can i not dance in peace


Weee. Instead I’ll show you this. These are Elmy and Ray.

Elmy has a license to work as a qualified witch, because she is, you know, a witch. Her job is to maintain and repair different domestic stuff, like putting spells on pans so that they serve longer or changing power crystals in washing machines. This is boring. She’d rather solve magical cases as a witch detective.

And she has no clue, but maybe fate stores just that for her in a month or so. Because something is totally gonna happen in this peaceful boring town where the strangest thing is that fogs and smoke behave as they please. But this is a common thing. Everyone is used to it. I mean, when you see smoke dancing over the houses while you are begging for some wind, it’s nothing strange, because it’s been like this for as long as you can remember?

Okay, back to important things. She is a tiniest bit clumsy. In the mornings. After just waking up, ok? She is also flexible without having to do any of whatever the analog of yoga is there (that’s a common thing among specialists like her, because the job does this to you!)

This world has never seen the Inquisition and magic is well-known about. It’s just that not everyone can use it properly.

Ah, I forgot about Ray! He is Elmy’s familiar, of course, and her best friend. Though he perfectly understands human language, he barely can speak it aloud. He is young, curious, but surprisingly very helpful. He is a Ray of sunshine, but as he is almost black, he is actually a Ray of darkness.

He is magical too :3

Pokemon Sun and Moon in a Nutshell Part 2

Hala: These sandals are a symbol of my power!

Olivia: God dammit why am I single?

Nanu: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Okay. Whatever.

Hapu: Talk shit get run over by a fucking horse boi.

Ilima: I’m so fucking pretty. <flips hair>

Lana: I like fishing. Btw there is a Kyogre in here. LOL JUST KIDDING LOLOLOLOLOL GET REKT

Kiawe: I am much more serious than expected NOW WATCH MY POKEMON DANCE

Mallow: Finish your food or your ass is grass AND ILL MOW THAT SHIT!

Sophocles: I will only feel comfortable talking to you if you turn off the lights, cover yourself up with a bag, and go all the way into the corner where I can’t see you.

Acerola: Lets go into that abandoned mall! It’ll be so m u c h F U N : D

Mina: I represent love and peace maaaaaan.

Samson Oak: I’m Professor Oak except Alola Form! GET IT?!

Professor Burnet: I’m married to Kukui. Haha.

Mohn: Bean Daddy is actually a BEAN DADDY


Okay, okay, I had a LOT of fun with these. For one I’m super proud of how the kissing one came out (I’m terrible at drawing kisses), and second, this request of Branch being kidnapped by Creek (poor thing Branch is so shaken up) was just a super interesting concept to me. I really got into it and even kinda expanded on the idea!

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Natasha in every episode of War & Peace → 1x01 Part One

When I think of Boris, I can’t really remember him at all, even though he kissed me. I try to remember him, but somehow his face doesn’t come. No, nothing. Isn’t that terrible?… Will you write to Boris? No. No, I’d be ashamed to. Ashamed? Why? I don’t know, it would just feel awkward. False. That’s because you really love that funny one with the glasses! Pierre? I do not! Where did you get that from? Seeing you dance with him. What strange ideas you have.

things that (mostly foreign kpop fans) need to stop: [particularly about male kpop groups or idols (particularly particularly talking to ARMY’s]

