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SKAM 4.03 Clip 3 - This is how you succeed

[This is how you succeed with a good cover name and russ bus concept]
Cover name - lots of promo
- Mix the mysterious with humor
Main concept and cover name - must be connected]
[Did you manage to get 300.000?]
[You kidding?!?!?!?]
MOM: Hi!
SANA: Hello!
MOM: Have you gone to bed already?
SANA: Ehh, no.
MOM: Do you need the cup or are you done with it?
SANA: I’m done.
MOM: Yeah.
SANA: Mom?
MOM: Yeah?
SANA: I was wondering if I could invite some girls over on Friday?
MOM: Yeah?
SANA: Yeah, it’s fine?
MOM: Yes, it is. How many are you? Are you a lot?
SANA: Not that many.
MOM: No. What are you going to do?
SANA: Mhmmm.
MOM: I ask too many questions, don’t I? I do. Right?
MOM: But that doesn’t mean I don’t trust you. I do. I just miss talking with you. You used to tell me all your secrets. Do you remember that?
SANA: Do you wanna hear a secret now?
MOM: Yes.
SANA: There is a boy I like.
MOM: Muslim?
SANA: Yes.
MOM: Tell me about him.
SANA: He is funny and smart…
MOM: Good-looking?
SANA: Yes, very good-looking. And I even think he can cook.
MOM: He’s perfect for you! Do you think I can meet him?
SANA: Uh, I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I’ve only talked to him a little, and I don’t even know if he likes me.
MOM: Like you? Of course he likes you! Who doesn’t like you?
SANA: Do you think so?
MOM: Yes, I do.
SANA: I hope so.

SKAM 4.03 Clip 3 “This is how you succeed” English transcript

*Sana is writing notes for the bus meeting*

Yousef: Did you manage to get 300,000?

Sana: Easily

Yousef: Seriously?!?!!

Sana’s mother: Hi.

Sana: Hello.

Sana’s mother: Have you already gone to bed?

Sana: Uh, no.

Sana’s mother: Do you need that cup or are you done with it?

Sana: I’m done.

Sana: Mom?

Sana’s mother: Yes?

Sana: I was wondering if maybe I should invite some friends over on Friday?

Sana’s mother: Yes!

Sana: Everything’s good?

Sana’s mother: Yes, it is. How many are you? Or are you many people?

Sana: Not a lot.

Sana’s mother: No, what are you going to do?

Sana: Mm …

Sana’s mother: I ask too much. Don’t I? I do. Right?

Sana: No …

Sana’s mother: But it doesn’t mean I don’t trust you. I do. I just miss talking to you. You used to tell me all your secrets. Do you remember?

Sana: Would you like to hear a secret now?

Sana’s mother: Yes.

Sana: There’s a guy that I like.

Sana’s mother: Muslim?

Sana: Yes.

Sana’s mother: Tell me more.

Sana: He’s … He’s funny. And smart.

Sana’s mother: Handsome?

Sana: Yes, very handsome. And I even think he can cook.

Sana’s mother: Perfect for you!

Sana: Yes!

Sana’s mother: Do you think I can meet him?

Sana: Uh … I don’t exactly think we’re there yet. I’ve just talked to him a little, and I don’t even know if he likes me.

Sana’s mother: Likes you?! Of course he likes you, who doesn’t like you?

Sana: You think so?

Sana’s mother: Yes, I do.

Sana: I hope so.

Honey  | M.J

And the MJ soulmate AU has arrived!!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it :) Oh and its a female reader x MJ, also it’s a lot of background, maybe I’ll do a part two like I’m doing with my Peter AU and go into the details of the relationships development more

Prompt: Soulmates have matching color tattoos, once you meet your soulmate their initials appear on your wrist, however you don’t fall in love magically 

Warnings: Uh I talked about bible-thumpers, and overly religious people in a negative way, whoopsie, cliches, swearing, and being gay b/c “we’re all a little gay”, uhh I didn’t edit bc I’m trash???

Word Count: 1.8k 

Every time you looked down at your wrist you were haunted with the truth about yourself, a truth that your parents would hate, a truth that could cause you to lose some of your friends, a truth that made you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

The bar that you were born with on your wrist is a honey tone that complements your skin beautifully, at least that’s what everyone always says, but unfortunately that is always followed by the line “I can’t wait to meet the boy you’ll end up with”.

