can i marry this show please


“No. You won’t care by then,” she said, wondering even as she said it if she could stand the idea of a Jace who didn’t care. She hadn’t thought as far ahead as he had, and when she tried to imagine watching him fall in love with someone else, marry someone else, she couldn’t even picture it, couldn’t picture anything but an empty black tunnel that stretched out ahead of her, forever. “Please. If we don’t say anything, if we just pretend—”
“There is no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.” ─ City of Glass, Chapter 14.

Can more men please be so comfortable with their masculinity to be really nice and close with their male friends? I mean look at these two, they’re both married (to women) with kids but they love each other so much and they’re not afraid of showing it which is absolutely beautiful

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Actual Cinnamon Roll Mike Faist

•Believes his character Morris Delancey is actually a good guy deep down, even after saying things like “My skull busting arm could use a break" and beating up a crippled boy. (Aka Mike Faist has an unbelievable amount of faith in people)

•Informed everyone of the cookie cake before getting some himself.

•Have you seen the picture of him and Ben Platt cuddling?

•His friendship with Laura Dreyfuss. Too cute.

•Actually named his Newsie Mike.

His hair is on point no matter what length

•He used to beat up on the rest of the Newsies cast, but they loved him anyway

He wears a tiny tie!

•"You know how I feel!“

•He reads Albert Camus before the show

•Always plays the villain, but is the sweetest?!?!?

• His energy when performing King of New York. You can tell he loves it.

•Him and Thanye during King of New York. Yes.

•His friendship with Tommy Bracco. Too pure

•The boy can’t use Twitter for shit, and I live for it.

• Once said his favorite fan moment was when someone asked him to marry them.

He is a tired little cinnamon roll with puffy eyes that need sleep

He wears New Balance shoes (But he also owns converse tap shoes)

Please add more! I love hearing about Mike’s adorkablness.

(If it’s in italics, it’s something my sister said)

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Very Important mcnamawyer/veronamara headcanons that minna franklinshepard and i have been discussing

  • they start dating a few weeks after the whole incident with jd
  • veronica invites heather to watch the movie with her and martha because she wants to keep an eye on her
  • after that they just start spending more and more time with each other (bc heather is a natural follower and needs someone)
  • they help each other out, heather helps calm veronica when things get bad (even if she doesn’t know what really happened, she is always there when veronica needs it) and veronica makes heather feel better when she feels like she’s drowning
  • they have many movie nights and heather always ends up cuddling veronica bc she is a Cuddle Bug
  • one of their movie nights they end up kissing each other (its really sweet and gentle and shy) and after that it’s history
  • veronica is always the big spoon bc heather is so tiny
  • heather tries being the big spoon but it just doesn’t work and her face ends up in veronica’s shoulder blades and they laugh about it
  • veronica always teases heather about how short and tiny she is and is always picking her up and swinging her off her feet. heather pretends to hate it but she actually really loves it
  • no one realizes they’re dating for a while, they’ve been affectionate friends even before then and have been holding hands in the halls as just friends so there isn’t much transition
  • veronica tells her parents when they start referring to her as “your very close friend heather" and veronica’s just like “we’re girlfriends.” and her parents are totally cool w/ whatever makes veronica happy so they’re just like “oh okay dear”
  • heather’s parents are a different story, they’ve never really been fond of veronica bc she’s so weird and she’s from the poorer side of town and is like ten feet tall and laughs really loudly for ten minutes at every funny thing heather says
  • for a while they’re like “i’m sure there are some nice boys around honey” and heather is just like “but I like veronica” and eventually they get over it bc they do want their daughter happy
  • veronica goes to football games to watch heather cheer, she always brings hUGE signs with lots of hearts and heather always picks her out in the crowd. she gives 0 fucks about the actual football game and screams only whenever heather does something and heather blows kisses from across the field
  • one day after a football game someone comes up to heather and asks “why is veronica sawyer so obsessed with you?” and heather just looks them dead in the eye and says “we’re dating” and it seems like within the hour the entire school knows but it’s like totally whatever because everyone is still kind of terrified of veronica after everything that happened
  • heather duke makes fun of them for dating but veronica just tells her to shut up and kisses heather mac in front of her
  • they become the power couple of the school and a lot of people think they’re super cute. they sit at lunch with their arms draped over each other with 0 fucks to give
  • heather drags veronica around shopping which isnt veronica’s thing but she goes for her gf. veronica wanders off and comes back with stuff from the kids section and says it would fit better bc she’s always teasing heather for being so tiny
  • when they watch horror movies heather spends most of the movie with her face buried into veronica’s neck
  • heather makes veronica watch all of the rom coms and she always tears up and gets the sniffles bc “it’s so romantic” while veronica’s scoffing at the cheesiness and how all the movies are about heterosexuals
  • heather doesn’t talk about it but she constantly thinks about how veronica could dEFINITELY pick her up at their wedding and carry her bridal style
  • veronica buys an engagement ring for heather from her own parents
  • she goes in there and is like “i’d like to buy an engagement ring. can you bless me? i mean. can i have your blessing to buy an engagement ring? for your child. your child heather, that child. your daughter. i want to buy an engagement ring to give to yoUR DAUGHTER. I want to marry your daughter please” and she is extremely flustered
  • she has to make sure her parents dont tell heather (when heather has been worrying to her parents that veronica didnt want to marry her and would nEVER propose)
  • and heather’s parents get so excited and they’re like showing her the most expensive rings bc they want a nice one for their daughter and veronica’s getting visibly more and more uncomfortable as the prices go higher
  • they’re like “what’s wrong dear” and she just gets really flustered and is like “these aren’t really…. in my price range”
  • heather’s parents offer to pay but veronica is super stubborn and insists on paying herself so she gets a beautiful and simple ring but heather’s parents still give her a “friends and family discount" 
  • when she proposes she makes sure it’s romantic bc heather is such a hopeless romantic but it’s also simple and perfect and heather nearly faints
  • and heather like gets so excited that she like makes out with veronica for a minute after pulling her to her feet (bc she made sure to get on one knee) and then immediately starts planning like “it should be a spring wedding. who will we invite?! OH MAN I HAVE TO CALL MY MOM” but she totes forgets to actually say yes and veronica just stops her and is asks “so that’s a yes then?” and she’s all teary and happy and heather is like “oF COURSE YES. I’VE BEEN PLANNING OUR WEDDING IN MY HEAD FOR YEARS. I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER PROPOSE”
  • and heather keeps going on and on about the wedding and how she’s been looking at wedding dresses for aGES and veronica’s like "oh i’d love to see them” and heather gasps and says no bc they’re not allowed to see each other’s wedding dresses (potential or not) until the day of and veronica goes “i thought i just wasnt allowed to see you in it?” and heather just hushes her and says it will be a surprise
  • veronica is totally noT allowed to help with wedding planning also bc she’ll just be like “I don’t know I wanted something small and simple?” and heather is like “no shh babe you don’t get it I’ve dreamt about my wedding since I was like six years old”
  • they both cry when they first see each other at the wedding, heather is all teary walking down the isle just from seeing veronica on the other end
  • they write their own vows and in heather’s she says “with you, i am a gameshow host” and at the end she really quietly goes “thanks for coming after me”


Preference: Proposals


It’s during a sparring match, and you, for once, successfully pin him to the ground. You smirk as he stares up in awe. ‘Marry me’ he suddenly blurts out, and you can’t help but laugh. ‘Did I suddenly pass your test? I get to marry you because I was able to beat you?’ Quickly, Rowan switches your positions so now he is on top. ‘No, of course not, but it does help.’ He winks as you scowl up at him. ‘But really, I want you to marry me.’ ‘Okay, but only if you beat me in the first thirty seconds of the next round.’ He grins at the challenge and stands, offering a hand to help you up. Of course, incredibly easily, Rowan once again pins your to the ground and smirks. ‘Well, guess you’re gonna have to marry me now.’ You grin, ‘A deal’s a deal, I suppose.’ 


