinese imperialism or recommend a reading list? I'm a Chinese American living in China, and as far as my family and teachers are concerned, China is perfect peaceful country who never colonized anyone. It frustrates me how little they want to talk about it.

1. Oh man, this is the same experience I had growing up too. This historical amnesia about China’s very long and old history of imperialism is something I’d attribute to roughly three factors, which I think will be helpful to bear in mind when analysing how Chinese imperialism exists and presents itself: 

  • A splendid example of History Is Written By the Victors™ + the fact that Chinese imperialism was actively enacted by a policy of Sinicization. Aka we tend to accept the “92% Han Chinese” stat without realising it’s…very unusual for any country covering such a large area to be so overwhelmingly made up of only one ethnic group. We don’t question why China dwarfs almost all its neighbours in size. But it is exactly evidence of Chinese expansionism.
  • The bias towards more recent history where China was the victim of foreign conquest and interference. By the Manchus (Qing dynasty), Western powers (Opium Wars) and the Japanese (First Sino-Japanese War + WW2). I think the narrative of the “Century of Humiliation”; the upheaval of the Taiping Rebellion, Xinhai Revolution, Chinese Civil War and the Cultural Revolution further feeds into this sense that our ancestors have been through a lot of shit. Not really a POV that is helpful to seeing oneself as part of an extremely old and enduring imperial entity. 
  • The present-day Chinese government narrative: emphasising its “peaceful rise”, tendency to counterposition itself as supporting “non-interference” (’unlike those meddling Western countries!’), state-controlled media generally downplaying or ignoring shitty things like the treatment of Tibetans and Uighur Muslims (which is basically forced Sinicization). It’s…a bit like how the US doesn’t want to acknowledge that it is in many ways an empire. 

2. Anyway, I think a good thing to remember is that Chinese imperialism is historical and current. In my opinion: the emperors may be long gone, but this old history of imperialism, sense of cultural superiority and being a regional titan are very much instincts still evident in Chinese foreign policy today. Here’s some areas you could read about to learn about Chinese military history, which should really debunk the whole “peaceful country” myth.

  • Admiral Zheng He- the famed mariner- was a Hui Muslim eunuch: it was the norm for Ming dynasty soldiers to castrate the male children of war prisoners and gift them to nobles (which we’d consider de facto slavery today). Zheng He rose to power because he was able to win the confidence of the Chinese prince he was given to serve, and the prince eventually ascended the throne. There’s the Miao Rebellions, where various non-Han ethnic groups rebelled and the Ming dynasty crushed it with overwhelming force. Many Miao boys were castrated and thousands of people were slaughtered. 
  • In the present- I think the treatment of Tibet and East Turkestan/Xinjiang province amounts to forced assimilation. Things like banning the Uighur Muslims from celebrating Ramadan, how the government encourages large scale Han Chinese migration to Tibet and Xinjiang mirrors the old ways the emperors consolidated their hold on Southern China. During the Cold War, the PRC, like the US and Soviet Union, backed various factions in order to extend its influence- in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. Another issue is the South China Sea dispute China has with various other East and SEAsian countries. And one should also be critical of the Chinese MNCs present in the African continent- like Western MNCs they have been exploitative too. 

History is complex, it’s messy. It’s easier to not want to grapple with complicity in imperialism and oppression. But all these things are just as much a part of Chinese history as all the contributions like inventing printing, gunpowder, silk production and paper, the cosmopolitanism of the Tang dynasty or effective centralisation achieved by the First Emperor. I mean, the First Emperor himself is credited with helping to unify China by laying down effective means of centralisation and standardisation in many areas- while at the same time he is criticised for being an oppressive tyrant too, instead of being slavishly praised. Which is how we should be looking at history. 

"Can you come pick me up please?" Another Lucaya AU

The mass of sweaty bodies surrounding Maya seemed to be growing larger by the second and she was beginning to overheat. Her sweaty curls were now clinging to her face and the pair of heels that she was wearing squeezed her toes too much to be considered comfortable. She began to inch her way towards the edge of the crowd of gyrating teenagers to get some fresh air. When she finally made it out of the crowd, a sigh of relief escaped her lips. She made her way into the less packed, but still crowded kitchen to retrieve another drink.

“Where are all of your friends?” A deep voice asked her as he handed her a red cup.

