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Actual Cinnamon Roll Mike Faist

•Believes his character Morris Delancey is actually a good guy deep down, even after saying things like “My skull busting arm could use a break" and beating up a crippled boy. (Aka Mike Faist has an unbelievable amount of faith in people)

•Informed everyone of the cookie cake before getting some himself.

•Have you seen the picture of him and Ben Platt cuddling?

•His friendship with Laura Dreyfuss. Too cute.

•Actually named his Newsie Mike.

His hair is on point no matter what length

•He used to beat up on the rest of the Newsies cast, but they loved him anyway

He wears a tiny tie!

•"You know how I feel!“

•He reads Albert Camus before the show

•Always plays the villain, but is the sweetest?!?!?

• His energy when performing King of New York. You can tell he loves it.

•Him and Thanye during King of New York. Yes.

•His friendship with Tommy Bracco. Too pure

•The boy can’t use Twitter for shit, and I live for it.

• Once said his favorite fan moment was when someone asked him to marry them.

He is a tired little cinnamon roll with puffy eyes that need sleep

He wears New Balance shoes (But he also owns converse tap shoes)

Please add more! I love hearing about Mike’s adorkablness.

(If it’s in italics, it’s something my sister said)

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grumpy old man keith: no you don’t ‘still got it’ calm down lance, no one wants to see you break a hip trying to show off

old man lance: we’ve been married for over sixty years and you still think you’re better at this than me, unbelievable

keith: well my memory isn’t what it used to be but last time i checked, yeah

lance: oh please keith your stories are always so boring

keith: if by boring you mean factual, you can’t even tell it the same way twice

lance: exactly!!!

their grandkids: granddad, grandpa, can you please just get on with the story

lance: oh right, of course, where were we

grandkids: you were getting to the part where you guys formed voltron

lance: oh right!! (strikes a pose) so there i was, in the thick of it, the universe’s only hope, your favorite grandpa, a little more ripped and youthful than he is now but (dabs) it was me, nonetheless

keith: oh my god

Unintentional Chapter One: The Other Woman

Story summary: Your friendship with Jensen is put on the line when you have to film a few, suggestive scenes with him. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Jensen is happily married. And there was definitely chemistry between the two of you. 

Request: Hi! Could I request a Jensen X Reader with angst please? I´m pretty much a sucker for angst. you can always add some fluff in it if you want :)

A/N: This request made me birth a series. Also, this story is not meant to disrespect Daneel in anyway. This is all for the purpose of fiction. :)

Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (Sort of, but not quite yet)

Warnings: Smutty-ish (no actual sex, just on screen stuff for the show), masturbation, fantasizing. 

Word Count: 1.8k


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When Jensen’s tongue slid into your mouth, you melted into him. One of his hands moved up to cup your cheek, and the other tangled itself in your hair, pulling slightly. He pressed his body into yours, pinning you against the wall even harder. That’s when you felt his arousal, and that’s when you knew that you weren’t just imagining things. You ached for him in ways you’d never ached before, not with anyone else; you needed him. Just as you were getting ready to hike your leg up around his waist, the director yelled cut.

Jensen pulled away from you quickly, avoiding eye contact with you before subtly trying to adjust himself. That scene wasn’t supposed to get so steamy, and it was a good thing the director liked it; because you didn’t think that either of you could handle doing it again. You brought your hand to your mouth, your lips still tingling from the kiss. You looked up at Jensen, making brief eye contact with him before bolting for your trailer.

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Arrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6, Playing [Spoiler]
Arrow has targeted original cast member Katie Cassidy for another encore — but this time as a series regular, for Season 6.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Oh yes. I heard.

So let’s talk about it.

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Into You (JDM x Reader)

Summary: You meet JDM at a convention and he takes an interest in you. Things heat up when he discovers you write dirty stories about Negan.

Requested by @prettyepiic

HUGE THANK YOU @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: Language. MAJOR SMUT. NSFW.

Your hands were shaking. You had been in the line for three hours waiting to meet the cast of The Walking Dead. There was one actor you were most excited to meet. Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  

Remain calm. Just be cool. Oh my god, please don’t embarrass yourself.

You had been a big fan of the actor for a long time. Following him throughout his career. This was your favorite role yet. You were already a huge fan of The Walking Dead, tv show and comics. You loved a good villain, which made the character Negan, your favorite. Although Negan had never been accused of being “good”, he was a damn good villain. You always imagined Jeff playing the character so when he was cast as Negan, you were beyond excited.

Damn did he play Negan better than you ever expected. It made you love him as an actor even more. Your obsession grew to a whole new level. It made you want to talk about Jeff as Negan all the time.

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Can more men please be so comfortable with their masculinity to be really nice and close with their male friends? I mean look at these two, they’re both married (to women) with kids but they love each other so much and they’re not afraid of showing it which is absolutely beautiful

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BigBang Reaction #9 - Their s/o is a motherly figure

anon asked: Big bang reaction when you have a motherly figure ? (Feeding them and tucking they in bed?)

Jiyong: *starts off as a statement, but turns into…this lol* “You’re going to be such an amazing mother. I can’t wait to have kids with you… Speaking of kids, when do you want to start having kids? Anytime is good for me really… If you want to, I’m here whenever you’re ready. We’d be amazing parents together jagi and I know we both really want this.”

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Seunghyun: *teases you CONSTANTLY and acts like a child when you get too motherly towards him* “But I DON’T WANNA go to sleep now jagi~ Noooo Don’t make meeeeee!! Fine. But only if you read me a story and tuck me in.” *sticks out tongue*

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Youngbae: *doesn’t like it when you’re motherly towards him, but admires TF out of this trait when you’re around kids* “God you’re perfect jagi. Every time you’re around children, all I can think about is our future family.”

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Daesung: He would laugh and blush a bit at you whenever your motherly side shows because he just gets so flustered. “Jagi I can feed myself.” “Jagi, I don’t need the blankets tucked around me to sleep, I just need you to cuddle me.” “Babe… I’m sick. I need you” *fake cries*

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Seungri: *loves you to death but hates when you treat him like a child even if he acts like one sometimes* “If we ever get married and have kids, feel free to unleash this then, but please don’t baby me jagi.” *then he gets sick and acts like a two year old* “Nooo don’t walk away jagi~ I want cuddles.”