Always the hopeless romantic, Rhysand proposes to you with rose petals. He makes a trail of them from the front door to your bedroom, where ‘Marry me’ is written out on the floor in front of your bed in even more petals. You gasp, tingles spreading down your spine as he comes up behind you, his arms circling your waist and pressing the ring into your palm. “Will you, darling?” He murmurs into your ear, sending even more shivers through your very bones. You turn around in his arms, pretending to think about it as you slip the ring onto your finger. After playful deliberation, you sigh, ‘I suppose,’ you finally answer, his arms tightening around you. His head tilts forwards and you smile against his lips. ‘You wicked thing.’ He accuses, then scoops you up and carries you to the bed, which is also covered in rose petals. 


Walking along a beach, a perfect date with Dorian is coming to a close. Suddenly, he gets down on one knee and you gasp, covering your mouth with one hand as he takes the other in his own, looking up at you with his big, sapphire eyes full of hope. Out of his pocket, Dorian pulls a small red and gold box, presenting it to you and showing a beautiful piece of jewelry inside. ‘I don’t want to rule without you. Please, marry me. Bare my children. Be my queen.’ When you scream yes, he slips the ring on your finger and stands, picking you up around the waist and twirling you around. 

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kdramas and sex

I’ve seen a lot of people saying how rare suspicious partner and fight for my way have been in showing couples being intimate, and while I agree they’re very unique, I thought people would appreciate a list of dramas featuring more mature relationships. Some of these are really overt, some are more subtle and require a little bit of reading between the lines. Obviously these are spoilers, but if intimacy is important to you, I suggest taking a look. This list is limited by what I’ve seen, so please add more!

My Secret Romance

Angel Eye’s

Bride of the Century


Can We Get Married?

Coffee Prince

Heartless City

Dalja’s Spring

Empress Ki

Fated to Love You


Heart to Heart

It’s Okay That’s Love

Jealousy Incarnate 

The King 2 Hearts

Marriage Not Dating

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

My Fair Lady

Oh My Venus

Padam Padam

Scent of a Woman


Secret Garden

Secret Love Affair

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The Time We Were Not in Love

Witch’s Romance 

These range from subtle fades to black to explicit bed scenes, and are mostly arranged alphabetically rather than drama quality. Feel free to add more or ask about specific dramas.

My book with an autistic character is nearly in the top 20 Amazon Steampunk chart!

Kay, so, it’s been on sale over the weekend and it’s literally sitting at #21 right now.

I was going to raise the price today, but I’m going to leave it at 99c until tomorrow to see if I can push it to the Top 20 because that would be amazing!

If you haven’t heard me go on about it before, The Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstonce Chronicles are about an autistic, ace/aro woman who builds herself a robot husband to avoid having to marry. There is lots of fun and adventuring and hijinks.

So, if you fancy reading, the entire series is just 99c today and if you get it today, it might just get pushed over onto the front page of steampunk, which would be AMAZING!

Here’s the link!

(I’ve had no one complain about the price and I’m only getting royalties as if it’s 99c, but it is showing up on my machine as the original price. If it’s not discounted for you, please let me know so that I can go and ask Amazon wtf they’re playing at.)

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Hey I don't mean to bother, but I was wondering if you had a list or so of your fav Bellarke fics(AU)? I love all your fics (Bellarke and Stydia) <3 Thanks!

AU?! Oh, man. I assume you mean non-canonverse AU. And I’m not much of an AU reader, but here are a couple of my all-time favs.

Take Me to Church by @hawthornewhisperer | M | priest-in-training!Bellamy is definitely not supposed to develop feelings for the girl he goes running with in the mornings. And they probably shouldn’t have sex either. He knows this, and yet. (link to all 6 chapters in the link) 

I Choose You by winterwaters | M | 17k | Clarke’s a society girl who doesn’t want to get married, despite her mother’s wishes, but then a farmer shows up, with a deal that intrigues her. (I’m an arranged marriage AU hoe and this one is so sweet. I’ve read it like a bedtime story many times.)

Worth the Trouble and Worth the Pain by @ponyregrets | T | 6k | Princess Clarke has one year to get married. Her personal guardsman is not pleased about the situation, but there’s not a lot he can do.

like ships in the night (passing me by) by viansian | T | 11k | He met her seven different times. Once when she was a child, twice on her deathbed and four times in between. (Alternatively, The Fic Where He’s Immortal and She’s Not)

I Make My Own Luck by somethingofatrainwreck | M | 23k | Poker Night was simple enough. Show up at Clarke’s every Thursday night. BYOB (no cans, always bottles), turn your phones off, don’t get in the middle when Mom and Dad start to bicker, never mention Mt. Weather, and for the love of God don’t bring any randos…It was simple. It really was. The thing about rules though? People can’t help but break them.aka five times someone ruined Poker Night and the one time all bets were off.

i’ve seen love go by my door (it’s never been this close before) by safeandsound13 | M | 5k | Every story begins somewhere, usually with a shared look from across the room and the exchange of names. Theirs starts with an abduction and a set of handcuffs. Or, the less fancy version of it: Clarke and Bellamy plan Murphy’s death while being cuffed to a bathroom sink. (this is kinda a crack fic, kinda just really funny, and i love the author so lemme throw it in there)

Keep Your Enemies Closer by PaintedGhostOrchid | NR | 51k |  Bellamy and Clarke are co-workers and bitter rivals who live to compete with one another and can barely be civil- at least, until their respective partners start having an affair and Clarke and Bellamy have no choice but to team up to win back their cheating lovers. (I have a massive boner for this one, don’t even ask why because idk.)