Maya accepted the cup wearily and sniffed it before taking a sip because goddamn she was parched. She glanced up to see that the boy was a senior from her school who she thought she recognized as one of Lucas’s teammates. “Riley and Farkle are off somewhere playing tonsil hockey.”

“And Lucas?” He prompted, only reinforcing Maya’s assumption. “I’d think he would be following you around like the lost puppy he always is around you.”

She felt her face grimace at his comment and shook her head. “He didn’t come tonight. Said something about needing to study for a trig test on Monday.” Bored of the conversation, she began looking around the kitchen and noticed that it was a lot emptier than it had been moments before when she had entered it. “Besides, he does not follow me like a lost puppy.”

“I don’t know about that,” the tall boy laughed. Maya wasn’t sure of his name, but she thought it started with a J. He let his eyes roam her small body up and down, lingering in certain places far too long to be considered decent. When he met her eyes again she could see a darkness that made his brown eyes seem almost black. “Those heels do a number for your legs.”

Maya felt a shiver run down her back and instinctively took a step away from the suddenly menacing football player. “Listen, I better go find Riley. It’s getting awfully late. It was nice talking to you, um-”

“You don’t even know my name? Miss Hart, I am hurt.” He frowned in mock disappointment. Maya continued backing away until she was cornered by a counter and the refrigerator. “Don’t worry, short stuff. I can have you screaming it in just a matter of minutes.”

A burning anger took over the petite blonde’s body and she glared at the horny senior in front of her. He was positioned so that his arms were against the counter tops on either side of her and his face was a mere inches from hers. She looked him fiercely in the eyes and pushed his body away from hers. “I will not be screaming anyone’s name tonight, buddy. Now back off and let me go find my friends.”

He laughed at her mockingly, but did not move his face close to hers again. “Your friends are gone, pretty lady. It’s just you and me now.”

That was it. Maya stomped her heel down on the boy’s foot and then immediately thrust her knee up to hit him where it hurt, and boy did it sound like it hurt. “Listen closely. You are nothing but a pig and no girl at this school will ever be with you after I have something to say about you, ya hear me? So back off, and don’t ever try to corner me again.”

She ducked under his arm and strutted away out the front door, pulling out her cell phone as she did. She asked someone along her path if her friends truly had gone home and they confirmed the asshole’s words, so she called the only person she could think of that she trusted with a license to get to this remote party. “Lucas, can you come pick me up please?”

At some point in the twenty minutes that it had taken Lucas to get to the party, Maya had begun to feel a bit worse for wear. If she had had the energy to pick herself up she might have marched back into the house and called the guy out for spiking her drink, but she was using every last bit of energy she had to stay awake and cognizant. When Lucas finally did arrive, he jumped out of his car quickly and ran to where Maya was sat leaning against a tree in the front yard.

“Maya, are you alright?” He asked frantically. “What happened to you? Are you drunk?”

She hadn’t explained anything to him on the phone, knowing that if she had he would have probably gotten pulled over for speeding, or maybe worse. He looked at her with worried sea foam eyes and began checking her whole body for a sign that she was hurt. “Mm fine,” she slurred, barely able to get that out. “Just take me home.”

He shook his head, but wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her anyways. He carried her bridal style towards his car and cursed under his breath. “I can’t take you home like this, Maya. Your mother would kill you. You need to tell me what happened because I have never seen you this drunk in your life.”

She buried her face into his chest and groaned, feeling a pounding headache surge through her skull. “Don’t feel good,” she mumbled right before she spilled her entire stomach all over his gray shirt and all throughout her hair.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he managed to open the car door with his foot. He set her down in the passenger seat and noticed an elastic on her wrist. He gripped her hair into what sort of resembled a ponytail and sat it on the top of her head to avoid any more throw up from soiling it. He then made his way to the trunk of his car and emptied a bucket of baseballs he kept in it. He brought the bucket back over to the pale blonde and handed it to her. “If you need to be sick again, use this.” He then peeled off his shirt and threw it on the lawn, leaving it there. It was never one of his favorites anyways.

Lucas drove as fast as humanly possible without getting ticketed back to his house, periodically checking on his passenger. She only threw up into the bucket twice more before they reached their destination. He helped her out of the car and up the stairs into his house as quietly as possible as to not alert his mother of their presence. When they made it safely to Lucas’s room he let out a sigh of relief, leading Maya to his bed.