  • Being crass, disgusting, perverse, overly sexual, rude and all around unnecessary towards idols on a platform where they are allowed to see your comments. I can’t believe this needs to be explained but EXP: you look so good oppa i want to rape you // Fuck me oppa // you’re so sexy i hate you for making me feel this way. // *idols posts picture of them doing a peace sign and smiling* comment: GOD i want to fuck you so bad right now…  this needs to stop especially because some of yall are like 14 years old. Also, this is just tasteless and it’s actually called sexual harassment tbh.
  • Infantising or judging idols for saying things, dancing to things, that are adult or sexual when they are grown ass adults. Like, for example, Jimin & Jeongguk dancing to a song with mature lyrics about having sex basically, and so many comments like; do they even know what this song is omg this song is so sexual, i can’t believe they’re doing this….1; it’s just a song, lyrics don’t even matter, it’s not a big deal. 2; these idols are old enough to dance to whatever they want to without someone telling them they’re too young or assuming that it’s crude or weird or they don’t know. 
    • please note: this does not mean just because they are grown ass adults that you can then proceed to sexually harass them or only comment overly sexual and disgusting things.
  • Commenting the second idols post things on twitter with some unnecessary random ass english bullshit. First off all, even if they could understand over half of it, which Kim Namjoon may just be able to (or other fluent in english kpop idols) they probably don’t want to read so many unnecessary comments. NOTE: this does not mean don’t say: i love you! this means don’t say some shit like: jhope posts a picture: where is taehyung. jimin posts a video doing something random: first 8 comments are shit like: I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY, why do you always do this, kiss jungkook, where’s taehyung? how is taehyung doing oppa? yall need to learn some manners honestly…
  • PS. please understand that messaging things like: I HATE YOU FOR THIS, for a foreign idol, does not look good and is not advised. Your favs probably do understand the word hate in english, and they do not know it as a good thing. Your weird tumblr or otherwise socially obtained sarcasm does not read through text. it sounds like you’re just yelling that you hate them. Use some common sense and if you’re going to yell at them don’t use sarcasm in a separate language from their mother tongue and a sarcastic, culturally separate from their own at that.
  • stop flooding the VAPP lives with 100000 english comments of a similar nature as well tbh. If you have nothing nice, relevant and simple to say just don’t. or just send a heart emoji. sometimes the level of obnoxious that the foreign fans reach is actually out of this world.
  • show support for whole groups not just your favs. if another member if out on VAPP for instance, please don’t constantly in english ask where your favorite member is, pay respect to the member currently there. This goes for twitter and everything as well…
  • literally stop going onto everything all of the time and talking shit about how it isn’t bts. just stop. like, i feel like i could go to a beyonce video tomorrow and find 4 comments about bts and at least 2 would be like; BTS IS BETTER, and the other 2 would be like ARMY here supporting beyonce let’s stick together, some of all are wild, calm down we already have a bad reputation tbh….i’m not saying don’t be proud to be ARMY or love bts (because i’m sure that’s what people will try to get out of this post and they’d be wrong) i’m saying don’t act like crazy people???
  • have some respect for BTS and all idols, and remember that they are PEOPLE. and if you’re a foreign fan, remember that they do not share the same culture as you. You may not understand their culture entirely, just as they don’t understand yours. Don’t fetishise their culture or their people, don’t fetishise their language. Don’t act like you understand their culture if you don’t. Especially if you’re new to kpop and BTS brought you in, it’s okay that you don’t understand but …at the same time, understand that their culture is nothing like ours. It really, really, really isn’t. Don’t mistake that it is. Learn the culture that you’ve been thrust into and don’t try to bastardize it. 
  • If you see them in your foreign country or town (on vacation especially…) don’t crowd them, chase them, yell at them, try to touch them.
I want to be your favorite song that you kept on your phone playlist and being played on repeat. I will be the song your lips sing. I will create peace in the middle of your nightmares. Out of the blue my words are the one you tell everyone.I will be your wake up call and lullaby at the same time. Be on your head wandering in the secret paradise you hide, touching the wildest day dreams, dancing on the alluring imaginations.  BUT I’m not your favorite song. You hated the melody, the rhythm, the harmony and every pieces of music I got. I was being stock and skipped. So if I can’t be your favorite song I’ll just write you a song with the words I want you to live with, with the feelings I kept on my playlist. I’ll hide some clues behind this song in blues. So, please grab you guitar and sing this song for me.
—  Your Favorite
I can get jealous

So um I was listening to Lana Del Rey and there was a lyric that said “Oh that face, oh that body, makes me wanna party”

So here is another Queenie x fem!reader fic where Queenie gets a little jealous on the dance floor

Originally posted by newtspatronum

You, Tina, Queenie, and some other aurors decided to head to a party being held by some people at The blind pig. It was where wizards and witches go get a drink in peace. 

