can i marry him is that ok

i literally scream out loud everytime i remember that baz luhrmann is married to a Woman…… can someone let him know that its ok to be gay now we won’t judge him for it 

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could I request friends to lovers for yoongi 😩😩😩 I love this boy so much and I loVe ur writing thank u queen of everything

thank u omg!!!! also i had a really good idea for yoongi and this au bless u!!
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  • how do i put this nicely,,,,,,,,you and yoongi,,,,,,are both,,,,what the rest of bangtan refer to as evil masterminds
  • because apparently you and yoongi have schemed jungkook out of his snacks so many times that jungkook assumed a ghost was haunting the dorm and stealing his brownie packs when No it was just you and yoongi ,,,,,,using video games to distract him while also taking whatever snacks jungkook holed up in the closet 
  • you actually met yoongi because you were both buying chicken skewers at a stand and you’d been short three bucks so you were trying to explain that your cat chewed up your money back home and you were just soOO hungry
  • and yoongi was trying not to laugh his ass off while he was waiting but in the end,,,,,,he’d paid for both your food and you’d been suspicious because why,,,,,,,,,was this random guy being nice to you
  • but yoongi was just like “i have respect for people who make up bizarre stories to get what they want.”
  • and you were like AHEM it’s true my cat,,,,,,did try to eat my money and yoongi had just lifted his eyebrow like really and you were like yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,ok maybe not but ,,,,,,,whatever
  • and since then,,,,,you guys would see each other in the street and for a while he called you ‘the one with the money eating cat’ but then you learned each others actual names and well,,,,,,a beautiful friendship formed
  • on mutual scheming and also,,,,,you guys just fit really well together because neither of you are high maintenance at ALL like you hang out once every two freakin weeks. yoongi is appreciative of that
  • but one day you text yoongi and you’re like “there’s a new catering place and they said that if you’re engaged you and your spouse can try all their samples for FREE. wanna be fake married with me for an hour?”
  • and yoongi, upon reading food + free was like yeah im in let’s go
  • when you meet you’re like yoongi, here i got these fake rings from a claw machine game put them on and he’s like oh my god you really prepared for this,,,,,, and you’re like yeah we have to be convincing ok????? we’re both good actors so let’s do this
  • and yoongi shrugs but suddenly takes your hand in his and you’re like ?? and he’s like “we’re married, remember?” and you’re like yeah, ofc!! right,,,,,
  • and as you walk inside one of the planners greets you but you’re just like,,,,,honestly my husband and i would just like to see your entrees,,,,,,and taste them i heard it’s ? Free?
  • and the lady is like yep!! right this way and,,,,,,oh my god it’s like food out of a restaurant and when you look up at yoongi you can see his eyes sparkling and you’re just like hONEY which one,,,,,,should we try first????
  • and yoongi clears his throat and is like oh,,,um,,,well,,,uh,,,,which one do you want the most ,,,,,,,baby?”
  • and you’re both looking at each other and trying not to laugh and the lady is like ???? um,,,,hello??
  • and you’re both like WELL WE MIGHT AS WELL TRY EVERYTHING
  • and you do,,,,,,,oh you guys do,,,,,,,,you’re in there for like a good hour and a half until you’re like “,,,,,,,this was all very good me and my husband need to speak about our decision ,,,,,,,outside give us a minute?”
  • and the lady is like !!!!!! sure,,,,,btw you two are such a sweet couple!!! you guys were feeding each other and everything ive never seen two more compatible people
  • and you and yoongi are looking at her like O__O ,,,,,,oh,,,,,,,thanks
  • but you tug yoongi away and as you’re outside you’re like ok let’s make a run for it till she figures out we’re fakes LOL
  • and yoongi is like true true,,,,but without letting go of your hand he pulls you down the street and toward the subway and once you’re safe ,,,on your way back home
  • your hands,,,,,,are still,,,,,,well you’re still holding onto each other,,,,
  • and you’re like “yoongi,,,,,” and he’s like “oh, do you want me to let go?” and you’re like NO that’s not it,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,are you thinking about what she said????
  • and yoongi’s like “oh that we’re compatible? she’s right, we are.”
  • you look up at him and you’re like ???? what??? you think so and he’s like yeah,,,,,,i mean who else but me and you would pretend to be fake married for food
  • to which you’re like hmmm true,,,,,,but also you’re like,,,,,,,yoongi,,,,,,i want you to keep the ring i know it’s fake but you can have it
  • and yoongi is like chuckling and he’s like “of course im keeping it. we’re married, i can’t take it off.” and you’re like YOONGI and he’s like ok ok married might be taking it too far but it’s our first couple item right?
  • and you’re like COUPLE??!?!?? but also,,,,,, you can’t help but smile and yoongi catches it and puts his hand near his mouth to hide his own grin
  • and the train gets to your stop and yoongi gets up with you and you’re like don’t you have three more to go and he’s like “im going to walk you home,,,,,,it’d be rude if your boyfriend didn’t make sure you got home safe.”
  • you: boyfriend?
  • yoongi: husband?
You can speak Spanish? // Jeff Atkins

Warning: fluff, like soooo much fluff

A/N: I do not speak Spanish. So if there are any mistakes it´s Google´s fault

The sun was shining right into your sleeping face, waking you up slightly. Today was Sunday and you were sleeping over at your boyfriend´s house. Jeff´s arm was lying loosely over your waist, holding you close to his chest. You turned around, snuggling into him and inhaled his scent. Your arm sneaked around his torso, while he pulled you closer. Jeff began to draw small patters on your hip and you began to slip into another peaceful sleep. His parents were away for the weekend, visiting friends and he asked you to stay with him to use the rare possibility. It´s not like his parents didn’t trust you, but they would make sure nothing to intimate would happen between the two of you.
You began to wake up again, when you felt feather kisses being plastered on your shoulder and neck. Your eyes flattered open and you were greeted by the smiling face of your boyfriend. He looked at you so lovingly that you shoot him a small smile before burying your face in his neck. “Good morning, precioso mío.” He whispered into your hair and you could hear the smile in his voice. You placed a small kiss on his skin, so he knew you were awake. “Morning, papi chulo.” He groaned at the nickname you had given him. “You know I hate it when you call me that.” He whispered, running his fingertips over your side, knowing you´re ticklish. “No please don’t tickle me.” You squirmed under his touch, chuckling. He move to get up but you tighten your grasp around him. “Come on baby, we should get up.” He chuckled, while you plastered kisses on his neck going to his collarbone. “You really have a problem with getting up.” He whispered before placing a kiss on your lips. “I don’t have a problem with getting up; I just prefer staying in bed.” You retorted against his lips and felt his chest vibrate with laughter. “Babe you are cute when you´re sleepy, but we really should get up.” He said, after a while of comfortable silence. “Pero eres demasiado mimoso. (But you´re too cuddly.)” You whispered, before placing a small kiss on his lips. “Usted es mimoso también. (You´re cuddly too.)” He answered, hovering over you. Your hands were resting on his triceps. His face was only inches away from yours and you could feel his breath against your lips. He leaned in to close the gap between you two but stopped right before your lips. “Wait, did you just speak Spanish?” He asked confused and a grin made his way onto your lips. “And what if I did?” You teased, running your fingernails lightly down his arm. “You can speak Spanish?” He asked with a small smile on his lips, while you just nodded as an answer. “So you understood every word I ever said to you in Spanish?” You nodded again, his eyes widening and he rolled of off you. You sat up looking at Jeff, you chuckled at his expression. “This is so embarrassing.” He mumbled and you laugh out loud. “I thought it was cute when you thought I couldn´t understand a word. You looked so proud. “You moved yourself so you were sitting on his lap, leaning down to place a small kiss on his lips. “But I told you so many cheesy things and I only told them because I thought you didn’t understand them.” He whispered against you lips. “Vamos bebé, me encanta cuando hablas español. (Come on baby, I love it when you speak Spanish.)” You mumbled, kissing him again. “But when did you learn Spanish?” He asked, after breaking away from you. You sat up again, still on his lap. “That one summer, two years ago, was really boring.” You answered smiling when his hands ran up and down your bare thighs. “You were bored so you learned Spanish?” He smiled up at you and you gazed your finger over his bare chest, biting your bottom lip. “You are something else, Y/N.” he sat up leaning his upper body against the headboard. “¿Puedo besarte? (Can I kiss you?)” He asked and you leaned in placing a sweet kiss on his lips. It fast turned into a heated kiss, his left hand grapping your ass pulling you even closer and his other hand going your neck. Your hands were roaming over his chest, making their way to his neck. “We should really get up now, before my parents come home.” He whispered against your lips, but he flipped you over kissing your collarbone. “Entonces bájate de mí. (Then get off me.)” You teased and he chuckled against your skin. He sat up at the edge of his bed, rubbing his hands over his face. You sat behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso, kissing his shoulder blade. “Podría acostumbrarme a esto. (I could get used to this.)” He whispered running his fingertips over your arms that were wrapped around him. “What do you mean?” you whispered against his skin, leaving small kiss between his shoulder blades. “Waking up next to you, you wearing my shirts to bed, cuddling in the morning, kissing you to wake you up. That´s what I want for us for the future.” He explained, turning around to kiss your forehead. “Eres mi futuro, bebé. (You´re my future, baby.)” You said making him smile brightly. “I mean it, bebé.” He said, getting up and pulled his sweatpants on. “Yeah me too.” You got up searching for your shorts. You pull your shorts on turning back around to face Jeff. “Do you think we are gonna get married someday?” You asked pulling him into a hug. “¿Quieres casarte conmigo algún día?  (Will you marry me one day?)” He retorted pulling a bit way to grin down at you. “Aren´t you suppose to kneel down and put a ring on my finger?” You teased and he rolled his eyes. “Te amo, mi amor. (I love you, my love.)” He mumbled kissing your lips softly. “Yo también Te amo, bebé. (I love you too, baby.)” You whispered back, burying your head into his neck. “When we´re married and have children we are gonna raise them with two languages, like my parents did. English and Spanish.” He pulled you closer into him, if that was even possible. “You want to have children with me?” you asked smiling into his neck. He hummed approvingly and run his hands up and down your back. “Of course Y/N, eres el único para mi. (You are the only one for me.)” he whispered, kissing your neck. “God Jeff, you are so cheesy.” You chuckled and suppressed a moan when he nibbled at your sweet spot. “Tú eres el único para mí también. (You are the only one for me too.)” He smirked against your neck, biting your skin gently. “Now you are the cheesy one. Pero te quiero por ello. (But I love you for it.)” He said smiling down at you. “I love you too, but now I´m hungry.” You said grapping his hand and pulled him out of his room, down the stairs. “I will follow you.” He said and you smiled at his words.

