can i meme now am i cool

MM characters be like

Yoosung: I don’t know what my GPA is and at this point I’m too afraid to look

Jaehee: If my job sucked any harder than it does now, I’d orgasm

Jumin: I speak 3 languages - Korean, sarcasm and real shit

Zen: Not sure if I’m a narcissist or actually awesome

Saeyoung: Laughing at memes everyday, doing nothing, because I have depression

V: Look at all these things I can’t see

Vanderwood: Clean ur room

Saeran: Oh, I pissed you off? Suck it up buttercup

Rika: Sometimes you have to go insane, to outsane the sane

Echo girl: I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet

Sarah: He’s really good-looking and he thinks I’m super cool

MC: Oh boi 3 am chats n feels seels the deels

@ PHANDOM MEMBERS: asking for a favor if you can!!

hello…so a few hours ago, dan tweeted about possibly making another top memes of 2016 video! now, back in september, i posted this meme:

…and you guys all seemed to find it funny, it got almost 8,000 notes, and dan liked it!! which i was quite proud of (even though it is a Terrible Sh*tpost but i’m not complaining).

Now, since Dan plans to make this video it would be pretty cool to see this in it…the only problem is I don’t have a twitter and i am not allowed to make one! so i’m asking you a quick favor. if you can, please tweet the muffin meme at dan!! since i know he has obviously already seen it on tumblr and found it funny, it would mean so much to me to actually see it in the video! thanks so much for your help!!

Theme Park Sentence Starters

“That ride looks fun! Let’s go!”

“Oh man I hope I’m tall enough to ride it this year. It’s always looked like such a cool ride!”

“Man am I hungry. Let’s see if we can find a place to eat.”

“I’m tired of the rides. Do you want to catch a show so we can take a break from them for a bit?”

“Let’s sit down somewhere. My feet are killing me.”

“I was certain the map said it was this way.”

“I really wanted a souvenir, but now that I see the prices of everything I’m not so sure. This stuff is expensive.”

“I love it when we come here!”

okay my fav thing right now is the pokemon go team leaders being in a poly relationship bc that is just so perfect and listen

-i know spark is suppose to be this meme lord and all but listen to me he will fucking mess you up if he saw you hurting a pokemon or one of his friends

- get wrecked bc no one can save you from his wrath

- candela is so hot like lord help me i am not straight

- she is not cool i repeat she is a nerd and weird and probably cries a lot

- candela acts really cool tho and her first impression makes girls very weak, super kick ass but when she gets in fights she always tries really hard not to burst into tears bc she in sensitive but she still kicks ass

- she just internally apologizes to the pokemon and kid she just totally fucking destroyed

- inside she’s just “shit shit i am such a terrible person i am crushing this kids dreams, im breaking they’re heart oh no” and then another voice that sounds like Blanche tries reasoning with her “pls chill no you are not, beside if it bothers you just let the kid win” this next part is out aloud “NEVER, VICTORY OR DEATH!!!!”

- candela definitely encourages spark’s crazy meme-loving behavior but she is just as bad

- she calls him sparky which is just my heart exploding

- blanche is just too much okay they are definitely non-binary and is too good looking

- both candela and spark are screwed

- they need to chill

- blanche is super collected but gets really weird at like 3am, is the one who asks the weird questions when candela and spark are trying to sleep

- “i just really like eevees okay, there are just so many possibilities, they can be anything, do anything, i want to be an eevee, they are just really soft and pretty and space is just so big, wait i think i saw, WAS THAT A SHOOTING STAR?!?!” Blanche practically falls out of bed pointing at the ceiling

- Spark jumps out the bed and and is looking around frantically screaming “WHERE? WHERE? I DONT SEE IT, DO YOU SEE IT? WAS IT REALLY A SHOOTING STAR” he asks shaking an angry candela

- “no. no it was not. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE INSIDE A HOUSE! GO TO SLEEP” you do not want to see a sleep deprived candela

- “i swear to god Spark if you encourage Blanche one more time I will fucking annihilate you” “what about Blanche, they’re the one doing all the talking” “Blanche’s hair is too nice, i can’t hurt them” “tru”

- “who even says annihilate these days???” “i do, fight me sparky”

- blanche listens to electro pop and is proud

- spark hates it “HELP!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!” blanche makes direct eye contact and turns the volume up to drown out the screams

- spark loves electric type pokemon and unfortunately they love him a little too much

- this kids gets his stupid ass electrocuted 5x a day and Blanche is just done

- on the plus side Spark uses all the static electricity to completely scare the shit out of candela, he just taps her on the shoulder and her hair just stands up on end