BTS Masterlist

Band List

BTS Scenarios:

“Mistletoe?” -Seokjin: Christmas with BTS #1 // Admin Peach

“Why Am I Awake?” -Suga: Christmas with BTS #2 // Admin Kira

“Mommy Kissed Santa” -J-Hope: Christmas with BTS #3 // Admin Peach

“Please Don’t Fall” -RapMonster: Christmas with BTS #4 // Admin Kira

Celebrating Christmas With Taehyung #5 // Admin Tae

“Jimin You’re Being A Tease” -Jimin: Christmas #6 // Admin Peach

“Sleigh Riding” -Jungkook: Christmas #7 // Admin Peach

“Why Now?” -Suga Scenario // Admin Kira

“Who Is She?” -Suga Scenario // Admin Kira

“Another Love” -Jimin Scenario // Admin Kira

”Focus on your comeback” -Jimin Scenario // Admin Cole

“There is No V In Love” -Taehyung Scenario // Second Place Submission

“My Imaginary Friend” -Suga Scenario // Third Place Submission

“Tweet Her” -Suga Scenario // Admin Kira

“Intruder” -Jimin Scenario Pt.1 // Admin Cole

“I got issues, but you got them too” -Rapmonster Scenario // Admin Tae

“I love you” -Taehyung Scenario // Admin Kira

BTS Tickle Fights // Admin Kira

BTS Reactions:

BTS Reaction to getting a crush on a female Idol // Admin Tae

BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing at everything // Admin Kira and Admin Happy

BTS Reaction to getting asked about their idol girlfriend at an interview // Admin Happy and Admin Kira

BTS Reaction to being caught staring at their crushes boobs // Admin Kira

BTS Reaction to getting a drunk call/text from their s/o and they’re drunk // Admin Tae

BTS Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice // Admin Kira

BTS Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice // Admin Sel

BTS Reaction to when your drunk and you ask them if their gay even though you two have been in a long relationship // Admin Peach

BTS Reaction to you telling a lame joke Hyung Line // Admin Cole

BTS Reaction to you telling a lake Maknae Line // Admin Cole

BTS Reaction to you getting in a fight // Admin Cole

BTS Reaction to you passing out at a function (Hyung Line Part 1) // Admin Cole

BTS Reaction to another member revealing their secret relationship // Admin Kira

BTS Reaction to you fangirling about them in BST // Admin Sel

BTS Reaction to you being insecure about your weight // Admin Cole

BTS Reaction to passing out during a party // Admin Tae

BTS Reaction to a kisscam focusing on you and him // Admin Kira

BTS Reaction to getting into a dating scandal with their idol crush // Admin Tae

BTS Hyung Line Reaction to Idol S/O asking for a song // Admin Cole

BTS Reaction to Dealing with Triplets// Admin Cole


To tell their members they had sex // Admin Peach

To date a fan // Admin Tae

To date a 00 Liner // Admin Peach

BTS Aesthetics:

Mint Summer Yoongi // Admin Kira

White Summer Jin // Admin Kira

Namjoon in Pastel Pink // Admin Tae

Policeman - Jungkook Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Games - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Vampire - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Tae

Couples - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

First Dates - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Wedding- BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Girlfriend- BTS Aesthetic // Admin Tae

BTS Series:

“I’m Here” Namjoon // Admin Peach

Part- One

Heels & Lingerie - Suga // Admin Kira

Part- One Two Three  Four Five

BTS Questions:

Who in BTS do we think are still virgins? // Admin Kira and Admin Tae

How well do we know/follow BTS? // Admin Peach, Admin Kira and Admin Tae. 

BTS Texts:

BTS Texts to their girlfriend fan girling over another member. // Admin Ve

BTS Texts where you ask them to help you confess to another member but they confess to you as well // Admin Kira

Suga as a dad // Admin Kira

Namjoon as a dad // Admin Kira

J-Hope as a dad // Admin Kira

Jin as a dad // Admin Kira

Jimin as a dad // Admin Kira

Jungkook as a dad // Admin Kira

Taehyung as a dad // Admin Kira

Suga and Jimin texts when they get your number // Admin Kira

Suga and Jimin texts after first date // Admin Kira

Suga and Jimin texts before an award show // Admin Tae

BTS Drabbles:

“Can we do it quietly?” -Jin Drabble // Admin Kira

“Remind me why I married you again?” -Jungkook Drabble // Admin Kira

“Who wouldn’t want to marry this” -Rapmonster Drabble // Admin Kira

“Everything you do is cute” -Suga Drabble // Admin Kira

“Distant” -Suga Drabble // Admin Kira

“I’m not cute!” -Jungkook Drabble // Admin Kira

“Please Stay” -Jungkook Drabble // Admin Kira

“Please Stay” -Suga Drabble // Admin Kira


Yoongi as a secret admirer // Admin Tae

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Are you saying partner instead of girlfriend because we can't assume his sexuality (which we shouldn't)? Wow, I don't know how to ask this without sounding super ignorant, so please forgive me if I do sound so. But he has said a couple times before that he's not gay. (And to be honest I wouldn't even think anything of it but remember that one radio show when he said later he wanted to marry a woman and Shinee members were like wow that's a surprise - maybe later on you'll be allowed to choose).

there’s certain conversations that i would rather not have here because: this is a fan blog that relies on source and not everything can actually be sourced. despite this: as someone who is a member of the lgbtqa+ community i try to keep everything as inclusive as possible, regardless of what information that we may have. my personal opinions are my own and i prefer to keep those in areas that aren’t here. i also try to remain neutral.

jonghyun and his sexuality is a topic that i would prefer not to talk about here, regardless of what how i actually feel on the topic itself. one reason for this is: despite what has been said in the past jonghyun, shinee and all other idols are members of an entertainment industry where they could be put as risk or lose their careers altogether if they were to seriously hint at or admit to being anything but cisgender or straight. so, of course all of the members have said that they’re straight or played into heteronormative stereotypes and standards - even though jonghyun himself is known for frequently using gender neutral terminology when writing lyrics. hetronormativity is the plague, anon, sad to say. and that’s the last time i’ll be discussing this topic here.

grumpy old man keith: no you don’t ‘still got it’ calm down lance, no one wants to see you break a hip trying to show off

old man lance: we’ve been married for over sixty years and you still think you’re better at this than me, unbelievable

keith: well my memory isn’t what it used to be but last time i checked, yeah

lance: oh please keith your stories are always so boring

keith: if by boring you mean factual, you can’t even tell it the same way twice

lance: exactly!!!

their grandkids: granddad, grandpa, can you please just get on with the story

lance: oh right, of course, where were we

grandkids: you were getting to the part where you guys formed voltron

lance: oh right!! (strikes a pose) so there i was, in the thick of it, the universe’s only hope, your favorite grandpa, a little more ripped and youthful than he is now but (dabs) it was me, nonetheless

keith: oh my god

Things I learned re-watching Anastasia after having seen the musical

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1. Gleb is the nameless officer on the horse in Rumor in St.Petersburg. I’ve decided. 

2. John Bolton actually really fucking looks like Vlad. A+ casting

3. SassyAnya is the best and more of her sass should’ve been translated to the stage version. Also historically Anastasia was sassy and that should’ve been kept. 

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4. Why wasn’t this in the stage version

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5. I wish Bartok could’ve somehow been translated to stage. I understand why he got cut, but Bartok is the best. Also, someone should’ve said this to Gleb:

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6. Once Upon a December was actually really beautifully translated 

7. Christy Altomare really sounds like Liz Callaway during “Once Upon a December” and “Journey to the Pasty”. A+ casting

8. “In My Dreams” really was a gorgeous song and fit really nicely with “Once Upon a December” and “Journey to the Past” 

9. I really wish Bartok had been translated to the stage

10. I can’t listen to “Stay, I Pray You” without thinking of “In the Dark of the Night” and vice versa. Nonetheless, I’m really glad they used the music in the show. 