You laughed and he looked at you playfully offended. “You don´t believe me that I can flip pancakes?” he teased and you laugh, shaking your head no. “Ok then watch me, precioso mío.” Jeff moved wiggled his eyebrows and grabbed the pan. He tried to flip the pancake but it landed next to the stove. You laughed harder when he frowned at the pancake lying next to him. He turned around to look at you disappointed and you laughed even harder. “I swear I can flip pancakes. You can ask my mum.” He pouted at you and you smiled at him. “Oh baby, I believe you.” You said and kissed him. “Step aside, anciano, and let me try it.” You added, pushing him away from the stove. He looked at you and snorted at you. “Who do you call old man? When I´m an old man then you´re my old lady.” He countered and you smiled at the pancake in the pan. “Ok here goes nothing.” You whispered to yourself, before flipping the pancake and it landed in the pan. “You speak Spanish and you can flip pancakes, now I need to marry you.” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, placing kisses on the back of your neck. “Don’t make promises you can´t keep.” You mumbled, flipping another pancake. “Believe me, we will be married and we will have a house and at least two children and a dog.” He mumbled against your neck and you felt your smile grow. “At least two children, huh?” You turned off the stove and turned around in your boyfriends arms, with a big smile on your lips. “At least two, please.” He grinned at you, his one hand going from your waist to your ass, squeezing it slightly. “And until then we can practice.” He added, your arms were around his neck, while he squeezed your ass again before pulling you into another kiss. “But please not in my kitchen.” Jeff and you pulled away instantly and saw his parents standing in the doorway, suitcases in their hands. “Hey mum, dad. I thought you wouldn´t be back until this afternoon?” asked Jeff with an uncomfortable smile, his one arm still wrapped around your waist. “Hello Mrs. and Mr. Atkins.” You mumbled shooting them a small, but embarrassed smile. “Hello Y/N.” Mr. Atkins greeted you with a smile, while Mrs. Atkins looked at Jeff. “Well it got boring so we left a few hours earlier.” She answered Jeff´s question, who just nodded. “So Y/N, did you sleep here?” asked Mrs. Atkins with a small smile. “Oh, yeah we, uhm we were watching some movies and I fell asleep.” You lied; the activities from last night didn’t included watching movies. “Sure, wouldn´t be the first time.” Mrs. Atkins chuckled and you nodded smiling. “We just wanted to eat some breakfast.” Said Jeff with a smile towards his parents. He turned around, got two plates out of the cupboard and filled them with the pancakes you two just made.

After breakfast you and Jeff washed the dishes joking around, while his parents sat at the kitchen table talking about their weekend. “Deténgase, por favor. (Stop please)” You said pretending to mad, but laughed when he smeared soap on your nose. “Nunca, te ves lindo cuando finges estar enojado. (Never, you look cute when you pretend to be angry)” he said before kissing your cheek. You wiped the soap off of your nose, turning your attention back to the pan in your hand. You handed Jeff the pan and he put his into its place. “Y/N, podrías traerme una botella de agua, por favor? (Y/N, could you bring me a bottle of water, please?)” asked Mrs. Atkins and you went to the fridge, bringing her a bottle. “Gracias.” She sends you a smile and you returned it, before walking back to Jeff who stood amazed in the kitchen. “Mum, you did know that she speaks Spanish?” Jeff asked his mother, who just nodded smiling. “You too, dad?” he added and his father nodded as well. “But how?” This time he looked at you. “I told your mum a while ago.” You answered with a shrug. “You told them before me?” He asked offended and you laughed, caressing his cheek in a loving manner. “Sorry honey, it just came up and you were just too sweet thinking I couldn’t understand a word.” Answered smiling, placing a small kiss on his cheek. “Unbelievable.” He muttered with a frown on his forehead and a pout on his lips. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rubbed his back, resting your forehead against his chest. “Lo siento y Te amo. (I´m sorry and I love you.)” You whispered and you smiled when he placed a kiss to your head and wrapped his arms around you. “It´s okay, it´s sexy when you speak Spanish. You should definitely do it more often.” You breathe out a laugh and looked at him, adoring his features. “Only when I´m with you.” You mumbled, placing a small kiss on his jawline. “I hoped you would say that.” He mumbled before bringing his lips to yours. He broke away just moments later, taking your hand in his. He told his parents that you two would go to his room. Halfway toward the stairs he began to speak again. “Wait, that family dinner when my grandmother told me to marry you and I said I will definitely do it, you understood that too?” you mumbled a yes with a big smile on your lips. “That was a private conservation.” He said, his tone serious but you knew he was smiling. “It´s not private when I stand right next to you, dummy.” You laughed and began to climb up the stair. “Smartass.” He mumbled under his breath but you still heard it and snorted as a response. “And great ass.” He added and gave your ass a slight slap, which caused you to yelp and run up the stairs, him following close behind you. Let´s just say: He really loved it when you speak Spanish.

  • Victor: Chris help! I'm so Gay
  • Chris: *sigh* what did Yuuri do this time?
  • Victor: He smiled at me and the sun was hitting him so perfectly and he's so beautiful and perfect help I'm so Gay I want to marry him
  • Chris: Victor you two have been married for 2 years
  • Victor: I know but can I like EXTRA marry him? I want to be significantly more married to him than I am right now

Feel free to add. 

  • Boring opening sequence.
  • Donna doesn’t know why she and Jackie are friends for no apparent reason.
  • And keeps getting better by not actually caring about her or anyone but herself. And Randy.
  • Hyde’s villain mustache.
  • It’s been just a month since season 7 finale, why on Earth Kelso looks like if he hit the gym 24/7 for three years?
  • Fez/Jackie.
  • Hyde’s clothes.
  • Jackie pining for Fez. I’m going to say it again: Jackie PINING for FEZ.
  • Samantha.
  • No Eric, no Kelso.
  • What on Earth is Hyde doing married to a stranger and how he got to accept it so easily?
  • For some reason, Hyde suddenly doesn’t care of his friends either.
  • How’s that we were never told both, Jackie and Hyde, had half brothers? How is that this didn’t made them bond even more? What the fuck?
  • Jackie doesn’t fight Hyde about his bullshit, doesn’t even slap the asshole.
  • Hyde leaving drugs is a bad thing and his friends make an intervention so he will start consuming drugs again. It’s not funny. IT’S NOT FUNNY.
  • “Whorus maximus”, says ex-feminist Hyde.
  • The fuck is wrong with Fez’s super greasy hair, I–
  • Donna/Randy, Eric breaking up with her via letter for the most stupid reason ever after we got entire episodes in season 7 about how the distanse was not going to be an obstacle for them.
  • New guy suddenly is “the best”, is Hyde in love with him or what?
  • Hyde slaps Donna’s ass.
  • Red and Kitty are ok with a stripper living in their basement instead of, I don’t know, kicking their now fucking married son out of their house.
  • There was nothing wrong with Kitty’s hair, you suck, writers.
  • Jackie lets her romantic life be dictated by a fucking list.
  • Ridiculous dream about the beauty and the beast staring Jackie and Fez, when their “love story” is NOTHING like that one. It’s worse.
  • Is Kitty an alcoholic now? Ok.
  • Bob decides to leave town.
  • Donna doesn’t go to college and does actually kind of nothing with her life but wait for Eric, doesn’t go to college even after he breaks up with her and instead starts dating a guy she has met for about a month and keeps doing nothing.
  • Hyde yells at Samantha like his parents used to yell at each other to then have sex, because that’s healthy, alright. And the show makes it look like if that’s fine and good for their already unbelievable relationship.
  • Jackie constantly gets injured, humilliated in public, stepped on and fucked over. She literally gets green hair from her one true love, Fez.
  • Out of nowhere, Jackie thinks she IS a bad person and constantly says so and the laugh track is put because, for some reason, a girl hating herself is funny.
  • Hyde is married and nothing changes for him, he is still the same asshole living in his adoptive parent’s basement to the point the show kinda forgets about Sam for entire episodes.
  • Donna decides her new best friend is the stripper, because she wasn’t a bad friend already.
  • Zero chemistry between Donna and Randy. Fez and Jackie? LMAO, ridiculous.
  • Hyde’s beer belly.
  • That guy that took Hyde’s place and face.
  • Jackie’s sudden shallowness and other backwards steps, even wrose than her season 1 self.
  • Fez macho and playboy self, like, eww.
  • Caroline’s mental illness is still a joke, even more so now.
  • Donna decides to not tell anyone, not even Jackie or Hyde, that Eric broke up with her but tells new guy that is obviously going to get into her pants.
  • Samantha is actually married to an old man that could be her father.
  • Romantization of old guy-young sexy woman relationship right there.
  • Hyde is ok with everyone saying his wife is a whore and even says they can watch her take off her clothes but have to pay him, actually uses the phrase “Sam? What I told you? They have to pay ME first.” when insinuated she was going to strip for his friends.
  • Hyde calls Jackie a whore, a bitch, and other names after he couldn’t stan some random guy calling her that.
  • These people aren’t kids anymore and for the sake of jokes decide to do shit like stealing, proclaim drugs are ok, doing nothing all day but talk bad about the other and hold their life on pause because the show forgot they aren’t teenagers anymore.
  • Actually, all characters are worse than when they were teens.
  • Fez/Jackie (yes, it’s here two times).
Punish Me [a James March smut]

Request: Can u please make a James March imagine where he’s married to the reader & someone flirts with her & she goes along with it to tease him & he takes her back to their room & “punishes” her for seducing other men ? (You’re the best page on tumblr ILY.)

a/n: ok so i did smut, first time writing it so tell me if its good or nah and i might do more REQUEST CLOSED


Recently your sex life with James has been nonexistent. He’s been too busy mentoring John to even have a nice dinner with you. Tonight is the last straw. He hasn’t shown up yet and you can’t take anymore. You grab your ruby red shawl, draping it around your shoulders while you descend down the golden staircase to the lobby. A handsome man stares at you, smiling, and begins to walk towards you.