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A/N: I think they’d all low-key (high-key in some cases) will love that their girlfriend is motherly? Idk lol I know most of them really want children so I think they’d see it as a plus

Anonymous said: what are the most “jikook” times you think show jungkooks love

Anon, nothing personal but…i had to modify your ask bc i honestly don’t have to energy to fight those ppl anymore. if someone refuses to see it, i can’t help them. for additional fluffy jikook, please visit my busan husbands tag. also my heart eyes jungkook tag

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they are married ok

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they are too cute

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they are married and went to hawaii for their honeymoon, they also adopted an adorable lizard and named it taengie. please support the husbands :))

also, i will insert this gif (that i worked very hard at) in every ask like this;


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RFA+V&Saeran with puppies!!

:D. I love puppies too but can someone make a cats request later on? oh wait I think I made one already lol ~~ mod stranger

Zen: kisses and gives puppy love while looking adorable and hot at the same time (if you see this norman reedus please marry me)

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Jaehee: since she’s busy she’ll want to keep her puppy in check at all times (it still gets a lot of love though)

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Yoosung: he loves playing with a bunch of them at the same time (patron saint of puppies right here)

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Seven: he’ll probably play with a doge because memes

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V: he’ll be super gentle and show a lot of love for the puppy (I want to be that puppy ;-;).

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Jumin: *discards puppies and picks up two kittens*

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Saeran: he’s going to do some kind of weird dumb shit with the puppy

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Piece of Heaven [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

[write-a-thon tag]

Summary: Oak helps you with your maid of honor speech for your best friend’s wedding.

Word Count: 2,426

Warnings: None, this is pure fluff y’all

A/N: “Ren, are you posting this a day earlier because you got a block for all the other days atm?” The answer is yes, BUT, I promise I’ll try to make up for it in the following week,I have ideas, just didn’t have any inspiration to write them yet besides this one. Oak was always one of my favorites and it makes me so happy that I got to write for him again, I hope you like it!

askbox | masterlist

“And in closing, congratulations on finding someone who you think you can put up with for the rest of your life.” Your arms fell to your sides as you finished reading your notes.

“This is going to be the worst Maid of Honor speech in the history of the written word.”

“I know,” you agreed, leaning against Oak’s dressing room vanity in defeat as he tried to hold a smile. “I just- I hate this. I hate that she’s getting married! She’s my best friend and he’s just an asshole and they have nothing figured out and-”

“Are you sure you’re not just trying to use this wedding as an excuse for your mid-life crisis?” He joked, getting an eye roll in response.

“I’m not even thirty, Oak. I’m nowhere close to the age of a mid-life crisis.” You slowly walked over to the couch where he was sitting, falling by his side and placing your legs over his lap. “You’re one of my best friends, Oak, please tell me you know how to fix this.”

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Hi, could you do a fic where Spideypool are a secretly married couple and have to hide the fact from citizens /enemies when they are dp&sp ?

It’s been so long, and the reason is, I GOT INTO UNIVERsITY!! Yay!! I’m gonna try and pump some of these out, but yay!!

Peter stumbled into the Avengers building, coffee cup in hand, barely awake.  Tony had called him in extra early, which was unsurprising. Ever since he had started working for stark industries, he was called in either for work business, or superhero business. Tony was the only one who knew about his double life, so it was touch and go when he walked into the building.
Peter let himself in, punching in the code to the lab tiredly.  He froze when he saw the Avengers standing around tensely. He clutched his cup to his chest and resisted the urge to pull down the mask he knew wasn’t there. They all paused in their conversation to stare at Peter until the silence was too awkward and he had to laugh nervously.
“Peter,” Tony said, waving his hand at him to come into the room. “We’re in the middle of something, but you can just come in and work. Just stay quiet over there, okay kid? I need that thing fixed.”
Peter nodded and swallowed down the feeling that he had made a mistake. Was he supposed to come in uniform? He sat in the corner and put his headphones in, but he could feel Natasha and Clint’s eyes boring into his back.  
Steve cleared his throat. “Okay, so we are in unanimous agreement about what we discussed?”
Out of the corner of his eye, Peter could see a few hesitant nods.  He pulled out his toolbox and started quietly working, even though he had finished this project weeks ago.  
“Good, then I guess, let’s bring him in.” He could sense a hardness in Steve’s voice that Peter recognized as dislike. He had a sinking feeling in his gut, even before the door opened and Wade’s familiar voice.
“Hi, team! I brought snacks!” Peter turned to see the bright leather of Wade’s Deadpool suit, and groaned a bit, pushing himself into the corner more. Wade hadn’t spotted him yet, but he knew his situation would be a hundred times more embarrassing when he did.
“Okay, listen pal, just because your working with us doesn’t make you part of our team,” Clint grumbled
Wade stepped forward and laughed obnoxiously. “Gee, that’s rich coming from you, cupid.”
Peter felt himself involuntarily tense. Clint was an okay guy, but he and Wade were not on good terms. He resisted the urge to turn around and tell Clint to keep his bitter remarks to himself, but Natasha beat him to it.
“Boy’s please, your making our guest uncomfortable.” He felt a tight grip on his shoulder. Oh god. Peter shrunk into himself as Natasha gave him a look, and recognition flicked across Wade like a light globe.
“Oh, this is just too good!” He laughed clapping his hands together and rubbing them cunningly as he walked around the table to stand by Peter’s hip. Peter glanced at him, trying to give Wade his best warning look, but as per usual, it had no effect.
“Where are my manners? I’m the Deadpool of your dreams. And you are the handsome beauty of my dreams. I’m digging this nerdy college boy look baby! It’s really turning my floppy drive into a hard disk if you know what I mean!”  

Peter felt embarrassment crawl up his neck as Wade regarded him. The room paused again and Steve piped up.  