11. Rasputin was terrifying, but also hilarious and I missed him

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12. “That’s what I hate about this government, everything’s in red” is the only historically accurate thing in the movie and it was the B E S T

13. Dimitry and Anya working together is beautiful and there should’ve been more of it in the musical

14. Rasputin and Bartok are what Jafar and Iago were initially supposed to be like. Jafar was initially easily angered and flew off the handle, while Iago was calm and level headed, they ended up swapping their personalities. But Rasputin and Bartok have the original dynamic and I think that’s great. 

15. Vlad and Lily’s relationship in the musical was hilarious and I loved it, but I do wish that Vlad had been a little more excited/doting the way he is about Sophie in the film.  

16. I  r e a l l y wish Bartok had been translated to the stage

17. The dress Dimitry hands Anya is definitely NOT the same dress she wears in the following scene 


Originally posted by centerofmyuniverse

19. I liked the change of Dimitry really not being able to dance

20. Pooka was also the best 

21. Anyas’s nightmare was actually the most horrifying thing ever 

22. “Close the Door” was also a really beautiful addition and added a lot to the Dowager’s character

23. Can Bernadette Peters play Lily at some point, please? Or the Dowager, just someone, please? 

24. I wish Dimitry’s verse of “Paris Hold the Key” hadn’t been cut

Originally posted by labeautepourlabeaute

25. Why wasn’t some version of “Princess don’t marry kitchen boys” in the show?


27. Quartet at the Ballet added so much to that scene, I loved it. 

28. There could’ve been more tension between Dimitry and Anya in the show

29. I really need Angela Lansbury to play the Dowager when/if Mary Beth Peil leaves

30. Anya should’ve slapped Dimitry 

Originally posted by animated-gif-library

31. They should’ve keep the original lullaby for Anya and the Dowager. “Soon you’ll be home with me…”. It made more sense. 

32. I L O V E D “In a Crowd of Thousands”, but I really liked Anya remembering with her Grandmother. 

33. Bartok is the best sidekick

Originally posted by whatwouldwaltdo

34. I really wish Bartok had been translated to the stage

35. The scene with Anya and the Dowager reminiscing should’ve been in the musical

36. I think I like MusicalVlad more than MovieVlad, just because there’s more of him to like 

37. I understand the dynamic between Gleb and Anya is different than the dynamic of Rasputin and Anya, but the face-off on stage should’ve had more too it. We all knew Gleb wasn’t going to shoot Anya, but Anya should’ve fought back more. She could’ve even saved Dimitry, I don’t know, it just needed more. 

38. “This is for Dimitry, this is for my family, and this is for you” somehow should’ve been kept. 

39. The end was really well translated 


Well that’s it folks, if you actually read all this I appreciate you

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Unintentional Chapter One: The Other Woman

Story summary: Your friendship with Jensen is put on the line when you have to film a few, suggestive scenes with him. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Jensen is happily married. And there was definitely chemistry between the two of you. 

Request: Hi! Could I request a Jensen X Reader with angst please? I´m pretty much a sucker for angst. you can always add some fluff in it if you want :)

A/N: This request made me birth a series. Also, this story is not meant to disrespect Daneel in anyway. This is all for the purpose of fiction. :)

Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (Sort of, but not quite yet)

Warnings: Smutty-ish (no actual sex, just on screen stuff for the show), masturbation, fantasizing. 

Word Count: 1.8k


Originally posted by supernaturally-wwe-imagines

When Jensen’s tongue slid into your mouth, you melted into him. One of his hands moved up to cup your cheek, and the other tangled itself in your hair, pulling slightly. He pressed his body into yours, pinning you against the wall even harder. That’s when you felt his arousal, and that’s when you knew that you weren’t just imagining things. You ached for him in ways you’d never ached before, not with anyone else; you needed him. Just as you were getting ready to hike your leg up around his waist, the director yelled cut.

Jensen pulled away from you quickly, avoiding eye contact with you before subtly trying to adjust himself. That scene wasn’t supposed to get so steamy, and it was a good thing the director liked it; because you didn’t think that either of you could handle doing it again. You brought your hand to your mouth, your lips still tingling from the kiss. You looked up at Jensen, making brief eye contact with him before bolting for your trailer.

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Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 5

Characters: Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Werewolf!Stiles, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Mason Hewitt, Jackson Whittemore, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

In the note Brittany left she’d said she didn’t care what we did with the baby, but she really wanted you to keep him. She said he was full werewolf and she wanted him to be raised as one. It’s been about a week and the little boy remains nameless. Derek went out and bought a portable crib just until you figure things out. You hadn’t had time to focus on anything but this baby. The only weird thing about it was that the baby looked like he could be yours and Derek’s. The pack has pointed that out. Multiple times.

“Shh..shh. Come on, buddy.” You stand in the living room at 4 a.m rocking the baby.

Derek comes downstairs, rubbing his eyes. “Still? Here, can I see him?” You nod and hand him over.

You sit on the couch and let out a sigh. “He needs a name.”

“Are we really keeping this random baby?”

“Yes, Derek we’re keeping the random baby.”

“Then we can name him…Henry.”

You groan. “That’s awful. What about Dayton?”

“That’s about the whitest name I’ve ever heard.” Derek chuckles. He’s gotten the baby to be quiet. “What about Max?”

You smile. “I like Max.” You stand and walk over to him. “Hi, Max.” The baby coos and you look up at Derek. “He likes it.”

“You don’t think this will interfere with becoming Isaac’s guardians do you?” Derek asks.

“No..if anything it should help.” You shrug.

“I’m up for good now. There’s no use going back to sleep.” Derek groans as he sits on the couch.

“I’ll make a pot of coffee.”

Scott and Stiles decided to come over to hang out for awhile, so you were all sat in the living room.

Derek was laying across the couch and you were in a recliner, you both were having trouble keeping your eyes open.

“Derek are you asleep?” Stiles laughs.

“I have a right. I’ve been up with Max all day long. All. Day.

“Me too.” You yawn and get up, Max whining from his crib. You grab the bottle off the table and cradle Max. You sit back down and feed him, rocking in the recliner.

“How does it feel to be parents?” Scott asks.

“Not at all what I expected, because for one thing..I thought I’d be married and I’d be feeding my own baby now. Just know that life never works out as planned.” You shook your head.

“Trust me. He knows.” Stiles laughs.

“It feels kinda weird..I mean, Y/N and I went on one date and now we’re adopting one kid and becoming legal guardians of another.” Derek yawns.

“It’s different for you guys though.” Scott smiles. “You’re pack parents, that means you’re drawn together, it means your soulmates.”

“What do you know about soulmates, Scott?” Derek laughs and you smile.

Scott pouts and crosses his arms, “Enough.”

You smile wider. “Sure.”

“But really..I did a lot of reading on it…pack parents usually are an older couple, people who’ve been married a long time…not people who just met. That’s got to mean something.”

“Yeah, it means we make a good team.” You shrug. “Anyway..Stiles how are you? How are you handling everything?” You look at him.