It was your first time too, you just met the wonderful sisters a month ago and you’ve been friends with them ever since. Though Queenie has caught your eye a couple of times. 

You would have to admit, you would’ve never thought in a million years you would like a woman, but there was no reason to deny, she was gorgeous. She made you feel happy in every way. It was like sitting next to a fire crackling, she made you feel warm and safe. 

Queenie was something else to you. So when you three got on your dresses and walked to the dance floor, you noticed her tone changed. Her face saddened. 

“You alright Queenie?” You ask, walking up to her and putting a gentle shoulder on her hand. 

She looked like she barely noticed you but her face softened almost instantly. You saw her take a deep breath and smile.

“Yeah, I’m okay Y/N, just a lot of thinking goin’ around…” she trailed her sentence. 

You knew she was a legilimen, and you knew at least a third of these people were evil criminals, so you couldn’t blame her for feeling down. 

You got a thought in mind and turned to look at one of the house elves bar tending. 

“6 shots of giggle water please,” you tell him and with a snap of his fingers, 6 shots of giggle water were put onto a silver platter to serve. 

You both take a shot and of course bursting out in a fit of giggles. Then you both started giggling at each other. It was like being drunk but on happiness. 

After taking half of those shots, you did feel a lot lighter. You felt someone grab your hand immediately, yanking you onto the dance floor. It was one of the aurors, Rosemary Delchegate. Everyone called her Rose for short, or spice. 

Rose was always really nice to you. She would always walk with you to the trials and laugh at all your jokes. I think she really did like you. Her dress was very fitting and gorgeous on her, very nice on her curves, you noted.

You’d rather not think about it but your mind was kind of in its own litte world, and you kind of liked it. 

Usually you were appalled by such acts, but you couldn’t care less right now, and Rose looked hot. 

You smirked and started to dance with her and she laughed a bunch. You did stupid dances with her and tried to tap to the beat, almost falling. It was a lot of fits and giggles. You were having the time of your life! No worries just Rose in your sight but you turned your head.

You didn’t see a very happy Queenie, she wasn’t sad either. She looked more…angry. You frowned and excused yourself from Rose for a moment. A second later you saw her dancing with another guy. Guess she didn’t really like you, just looking for a dance partner.

You now noticed just how pretty Queenie was. When she sat she crossed her legs and her legs were so smooth and creamy white. She always strained her neck and bit her lip, especially when she was mad. It made you blush hard and have thoughts flood into your mind. 

You swallowed down all your pride (and your horny thoughts) to talk to her.

“Are you okay?” Your voice was shaky. Why were you scared? I mean you’ve never seen Queenie this frustrated before. 

“So…you think Rose is pretty?” You did not like that tone. She grumbled with her words and her voice was deeper than usual. 

She crossed her arms. “I saw the way you looked at her on the dance floor.” As she said that you realized something, she was jealous.

You grinned and she looked even more mad. 

“I’m not jealous,” she huffed. You chuckled at her and she got up, standing about eye level to you. 

“Well she is, but…” you grabbed her hand, intertwining your fingers together. She blushed a little, and looked down at your hands together in harmony. 

“I actually like you,” you continued. She laughed herself. 

“I know darling, your thoughts are pretty loud.” She suddenly was happy again. Which made you happier. 

“How about we dance then, jealous girl.” She frowns at you, but smiles all the same and nods. 

And for the rest of the night all you wanted to do was hold her close.

I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes.

Don't stop the music

For Anonymous! Hope you like it.

AN: The war is over, the sky people and grounders are finally at peace and Bellamy Blake can finally relax.
Characters: Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, mentions of other delinquents
Pairings: Bellamy X reader
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: Hi! Could I please get a short, cute Bellamy Blake x reader where Finally at peace, the 100 camp holds a bonfire and (Y/N) asks Bellamy to dance with her and the others. At first the leader is hesitant, but (Y/N) pulls him up from his seat anyway.