Which maybe if you were out of the closet and proud of your sexuality you would be okay with telling them all that you wouldn’t end up with a boy, however that just isn’t the case.

Your parents have always been hardcore religious people, which in turn led them to be giant homophobic assholes.

You figured out that you were gay in the seventh grade, and every summer you contemplate coming out to your parents, there were several different outcomes to telling them that their ‘godly and holy’ child was actually gay as fuck and disagreed with almost all of their hardcore beliefs.

There was the scenario that they would accept you and be willing to change their mindset; however the chance of that actually occurring is a solid 0.002%.

Then there’s the scenario where they pretend it never happened-which seemed the most likely, it was what they did, as soon as something shitty happened in the family they pretended it didn’t and drowned themselves in praying to their almighty god and working overtime so they’d both have to avoid awkward family dinners every night.

Then there was the one where they would just completely shun you and kick you out, which based on how they treated your cousin that came out, that would be exactly what would happen.

So you firmly decided to wait until you graduated high school to come out, that way you’d be able to go to college, or get a job, or find a way to support yourself-other than becoming a sex worker, which had come to mind several times when thinking about how to put yourself through college after getting shunned by your own flesh and blood.

It’s funny to you though, the fact that your parents are so hell bent on being bible thumpers because at one point the both of them didn’t believe in god and were practically hell bent on smoking and partying-or at least that’s what your grandmother used to tell you.

She would go on for hours about how your parents are total hypocrites and about how they were horrible parents, which led her to eventually figure out that you are indeed very gay and she’s 100% okay with that, which led you to think of the last final scenario, if your grandparents are still alive after highschool, just move in with them and ignore your parents until thanksgiving.

But somehow, every scenario always ended ratherly negatively, harsh circumstances always came up, the only thing you were certain of is that they would try to pray away the gay. Especially after watching them watch reality tv and speak about how the reality stars that are apart of the LGBTQ+ community just needed to find jesus and they would be okay.

Which made you cringe. A lot.

Your home life was okay though, if you subtract the homophobic comments that your parents often made, and the overarching need they had to force their hypocritical religious beliefs down your throat. But your family was pretty much set for life-being that your bible thumping father actually owned a rather large church where he preached his mumbo jumbo to fellow bible thumping assholes.

So that means if all goes well you’d be able to attend your dream school because your family could afford to send you, thus leading you to have a successful career after high school.

Speaking of high school, that’s a different story.

You were currently sat in your AP Sociology class, which honestly was boring the life out of you, while social sciences interested you, your teacher’s monotone made you want to smack your head against the desk.

When you thought about highschool you had to think about the negatives and positives, however the negatives somehow always outweighed the positives.

Sure you have friends, however you weren’t sure who really was your friend anymore, you couldn’t tell if they were friends with you because you’re pretty and your bible thumping family has money, or if they were genuine, what would happen when you decide to come out? Would they all run for the hills, even if it’s 2017 people are still assholes and judgemental towards anyone who’s different.

Not to mention you had a reputation to uphold, people thought of you and thought of the brilliant, down to earth girl who was nice to everyone. Now, you didn’t mind being nice to everyone, but sometimes all you wanted to do was punch people in the throat for being pricks.

For example, every time you see Flash Thompson bullying someone, his routine target being Peter Parker, you step in and politely tell Flash to fuck off, of course without saying the words ‘fuck off’ because most people would be shocked to know that you, the daughter of a preacher would ever swear, even though it’s rumored that preachers daughters are often the most promiscuous.

No one would believe that about you, seeing your black pencil skirt and your tucked in maroon button up, or the light denim jacket you wore on top of that, prim and proper as your father constantly repeated to you. You could never let your hair lay freely, if it even looked the slightest bit messy your father would freak out, saying things like ‘what would other people think of me if my child, a reflection of my parenting, walked around looking like a doormat’ or your favorite line ‘go back inside and fix your hair, you look like a streetwalker’.