“I’ve gotten way better at lacrosse, so…” He smirks. “Honestly, I never wanted to be a werewolf..I thought I’d never be able to handle it. I’m having a hard time controlling my changes but Derek’s been helping me.”

You look over at Derek and smile.

“He’s doing well..really well.” Derek nods.

"I’m glad you two have bonded.” You sit up, sitting Max’s bottle down so you can change his diaper. He peed, you can tell.

“You’re a natural.” Derek flicks his eyes over to you.

“You’s kinda strange. I feel like this is my baby already. I’m not really sure how to describe it because I know I sound absolutely insane, but this is my little boy. He’s supposed to be with me.” You grab a diaper from beside his crib.

“I feel the same way. I get it.” Derek sits up.

“Aww. You guys have a baby together.” Stiles remarks.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Kind of..but don’t be annoying about it.”

Isaac slams the door as he walks in, making Max shriek. “Come on, Isaac!” Derek groans, getting up and walking over to you. He takes his from you, relieving you from your turn.

“Sorry.” He winces at the shrill sound. He walks over and looks over Derek’s shoulder. “He looks a lot like you. Are you sure he’s not yours?”

“Ha. Ha. Yeah, I got a fourteen year old pregnant.” He turns and gives Isaac a look, rocking with Max.

You watch adoringly as he talks to Isaac. He was your soulmate. Scott was right, neither of you wanted to agree with him though.

It’s been about a month since you got Max. Adoption paperwork has been started and you’ve gotten legal guardianship of Isaac. If you were being honest it was way easier than you expected.

“Quit fighting! You’re irritating the baby! You shouted into the dining room. Liam and Mason were having a heated argument about something they read at school. Everyone else voiced their opinions on whose side they were on…loudly.

Liam and Mason continuing shouting. You settled Max into the rocker you and Derek purchased a couple weeks ago. You storm into the dining room and slam your hand down on the table. "Stop. Now. If I have to tell you again you’re all getting kicked out of my house. Every single one of you.” You spot Isaac smirk. “Don’t think I won’t kick you out too, bud.” You give a once over of the silent room. “Thank you.”

“You’ve gotten a lot scarier since Max.” Mason said quietly.

You leaned over in front of him. “Good. Maybe you won’t yell in my house if you think I’m scary. If any of you want dinner I’m ordering Chinese.” You spin on your heel and walk back to the kitchen.

You spot Derek walking in, closing his umbrella and taking his jacket off. “I like this whole newfound aggression. It’s makes you even more attractive.” Derek smiles.

“Shut up.” You laugh. “Now that I have an actual baby, I’m not too keen on the teenagers acting like toddlers.”

“We heard that!” Jackson shouts.

“Good! You were meant to.” You smile at them over your shoulder.

You call and order the food before feeding Max. “How’s the loft?” You ask Derek. He goes back occasionally and checks up on things. Scott said he goes to see his uncle Peter. You’ve never met him and you’re unsure if you want to.

“Fine. The same.” He grabs a beer from the fridge and sits beside you on the couch.

You nudge him away when he sits. “Don’t drink beer by my baby.” You laugh.

“He’s my baby too. Do you think he’ll get sick from secondhand alcohol?” He laughs along with you. “You’re a dork, Y/N.”

Stiles and Scott come running through the living room, jumping over the couch and going upstairs.

Derek looks at you, “Do I want to know?” You groan and shake your head.

“They’re having a werewolf race. I don’t know what it means but the boys are doing it so apparently I’m timing.” Lydia pokes her head between you and Derek.

“Wow. And you called me a dork.” You smirk at Derek.

“It runs in the pack.” He laughs.

You smack his arm and laugh.

“Just get married already.” Malia stretches out on the couch beside you.

“Yep. That makes logical sense.” You push her legs off of your lap.

“It does. Plus, if you get married we can be cousins.”

“I look forward to that then. Derek, please propose right now, I cannot possibly wait any longer to have Malia in my family tree.”

“Oh, of course.” He gets down on one knee, showing you his beer bottle cap. You both laugh, Malia giving you both a death glare.

Scott and Stiles jump down the stairs.

“Please be careful. I know you both heal, but I still don’t want any bones broken.”

“Scott won!” Lydia shouts.

“Alpha in the house!” Scott bangs on his chest and Stiles rolls his eyes.

“It’s not fair. You have two years experience on me.”

“Aww. Is the wittle baby sad?” Scott fakes pout and squeezes Stiles’ cheek. Stiles swats his hand away and rolls his eyes.

“You’re all equal in my eyes.” You tease.

The doorbell rings and Mason answers it. Everyone throws money in and he brings the food in, sitting it on the table. “You guys better share! Leave some for me!”

Derek gets up and follows them to the kitchen. “I’ll make you a plate.” You thank him and take Max upstairs. You put him in the crib and grab the baby monitor, bringing it with you.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you that I invited someone over. We were best friends in high school and he just moved back to town. I ran into him when I was out grabbing diapers.” Derek sits beside you with your plate.

“That’s fine.” You smile. “What time?”

Derek glances at the clock. “Anytime now.” Just then you heard a knock at the door. Derek got up and went to answer it.

You were conversing with the pack when he walked in. He was gorgeous, you couldn’t deny it. You had no idea what was in the water with these Beacon Hills guys but you didn’t mind.

“AJ, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is AJ Harding.”

You stand and shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” You smile and he nods.

“You too.”

Derek goes around the table and introduces him before they both sit down.

Lydia leans over and whispers. “He’s cute. If it wasn’t for Derek..” She raises an eyebrow at you.

“Lydia!” You scold, you can’t help but laugh though.

“I’m just saying..if I were five years older I’d be all over it.” She shrugs.

“So, she your girlfriend?” You hear him lean over and whisper. “She’s hot, so good for you.”

Derek chuckles. “No she’s not, we just have a baby together.”

“Oh so you hit that? Again, good for you.”

“No..we’re adopting. It’s a long story but we’ve neither dated or had sex.”

“So she’s available?” You feel his eyes on you.

“N-no..I mean, yeah she’s available. She’s not dating anyone.”

You thought that Derek for sure felt the same way about you that you did for him. You were wrong. You decided to milk this whole situation with AJ. That’ll show him. AJ must not know you’re a werewolf and you’ll definitely use that to your advantage.

Hey ya’ll! So we’re nearing the end of the interview season and I wanted to share a few inside tips about what I have come to see as “good” responses to my questions. I know that this may not be valuable for many people in the current interview season but I hope that people in future cycles will find it useful! Later this cycle, I’ll make another post about “what to do if you didn’t get in”. But it’s still too early to throw in the towel!!

“Tell me about yourself”: I want to hear about the characteristics of your personality not mentioned in depth in your essays. So you can mention your research and volunteering and such, but also tell me about how tenacious, or driven, or kind, or organized you are. I want to hear that the interviewee has a sense of themselves.

“Tell me about your research”: Your opening statement to this better be less than 2 minutes long. I don’t want a presentation on your research, I want to see that you understand what you were doing, and that you can explain a complex topic to me succinctly. Because that’s literally what doctors do all day every day. If I want more details, I’ll ask and then feel free to open up!