“Mind telling me what is going on now?” He asked worriedly, handing her a bottle of water that he had picked up on their way past the kitchen.

She took a big slug and met his eyes with her own cloudy blue ones. “I think I got roofied,” she laughed humorlessly.

His eyes went wide and she saw his muscles visibly tense. “What did you just say?” He boomed. “Why wouldn’t you have told me that while we were there so I could have kicked that guy’s ass?”

She smirked and shook her head. “Relax Huckleberry. I did that all by myself.”

He rolled his eyes and looked at her. “Of course you did. What was his name? Who was it?”

She shrugged and took another gulp out of the bottle. “Not sure. Tall, dark, not so handsome. Can we not talk about it please, I dealt with it myself.”

He sighed, but decided to let it go. For now. “Why don’t you go wash the throw up out of your hair and change?” He suggested, grabbing her one of the shirts from his drawer. “No offense, but you kind of smell.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes, feeling a bit better from the water and cleansing of her stomach. “Gee, thanks Lucas, that means a lot. I’ll be right back.” She accepted the light blue T-shirt from him and made her way to his bathroom.

When she shut the door behind her she let out a sigh before looking at the mirror. Her mascara was running all down her face and her messy hair had chunks of her own throw up in it. She looked almost as horrible as she felt. With another sigh, she took Lucas’s make-do ponytail out and put her head into the sink, washing her hair. She took a bottle of his shampoo and made sure that her hair was fully clean before stripping her tight silver dress off and removing her stockings. She slipped the shirt that Lucas had given her over her wet head and smiled when the soft cotton hit her skin. She smelt like Lucas and already she was feeling a lot better. The shirt reached almost to her knees and she felt quite warm despite the temperature outside. Finally, she washed the remaining makeup off of her face and took a deep breath. She stepped out of her heels and carried them, along with her dress and stockings, back into Lucas’s room.

When she returned, he was still pacing his room seemingly fuming. He looked up when he heard her shut his door and instantly stopped to stare at her. His mouth dropped slightly but he caught himself and reached up to rub the back of his neck and cleared his throat. “Do you feel any better?”

Maya nodded and laughed softly to herself when she noticed he was still shirtless, wearing a pair of old sweatpants that said “Texas A&M” on them. “A little bit. Thanks for the shirt,” she said softly.

“Yeah, uh no problem.” They both stood there a moment, staring at each other. “You can have the bed,” he finally said, walking towards the door. “I can just go sleep on the couch. My mom won’t wake up until around noon so it won’t matter-”

“Lucas,” she cut him off. He stopped his rambling and looked at her. “You don’t need to sleep on the couch.”

“Really, it’s fine. Honestly it’s kind of comfortable.”

“Lucas.” She said a bit more certain. “I think I would feel a lot better if you slept next to me.”

And it was true, she would sleep better. Although she acted all strong and tough girl, sometimes she needed someone to be there with her. She still felt some of the effect of the drug in her system and she knew that she didn’t want to be alone right now. Lucas searched her eyes for what seemed like minutes before slowly nodding and leading her to the bed. He pulled back the covers and let her crawl in first. He laid down next to her, unsure of what to do with his limbs until she cuddled into his bare chest. He cringed slightly at the feel of her wet hair, but then wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her tightly against him.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, Maya,” he whispered softly into her wet mop of hair.

She pulled back from him and looked him in the eyes. “You were there for me, Lucas. You came to get me with no questions asked when I needed you and now you are letting me stay here, in your bed with you, just so that I don’t have to go home and be alone. Thank you, Huckleberry. I owe you big time.”

She let her face fall back into the crook of his neck and tangled her legs with his. He was very glad she did because it meant that she couldn’t see the giant grin plastered on his face from her words, heating his cheeks, but boy could she feel it.

Fell In Love Pt 2 (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: None


Request: Part 2 to Fell In Love (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Originally posted by amphibious-nerd-girl

“Right Sherlock I’m off. Be good, don’t get yourself killed.” You told him, putting your coat on and going and leaving a small kiss in his messy hair. He had a small smile while he looked at the computer, it only growing when you left. Mrs Hudson heard you leaving and came to bid you goodbye. “Bye Mrs Hudson…” You told her, about to leave, before pausing and turning. “Mrs Hudson?” You asked.