You hated going to school everyday, not because you hated learning, or hated people, rather that you had to hide who you truly were and present yourself as what everyone else wanted from you.

When the bell rang you stood up and made your way to the cafeteria, to sit with the same group of people that you always surrounded yourself with, the people that probably didn’t even like you for you.

“Hey (y/n) guess what?! Cindy found her soulmate!!” You smiled at Betty and said congrats to Cindy then waved politely at the boy sat next to her, looking around the table all you noticed was that every girl who had a soulmate, had a male soulmate.

Something you’d never have.

You used to get overwhelmed with the thought that you’d never meet your soulmate when you were a kid because you never understood the feelings that you had. In elementary school when most girls had crushes on boys you would always have to pretend you had a crush on some random boy because you didn’t know how to say ‘haha yeah guys I like this girl because I’m hella gay’, unfortunately to this day you still didn’t know how to tell everyone that you’re gay.

Everyone around you laughed at some stupid joke that sounded as if a twelve year old boy made it and you just smiled acting amused, however you were starting to feel that familiar panic, the thought about coming out making you anxious, so you kindly excused yourself and made a beeline to the nearest girls bathroom.

As you stared at yourself in the mirror you continuously smoothed out your pencil skirt, as if the skirt being smooth would help calm you down.

Of course you just had to be cursed-not in the being gay aspect-but in the fact that you had to live a lie because of your family, the fact that you constantly felt ashamed for being who you were because of some idiotic hypocrisy that your parents constantly preached.

Your panicking was interrupted when someone opened the restroom door yelling “Okay Ned, one second I have to pee”

When your eyes met through the reflection of the mirror she offered you a sweet smile, you immediately returned it, if you didn’t have a type before, you definitely did now.

The way her brown curly hair was casually in a ponytail that had purple streaks in it, and the way that she wore all black looking effortlessly confident had you swooning, it wasn’t love at first sight, but it was definitely something.

however the tingling coming from your left wrist caused you to break eye contact, when you glanced down you noticed the initials ‘M.J’ covering the honey-gold bar, when you looked back at her she was staring at her wrist, then she made eye contact with you again.

“Well, I guess I met my soulmate at a weird time, we can talk more after I pee” with that she just walked into a stall and did her thing.

After she finished washing her hands you raised a brow at her, surely you should have noticed her before, although Midtown is a rather large school so it did make sense that the two of you never bumped into each other.

“Im Michelle Jones, my friends call me MJ, and since you and I are destined to be so can you” She smiled at you and offered her hand, which you gladly took and shook it.

“Im (Y/n) (y/l/n), you can call me whatever you want to be honest” She cocked her head to the side as if she was thinking, however she held an intense gaze on you that made you slightly blush.

“You’re friends with Liz’s friends right? All those snobby girls, wait wait, you’re the preacher’s daughter, wow you have to tell me what his reaction was when you came out to him, maybe I can even sketch him when we meet…wait you haven’t come out yet have you?” you blushed as you stared at the floor, not wanting to admit to the person that you were destined to be with that you were afraid of what would happen to you.

Of course MJ’s only reaction was to pull you into a hug and rub circles into your back.

“Hey, hey listen, I get it, you’re scared, it’s fine, you totally don’t have to come out yet, besides we have the rest of our lives to spend with each other, we can do that as just friends for now, besides we barely even know eachother, when you’re ready to come out, I’ll be with you 100 percent of the time” before you knew what was happening you were a crying mess.

How could someone know exactly what to say, oh wait it’s because she’s your soulmate.

Fate pushed you two together, and honestly you couldn’t be more happy about that.

rey completely and utterly destroys kylo. she kicks him to the ground and brands his face with her lightsaber. her presence is pure rage and fire and passion and she shakes him down to the depths of his soul. she upsets his plans, ruins his game, storms his mind and uncovers his greatest fear and exposes what he really is to himself. her contempt and scorn for him are palpable, burned into his soul forever with her searing passion and the last shot of him in the entire movie is him trying to lift himself up to get a better look at the woman who just destroyed him. this kid, this idiottttttttttttt, this utter moron, who keeps trying to be something he isn’t, who keeps fighting against the light as hard as he possible can gets WRECKED by a pretty little scavenger girl who was supposed to be his prisoner, who came out of nowhere and flattened him, shattering his entire world with her fire and passion and rage. and I’m not supposed to want him, this kid, this MORON, this idiot, this deluded wanna-be darth Vader, this melodramatic baby, this clumsy and inadequate macaroon to fall heart-crushingly in love with her????

she broke his entire world, smashed it to smithereens and left him in its ruins. it just makes sense she’d do the same to his heart. 