“Tell me about a time you failed or made a mistake”: People will often tell me about times they failed a class or test and that’s fine, but not the best answer. I love it when people open up to me about times they made deeper mistakes and learned from them. One applicant told me about a time she seriously messed up coordinating a supply run for her company in Iraq and her soldiers were left without food for 2 days. Everyone was fine but she had to deal with that aftermath for literally years. Now that’s a mistake I want to hear about.

“Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”: I want to see that you’ve put thought into what kind of medicine you want to practice but have not restricted yourself to one field. This is kind of a bonus question. It doesn’t hurt if you mess it up because I didn’t have an answer for this when I applied, but it really helps if you can answer it well. Good answers include the range from: “Practicing community based medicine somewhere and finding a good work-life balance” to “returning to my home country to found a medical school catering to women and fighting corruption in healthcare”.

“Tell me about your support system”: This is a super important question. The two people in my class who have dropped out were both dealing with crazy personal lives (an incredibly messy divorce, and a family that exploded following a death). I want to hear that you have people who you can depend on, and that those people are themselves stable. Resiliency in applicants and in the loved ones’ of applicants matters much more than many other traits. This is part of the reason I love non-traditional applicants. They tend to be so dang resilient!

“What was your most significant volunteering or shadowing experience?”: If your eyes don’t light up when you tell me this, I don’t believe you. Tell about something that actually moved you, not something that you think should have moved you. I want to see passion and love for something.

A few random tidbits: I don’t mind if people tear up, or cry a little, but please try not to full-on sob. It’s hard to redirect an interview following that. Since I’m a younger student, I don’t notice slang and vernacular as often as the older interviewers do but I do notice it if it’s in excess or inappropriate to the situation. I like to hear about people’s faiths, and I feel that is a common theme with most of our interviewers. But don’t feel pressured to tell us if you don’t want to! I like it when people are married/ engaged so please do let me know about that! It shows emotional maturity (most of the time). If you mention a child or pregnancy, I’ll ask about how you will manage but only if you mention it first. There are lots of people (including women) in my class with families so it can def be done!

BigBang Reaction #9 - Their s/o is a motherly figure

anon asked: Big bang reaction when you have a motherly figure ? (Feeding them and tucking they in bed?)

Jiyong: *starts off as a statement, but turns into…this lol* “You’re going to be such an amazing mother. I can’t wait to have kids with you… Speaking of kids, when do you want to start having kids? Anytime is good for me really… If you want to, I’m here whenever you’re ready. We’d be amazing parents together jagi and I know we both really want this.”

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Seunghyun: *teases you CONSTANTLY and acts like a child when you get too motherly towards him* “But I DON’T WANNA go to sleep now jagi~ Noooo Don’t make meeeeee!! Fine. But only if you read me a story and tuck me in.” *sticks out tongue*

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Youngbae: *doesn’t like it when you’re motherly towards him, but admires TF out of this trait when you’re around kids* “God you’re perfect jagi. Every time you’re around children, all I can think about is our future family.”

Originally posted by bigbangersball

Daesung: He would laugh and blush a bit at you whenever your motherly side shows because he just gets so flustered. “Jagi I can feed myself.” “Jagi, I don’t need the blankets tucked around me to sleep, I just need you to cuddle me.” “Babe… I’m sick. I need you” *fake cries*

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Seungri: *loves you to death but hates when you treat him like a child even if he acts like one sometimes* “If we ever get married and have kids, feel free to unleash this then, but please don’t baby me jagi.” *then he gets sick and acts like a two year old* “Nooo don’t walk away jagi~ I want cuddles.”

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A/N: I think they’d all low-key (high-key in some cases) will love that their girlfriend is motherly? Idk lol I know most of them really want children so I think they’d see it as a plus
Arrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6, Playing [Spoiler]
Arrow has targeted original cast member Katie Cassidy for another encore — but this time as a series regular, for Season 6.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Oh yes. I heard.

So let’s talk about it.

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Hi, could you do a fic where Spideypool are a secretly married couple and have to hide the fact from citizens /enemies when they are dp&sp ?

It’s been so long, and the reason is, I GOT INTO UNIVERsITY!! Yay!! I’m gonna try and pump some of these out, but yay!!

Peter stumbled into the Avengers building, coffee cup in hand, barely awake.  Tony had called him in extra early, which was unsurprising. Ever since he had started working for stark industries, he was called in either for work business, or superhero business. Tony was the only one who knew about his double life, so it was touch and go when he walked into the building.
Peter let himself in, punching in the code to the lab tiredly.  He froze when he saw the Avengers standing around tensely. He clutched his cup to his chest and resisted the urge to pull down the mask he knew wasn’t there. They all paused in their conversation to stare at Peter until the silence was too awkward and he had to laugh nervously.
“Peter,” Tony said, waving his hand at him to come into the room. “We’re in the middle of something, but you can just come in and work. Just stay quiet over there, okay kid? I need that thing fixed.”
Peter nodded and swallowed down the feeling that he had made a mistake. Was he supposed to come in uniform? He sat in the corner and put his headphones in, but he could feel Natasha and Clint’s eyes boring into his back.  
Steve cleared his throat. “Okay, so we are in unanimous agreement about what we discussed?”
Out of the corner of his eye, Peter could see a few hesitant nods.  He pulled out his toolbox and started quietly working, even though he had finished this project weeks ago.  
“Good, then I guess, let’s bring him in.” He could sense a hardness in Steve’s voice that Peter recognized as dislike. He had a sinking feeling in his gut, even before the door opened and Wade’s familiar voice.
“Hi, team! I brought snacks!” Peter turned to see the bright leather of Wade’s Deadpool suit, and groaned a bit, pushing himself into the corner more. Wade hadn’t spotted him yet, but he knew his situation would be a hundred times more embarrassing when he did.
“Okay, listen pal, just because your working with us doesn’t make you part of our team,” Clint grumbled
Wade stepped forward and laughed obnoxiously. “Gee, that’s rich coming from you, cupid.”
Peter felt himself involuntarily tense. Clint was an okay guy, but he and Wade were not on good terms. He resisted the urge to turn around and tell Clint to keep his bitter remarks to himself, but Natasha beat him to it.
“Boy’s please, your making our guest uncomfortable.” He felt a tight grip on his shoulder. Oh god. Peter shrunk into himself as Natasha gave him a look, and recognition flicked across Wade like a light globe.
“Oh, this is just too good!” He laughed clapping his hands together and rubbing them cunningly as he walked around the table to stand by Peter’s hip. Peter glanced at him, trying to give Wade his best warning look, but as per usual, it had no effect.
“Where are my manners? I’m the Deadpool of your dreams. And you are the handsome beauty of my dreams. I’m digging this nerdy college boy look baby! It’s really turning my floppy drive into a hard disk if you know what I mean!”  

Peter felt embarrassment crawl up his neck as Wade regarded him. The room paused again and Steve piped up.  

