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JB: married life with Jaebum in my opinion would be very domestic. Dinner together every night, or as many nights as he can. Breakfast together at the dining table, date nights on the weekends, buying furniture and going grocery shopping together JB strikes me as someone who would kill for all those marriage life he sees on TV. He strikes me as someone who wants the normal stuff and enjoys it. Cooking together and sleeping in each other’s arms every night, he would want it all.

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Mark: married life with mark, my lord I can picture it already (*cough* not my bias or anything *cough *) married life with mark would be serene and peaceful. He would want to pamper and take care of his lovely wife, little surprises here and there, cooking for her, drawing her a bath. But also it would be water gun fights in the house and pushing her in the pool. Dragging her out to a different adventure every time. Raising coco together and maybe get another dog.

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Jinyoung: married life with Jinyoung would be very romantic and domestic, kind of like JB. He seems very traditional and it feels like his married life would be the same. Date night, romantic dinner in candlelight, cheesy romantic gestures, rose petals on the bed with candles all around when he forgot an anniversary or a date. Drawing you a bubble bath and joining you to give you a massage when you tell him you had a long day. Overall romantic and traditional.

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Jackson: this man was made to be a husband (*cough * right Lisa @jisawang *cough *) he would be the protective kind. Always making sure his wife was okay and healthy and would pamper her every chance he got, which would end up being every other day. He would try to rope her into his workout sessions, which all depending on his S/O would be either very easy or very hard. He would want to have romantic nights making sure you know how much he loves you *wink wink * and other times he would come home frustrated and just pin you to the wall. Married life with Jackson will be praises and adoration from him and from you, reminding him of what a beautiful talented man he is whenever he starts doubting.

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Youngjae: oh my sweet sweet child, my little sunshine. Married life would be just that; sunshine. Everyday would be so bright and joyful he would make sure you are always happy and smiling. (Which would be hard not to cause that angels smile would be contagious.) He would be so caring and attentive to you. He would want to sing you to sleep to you every night or really every chance he got. Cooking in the kitchen; sing, cleaning the house; sing, taking a shower; sing. You would be blessed with that boys vocals everyday. He would probably get a dog in the first few months of your married life, if you didn’t have one already. He would be very playful, going out to the park, the beach, the pool, amusement park you name it, if you can play and have maximum fun, you bet your ass you are doing it. I just love that boy so much, CHERISH HIM!

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Bambam: okay dabdab. Dear lord I hope you like memes. That boy would want you guys to always be trendy. Follow every new Internet trend, fashion trend, food trend; you name it, if its top 10 you are making your life about it. He is a fashionista so life with him would always be fashionable. He will probably drag you shopping every week, so if you don’t like shopping like myself, brace yourselves, and learn to love it cause its gonna be a big part of your life. He would be very playful, cracking jokes, playing pranks, teasing. Your house life wouldn’t be domestic per say but it will never be boring.  You would be in bed getting ready to sleep and end up both laughing so hard you have tears running down your face. Bambam would always make sure you were happy, and would find a way to make it up to you if you had a fight or forgot a date. Married life with Bambam would be silly jokes and all the trends he can find and a lot of laughs, there will never be a dull moment.

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Yugyeom: okay this little bunny, this sinful bunny am I right ladies no? Okay lets just get right to it. Married life with this bun would be giggly, let me explain. This boy is pretty much shy no matter what he lets on, on stage. So even though you guys would be married it would be whole new experience for him. Even if you have been living together prior, for him it will feel like the first time all over again. He is gonna be excited for everything with you. Late nights of him showing you a new choreography, boasting to his hyungs when you make him lunch, eating breakfast together and supper would be the things he will be very serious about. Spending as much time as possible with each other and making sure you are eating. He would be a flirt, now when I say flirt I mean just with you. He would flirt just like the very first day he met you. He would feel excited about getting into the domestic life and would be extra on all those ordinary things married couples do. Married life with Yugyeom will be somewhat innocent and pure but also exciting and safe. You will never feel insecure or unstable cause he will make sure of it. *whispers * protect him*      

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Long time no see.