“Yes dear?” She asked you.

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When things get hard everyone wants to go back to the way it was before. When it was easy. I don’t want that. I want all of you the way you are now. I want to make you smile on your worst days when you fucking hate everyone, and I want everyone to know that I’m the one who can do it. I want you when you’re angry at me because I lose control sometimes too. I want the shitty arguments because at least we’re fighting for each other. I want to grow with you. I want to find new obstacles everyday and overcome them with you. I want the days you drive me batshit crazy because it reminds me of why I am still falling hopelessly in love with you.

Life has a funny way of truly fucking you over, but I want to be the one thing in this world that you see as a haven. I want to be your home.

—  You’re my home.
Secret Love- Bucky Barnes

Hey guys!! Okay, I’m in love with this one, if you want I can make a part two maybe? We’ll see!

Word Count: 1.9K

Warnings: 1940s!Bucky

The bell above the door rings and you turn your head back to see a new costumer enter the little cafeteria. You smile and walk towards the man that just seated on one of the tables.

“Hey, doll face, bring me some coffee, please.” You smile sweetly at him and turn around, trying not to roll your eyes at his tone.

You prepare the coffee and a slice of strawberry cake for a woman seating next to the door when you hear the bell again. Looking up, your smile grows wide when you see Steve and Bucky enter the cafe. You carry the food to the tables and go back to the bar, the boys already sitting on the stools. You smile sweetly at Steve, but when your eyes meet Bucky’s you just look down and feel yourself blush.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” Steve smiles softly at you.

“The usual?”

“The usual.”

You prepare two chocolate milkshakes and serve them some vanilla cupcakes. The boys thank you and you go away to attend the rest of the customers. While you walk through the local, you can’t avoid your eyes drifting away to Bucky. He is wearing his new uniform and he looks really good in it. Yesterday, Steve told you that he was accepted into the army. You are happy for him, you know how much it meant to him to become a soldier, but at the same time you are sad that you won’t see him in a long time and you are mostly scared that you don’t get to see him ever again. It’s not like you talk a lot, most of the time he doesn’t even notice you, but you are completely and utterly in love with him.

One year and a half ago, you met them for the first time. A part from your job at the cafeteria, you also work as a nurse in a little hospital during the mornings. It was a rainy day when Bucky and Steve came rushing through the hospital, Steve’s face full of blood. You took care of him, stitching him up and cleaning the dry blood. Bucky stayed by your side the whole time, although you told him to stay away. He refused and of course, being the extremely shy person you are, you couldn’t say no to those eyes. You still remember how his dark hair stick onto his forehead, the drops of water going down his jawline and his neck. You had to force yourself to look away and concentrate on Steve.

Since that moment, you begun to fall in love with Bucky. You also became really good friends with Steve. He was as shy as you are and he quickly noticed how you looked at his best friend. That’s why he always tried to go to your cafeteria, trying to make you talk to him. But, after more than eighteen months, Bucky still hasn’t noticed you.

You go behind the bar and start to clean some plates and glasses when you feel Steve’s voice.

“Hey, (Y/N), do you already know that Bucky got accepted into the army?” Steve raises his brows at you and you shot a glare at the little man.

“I, uhm, no, no. I didn’t know. Congratulations.” You flash a nervous smile at Bucky and when he smiles sweetly at you, you feel your cheeks becoming redder.

You turn back quickly, focusing on all the work you have to do before leaving. You hear Steve grunting at your reaction but you decide to ignore him.

“(Y/N), we are going to the Stark Expo tomorrow, why don’t you come with us?” You turn around again to meet with Steve’s biggest smile.

“It’s okay, I don’t want to bother.”

“You don’t bother, doll. Besides, Steve told me that you really like all this futuristic stuff? Come with us, it will be fun, I promise.” You look into Bucky’s eyes and you swear you are lost in them.

You ask yourself if this are the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen and you are completely sure that they are. With the yellow lights of the cafeteria his eyes seem much brighter and blue than before and you feel like you are looking at the sea, a sea where you could perfectly drown in it. You see how his lips turn into a smirk and you realize you are staring. Coughing, you look away and then back at the boys.

“Okay, I’ll come.” Steve smile widely at you and they pay for the food, waving you goodbye and stepping away from the cafe.

Betty comes out of the back of the local and smiles at you.