Two Tricksters

From this request: You should totally write a something where the reader is dating Loki or Gabe and friends with the other and let the chaos commence


“There she is!”

“Hi, Gabriel,” you said, relishing the feel of your best friend’s arms around you. It had been a long time since you’d seen him, what with him being busy with some sort of apocalypse and Loki having transported you to Asgard for a month-long celebration of… something or other.

“You look fantastic,” Gabriel said, holding you at arms’ length.

“Thank you. And you look… alive.”


“No, I just mean… I was worried when you said you were fighting an apocalyptic force.”

“Come on, dollface. Ain’t no apocalypse can take me down!”

The two of you found a table in the small café. A waitress appeared and took your orders—Gabriel, a giant hot chocolate and two sugar cookies, you a small caramel coffee.

“So,” Gabriel said once the waitress had scurried off. “Tell me about your new man.”

Your cheeks flushed slightly. You knew this was coming—after all, you and Gabriel told each other everything. When you’d told him you were in a relationship, Gabriel had immediately gone into protective mode, wanting to meet and interrogate Loki. You’d held him off but you knew the two would have to meet eventually.

“Well… his name is Loki. He’s tall, dark hair, alabaster skin, emerald eyes…”

“Whoa, now. Tone down your lady boner.”

You glared at Gabriel. “He’s also incredibly smart and wonderfully talented when it comes to magic and…”



You saw Gabriel’s ears perk up. “Trickery, you say?”

You nodded. “He loves nothing more than to play tricks on his brother.”

The light in Gabriel’s eyes brightened. “Well, well, well. Sounds like a wonderful guy. When can I meet him?”



The god appeared around the corner, dressed casually yet still emitting an air of royalty. His green eyes sparkled as he approached. “Hello, darling. Did you have a nice afternoon?”

You hummed in approval as Loki pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I did. I hope you weren’t too bored here by yourself.”

“Quite the opposite. It was rather nice to have a moment of peace after the Asgardian celebration.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind, but–”

“Hello!” Gabriel, apparently having grown bored in the hall, stepped inside your apartment. “You must be the man who’s stolen Y/N away.”

“I am,” Loki said, his tone only slightly laced with ice. “And you are?”

“Gabriel. Her closest friend and companion and,” he shot Loki a wink. “Her first trickster.”

Loki’s eyes shimmered. “I thought there was something special about you.”

“I’m flattered.”

“Boys,” you cautioned, being caught in between them. “Behave…”

“Of course,” they responded.


Three hours later, the three of you sat on your couch, looking around at the destroyed remnants of your living room. The two tricksters had gotten into a contest, testing each other’s strength and magic. They were equally talented and your poor apartment served as a testament to that.

“Well,” Gabriel said. “I have to say… it’s nice to meet someone who rivals my abilities.”

“Agreed,” Loki said, a small furrow in his brow.

“I hope you know neither one of you is leaving until my apartment is fixed.”

The two shared a look before snapping their fingers. Furniture rips were repaired, stains removed. Things that had been materialized disappeared.

“Better, darling?” Loki asked, his arm snaking over your shoulders.

You nodded, snuggling against your boyfriend. “Is this going to become a regular thing with you two? Getting together and causing mischief together?”

“Us? Cause mischief?” Gabriel asked. “Of course not.”

You nudged his leg with your foot. “I’m serious. I don’t want to be caught in the middle of your shenanigans.”

“We promise you won’t get caught in the middle,” Loki said.

You were quiet for a moment. “You’re going to band together to prank other people, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely,” Gabriel said.

anonymous asked:

All these grant photos and videos and comic con got me feeling some type of way so can I please have a grant imagine where he takes you to comic con and introduces you to everyone as his girlfriend or something like that

I just had to get this up because of all the photos Grant has been putting up on Instagram. Major FOMO right now :( Maybe one day I can meet him! 