“I’m not quite sure what that means but please, let’s get to the issue at hand, and leave Tony’s employee’s out of it.”
“Why Captain of course, but there’s nothing I’d like more to have my hand on Tony’s employee. Peter, is it?” Wade leaned down to speak to Peter, tiptoeing his gloved fingers across the desk.  
Peter sighed. Wade absolutely loved doing this, pretending that they didn’t know each other. He liked having a special secret all to himself.  
“Don’t worry baby boy, I know that you already know me. I’m like, big news now or whatever.”
Peter felt the corner of his mouth twitch up.  He turned back to his table, as they started discussing “important” things that they needed Wade for.  
Wade wasn’t listening, even though Peter was. Wade was too busy smiling at Peter and watching him tinker around with scraps.  
Once the meeting was over (Peter assumed it was over, because Bruce had stormed out, and Thor was now trying figure out how to eat the doughnuts Wade had brought) Wade turned back to him with a cheeky grin.
“So baby, now that all that stuffy business is over, howsabout we go out for some grub! As you can see by the god currently stuffing his face, I have great food taste. I’d love to take you out and treat you well, baby.”
Peter smiled looking at him and lowering his voice. “I thought I was cooking tonight? I bought ingredients yesterday.”
“They’ll stay good for one more night Petey, let’s eat out tonight! Now that you’ve got a high-tech job, I think we should celebrate!”
Peter snorted and set down his screwdriver. “We can’t go out, Aunt May is visiting tomorrow remember? The house is a total mess hun.”
Wade pouted and tugged on Peter’s sleeve like he did when he was trying to get his own way. Even after a couple of years, Peter still couldn’t resist it.
“Fine, if you go home right now, and vacuum, we can go out for dinner.” Peter leaned closer and dropped his voice even lower, just the way he knew Wade liked. “And then we can get cozy in bed with dessert and watch the next episode of whatever show you want.”
Wade moaned and wrapped his arms around Peter’s shoulders whispering into his ear “This is why I married you.”
Peter made a mock-offended sound. “Wade, I married you. Now go vacuum, please.”

Wade was standing on the sidelines, next to the one and only Captain America, ogling at his husband’s ass in tight spandex. No matter how many times he woke up next to Peter, his sweet ass still blew Wade away.
“Good god, that is a sweet goddamn ass. Oh, bless.” He watched as Peter flipped in and out of buildings, being the first part of their four-part attack plan against some bad guy. Wade wasn’t really listening, he was only there to make sure Peter was safe, and to watch his amazing body.  
Steve looked back at him with a frown. Wade rolled his eyes.
“C'mon Cap! I know you’re all about righteousness and whatever, but don’t tell me you don’t sometimes have a peek! It’s natural man, every red-blooded male does it yo!”
Wade ignored the skeptical look the hero gave him and clapped him on the back. “Nothing is as good as Spidey’s ass, though, by god. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, and I doubt I ever will.”
Steve looked uncomfortable, shifting his shield in his hand.  
“I don’t appreciate that kind of crude conversation. Aren’t you…married.”
“Oh yeah! I’m so married! Married hard!” Wade ripped off his glove and showed his ring for emphasis. Peter and Wade had bought it together, and for once, looking down at his rumpled skin actually made him feel proud. The gold nestled there reminded him of Peter’s vows, of his promises to love and cherish him, every part of him, even the parts that Wade didn’t like.  
The memory made Wade’s heart squeeze and made him smile goofily. When he looked back up, Cap was giving him an incredibly strange look. Wade didn’t really care.  
Peter landed on the wall next to wades head, signaling the second phase of their plan. Cap sprung into action, diving into the battle as Wade moved over to scrape his husband off the wall.  
Peter laughed, swinging around him before noticing his bare hand.

“What’s this then?” Peter challenged with a smile. “A wedding ring? We’ve been rendezvousing this whole time and you’re married? I can’t believe it.”
“Yes, it’s true. I’m married to the most beautiful, funny and smart man in all the world! He has the most bangin’ bod, well, second only to you.”  
Peter snickered, taking the moment alone to twine his fingers with Wade’s and play with the ring.  
“He sounds like the luckiest guy in the world.”
“He will be tonight. I’m making pasta.”
Peter laughed, patting his head as Wade put his glove back on. “Well, I’m jealous. And busy. If we keep trapezing like this we are going to get found out.”
“I like how taboo this is baby.” Wade said, wiggling his eyebrows, “What do you say, after this, do you wanna get out of here? Go somewhere a little more private? We can have a bath together? There will be wine and Ben and Jerry’s.”
Peter smiled, placing a chaste kiss on Wade’s mouth before climbing up the wall. “Sweetie, you had me at bath.”  


Where Harry has been forced to choose between two of the things that mean the world to him.

He didn’t want to do it.

He really didn’t. But it wasn’t like he had a choice. All he wanted was a good relationship, and he had been fortunate to find a girl that he absolutely adored. Luckily enough, she loved him back just as much, if not more.

Harry knew that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his life. He wasn’t ready to let her go, he wasn’t ready to let his happiness slip right out of his hands.

As he entered the house, her sweet aura welcomed him. Her lingering smell made him want to just back down. But he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t risk destroying his best friend’s carrier, even if it meant ending his own happiness.

“Harry, is that you?”

Her soft, velvety voice rang in his ears. He heard small feet running down the stairs, and soon the love of his life came running into his arms. He held her tight, afraid that this could be the last time he would be able to feel her warmth, to feel her tucked into the safe haven of his arms. Oh how he would miss coming home to this. He knew that without her, it would be just a simple house. Her loving presence made it feel like home.
She was home.
His home.

She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world. No, not even close. She didn’t have the most beautiful eyes, the prettiest smile, the perfect laugh; she wasn’t perfect, but she meant everything to him. Her flaws were what made her so unique, so perfect for him. He knew he could never find love like her again. She was his everything. But the cruel world just wouldn’t let them be together.

Tears blurred his eyes at the thought of losing his wonderful fiancé. The one he ‘oh-so-perfectly’ promised to spend his life with. The one with whom he made all plans to marry, have children, and grow old together.

He remembered when they started dating. She was so shy at first, blushing at every compliment, trying to hide from his intense gaze; he thought it was the most adorable sight he had ever seen.

He knew that she was nervous, but so was he. The both of them felt something about each other that they hadn’t felt with anyone else before. After 2 years of dating, they had become the best of friends. They could talk and talk for hours on end about anything and everything under the sun. They were there for each other in every condition, with warm cuddles and kisses.