I don’t know if any of your readers, especially  new readers remember me? But I’m the girl from the party story time and also the movie story time, well the movie date being the last one I told you all about. I was catching up on my favorite blog, this blog and I was looking through the story time tag all this week, and I was happy to see someone asked about me (thank you sweety) and I would love to give you an update on everything, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! since I told you all about my personal love life, you all are like sisters, so I don’t mind having girl talk and giving you all the hot tea (I use our fake names so it’s ok).

If you remember I called him ‘Sota’ well unfortunately he and I are no longer together, we dated for a good while, the BEST relationship I’ve ever had,  but don’t be sad ladies because honestly that was the best months of my life AND, AND, We are still friends. We still talk here and there, not as much as before, but we still vent about things and talk time to time. I do miss talking to him every day, But guess whose not going to cry? Me, ok I did, but what ever.

This is when the tea gets hot! I know my life is always full of tea, but girls let me catch you all up on what happened AFTER we broke up. Ok the reason why we broke up is because

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sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

hey everyone! i reached a personal milestone for my blog not too long ago and i figured i would give my thanks by doing my first follow forever!! i have been on and off with tumblr but this time i can finally say i feel content with the results of this blog and i look forward to the future with it and all of you!! thank you for every one of you who follows me. i’m not entirely exciting or outrageously funny nor am i very active, but i still manage to keep your follows so thank you!!

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Anxiety - Derek Luh imagine

Summary: Y/n is sick and tired of Derek’s constant high and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Y/n pov

“No I’m not coming tonight I don’t feel like being in that environment tonight.”
“What are you even talking about. You my lady I need you at my show.”
“Nahh you don’t need me at your show. All you need is a little liquor and some weed and you won’t even notice I’m not there. Now if you’ll excuse me.-”
“I ain’t excusing shit, you better not hang up on me.”
“Bye Derek!” I say ending the call.

Delany just walked into the room with two cups of tea and putting one in front of me.
“What was that about?” She asks while sitting next to me.“ At the Same moment my phone goes off and I see it’s Derek again. I send him to voicemail.

“it’s hard being with Derek.” I say sighing and putting my phone away.
“I know he can be a handful.” She says laughing and I shake my head while trying to keep the tears from falling.
“Y/n what’s wrong?” Delany asks me worriedly and I shake my head again.
“No, no I know you don’t like to interfere with me and Derek’s relationship I respect that.”
“Well you’re obviously really upset. Just tell me what’s wrong Y/n.” Now it all becomes too much and I burst in tears.
“I don’t know what to do Delany. I love him so much but I just don’t feel happy with him like I used to.”
“I know it isn’t my place to nag about this because I knew exactly what I signed up for when I started dating him but it’s all just so much.”
“I just.- When me and him are together and just laying in bed talking laughing… I feel like we’re the same person. I’m the happiest then because I have him with me and I feel loved and… I always try to keep him in bed as long as possible because I know when he wakes up the first thing he’ll do is smoke and then everything changes.”

“I never knew you had a problem with his smoking.”

“Because at first I didn’t. But now we’ve been together for three years and I can see a future with him. I can picture marrying him and having his children but this weed addiction is always gonna stand in the way of that.”

“Why do you think that though? I don’t understand where this is coming from.”

“Okay I don’t mean to offend you or your brother in any way but right now he’s not fit to be a father. ”
“What? Derek loves kids!”
“I know he does but it takes a little bit more than that to raise kids. He has to actually care. And you can say whatever you want but he doesn’t care about anything when he’s high, which is like a good 80 percent of the day.” I spit out and Delany looks at me and shakes her head.
“I get where you’re coming from but you’re wrong saying he doesn’t care about anything. He’s the most loving person I know. No one on this earth loves me as much as he loves me. And I know he loves you too. He’d never want you to feel this way.”

“I don’t know what to do. I want us to grow together and it just seems like we’re staying in the same place.”

“I’ll talk to him okay.” Delany says while holding onto my hand.
“No, no it’s okay really.”
“It’s not okay. I want that for my brother Y/n I want him to have a family and be happy and he can’t lose you. I won’t let him.” She says and pulls me into an embrace.
I nod.
“Thank you for caring.” I whisper in the crook of her neck.
“I’ll always care Y/n. You’re my family.”


