can i marry with your arms

Some Things Kent Parson Has Said to the Rookies While Drunk:

1. “My cat is more beautiful than all of you ugly fuckers combined and if you don’t think so then everyone can suck it and get out of my house,” then proceeded to cry into a random rookie’s arms for no particular reason.

2. “I just want to eat cereal out of the Cup again. I ask for so little–” (”Parser, you said if your future spouse doesn’t buy you a ring with a diamond that’s bigger than your face, you’ll blow your brains out.”) “……Get out of my house.” 

3. “See that guy over there? I’m going to climb him like a tree. Hold my drink.” (“No, Parser–”) “If I don’t come out of the bathroom in ten minutes, assume that I’ve died by dick–” (“Jesus, I’m taking you home.”)

4. “Fuck, I have to dance. It’s Britney. This is my moment.” (”Kent, please don’t–” Kent slaps the rookie’s hands away.) “My loneliness is killing me–don’t fucking touch me, James–

5. (Post-bar hopping. A rookie is petting Kent’s hair, hoping that he’ll go to sleep soon, but Kent shoots right up for a brief moment.) “You guys are the best teammates a guy can ask for. Thanks for taking me home. Please don’t leave me alone. I love everyone. Except you, James. But only because you used all my Nutella and put the jar back. You think I wouldn’t notice? What the fuck, man.”

BONUS +1, at the Parson-Mashkov wedding:
“You know, the diamond he got wasn’t the size of my face. But that’s okay, because he’s got a huge–” ( “Okay, Parser, we know, your husband has a huge fucking dick. Congrats.”) “What? No. I was going to say, ‘huge heart.’ You fucking sickos. Stop thinking about my husband’s penis.” (”We weren’t.”) “It is pretty fucking big though.” (”God, Parser, why would you–” All rookies and Kent chug their drinks.)

James March: Ugly Jealousy

You were at the bar chatting with a man named, Nick. He’s staying two nights at the Hotel Cortez for a business trip. The conversation was completely harmless, as this man is married, he just wanted someone to talk to at the bar.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to use the restroom.” Nick pats your arm and leaves to the restroom. You nodded to him.

5 minutes pass and the man hasn’t returned. You figured that he went back to his room or had to take a business call. When you thought you were sitting alone at the bar, you can feel a presence behind you and you turn around instantly. It’s your boyfriend, James.

“I see you were having a splendid time talking to that man, dearest.” James said sarcastically.

“Get over yourself, James. We were just talking. Am I not allowed to have an innocent conversation with the opposite gender?” You stand up to face James, eyeing him in annoyance.

“See to it that you never will with that man.” His eyes grew wide. You knew exactly what he meant by that.

You dashed towards the stairs, heading to the elevator. James immediately following after you. “I can’t believe you killed that man James. He has a wife waiting at home for him. Are you kidding me?” He easily could’ve shunned the man away, but your Jamesy being the way he is, he had to go as far as ending this innocent man’s life.

Reaching the elevator, you pressed the button for the penthouse suite with force. 

Once the doors closed, James grips your arms and pushes you against the wall. “How many times do I have to remind you that you are mine?! I will not let other men even breathe your air.” James nostrils flared as he spoke.

You shook your arms from his grip and pushed him off of you. “Get your paws off of me, James.” If it were anyone else doing this to James, he would kill them in an instant.

The elevator doors open and you speed walk to your room. You attempt to close the door on James’ face, but he stops it with his hand and he slams the door behind him.

James clenches his jaw and starts taking deep breaths as he tries to prevent himself from yelling at you. 

You cross your arms and face your back towards him not saying a word. The tension in the air was definitely thick. As the room is filled with silence, you gather your thoughts. You couldn’t believe James would really go as far as killing a man for speaking to you. You took a deep breath and without thinking straight, you unlock your arms and face James, yelling at him. “I’ve had it with you up to this point! This is fucking ridiculous! You know what? I’m leaving!” 

You go around the room looking for your phone and your purse. The plan wasn’t to necessarily leave James, you loved him too much. You just needed to get out of the hotel for a minute just to give yourself space from James. Taking that man’s life for talking to you was just going too far.

James was going to let this go until you opened your mouth. He was shocked that you started yelling at him out of the blue. But sometimes, you can’t control your emotions and he’s definitely guilty of that too. You knew that yelling at him was going to push his buttons and you don’t know why, but that’s exactly what you wanted to do. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop using such foul language?!” James shouts at the top of his lungs. You can see his veins peek through his forehead as he’s yelling. “And you’re not going anywhere, I will not have that!”

“You can’t tell me what to do or where to go, James!” Once found, you throw your phone in your purse, then you started heading straight to the door. Before you had the chance to get even 5 feet from the door, James quickly runs out and locks you in.

Twisting the doorknob, trying to get the door open, only lead to failure and now you’re locked in your room. “God dammit, James. Let me out!” You yell as you’re pounding on the door, hoping it would help change his mind to set you free.

James ignores you with his back facing the door as he allows himself to calm down. It always breaks his heart whenever the fights end up as a threat from you to leave the hotel. You simply said such a horrid thing in the heat of the moment. It definitely was a flaw of yours. 

The last bad fight you had resulted to you leaving for a night. And that night without you, caused James to go insane. James loves you more than he’s ever loved anyone else, maybe even more than killing. 

After his mood goes from livid to content, he twirls the key around his finger, whistling while he does, then starts walking towards the elevator.



Let me know if you guys want a part 2! I would be happy to write one (:


We Were Married Last Christmas [Part 8 / 13]

In collaboration with @pleasecallmecaptain for December, we’ll be providing you with a daily drabble series from each of us. I’ll be posting on the odd days of December until Christmas day!

Pairing: Bucky x OC!Reader

Warning: Explicit Language

Word Count: 1,044

>> Read Part Seven | Read Yesterday’s Post <<

You detected no accent that was foreign and crossed your arms over your chest, hoping your pounding heart would subside. “Pleasure’s mine, Will. I’m Valentine, but you can call me Val.”

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pairing: lin x reader

warnings: obliviousness ?? can they kiss already

words: 1170

summary: “are you sure you aren’t married?” lin and reader have been crushing on each other for a long time but they’re both oblivious.

send me requests!! | part 2 and part 3

“For the fifth time, you are not going to embarrass yourself.”

“But Lin! They’re all beautiful and talented and I’m just me!” You whined, trying to get out of the situation you were in.

“You’re beautiful and talented too. Now, move.” He answered as he tugged on your arm lightly. You just looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Lin, honey,” You started, “They’re Broadway actors. They’re a different kind of beautiful and talented.”

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Practice Makes Engagement

Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader

Request: Hello❤ can we have a robbie kay fluffy one where he’s practicing how to ask the reader to marry him to the mirror but the reader saw everything ? 😆 please

Warnings: Fluff?

“We’ve been together for three years now and you’ve grown to be the most important person in my life. I am incredibly thankful for everything you’ve done for me and your constant support. I’ve discovered I love everything about you. Even the things you believe are flukes. I love the way you snort when you laugh and how you fit perfectly in my arms. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you. I love you so much my heart still skips a few beats when I see and any semblance of air escapes me. I love you so much and I want to continue loving you until the day I die. What I’m trying to say is.. (y/n)? Will you marry me?”

Robbie was practicing his ‘speech’ in front of his bedroom mirror. He truthfully did love you with all his being and he was having trouble putting his emotions to words. Well.. at least he thought he was..

“Ugh! (Y/n)? Will you marry me? No. Will YOU marry me? No! Will you MARRY me? Yeah, no. Will you marry ME? UGH! I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this! It sounds like I’m giving an awards speech. I sound like an idiot.”

“Actually I think it sounded pretty great.” “AHHH!”

In his frustration, Robbie didn’t hear or notice you walking through the door of his flat and standing outside his door.

“Blimey, (y/n)! You scared the bejeezus out of me!” “My sincerest apologies sir. I heard your awards speech and decided to have a listen.”

Robbie felt his heart stop. Looking into your (e/c) eyes, he felt like someone stepped on his lung.