He remembered the night he proposed, it was their 2nd anniversary and he had taken her to the place where they had had their first date. He remembered being nervous about asking her, but just looking at her made it better. He remembered the way he professed his love for her, then asked her to be his forever, officially. He remembered how she had jumped in his arms, crying and screaming, “Yes”. It was one of the best nights of their lives.

As strange as it sounded, the both of them had never really had a fight. They had silly little arguments here and there, but nothing too serious. They were both mature and understood other’s feelings. He loved her all the more for that.

But now, all that was about to end.
In just a few minutes, his world was going to come crashing down.

“You don’t seem alright, Harry. Are you okay?”

She asked, her expression showing pure worry and concern as she cupped his face in her petite hands.

“Baby, I-I have to talk to yeh.” he said, using all his strength. He shouldn’t have called her that. He should be trying to break up with her, but that term of endearment had stuck with them throughout their relationship. The first time he called her that, she was lying with her head in his lap, and on hearing the words, she had looked up at him, with her eyes sparkling with happiness. The way she reacted to his words was something that he could never forget.

God knows how difficult it was for him. It was one of the hardest things for him to do, knowing what was coming next.

“Sure. Let’s go inside and sit, yeah?”
she said, worried about what could be bothering her fiancé.
He rarely ever came home in a bad mood. There were some times when he was fed up with his life, or maybe when he had had a bad performance. But this, this was something absolutely new. And she didn’t know what to do. All she wanted was for him to smile that radiant smile of his that made the entire world swoon at his feet.

He reluctantly followed behind her, watching her beauty from behind. Her long hair looked gorgeous as it spread around her shoulders. Her hand holding his, him holding it even tighter as he realized that this could possibly be the last time he’d be able to envelope her small and feminine hands in his.

As they reached the living room and Y/N bent to sit down on the couch, he tugged at her hand, keeping her from sitting down. Worry once again covered her expressions as she looked at her fiancé, his eyes already watered because of what was coming next.

“What’s wrong, Haz?”
she asked, her voice like music to his ears.

Others may think that he was too obsessed, but the truth was that he had just fallen too deep in love. He loved the beauty in front of him with every part of him, and knowing what he was going to do next, broke his heart into a million little pieces.

“Y/N, we-we can’t do this anymore.” he said, his voice merely coming out as a whisper.

Tears immediately sprang to her eyes as she felt her heart stop. It was like the ground slipped away from her feet. The pain she felt almost seemed physical. She could feel her chest hurt. Never in a million years would she have imagined her fiancé to come and say this. He had asked her to marry him after all, every day he told her that he loved her, that she was his world. So where did this come from?

Despite the words leaving his mouth, his eyes showed pure misery and pain, begging her not to believe what he was saying. She was confused, hurt, angry, stunned, but most of all, she was broken. They were so happy together, then why was he suddenly doing this?

Harry tried to hold his tears back, assembling himself before saying:
“Y/N, look, I don’t think we can be together anymo-”

“Harry please! What’s happening to you? You were perfectly alright till yesterday! Why are you doing this to me? To us? We’ll make it work. We’ve made it work for the last two years! You even asked me to marry you! I love you, why are you doing this?” Fawn said, her last words coming out in a whisper, as tears ran down her face, crying heartbreakingly.

And that was all it took for Harry to break down. Right then and there, in her arms. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, promising himself to never let go of the best thing that had ever been his.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. They-they threatened me that they’ll end the contract with the band if I didn’t break it off with you. I couldn’t do it baby, i couldn’t risk the other guys’ career because of me. It killed me to do this to you. But now, I promise that I’ll fight against them.” he was sobbing by the end, his words coming out in a rush, before Y/N wrapped herself around him, her head on his shoulder as she said:

“We’ll fight against them. Against the world, together.
All of the rumours,
All of the fights;
We’ll find a way to make it out alive.”

Harry squeezed her tightly as he thanked God for the perfection in front of him. He couldn’t imagine what he would’ve done if she wasn’t there anymore, he nuzzled his face in her hair, holding onto her with all of his might. Y/N soothingly ran her hands through his hair, a few tears making their way down her face.

“Shhh, it’s alright, I’m here. I love you.”

“I love you too, so, so much.” he cried. “Please don’t leave me pet, ever.”

“I could never leave you, Harry. I love you too much.” Y/N replied.
And there they both stood, in each other’s arms, promising to never leave the other alone. And there was nothing anyone could do to break them apart as they both stood together.

Two against the world, they were the winners.

Their love was the winner.

do you guys remember this series called Husbands where this TV actor accidentally drunk-marries an MLB player in Vegas but then they make it work and it’s pretty cutesy sweet? Because I keep remembering this tune where one of the characters does a little sing-song that goes: “My show got cancelled!!! But it ain’t no big deal! ‘Cause I got a husband!! To pay the bills!!!! Can I get a what????” Anyways imagine Bitty singing that lol 

So this is really late...

So everyone knows that kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds? 

Originally posted by mycutegaycouple

Well it got me thinking about an au where all the superheroes and their identities are known and stuff like that and they have awards ceremonies for them. And nobody but the heroes know that Spideypool is a real thing so Wade and Peter are getting ready for the ceremony. Wade turns on his image inducer to look normal and hot and Peter seems really mad about that but they don’t say anything.

So they get there and Peter turns around and says if Wade wins funniest superhero he will kiss him. Wade agrees and wouldn’t you know it… Tony stark wins. Peter turns around and kisses him and while doing so turns the image inducer off and Wade starts to freak but then Peter stands up and the camera is on him and he starts to ramble. 

This is a Wade Wison otherwise known as Deadpool and he is my love of my life and the most beautiful man ever and did I mention I love him and he also is so cute I ne d to tell you about the time he cried because his daughter was happy yeah I love him and I love her, Wade can I marry you pretty please?! 

At the end Wade is sobbing and is so happy and he just hugs him and says oh my gawd yesssss please Spidey!

(Iron man is mad that the show was stolen from him but whatevs his son is happy.)