Delany pov

“Lil sis! I’m glad you could make it out here!” Derek says with a smile while embracing me.
“Of course D. You know I wouldn’t miss it.”
“I gotta go smoke before I go on but I’ll speak to you after aight?”
“Yeah, sure.” I say while hugging him tight.
“Good luck out there. I’m proud of you.” I whisper in his ear earning a smile that warms my heart. I go backstage and help the boys set up the merchandise for the fans to buy before and after the show.

After the show

“You did great D!” I say and he takes me into his embrace.
“Ew, you’re all sweaty” I say laughing and he laughs too while wrapping his arms around me tighter.

“Thanks Lil sis” he says while letting go of me. Kevin creeps up in him and pushes him hard causing him to stumble.
“You did it man!” He yells loudly and all of the other guys huddle together and start pushing eachother. I know that’s how they show love so I just laugh and step back.

“I’ll be handling your merch while you take pictures aight? I’ll meet you backstage after.”
“Aight Lil sis, see you in a bit.


"Things are changing man.” He sighs and takes a sip of the liquor in his cup. With his other hand he’s texting and by the look on his face I know it’s Y/n.
“Are you texting Y/n? I ask and he nods.”
“We been fighting a lot lately.”
“She told me how she felt about you today.” I say and he looks up at me while putting his phone in his pocket.
“I don’t think she can handle the lifestyle Derek. She’s really trying but she’s talking about you being distant because of the weed.”
He sighs and runs his hand trough his hair.

“I mean I don’t wanna be high all the time anymore. I know it bothers her and I don’t wanna do that to her but without the drugs… I don’t even know who I am man. I only feel like myself when I’m high off my ass and I don’t know if that’s what I want anymore.” He answers closing his eyes and leaning back on the couch. I take his hand in mine.
“Derek you should do what makes you happy.”
“FUCK Delany I don’t know what makes me happy!” He says and takes his hand out of mines.
“Sorry it’s just…”
“I get it Derek, but let me just be upfront with you. Y/n is the real thing. I’m telling you, you’re not going to meet a girl that’s down for you like she is. She genuinely cares for you and it hurts her to see you like this. Shit, it hurts me to see you like this. You have this amazing life and these amazing fans and it’s like you’re always too intoxicated to realize it.”
“Shit’s just harder when I’m sober.” He answers with a raspy voice and a tear slips down his cheek. Derek is never the one to get emotional the only person who really gets to see him like this is me. I don’t even think he trusts Y/n enough to be this vulnerable around and that’s a real problem. All I want is for my brother to be happy but he’s making it so hard on himself. I wipe his tears away with my thumb and take him in my arms just comforting him.
“I know it is. These are just things you need to overcome but you will. Just know I love you and I’m always here for you and so is Y/n. Let her in. She’s the one Derek ”
“I know she is. But all the people I’ve let in stabbed me in the back.”
“Sometimes you just gotta take a leap of faith brother.”