“Wait wait wait… you heard all of that?” “Yes and I was gonna say you could’ve said a bit more about my unobtainable beauty and had a bit more eye contact, but, overall, the delivery was spot on.”

You silently chuckled at Robbie’s flabbergasted expression. You decided to put the poor bloke out of his misery and embarrassment. Gliding across the floor, you wrap him in a solid hug and lean close to his ear.

“Oh, and my answer is yes.”

Slowly, very slowly, Robbie realized what happened and began returning your embrace. Gulping back his nerves, Robbie found the strength to speak again.

“S-so.. you’re YOU.. are saying.. yes?” “Looks like it.”

As realization finally sunk in, Robbie eyes widened and heart started pumping again. Picking you up, he spun you around the room with an impossible strength.

“SHE SAID YES! OH MY GOSH! THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY!! I must tell the blokes about this!”

Setting you down, he ran out of the room in search of his phone. Suddenly remembering how he left you, he ran back in, kissed your cheek, and flew out the door again.

“This is going to be an interesting marriage,” you muttered as you heard your fiance bumping into various objects and totally not breaking anything..

10.5k Gif Drabbles Masterpost

This is a list of all the drabbles written for my 10.5k follower celebration!

you can still submit a gif because I’m having fun


“When are you coming home?”

“You’re not still mad at me?”

“You’re more than welcome to join me”

“Will you fake-marry me?”

“I deserved it”

“You’re beautiful”

“Trust me, I remember that”

“You have a good heart”


This case could wait a few hours

“Stop looking at me like that”

“Mistakes were made”

“She’s a handful”

Seven minutes

“I can’t let you die”

You knew you wanted him

Dean loved being the little spoon

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Surprise Announcement

Prompt: Married to Yoongi and making an unexpected announcement in an interview

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1030

Yoongi smiled and wrapped his arm around your waist, lightly squeezing your hip as the interview continued.

“Many fans have sent in hundreds of comments and questions curious about your married life,” the interviewer said with pleasant enthusiasm. “This first one is wondering how much you see each other since you both had heavy schedules in the past year.”

“Well,” you smiled, “it is busy, but we do live together and make time for each other as much as we can between schedules. Yoongi often comes along to the shooting site whenever he has free time and I always try to go with him to his concerts and performances when I can.”

“Right, but even if we can’t be there for one another all the time, we get along very well and haven’t had any arguments about that sort of thing. She’s very understanding and I’m lucky to have her,” Yoongi commented with a pleased grin.

“What about hardships then? Were there any significant difficulties between you lately?”

“Mmm…even though it was a few months ago, I think we could both agree that it was when Yoongi was off on their most recent tour.”

He nodded and made a noise of agreement.

“Was it because he wasn’t home?”

“No, that wasn’t really the biggest issue, because we would call often and we’re used to these situations,” Yoongi replied.

“The hardest part was because I was also filming at the same time,” you explained, “so when he was able to come home for a week or two, I was working and the timing didn’t match up well.”

“Except at the end,” Yoongi added. “She finished her movie a week before we concluded our tour.”

“Ah! I see. That must’ve been really frustrating, but you must be very happy to have some rest time from your schedules now.”

“Of course!” Yoongi said with a wide grin.

The interview continued smoothly, and you were enjoying your time throwing light banter at each other. The interviewer was very kind and polite, asking a variety of different questions and keeping the two of you entertained as well.

But there was a certain part both of you were anxious about.

The question was coming right around the corner. The answer the two of you planned together, finally ready to announce.

The answer that would throw the entire script out of the window.

“Since you got married in secret before telling the fans, many of them were also wondering what other secrets you could reveal about one another after being married for about three years? Is it three now?”

“Three and a half-ish.” You took a shaky breath.

Yoongi threw you a side glance, sensing your nervousness and his hand moved from your waist to your arm, rubbing your shoulder for comfort. Yoongi diverted the question with expertise, talking about your sleeping habits and how you are when you first wake up in the morning, stalling just enough for you to gather your nerves.

When he finished his small tangent, he looked to you and you nodded, feeling a lot calmer and you jumped back into the question.

“He sleeps at the wrong time,” you complained in return. “Always. He’s awake when I fall asleep and he’s getting ready for bed after I wake up!”

“My sleep schedule is in the wrong time zone,” he concluded nonchalantly.

The interviewer laughed and asked if there was anything else you wanted to expose. Good or bad habits, trivial or important.

You looked at him.

And he looked at you.

You ready?


“There is one other secret we’ve both kept for a little while.”

“Really? What could it be?”

Yoongi cleared his throat and straightened his shoulders, standing taller.

“You all know that I’m the second oldest in BTS,” he said calmly, but the pride flooding into his eyes and the smile growing on his face were beginning to give away his composure. “Although I’m not the only member who is married…” He gave your arm a gentle squeeze. “I’m very proud to say that the oldest hyung in the second generation of BTS will be my son.”


The world seemed to freeze as everyone in the room suddenly seemed to break and malfunction, completely shocked by the announcement. The interviewer, the cameramen, the staff members, even your managers who, of course, already knew but they certainly didn’t expect you to go so completely off script, let alone reveal your pregnancy. You gave your manager an apologetic look. Yoongi simply laughed.

“Oh my God! Congratulations!” the interviewer continued quickly, clearly abandoning the cue cards in her hand. “A son? How long have you known? When did you learn about it?”

You smiled. Yoongi held you tightly, giving you courage and confidence. “About two months ago. He was worried because I was getting sick often and he took me to the hospital. We found out there.”

“When were you able to get the ultra sound?”

“Last week,” Yoongi answered proudly.

“Wow, you have been very busy, not only with work but even made time for your personal lives as well!”

“I did miss her very much when we were on tour and since we couldn’t see each other often even when I was home, I felt like I had to make up for lost time when I got back.”


“Hey,” he threw his hands up in a defensive gesture and smirked. “Everyone watching is either asking the question to themselves or have already done the math.”

After the initial chaos had calmed, though you knew the news would be blown up soon if not already, the interview was coming to a close.

“Well, your pregnancy is certainly coming along nicely, I’m sure many women are jealous! I am! You look wonderful as always.”

“Aww, thank you. I gotta hand it to the makeup and stylist unnies too though. They do an amazing job and I was afraid I would look fat which is why I wore this dress since it hides the bump well.”

“You still look beautiful, don’t say that,” Yoongi insisted and kissed you on the cheek. “And you don’t have to hide it anymore.”

Imagine babysitting with Chris.

A/N: This is based off a prompt from an anonymous request and I think it’s so superbly adorable that I might actually make this the sequel to the ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’ mini-series. If you’ve read the mini-series, you’ll know the reader is a screen writer and they got married after she drunkenly admitted she was ready for the next step. You can read it here (I’ll link it as soon as I get home) but you don’t have to, this should be able to standalone as its own mini-series. So shall we?

Chris waited by the front door with the stroller and your baby niece in his arms, while you filled Dodger’s food and water bowl and made sure everything in the house that needed to be off and locked was. You were babysitting your eldest brother’s one year old for the week while he and your sister-in-law were out of town. Your parents had been the first choice but Chris begged and pleaded for the opportunity, bugging your brother so much that it finalized his decision to leave Phoebe with the two of you instead.

But Chris’ persistence wasn’t the only reason; your brother said and you quote, “the man’s going to put a baby in you soon, you might as well have some practice.” You laughed but you knew he was right. You had been with Chris for five years now, married only for one but already discussing the possibility of starting a family; a subject you’d unknowingly brought up before you even got proposed to when you were drunk, but since then there had been serious conversations about it.

The only reason the baby making hadn’t started was because of you, you were still unsure and stalling; Chris knew which was why he asked to take care of Phoebe. You didn’t know that but you knew you’d eventually have to stop talking and start doing, you and Chris weren’t getting any younger and both moms from either side were itching for you and Chris to join your siblings in the Parent Club; your two brothers- James, who had a son and a daughter; Scott, who had a daughter; and Chris’ oldest sister- Carly, who had two sons and a daughter.