“I’m not quite sure what that means but please, let’s get to the issue at hand, and leave Tony’s employee’s out of it.”
“Why Captain of course, but there’s nothing I’d like more to have my hand on Tony’s employee. Peter, is it?” Wade leaned down to speak to Peter, tiptoeing his gloved fingers across the desk.  
Peter sighed. Wade absolutely loved doing this, pretending that they didn’t know each other. He liked having a special secret all to himself.  
“Don’t worry baby boy, I know that you already know me. I’m like, big news now or whatever.”
Peter felt the corner of his mouth twitch up.  He turned back to his table, as they started discussing “important” things that they needed Wade for.  
Wade wasn’t listening, even though Peter was. Wade was too busy smiling at Peter and watching him tinker around with scraps.  
Once the meeting was over (Peter assumed it was over, because Bruce had stormed out, and Thor was now trying figure out how to eat the doughnuts Wade had brought) Wade turned back to him with a cheeky grin.
“So baby, now that all that stuffy business is over, howsabout we go out for some grub! As you can see by the god currently stuffing his face, I have great food taste. I’d love to take you out and treat you well, baby.”
Peter smiled looking at him and lowering his voice. “I thought I was cooking tonight? I bought ingredients yesterday.”
“They’ll stay good for one more night Petey, let’s eat out tonight! Now that you’ve got a high-tech job, I think we should celebrate!”
Peter snorted and set down his screwdriver. “We can’t go out, Aunt May is visiting tomorrow remember? The house is a total mess hun.”
Wade pouted and tugged on Peter’s sleeve like he did when he was trying to get his own way. Even after a couple of years, Peter still couldn’t resist it.
“Fine, if you go home right now, and vacuum, we can go out for dinner.” Peter leaned closer and dropped his voice even lower, just the way he knew Wade liked. “And then we can get cozy in bed with dessert and watch the next episode of whatever show you want.”
Wade moaned and wrapped his arms around Peter’s shoulders whispering into his ear “This is why I married you.”
Peter made a mock-offended sound. “Wade, I married you. Now go vacuum, please.”

Wade was standing on the sidelines, next to the one and only Captain America, ogling at his husband’s ass in tight spandex. No matter how many times he woke up next to Peter, his sweet ass still blew Wade away.
“Good god, that is a sweet goddamn ass. Oh, bless.” He watched as Peter flipped in and out of buildings, being the first part of their four-part attack plan against some bad guy. Wade wasn’t really listening, he was only there to make sure Peter was safe, and to watch his amazing body.  
Steve looked back at him with a frown. Wade rolled his eyes.
“C'mon Cap! I know you’re all about righteousness and whatever, but don’t tell me you don’t sometimes have a peek! It’s natural man, every red-blooded male does it yo!”
Wade ignored the skeptical look the hero gave him and clapped him on the back. “Nothing is as good as Spidey’s ass, though, by god. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, and I doubt I ever will.”
Steve looked uncomfortable, shifting his shield in his hand.  
“I don’t appreciate that kind of crude conversation. Aren’t you…married.”
“Oh yeah! I’m so married! Married hard!” Wade ripped off his glove and showed his ring for emphasis. Peter and Wade had bought it together, and for once, looking down at his rumpled skin actually made him feel proud. The gold nestled there reminded him of Peter’s vows, of his promises to love and cherish him, every part of him, even the parts that Wade didn’t like.  
The memory made Wade’s heart squeeze and made him smile goofily. When he looked back up, Cap was giving him an incredibly strange look. Wade didn’t really care.  
Peter landed on the wall next to wades head, signaling the second phase of their plan. Cap sprung into action, diving into the battle as Wade moved over to scrape his husband off the wall.  
Peter laughed, swinging around him before noticing his bare hand.

“What’s this then?” Peter challenged with a smile. “A wedding ring? We’ve been rendezvousing this whole time and you’re married? I can’t believe it.”
“Yes, it’s true. I’m married to the most beautiful, funny and smart man in all the world! He has the most bangin’ bod, well, second only to you.”  
Peter snickered, taking the moment alone to twine his fingers with Wade’s and play with the ring.  
“He sounds like the luckiest guy in the world.”
“He will be tonight. I’m making pasta.”
Peter laughed, patting his head as Wade put his glove back on. “Well, I’m jealous. And busy. If we keep trapezing like this we are going to get found out.”
“I like how taboo this is baby.” Wade said, wiggling his eyebrows, “What do you say, after this, do you wanna get out of here? Go somewhere a little more private? We can have a bath together? There will be wine and Ben and Jerry’s.”
Peter smiled, placing a chaste kiss on Wade’s mouth before climbing up the wall. “Sweetie, you had me at bath.”  


Can we talk about how ABSOLUTELY EXTRA the Iron Man animated series was like. TONY YOU ARE A FULL GROWN MAN AND A CELEBRITY AND YOU CAN’T TIE A TIE? AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK LIKE YOU’RE IN A FIGHT AND GETTING ATTACKED TONY PLEASE. I honestly believe Tony did this so Rhodey would come and help him and show how he’s the best EVER. Also 33,000,000,000+ bromance points for the Iron besties.

Secrets || BTS RapMonster

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Mafia

Word Count : 2,111

Originally posted by baebsaes

Anyone who met Namjoon would tell you he was an angel sent from above and you thought the same. He was always kind and caring toward you. Whenever you two went out, he would put a protective arm around your waist and would glare at any male that looked at you. You felt loved and Namjoon was basically everything you ever wanted in a boyfriend. Around 2 years after you two started dating, you were sure that Namjoon was the one that you wanted to marry. Apparently, Namjoon thought the same because on your 2nd anniversary day, he took you to a fancy restaurant and proposed to you. Of course, you said yes with no hesitation. You were certain that Namjoon made you the happiest than any other man. For months, you, your mother, and his mother had been organizing the whole wedding. You had your wedding dress and Namjoon had his tux. The venue was reserved and everything was complete. There was just 3 more weeks until the wedding and you couldn’t wait. You could barely sit still due to the excitement. There was too much energy buzzing in you. You decided to put that energy to some use and clean around the house. The house hasn’t been cleaned in forever.

After a few hours, you were done cleaning. The apartment wasn’t every big and it wasn’t every dirty either. You looked around and noticed that there was one room that you have never stepped foot in because it was Namjoon’s office and he ordered you to never step in there. You always thought a person’s privacy should be respected, so you never went in the room. However, you two were getting married soon, so shouldn’t the wife be able to invade a little bit of her husband’s privacy? It was for a good reason anyway. You wanted to clean it up. It was a great reason since Namjoon wasn’t a very neat person.

You turned the knob on the door and luckily for you, it was unlocked. You began with wiping the floors and dusting off wherever there was dust. As you were wiping the floor, you bumped into the desk and a file filled with papers spilled onto the floor. You quickly picked them all up, but noticed that the papers were quite odd. It was filed with profiles and candid photos of people. There was even a few papers stating orders for weapons like guns. As you looked through the papers some more, you noticed that the ‘KILL’ was stamped onto some photos.

You were so focused on the papers that you didn’t hear Namjoon entering the house. When Namjoon opened the front door, he saw the door to his office open and immediately dashed to his office. He slammed the door open to see you holding one of his very important files. He grabbed the papers from you hands and threw them into a desk drawer.

“I thought I told you to never step foot into this room.”

His voice was stern and cold. When you looked into his eyes, they were filled with anger. You immediately shrunk a little.

“I just wanted to clean the apartment up a little.”