Affection ♡ Grayson {smut}

Request: ‘‘Hii can I have a Grayson imagine where you guys are engaged but he starts becoming very distant from you and doesn’t show anymore affection towards you and you get frustrated so you leave the house when he’d gone out and he goes looking for you and eventually finds you and apologizes and stuff, you can think of an ending ahha :p Thanks!!‘‘

Response: Thank you for the request, babe :) This is my first smutty imagine and I found it really hard (but also fun) to write, haha. I hope you enjoy, tho xoxo

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Marry me.’ Those were the words Grayson Dolan had said to you. Today it was exactly four months ago that he had asked you to become his wife. When he went down on his knees and showed the most beautiful ring you had ever seen, tears were running down your cheeks. You couldn’t believe that the most amazing human on this entire planet wanted to spend the rest of your life with you. Of course you said yes, how could you say no? He made you the happiest person in the world.

But as the months passed by, Grayson had become more busy. At his work he got promoted, and as a result he had to overwork regularly. You tried to be happy for him, because you were saving money for a bigger house to live in together. You maybe wanted to have kids in the future. Apart from that, Grayson also had his channel to worry about. He didn’t make videos as often as he used to, but he still made videos with Ethan.  

But it was hard. You didn’t work as much as he did, and most of the time you were home alone, waiting for Gray to come home. And when he finally got home he was always very tired, so you ate dinner together and maybe watched some television. You guys didn’t even had sex the way you used to have. It was a miracle if you did it once a week. Of course you knew that sex wasn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but, it still was important.

Tonight was the fifth night in a row that Grayson was coming home later than the usual. While you were watching Netflix you waited for him. You couldn’t understand what they were saying, all you could think about was Grayson and why he had to work till late again. You decided to call him and ask if he would be home soon. You wanted to talk. This couldn’t go on any longer.

‘Hey Y/N, what is it?’ you hear Grayson say on the other side of the line. You turn off the television so that you don’t get distracted. ‘Hi, Gray. When are you coming home? I want to talk to you about something.’ It is quiet for a moment, while you hear Graysons steps and his panting voice. He was probably on his way to a meeting or something important. ‘Eh… I don’t know, to be honest. I think it will get pretty late tonight. You don’t have to stay up for me.’

You feel tears welling up and you try to swallow. ‘Okay,’ you say quietly. ‘Okay… Bye.’ Grayson says and before you can say anything he hangs up. You look at your lock screen on your phone, at a picture of you and Grayson where you both are smiling. The picture was taken last summer, on the beach in Spain. It felt like it was years go.

You look around, not knowing what to do now. You were wide awake and suddenly it felt like everything on Netflix was too boring to watch. With a deep sigh you pull the blanket you were under on back and stand up. You needed to get out of the house to get some fresh air. It felt like you were trapped inside your own house, which was a terrible feeling.

You grab your car keys and jacket and leave the house. The street is quiet and empty. The night was cold, you could see your own breath leaving your mouth. You get in your car and start driving, without a destination or idea where you were going. After about fifteen minutes you pull up in a parking lot, which was dark and empty. You had no idea how you had ended up here.

There were no people and no cars, you were all by yourself. It was very calming, and you could hear the birds singing in the trees that were standing next to the parking lot. This was the place were Grayson and you had first met each other, and also the place where you had your first kiss. So it was kind of a special parking lot, with a lot of good memories.

You get out of your car and sit down on the side walk. Just until now you noticed that had you had been crying. Your whole T-shirt was wet from the tears. While you sit there and breath in the fresh air, you slowly start feeling better, but you still had an empty feeling in your stomach. Suddenly you hear your phone buzzing. It was an incoming call from Grayson. At first you consider answering it, but you don’t want him to hear that you had been crying. You decide to ignore it.

You didn’t know for how long you sat there, alone on the cold sidewalk. It could have been an hour, it could have been two. All of a sudden you see a car with bright lights turning up the parking lot. In shock you stand up and almost trip over your feet. You hope it wasn’t the police. They would ask why you were here all alone in an empty parking lot, and you didn’t have a good answer to that. The lights go off and a person steps out of the car. It takes a second to see who it was.

‘Grayson. Who – what – How did you know I was here?’ you ask confused. Grayson walks up to you, his mouth a thin line. ‘Because this is the place where we first met. I figured you were here. Anyway, why are you here? I was worried as hell.’ When you try to say what’s been bothering you the last couple of weeks, tears are running down your cheeks again. Grayson blinks, not expecting that you would start crying. ‘Hey, don’t cry…’ He reaches out his arms and takes a step forward, but you take a step back.

‘Y/N, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me everything. We can figure it out together. We always do,’ Grayson says with a sweet voice. You let out a vibrating sigh and look up to him. His brows are frowned and he looks at you with curious eyes. ‘I feel so alone. You’re always working and working, it’s the only thing you ever do. You don’t even kiss me goodnight anymore, because I’m already asleep by then or you’re not home. I love you, but… I can’t take this any longer. I miss how we used to be,’ you say. It is quiet for a moment.

Grayson picks his words carefully. ‘Babe… I-I didn’t know that me working so much made you feel this way. I’m sorry. I really am. I will talk to my boss and ask if can work less. I-I’m just so sorry. Please stop crying, it breaks my heart.’ His voice cracks. You smile a little and wipe your tears from your face. Grayson puts a step in your direction again, and this time, you don’t take a step backwards. His strong arms close around you and you shiver, craving his body and affection.

He hugs you for a long time, while he strokes his fingers through your ear. ‘I’m so sorry. I love you so much,’ he whispers. ‘I love you too,’ you whisper. He lets you go and studies your face, making sure you had forgiven him. ‘Come home with me. I’ll make it up to you,’ he says with a soft smile. You smile back to him and nod. ‘Okay.’

The house was dark and empty, but you didn’t bother to put a light on. Grayson picks you up like you weigh nothing and you put your legs around his waist. Leaving soft kisses in your neck, he carries you up the stairs. When Grayson walks in the bedroom, he lays you carefully down on the bed with a supporting arm under your back. He strips of his shirt and you do the same with yours. ‘Let me take off your clothes,’ Grayson whispers. He pulls down your leggings, causing you to gasp when he touches your thighs. You had missed the feeling of his hands touching you. He takes off his pants, leaving him only in his boxers.