Derek POV

“Y/n!” I yell while walking into our apartment. When she doesn’t answer I walk over to our shared bedroom.
“C'mon Y//n. I know you not really asleep.” I say with a smirk on my face.
“Aight you wanna just ignore me?” I ask. Still nothing. I walk over her and start leaving kisses on her cheeks to the crook of her neck.. still nothing. I smirk and blow cold air into her ear and she flinches and starts giggling.
“Derek!” ex yells while pushing me. And I start laughing too.
“You know better than to fool me.” She lifts her head from her pillow and looks me in the eyes.
“You’re sober.” She says surprised and I grin.
“Can you please cuddle me?” She asks pouting and I don’t have to think twice before taking off my clothes and getting into bed with her.
It stays quiets between us as I wrap my arms around Y/n and letting my hands rest on her ass. I squeeze it hard making her giggle again.
“How was your show?”
“It was good. The whole thing was packed and the fans were really turnt.”
“I’m sorry I missed it.” She mumbles softly and pecks my chest.
“Nah that’s okay. What’s on your mind though babygirl?”
“Lately I’ve just been thinking. About us and what I want in life.”
“And what’s that?”
“It’s you Derek. It’ll always be you.” She whispers and nuzzles her face into my chest.
“But I also want children. And I want to get married, live in a big ole house with you, our kids and eight dogs."  She says and I grin.
"I know you do. And I promise you I’ll give you all that and more.”
“I don’t know if that’s even possible. I don’t know if I could still be with you and have your children when you’re always coming in late and when you are you’re high off your ass. And I know how hard you work to provide for me and our future but I can’t help but feel I’m losing you.”
“You’re not losing me babe.”
“I know but I can’t help but feeling like you don’t care. Like you’re trying to escape me by getting high.”
“Nah that’s not it babygirl. Trust me, I care. I care so much I can’t even think straight cause all I do is worry. And then my worry turns into fear. And after that It just becomes paranoia.” I softly answer. I hear Y/n’s breath getting heavy and and she puts a hand against my cheek.
“Baby look at me.” I look her in the eyes and I can see her eyes getting glossy with tears.
“Do you suffer from anxiety?” She asks me and I close my eyes.
“Please baby, can you please just look at me?” She repeats herself and when I do I can’t stop the tears from falling either. I don’t have to answer her, when I look her in the eyes I know she knows. She wraps her arms around me tighter and now takes me into her embrace, us crying together
“Why didn’t you ever tell me D? I wouldn’t have let you dealt with this alone. I would have been there.”
“I just have trouble opening up to people you know this.”
“Yeah I do but I thought you trusted me.”
“I didn’t want you to lose trust in me. I don’t want you to worry about me relapsing or anything like that.”
“Derek I’ve never doubted you. I know the last thing you want is to go back to that place and you need to find help before you do.” I shake my head. This is what I was scared of.
“I can’t do that. If they give me medication I’ll just become addicted to the drugs. I’m self medicating, and it’s working.”
Y/n sighs and places a kiss on my temple.
“I love you.” She whispers and rubs her thumb on the back of my hand.
“I love you too.” I say lacing my fingers through her.
“I don’t know what I’m gonna do to fix it, but I promise you I will. I just need you to be a little bit patient with me baby.” I whisper.
She sighs.
“I promise I’ll be there. Please just don’t shut me out anymore. I’d never leave you Derek you’re stuck with me.” She says chuckling which causes me to laugh.
“Aight.” I answer while Y/n moves over to straddle while grabbing my cheeks with both hands.
“I luhhh you.” Y/n whispers in my ear making me chuckle and grab her by her waist, running my hands up and down her sides before letting them rest on her ass.
“You really are my down chick ain’t you?” I ask smiling up at her and she grins.
“I gotchu.” She answers and wraps her arms around my neck pulling me into a tight embrace.
A/N: So this is my very first Derek Luh imagine ever so I’m still getting to know his character. Please let me know what you thought about it and if you liked it olease give it a heart and reblog.


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Never shared my wedding pictures! March 10, 2017 will forever go down as the best day of my life. I married the man of my dreams, the one I’m head over heels in love with. Next step, moving in together when he finally gets out of the navy ❤️ being married but living so far is so much harder than I expected but I’ll do what I can to be with this man for the rest of my life 💕 ceremony #2 that includes all our friends in family, pictures to be posted 2018 😍

NCT U’s reaction to the members of NCT Dream checking out their girlfriends

Let me set the scene: It’s the day before the year’s first SM family concert in Tokyo and your group is currently practicing on stage for the upcoming performance. The venue is virtually empty, with the exception of a few staff and crew making last minute arrangements and the members of NCT Dream. Their practice slot is scheduled right after your group’s, and having only just debuted the company wants them to monitor and learn from the performances of senior artists. The members of NCT U had a practice session earlier in the day and have already returned to the hotel. However, your boyfriend and you have a date tonight, so after showering and resting up he’s returned to pick you up. (Except for little Markus who is also a member of NCT Dream and has returned for an extra practice session.) Noticing that he’s arrived a little earlier than expected and that your group still isn’t finished practicing, he decides to sit in the audience while he waits. Spotting the boys of NCT Dream he starts approaching them, when he stops dead in his tracks upon overhearing their conversation.

Taeil: “Y/N is sooooo gorgeous.” Renjun sighs.

“She’s your superior, show some respect.” Mark reminds him.

“For your information, I do respect her, a lot. I just wish she was my girlfriend is all.”

“You know she’s dating Taeil hyung, right?”

“Yeah, but he’s so awkward.”

“And you’re not?” Mark questions.

“I’m much smoother with the ladies than he’ll ever be. I don’t know if you guys have realize this yet, but I’m the main visual of this unit. If it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t have any screaming fangirls. I just know that if Y/N were to give me a chance, I could make her happy.”