He hands you a shot glass, which you gladly accept. “I saw you from across the room and I just had to come talk to you.” He flashes his sparkling teeth, sitting down next to you. His jawline isn’t as sharp as James’, nor is his eyes the same, instead a mix between blue and green. “What’s your name, gorgeous?” He asks, putting his hand on top of yours.

“Y/N. And you, handsome?” You flirt back, moving your hand out of his and taking a chug of your shot. Your hand rests on his wrist as he tells you his name, slowly inching up his gray suit sleeve; his eyes follow your every move, watching with a smirk. “What would you say about going to your room to get to know each other?” You wink. He’s not your husband but you can’t help it, you need some release.

Before the man can answer, your husband towers over the two of you. His face is bright red and his brown eyes are a shade darker, appearing black. “I would highly appreciate if I could speak to MY wife in private.” He fumes, ripping your hand from the man’s suit and dragging you to the elevator. Teasingly, you wave your fingers over your shoulder; James rolls his eyes, shoving you in the small space. “When the doors open, I want you in our room, do you understand, dearest?” He purrs in your ear; you nod, sashaying out of the doors.

As you strut down the hallway, you make sure to sway your hips, smirking when you get in the room. Not even a minute later, the tan door slams behind James. His dress shoes pad on the carpet and he looks at you like an animal about to attack his prey. You cross your legs, sitting on the plush bed.

He peers down, pushing you back on the mattress forcefully. “Now, Mrs. March, what have I told you about seducing other men?” He grunts, running his big hands up your body; you gasp when his fingers plunge in between your breasts, ripping your black dress. A smirk tickles his lips, seeing you fully naked.

Whimpering while his nimble fingers hover above your breasts, you arch your back, aching for contact. “Not to.” You breath, raking your hands down his brown vest, popping the gold buttons.  “James, please, I need-” You gasp, feeling one of his long fingers dig into your sex.

Smacking your hand away, he tsks you, puckering his lips. The finger curls in a ‘come here’ motion and you cry out, balling the satin sheets in your fists. “You have been a very, very naughty girl. Disobeying my orders, flirting with other men in my presence… Tonight you will not touch me unless told otherwise,  or I will tie you to the bed and leave you, understood?” He snarls, biting your neck hard enough to draw blood; you scream, nodding. “Use your words, darling.”

“Yes, Mr. March!” You moan as he smacks your thigh. He smirks; loving the way his name drips from your lips. Ducking his head, he removes his fingers, popping them into his mouth and sucking your juices. After they’re clean, they latch onto your hips tight enough to create bruises. His tongue soon collides with your pussy, licking a long stripe up the center.

Out of habit, your hand flies to his hair, tugging on the short black curls. His tongue retracts in his mouth and he peers up at you through his thick lashes. “Darling, you disobeyed me again tonight.” He sighs, standing up on his knees; you shake your head. “Ah, what a shame;  I was enjoying myself…” He grunts, undoing his ascot from his neck and grabbing your wrist. You struggle, pulling away from the bedpost. “Alas, I warned you, did I not?” He groans, slamming your wrist to the wood and tying it.

You pout, other hand cupping his groin, making his breath hitch. Palming him, he grows aroused, leaning on the bedpost. “Am I being naughty to Mr. March? Is he going to punish me? Hmm?” You smirk, batting your eyelashes as you unzip his trousers. He glares at you, watching you pull his pants down, letting his cock spring free; hard as fuck. “It looks like he wants me just as bad as I want him, does he not?” You mock, wrapping your hand around his dick and pumping it once.

James moans, letting your wrist go. He lines up with your core, ramming into you at a fast pace, not giving any time to adjust to his size. A scream escapes from your lips and you tear his white dress shirt off, so you can drag your nails down his muscular back, surely leaving bright red marks. Sweat forms on his forehead with each thrust, slowly becoming sloppy. “You-are-mine!” He grunts, out of breath.

Whimpers leave your mouth while he empties inside you; his fluid mixing with yours. “James!” You shout; he thrusts into you one last time before pulling out. You both lay beside each other, gazing at the ceiling. “Mrs. March needed you to sex her up.” You pant as your husband smirks. Score one for James Patrick March.