He hovers above you and slides your bra straps down your shoulders, kissing your collar bone. He takes your bra off, revealing your hard nipples. He licks his lips before he seductively closes his mouth around them and you can’t help but moan while you’re drowning in pleasure. He takes his time and kisses every part of your breasts. He then gently strokes your cheek, while he looks into your eyes with nothing but love. ‘I just can’t get over how beautiful you are. Each time you surprise me,’ he says with a rough voice. You smile and give him a passionate kiss.

After the kiss he tenderly starts sucking your neck and planting sweet kisses along your shoulders, trailing down to your chest area again. You close your eyes and dig your nails into his hair, causing him to moan. He goes further down your stomach and hungrily loops his finger through your panties. He pulls them down your legs. You shiver from the cold air that hits your now totally naked body.

Grayson spreads your legs and starts kissing and sucking your inner thighs, slowly going to the place where you needed him the most. You felt a burning heat between your legs. ‘I’m sorry for hurting you, baby,’ he whispers with a deep voice. You wanted to tell him that it was okay and that you forgave him, but before you can say anything he glides with his tongue down into your vagina. ‘So wet for me already…’ Grayson chuckles. He licks you over a few times before he closes his lips around your clit. ‘Gray…’ you cry out with a shaky voice, toes curled in anticipation. He looks at you, eyes filled with lust. He starts sucking and you can’t help but moan quietly, arching your back.

Your hands are shaking uncontrollable, trying to grab the sheets for a grip. Grayson entwines his fingers with yours and with his other hand he pins your hips down, because he knows you can’t lay still with what he’s doing to you. A deep sigh escapes from your lips while he starts to suck faster. ‘Fuck…’ You normally didn’t swear, but at times like these you weren’t in control of what you were saying. He kept going until a splash of liquid emerged from in between your legs. You bit your lip and look at him a little embarrassed. You try to get up so you could reward him, but without a warning he slowly inserts two fingers inside of you.

You’re shocked and your lips form an ‘o’ as you fall back onto the bed. With your eyes closed, Grayson smirks at the way your body twists and turns, the way you bite your lip and the way you shut your eyes. He loved it all. His finger sensually keeps going in and out. First gently, but slowly he starts picking up the speed. He could feel every soft curve and spot inside you when your walls clenched around his fingers. The feeling in your stomach rises with every move. You buck your hips upward, a burning desire between your legs.

‘I’m so close,’ you whisper. ‘Come for me, baby,’ Grayson growls. Suddenly, with shuddering breaths, you see stars, reaching your climax. Your legs tremble and shake, while Grayson tries to hold them down. He bites his lips at the sight of you releasing the sexual tension. You were making sounds that normally would make you blush, but you just couldn’t help it. You let out a deep sigh, feeling so incredibly in love. You lay down on your back, eyes closed with a big smile on your face.

Slowly you are in control of yourself again, and you open your eyes, seeing the most beautiful creature between your legs. ‘I love you so much,’ you say, eyes watering with admiration. Grayson puts a long, chaste kiss on your belly button. ‘I love you more.’

Hey ya’ll! So we’re nearing the end of the interview season and I wanted to share a few inside tips about what I have come to see as “good” responses to my questions. I know that this may not be valuable for many people in the current interview season but I hope that people in future cycles will find it useful! Later this cycle, I’ll make another post about “what to do if you didn’t get in”. But it’s still too early to throw in the towel!!

“Tell me about yourself”: I want to hear about the characteristics of your personality not mentioned in depth in your essays. So you can mention your research and volunteering and such, but also tell me about how tenacious, or driven, or kind, or organized you are. I want to hear that the interviewee has a sense of themselves.

“Tell me about your research”: Your opening statement to this better be less than 2 minutes long. I don’t want a presentation on your research, I want to see that you understand what you were doing, and that you can explain a complex topic to me succinctly. Because that’s literally what doctors do all day every day. If I want more details, I’ll ask and then feel free to open up!

“Tell me about a time you failed or made a mistake”: People will often tell me about times they failed a class or test and that’s fine, but not the best answer. I love it when people open up to me about times they made deeper mistakes and learned from them. One applicant told me about a time she seriously messed up coordinating a supply run for her company in Iraq and her soldiers were left without food for 2 days. Everyone was fine but she had to deal with that aftermath for literally years. Now that’s a mistake I want to hear about.

“Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”: I want to see that you’ve put thought into what kind of medicine you want to practice but have not restricted yourself to one field. This is kind of a bonus question. It doesn’t hurt if you mess it up because I didn’t have an answer for this when I applied, but it really helps if you can answer it well. Good answers include the range from: “Practicing community based medicine somewhere and finding a good work-life balance” to “returning to my home country to found a medical school catering to women and fighting corruption in healthcare”.

“Tell me about your support system”: This is a super important question. The two people in my class who have dropped out were both dealing with crazy personal lives (an incredibly messy divorce, and a family that exploded following a death). I want to hear that you have people who you can depend on, and that those people are themselves stable. Resiliency in applicants and in the loved ones’ of applicants matters much more than many other traits. This is part of the reason I love non-traditional applicants. They tend to be so dang resilient!

“What was your most significant volunteering or shadowing experience?”: If your eyes don’t light up when you tell me this, I don’t believe you. Tell about something that actually moved you, not something that you think should have moved you. I want to see passion and love for something.

A few random tidbits: I don’t mind if people tear up, or cry a little, but please try not to full-on sob. It’s hard to redirect an interview following that. Since I’m a younger student, I don’t notice slang and vernacular as often as the older interviewers do but I do notice it if it’s in excess or inappropriate to the situation. I like to hear about people’s faiths, and I feel that is a common theme with most of our interviewers. But don’t feel pressured to tell us if you don’t want to! I like it when people are married/ engaged so please do let me know about that! It shows emotional maturity (most of the time). If you mention a child or pregnancy, I’ll ask about how you will manage but only if you mention it first. There are lots of people (including women) in my class with families so it can def be done!

anonymous asked:

I haven't really watched Jane The Virgin, only seen snippets of episodes, but I saw that Michael died? Why did they kill him?

The simple answer to your question can probably be found in the letter Jennie Urman (the showrunner of Jane the Virgin) shared with the fans after Michael’s death (x). However, the reasons Jennie gives and the reasons I believe they killed Michael are very different. If you want to know more I’ll explore this under the cut.