“Hurry up, Aunt Y/N.” You heard Chris addressing you with a childlike voice to appease your squirming niece. “We’re getting really bored over here and we want to go out. Don’t we, Bumble Bee?” He cooed and bounced her, drawing small giggles from the one year old. “We want to go outside, yes we do.”

“I’m coming,” you called back as you grabbed Phoebe’s diaper bag from the kitchen counter. You checked the contents yet again, unsure if giving Chris the job of stocking it was the right decision. “Chris-” you narrowed your eyes at the small Ziplock of Gummi Bears. “What’s this?” You held it up and his eyes narrowed in confusion at your question.

“A Ziplock of Gummi Bears?”

“I can see that,” you chuckled. “Why did you pack them? Phoebe can’t eat these yet, she’s one.” You told him then realized when he laughed. “You packed them for me, didn’t you?” You asked then chuckled when he nodded. “Well- we’re leaving them behind,” you said and placed the bag on the nearest table. “I don’t need the distraction when we’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping to do, and a child to watch. Trust you to pick the busiest time of the year to offer our babysitting services.”

“Like we’d have any trouble with this angel.” He said then poked her tiny palm with his stubby finger; she wrapped her hand around his finger then laughed when he did. “She’s so adorable,” he told you, brushing her brown locks out of her chubby face. “I am so glad we have her for the week.”

“Don’t speak too soon, my love. Let’s not forget that it’s only been a few hours.” You reminded him as you walked over, tucking the diaper bag in the basket compartment under the stroller. “She’s an angel now ‘cause her daddy just dropped her off. She’s still unaware she’s stuck with us for the week, but once she realizes that- all hell’s going to break loose and you’re going to be wishing you had let Scott and Lexi take her to Mom’s instead.”

“You clearly don’t know how much I like kids,” he defended.

“You clearly don’t know how well I know my niece,” you countered.

“She’s my niece too, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you then turned to smile at Phoebe, who was too busy playing with his hand to flash him one of her smiles. “And I love her to bits, which means- she could kick, scream, and cry, and I’d still think she’s perfect.”

“Hold up.” You pulled out your phone from your back pocket and opened the voice recorder app, pressing the red button to start the recording. “I would just like it on the record,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “You know, so that when she does kick, scream, and cry- you can deal with her without complaints.”

“Fine.” He wrapped his free hand around your wrist and pulled your phone closer to his mouth. “Hey Future Chris, Past Chris talking. I’d just like to remind you that we said Phoebe could kick, scream, and cry, and we’d still think she’s perfect. So don’t you dare complain 'cause you know how much we hate it when Y/N gets that smug gleam in her eyes.” He smirked at you and you chuckled. “Don’t worry though, Bumble Bee’s an angel. I’m sure we’ll have a great week with her despite what Y/N says, she’s a pessimist.”

“Shut up,” you laughed and turned off the recording, saving it before slipping your phone back into your back pocket. “Let’s go because we’ve got a lot of Christmas shopping to do and I want to get it done before dinner.”

“Yeah, let’s go!” Chris cheered in a childlike voice, making Phoebe laugh and you smile.

• • • • • • • •

Chris pushed Phoebe in the stroller while you did the shopping, it was the same every year- not the stroller pushing but the you doing the shopping. Every Christmas since you became his significant other, he’d pass the responsibility of shopping for people in his life over to you; he wasn’t bad at it, you were just better and he was just lazy. The only people he shopped for now was you, his mom, and yours because- well, he couldn’t make you buy your own present and he was a huge momma’s boy.

“Oh my God,” you heard Chris gasp and you turned around, smiling when you saw what he had in his hand; it was a little baby reindeer onesie. “Tell me your heart didn’t just melt a little,” he pouted and you chuckled. “We’re definitely getting this.” He said and tossed it in your basket.

“Chris,” you chuckled and pulled it back out. “We don’t need this, Phoebe’s the only baby in the family and- I’m pretty sure she’s already got one of these at home.” You hung it back on the rack but he took it back down, giving you serious puppy dog eyes. “Chris, no.” You laughed. “What are we going to do with that?”

“We’re going to have a baby of our own and dress her or him in it,” he answered and tossed it back in your basket. You sighed but made no effort to take it out, knowing he wouldn’t let up. “We’re already talking about it, Y/N. Collecting cute little outfits and knick-knacks for our future child is the next step.”

“You really need to keep it down,” you chuckled softly as you joined his side. He wrapped an arm around you, pushing the stroller with one hand while the two of you walked down the Baby Clothing’s aisle. “Let’s not forget we’re not normal people, the last thing we need is one of your fan girls overhearing us talking about having babies.”

“I’m pretty sure we’re already going to make the front page walking around with Phoebe,” he chuckled softly and smiled down at Phoebe who was smiling up at her uncle. “A lot of strangers already think she’s our child, won’t be long before someone recognizes us and tweets about it. I think that blonde lady back there felt like she knew me but wasn’t sure.”

“You do look different in person,” you nodded.

“Still, we’re going to get caught eventually,” he said and you rolled your eyes. “We always do,” he reminded you. “How many times have we had to stop to take photos or sign something? Even you, Miss Screen-writer, have had to sign a copy or two of your scripts.”

“Yeah-” you pursed your lips, “how do people just have that on hand? It’s weird,” you said and he chuckled. “But we’re not going to get caught this time, everyone’s too busy shopping to bother with us. And- you and I, we’re going to keep our hats on,” you tugged at his NASA cap and he chuckled. “The most- we pretend to not know what they’re talking about and be a cute little family of three. We are getting a lot of compliments.”

“Here comes one now,” Chris whispered in your ear, beckoning his head at an older couple smiling at the three of you. “Hi there,” he greeted the old lady who was cooing at Phoebe; she looked up at the two of you and smiled, nodding in acknowledgement. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” her husband said with a smile. “You two make a very good looking couple,” he complimented, making both you and Chris smile. “And your daughter is just beautiful, much like your wife. You’re a lucky man,” he nodded at Chris and Chris chuckled softly.

“What’s her name?” The old lady asked.

“Phoebe,” you told her and her smile widened.

“That’s my daughter’s name,” she told you and you smiled. “Your girl is just beautiful, she has your eyes.” You chuckled softly because it wasn’t the first time you’d heard that; Phoebe had your brother’s eyes and you looked a lot like him. “Just one girl?”

“We’re planning for more,” Chris answered before you could tell the lady the baby actually belonged to your brother. “How could we not when the first one turned out so perfect?” He said then smiled at you; you stifled your chuckle but nodded in agreement.

“We hope everything works out for you, you’re a beautiful family.” The old lady complimented then took her husband’s arm. “Merry Christmas,” she said. The couple smiled at your little family of three once more before returning to their own shopping.

“We’re a beautiful family,” Chris repeated, beaming. “What’s that- the eighth one in two hours?” He nudged your arm, grinning like an idiot and making you laugh. “Can we please have a baby of our own now? Like- no more talk, we’ve talked enough. Let’s just have a baby already,” he practically begged.

“Get through this week and we’ll see.”

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- iwillshipwhateveriwish request

“Oh my god!” you giggled drunkenly, swooping your beloved cousin in a tight hug. “I can’t believe little Amelia Pond is married!”

The red head giggled back and swung off her husband’s arm. “I know!” she exclaimed. “And to this guy!”

Rory took a minute to process her words before giving a half-hearted, “Hey!” To which you just laughed at with Amy and left them alone to chat about grown-up things like honeymoons and how much the caterer was.

Taking a deep breath, you slumped into a chair and sipped your drink, watching people dance.

One guy, in particular, attracted your attention.

Your narrowed your eyes at him and cocked your head in amused interest. He was dancing enthusiastically among everyone, waving his arms haphazardly. It made you laugh out loud. The guy had dark hair that flung this way and that as he spun around giddily; he was attractive and definitely kept hold of your interest as you watched him.

As the night went on, you lost sight of him and resumed your chatting with old friends and relatives until you were just passing by the bar to order a stronger drink.

Leaning against the frame of the door- was him.