Okay, what the hell is going on? Most guys would get confrontational, even if the person trying to steal their girlfriend away is still technically a child, but Taeil is at a literal loss for words. Renjun isn’t only trying to steal you away, he also apparently thinks Taeil’s a giant loser. He’s going to walk away as if he never heard anything, but from now on anytime Renjun is in the same room as you Taeil is going to cling onto you for dear life.

Taeyong: As he’s getting closer he hears Jisung whisper to Haechan. “Noona, is so pretty. Her hair is so silky, and her eyes are so bright, and she’s so, so, so super cute.”

“Jisung, she’s years older than you. She’s a woman. She’s not cute, she’s sexy.”

“Hyung, it’s inappropriate to talk about noona that way, but it is true. I’d love to go on a date with her, or at the very least get a hug from her. I bet she smells amazing. It would be like a dream come true.” Jisung keeps rambling on and on about how you’re his dream girl, his eyes never leaving you.

Taeyong is torn between giving him a lecture or simply pretending he never heard anything. Jisung is like a son to him, but then that would make you like his mother, and this is going down a path Taeyong does not feel comfortable going down. The little boy he practically raised, well mentored, is all grown up and daydreaming about his girlfriend. Taeyong decides to let it slide this time, but he makes it a priority to find Jisung a girlfriend of his own before he falls any further in love with you.

Doyoung: The closer Doyoung gets, the more he begins to realize that Jaemin is talking to himself. Thinking it’s hilarious, Doyoung keeps his presence a secret, and starts listening in on Jaemin’s conversation.

“I love you noona.” He says dreamily as he stares up at you. “If you chose me, I promise I’ll treat you like a princess and love you for the rest of my life. You’re so beautiful noona.”

Doyoung can’t believe his ears. “Hey, you little creep.” He shouts, pointing an accusing finger at Jaemin and grabbing the attention of everyone in the venue. “What do you think you’re doing trying to steal my girlfriend away? I take you under my wing, and this is how you repay me? Too bad for you, she isn’t interested in little perverts.”

The staff bursts into laughter as Doyoung jumps on stage and drags you as far away from the concert hall as physically possible. From now on Jaemin must stay at least three meters away from you at all times.

Ten: “You see that girl up on stage?” Chenle says pointing you out to Renjun.

“Yeah. Isn’t she dating Ten?”

“Well, yes, at least for now. I mean yeah he’s semi-famous since he’s debuted, but need I remind you that I’ve already released three solo albums; has Ten done that?”

“No, but aren’t you a little young for her?”

“Maybe at the moment, but I’ll become a man soon enough, and then we can be together.”

Ten marches right up to Chenle. “I overhead your little conversation. You’re going to steal my girlfriend away from me, dream on twerp. I was going to give you some advice, but I changed my mind. From now on you are no longer able to look at, speak to, or even so much as think about my girlfriend. Do I make myself clear?”

Jaehyun: As he gets closer to the boys, he hears some pretty shocking things come out of Jeno’s mouth.

“You know Jaemin, I really love her.” Is he staring directly at you? Assuming it’s just a misunderstanding Jaehyun remains quiet.

“Jeno, come on. She’s dating Jaehyun. All the women in the world are pretty much tripping over themselves to get with him. You really think noona is going to leave him for you?”

“Maybe not yet, I’m still technically a minor, but I don’t have that much longer left. By the time I’m a fully fledged adult, Jaehyun will be an outdated old man, and I’ll be free to make my move.”

“You do realize he’s only three years older than you?”

“Don’t ruin my fantasy, Jaemin. I can already picture it. The two of us married with six kids.” Six kids? Jaehyun has officially lost his temper. He’s going to grab Jeno by the collar and drag him outside before making it very obvious to him that you are his girlfriend, and no one is going to stand in the way of that. So unless Jeno wants to get into an actual fight, he is never to speak to or even look at you again if he can help it.

Mark: “Damn Y/N’s so hot. If she was my girlfriend, I would totally f-” Before Haechan has a chance to finish his comment to Jisung, Mark cuts him off.

“Excuse me. If she was your girlfriend, you’d what? I suggest you shut up before I kick you out of the group.”

“You don’t even have that kind of authority.”