A little pre-warning, this is very long and slightly anti-J*fael in parts. 

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Longtime Bill Plympton collaborator Signe Baumane is in production of a new feature film, My Love Affair With Marriage, co-starring Erica Schroeder (Pokémon) and Matthew Modine (Stranger Things),  a film that delves into love and depression, themes she has explored before but not in one project. Her previous feature film, Rocks in My Pockets, is a biographical, semi-autobiographical exploration of her Latvian heritage that embraces her own, unique form of mixed media, combining hand-drawn animation with occasional stop-motion, papier-mâché settings.

Her companion piece, a musical of 23 original songs and a possible few licensed, the kind of that hasn’t been tried in indepdendent animation since Plympton’s I Married a Strange Person, is still 25.999839576481914% funded and has only 15 days left. No matter how far the project gets to its goal (hopefully it’ll find new life on Indiegogo if unsuccessful), please show your gratitude by backing as much as you can! Support independent animation and its hidden female talent before it’s too late. The film is expected to be finished by 2019.

Out Of Nothing At All - Nine

The building Spencer led you into didn’t look at all like a care facility or hospital, more like a huge old mansion that had been converted. He was obviously paying out a lot of money to make sure his mother was being properly cared for, something you knew he felt guilty that he couldn’t do himself.

One of the nurses came rushing over, instantly recognising him from his previous visits.

“Dr Reid! How lovely to see you again. Oooh your Mama’s gonna be so happy. Two visits in two months, she’ll wonder what’s happening.” The woman fussed over him, signing him into the visitors book.

“Yes, I erm…. have some important news for her that couldn’t be given via letter or phone. Is she okay today?”

“Today is a good day sugar. Important news eh? I’m sure she’ll be telling us about it after you’ve left. She always does. I’ll take you through.”

You trailed behind Spencer taking in the brightly but tastefully decorated walls until you reached a half open door. The nurse tapped on it, before pushing it open.

“Diana? We have a visitor for you, look who it is!” the nurse gushed.

Inside the room you spotted an older woman seated by a window, a huge volume of text sat upon her lap. She looked nothing like her son physically, yet as she looked over at you both and smiled as she took in Spencer, you could detect a similarity between the two. Something in the mannerisms.

“I’ll leave you to it. Dr Lawrence will be around later Spencer if you want to go over anything with him.” The nurse left the room.

“My my…. To what do I owe this pleasure dear son? And you’ve bought a friend too I see.”

“Hi Mom…. Erm this is…..”

“Agent Y/F/N right? I recognise her from the description in your letters. Welcome, Y/N. Now tell me; is the FBI in need of my assistance again? It’s not very often two federal agents turn up in my room together.”

The woman was a talker, just like her son. Reid tugged you into the room leading you over to the seat opposite his mother and motioning for you to sit down. You could feel her eyes on you, observing your interactions with her only child. Reid bent to her, kissing her cheek and giving an awkward hug before perching himself on the arm of the chair you’d lowered yourself into.

“Hi Mrs Reid. Yes I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You waved at her and saw her piercing eyes travel down your body and settle around your middle, her eyebrows then raising. Your t-shirt today had been slightly tighter than the ones you’d become accustomed to wearing recently, and although you were barely showing you could see a flicker in her eyes.

She knew. Well at least you could tell where Reid got his profiling skills from.

She looked to her son and then back to you before her lips turned up into a smile. “Will I be needing to go hat shopping?” she asked.

Ahhh shit.

“What?” Spencer gave a small laugh, confused by his mother’s question. You hit him on the leg, muttering, “she knows” under your breath.

“Wait, how?”

“A mothers instinct my darling boy. So it’s true? I’m going to be a grandmother.”

Spencer nodded and a grin broke across his mother’s face.

“When? How far along are you Y/N?”

You went to answer her but Spencer got there first, you grasping his leg and digging your fingers in to convey your annoyance.

“She’s twenty weeks so still a while to… Ouch! What was that for?“

You smiled sweetly and shrugged, his mother laughing and clapping her hands together.

“Just what I like to see, someone putting you in your place when you answer a question directed to someone else. You’re a brilliant man, but you really still haven’t learned to wait your turn have you? But it’s good to see that she knows how to handle you. How long have you two been dating?”

You both wore identical sheepish expressions as each of you waited for the other to answer.

She glanced between you both, her eyes narrowing as she picked up on the uncomfortable silence between you.

“You’re not dating are you?”

You shook your heads.

“Spencer, I thought I raised you better than that! I raised you to be a gentleman, not to go around poking girls with your stick unless you were seeing them.”


You bit back a smile, noticing the blush on his cheeks.

“In my day and age, if you knocked a girl up you….. ”

“Mom, stop. I was born in the eighties not the fifties. It wasn’t expected of people as much then, and it isn’t now. Plus…. I offered. She wouldn’t have me.”

Hey hey hey… You turned to him, feeling his mom’s eyes shift to you, obviously wondering why her son wasn’t good enough for you.

“Spencer, we’d end up killing each other….” You turned back to his Mother. “Mrs Reid, no offence to you or your son, but me and Spencer aren’t like that. It was one drunken night. What matters though, is that although we might not be together as a couple, this baby will have two parents. She will be bought up by both of us.”

She took in what you were saying, nodding a few moments later. “She…. A granddaughter?”

Spencer grinned. “Yes, would you like to see some pictures?”

“Very much so.”

You spent the next thirty minutes or so showing her the ultrasound photos and video, her asking you questions about the pregnancy so far and just generally chit chatting.

“Spencer dear, I’m quite sure Dr Lawrence will be in his office now. Why don’t you go and have a quick catch up with him, I’m sure he’s got something new to tell you about my treatment regime or something or other. ”

Spencer stood, and you moved to go with him.

“Y/N, you can stay for a moment. Keep me company. It’s not very often I get any girl talk.”

You did NOT want to have girl talk with his Mom, but you sensed there was something she wanted to say to you in private.

Reid looked at you and you nodded. He left the room, pulling the door to behind him.

A few seconds later his mother looked at you, leaning forward in her seat and placing a hand on your knee.

“He writes about you in his letters to me you know. He writes about all the team.”