An inadvertent smile crept onto your lips and you flickered your gaze away from him quickly, accepting your drink and turning back to watch Rory and Amy act like sweethearts.

“You’re Y/N, right?” A voice popped up at your shoulder.

Nearly choking on your drink, you looked towards the speaker and realised that it was the same guy.

“Oh, umm, yeah,” you replied, already feeling the blood rush to your cheeks. “I- err, didn’t catch your name?”

“Me? Oh, I’m the Doctor,” he told you with a confident smile, leaning back against the bar to watch Amy and Rory as well.

The Doctor?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow.

He turned to face you and gave you another blinding smile. “Yes.”

You couldn’t stifle a small snort at that. “What? Like, just the Doctor?”

A nod.

With a shrug, you replied, “Well, fair enough, nice to meet you, Doctor.” You offered a hand which he accepted briskly.

“You, too.”

The night continued on with the two of you sharing a deep conversation until the bar had closed and people had all drifted off to various hotels if not home.

“Geez,” you exclaimed, checking your watch and noticing the time. “I’m supposed to be going into work tomorrow- well, this morning.”

The Doctor seemed unfazed and just gave you a wide smile. “You know, you don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

Scoffing, you fixed him with a look and reaffirmed, “Yes, I do. If I want to keep putting food on the table for- well, just me really- then I need to keep my job, which I won’t if I skive tomorrow- today, even.”

With a knowing smile, he just looked at you and told you, “No, you don’t. You could come with me, and you’d never have to come back.”

You raised an eyebrow.

“Let me show you something,” he said suddenly, taking your hand and leading you out to the car park. At first, you couldn’t see anything particularly intriguing, but then you caught sight of an incredibly blue police call box planted rather firmly off to the side.

He nodded to it and told you, “Go on, go inside.”

Shaking your head slightly, you did so, if only to humour him. Sparing him one more glance, you grasped the handle and opened the door.

Wait, what?

You stepped back outside again.

“It-it…” you tried, peering inside and out of the box multiple times before you turned back to him and exclaimed, “They have seriously upgraded Police Boxes since I last saw one.”

Raising a surprised eyebrow, the Doctor stepped over to you and mumbled to himself, “Well that’s a first,” before encouraging you inside and explaining, “It’s a TARDIS, it can go anywhere in time and space, anywhere you want.”

Turning to him, you searched his face for any hint of mockery, but there was none.

Only pure delight and childish excitement.

“Okay, Doctor,” you grinned. “What’re you waiting for? Let’s go.”

Daddy’s Girl

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Pairing: Carl x wife!Reader, Negan x daughter!Reader, Carl x Enid
Word count: 1,962
Warnings: Swearing, cheating, violence

Final part of Gonna Marry That Boy

College was tough. Carl and you had different classes, at different times of day, on different days. Harley was becoming more mobile, and on more than one occasion, Carl had to go out of town on Saviors’ business.

Thankfully everyone was able to get together for Harley’s first birthday, and it was nice to have Carl with you all day. He stood behind you, arms wrapped around your waist, and his chin on your shoulder whenever he could. Your hands were over his, smiling contently. “I can’t wait until we have our own house, good jobs, and we give him a baby brother or sister.” He admitted.

You chuckled. “That’ll be some time, handsome, but I like that you want that, too.” Turning your head, you kissed his cheek. “I love you, Mr. Grimes.”

He made a face at you, making you laugh. “That makes me sound like my dad.” Carl shook his head, his hair tickling you. “I’m not Mr. Grimes, babe.” He teased.

“You keep telling yourself that.” You patted his hand.

After he put Harley to bed, he leaned in your room. “I’m just gonna run out for a bit. Friend of mine got him something and couldn’t make it.”

You thought it was odd, but shrugged. “Alright, babe. Text me when you’re on your way home.” You winked.

Carl grinned. “Oh, I will.” He winked back before heading out.

Smiling to yourself, you grabbed the book from your nightstand and started off where you had left off. You were about half way through, and hoped that you were able to finish it by that summer.

Half an hour later, your phone went off.

Leaving here soon, hopefully Harley stays asleep for us ;) Love you.

Biting your lip, you quickly replied.

I’ll be waiting, dear husband….

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I gotta go back to this….take a look at the story that’s going on between Sam and Ron here. Straight after the ‘Husband/wife collaboration’ Sam is looking at Ron his jaw clenched. Then he turns his body as if to say 'Yesss, let’s have a look at them shall we Ron? Let’s look at the married couples that CAN be identified and glorified shall we?’ The angle of Sam by the last photo is almost a little threatening. I wonder if Cait felt the impulse to diffuse the situation with humour?? That’s what you do when you feel the tension of your spouse. Later with his head bowed and arms folded my impression is Sam feels protective of his marriage, doesn’t like it being made light of…also the way JGS bursts out laughing and slaps his thigh tells me he can’t believe Cait addressed the elephant in the room, thinks it’s hilarious and loves her naughtiness… Maril is playing cool…she knows what’s at stake and likely the tension surrounding Sam and Ron…this literally breaks me heart….

Dancing Secrets

wonho x reader 

fluff x angstish

957 words

anon nymph wished– Can you do a Wonho one with number 40? Hehe I’m sorry if I didn’t mention a member before I sent the request. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Thank you for your wish dear! I enjoyed writing it, and I do hope you like it! ^^ 


#40 Just promise to never lie to me, okay?

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Mild Gamophobia (Steve)

this came to be when i thought of (??? i can’t remember) and then i decided to write this. So here it is, a semi long/short fic that reminds me of how much i hate marriage proposals nowadays. 

“I want to marry you.” Steve opens suddenly and you freeze, eyes glued to the TV, your body going tense under his arm. “I know, I know. That’s why I’m telling you now.”

You look up at him, letting your naked fear show and he smiles, pressing a soft kiss to your lips and drawing a small smile from you, even in this moment. “I know you’ve never wanted to get married to anyone and all the arguments you have to back yourself up. I understand and I just- Well, I want to marry you and I love you. Your answer is up to you, and you don’t have to tell me now, or in a week. When you’re ready.”

Your lips part to speak but he covers your mouth with his quickly. “Sorry. I need you to know, and really listen to this part. I love you and I don’t want to break up just because you don’t want to get married. It isn’t necessary, I know you’re mine and I love you. I just want this. With you, and no one else. I swear I won’t let this break us if you say no.”

Your cheeks flame and your eyes close when you feel them well up. Jesus.

“I love you too, Steve.” You whisper and he sighs happily, shifting somehow closer and returning his gaze to the TV. For a moment, another wave of fear crashes over you at the thought of marriage, at the thought of possibly losing him, but it fades the longer you sit with him.

“Steve offered me a huge speech.” You start, Natasha on her back beside you and she snorts.

“Steve can’t speak unless it’s a speech.” She teases and you growl unhappily. That’s your boyfriend.

“He asked me to marry him-” You’re poised to continue but her gasp cuts off your words. You watch her jerk upright and onto her side, looming over you, jaw dropped and worry in her eyes. “Shut up. Technically he didn’t ask. He sort of… Man, I guess he sort of made his intentions known?”

“That he intends to marry you?” She whispers and you can tell she’s taking it the wrong way. She has to be.

“I said that wrong too. Shut up. He said he wanted to and then said he knows I don’t want to and then said something like I love you, probably, my ears were pretty well ringing by then. Then he said he didn’t care if I said no- No, shut up. He said it like, like it was okay, that he would be okay with it if I said I didn’t want it. He’s being- He brought it up strangely. I wish I had a transcript of what he said. F*ck.” You sigh, rubbing your temples. The worst part of it all, the most perfectly worst part was he was giving you a solution to everything you’d been terrified with about marriage. He wasn’t pressuring you in the moment to answer, he wasn’t running off angrily that you hadn’t said yes instantly, he’d even said he could live with not marrying you, just being your boyfriend forever. He was easing you into it and hell if it wasn’t exactly the thing you’d hated about modern day proposals.

“So…” Natasha prompted and you returned to the moment, her clear eyes staring at you.