“Y/N! Are you ready to go yet?” Grant called from the door of our hotel room, a little sigh escaping my lips.
“Uh yeh, I think so,” I replied, turning from side to side to make sure my outfit was perfect.
“You look beautiful babe,” he appeared in the doorway, a loving smile gracing his flawless face. “But if we don’t get going now, I think the others will literally kill us.”
“I know I know,” I waved off his comment, straightening my shirt out one last time before I was rudely yanked from the bathroom, an amused Grant pulling me out the door. “This is just the first time meeting everyone, and the fans! Grant what if they don’t like me!”
“Calm down Y/N,” he chuckled, pulling me to a stop in the hallway, cupping my cheeks with his hands. “Everyone is going to love you, and if they don’t, then they’re missing out on a beautiful and funny girl.”
“Yeh but… Your fans can be brutal sometimes,” I bit my lip, remembering what happened to his last relationship and how the fans managed to tear that apart.
“I promise you, everything is going to be alright,” he pressed his lips against mine gently, pulling back before I could take it any further. “Come on, before we both end up dead.”

“If I had known this is what Comic Con was like, I would have come way before I met you,” I giggled, collapsing on a random sofa we had found, throwing my legs on Grants lap, staring up at him with pleading eyes.
“Next time, don’t wear heels,” he rolled his eyes, taking my shoes off and starting to massage my feet, letting out a pleasurable moan at the feeling.
“Uh, Grant?” a soft voice broke us from our moment, making Grant look up and me pull my feet back to my chest, suddenly very self conscious. “C-can I please g-get a photo?”
“Sure thing babe,” he gave her a breathtaking smile, hoisting himself up from where he was sat and giving her a tight hug, making her burst into tears.
“You’re making her cry,” I laughed, holding my hand out for her phone, knowing the drill by now.
“I can’t believe you’re real,” she sobbed, gripping his shirt tightly in her hands, making Grant begin laughing as well.
“I’m very real,” he pulled back from the hug, keeping one arm wrapped around her, looking down at the young fan with a loving expression, making me subtly snap a photo of the intimate moment. I took a few more photos before handing her back her phone, giving her a small smile.
“Are you his girlfriend?” she asked, fiddling with her phone in her hands, staring up at me questioningly. I glanced at Grant, seeing him nod.
“Uh yeh, I am,” I chuckled, picking at the edge of my skirt, nervous to see her reaction.
“I ship it,” she simply said, leaning forward to give me a hug before she ran off.
“See,” Grant hip bumped me, making me playfully glare at him. “The fans love you. I haven’t seen one of them be rude to you at all.”
“That’s because you’re here,” I stuck my tongue out, picking my discarded shoes up and taking his hand, entwining our fingers and letting him pull me along to the next meet up. “As soon as you’re gone, it’s gonna be a free-for-all. Who can kill Y/N first!”
“Ha ha, very funny,” he laughed sarcastically. “I would never let anyone, fan or not, hurt my baby.”
“Excuse you mister,” I scoffed playfully. “I can take care of myself.”
“Well then, let’s see how you handle yourself after this,” he winked, pulling me into the backstage area of Hall H. I gave him a funny look, narrowly dodging the various staff members that were running around, trying to set up the panel that was about to take place.
“What are you talking about? I’m staying backstage,” I pointed out a lone sofa tucked into the back corner. “I’ve already claimed that sofa.”
“Nuh uh, you’re coming on stage so we can formally introduce you as my girlfriend,” he grinned cheekily, gesturing for me to put my shoes back on.
“Uh, no I’m not,” I shook my head, digging my heels into the floor so he couldn’t pull me any closer to the stage.
“Come on, it won’t be that bad,” he pouted, wrapping his arms around my waist and giving me a soft peck. “I promise this is the last thing, and then we can go back to the room and order pizza.” I chewed on my lip, thinking over my decision.
“Make it Chinese and you have a deal,” I finally said, squealing when he began to spin me around, continuously muttering ‘thank yous’ and placing kisses all over my face.
“Stay right here and I’ll come to get you soon,” he finally put me down, giving me one last kiss before he bolted off to the rest of the cast, turning around and giving me a thumbs up.
This was going to probably be the worst decision I’ve ever made.

