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50 Questions with Hosoya Yoshimasa (part 1)

Hosoya Yoshimasa aka fan of Jackie Chan and person who became a seiyuu because he wanted to do a warp requested by anon

part 2 here

01. How did you decide to become a seiyuu?
The movie “Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko” that I borrowed from my friend during high school. Yamadera Kouichi, who I liked and still likes a lot, played a character named Hokushin, who has a scene where he warps, and I thought “I want to warp too,” which is the reason why I wanted to become a seiyuu.

02. Your debut work in anime?
I think my first was probably the role of a shuttle crew in “Gallery Fake”

03. Of all of your works, which character left you a strong impression?
Shichika Yasuri in “Katanagatari”

04. In the characters you are acting right now, what parts in them are similar to you?
Since I voice a lot of characters who are different from me, I think we share similar voice.

05. In all the acting you’ve done, what is the most memorable scene?
The scene when Togame died during the last episode of “Katanagatari”

06. Failures or memorable stories during recording sessions?
At my first anime recording I didn’t understand the meaning of bolding (*bold words can indicate phrasing, entrance, etc.*), so I acted slowly without considering the phrasing. Afterwards, my senpai mentioned it to me and I felt very embarrassed.

07. Do you have any rival or target seiyuus?
There was a lot in the past, but now I think I want to find more good qualities in myself and polish them. 

08. What would you do if you weren’t a seiyuu?
I think I would work in my friend’s bar. (*hosoyan in bartender outfit hmm*)

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