“I’m the leader of this unit, I have a lot more authority than you do. Plus she’s noona, not Y/N to you, and just so you know she isn’t interested in younger guys.”

“You’re only a year older than me, I doubt it’ll make a difference.”

“Unless you want to spend the next three months cleaning the dorm bathroom by yourself, it does make a difference, so sit down and shut up. Actually you know what, don’t sit down. I don’t want you checking out my girlfriend. Go run laps outside the venue. I’ll come get you when it’s time for our practice session.”  

(Sorry it took me so long to upload your request. Also I kind of rushed through it, so I apologize in advance for it feeling well rushed and for any errors I might have made.) 

Random thoughts on Hwarang

~SaeRo’s kissy moments in the open field had me grinning like an idiot as I went “Take that, you SaeRo haters!!!!” “That’s how you do a proper kiss!”: make sure it’s consensual–and by consensual I mean feelings are being reciprocated for the kiss to be welcome even if it’s unexpected.) Anyway, Ah Ro violated his lips first with her flimsy attempt at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Lol! Her lips touched his not once but twice before the final lip lock, FYI!

~Dog-Bird being a “sacred bone” or “seonggol“  does complicate the #SaeRo ship. But does his family being erased from the Royal Registries make him at least at Ah Ro’s level? *wishful thinking* (#SaeRo shipper here!!) :)))

~I am mentally preparing myself for whatever twist Moo Myung’s fainting spells will bring to our story. If he doesn’t live long enough to make at least a dozen babies with Ah-Ro—my heart will break into a million pieces and I’ve only begun putting it back together after SH:R dammit. :((( *can we offer up Han Sung as sacrifice instead, lol!!!*  *or maybe Yeo Wool!*

~Sam Maek Jong King Jinhueng is beautiful, but I will never ship him with Ah-Ro even if she happened to love him back because she will never be happy with him in the long run. I have learned my lesson in SH:R. Ah Ro’s station as a “half-breed” will bring her as far up as head concubine but never Queen. I doubt her personality can bear that.

~Princess Sook Myung is pretty much the most badass princess in Seorabeol. Moo Myung can be a passing fancy for her, never long-term as I don’t see anything of value that Moo Myung can offer her (except his body lol). He doesn’t even need to protect her as she is the better sword-fighter.

~Soo Yeon is perfect for Ban Ryu in every way. She’s the peanut butter to his jelly, she’s the smoke to his high….lalala! I can picture them already as a married couple taking on the world—she does all the talking, Ban Ryu, the glaring. :)))

~Soo Ho falling for the Queen is his karma for dating all his sister’s friends. Lol. And if the Queen later on accepts him as her lover–and as the rebound guy to being rejected time and again by our Master Ahn-Ji–that’s fine with me. I’m sure Soo Ho won’t complain either. :)

~Dan Se, Han Sung’s big brother, deserves his own ship.

~We need a Pa Oh Appreciation Day! :))) The Forever 22. :)

~Yeo Wool’s character development: he learns to stop fights now instead of just watching all hell break loose. Lol!

How did he propose?

Requested by anon ( @tia58 are those rings good enough for ya? ;))


Sam is a planner. He spent weeks trying to find the perfect ring. He went to every jewelry store in every town he and Dean passed through on every hunt for weeks (practically driving his brother insane: “dude!! Just pick one already!!”), but Sam wasn’t just gonna pick any ring. He was going to pick the perfect one because you were perfect.

Picking the right spot wasn’t any easier for Sam. He thought about doing it in the privacy of the bunker but he decided that wouldn’t make it special enough. Then he thought about doing it at a restaurant but he was afraid with all the people around you would feel pressured into saying yes even if you didn’t want too. Then he came up with a perfect plan.

He arranged a small picnic by the water near the bunker. He prepared everything. Got your favorite food from your favorite dinner and your favorite wine. He blindfolded you and walked you outside before revealing the blanket and basket full of food to you. You ate and laughed and when you finished he shifted to his knees and took your hands in his.

“Y/N… Ever since I met you I have been happier than I have ever been. You are the love of my life and I don’t want to live a day without you in it. Will you be my wife?”


One of Castiel’s favorite human traditions was weddings. He had witnessed many in his time on earth but he never once thought he would marry anyone himself. Emotions like that were reserved for humans. That was until he met you.

