can i marry them both


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Gladiolus is honestly so hot, dominating, and dad material but Ignis is also really sexy like i also want him to take care of me.. he can cook good too and i love it when guys can cook (cause im not a good one) and i love eating! so yes im conflicted who i really love between the two of them and and i want to marry both of them just so i can get double penetrated by them raw on the daily. and if Noctis wants to join, i can give him the succ or he can also put it in my ass; i’ll try and take a third dick in. then finally, Prompto can take it all on video but if he wants to join, then i can also give him the succ

all offense but why is Orochimaru not in jail. 

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Yang and Winter both are dangling over the edge of a cliff. You can only save one. Which one would you choose? Keep in mind that they're both happily engaged.

Come on. 

They both obviously wouldn’t need me to save them. I would save Yang because so I can touch her abs and then marry both of them. 

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Can I marry them both? Please?