“He wants to marry me but understands if I’m not interested. He’s got his table and he’s laying it all out on there, all the while leaving room for whatever I want to throw down.” You sum up and she stares at you a moment longer before flopping back down onto her back.

“What’re you going to say?” She asks softly, her fingers brushing your gently and you clutch them.

“I don’t know. He’s- He hasn’t mentioned it since, like he said it and then just went back to normal. And I’m not stressed.” You pause, knowing she’s picked up on the lie and wants honesty. “Fine. I’m really stressed. But I don’t know how I can say no? it’s all so perfect and I love him, more than I ever expected myself to love someone. My stupid feelings are making me doubt my convictions. Never get married, never have kids, never bother with partners beyond a quick f*ck, all I ever told myself I needed was my best friends and a cozy job.”

“Except when one of your best friends is suddenly kissing on you and asking you to marry him to eventually have all his babies because you know he’s a baby guy.” She completes and you groan softly.

“Exactly.” You croak and she rolls toward you, laying across your body. “Yeah, baby, comfort me.”

Natasha laughs at your lecherous tone, her head pillowed on your breasts as she stares at you, waiting for you to talk it out with her, like you always do.

“I need to make a list of questions. Or a pros/cons list.” You answer excitedly and Natasha rolls her eyes.

“Lets start with things he needs to clarify before you start your pros and cons. Because that’s what this whole waiting game is about, isn’t it? Him offering you time to settle into the idea and get the facts before you commit.”

“Yeah.” You whine grumpily, scowling at her to which she responds with a princess’s smile.

“Number one. Does he want kids?”

“Number two, when?”

“Number three, are you going to move out together, move in together, where will you live and how?”

“Smart. My one is what kind of dog he wants.”

“Also smart, choices like that can put a strain on any relationship.” She grins and you blush happily.

“And if he has baby names. Like does he want a little girl? Do I have to quit my job if we have a kid? Where will we keep it? Can we afford to school it?” You start rushing out, your voice getting higher until Natasha smushes a hand over your mouth.

“Firstly, stop calling your baby “it”.” She advises and you muffle something against her hand, her eyes rolling as she remonves it to let you speak.

“I don’t have a baby.”

“Shut the f*ck up.” Natasha snaps succinctly and you grin internally. “And these are all questions you should write down. From most important to least. And when you’re asking them, you can write down his answers to look back over later. And you’re not allowed to panic like you just did.”

“I told her I wanted to marry her.” Steve pipes up, eating another bite of his eggs benedict. Sam stares at him, Bucky silent between them.

“Seriously dude? She run yet?” Sam scoffs, forking some more of his salmon scrambled eggs into his mouth and watching his friend. It’s a poorly kept secret how much you despise the very idea of matrimony. Even oblivious Bruce knows and never mentions the subject in your presence.

Half the reason everyone was so amazed you and Mr Committed were still together.

“No, actually. She’s thinking it over.” Steve shrugs, looking glumly at his almost empty plate.

“What did you say exactly?” Bucky asks quietly, poking his crepes while he waits, but not eating them.

“Just that I wanted to marry her, that it was okay if she said no and that I’m not going to break up with her.” Steve shrugs and Sam chokes, coughing into a napkin and taking a swallow of his papaya juice.

“You’re brave as hell.” Sam finally gets out, wheezing, and Bucky smirks, shoving crepe into his mouth. “The fact that you even addressed that there was a future for the two of you, let alone touching the marriage subject. Wow.”

“Shut up.” Steve whines, rolling his eyes. A trait he’d picked up from Natasha as of late.

“Do you want kids?” Bucky asks, interjecting perfectly again and Steve coughs into his napkin, eyes avoiding the two of them. “What?”

“He does.” Sam answers, pointing at his friend and about to start up when Steve shakes his head.

“I can’t.” He admits, cheeks beet red and Bucky wheezes. Sam stares at the two of them, blinking in confusion when it hits him. Holy hell.

“Stone aged idiots.” He murmurs to himself before meeting Steves eyes steadily. “Welcome to twenty sixteen, where our baby menu is vast and full of choices. For the classical family, sex. For our more community inclined families, adoption or artificial insemination from a donor. Or those picky families, surrogates. Oh, hey! Did I mention fostering, or even forgoing babies and keeping pets instead?”

Bucky and Steve stare at Sam, their expressions wiped of everything but confused embarrassment and Sam sighs loudly.

“There are millions of men who can’t have kids. For millions of reasons. They make do.” Sam tries and Steve shakes his head weakly. “Look, idiot, Y/N doesn’t even want kids, but what she doesn’t want less than them? Not having you. Consider adoption. Seriously. Not everything is about having fruitful loins, you cavemen.”

With that, Sam stands, stretching before heading for another table. Steve watches him, not even having noticed the way the girls had been ogling them.

“Do you want kids?”

“A barn full.” He answers honestly and your heart clenches. “But I can’t- I can’t give you them.”

And your heart clenches all over again for the expression on his face. “I don’t want to quit my job. But we can adopt. Adopt a bunch of kids and toddlers and babies.”

“You’ll marry me?” He jerks and you hiss a breath.


“Sorry, right. No pressure. We can adopt without marrying. I’m sure they’ll give us children.” He smirks and you can’t help laughing. Yeah right, an adoption agency giving kids to a 90-year-old veteran who still fights crime? And his girlfriend who won’t give up her job or commit?

“I want a cocker spaniel.” You burst out and Steve frowns at you, your cheeks flushing. “I’m saying- Uh- If you choose to get a dog, I’d want a cocker spaniel. If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course.” He answers smoothly, a grin twitching at his lips.

“Where would we live?” You ask nervously and he nods thoughtfully.

“Wherever you want.” He answers and you sigh. This is too hard.

“Be honest. Jerk.” You grumble and he levels you with a stare.

All I want is you. And if I still get to keep you at the end of all this, I’m open to anything.” He shrugs and you scowl at him. “Fine. Brooklyn. A nice place that isn’t too big and when we’re ready, we’ll move somewhere where we can keep our small army.”

You grin at him, kissing his cheek and he grins back at you, pleased with himself.

“I want your opinions, I want to know what you want. Because I want you too but it’s hard to choose things if you’re just going to wax poetic.” You offer and he nods, resting his chin on his fist.

“Okay, definitely. Hit me.”

Hours later, you throw yourself back onto the mattress, panting. Glancing over at him, you can see Steve’s still recovering and you can’t help the giddiness in your stomach. Leaning close, your lips brush against his ear and his breath catches, as if he’s ready all over again, even though you know he isn’t.

“I’ll marry you, Mr Rogers.” You whisper and his whole body tenses and you lean back some. His face turns to you slowly, his eyes wide and bright and hopeful.

“Are you sure?”

“Well, that orgasm really sealed the deal, but yes. You are the only thing I’m sure of, and for you, I’ll do this.” You answer and his eyes darken some but you kiss his lips sweetly. “I love you, don’t think you coerced me or forced my hand. I know you, Steven.”

His eyes close slowly and suddenly he launches himself at you, a growl leaving his lips and you can’t help yelping and giggling. His lips print themselves to your skin, leaving marks and soft touches wherever they go, his laughter low and happy, a backing track he can’t seem to stop.

“We’ll have three kids. I’ll stop taking so many missions, you can keep your job. We’ll get two dogs and I love you. We’ll live in Brooklyn and have pancakes every Sunday and sex every Saturday night and only on Saturday night, like real adults. And I’ll teach them how to fight people and you’ll teach them how to not fight people and Bucky will adore them and Sam is going to hate them. And you’re going to be the best mom, I love you. And every Halloween we’ll have a party, just like you like and…” He trails off, his eyes brightening as they refocus on your giggling form. “What?”

“You’ve got it all planned out.” You smirk and Steve shrugs modestly. “Where are they going to school?”

“Tony is going to put a private tutor on his payroll, all our future kids are going to be taught at the tower. For safety and because Tony demands they all get the best.” Steve answers instantly, eyes lit up. “We discussed it once, I know he remembers.”