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  • as much as seungkwan is a prince, who is charitable and loving to his people - he’s also a world renowned singer and entertainer
  • ever since he was young, the royal family had invested in tutors from around the world to cultivate his obvious talent 
  • and as much as some people might have thought it was “unfit” for a prince of a country to also be a celebrity,,,,,,,more people in the country supported him
  • because after winning a competition for singing, that landed him on international TV, people started to flock to the country
  • not only to be tourists, but to see seungkwan
  • who admittedly, was first sheepish about fame, but soon grew to be extremely good in front of cameras
  • like not only was he an amazing singer, with singles that climbed the charts, but he was funny and charming 
  • (and handsome beyond belief, even more so in person)
  • so it was no surprise he was gaining fans,,,,,and even if he was royalty,,,,he still signed t-shirts and posed for photos and made constant grateful gestures towards those who said they liked him
  • and ,,,,, singing has always made him the most happy
  • from singing in front of the entire country to singing in his shower in the morning
  • his parents were happy his career was bringing money to the country, but seungkwan was happy too - that he could meet other singers, people he looked up to 
  • and could share his voice with the world
  • every time he’d be traveling, he’d also be writing. ideas for lyrics and small poetry
  • when he was supposed to be taking part in meetings with other royals, they always asked for him to show off a piece of his song and he’d act blushy, but would sing it with ease if they really asked
  • one royal who had met seungkwan at a conference described him as always cheerful, but with a voice that could make you feel so many different things
  • honestly, one of his own bodyguards on the lowkey asked seungkwan for his signature so he could give it to his daughter and seungkwan not only gave it, but also told the bodyguard that his daughter could come see him perform for free if she wished
  • seungkwan had never seen a grown, ripped man jump for joy before that day hehe
  • and you’ve been friends with seungkwan since your mother was one of his singing tutors 
  • she didn’t have anyone to take care of you sometimes, so she was allowed to bring you to lessons as long as you stayed quiet 
  • of course being the same age as seungkwan,,,,he was quick to befriend you and when your mom wasn’t looking you two would make faces at each other or whisper jokes into each others ears
  • do kid stuff, that otherwise seungkwan wasn’t really allowed to do
  • and as you two got older it got more and more apparent that seungkwan,,,,,was lonely inside the palace
  • so even when you were old enough to stay at home by yourself, you insisted on coming along with your mother
  • just so you could be seungkwan’s company, that you could see he really really needed
  • at some point, you became allowed to visit seungkwan without your mother. you would walk around the giant gardens, visit the stables, play in the tennis courts, and sit with seungkwan in his huge bedroom - listening to him practice his vocals
  • you two were the definition of best friends,,,,,, until seungkwan got famous
  • he was always famous as the prince, but after winning that award he became famous as a celebrity
  • he had no time to idle around with you, and he didn’t even need lessons from your mother anymore
  • seungkwan tried, multiple times to invite you over, but last-second you’d receive word from a servant or seungkwan’s staff that he was busy - he couldn’t see you
  • which was why, when you got a note - in seungkwan’s unique handwriting - to meet him at the village bridge that night, you were ecstatic 
  • of course you had village friends, family members, and other people to hang out with but seungkwan had always been your best friend
  • he made you laugh the loudest, smile the widest, and in general he made your heart warm with his antics and welcoming personality
  • you wondered sometimes when you saw him on TV, doing interviews and singing, that sure he made people laugh and people adored him - but did anyone know him like you did
  • the afternoons in his room, listening to him fumble with lyrics, chuckle it off, then try again
  • you two would eat treats from the palace kitchen on the balcony, hidden from seungkwan’s parents and do impressions of royal guards or higher ups
  • seungkwan asking you what it was like to go to actual school, to have actual friends
  • your mother once told you that you shouldn’t fall in love with him,,,,which you had made a face at because ew,,,,we’re just best friends!!! but looking back on it,,,,maybe,,,maybe she was right
  • waiting on the bridge,,,you couldn’t deny the beating of your heart or the way the same mundane stars in the sky made you actually smile
  • and when seungkwan appeared, looking over his shoulder it took a lot out of you not to run over and hug him
  • “how have you been?”
  • he asked,,,,up close you could see his face was slimmer than before. he’d lost weight again.
  • “alright, you? i saw your performance from england on TV last night. is it tiring?”
  • seungkwan gives a small chuckle “nothing is tiring for me, you know i can handle anything.”
  • “you’ve always been the best”
  • seungkwan’s smile falters, and the usual sparkle in his eyes seems to have dulled
  • “i need to tell you something.”
  • you lean against the rail of the bridge,,,it’s fall and so you’re wrapped in a long sleeved sweater,,,,you notice that seungkwan is wearing only a button down shirt 
  • “ok, but aren’t you co-”
  • “im getting married.”
  • your breath hitches in your throat and you stare at him in silence as you try to process the last word of his sentence
  • married? aren’t you too young?
  • his eyes flick away from yours and he does a small shuffle
  • “i mean, im not getting married TOMORROW, but it’s going to happen in a year - maybe two. it’s to another famous singer, it was arranged by our parents.”
  • the explanation doesn’t stop the buzzing in your brain,,,,,married,,,,,,seungkwan,,,,,,married?? 
  • sensing your stare, seungkwan grabs the rails and goes “it’s such a nice night, you can see all the stars! that one, the little one looks like woozi, do you remember him he’s one of the sons of -”
  • “do you like them?”
  • seungkwan stops talking and looks over at you again
  • “woozi?”
  • “no, the person you’re m,,,marrying”
  • seungkwan makes a face, but doesn’t say no. instead he goes “i never thought about marriage till now. if it’s good for my country than-”
  • “i understand.”
  • seungkwan looks at you like he doesn’t know what you mean, but you only smile back
  • “i hope you guys grow to really like one and other. im glad you told me, ill be cheering for you.”
  • with that, you push off the railing and motion to the road you need to take home. seungkwan doesn’t move from his spot, but he seems to want to say something
  • you’re not sure you want to hear it so you say goodbye, that it’s late and he’ll probably get in trouble with the guards. seungkwans nods and you wave before walking away
  • you don’t hear him call out your name, softly under his breath
  • a couple of months pass and you get a package in the mail
  • half expecting it to be wedding invitations, you don’t touch it for a good week. till finally you decide it’s now or never
  • to your surprise, it’s no invited, it’s a stack of photos wrapped in pretty ribbon
  • you carefully take them out, one by one and see the photo of you and seungkwan
  • so young, happy, running through the gardens
  • another one is just you, you have seungkwan’s crown on your head that is way too big and you’re laughing
  • the other is of seungkwan, he’s wearing the same crown, lopsided from it’s size, laughing too
  • at the end of the pile is a letter;
  • thought you might want to see these, are you free to see me some time?
  • the signature is seungkwan’s and you place it back in the box. you’re not sure if you want to answer it or not
  • part of you knows that seungkwan has no choice in the matter of his marriage, when do royals ever do, but part of you is angry that he didn’t even,,,,
  • he didn’t even try to tell you that he might have feelings for you,,,
  • but the again you don’t even know if he does, you shouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t, but it still hurts
  • you sit at your desk,,,,looking at the paper and write ‘i want to see you too. tell me when.’
  • you get a reply, along with a card that tells you there will be a dinner hosted by the royals
  • your mother is even invited, along with other tutors of seungkwan and prior staff
  • on the evening of, you see seungkwan standing beside a gorgeous young girl at the top of the stairs
  • they’re laughing and her auburn curls frame her naturally pretty face
  • you make eye contact and quickly, you cast your gaze down
  • “at least there’s free caviar” you try to uplift yourself, but as soon as you manage to get to the display of delicacies at the other end of the room, someone grabs you
  • turning around you see the girl who was standing beside seungkwan
  • with an accent, she tells you to come with her and you don’t even manage to stutter out a reply till she’s pulled you out of the crowded room and into the desolate hallway
  • is she going to tell me to keep away from seungkwan? is this my last night? am i royally and utterly fuc-
  • “seungkwan loves you.”
  • you pause and go “e-excuse me?”
  • with a smile the girl lets you go and repeats herself, “seungkwan loves you.”
  • “no he do-”
  • a gloved finger comes up to hush you
  • “you have seen him on tv, yes? the smiling, the laughing, he told me he can only be like that because he thinks of the one person who makes him happy. it’s you. without you, he’s just - what is the word -”
  • “im a mess”
  • turning around you see seungkwan in the hallway
  • the girl nods, touching your arm gently again before disappearing to leave you two alone
  • “your fiance just told me you love me, so im not sure what is happening,,,,”
  • seungkwan walks closer and you can see in the dim light, the sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t there the last time you two met
  • looking refined, in a full suit with the country’s coat of arms pinned to his lapel, his crown - the same one in the photos fits perfectly, and the smile 
  • the smile that makes your heart do flips,,,,, is just for you, ,,, 
  • “she wasn’t supposed to confess for me, but i guess she took my spotlight”
  • he jokes, taking your hand
  • the music starts playing from the other room and seungkwan motions if you’d like to dance
  • “i would like to talk actually.”
  • “we can do both.”
  • with his hand on your waist, you and seungkwan turn through the empty hall
  • you look at him,,,swallowing your nervousness
  • “how can you love me if you’re going to marry her?”
  • “because my heart decided it, it was like ‘no seungkwan - you are going to be madly and forever in love with your best friend. not take backs’.”
  • you roll your eyes, but you can’t help the smile on your face
  • “but what about ,,, the marriage?”
  • “well first, tell me - do you love me too?”
  • he twirls you around and you stumble, but his hand catches you in time
  • “i,,,of course i do.”
  • seungkwan leans in, kissing your forehead and you’re sure there must be fireworks going off in your heart
  • “then we’ll make it work. watch.”
  • seungkwan takes your hand firmly in his, you follow clumsily as he walks back into the ballroom
  • without a word, he leads you up the staircase
  • in the crowd, you see the girl giving you a thumbs up, the shock on your mothers face, and the worry on the queen and kings
  • “excuse me, can i have your attention?”
  • seungkwan calls out when you two get to the top
  • the entire packed room turns, silent 
  • “a lot of the people here tonight mean the world to me. but someone means the universe, the world, space, beyond that - and it’s them,,,”
  • seungkwan steps to the side and everyones eyes focus on you
  • “i love them, and i want everyone to know now. in the future, if im going to marry anyone - it’s them.”
  • the crowd is quiet, but then breaks out into cheers. someone shouts out that young love is beautiful
  • your mother smirks to herself knowingly, and you’re pretty sure the queen has fainted
  • but seungkwan’s hand is warm on your cheek as he lean in to press his lips to yours
  • this time, the cheers of the people are the fireworks
  • and you can’t believe it, but your kissing your best fried - the prince
  • when he pulls back seungkwan whispers “that should take care of the arrange marriage, aren’t i genius?”
  • you giggle, telling him to stop being so funny but at the same time he’s right 
  • the next morning the entire country is bustling with news of seungkwan’s love confession 
  • ,,,,,,and his ex-fiance is apparently happy to be back in her own country,,,,with her own real love 
  • you almost die when you see a photo of you and him on the front page of the newspaper and your mother just points to it like
  • “i told you so”

so ever since i was a little kid i had this idea that the Hero of Time, despite all his adventuring, would want to settle down and live a quiet life afterward.

i can totally see him as the type of dude to just want to hang out with horses all day long. not a princess-marrying type, if you get what i mean. 

(i’ve had a lot of time to think about this ok)

phoenixrei  asked:

I want you to write a thing where Yurio is secretly the biggest victuuri stan but will never admit it because he has an Image to maintain

a list of things yuri plisetsky hates:

  1. first of all, the amount of stupid PDA in this rink is disgusting!!!! seeing the old man and katsudon eat face all the time is just as gross as *shivers* yakov and lilia kissing. keep that shit in the bedroom!!
  2. just to add, he hates the old man and katsudon more than anyone, JUST TO MAKE THAT CLEAR!!!!
  3. especially katsudon. yuri plisetsky does NOT have a secret fan twitter and tumblr and he definitely does NOT co-run the Official Katsuki Yuuri Fanpage on facebook and the Official Katsuki Yuuri Website
  4. being told he can’t do shit!!! yuri plisetsky can do what he wants and no one can stop him!! (except maybe his deda)
  5. people underestimating him or calling him The Next Victor Nikiforov like fuck that??? he’s his own person?? he’s much better than that loser, he’ll be a six time consecutive champion and beat all his records so hah.


pls marry me yuri @yuripstan
katsuki really let himself go lmao, how’s he gonna get off the ice w all that extra weight

#1 Yuri Fan @yuriyuriyuri
@yuripstan right???? it’s ok, our yurochtka will get gold for sure and show him who the Real Yuri is! Davai!

Victuuri is just a media stunt, I can’t believe you guys actually fell for it. They’re both old news and trying to keep themselves relevant.

ur OTP is fake @fakecouples
There’s no way that a couple can be that sappy or that in love. I’m declaring Viktuuri as Fake™, sorry guys.

Yuri Daily @yuridaily
lol i still cant believe viktor is going for another season. get off the ice grandpa, it’s time for the young ones to shine

saddest gay @gaysonice
@yuridaily !!!!!!! RT. viktor should just retire already

Yuri’s eye twitched.

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
@yuriyuriyuri @yuripstan lol first of all, can u land a quad flip??? or any jump at all??? fuck off, katsuki’s jumps r acceptable

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
@joekly @fakecouples seriously??? have u seen their instagrams??? they’re disgustingly cute. i WISH they were fake.

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
@yuridaily @gaysonice Viktor Nikiforov is a Legend and incomparable on the ice. Come back when u get gold in the olympics, k thanks bye.

a list of things yuri plisetsky loves would fight for tolerates, in no particular order:

  1. his grandfather
  2. his cat, puma tiger scorpion
  3. his best friend, beka
  4. yakov and lilia
  5. all the stupid skaters in this stupid rink
  6. the old man and katsudon, those losers.

Otabek Altin @otabek-altin
@yuri-plisetsky i think u forgot to log in to ur other account

can we just take a moment to appreciate this character and relationship development like when cas was first introduced on the show dean would insult him and he’d just tilt his head with a look of confusion like “humans are so strange” and now he’s been married to dean for 8 years so when dean insults him it’s like “fuck u dean at least i don’t look like a lumberjack guess ur sleeping on the couch tonight" and that’s just so beautiful

Enough (Bucky x reader)

Request: hello, may i request one where 40s!Bucky gets jealous when his wife spends a lot of time with this rich and successful business and Bucky becomes insecure because he couldn’t provide enough for her.