“Was that an illusion or were you talking to James Buchanan Barnes?” You laugh at her comment.

“It wasn’t an illusion, Betty. But I wasn’t talking to him.”

“Well, he sure was talking to you, sweetie. What did he say?”

“He said that I should go with them to the Stark Expo tomorrow.”

“If you are going on a date with that sexy soldier, you’ll need a new dress.”

“I’m not going on a date with anyone, let’s be honest, he probably has already two girls to take tomorrow.”

“True, but still, you should get a new dress. Let him know what he is missing on, honey.” You laugh again at your friend and keep doing your job.

When you finish your turn, it’s still daytime, so you decide to follow Betty’s advice and go to a cheap shop to buy a new dress. You end up grabbing a navy blue dress that ends at your knees. The skirt flows when you walk and the dress turns tighter when it reaches your waist. Some cleavage can be seen and the sleeves are short. It doesn’t cost you too much, so you buy it and go directly to your house.

Letting your hair down, you put some clips on it to avoid it from falling on your face. You put some make up on and finish your look with a cherry red lipstick. Happy with the way you look, you put on the dress and black heels and head out of the house.

You walk to the Stark Expo and see Steve waiting for you. You wave at him and hug him tightly, already feeling the nerves hitting your body.

“You look really beautiful, (Y/N).”

“Thanks, Steve.” You smile and look around. “So, where’s Bucky?”

“I’m right here.” You turn around and your smile fades away when you see him.

He is with his arms around two beautiful girls. You already knew that he probably had a date, or two, but it still hurts you. Waving awkwardly at him, you quickly turn around to meet with Steve’s sympathetic eyes. He holds his arm out for you and you grab it with your right hand, trying to avoid thinking about Bucky too much.

“He likes you.” You look at Steve with a frown.

“Yeah, that’s why he has not one, but two dates.”

“I’m serious, (Y/N). It’s just that, he has never had a relationship. He doesn’t know how this works.”

“Well then he can give me a call when he figures it out.” You raise your brows at Steve and eat whatever he has given you.

The evening goes really well, Steve tells you about how the army has rejected him, again, and how much he wants to become a soldier. You try to keep him away of this ideas, you don’t want him to go to war, but he has a very clear mind.

“Why don’t you want me to go to war?”

“Because I don’t want you getting injured!” You look behind Steve and see Bucky laughing with the girls, a sharp pain on your chest causes you to look back at your friend.

“Well, you are going to war.”

“Not to fight, I’ll be a nurse.”

“Then if I get injured, you can help me!”

“Steve, just stay here, safe. I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t.” He hugs you sideways and you smile at him. God, what would you do without him.

You see that is getting dark and you know that you have to leave. Steve tells you that he is going to stay for a few more time, just looking around the Expo. You are already leaving when someone grabs your wrist. Turning around, your eyes grow wide when you see Bucky.

“Already leaving?”


“And you didn’t even say goodbye to me. That’s rude, doll.” You smile at him and look away, feeling your skin shiver at the pet name.

“You seemed pretty busy.”

“Fair enough.” He looks behind, his two dates laughing and waving at him.

You fight the urge to roll your eyes at the girls, their excitement is ridiculous. Not even you would get that excited for having a date with Bucky, and you are much more in love with him than they will ever be.

“Well, I should really go.”

“It was nice seeing you, (Y/N).”

You smile one more time at him and turn around, walking fast to get to your house. When you arrive, you try to be as quiet as possible, your parents and your little sister already sleeping. You kick off the heels out of your feet and lay down on your bed with a grunt. Why does Bucky not notice you? Well, he did notice you, but just not in the way you would like him to.  At least if he is a soldier, you get to see him during the war and know if he’s okay.

You hug your little sister tightly, a few tears on your eyes and walk to the train with the rest of the nurses. You are ready to see all the horrors of the war first hand. Finally, Steve is coming, too. He became an incredible super soldier, or something like that. The thing is that now he is much more taller, muscular and stronger than he was before. He will be fine.

When you arrive to the base, you see a lot of soldiers running up and down. Some of them have guns and all kinds of weapons. You walk with the rest of the women to the little hospital and then to your tent. You share it with a really nice girl named Barbara.