“Alright, we’re opening up to the floor now, so get ready with you’re questions,” the commentator announced, causing a frenzy of excited fans to shoot their hands up, clearly excited to talk to the cast. One girl stood up, clutching the microphone tightly in her hands, staring up at the cast with wide eyes.

“Uh, this is just a question of interest, but who is that girl that’s been hanging around with you guys all day?” she asked, making my stomach drop, knowing what was about to happen.
“I’m glad you asked,” Grant chuckled, almost evilly, scooting his chair back and rushing off stage, poking his head around the wall separating backstage from the main room. “Come on Y/N.”
“I don’t know if I can do this,” I bit my lip, tugging on the end of my skirt nervously. “There’s so many people out there.”
“It’ll be fine, I promise,” he held out his hand, urging me to take it. I let out a deep breath, placing my hand in his and letting him pull me onto the stage.
“Wait no! I change my mind!” I squeaked, tugging on Grants hand and trying to rush back to safety, only to have him throw me over his shoulder and carry me the rest of the way.
“This, ladies and gents, is my lovely girlfriend Y/N,” Grant spoke into the microphone, setting me down in his seat, crouching down next me. My eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw the sheer amount of people that had crammed into the large room, making me scoot the chair back slightly.
“Uh, hello,” I picked nervously at my nails, cringing at the sound of my voice echoing through the hall.
“I LOVE YOU Y/N!” a sudden yell made me jump, making me look into the crowd to find the source of the voice. It happened to be the girl from before, sat giggling with her group of friends.
“She was worried that you were all going to kill her, and I promised you wouldn’t, so please don’t make me break my promise,” Grant chuckled, hearing the sounds of ‘Ok Grant’ and ‘We won’t’ echo back.
“Alright well this has been great but I think I’m gonna go back to my corner now,” I shuffled off the chair, giving Grant a kiss on the cheek before bolting off stage, hurtling myself onto my couch.
“Wow,” the fan with the microphone giggled, catching my attention. “She’s too perfect to be real.”
“I know right,” Grant laughed, making all the girls (and probably boys) swoon. “I will pinch myself probably every day for the next,” he paused for a moment. “Hopefully, years. I’m so glad you guys like her.” 

Alright, so maybe it wasn’t the worst decision I’ve ever made.

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@kuroreden‘s AU, “I love you.”, Angst

Kaneki sat in front of his laptop, fresh out of the shower. Hide would be online soon and Kaneki was eager to talk to him. It was a long day, filled with fighting and blood, and all Kaneki wanted to do was curl up with a hot cup of coffee and talk to his (boyfriend?)

Sure enough, Kaneki’s computer made a bleep the told him Hide was requesting a call. Kaneki answered right away.

“Hey.” Hide greeted. “Were you waiting for me?”

“Maybe.” Kaneki leaned his cheek into his palm. “I missed you.”

Hide hummed. “Lonely without me to keep you company?” Hide squinted at Kaneki and then launched into one of his lectures. “You’re a bit pale. You eating properly?”

“I am. Don’t worry.” Kaneki assured.

“I love you. I can’t help but worry.” Hide leaned closer to the screen. “You sure you okay?”

“Yeah.” Kaneki had a few injuries that were still healing, but there was no way he was going to tell Hide that.

Hide frowned and Kaneki could tell Hide didn’t believe him, but Hide wouldn’t challenge him any further on it either. It hurt Kaneki to lie to him, but he didn’t know what else he could do. He loved Hide, but he wanted to keep him safe as well. Also, if Hide found out he was a ghoul and abandoned him, then…

“Yoooooo… earth to Kaneki.” Hide called.

Kaneki blinked, having completely missed what Hide was talking about. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, sleepyhead.” Hide smiled.

Kaneki wished he could reach out and hold him. And yet…

“When can I meet you? For real?” Hide whined. “I want to see if your hair is as fluffy as it looks. And I want to squeeze your cheeks. And I want to hold your hand.”

Kaneki flushed, rubbing his chin nervously. “S-soon. I’m sure.”

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