Warnings: jealousy; insecurity (I mean, same); arguing; angst (happy ending!); kissing

Thank you so much to the anon who requested this! I hope this is what you wanted and that anyone who reads this enjoys it :) 

Requests are open and so is my tag list -  just drop me an ask/message!

Bucky sighed, checking his watch again and glancing at the door, wishing that it would burst open and she’d walk in, with hugs and smiles and everything he needed. That’s how it used to be. When he and Y/N first got together, he couldn’t have been happier. Finally, finally, he had met the woman he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. It was almost rushed, he asked her to marry him within months of their relationship and they had even spoken of starting their own family - but good things don’t last long and as much as he hated to admit it, Bucky feared he was losing her.

Bucky had always been insecure about his finance troubles. He had taken on two extra jobs when he and Y/N became serious so that he could provide for her, and even sold a couple of his possessions so he could afford an engagement ring he thought she deserved. When Y/N told him she had befriended William Jackson, one of the wealthiest business men in Brooklyn, Bucky’s insecurities had gotten far worse. William would come to pick her up in a car that Bucky could only dream of, and she’d come home every evening telling him about all the posh restaurants the businessman had taken her to. It was painful, watching another man give the love of his life everything she deserved and everything he couldn’t give her.

Bucky’s head snapped up as he heard the door being unlocked; Y/N walked in, shopping bags in either hand and a wide grin on her face.

“Bucky!” she squealed “Will took me to the mall today and anything I even looked at he bought for me! I tried telling him not to but he wouldn’t listen – look at all this stuff, Buck!”

Bucky’s heart sank, a sickness manifesting in his lower stomach. God, it hurt. She was so damn happy and he had no part in it whatsoever. He forced a weak smile on his face, kissing Y/N on the cheek and admiring her as she flaunted her new dresses to him.

“Buck, can we go dancing tonight? I can wear this dress!” Y/N excitedly gripped her new favourite buy, practically shoving it in Bucky’s face.

“I’d love to, doll, but I gotta work.”

Y/N looked up, confused. “Work? The garage shut a couple hours ago and the restaurant don’t open ‘til morning, and…” Bucky said nothing, instead focusing his gaze on his muddy shoes.

“You got another job, didn’t you?” Bucky could only nod at Y/N’s realisation.

“No. Absolutely not. You already work three jobs, James! I never see you anymore-“

Bucky cut her off with laugh “you don’t see me anymore? Maybe if you spent less time following him around like a magpie after silver you’d see more of me!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’m sick of you being so obsessed with this guy’s money and forgetting about me, Y/N. I’m sick of you coming home and banging on about everything he bought you, knowing damn well that I could never do that for you. God, if you want the money that much maybe you should marry him instead!”

Bucky shut his mouth the minute his eyes landed on your clouded ones. Gone was the beautiful hue of Y/E/C that he adored so much, a lifeless pigment in its place. Tears fell onto her reddened cheeks, cooling her warm skin.

“Is that what you think of me? That I only care about money? Are you serious? Did it even enter your mind that I’m sick of being at home on my own while you’re out at another job? That I was get lonely? I don’t give a shit that Will buys me things – I certainly don’t care that you can’t – I just appreciate the fact that he’s kind, and he makes time for me. Maybe you could learn something from him.”

Y/N grabbed her bag and shrugged on her coat, refusing to look at Bucky whose jaw stood agape. “Doll…” he croaked “where are you going?”

“Me? Oh, I’m just going to Will’s mansion uptown to drink champagne and wear diamonds because according to you that’s all that matters to me.” Y/N stormed out without even glancing back at Bucky, ignoring the shouts of her name that followed her. Bucky collapsed against the wall, burying his face into his hands. He knew you weren’t like that. He knew you weren’t the type to only care about money; his jealousy got the best of him and now he’d chased away the most valuable thing he had.

Will had been kind enough to let Y/N stay with him for a little while. He offered to take her out, but she declined, Bucky’s words making her feel ashamed of taking up such an invite. Instead, the pair sat in the parlour of the huge house, listening to the radio and conversing in-between songs. Y/N put down her drink and looked up at her new friend, swallowing nervously.

“Will… do you think I’m only friends with you for your money? Or that I don’t appreciate what you do for me?”

William mirrored Y/N’s actions and placed his own drink on the large glass table in front of them. “Of course not! In fact, I think it takes me about 20 minutes to make you understand that I’m more than happy to pay every time we go out. You’ve been a great friend to me, Y/N, and I have never once thought that you were only around for my money. Hell, you barely let me take my wallet out the first few times we met up! What’s brought this on?”

Y/N sighed, ringing her hands together. She missed Bucky already, but every time she thinks of him she’s reminded of what he said to her, what he thinks of her. And it hurts.

“It’s… it’s Bucky. We’ve never been too financially stable and he hates the fact that we hang out, that you can afford things he can’t. He just got a fourth job, a fourth! And I tried telling him that it’s not necessary, that I just want to spend time with him, and he started shouting about how I should marry you if I want the money so bad.” Tears once again gathered in Y/N’s eyes, though she quickly smudged them before they fell. William sat beside her, pulling her into a warm hug and rocking her back and forth.

“I know it seems bad right now, but it’s gonna be ok. What Bucky said was wrong but he was jealous, and jealousy can be blinding sometimes. Don’t give up on what you two have.”

Bucky fastened his suit, turning to look at Steve with a hopeful look embracing his features.

“How do I look?”

“Like a jerk” Steve chuckled, even more so when Bucky punched him in the arm and scowled. “Sorry, I had to. But seriously, you look good, Buck. She’ll love it.”

“I hope so” Bucky grimaced, once again smoothing down his hair in the mirror.

Bucky arrived at William’s home, palms sweating as he took in the grand building. His nerves once again began to get the better of him as he considered the very real possibility that he’d finally pushed you away, that you’d leave him for the life of luxury you deserved.

Ignoring his thoughts, determined to at least try, Bucky rapped his hand on the large wooden door, the sound echoing inside. In just a few moments the lock clicked and Bucky was stood in front of him.

He felt about 3 foot tall as William faced him, dressed in a shirt and trouser set that probably cost more than all of Bucky’s pay checks combined.

“Is, uhm, is Y/N there? She said she would be.”

“She is, would you like to come in or…?” William offered, stepping back slightly in a welcoming gesture.

“No, thanks, I just wanna see her” Bucky gave a small smile, comforted by William’s hospitality. The man looked behind him and shouted for Y/N, looking back at Bucky with a sympathetic smile.

“What’s- Bucky?”

Y/N stood in the doorway, looking as stunning as ever and leaving Bucky breathless, as usual.

“I’ll give you two some privacy.” Y/N thanked Will, stepping outside and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Doll, what I said was completely wrong. I don’t think you’re the type to use someone for their money. You have shown me nothing but love and kindness and light and not once have you done anything to make me think you feel anything less for me than love. I just… I just wish that I could give you the life you deserve. I wish I could give you whatever you want, but I can’t, and it hurts so goddamn much that there’s someone who can. I started working more, trying to earn enough to treat you but I didn’t realise I was spending so little time with you… I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so goddamn sorry for everything I said to you and… and…” Bucky’s face contorted as a sob ripped through his throat, breaking his speech. Within seconds, Y/N had cupped his face and focused his delicate blues on her, speaking slowly.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay. Please don’t cry, love. I’m sorry I didn’t see how insecure you were. I’m sorry I didn’t make you see how much I love you, regardless of money, because we don’t need it. We could be the richest couple in Brooklyn, or the poorest, and I would still love you. You’re worth more to me than any dress.” She leaned forward, capturing his lips in a tender kiss that was so careful yet so powerful, forgiving.

Bucky leant his forehead on Y/N’s, eyes crinkling above his wide smile. “I know it’s not much, doll, but I thought we could go for a picnic in the park. I know it’s late, but they say the lake looks real good this time of night and I’ve already packed everything. I know it’s not a fancy restaurant or anything, but I hope it’s enough.”

Y/N smiled at this, nuzzling her nose with Bucky’s.

“You, James Barnes, are enough for me.”



soulmate! Jun (pt.2)


Admin note: AWWW TYSM LOVELY OFC YOU CAN. Jun’s was the first one we did, so both Seri and I love Jun’s soulmate au, it’s our baby, it’s iconic, lol. THANKS FOR REQUESTING AND HOPE YOU ENJOY. (might low key hint about the other part two’s who knows;)

recap: where your soulmate’s first words are tattooed on your arm (part one)