It’s been a whole week since you arrived at the base and you still haven’t crossed a single word with Bucky. You are in the hospital, when a man comes in asking for someone. You turn around and see it’s Bucky. He has blood on his face and you immediately run to him, asking if he is okay.

“What happened?!”

“We were just boxing, I swear. But I fall and bumped my head into something. I think I cut my eyebrow.”

“Yeah, you definitely did.” You grab his hand and sit him down on a chair.

Kneeling in front of him, you grab everything that you need and grab his face to clean it. You are putting stitches on his big cut and you see him biting his lip, this is hurting him. His action makes you bit your lip to stop a very inappropriate sound coming out from your mouth.

“Can you hurry up, doll? I need to leave with the Howling Commandos.”

“The Howling what?”

“We are going with Captain America on a mission.”

“Oh, okay. Sure, I’m almost done, just a few more stitches. You should be more careful.”

“I should take you out on a date when I come back from the mission.” You stop your movements and look into his eyes.

He is completely serious, his blue irises penetrating into your soul.

“Just make sure you come back in one piece, Barnes.”


Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Summary: When Bucky is old enough to really understand what a soulmate is, he’s consequently old enough to do the math for it and he’s expecting everything but that. He’s got 36.858 days until he can meet his.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,735 words

Notes: Filling the request of a soulmate!au with countdowns + Bucky. I have no idea if I did the math for these days correctly so please just ignore it it’s wrong, lmao. Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy reading! <3

His clock is strategically located on the inside of his upper right arm, partially invisible to the curious eyes that had never seen so much numbers on a soulmate countdown. 

He grows up fine and without a single problem because kids don’t even care about that and his was always hidden by his shirts anyway but he’d occasionally ask himself why there was so much numbers on his clock when the others had so little. 

That changes when he meets Steve – his newfound friend has an even bigger number that he shyly shows one of these days. 40168: 02: 10: 10.  

Steve has 40.168 days until he can meet his soulmate. 

He has 36.858 days until he can meet his. 

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Logan Howlett (Wolverine) Request - Goddammit, You Stubborn Idiot

Request: Hey, if you’re taking requests can I request a Logan Howlett X reader with “I know you’ve reached a decision, but given that is a stupid ass decision I’ve elected to ignore it.” please? Xx

Hello! I had a ton of fun writing this! I’m not sure if it’s any good or not, but regardless I had a ton of fun! I used to watch the xmen as a cartoon when I was a kid, and so growing up I’ve always had a thing for Wolverine (;P), also he’s a fellow Aussie…. Us Aussies and our beaches and tim tams… think that’s all we’re known for. And the accent everyone thinks we have… we don’t talk like that, I promise. Neither Ives or I sound especially nasal or say ‘g’day mate’ on a regular basis. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Wolverine is a special, stubborn darling, so thanks for requesting him! Happy Reading!