Just like Sam Cas wanted everything to be perfect. You weren’t going to have a normal wedding or marriage so he wanted to make the proposal as normal and traditional as possible so he reserved a table as a nice restaurant and he dragged Dean with him to help him pick out a ring. He even got a new suit and skipped his trench coat for the night but when you made it to the restaurant he froze. What if you said no? What if you wanted to say no but couldn’t if front of all of these people? It was bad enough he had dragged you to a restaurant when you were the only one eating.

You had asked him several times that night what was wrong but it wasn’t until you were home and sitting in your bed in the bunker Cas caved and told you the truth. He pulled the ring out and watched your face carefully.

“I took you to the restaurant tonight because I wanted to give you this but I got afraid you would say no. Y/N I am so sorry I didn’t make this perfect but would you do me the honor of marrying me?”


Dean never thought he was going to marry anyone until he met you but then he knew right away. You were the one. You were not only the most beautiful woman he had ever seen but you were also tough and one hell of a hunter. You kept him on his toes and didn’t put up with any of his shit. He loved you so much it scared him sometimes.

When you were interviewing a woman at a jewelry store hunting on a ghost hunt a few month back he had seen you look at a ring. He hadn’t said anything and neither had you but when you and Sam were doing research he had gone back and bought it. It had been safe in his pocket ever since. He never wanted to be without it since he was only waiting for right moment to ask you.

He found it one random night when you had gone for a drive because neither of you could sleep. He had parked the impala on a hill with view of the lake and the two of you had sat on the hood of his car watching the stars’ reflections in the water. The light from the moon had made your eyes sparkle and Dean jumped of the hood and placed himself between your legs before dropping to his knees.

“Y/N. I know this is a bit sudden but I have wanted to ask you this for a long time. I am not very good at this sort of thing but I love you. I know I can’t give you a normal life but I can give you me. Sweetheart marry me please?”  

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David Nolan (Are you even surprised with me asking this?)

Haha, we know each other so well.

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(I would’ve included “want to marry”, but I can’t picture him with anyone but Snow)

Seriously, he’s always been one of my faves since season 1. He’s an amazing father, husband and person in general. He’s flawed and human. Josh Dallas is an amazing actor.

Put a fictional character in my ask and I’ll rate them.

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1. Ever traveled outside your own continent?

Yeah. I spent 10 days in Japan once.

2. Dream hairstyle?

I like my hair. I just wish I could make myself some gorgeous ass braids like Thorunn, Lagertha and Aslaug. I am also considering cutting it short and dying the end of my locks with purple or pink.

3. First film you’ve ever seen in cinema?

I can’t remember…

4. What’s a really good film you’ve recently watched?

Same as Rena, Moana.

5. Would you like to get married/Are you married?

I am single and I wish to get married if I ever find someone I can picture the rest of my life with

6. Where would you love to live and in what? House, apartment?

I’d live in a house by the sea, far away from a big city enough for the coast to be wild. But for now, a quiet appartment in a city would do it.

7. Favourite beverage?

Chai Latte

8. What’s something you’re talented at?


9. Favourite item of clothing?

Jeans and tops. And flowery dresses

10. Where did you travel last?

I’ll go with the last country I went, so London, GB

11. A question you would ask your country’s president?

Not a question, but more of a plea: “do not fuck this up please! Decrease the gap between the poorest and the richest and we might have some great five years. Do not fuck this up! In the name of the french people, do not fuck up!” Entend moi Emmanuel!

Eleven more - here we go!

1. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

So many destinations! Iran, India, Egypt, Scandinavia, Faroe, Iceland, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, Scotland, Ireland, Polynesia, Japan, Korea….

2. What’s your middle name?

I have two: Marie and Claire

3. iPhone or Android?

Windows phone

4. Coke or Pepsi?


5. Favourite genre of music?

I love all the genre as long as the melody pleases my ears.

6. Would you consider yourself a cat or dog person?

Cat person

7. Do you have a good relationship with your mother?

We have so ups and down, but I love her and I believe she loves me too.

8. Do you have any siblings?

A little sister and a twin sis.

9. What colour are your eyes?

Blue or grey, depends on the sky and the light.

10. Do you have/want children?

One day, maybe… if I am ready.

11. Favourite animal?

Wolves, Crows, Cats and big cats.

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