The sun sank behind the mountains, setting the sky on fire with warm shades of reds and pink and it seemed as though the entire camp breathed a collective sigh of appreciation at the sight. It had been a hard year for your people, an unreasonably hard year, full of pain and suffering and loss so this moment of calm was sorely needed. You smiled as you watched the younger kids running around, cheering and offering their help to the adults who were carrying logs into the forest.
The bonfire had been your idea, a way for those of you who had originally been sent to the ground to remember those you’d lost and to reconnect with each other.

Bellamy nudged your shoulder with his, standing by your side to observe the progress being made.

“We’re nearly ready.” Bellamy told you.

You nodded, shooting him a tired smile, “I hope this goes well.”

“It will.” Bellamy assured, “We’ve been at peace with the grounders for nearly two months now, nothing is going to go wrong, I promise.”

“What is this? Bellamy Blake, trusting that things will work out for the best?” You teased, nudging him gently.

Bellamy chuckled, looking down and shaking his head. Someone called you and you squeezed Bellamy’s arm, promising to see him later before running off in the direction of your caller. Bellamy watched you go, his heart fluttering in his chest.
God, he hoped that this went well.


“Byyyyye byyyye Miss American Pie,
Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry
And them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye
Singing this will be the day that I die
This will be the day that I die.”

Jasper sung with all of his old gusto and enthusiasm, his beat up guitar creating sounds none of you had ever thought you’d hear again. The campfire crackled with life, shooting sparks into the star filled sky as you sang along, the chorus of voices loud and exuberant. All around you, people were dancing like they’d never danced before, light with laughter and giddy with the relief of being safe and together. You could see Raven, taking it slow on her bad leg, but dancing nonetheless, supported by Octavia who was gradually learning to smile again. As you looked around, your chest swelled with pride and you couldn’t help but be grateful for the opportunity to be together like this.

“Really Y/N, the drop ship?” Clarke asked, sitting down hard beside you, her face twisted in a look of anger, “Of all the places, you chose here?”

You sighed, trying not to let her drag you down. Clarke alone seemed to be unwilling to let go of the pain of the past and, as much as it pained you, you couldn’t do anything but hope that, in time, she would come back to you.

“I thought it would be nice,” you answered, “you know, so that everyone else gets to celebrate with us too.” You gestured to the graves with your head, “And besides, this is where it all started, it only seemed right for it to end here.”

As Clarke processed your words, you caught Bellamy’s eye from across the bonfire and blushed lightly when he smiled at you. You’d been friends with him for months now but, somewhere along the line, your feelings had changed and now, with no war to distract you, they were becoming exceptionally difficult to ignore.

‘Having fun?’, Bellamy mouthed to you.

You smiled and nodded in reply, ‘And you?’

He nodded. Clarke noticed the exchange and smiled ruefully, looking for a moment like her old self.

“Go on then,” she encouraged, a teasing smile in her voice, “ask him to dance.”

“Wha-no!” You answered, laughing breathlessly, “I can’t do that.”

“Why not?” Clarke retorted, “He obviously likes you.”

You shook your head, “Too much has happened, I don’t want-I don’t want to push him.”

Clarke nudged you, “Isn’t that what tonight is about? New beginnings and leaving the past behind us?”

You took a deep breath in and stood up, making your way over to Bellamy.

You could hear Clarke encouraging you and you smiled, filled with nervous excitement. Bellamy looked up at you as you reached your hand out to him, smiling with a slight hint of confusion.

“Y/N?” Bellamy asked.

“Dance with me?” You asked, swallowing your nerves.

Bellamy flushed, “I really don’t-I’m a terrible dancer Y/N.”

“Oh come on,” you insisted, “let your hair down for once.”

Bellamy shook his head, “I really can’t dance.”

