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so yesterday we laid out a bunch of porcelain tile, and now muscle groups I was entirely unaware of are now LOUDLY making themselves known.

no negativity this year we love ourselves like supervillains

I have headcanons over headcanons of how they dance - how Keith thinks he can’t dance but Lance proves him wrong every time, and how Keith dances like he fights, and Lance is a very good lead because he reacts to his dancing partner and makes sure they feel comfortable– and he happy dances so much, Keith at some point just KNOWS he is going to get dragged to a dance before it happens - he hears Lance is happy in the distance and just leaves his cup and extends his hand to be swept into a dance. And he starts to be so happy that Lance chooses him to share his happiness with. And they can stay on the dance floor all night, flushed and hair sticking to foreheads damp with sweat, but still smiling like lunatics, and when the sun starts rising and most people are too tired to even stand up, they are still on the dance floor - tired but grinning and slow dancing. And every time they dance - time stops for them and they just bask in each others warmth. And their wedding dance? Keith voted against having one, because he doesn’t want to dance in front all of their friends and family like it’s a show, but he smiles widely when the music starts playing anyway and he watches as Lance asks for the dance and his response is automatic, because his lungs are filled with such joy that he grabs his husband’s hand and time stops for them again. 

Catch me crying in the club 😢😭😭

I think Lup is so revolutionary in media culture in large part because of Barry. like. Yes, She’s a Trans Woman and That Alone is super cool but!! She is loved by Barry, a presumably Cisgender Straight Man, who literally does not give a shit that shes trans. It’s pretty rare to see cis/trans couples where one partner being trans isn’t the “"problem”“ or ”“conflict”“. He just loves her for her and that’s so good!!!

Generally trans representation in media is mediocre at best and the McElroys (particularly Griffin) Know That. So the fact that he did his best to portray a trans woman while giving her So Much Else to her character is *chef kiss* but!

Trans love is Especially bad in media. So having Lup and Barry fall in love so deeply and naturally was so important but even moreso when you remember barry is literally titled ”The Lover“.

Barry was created to love and he loved Lup. The implications of that, that not only are trans people worthy of love but are worthy of Real, Deep, Sincere, Honest Love, of the purest form of love imaginable, is so, so important. It’s not something I’ve ever seen in trans media before. It can be really easy to forget that despite being trans, I too am worthy of that kind of love.

So thanks, Griffin, for reminding me.

why haven’t i seen any mention of this on


Carol’s reactions to Therese’s call.

I’m not even saying this to diminish Adam and Shiro’s relationship because I know it must have been important enough for Shiro to actually be thinking about marrying him at one point, but that was something that happened.

In the present, Shiro is in a coma and dreaming about Keith. He’s not dreaming about Adam. In fact, the only time Adam appears in his memories is when they break up. The entire episode was Shiro dreaming about Keith. From the first time they met to watching him growing up until the point when Shiro opened up to him about his illness and about going to the mission.

No matter how you look at it, Adam’s and Keith’s relationships, interactions and narratives with Shiro are exactly the opposite. From beginning to end, from Adam not really giving him a choice when he gives him the ultimatum to Keith outright asking Shiro what he’s going to do.

This was a deliberate choice.


Hatsune Miku makes her appearance in Persona 4 Dancing All Night! (x)


“That’s the trouble with hope. It’s hard to resist.”

I don’t like to talk out and make posts due to my anxiety, but y'all.

I am a native floridian and a child of native floridians. Irma is scary as hell.

But Florida is more secure than the Caribbean islands, we have a third of a continent to help us.

The Caribbean is being torn to shreds by Irma, and I’m gonna need y'all who can help to help them. The PM of Barbuda has said that 90% of the island has been severely damaged. Irma is only going to cause more destruction.

Please, as soon as supplies and manpower can be sent to the Caribbean, help them. Be the support these small countries need.

Because these islands are filled with people, other human beings, who deserve the chance to live and rebuild and be happy and survive.