- its actually really cute

- Candela wears Spark’s clothes and she especially like Blanche’s weird long ass jacket

- she does that dramatic *swish* turn

- she definently does impressions of both of them, she’s kinda terrible at it

- every chance candela gets she’s screaming “TEAM VALOR” she tried getting it tattooed on her arm with a really badass looking charizard breathing fire but Blanche was not having any of it

- “I DONT CARE WHAT YOU PERMANENTLY ETCH ONTO YOUR SKIN AS LONG AS ITS NOT THAT MONSTROSITY” blanche shouts while pointing at a poorly drawn sketch that spark had made

- the feud lasts three days and spark is both scared and a little turned on

- in a moment of clarity candela decides to get a tattoo of something else bc what was she thinking????? that sketch is put up on the fridge bc spark is super proud of it

- candela has a tattoo now, maybe more than one

- blanche and spark are weak

- Spark sometimes braids Blanche’s hair

- Candela literally almost dies bc Blanche with a braid is too much

- candela is still cool i want everyone to know that but honestly she is a mess

- blanche most of the time is just lowkey roasting everyone like they’ll insult you in such a dead pan way and is basically savage

- spark my sweet boy is still meme trash and only communicates in the group chat with gifs that are really out of context

- blanche is a sucker for horoscopes and anything related to zodiacs

- “candela maybe you should stay inside today” blanche says worriedly “why?”candela asks and she sees spark peering over Blanche’s shoulder to read the screen “yeah it says you’re gonna die today” “wow again?” “yep” she walks out the front door anyways

- candela hogs the blankets

- spark microwaves things that dont belong in the microwave and no one is happy

- between a disapproving blanche and a scolded spark “why???” “the internet said this wouldn’t happen” “the internet is full of lies” spark emits a shocked and slightly offended gasp

- candela can make a solar powered microwave which they use until they buy a replacement

- spark is officially banned from the microwave, not the kitchen just the microwave

Avengers Academy Starters || Part 6 || S

Star-Lord - Peter Quill

  1. “Aliens, am I right?”
  2. “Aliens tell me I’m an excellent dancer. I think. Sometimes I…don’t really know what they’re saying.”
  3. “Can’t I just go to one planet where somebody doesn’t try to kill me?”
  4. “I didn’t do it.”
  5. “I miss that Earth smell.”
  6. “It’s…hard work guarding a whole galaxy.”
  7. “Let’s go. Dance off. Right now.”
  8. “Nice.”
  9. “People call me Star-Lord! …I’m being serious. Some people call me that…”
  10. “That’s cool, man.”
  11. “That’s my jam. ”
  12. “Where’s my headphones? Oh! On my head.”
  13. “You can trust me—almost all of the time!”
  14. “You gotta feel the music.”


  1. “Don’t give up.”
  2. “Has anyone seen Thor?”
  3. “I fear no one.”
  4. “I refuse to lose.”
  5. “I’m proud to fight by your side.”
  6. “Keep fighting.”
  7. “Let’s fight!”
  8. “Midgard is strange.”
  9. “When’s the next battle?”
  10. “You’d be a fool to fight me.”

Spider-Gwen - Gwen Stacy

  1. “Cool.”
  2. “How come you don’t return my texts?”
  3. “I might be a zillion miles from home, but I’m still in charge.”
  4. “I try not to think about the whole ‘alt. universe’ thing.”
  5. “Let’s jam.”
  6. “Super-villains are lame.”
  7. “Ugh! Bluh, bluh, bluh.”
  8. “Wanna help me put up some flyers?”
  9. “We got this.”
  10. “Why is every universe filled with jerks?”
  11. “You’re no match for my tiger-style.”

Spider-Ham - Peter Porker

  1. “I can do anything a Spider-Ham can!”
  2. “I’m the Sporctacular Spider-Ham!”
  3. “It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham!”
  4. “Let’s eat!”
  5. “Oink, oink, losers!”
  6. “One pig knuckle sandwich, coming up!”
  7. “What’s a BLT?”
  8. “You act like you’ve never seen a pig with spider powers!