  • Jun likes to tease you
  • ever since that rainy night when you finally met him
  • finally met your soulmate
  • and everything suddenly fell in place and made sense
  • he just refuses
  • to give you back that extra umbrella you gave to him as you spoke the words tattooed on his arm
  • as often you’re over at the dance studio hanging out with him
  • or even the occasional times you’re at the dorm just chilling
  • he never brings up your umbrella, or when he might return it
  • and that’s fine, you don’t really need it
  • but he said he’d return it eventually and he hid it for now, which was just driving you crazy
  • “Jun, this is like the fifth time y/n, has checked the living room for the umbrella.” Minghao says laughing as you turn red and stop your rummaging through the couch cushions
  • “It’s not that I refuse to give it back- … actually no that's exactly what it is” Jun says from the kitchen shooting you a wink
  • turning even more pink you say
  • “Wen Junhui, what is your deal with not giving me back my umbrella!?!?”
  • “It just reminds me of you and how lucky I got that night for having lost rock, paper, scissors.” he says shrugging
  • which shuts you right up as you stare down at your feet, blushing again
  • “I’m still here guys, I didn’t need to throw-up my dinner.” Minghao says rolling his eyes
  • walking out of the kitchen Jun says
  • “Jealous?” as he wraps an arm around your waist to pull you closer to him
  • leaving the both of you a giggling mess and blushing like fools
  • Mingyu comes out of the bathroom armed with a broom to shoo you and Jun out of the dorm so you can stop infesting the place with the “love bugs”
  • as Mingyu calls the two of you
  • granted, you and Jun have been a couple for a while
  • he was the first of Svt to meet his soulmate
  • and wasted no time making it clear to everyone in Seventeen that you two were together
  • you both were the couple that everyone would have assumed had been dating forever
  • you might as well have been called that “old married couple”
  • with your random tickle fights when everyone was trying to enjoy their movie
  • “Really?!?!? Do the two of you have to do that now?”
  • “Keep your hands to yourself, guys we get it, you’re dating.”
  • “Making skin ship 24/7 is NOT NECESSARY.”
  • going shopping together not only for clothes but for random crap for your apartment or his dorm room
  • like that vase of fake orchids that now sits on top of your night stand
  • or this striped dress shirt you called him cute in
  • you also get asked a lot of relationship questions
  • since you’ve been dating the longest and you've been around for when all the others found their soulmates
  • “Do you know where I can get a stuffed animal bunny, y/n?” Joshua asks
  • “What place has the best flowers?” Vernon asks you
  • “I want to do something special, what’s a good date idea?”
  • which low key triggers Jun 
  • “Ok, if any of them come to you for advice with how to deal with their soulmates, tell them to get lost because you’re too busy spending time with me and they need to get their own experience.” Jun says playfully with a pout while sitting next to you on the floor against the practice room’s mirrors
  • “They really shouldn’t ask me, I probably don’t know any better.” you say with a laugh
  • “Good, once they realize you’re bad at giving relationship advice, they’ll leave you alone that way I can spend more time with the most beautiful person in the whole universe.” he said cutely giving a small nod of his head
  • “Yah! My advice is solid!” you say playfully smacking his arm
  • “Is it really?” he says jokingly earning another smack on the arm from you
  • dates generally end up him ordering coffee from your café
  • and the two of you walking around taking pictures
  • you often have Jun model for you
  • even though you can’t post or use any pictures of him
  • there was something about the way he held himself when posing in front of the camera
  • that you just had to capture it in all its glory
  • Jun himself is art 
  • he always convinces you to pose a few times too while he takes pictures
  • of course the selca master
  • the two of you take a lot of selcas together, you have a whole folder on your phone dedicated to selcas with him, and you’re each other’s home screens
  • “Sorry I can’t use you for my lock screen, but the other members would  tease us forever, and I’d rather preserve your sanity.”
  • lately though, all of Svt are really busy with their upcoming concerts and activities
  • and so you just low key try to stay out of their way
  • you’ll be working at the cafe across the street from their studio and catch yourself staring up at the window where you know they’re probably rehearsing
  • and perfect timing
  • Jun texts a simple “I miss you”
  • which nearly makes you spill the Americano you were making to smile down at your phone
  • before your manager asks what you’re smiling at, is making coffee funny all of a sudden?
  • and not seeing Jun everyday was a bit sad
  • you haven’t been feeling all that well either, though you’re not sure if it’s the stress of making coffee or trying to maintain your grades
  • since Jun is often busy rehearsing, you both stay up late face-timing
  • him telling you cute little stories about the members
  • and you telling him about your day
  • even if the both of you are exhausted
  • you don’t mind staying up to talk even if the both of you sometimes fall asleep on the phone
  • you especially like the story of how they burst into the locked bathroom to wish him a happy birthday
  • but for a college photography major
  • you need your sleep
  • and the late night call sessions weren’t helping your health
  • which is probably how you ended up in bed
  • with a horrible cold
  • and your brain pounding against your skull
  • “I welcome death” you groan taking another painkiller before flopping back onto your sofa bed in front of the TV
  • since money is tight and you like sleeping in the living room anyway
  • your bed is the sofa bed that folds outward
  • you fall asleep watching a drama and wake up to 267 messages
  • “Yah! Y/n! Your manager told me you took the day off? Are you sick?” Jun’s contact picture and messages are the ones that stand out the most amongst others
  • “Noona, are you ok? Jun-hyung is freaking out.”
  • “Yah, y/n pick up so Jun can stop annoying us all with his worrying.”
  • “I’m really sorry if we’re being annoying but please come collect your boyfriend.”
  • the struggles of being a soulmate to one of the members of svt?
  • all 13 of them will get your phone number, and rip if you don’t have a good data plan 
  • you can’t help but smile a bit to yourself as you scroll through all your notifications
  • when an incoming call from Jun lights up your cell
  • you reeeeeeeaally don’t want him to worry, so you start panicking and debating whether to answer
  • he needs to focus on rehearsing and avoid worrying about you
  • but you pick up anyway
  • and hearing his voice was enough to stop the incessant headache thank the lord
  • “Jun?” curse you and your dead sounding voice, you regret answering and omg he’s going to panic so much and
  • “How’d you get here Jun you have rehearsals?!?”
  • “Your manager said you were sick and so naturally I went to buy you soup, rehearsals ended like ten minutes ago.”
  • “Aw babe, that’s nice but HOW DID YOU GET MY ADDRESS?!??”
  • he chuckles into the phone
  • “I didn’t even ask your manager for it, he says he’s seen me before and asked why I wasn't  home taking care of you and why I don’t know your address yet even though we’re married.”
  • “HE WHAT?”
  • “He thought we were married.” you can hear Jun dying from laughter
  • “Remind me not to murder my manager, cuz then I wouldn’t get paid.”
  • “I mean, I’m ok with him thinking that we’re married.”
  • “Yah! Wen Junhui!”
  • “It’s cold hurry open the door!”
  • you drag yourself up with the five blankets wrapped around your shoulders not caring they drag on the floor to open the door
  • when you open the door, he stands there thinking you’re just the cutest thing ever with your nose red and so many blankets wrapped around you
  • he’s about to hug you
  • “STOP”
  • “What why?” he says giving you the cutest little frowny face
  • “I don’t want you to get sick too!”
  • “I don’t care let me take care of you.” he pouts cutely, knowing if he acts cute enough he might just get through to you
  • not toooodaaaaaay
  • “Wen Junhui we all know you’ll cry and blame me for weeks if you so much as sneeze once.” you tease him trying to laugh before you sneeze into your elbow
  • “Ok, yes that might be true, but I went out to buy soup so I have the right to stay.”
  • he looks at you standing barefoot by the door with several blankets wrapped around you, some of it dragging on the floor
  • holding up the soup, he gives you a cheeky wink
  • “The soup’s hot but I’m hotter.”
  • you groan, rolling your eyes, but smiling as you playfully throw a pillow at his face
  • “Hey that’s violence!”
  • it misses, Jun’s dodge could only be described as elegant
  • “Hey if I spill soup on the carpet, you have to clean it up not me.”
  • “How is this supposed to make me feel better?” you tease him, sneezing again and settling back down on the sofa bed with your mountain of blankets
  • “No, clearly I came here to annoy you.” he chuckles
  • you watch as he looks around your kitchen for a bowl
  • he pours out the soup and sets the steaming bowl at the dinner table
  • and before you can protest
  • he picks you up into his arms and carries you over to the table
  • then he sits down across from you with a smirk on his face noticing the gentle blush creeping up your face
  • “I know I’ve been busy lately, so I wanted to do something for you. And aren’t boyfriends supposed to take care of their other half when they’re sick?” he says hiding his shy smile behind his hand
  • you sit there, your heart racing from his words
  • “Hurry and eat! I’m not leaving until you finish.”
  • what a liar
  • he didn’t leave your side at all that night
  • insisting on carrying you back to bed and snuggling up against you despite your protests he might get sick
  • you both fell asleep like that
  • you wrapped around his arms, blankets piled around the two of you
  • until his phone blasts a loud alarm in the morning
  • Jun jumps up, almost falling off the sofa bed and you look at the time, before realizing
  • his phone starts buzzing and when he answers the call you can hear people screaming even though Jun’s phone isn’t on speakers
  • “You’re not as in innocent as we thought hyung!!!”
  • “I’ll fight you boy, if you did anything to y/n, Junhui.”
  • “WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.” Jun yells back into the phone while trying not to laugh
  • you throw another pillow at him
  • “I’LL BE BACK IN A BIT!” Jun yells before hanging up and immediately throwing his phone onto the sofa bed
  • “Ok so on the bright side, doesn’t look like they’re angry at you, but on the not so bright side I’M DEAD.”
  • “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t feel too sick anymore.”
  • Jun laughs and grabs your arm dragging you into a hug
  • “You can’t escape, you have to come explain things to them for me so I can walk around with my head intact pleeeeeeease????”
  • he wraps you up in his sweatshirt before the two of you head out to go back to the studio
  • walking into the studio, the both of you grip each other’s hands tightly anticipating the worst
  • “What if they actually kill me, y/n, I’ve got a lot of things to say to you though.” Jun says eyes wide and alert
  • “So do I Jun, but let’s discuss this if we do make it out alive.”
  • you both walk in to the practice room to twelve boys staring into your souls
  • RIP
  • an hour of screaming later
  • though honestly it was mostly them laughing and yelling and poking Jun every once in a while
  • they let the two of you leave, satisfied with their interrogation
  • “Jun-hyung, be good while we’re gone”
  • “No anything 19+ in the practice room, we need it for rehearsals.”
  • “Y/n is precious and innocent, if he tries anything, y/n, just give us a call.”
  • “Oh my god just get out!” Jun says flustered and shooing them away
  • ever since that incident
  • Jun and you never tell Svt when the two of you are going on a date
  • “You sure you can’t change your number, I’m ok with them not contacting you” Jun says over ramen at the convenience store on the corner looking dead serious
  • you stir your ramen and laugh
  • “No unfortunately, some of their soulmates know where I work, I’d never be able to escape.”
  • “Aish, them convincing their soulmates to work on the side of evil.”
  • “They’re all really sweet and pretty though, some of us hang out as friends now because of all of you, should we form an idol group too?”
  • “When would you guys debut?” he laughs
  • “I was joking, all of us can only take so much Svt craziness you know.”
  • “You love us though.”
  • “True”
  • “And they’re pretty, but you’re the prettiest.”
  • “Omo stop Junhui, you’ll actually make me laugh.”
  • “Last night, I had to convince Minghao not to tell them I was getting dinner with you because he caught me sneaking out, and now I have to do his laundry for a week.”
  • “Thanks for your noble sacrifice.”
  • “I know right, the things I do for you”
  • the two of you should be aspiring food critics
  • you’ve both been to almost every Chinese restaurant in Seoul
  • just because you know he likes spicy food
  • and try everything
  • him occasionally just staring at you
  • until you shove more food on his plate to get him to stop
  • you of course taking pictures of the food to post on SNS
  • yes, you’re that person at restaurants
  • standing on chairs to get a good shot
  • with Jun standing behind you, arms ready to catch you if you lose balance
  • and as the both of you walk back to the studio after a dinner date
  • it starts raining
  • and you’re silently cursing yourself for not checking the weather forecast when leaving your apartment earlier
  • but Jun magically pulls out the umbrella you gave him the night you met him and opens it above the both of you
  • “Oh my god, see, you knew exactly where it was and yet never gave it back.”
  • “Mian, I had to hold onto it.”
  • “Why?”
  • “It felt like a dream, meeting you. I had to make sure it wasn’t a dream, so I kept it as physical proof.”
  • you stop walking and face him as he stops too, still holding the umbrella above the both of you
  • “That’s hecka cheesy.” you say grinning
  • “Yea well, I’m naturally cheesy.”
  • “No, you’re cute and sweet and romantic.”
  • “Nah, you’re cute.”
  • you both stand staring at each other a little longer, near the dance studio
  • “Well, I’ll give it back tonight.”
  • “Why? Don’t need it anymore?”
  • “Nope, because now I know it wasn’t a dream. And every time I need proof, I’ll just look for you.”
  • and he lifts your chin up and kisses you softly, the sound of rain pattering around you
  • it’s not cold though, no, the warm feeling from the gentle kiss is enough to keep the cold rainy night’s cold away from the both of you
  • you don’t recall how long the both of you stay like that
  • but when you finally pull away
  • he gives you a cute smile while tilting his head
  • and gives you a wink
  • shocked the two of you turn around to see Svt staring at the two of you from the front doors of the studio
  • “Children, it’s 10 o'clock, way past curfew.”
  • “Mingyu, you owe me ten bucks, I told you he’d kiss her first.”
  • “Man, I really thought she would be the one to do it.”
  • “Shi- run!”
  • and you laugh as Jun and you chase the scattering svt members out into the rain
  • all thoughts of getting soaked or catching a cold lost in your moment of happiness