You rolled your eyes and grabbed Bellamy’s hands, pulling him up and towards he bare patch of land where people were dancing. Bellamy was nervous and awkward, not sure how to move his body with the fluidity you had. You laughed, placing Bellamy’s hands on your hips and encouraging him to loosen up. Slowly but surely, Bellamy felt himself relax and he began to have fun, laughing and singing along to the song. The fire was warm and kept the night time chill away from you as you danced. Bellamy’s eyes never strayed from you and the action was mutual. In that moment, despite all the people surrounding you, you felt like the only two people alive and you felt as something shifted.

As the face paced music softened into an out of tune ballad, you brought your hands up and tangled them in Bellamy’s hair, your movements slowing to a gentle sway.

“Thank you for tonight Y/N.” Bellamy said, his voice low and soft.

“No problem.” You smiled, as Bellamy rested his forehead against yours, “Thank you for dancing with me.”

I Can’t Dance (Carry On Countdown Nov. 24th)

I love doing 5th year fics. Normally I go for angst but today I thought, what stressed me out as a teenager? Hope you enjoy some awkward fifteen year old Snowbaz :) @carryon-countdown


Baz felt a moment of rare peace sitting in his quiet bedroom. For once Snow wasn’t obsessively stalking him around Watford. He wished he were entirely relieved but a part of him felt a tiny burst of annoyance. Of course he needed a break from Snow’s attention but why did Snow need a break from him?
As if the room were listening to his thoughts, Snow burst through the doorway to their room. He looked frustrated and slightly panicky, his expression becoming worse when he saw Baz lounging on the bed.
“Why are you here?” Snow’s question wasn’t tinged with its usual antagonism.
“I live here?”
Snow huffed. “Usually you’re at football practice right now.”
Baz felt his heart stutter. “Stalker.”
Snow rolled his eyes. “It’s just the room is usually empty right now.”
“Usually yes. But today’s practice was cancelled. So here I am.”
Snow bit his lip nervously. “Well I need the room.”
Snow’s cheeks reddened.
“Oh gross you are not messing around with Agatha in here.”
Snow winced. “That’s not…no I meant…”
Baz waited.
“I need to practice…dancing.”
Baz had not expected that answer.
“Um, why?”
“For the winter formal.”
Baz mentally calculated how far the date of the dance was.
“That’s in a month Snow.”
Snow huffed and began plugging in his ancient CD player.
“Yeah I know. I barely have enough time to get the whole thing down.”
“That’s not what I meant. It’s way too far away to be worried about it. Plus…there’s no formal choreography. It’s just a school dance.”
“I. Can’t. Dance.” Snow’s shoulders were tense.
Baz threw his hands up in a sign of surrender.
“Okay, okay! I get it. Just act like I’m not here.”
Baz tried to go back to reading. Normally he could completely immerse himself in his studies. But he couldn’t help but watch Snow struggle through basic leading form. His shoulders sagged and he tripped often over his own feet. He managed to do all of this without even a dance partner to distract him. Snow definitely couldn’t dance.
At one point he tripped over their carpet and nearly crashed into Baz’s desk. Out of instinct Baz rushed forward to help him, not being as careful as he should be of his vampire enhancements. Snow jumped backwards away from Baz’s outstretched hands.
“I’m fine. Stop staring at me like I’m some pathetic loser.”
“Then stop acting like one!” Baz snapped.
They both paused then, not wanting to get too riled up. The Roommate Anathema was always a helpful threat to keep them calm. Snow looked back at Baz with watery eyes.
“I’ll never get this right. I’ve been practicing for weeks already.”
Baz wished he could touch Snow’s face, to try to comfort him.
Snow glared. “Yeah I get it. It doesn’t look like I have.”
Baz sighed in frustration. “Merlin Snow I wasn’t trying to be a prat. I’m just surprised that this is so important to you. You’ve slain dragons and chimeras, why do you need to beat this too?”
Snow clenched his fist. “That’s the point. I’m good at killing things. How can I ever…date Agatha if I can’t even properly dance with her?”
Baz felt himself internally recoil. It somehow always came back to her. But even as he wanted to lash out at Snow he knew it wasn’t fair. Plus, he wanted to help.
“Hasn’t Bunce offered to help you practice?”
“Yeah, but it hasn’t helped. She doesn’t know how to lead. So I’m not learning what I need to do.”
Baz looked away. “I can help.”
He sneered. “I can’t stand the idea of watching you muddle through the steps for the next month. At least this way you can get it done right and then I can have some peace of mind again.”
Snow’s eyes widened. “You’ll really help?”
“Yes. Now start the CD over again.”
Snow scrambled over to the machine and pressed a button. He walked back over and grimaced.
“This is going to be awkward.”
Baz glared. “Only if you make it so. I’m going to start off leading so you can get the idea. Then we can switch roles so you can practice.”
Baz carefully placed a hand on Snow’s waist and lightly gripped his hand with his other. His stomach felt like it might float out of his body. He had never dreamed he would be able to touch Snow like this, much less dance with him.
“Just follow my lead. But pay attention.”
Snow nodded, his face a mask of concentration. After a pause Baz led him into the dance. Baz knew Snow would get the hang of it eventually. Baz was a fantastic dancer and Snow had a kind of steel determination. Still, a part of him hoped it would take the whole month for Snow to master the steps.