“Wow.” You breathe, staring up at your fiancée and realizing that this is the opposite of what you imagined your life would end up like. But somewhere along the line, you fell in love with Steve and accepted that what you wanted changed. Not because of his cute butt or chiselled abs, as incentivising as they are. For you, for the way he makes you feel and the way you feel without him.

this honestly is super mush like. and it makes me uncomfortable. but if you love it, i stg, you’re a golden gift human. thanks. and goodnight.

prompt set #35

I just hope they get their shit together before we leave in the morning

The safest way to survive is to keep everyone and everything at arms length

I want to evac her out of there right now

Our gal will get us out of here in no time, have a bit of hope.

That looks like a deathtrap to me.

Somedays smoking is the only thing that you can do at the end of a day

All of your training told you to stay still, so why did you attempt to do such a stupid thing_

Yeah don’t mind us, just stalking your neighbor.

”I’m divorcing you.”
”We are not married.”

You almost just made me puke

“What are you doing?”
“You don’t want people to see you with me.”


Nervous Jimmy walks through his room, from one corner to the other and every five seconds he checks his pocket.
“Jimmy, are you ok?” He turns around to (Y/N) and nods while he shakes his head.
She looks worried and comes closer to him, wrapping carefully her arms around his neck.
“Tell me.” She says and kisses him softly.
“I-I can’t be your boyfriend anymore.” He stutters and she looks shocked. “No, I mean I want to be more than that.”
“I don’t understand.” She says confused and the first tears fall down her cheeks while she goes two steps backwards from him.
Jimmy takes a deep breath before he goes on his knees with the box in his hands.
“(Y/N)(Y/L/N), do you want to marry me?” He asks her with a smile.
“You stupid asshole! I thought you would break up with me!” She shouts angrily before she starts to laugh, falling down on her knees too to kiss him.
“Yes, yes, yes.” She whispers happily and he sighs relieved.
“There is just one problem. I can’t wear a ring.” He mumbles sad.
“I will take care of it.”

To say you’re nervous would be the understatement of the year.
Constant you stare in the mirror, checking your make up and if your white wedding dress maybe has a spot.
“It’s time, love.” Ethel says and you nod, taking a deep breath before you leave the room with her.
Your focus is on Jimmy as you go through the church. He wears a black suit and you can see how he fights against his tears.
“We are gathered together on this beautiful afternoon to share with (Y/N) and Jimmy as they exchange vows of their everlasting love.” The priest starts and you drift away with your thoughts.
When you met him for the first time, how awkward and shy you both were.
Your first date with the soft kiss at the end.
Your first fight about that you don’t like it when he fingers other women.
Your first sex afterwards, how he worships every part of your body and spending hours between your legs to pleasure you.
His fear of losing you, because of his ha…
“(Y/N), you have to say yes.” Jimmy says, his face is scared and you blush.
“Yes, of course, yes.” You quickly say and nod like an idiot, making Jimmy quietly laugh.
The priest smiles warm and asks Jimmy if he wants to be your husband and he says yes.
Finally you come to the part where you exchange the wedding rings.
“I hope it’s okay.” You whisper as he looks at the bangles in white gold with widen eyes.
“It’s perfect.”
His hands trembles as he puts the ring on your finger and yours does too as you wrap the bangles around his right wrist.

Jimmy carries you to your bedroom while you can’t stop giggling.
He throws you on the bed and pulls his shirt over his head before he comes above you.
“You are so beautiful. I can’t believe you’re mine.” He smiles and kisses you passionately.
“Jimmy.” You moan quietly as you feel how his hand discovers your body. “Wait, it’s my turn tonight.”
He looks confused, but instead of an answer you push him on his back and sit down on his lap, his covered hard cock presses against your clit.
“Because you always pleasure me and now I take the chance to give something in return.” You open your dress and throw it at the floor.
“Listen to your wife.” You interrupt him while you rub yourself against him, making you both moan. “And let me ride you.”
His eyes darkened as you undress him and yourself before you take his cock in your hand and guiding him to your wet entrance.
Both of you moan as he completly fills you out and you slowly start to ride him.
“(Y/N).” He groans as you take his hand and sucking his fingers in your mouth.
Suddenly he grabs your waist and you’re laying under him before he slams into you like a man possessed.
“Oh god Jimmy.” You cry out in pleasure, wrapping his legs around him to bury his cock as deep as possible into you.
“Come for me.” He whispers rough in your ear, sucking the skin behind it.
Your back arches as the knot in your stomach breaks and you scratch over his back, waves of pleasure pulses through your body.
“Nothing is hotter than when you come.”
His thrusts become faster and he buries his face in the crook of your neck, whispering words of love. You can feel his teeth as he spills his hot arousal against your walls.
“I love you. I love you so much.” Jimmy’s lips searches for yours and as they find them, he kisses you with so much passionate that you let out a small whimper.
“I love you, too.”
You cuddle up to his chest when he lies down next to you and he wraps both of his arms around you.

You Are Bound To Me - Lord of the Rings

“How about the reader and Eomer are married when he gets banished so she drops everything and leaves to go with him and the riders but he’s really against it but gives in (maybe she admits she’s pregnant) and they travel together? Thank you in advance if you do it!! Xx”

“No.” Éomer commanded through gritted teeth.

“I am not one of your soldiers you can just order about Éomer.” You said, leading your horse past him and outside of the city gates

“Y/N No.” He commanded again reaching one arm to grab your shoulder as the other took hold of the horse’s reins.

“Éomer. You are a damned fool if you think you are leaving this city without me.” You attempted to shrug off his arm but his grip tightened.

“And you are equally as damned if you think I am going to let my wife ride out into the wilds. Look at these men,” He gestured to the growing number of his riders accumulating a few yards outside of the gates. “None of them can take their women with them.”

“YOU are the one who has been banished. YOU are the only one who does not have a choice Éomer. If they want their women they can ride right back through these gates at any time.” You hissed.

“They would not. Their duty binds them to me.” He said flatly. Your eyes went wide with anger.

“I AM YOUR WIFE!” You shouted, turning more than a few heads your direction. “I AM BOUND TO YOU! And you are bound to ME.” The last few words came softer as you swallowed back a sob. Éomer stepped closer and leaned in, hushing his words so the men could not hear.

“Y/N I know. And I will be yours no matter the distance between us.” He took your hands in his and pulled them to his heart. “You and my sister are all I have left, and I will have you safe. You must stay, for if anything happened to you my heart would not be able to bear it.”

You brought your eyes up to meet his. You were not surprised to find him holding back tears of his own through eyes pleading with desperation.

“Éomer I would stay. But it is not safe for me here now.” You sighed and lowered your eyes. “Theodred is dead. You have seen the King, surely death is not far from him. You are the heir to throne of Rohan. And in your absence…The throne would fall to your son.”

“I…I don’t have a son.” He paused. You looked back to him to find his desperation momentarily replaced with confusion.

“You will in a matter of months. Though, this was not how I planned on telling you.”

You watched as his eyebrows raised slowly and his mouth dropped agape. A fleeting grin flashed across his face before it disappeared into a look of pure sorrow. You choked back another sob.

“Éomer, if the baby is born and Theoden dies. Grima will rule as regent until our son comes of age. You think he is powerful now, imagine when the crown is literally on his head…Grima does not want heirs. I do not believe Theodred’s death was an accident. And now he is getting rid of you by banishment. Think of how he will get rid of an infant heir.” Dread dripped from every word you spoke.

Éomer grimaced and closed his eyes. His hands slipped from your own and he stood in silence.

“If I am no more safer staying in Edoras than I am with you. Then why should we be apart.” You raised a hand to his cheek and brushed away a single tear that had broken through.

“A son.” He opened his eyes. “A son?”

You nodded. “It is still very early. But I know it in my heart.”

He stared at you for a long moment before sighing.

“If we meet with battle or if I deem it necessary, you will promise to flee to safety? For the baby?” He asked

You nodded.

“Then you will ride with us… For now. Until I think of what course to take before you get too far along.” He pulled your hand from his cheek and brought it to his lips before handing the reins back to you. “I will…inform the men of the situation.”