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


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Book Worm

One shot Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey guys! Still have to do everything on mobile, but sorry this is late I had work all day, but here is a seb one shot for you all!

Special thanks to the wonderful Kirsten for beta testing this!! It means a lot you liked it!! @serzhantkris

Y/F/B = Your favorite book

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“Oh and I had sex with a male prostitute and then I borrowed your underwear.”

“Mhmm sounds like fun.”

“Seriously?! Did you even hear what I just said Y/N?!”

“Uhh yeah…something about a new guy your with?” You smiled at her apologetically.

She rolled her eyes at you, letting out a sigh. “Y/N, when will you get your nose out of that book? You never hear anything, I’m surprised you still have your job!! What if something major happens and you miss it!” She insisted.

“Katie,” you chuckled. “Its not like some celebrity is gonna just show up and I don’t notice. Like who would miss that? And besides, I’m great at my job!” You retorted.

“Yeah, okay. Just don’t yell at me when a mysterious man sweeps me off my feet and you miss all the fun! Besides, how could one book captivate so much of your attention and one amazing gentleman couldn’t? I don’t understand you.”

“Yeah, in your dreams honey!” You snorted out. “To answer that question, on the other hand, Y/F/B is amazing!! If a man can keep me interested enough in a conversation rather than reading this book, well I might just marry him.” You shrugged candidly.

“Ok, I guess that’s fair, but you can’t continually shy away from men using books; I want you to be happy ok, Ms. Beauty and the Beast.”

“Okay, whatever you say Ms. Male prostitutes are my aesthetics.” You sassed back.

Reading was your favorite past-time, ever since you were a little girl. Your mother always read to you before bed time and you loved the fairies, goblins and dragons all perfectly placed into a whimsical story. Your best friend, however disagreed. She liked to find her fun in other people. Of course there is no harm in that, but with all the fictional character’s you’ve made friends with, real people didn’t always make the cut in your social life.

You were halfway through your book, the one you started 2 hours ago, when all around you people were screaming with excitement and leaving there tables at the cafe to run elsewhere. This didn’t phase you because you were too occupied with your book; you were so enticed by your novel, you hardly noticed your best friend yelling for your attention, then failing and leaving you behind to follow the crowd.

“Hi there, is this seat taken?” He asked.

“Oh, I think she left, go ahead.” You waved towards the empty chair, ignoring him.

He shook his head, laughing. “That must be one interesting book you have. May I ask what your reading?”

“Hmm? I’m sorry, did you say something?” You asked, barely peeling your eyes away from your book.

“I asked what book you were reading. It must be good enough for you to ignore all the commotion that just happened.”

You looked at the man sitting where your friend used to be. As soon as your eyes met his, you didn’t believe it. Were you dreaming? This isn’t real. Where was Katie?

“Oh my God. Your….no. Wait. What?” You fumbled your words out.

“…Sebastian Stan? In the flesh!” He exclaimed, flashing a smile at you and giggling.

“Wow. Ok, but why are you here? Like sitting with me? There have got to be more interesting people, I just totally ignored you over a book!” You rambled on, your cheeks growing hotter.

“Exactly.” He stated. “Not that I’m complaining, but you caught my attention when all this excitement happened when I showed up and you were sitting here with that pretty little nose stuck in a book.” He winked at you.

You started blushing, making your face more red and for sure noticeable. He seemed to notice this and bowed his head, laughing slightly to himself.

It stayed silent for a few more moments. You didn’t really know what to say to The Sebastian Stan. Well, nothing that wouldn’t make you sound like an idiot anyway. God, if only you could start over!

“Ok, I didn’t mean to make you feel like I was picking on you. It was fascinating to see you so interested. Ok, how about we start over? Hmm?”

The God’s are on your side!

“Hmpf. Ye-yeah…ok. Ummm,” You stood up, offering your hand. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

Taking your hand and bringing it to his face, he placed a soft, but warm kiss on it, making you blush profusely. “Its wonderful to meet you Y/N, I’m Sebastian Stan.” Giving you a toothy smile.

After that, it wasn’t so bad. He was very polite and extremely interesting. You forgot about the book altogether. Looks like you owe Katie. Where is she anyway?

Sebastian was super sweet and it was fascinating to hear about his career and all the fun he has. You made him start crying from laughing so much when you told him you were a nurse. He couldn’t believe it because of how you ignore everything when reading a book. Wow, him and Katie would get a long.

You both talked for a while longer. The occasional fan coming to say hi and take pictures, but his full attention stayed on you. Eventually, though, his manager called and he had to leave, but he didn’t rush your conversation; he gave you his number so that you could recommend more books to him.

“Well, I shouldn’t keep you any longer. And thanks for chatting, it was nice.” You bowed you head, blushing.

“Thank you for letting me, it’s nice to have a really conversation with someone sometimes.” He smiled back.

“Well it was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Stan.” You beamed. Offering your hand again.

He took it again and placed a kiss on It, looking into your eyes and letting it linger a couple seconds longer. “The pleasure was all mine Ms. Y/L/N.” His voice was low, and sensual. Your eyes grew a little wider, but tried to push it off. He stood up again and laughed.

He turned away from you, but stole a few more glances as he left for the studio. You never thought in a million years something like that could happen. What kind of story was this? You watched his car drive away and you shyly waved a goodbye. As soon as you sat down again your phone rang. You picked it up and saw a message from a number you didn’t know.

Would you want to start on a new chapter next time, my little book worm? ~S.S.

You smiled so wide it hurt. But, how did he even get this number? Still, you couldn’t turn down such a captivating adventure, plus you had a feeling this was one book you were sure to love.

Please let me know what you think! I’m sorry it was so long! But I’m thinking of doing another part, but only if you guys want to.

Hey Arnold: Analysis of Arnold’s perspective to Helga, and afterwards her confession in FTI

written by Nikki Pond

(This is honestly the third time I am writing this, because my computer shuts down and I lose whatever I typewritten earlier. I’m not going into details of Helga’s personality through Arnold’s eyes because I’m sure someone can explain. I’m analyzing mostly Arnold’s reaction to her. 

I know that I will never let this go, the temptation to analyze Arnold’s perspective of Helga and after her confession in FTI, how did he react and what goes through his mind. I want to do this for many reasons, mainly because I can see a lot of myself in Arnold (laid-back a bit, rational thinking, fairness and maturity) and I have personal experience being teased and constantly annoyed by a bully since Pre-K (and I’m in my senior  year and it honestly just occurred this year that there is something hidden there. Whoah, what a shock for me. I can’t help it. I honestly NEVER thought of my bully that way, and it only took 11 FREAKIN years for me to have that realization that there might be something with the way he’s acting). I may have shared Arnold’s dense, and trust me, I am very oblivious and dense when it comes to boys (no wonder the attention and teasing I get my whole 4 years of highschool and they are still doing it!!!). Anyway, so for me I can relate to Arnold, and put myself in his shoes. 

Before we go to Arnold’s reaction afterward FTI confession, I like to analyse what he thought of Helga before that. This is truly my interpretation and what I truly believe in the canon. 