Teach me of forever
Not in promises that cannot sustain
But in the perfection of infinitely finite moments
When the world stops for us alone.
Show me what dreams can possess
When fueled with a love steadfast as the sun
Dancing on a summer’s blessed breeze.
Touch me so very deeply
That the core of me trembles in the wake
Of a love that will withstand time itself.
Guide me through the constellations in your eyes
And the fault lines in your heart
That I may always find my way home
To the sheltering embrace of your soul.
Give me the darkness you hide inside,
Buried where no eye has seen
And no heart has touched.
Let me soothe your demons
Until they come to know peace
In the timbre of my love of you.
Paint me the canvas of your life
That I will hold all pieces of you dear
For the rest of our days.
Spin with me on the wheel of life
Until tomorrow becomes a promise
And home is no longer a place
But rather a space we share.

© Courtney Turley 2016

Azriel watched the sunlight dance across Elain’s skin, her eyes were closed the lashes dusting the tops of her cheeks, her brown hair that was spread around her looked more golden when the sun shone on it, her face was peaceful - content. Azriel couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty that he was witnessing, he didn’t want to take his eyes off of her lest she disappear and he would find himself wondering if she was a dream or real life.

“I can feel you staring at me…” she murmured. She opened her eyes, squinting at the sudden brightness.

Elain caught the blush Azriel was trying but failing to hide, and she too blushed. They sat in a comfortable silence for what felt like seconds, the only indication that it was longer was that the sun had started to set.

Azriel moved closer to Elain and wrapped his arm around her waist and she in turn nuzzled into him. As the sun began its slow descent, Elain who usually loved to watch sunsets kept her eyes on Azriel’s face, his eyes trained on the sun were full of wonder and his lips bloomed into a dazzling smile, Elain also smiled contentedly, not at the sunset but at the shadow singer who marveled at all the light and goodness in the world.
@propshophannah got me into shipping Elriel and I’m obsessed so I felt like I wanted to write a bit about them, I’m still very new to this whole fanfic thing so I still need to improve a lot. But right now I’m only doing it for fun and I’m really enjoying it! Xxx

I want to be married.

I want to come home to my best friend. We can complain about work & talk of the latest news. We’d make dinner together, dance around the kitchen, sneaking in butt touches & kisses. There’s a perfectly good dinner table in the dining room, but we’d rather sit close on the couch while we eat. We’ll leave the dishes in the sink & head off to shower. Joking & laughing, we fight over the temperature of the water & he’ll let me win. We finish up & head to the bedroom. Our bed is perfectly made from the morning, so peaceful & inviting. We’ll gently slip beneath the sheets, only to destroy the bed set with phenomenal sex. The morning will arrive all too soon, where we’ll hold each other in hopes that work would somehow not exist for either of us. Alarms will interrupt the serenity, warning us of tardiness for the day. We’ll sip our coffee during our morning routine of kisses & “I love you’s” as we head out the door. The minutes will feel like hours; hours like days, until we return home to each other’s arms.