“Logan! Goddammit! Would you stop being so damn stubborn?!” You cried out. He was being ridiculous, once again.
“Logan! I’m coming with you, you absolute goddamnned microscopically brained buffoon!” You two were on the stair well heading down from the rooms. He’d gone, he’d come back, he’d told you about what he was about to do and now he was about to leave again.
“Microscopically brained?”
“First thing that came to mind.” You shrugged. Eh, why not. Didn’t know if it actually worked as a concept but when in doubt, try it and see if it works-ish.
“The first thing that came to mind when you were insulting me was that my brain is only visible under a microscope?” Logan looked confused. Good. This was valuable time to change his mind.
“Yes. Because you’re a stubborn butt sometimes and I’m coming with you. I know you think I’ll slow you down, or that you don’t need me or you don’t want to risk it or whatever cliche dominant man-views you’ve got going on, but I can do this, Logan. I’ve been training. Practicing. I’ve gone out on missions and done stuff! Logan, I’m not the helpless imbecile you think I am. I’m actually good at this stuff.” You paused and looked him square in the eye. He couldn’t argue with that. There was no way.
“I’m going. Alone. You’re not coming.” He turned and continued walking down the stairs. You followed after him, not quite running but almost, just to keep up.
“Logan. You can’t be serious. Dammit Logan! Please see reason? You need two people on this, minimum!”
He rolled his eyes but continued walking. Before you knew it, you were at his bike.
“That’s enough, Y/N. I’ve made my decision.“
“I know you’ve reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it” You said firmly, snatching up the second helmet and jumping on the back.
“Y/N, get off.”
He started undoing his helmet and unexpectedly, he was off the bike, sitting on the steps outside the mansion, just in front of where the bike was parked. He put his head in his hands.
“Logan?…” you asked cautiously. You got up and moved to the steps, but you didn’t take off the helmet.
“What’s… what’s wrong?” You asked, putting a hand on his arm to try to comfort him.
“I just…. dammit, Y/N, why do you have to be so stubborn?”
“Me?! How am I the stubborn one? YOU’RE the stubborn one!” You exclaimed, exasperated.
“I’m only being so stubborn to protect you! I can’t loose you!” His face went blank as he considered what he just said… Maybe that wasn’t supposed to come out, but you were glad that it had.
“Logan… you’re an idiot sometimes.” You reached up and went to kiss him lightly… but then you remembered you had a helmet on, so took it off, and then kissed him lightly. Good thing you remembered too, or the helmet might’ve smashed him in the jaw. Logan rolled his eyes at your helmet-malfunctionage, but a small smile played on his lips.
“Logan… look… we lose people, they flicker in and out of our lives, and I can’t lose you either… But I might end up losing you if I don’t come, if you try this alone. And that’s not something I can live with. Logan… sometimes we have to take the risk. Sometimes we have to risk losing the people we love because they’re their own people, they’ll do what they like. Just… just let me come. I’ll be more help than hinderance, anyhow.” You voice was gently, not pleading any more, you were telling him. He leant down and kissed you.
“… Fine… I just… I worry.”
“I promise I’ll be careful… As long as you promise to be careful too.” He smiled and nodded and handed you back your helmet.

Looked like you were going on that mission after all.

Me, when I look at the ever growing list of shows that I’m watching and need to catch up on...

Why do I do this to myself? Oh… I remember. It’s the romance and pretty boys. I love it/them and need all of it.

Thank You, Mokuba

“They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.”

-By behindtheplottwist

(Warning: This ended up being longer than I intended. Forgive me!)

Yugioh was one of the first anime shows I watched growing up. When I was little, I hated Kaiba. The villian is always the bad guy right? Such arrogance that matched a black heart. So why should I cheer for him? Why would anyone? 

But you did Mokuba. 

I wanted Yugi to win, like the main hero always does, and he did. Over and over again. But when you first came on that screen, I never knew how much a fictional character could have such an impact on my life. You didn’t get a big role. You were the little brother. Seto Kaiba’s little brother. A supporting character. No. Stop. You weren’t. You can’t be.

 Because why did I learn so much from you than everyone else? Why did your actions speak so much louder to me than the main cast ever could? 

Because you’re an inspiration

I saw Kaiba and saw a cruel narcissistic cold-hearted person. Then you came out of nowhere, a sweetheart, a sincere good little kid with a giant heart of pure gold and showed me something else.(Despite your manga and season 0 appearances)

 I saw a black heart gone cold. You saw a broken one. And you tried your best to keep it from completely falling apart into nothing. You stood by him. You supported him when no one else would. Why? There’s more to people than what you see on the outside. You taught me that. 

Then I heard about your family. I heard about your parents. The orphanage. The bullies. The pain. The suffering. The sadness. But still you smiled through it all. At your age, how did you continue to go on and live life dealing with what you did? Some of us still can’t even do it. I’m still struggling with it. Ignorance is bliss they say? No, don’t make me laugh. 

You knew what was going on.

 You cried on that swing, missing a father who may or may not have loved the son that took his wife away. You looked back at the relative that dropped you off in the orphanage and held on to your brother’s hand as you stared ahead into the faces of lost hope among the other orphans.When that monster walked into the orphanage, your face held worry. When he took you to your new “home”, you knew what was going on. That’s why you tried to reach out to your brother with those cards.  

Even when you’re brother ignored you while you lived in that vast empty mansion under you’re “step-father”, you still loved him. Even when he tried to kill you- you…still stood by him. Promised to wait for him forever. 

Forgave him.

How do you forgive so easily? 

Your flesh and blood hurt you. Neglected you. Abandoned you.

But still you love him anyway.

 Forgiving someone is one of the hardest and seems like one of the most impossible things to do. You did it even before Yugi reached the elevator to go duel your brother didn’t you. How? You really are amazing you know that? 

Because you didn’t see a monster, you saw someone hurt, broken and beaten down. 