Spider-Man - Peter Parker

  1. "Can I interest you in a rogue’s gallery?”
  2. “Don’t move! This is going to be a perfect shot.”
  3. “Great. Just more typical Parker luck.”
  4. “Have no fear, Spidey is here!”
  5. “I need to check on Aunt May.”
  6. “I though Manhattan was crazy.”
  7. “If we’re being honest, I can only do some of the things a spider can.”
  8. “It’s easy being good when things are going good.”
  9. “It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”
  10. “My spider-sense is tingling.”
  11. “Say radioactive cheese!”
  12. “This place needs more skyscrapers.
  13. "Who are you calling itsy-bitsy?”
  14. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Spider-Man - Miles Morales

  1. “Am I the only one with a curfew?”
  2. “Hmm, what would Peter Parker do?”
  3. “I thought my universe was weird…”
  4. “I wish my universe had a superhero school.”
  5. “I’m here to help!”
  6. “Just call me Spider-Man.”
  7. “Maybe I need more practice.”
  8. “Where do you go to get a burger around here?”
  9. “Where’s the phone? I have to check in with my mom.”
  10. “That’s insanely awesome!”
  11. “This is gonna be cool!”
  12. “You can call me 'Ultimate,’ I’m okay with that.”
  13. “You have to let me save you.
  14. "You look familiar… Do we know each other?”

Spider-Man 2009 - Miguel O'Hara

  1. “Don’t make me use my fangs.”
  2. “Far out!”
  3. “Let’s get it right this time?”
  4. “Let’s party like it’s 2099.”
  5. “Maybe he’s the Spider-Man of the past. Have you ever thought about that?”
  6. “Time is a flat circle.”
  7. “Time to glide.”
  8. [yawn] “Time travel really takes it out of you.”

Spider-Woman - Jessica Drew

  1. “Escaping from peril can be pretty tiring.”
  2. “Go ahead and doubt me…”
  3. “I fight, glide, climb walls, and speak eight languages. What do you do?”
  4. “I was climbing walls before it was cool.”
  5. “Let’s get moving.”
  6. “Pret-ty exciting, huh?”
  7. “Ticking me off can be…poisonous.”
  8. “Wait 'til you see what I do next!”
  9. “Who else can wall-crawl in heels?”
  10. “Who needs stairs?”
  11. “Who’s Spider-Man?”
  12. “Why does everyone still think I’m a double-agent!?”
  13. “You can trust me. Or can you? …I’m just kidding - you totally can.”
  14. “You don’t have to listen to me, but you should.”
  15. “You know you can’t resist me!”

Squirrel Girl - Doreen Green

  1. “I always win!”
  2. “I don’t like beating people up, but I’m good at it.”
  3. “I’m here to kick butts and eat nuts!”
  4. “I’m unbeatable!”
  5. “I see you lookin’ at my tail.”
  6. “Let’s go, Tippy-Toe!”
  7. “Squirrel Girl to the rescue!”
  8. “Squirrels are a girl’s best friend.”
  9. “Sure thing!”

    I’m going to be blunt about this, before I go and make my coffee and continue with more memes. If you want to reblog this─── I don’t mind. That’s up to you but I’m not very happy with certain behaviours right now.

       Let me be blunt with this,

This blog will not, nor will it ever, tolerate any kind of vagueblogging directed negatively at anyone in this fandom.

   It doesn’t matter whether I know them, or whether I do not. It doesn’t matter if we’re enemies, or the best of friends, THIS IS BULLYING. This is toxic, unhealthy behaviour that situates someone in a position in which they are unable to defend themselves. This is not okay ──── this will NOT be tolerated, by any means.

    Vagueblogging on its own, can be something very hurtful. People neglect the facts of saying, IT CAN PUSH PEOPLE TO HURT THEMSELVES. Let me say that for the people in the back, a little louder,


   Tumblr is a communal site. What does that mean? It means that just like an out of school hobby, there is an underlying responsibility to take care of eachother. Does that mean you have to twist and turn in every direction to babysit someone you don’t even know? No, but it does mean you need to AT LEAST, be aware of possibly concerning content you post and it’s affect on others.

   Again, I’m going to be blunt ──── if you have no intentions of at least TRYING to censor your content, be it through tags, or readmores, or just not posting it at all, I have no time for you. I don’t care how much we’ve talked, how nice I’ve been, I do NOT care───

I will NEVER tolerate someone attacking another person.

I will NEVER tolerate someone HARASSING another person.

I will NEVER tolerate someone thinking it is in THEIR RIGHT to PUT DOWN someone in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

I will not tolerate bullying here, and that is absolute.

[Discord is down so I will have to post my horrible thoughts here. I’m on mobile hence the terrible formatting.

Reasons to date me:
1. I am told I am soft.
2. Imagine how attractive you look next to me. Even more attractive than usual!
3. Will send countless memes to you.
4. Speaks four languages!
5. Will talk about video games forever.
6. Will love you unconditionally. No matter what.
7. I’m cool with whatever. We can go out or stay in.
8. Used to nothing so literally any act of kindness will baffle me.
9. Knows a lot about history.
10. I cry all the time, not just occasionally.]

ultimxte-nurse  asked:

➐ Are there any people you’ve been to afraid of approaching?