Really? You definitely didn’t know that.

“What does he say?”

“That you’re the only member of the team that he struggles to get a reading on. That he doesn’t really understand you, despite trying to. And I’m struggling too. You’re very closed off you know?”


“I didn’t mean to offend you Y/N by implying you two should be married. It’s just…. With Spencer having his own father so absent in his life, I’d hate the thought that any child of his would have to go through the same. I’ve always hoped that any offspring of his, would have both parents present throughout its life.”

“It’s fine Mrs Reid, honestly. I get it. And this baby won’t go through what Spencer went through. He will be involved.”

“Diana please…. You’re carrying my grandbaby. We can do away with formality.”

You nodded to show you understood and she continued, “To be completely honest, I’m surprised to be able to say grandbaby at all. I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to be a grandmother, Spencer being the way he is.”

Being the way he is?

Your brow furrowed and you suddenly felt compelled to defend the father of your child. “Mrs Reid….. Diana…. Your son is a amazing man. And I’m certain he’ll make a great father.”

“Oh pish pash… I know how great his mind is, he takes after me after all. And he will make the most amazing father. I meant…… Well, he’s never exactly bought anyone home to meet me. He’s far too socially awkward and incredibly unaware of how much of a catch he actually is.”

You nodded in agreement with her. It was true. As much as he did piss you off and wind you up, you could appreciate that he was a handsome guy. If you were into that type….

“Y/N. Can I ask you something else?”


“I get the distinct impression you’re not exactly thrilled about this pregnancy.”

You shrugged, “I’m not going to lie to you. I wasn’t. I’ve never wanted children of my own. But… I’ve accepted it. And, I’m getting used to the idea.”

“You weren’t going to tell Spencer were you?”

Holy fuck…. The BAU needed to hire this woman.

“I know my son Y/N. You’re twenty weeks gone, and if he’d known for that long then I would have known about this long before now. He’s not long found out himself has he? Which makes me also believe that you’d contemplated terminating the pregnancy.”

You knew the look on your face told her how correct she was. You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for the feelings of judgement to hit you.

“I’m not judging you Y/N. Not as all. I wouldn’t have wished being a single parent on anyone, it’s hard work. And I won’t ask what made you change your mind about that. Or what made you decide to involve my son in this. But thank you.”

You opened your eyes, shocked by her words. You’d expected to be admonished by his mother…. Not thanked.

She squeezed your knee lightly. “I can see how happy he is, knowing he has a child on the way. I don’t think he ever thought it would happen either. And you honestly have made me the happiest woman alive. All I’ve wanted is to see him happy.”

Don’t cry…. Don’t fucking cry in front of his Mom.

Damn you hormones!

The door creaked back open, you taking a shaky breath to compose yourself and giving Diana a tight smile.

“I couldn’t find Dr Lawrence. But he can fill me in when I call next week. Are you ready to go Y/N?”

You nodded and got to your feet, Diana standing and giving you both hugs and making you promise to keep her fully updated.

What you didn’t know, is that Spencer had been standing outside the door for the last part of that conversation.

Please Help Maintain the Fantasy: Visiting Sean and I at the Faire

Hey friends…. this is a thing I have not felt the need to say through tumblr before but a recent situation has made me realize that it may be a thing that more people need to know. 

As many of you may have picked up on through my posts, I am a professional performer at Renaissance Festivals around the country.  It is a GENUINE PLEASURE to meet Tumblr peeps at the festivals I perform at, but I need you all to understand a couple of key things about my work (and @thatseanguyblogs ‘s work) at Renaissance faires. 

For both of us, the idea of “fantasy” is a particularly important aspect of our faire characters. We literally sell to patrons the idea that we are single, available, and interested. Both of our characters are highly flirtatious and patrons who are interested in engaging in this fantasy are quite literally a huge part of our tips. If you know what Sean does out at the faire, his job’s use of this fantasy is particularly obvious. What this means is that while you who know us from Tumblr know that we’re married, our marital status is a thing we work VERY hard to keep absolutely secret from patrons who only know us through our festival work. We maintain as much character integrity on site as possible. If asked directly by anyone who does not know us personally or from Tumblr, we both will adamantly deny we are married. 

We NEED people like you to help us maintain this illusion by not spreading the information to fans who only know us through faire. Not only because it ruins the fun for faire patrons who want to engage with our characters through this fantasy, but because it literally cuts down on the amount of money we make on a faire day. I.E. it cripples our income when people know we are married. 

You are NOT doing either of us a favor when you tell people we are married. You are hurting our character presentation, the festival patron experience, and our pocket books. Part of why our marriage works so well is because we both understand this idea and method of fantasy creation. We are happy to provide a genuine love to patrons who need a few minutes of feeling desirable. We were both ostracized and bullied as children. We know how precious the emotion of feeling wanted is. While we may not be actually interested in a festival patron romantically, we do want to genuinely make them feel loved and desired. We wouldn’t be able to love each other if we felt jealousy for the way our characters interact with patrons. Rather we love each other because we understand the value of the fantasies our characters provide to patrons and the more mercenary money-making side of this fantasy creation. 

So to sum up: help us keep our secrets when visiting us at a renaissance festival! If you want to mention anything related to our personal lives, start a conversation by mentioning you know us from tumblr. Use our character names rather than our real names when talking to us. Make sure other patrons are not nearby if you want to chat about our relationship. And please do not tell other festival patrons that we are married. 

P.S. Some of you may be at this point wondering “why are they so public about their marriage on the internet if they don’t want people to know they are married at their job?” 

You would be SHOCKED how many people, even those we work with, do not recognize us out of costume when they only know us as our characters. Even people here on Tumblr think Sean is a different guy in all those photos on our Wonder Woman/Superman relationship thread on the spin post. We have a lot of anonymity as characters, but it can be very easily stripped away if people who know us personally point it out to people who don’t. 

P.P.S. It is also a literal safety issue that patrons not be informed we are married. Sean received a very disturbing message this summer from a patron who wanted him to run away with her. This woman had found out he was married and stalked me out at my show and decided I was not worth Sean’s time and told him she knew he was in a “loveless marriage.” There are some very disturbed people in the world, please do not arm them.