You wanted to help.

You always wanted to support him. You know why he does the things he does. You know that having a difficult life doesn’t excuse him. 

After all, you lived that same life, walked down the same road, lost the same parents, shared the same past. Even though everyone forgets you were there too. 

When everyone else abandoned your brother, you didn’t. When no one believed in him, you did. You were there for him. Like he was there for you. Through you I saw a different person in him. 

Through you I learned what true unselfishness, devotion, kindness, and self-sacrificing is. 

You went through a lot…

 You’re mother died after giving birth to you. You never got a chance to meet her. Your father died after that. Your relatives stole and left you. Soon your brother left even if he was still in the same room as you with a different gaze and a different kind of “smile”. Your “new” father didn’t think you were worth a second glance and you were left alone in that house.

 You didn’t have parents to love you. You were convinced your brother did, even if he didn’t show it the right way. After all, he tried but he was still a kid himself. Then he neglected you and you tried to get him back. No matter what. Even when he tried killing you at Death-T. 

Those monsters appeared and you were just a kid-and the experience of death would have crippled you. Then you lost your brother to a coma. Then the kidnappings started. You had your soul taken away and abandoned to shadows in the darkness, alone. You were dangled from a helicopter. Brainwashed. Had your body taken over.

 Kid I could go on. 

But let me tell you something. You’re a soldier. A warrior. You were abused, abandoned, neglected, went through traumatic experiences, and the fact that you continue to smile is something that I cannot put into words or begin to even describe just how much volume that speaks.

 People say showing emotions is a sign of weakness. But you see differently. They see a moment of weakness but you see a moment of strength. Or maybe you’re just that freaking strong. 

Maybe, no one else can see the pain behind that smile. Even so, you keep trying. Because maybe one day, when you smile, your beloved big brother might really smile back at you.

My life was filled with abuse and depression hit me hard. Everytime I watched Yugioh, I felt like I was living through you guys. I saw you laugh and cry, just like I did. I forgot about my own pain when I saw you struggle with yours. 

I loved watching you and your brother.

Smiled and loved the bond between you two. Your devotion to each other is admirable.

Growing up, I learned so much from you than my parents who weren’t around, it makes me a better person today. 

You held my hand. You helped me get through tough times. Thank you Mokie.

The original Yugioh series ended a long time ago and I’m in my senior year of high school. I still rewatch epsiodes. 

Still love seeing Mokuba and Seto. Really miss them. So when I heard about the movie, I was so happy and excited. Especially when I heard the movie revolved around Kaiba.

 Don’t get me wrong, I grew to love him because of Mokuba, but Mokuba will always be my favorite character. 

So I was concerned when the brothers’ lockets were gone. Was concerned about rumors of Mokuba being dead. Then terrified and relieved when I saw Mokuba’s sketch in the cast for the new Yugioh movie.

 But they chopped all his hair off.

 I always loved it long, hope he kept it till adulthood. I hoped he was an adult! But unfortunately the movie is set 6 months after the original not 10 years.

 I always imagined him to grow up as a badass vice president with flaring trench coats and be just as sexy as his big bro :) Maybe be like those cool spy agents haha.

 So I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t much older. 

But I loved the suit! It almost proves my headcannon that Mokuba won’t abandon Kaiba Corp when he gets older, he’ll still want to work there. 

 But I can’t express the excitement I felt when I saw this.

I’m even more excited now to see this movie! I was worried they’d make him look bad with the new haircut but its actually not that bad. 

It’s so much better than what I expected. Seeing him again, get older (even slightly) just brings back so much emotions I had to write this.

 Even though it’s not exactly what I want or was hoping for- I don’t even care I just wanna see Mokuba again.

 I’m just happy to see him again. 

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I wanna give behindtheplottwist the credit for the other pictures in the beginning, because it was originally his/her concept that I used for the Kaiba brothers pictures.  

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Goopy, I love how you're just so upbeat and positive all the time!! How DO you do it?

My mental illness makes me so forgetful and distracts me so much for reality that I actually forget ton of important junk that is supposed to make me feel bad in order to please my hyperactive attitude making everyone around me think that I am just a “child” and that I am immature and I need to grow up concentrating it in years of bullying and emotional abuse  that I learned to cope with watching cartoons and snoring sour candy’s dust when no one’s around…