Munday meme I’m too lazy to fetch || Not Accepting

      Yeah lmao plenty, I still am really shy and feel this way constantly. Some worth noting tho are probably @bestiascuro and @roseate-ruruka, I remember telling them how awkward and shy I felt when I began talking to them! What can I say, they are really cool… It’s funny also, but when I met @neverendingrayofhope way long ago, I was super shy as well, and was intimidated by how amazing they were. And that’s like, 6 years ago now I think.

skype hell: so cool sentence starters
  • “No words can describe how angry I am right now.”
  • “So cool!”
  • “So cool!”
  • “SOOL.”
  • “don’t touch the butt”
  • “wake me up inside.”
  • “i was just plumb bumfuzzled.”
  • “YEE HAW”
  • “YEE NAW”
  • “So cool!”
  • “shrek x barry is my otp”
  • “my dream is to become a meme”
  • “i made an au once where everyone was a chair”
  • “so the kinkshamer has become the kinkshamed”
  • “So cool!”
  • “Who’s the toaster fucker here”
  • “i cant believe ____ is a furry”
  • “did you say ass box”
  • “maybe ___ will be our always”
  • “So cool!”
  • *bee movie script*
  • *navy seals copypasta*
  • “i cant sleep while this sin is going on”
  • “LEG”
  • “SHE RUN”
  • “dont make me kinkshame a nine year old”
  • “Hi im ____ and welcome to jackass.”
  • “I’m going to shove ALL these buttercups up my ass”
  • “i am a beacon of sin.”
  • “not today satan”
  • “anime was a mistake”
  • “No. Not penis.”
  • “fusion is just a tactic to make weak trash stronger”
  • “does it say pringles?”
  • “So cool!”
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP ____!!!”
  • “One time my friend watched Boku No Pico and shoved an ice cube up their ass.”
  • “danny devito is my kink.”
  • “that cross would fit nicely up my ass.”
  • “i’m gonna shove that lamp up my conveniently-shaped ass.”
  • “eight legs. seven vaginas.”
  • “i am a five foot can of whoopass”
  • “i want to shove it up my ass too don’t leave me out”
  • “i am full of salt and bitterness”
  • “So cool!”
  • “Ur asses will consume the planet.”
  • “im going to shove ___ up my ass”
  • “guess where that’s going?”
  • “nico nico calm the fuck down”
  • “shrek is pretty sexy”
  • “So cool!”
  • “go the fuck to sleep”
  • “*hacker voice* im in”
  • “teach the youth of tomorrow to shove their problems strAIGHT UP THEIR ASSES
  • “let me shove a minion up my ass. let me live”
  • “free him”
  • “wake me up inside”
  • “god is dead. and u sinners killed him”
shit my friends have texted me : meme
  • ❝ What kind of dumb ass name is Rosalind? That’s what’s grinding my gears. ❞
  • ❝ Death is all around us. ❞
  • ❝ You can refer to me as the alpha now, because that’s what I am. ❞
  • ❝ I just forgot how stairs work. ❞
  • ❝ My deodorant doesn’t have aluminum in it. Suck it. ❞
  • ❝ You guys know this is sleepy time right? ❞
  • ❝ Keep it cool, killa. ❞
  • ❝ Everybody needs to go back to sleep. ❞
  • ❝ Listen you fucker, it’s too early to be creepy. ❞
  • ❝ The aliens are invading! ❞
  • ❝ That’s my worst nightmare. ❞
  • ❝ I like to watch the world spiral into chaos. ❞
  • ❝ I’m a small child that was inappropriate. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t make me break your nose again. ❞
  • ❝ (insert muses name here), you are my spirit animal. ❞  
  • ❝ Have a taco of friendship. ❞
  • ❝ At least someone recognizes that I’m royalty. ❞
  • ❝ It’s like a game that drives you to the brink of insanity. ❞
  • ❝ Also, I’m a bra, not a bro. I’m expensive as fuck. ❞
  • ❝ I’m going to get lost and die. ❞
  • ❝ Are you talking to yourself? ❞
  • ❝ Alpaca’s are natures sweaters. ❞
  • ❝ Go the fuck to sleep. ❞
  • ❝ Why would you show me that? ❞
  • ❝ I’m leaving this group. ❞
  • ❝ That’s not important, look at my cats. ❞
  • ❝ Is it because of my soulless eyes? ❞
  • ❝ Did you miss me terribly? ❞
  • ❝ I’m drunk and out of dogs. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t die. ❞
  • ❝ I’m both scared and excited. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t make me have to be the mom friend, I’ll put you up for adoption. ❞
  • ❝ I fucked up so bad. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not Captain Woods. ❞