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the best way to say f*** you to simon and his minions is to get Just hold on to #1 - all over the world. Let's do it!!

Exactly!! Let’s stream it, buy it, shazam it and LOVE the song all the way to the top!! 


For Louis. For Jay. And for everyone who loves them.
That is really the ultimate revenge because FUCK.YOU.SIMON 

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

  • Saeran: I've been sitting in this burger king for 4 hours
  • MC: They don't come to take ur order, u have to go to the counter
  • Saeran: Unbelievable

Is there somebody who can watch you // The 1975

haikyuu translation breakdown 2/??

can i just say my memory is so bad i don’t even remember translating this the first time round when i did the entire chapter when it came out lool

anyway here we go with another breakdown request 

tobio ga furimawasareru wake dayo

The most contentious word here I’m guessing is ‘furimawasareru’, which iirc from ep 10 of the anime the word choice was ‘wrapped around X’s little finger’.

furimawasareru is the causative form  of the verb ‘furimawasu’. The english online dictionaries don’t give a very well rounded definition so we’re going to hit up a japanese dictionary for the reference.

given the context, we want the (3) definition, which basically says:

 (3) “to make someone act the way you want them to act / to make someone do what you want” 

and if we go back to the bubble in the manga panel, the verb is in the causative form so it means Tobio is being “caused”, or “made” by someone else (contextually, Hinata) to act in the way Hinata wants. 

I suppose there really isn’t a singular word in the english language that can convey this nuance, because words like ‘manipulate’, ‘abuse’, or ‘coerce’ don’t really carry the right connotations and would be very awkward contextually to describe the dynamic between Hinata and Kageyama. That’s probably why phrases like ‘wrapped around X’s little finger’, or for example, ‘lead by the nose’, could be used, in attempt to have a better fitting translation. I reckon the ep 10 translation of that line is acceptable. 

I didn’t break down the entire sentence, so if you want to go for a grammar lesson and learn what the ‘wake’ is, this might help.