Now I can die in peace after seeing this beautiful person dancing. 

P.D: Am I the only one the saw the video a million time with no stop? And don’t lie girls we all know you all have done it. ;)

Sunday Progress Update:

Lot of ❌s there…Not my best week. But, my pants are actually really loose right now, so maybe all those evening snacks aren’t the worst!? And…maybe I can still get today’s water intake up. Too much coffee and wine today… 😆

I love me from last week for another reason though! Choosing to take tomorrow off was suuuuch a great choice–especially after a very social weekend. Tomorrow will be a long phone call with a friend for her birthday, a sushi lunch and dance class with another friend, and a happy hour…but at least I can have coffee leisurely in peace and that’s really what I need. I love when I make good decisions for my sanity! 😁

We left the birthday party/super bowl party early because none of us care about football. Conner went to take a shower, so the husband and I did other things… I went upstairs wearing the husband’s boxers because I didn’t feel like getting dressed again. I popped in to check that Conner had gotten all his chores done:

Conner: “Why are you wearing those…oh. God. Gross. Never mind, don’t tell me!! 🤢”
Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

Also, I went to yoga today after having not been to a yoga class in months–it was amazing! Why do I not do yoga more often!?


For @fullysketch’s @badboyandprincess AU. So, This is my random headcanon… lol. A Bad Boy Marco and Princess Star AU. “Every night, Marco always have trouble falling asleep (its nostalgia or something like that lol) and has to stay up all night because of it. But ever since Star came, he was able to fall asleep comfortably now (except for the times that he always think about her and her kindness. Me trash! XD) ‘cause every night before going to sleep, Star would always sing a lullabye (Yes you heard me! Singing! Since Canon Star can Dance, I want AU Star to have a lovely singing voice). Star would always sing a lullabye before going to sleep on her balcony. She would just, let her hair flow in the wind and just enjoy the peace in her surroundings then just, sing. Marco would go sneak up to her bedroom and take a peak at her at the balcony. He would just rest his head on the wall and just listens to her singing. When she finishes singing, marco would quietly tip toed quickly to his room to avoid being caught by Star (which would be embarrassing to him to be starring at her in the middle of the night). Marco would go back to his room and sleep. (Lol my headcanon sucks! XD sorry about that…)” I was listening to this list of songs while drawing this…. “Glitter” - Fairy Tail, “Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru ni” - (Megumi’s Song) Special A, and “Dear You” - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. All are japanese but, I really love listening to them before going to sleep. And I just imagine Star singing them all. XD omayghaad….

when taylor retires
  • taylor in 2103 when she decides to retire: to the fans, thank you for the support through all these years. i wouldn't have made it without you. i can't thank you enough, so to show appreciation, i want to give you all a few things
  • taylor: this is the 12 minutes of all too well
  • taylor: this is the red tour DVD
  • taylor: these are the polaroids i took with harry when we were lying on the couch and then after we decided to move the furniture so we could dance baby like we stood a chance 2 paper airplanes flying flying flyi-
  • taylor: this is a new studio album
  • taylor: i'll be doing a stadium world tour, 359 shows to be exact

Make me a bird of prey | Listen on Spotify or 8tracks

“We create temporal loops in time which peculiar folk can live indefinitely… Only women are born ymbrynes… We ymbrynes must scour the countryside for young peculiars in need, steer clear of those who would do us harm, and keep our wards fed, clothed, hidden, and steeped in the lore of our people. And if that isn’t enough, we must also ensure that our loops reset each day like clockwork.”

I Know You Love To Fall, Message To Bears // Starshipper, Christine and the Queens // Side By Side, Sleeping At Last // Birds, Giles Lamb // Time Is Dancing, Ben Howard // Pass Them By, Agnes Obel // Unbound, Cathedrals // Queen Of Peace, Florence + The Machine // Home, Birdy // Knocking On Heaven’s Door, RAIGN // Bird Set Free, Sia // River, Oh Be Clever // Byegone, Volcano Choir // Mother, Florence + The Machine


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