He turned and walked to the crowd of men and horsed, pulling aside a few of his senior riders to speak. You looked down at your dress. Though you were too early to show, you lowered your free arm to encircle your stomach and spoke in a whisper.

“Oh my little one…You will live the free life of the Rohirrim. Free from Grima and his darkness. Your father and I will make sure of it. And if it means leaving…than leaving is what I will do.”


requested by anon

“When are the rest coming round?” You asked Sirius as you began to prepare dinner.

Sirius glanced at the clock, “In about four hours. I don’t see why you’re cooking so early.”

“It takes a while to make, Sirius.” You rolled you eyes, “A little help would be nice though.” He grinned before gliding towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist, “Lily’s bringing the wedding plans so you and the boys can have some free time.”

Sirius hummed, “We should get married.”

You froze, “What?”

He pulled away and you turned to him, “Let’s get married.”

You laughed, “Sirius, you’re just saying this because-”

“- because I love you.” He finished, “I’m serious. I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Marry me, (y/n)… Marry me.”

cranky-blue-crew  asked:

HC where Ethan is your prom date?


•asks your parent/guardian for permission like hes asking to marry you

•literally designs his promposal around memes

•shows up 45 minutes early to your house because hes SO excited

•legit almost cries when he sees you

•"i’m going to prom with an angel??“
“ethan shut up i’m gonna blush”

•CANNOT stop looking at you while you take pictures

•acts like he won the lottery when he walks in with you on his arm


•literally cannot get over how lucky he is

•during the slow dance he cant stop smiling

•"hey (y/n)“
“How did i get so lucky?”

•reassures him how bad he wants to be with you forever


Anons requested: Arranged Marriage AU/Both Speak A Different Language and Have to Communicate Another Way AU

“I can’t believe this!” Dean yelled.


“You’re making me marry someone I’ve never met! I’m twenty six, Dad!”

“Dean,” His mother said, laying a hand on his arm. “Please just listen.”

They sat down at the kitchen table and explained what was going on. A huge company merger needed to happen, but the owner of the other company was a traditionalist. He would not agree unless their link between him and the Winchesters. A permanent one.

“So you’re using me and this guy’s kid as your pawns? That’s real nice.”

“Dean,” John sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Whatever. I’ll do it, but you can’t force Sammy into anything like this. Promise me.”

“I promise.” Dean nodded. He didn’t want this, but if it would protect Sam and help his parents, he didn’t have a choice.

“When do they get here?” He asked.

“In a few weeks.”

“Do you know if it’s a son or a daughter or is it a surprise?” Dean had always been open about his sexuality. He didn’t care what anyone thought of him, including his parents. He liked girls, he liked guys, they all liked him. It was that easy.

“A son. His name is Castiel.”

“Castiel,” Dean tried the name on his tongue. He kind of liked it. He hoped he like person behind it too.

Dean went to the airport to pick up his future husband. He didn’t know what he looked like, but how many people had the name Castiel?

A dark haired boy looked at him, squinting to read the sign Dean felt stupid holding. He came closer and stopped in front of Dean.


“Oui.” Dean blinked. The guy spoke another language? Seriously?

“Do you know any English?” Dean asked, as they walked to his car. The guy titled his head.

“English?” Dean asked again, not knowing how to communicate what he meant. Castiel shook his head.



The ride back to the house was quiet. Dean called ahead to see if any of the maids or guards spoke French. Benny did, which Dean should have known. Dude was from the French Quarter. His mom was fluent, obviously she would teach him.

“Just show him to his room and help him get settled,” Dean said, when they arrived. He watched Benny and Castiel walk away, speaking easily to each other. Castiel looked back, eyes wide after something Benny said.

“Dean?” His name came out heavily accented. Dean nodded.

“We’ll talk later,” Dean said. The words were translated by Benny. Castiel nodded, but stared at Dean anyway, like he was trying to memorize him. Dean waved awkwardly before he started to his father’s office.

“He doesn’t even speak English?” Dean yelled when he barged in. John had to clients in, but he didn’t care. “It’s bad enough that you’re making me get married, but you couldn’t have chosen someone who spoke the same language!”


“Damn it, Dad! You can’t just–”

“Dean!” Dean paused. “These are tutors. They’re here to teach Castiel English.”

“Oh. Hello.”

“As I was saying,” One of the men said, turning to face John again. “It will take time. English is the hardest language to learn.”

“Thank you. We’ll see you tomorrow.” They walked out. Dean turned on John again.

“You could have said something.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not. How am I supposed to get to know him, Dad? You want me to marry a complete stranger?” Dean walked out before he could answer.

He went straight to his room, not wanting to talk to anyone else. Castiel was sitting on his bed.

“Bonjour, Dean.”

“Hey, Cas.” Castiel opened his mouth, then closed it, frowning. He took out his phone and typed, then handed it to Dean. He had a translator app open.

Benny told me I could find you here. I hope I am not inconveniencing you.

Dean looked at him and shook his head he typed his own message in and translated it back to French before handing the phone back.

It’s all good. I’m sorry we had to meet this way.

Cas smiled when he read the message and typed back.

It’s alright. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a creepy old man.

Dean grinned.

I’m not that old. Cas laughed a little.

I should go to bed. I just wanted to meet you. Goodnight, Dean.

Dean repeated the sentiment and gave Cas his phone back. Cas slipped it back into his pocket and left the room. Dean smiled after him.

He had a feeling he and Cas were going to get along fine.


Cas was having a hard time learning to speak English.

His tutors didn’t seem to understand that their methods weren’t working for him. He was frustrated with the work they gave him and how they barely spoke French themselves. Thankfully, Dean had been kind enough to switch Benny to his security detail and the older man was trying his best to teach Castiel himself. He had managed to learn a few words and phrases.

It was still difficult to talk to Dean, but they were managing. They would spend hours passing a tablet back and forth, translating their words to each other. Sometimes Cas would just start talking, usually ranting about his tutors, and Dean would listen, smiling a little. They sometimes watched movies together with the subtitles on.

Cas curled up in Dean’s bed as Dean got the movie ready, running his finger around the rim of his mug, but not drinking the tea inside.

Dean settled next to him and passed him the tablet. 

Are you okay?

It was a long day. I don’t like my tutors very much.

What did they do this time? Cas sighed.

They don’t understand why I’m not learning. I’m learning more from Benny than I am them.

I could tell my dad that. He’d get rid of the guys and you could just work with Benny.

It’s not his job to teach me.

No, it’s his job to protect you when I can’t. But he can teach you at the same time.

Cas bit his lip. He didn’t want to put anymore on Benny than he already had to deal with, but he really want to be able to talk to Dean without having to have a computer translate the words.

I’ll ask him if he wants to.

Dean surprised them both by kissing his forehead. Cas closed his eyes and smiled when the lips touched his skin. Dean pulled back.


It’s okay. This was what they were supposed to do. Castiel had been waiting for Dean to make a move for weeks.

Dean pulled his chin up gently and kissed him. Cas sighed against his mouth and reached up to hold the back of Dean’s head. Dean didn’t let the kiss go too far, he didn’t want to push Cas. But the other man pulled him in again, moving to settle in his lap.

“Cas,” Dean breathed against his lips. Cas smiled, then moved to lay against his chest. Dean wrapped his arm around his shoulders and started the movie.

After that night Castiel moved into Dean’s room. Benny agreed to teach him, and John fired his tutors. Cas felt bad that he made the men lose their jobs but Dean told him it was okay.

If they weren’t helping you, then we were wasting money. Besides, that means Benny gets a raise.

That made Castiel feel a little better. Benny and his wife had a baby on the way.

Should we start planning our wedding? Castiel asked one night. He watched as Dean read the words, waiting for the other man to panic. Instead he wrote back:

I don’t know. I thought my mom was doing it. What do we know about wedding planning? Cas smiled.

We can chose the big things. Inside or out, flowers, the cake.

Can we have pie instead?

Before they knew it they had lots of ideas to pass on to Mary. She was very grateful that they had stepped up before she asked. She shot down the pie instead of cake, but promised to make sure there was one there.