“You can NEVER, and I mean never, come in here ever again. You are invading my privacy.”

“But we’re going to be married in a few weeks. Don’t you think I should be able to know a bit about what you do for a living?”

“You don’t need to know. All you need to know is that you are safe with me.”

He looked at you with a soften gaze, but it didn’t melt away your curiosity.

“Kim Namjoon, you know everything about me, but I feel like I know so little about you. Why are you keeping me out?”

“I’m not. All you need to know is the simple information.”

“Fine, but tell me why you ordered guns and why there are pictures of strangers with the word ‘kill’ written over them.”

“(Y/N), you are pushing the limits.”

You knew if you continued this conversation, it was going to end bad, but you continued anyway.

“What limits? I’m about to be your wife, Namjoon. I’m not a stranger.”

Namjoon exhaled deeply indicating that he was frustrated and wanted this topic to be over already.

“I don’t want you knowing yet, but I’ll tell when the time is right. Now can we please just drop this topic?”

You weren’t exactly 100% happy with the answer, but decided that to drop it. You had an idea of it anyway. Namjoon was in the mafia.

Namjoon lead you out of the room and you two went out for dinner. You forced yourself to forget about the files and the suspicious behavior Namjoon was showing. You were about to get married and you were happy, right?

When you got home, the both of you showered together and one thing led to another. Let’s just say the both of you had to take a 2nd shower. Namjoon helped blow-dry your hair and the two of you went to sleep, however, you couldn’t sleep. You just laid there looking at Namjoon’s face. You studied his features and admired the way he looked so peaceful while sleeping. It was like there was nothing but happiness in his world. You tried to sleep, but the files and pictures kept interrupting. Finally, after hours of thought, you got up from the bed. You grabbed a duffel bag and stuffed some clothes for a few weeks into the bag. You needed some time to think things over. You felt scared to be near Namjoon. Was he trying to kill you? Does he even actually love you?

You wrote a quick note telling him that you just need some time to think things over and to not panic and look for you. You knew he wasn’t going to listen, but you tried anyway. You went outside and there was a cab waiting for you. The driver drove you to the address you gave him. It was one of best friend’s home. Namjoon didn’t know her and you thought it would be safe with her. When you rung the bell to here apartment, she immediately opened the door. You had texted her before you left. She let you in and you collapsed onto the couch

“Why did you suddenly run away?”

“Ugh, don’t even ask.”

She looked at you with a raised eyebrow.

“You are 3 weeks away from getting married and you run away. That wedding better still happen. I spent major money on my maid of honor dress.”

“I don’t know if I want to get married to Namjoon. It’s like he still doesn’t trust me.”

“Is this about the room?”

You turned to her as she sat down on the couch next to you.

“It’s more than just the room. It’s a matter of trust. I want him to be able to talk to me about his work. Everyday he comes home tired and frustrated. Sometimes he comes home with bruises and injuries and he just says, ‘Don’t worry about it’. How can I not be worried?”

“Do you have any idea of what his work is? Or do you still think Namjoon is involved in some illegal mafia or gang?”

You had suspected your fiancé was involved in the mafia even before the engagement, but you didn’t want to ask him. Now that you saw those files, you were 99% sure that he was, but there’s that 1% where you don’t want to believe yourself.

“I don’t want to believe it.”

“Well, if he is, then do you really think he won’t send people to find you?”

“He probably will find me, but that gives me time to think this through.”

“Well, I just wanted you to know-”

“That you’ll be there for me no matter what? Don’t be so cliché.”

She looked at me with her lips pursed and cocked her head to the side.

“That, but also. My dress is fabulous and I need to show it off to some single men to get me boyfriend jealous, so make sure you don’t cancel this wedding.”

“Are you and Yongguk still fighting over what happened in Japan?”

“Well, it’s not my fault he went to that strip club without me! I need to make sure he gets a good show. It’s not cheap.”

“I can’t believe you two. It’s like he sleeps with some stripper and you’re okay with it and then you sleep with another dude and he’s okay with it.”

“We are in an open relationship.”

You shook your head and (Y/B/F) shrugged. She and her boyfriend was the most open relationship you had ever seen. It didn’t affect them that one slept with another as long as the other knows.

“Well, I need to go and wash up. I was up researching about that patient’s surgery I told you about.”

“Hey, I left a bath bomb here last time. Let’s share a bath.”

“YOU LEFT A BATH BOMB IN HERE? Why haven’t I found it yet?”

“It’s legit on the shelf on top of the toilet.”

“That’s where the condoms are and Yongguk and I haven’t been fucking so I don’t reach up there.”

“Let’s just go and take that bath.”

Around 2 weeks have passed and Namjoon has still not found you. You had a feeling that he knew where you were, but just didn’t confront you. Every time you went to work, you felt a car or someone following you, but whenever you turned around, there was no one. There was now only 6 days left until the wedding and Namjoon still hasn’t came to get you. You began to think that he didn’t want to come get you. What if he never wanted to marry you? Questions started to flood your mind.

There was 3 days left until the wedding and no one has knocked on the door to see you. Other than the jajangmyeon and pizza delivery. You were a mess. It was a Thursday afternoon and you were spending the 2 week vacation you got from work eating ice cream and catching up on dramas. You were supposed to be spending this vacation with Namjoon at home, cuddling on the couch and staying in bed all day doing nothing at all. But here you are, in (Y/B/F)’s apartment wearing a tank top with sweats eating a whole tub of ice cream while watching dramas by yourself.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home? I love you and all, but for real, that wedding dress is not going to fit if you keep stuffing your face with ice cream.”

“I worked out.”

“Walking to the bathroom is not exercising.”

“I actually worked out.”

“Walking down 2 streets to get more junk food is not exercising either.”

“I went to the gym.”

“Running for 5 minutes and then using the sauna there isn’t going to help.”

“I went swimming.”

“Sitting on the steps of the pool is not swimming.”

“Fine, I’ll lay off the junk food.”


“After 2 more tubs of ice cream.”

Before you could even reach the fridge, (Y/B/F) threw herself on the front of the fridge with her arms hugging it and one leg pushing you away.

“Oh come on.”


You walked back to the couch and the moment you sat down, the doorbell rang. Your ran to the door so fast that you almost slipped over your own feet. You slammed open the door and saw a very tired Namjoon standing in the doorway with a tub of your favorite ice cream and a bag of your favorite snacks.

“Come back?”

“Only if you tell me everything.”

He paused for a second before letting out a sigh.


“The truth.”

“Deal. Now please. Come back. I had to push the wedding back a whole week because of you.”

You threw yourself at him and Namjoon wrapped his arms around you. His head fell onto your shoulder and he breathed in your scent. You were on your toes since he was so tall and just to fit the moment, (Y/B/F) walked over to you two and took the food that was in Namjoon’s hands.

“I will be taking these since your lovely fiancé stole all of mine. And by the way, please take her home. I’ll drop off her things later. AND be sure that wedding is happening because I need to make Yongguk jealous with that fabulous dress I bought.”

Namjoon laughed and threw (Y/B/F) a smile.

“I will. Thanks. Now, (Y/N), let’s go home.”