Cas was always excited to tell Dean the new words that he learned. He was so proud of himself and it made Dean happy. He messed up sometimes, but Dean always helped him figure out what he did wrong and fix it. Soon they were stilted conversations instead of passing the tablet across the bed.

They spent hours laughing and talking and kissing. Dean found himself happier than he had ever been with Castiel by his side.

Castiel enjoyed spending day in the garden when he didn’t have lessons with Benny. He took his book down to the hammock that John had to nap in and read while he listened to the bees. Dean sometimes laid with him, running his fingers through his hair and stealing kisses occasionally.

“You and Cas seem happy,” Mary said one day. They were getting Dean fitted for his tux at a shop uptown. Dean was standing with his arms stretched out as the tailor worked.

“We are,” Dean smiled a little. “I didn’t think I would be able to fall for him, but he’s really great, Mom.”

“That’s wonderful,” She said. She stood up and came to stand behind him. “You look so handsome.”

“Don’t start crying, Mom.” She gave him a watery smile.

“I’m just so glad that you’re happy, even if the way you found him wasn’t what you wanted.”

“I think that Cas will be the best person for me. We’re just going to get to know each other more the more he learns. Don’t expect grand kids any time soon, though.”

Mary smiled and rubbed between his shoulder blades for a moment.

“I won’t. Take your time.” Mary said. “But I think that, when you’re ready, you two will build a wonderful family.”


“It is just so….hard.” Castiel said. It took Dean a moment to decipher what he said through the heavy accent he still battled with.

“What’s hard?”

“There are so many words at are the same, but are not the same.” Dean rubbed his back and kissed his cheek. Castiel relaxed a little and sighed. He took out his phone and typed something in.

I am going to take a shower. Will you help me when I get out?

Yeah. Anything you need. Castiel tilted his head back for a kiss before he got up.

Dean watched him go, a sad smile on his face. Cas was trying so hard to fit in, he just wished that there was something he could do for him.

When Dean was sure that Cas was in the shower, he slipped out of their room and went to find Benny. He caught him just as he was about to get in his car.

“What d’ya need?” He asked, rolling down the window.

“Can you teach me how to say something in French?”


Six months after Castiel arrived in the states, he and Dean took a trip to the Winchester beach house. Dean promised five days of no lessons or wedding stuff, just them spending time to get together. Castiel was excited, to say the least.

The house had three stories and was right on the water. The top two floors were mostly windows because Mary loved the natural light.

“Beautiful,” Castiel said as they walked in.

“It’s okay.” Dean shrugged.

It was too dark to go to the beach, so Dean dropped their bags off in his bedroom while Cas explored a little.

“I will cook dinner!” Cas called. Dean came into the kitchen and found him rinsing vegetables.

“As long as it’s not snails.” Castiel rolled his eyes.

“Chop,” He said, pointing to the vegetables. Dean smiled and went through the drawers to find a knife.

“What are we making?”

“Stir fry.” Castiel said. He turned and started working at the stove. A few minutes later the smell and sizzle of shrimp rose into the air. They made another pan full of snow peas, broccoli, peppers, and corn. Dean seasoned them while Castiel made rice.

They ate together in front of the TV. There was nothing on so they spent most of the night after dinner chasing the taste of soy sauce on each others tongues.

“I love you,” Castiel breathed when they pulled apart. Dean smiled and nuzzled his neck.

“I love you, too.” Dean slid off the couch and dug his hand into his pocket, then got down on one knee. “Cas, I want you to want to marry me, not because we have to, but because we chose to.”

“I want to. Yes.” Dean slipped the ring on his finger and kissed him again.


After a year of getting to know each other and planning, Dean and Castiel’s wedding day arrived.

The house was full activity, from the wedding planners to the staff. The ceremony was a four and there was a lot to do.

Dean and Castiel were separated after they had breakfast so that they would keep their hands off of each other. Ever since their real engagement they had become inseparable. On more than occasion they had been caught in the garden or in the living room half naked.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married,” Sam said, helping Dean put his jacket on. He had just flown in from Stanford for the ceremony. He seemed to like Cas, what little interaction that they had.

“Yeah, it’s crazy,” Dean agreed. “But I’m happy.”

“That’s all that matters, I guess.” There was a knock on the door. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” He slapped Sam on the back and led the way to the back yard.  When the music started, Dean and Castiel both walked to where the minister stood.

“We are are gathered here today to celebrate the bringing together of Dean and Castiel.” Dean lost interest in what he was saying and just stared at Cas.

Cas looked amazing, even if he didn’t look like himself. Someone had finally managed to tame his hair and he had gotten a close shave. His tux was fitted perfectly to him body. He smiled at Dean like he was the only thing in the world.

He only tuned back in when Castiel started to say his vows, traditional so that it would be easier on Cas.

“I, Castiel, take you, Dean to be my husband. I promise to love you, comfort you, honor and keep you for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, and to be faithful only to you for as long as we both shall live.” Dean smiled and squeezed his hand, trying to convey how well he had done.

“Mr. Winchester,” The priest said. “Would you please say your vows.” Dean took a deep breath.

“Je, Dean, te prends, Castiel, pour être mon mari. Je promets de vous aimer, vous, réconforter l'honneur et vous garder pour le meilleur ou le pire, pour les plus riches ou plus pauvres, dans la maladie et la santé et abandonnant tous les autres, à être fidèles seulement pour vous aussi longtemps que nous vivrons tous les deux.” Castiel had tears in his eyes by the time Dean finished. He squeezed Dean’s fingers so tight that it hurt.

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you married in the eyes of the state. You may kiss you groom.”

Dean took Castiel’s face in his hands and kissed him. Every ones claps and cheers overpowered their whispered ‘I love you’s.

Dating Xu Minghao Would Include-


- at first he was so embarrassed to be around you and would hardly talk to you until seokmin accidentally mention minghao’s crush on you

- minghao basically died inside of embarrassment and left the room and you were just like ??? wait really

- and woozi would hit you in the head telling you to after him


- you’re his teddy bear btw 

- when you sleep in the same bed he doesn’t move that much and his arms are still tightly wrapped around you with his face on your chest or neck

- he would say something really embarrassing on one of your anniversary like “when we get married can we get a dog”

- and he’s just like o shit i just said that

- and you’re just like mINGHAO MY HEART but you say yes anyway and he just gets really happy

- he’s a snuggle bug and would want to cuddle you all day with his head on your stomach with you raking your hands through his hair

- he loves it when you compliment him when he bboys and he’s proud of himself and will just kiss you 

- he will teach you chinese if you don’t know it and when you’re ok at understanding it he’ll start to talk to you in chinese

- he’ll also teach you a little bit of martial arts too

- you share clothes a lot it doesnt matter if you’re different sizes sHARE THEM

- just one day you were wearing his shirt and then the next minute he just walks in wearing one of your oversized grey sweaters and you’re just super ok with it and dont even question it

- ok when he has days off you go to a local pet store and go see all the puppies and tbh you love the expression on his face since he’s so cute

- he’ll do a lot of aegyo around you and you’ll have to protect him from seungkwan

- slight pda like a hug tbh

- you will fite anyone who hates on him im not joking

- once you were walking passed people in the park and you over heard someone say “is that the useless guy from seventeen” and you hAD TO BE HELD BACK

- and minghao calms you down with a kiss and you’re just like what was i doing again

- ok but he was pretty hurt by it so magically you went back to your house and told him to wait and you rAN TO THE PET STORE AND BOUGHT A PUPPY

- and he was so happy and he just was cuddling you and the puppy

- do nOT BRING UP THUGHAO or he will fite u

- you will shake your fist at anyone who doesn’t appreciate your boy memehao

- he likes it when you call him ming btw


- sometimes when you’re sad he tries to make you happy and he bboys just to see the amazed expression on your face and you just forget all about everything and he cuddles u and the puppy if it doesnt work

- basically dating minghao is full of flUFF, CUTENESS LOVE ANSDGHDSKJSJDKFH KA puppies. he loves puppies as much as he loves u. which is a lot. date him. marry him. APPRECIATE MEMEHAO

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