We all know how those two meet since Pre-K. Arnold was 3 years old and showed kindness to Helga and complimenting her bow. I can imagine that he wanted to be friends with her, and subconsciously, he had been drawn to her and perhaps maybe a bit of a crush in just those moments before Helga had become a bully. No surprises if he had truly wanted to befriend Helga during those moments and show kindness (I honestly could see myself befriending someone who I could was practically drawn, though not necessarily attraction, and I still currently felt that to a new student who’s shy and I want to make him feel welcome and wouldn’t mind becoming friends. It’s more like you sense you could relate to them, like there is someone who might understand you). I think Arnold had been excited to go to Pre-K, and was little nervous about making friends. And he was also relieve to find someone who’s sort of the same boat as him, and he can’t help but help that person, and he knows instantly that he wants to be friends with her. That you sense she’s cool and someone you can enjoy hanging out.

Anyway, Arnold had been so confused when Helga became a bully, lost the shy little girl he first met. And it felt like that the whole time you thought of that person was wrong.That you don’t know that person anymore.

But somewhere between Pre-K and Fourth Grade, something made Arnold wholeheartedly believe that Helga had a good and caring side. I wouldn’t be surprised that there is a certain backstory that made Arnold determine now that he had evidence, even if that might be small and just brief moment that Helga is not truly mean, and she’s just hiding it behind the mask to hide her insecurities. It’s not just that his optimistic nature and that he believes that there is good in everyone. And it is in his being to show kindness and would help Helga, even if she constantly bullies him. It had might have occurred to Arnold that Helga’s bullying ways is little compare to the cruelty. He senses that she’s mean, but not evil and cruel.

But I do not doubt that that Arnold has never ever thought of Helga THAT way. I don’t think he’s ever in denial of feelings for her. He honestly didn’t feel for Helga at that point, but he is drawn and curious of her when Helga showed her moments and this complexity and issue, and if he had taken time to really think of Helga as a person. But he’s still annoyed at her, that he honestly just forgets of Helga’s good deeds. He doesn’t go around thinking of her all the time and questioning. Only when he encounters Helga, and sit down afterwards to think deeply. He had slowly figured out that Helga was wearing a mask and that she’s hiding her insecurities. But still, he’s frustrated when she’s being mean to him. Hahaha. 

Fourth Grade held a lot of moments that showed Helga’s kind and caring side. He had hugged her when she found his hat, that held special meaning to him. Helga had tried to comfort him when Lila told him she didn’t like-like him that way. When she warned Arnold about Summer. He might have given half-lidded gazes with a knowing look, almost satisfied that he is right on his beliefs and the warmth feeling that Helga’s kind side is showing, and that she did it in front of him. And that maybe, he’s a close step to knowing Helga and solve her. That he’s amused that he knows her a little better and that she’s all flustered and trying to hide that side of hers again. Hahaha.

And about the Thanksgiving episode, yeah they do bond and Arnold was relieved that he didn’t have to deal with Helga being a bully. She was much more…civil, and they bond together as they search for the meaning of Thanksgiving. Arnold is given another insight of Helga’s home life and her family, and Arnold had suspected it but not the full extent. I think in ways, after knowing Helga is tough girl, he believes wholeheartedly that her parents love her even if they are difficult. And that Helga could solve her issues with her family in time, that it would be solve, even when Arnold doesn’t know the real extent. It’s just in his eyes that he believes Helga can work it out with her family. He knows it’s complicated, and it probably serve as the huge factor and influence to the tough Helga G. Pataki she becomes. But at that point of the episode, Arnold was just looking to spend Christmas, together with Helga and learn the meaning.

And then in the episode, Save the Tree, about the treehouse, Mighty Pete. I imagine he looked at Helga eyed-wide and was glad that Helga had stood her ground and opinion, sided against her own dad to her friends. He was surprised and yet he his respect for her grew a bit at that moment. 

Still, Arnold does NOT go thinking of her. He’s not in denial or even had a crush on her. He does consider her as his friend and old classmate, someone he knows since Pre-K. And that there is a curiosity in him, and still has it in him to offer Helga his help of her issues. He’s annoyed by her bullying everyday, and frustrated. I think his belief that Helga is a good person, is more of spur moments when reminded afterwards her bullying to him when he really sits down and think deeply. He would try to really ignore Helga. 

But it does mean that subconsciously, Arnold may have been aware of Helga’s feelings for him and the deeper aspects of her (love of poetry), as it is proven in the episodes, Married and Arnold Visits Arnie. I don’t think I need to go deeper that somewhere deep down in Arnold’s mind, he recognizes Helga’s feelings for him and that kind of person she is that he can fall in love wholeheartedly and deeply. And consciously, he accepts in the afterwards of those two episodes that he might get along with Helga and that she’s OK. But that’s all. He accepts it and is OK with it. It doesn’t necessarily mean he has hidden feelings for her, just maybe caring for that person and you can accept that if Helga showed her true colours, it’s the kind of person that Arnold falls for (and I think this had occurred to Arnold mostly in the afterwards of Arnold visits Arnie episode. That he can work it out with her, though I don’t think he really thought that he would fall in love with her. Just acceptance if it ever happened and knows that it would be OK and he can work it out).

Hahaha. He can’t help but give her a hug, so relieve. I’m not going to analyze that deeper, and I’m sure somebody explained this. Though I don’t necessarily think he went to Helga. She is the one who first approached him, and he just went with his instincts because she’s near. That ‘nightmare’ gave him a push, something in him, his subconscious just wants to hug her. He is so relieved that it’s just the way it is and knows. The Helga he knows. 

But he does not have crush on her. What he felt for her is platonic. I do believe he genuinely had crush with other girls like Ruth and Lila. Hahaha. Even after he had his first kiss, which is with Helga on the whole Romeo and Juliet, I think he was more focused of her skills and talents than as the fact of possibility Helga likes him. He learnt that Helga is a good actress, and wondered why she took long to kiss him. Hehehe. If it had been me, and my bully kissed me longer for a play, I would have wondered as well, but it hadn’t occurred there might be something. You’ll just brush it off and forget it. Nothing big, really. That’s what I and Arnold imagined going through our minds. No big deal, really. 

And there are moments when Arnold had been confused when Helga acted all flustered and strange (And I’m talking about when Helga is giving herslef monologue or giving him the dreamy looks). And in his subconcious, it figured out that Helga like him-like him. 

And finally, in Hey Arnold: The Movie, when Helga confessed. It had been very out of blue, and it totally shocked Arnold. You’d be staring at your bully eyed-wide, really like you don’t know what to think. So very unexpected, especially the kiss. Hahaha. And with all that’s happening in that, Arnold had to push it back on his mind and save the neighborhood. And when the time came, that it’s all over. Arnold had been awkward, very unsure and flustered at what happened earlier. 

He now had minutes to really think about what she said. He still wasn’t given enough time and very left confused at how to respond that. It hadn’t really sink in. He went a little blank, and he knew without a doubt if he had answered her confession or that he replied that he needed time, it would be very awkward and their relationship between them will change. Arnold needed an escape a bit, he just wanted to get rid of the awkwardness between them and the only way is to get everything back to the way it was. He went a bit on his instincts here, but he also was curious of what’s Helga’s reaction if he gave her a leeway. 

After Helga quickly took back what she said and they both agree it was the ‘heat of the moment’, like that they truly believe it. But Arnold knew better as he gave her a half-lidded knowing looks, as if once again, he knows better and is satisfied that he solves Helga’s complexity but also amused of Helga’s act as a bully. He’s a little relieve to see the familiarity and normality, like he just has everything the way it was. I do not doubt in my mind that it has never occurred to Helga that Arnold didn’t outright reject or accept. She believes he’s dense and a goody-two shoes. She’s too relieved that she escaped from that and that her football-headed love of her life doesn’t know.

But the two parties knew what Helga confessed is the truth. And Helga doesn’t know Arnold has thought of the FTI confession much more afterwards. 

With given time, Arnold had a lot to think now. He had quickly realized that he might have given both themselves an escape, and that he questioned himself why he didn’t really confront Helga about that. Something held him back. One of the main reasons why, and I think this is the very main point that held Arnold back, and this is something he consciously concluded, I think when Arnold learnt of Helga being Deep Voice, and what she had done was amazing and did it for him and most of all, she did it secretly. That’s what hit Arnold that Helga tried to hide her good deeds and wasn’t arrogant or gloated about it. It spoke volumes that Helga does not desire fame, money or everyone’s attention. What she did was selfless, and did it for him. And just in those moments, he had admired at her with awe. He felt she did something amazing, and it’s sort of the least he could do for her. But it was also more that her ultimate good and amazing deed is what held back from Arnold rejecting her completely.

But also, he had been shocked and frustrated. That knowledge had been very out of blue and left him very confused. He didn’t really solve her, and there are more questions about Helga more than ever. That Helga loved him yet she still bullies him and it left Arnold so annoyed. It probably drove him mad a bit even in his sleep, and he is force to put that memory in the back of his head and talk to his Grandpa maybe. I’m not really sure if that is something Arnold would share to someone or even his best friend Gerald. But he’s left very confused in his mind and in a inner battle of this mysterious Helga G. Pataki. 

And before Fifth Grade, assuming the movie was set during summer after fourth grade, Arnold decided to listen to this advice, and I think his Grandpa said it = Follow your instincts.

So by the time he encounters Helga again, it’s all normal between them. Arnold felt a little free, and in the back of his mind, he wants to let it all play out naturally and see where it goes between them. For now, Arnold just wants to be friends with Helga and still offer her his help. 

He’s following his instincts. 

He decided that he would approach Helga much more differently than his other crushes like Lila and Ruth. He had learnt from those experience and he has to play it out, that’s the advice he has to follow when it comes to love and relationships. He just wants a clear mind and see if he might reciprocate her feelings, and give himself and Helga time to think. He’s not really leading her on, his goal is the same as before, to try to be her friend and offer her his help.In a way, he has to pretend FTI didn’t happen. Also for the sake of his sanity. But he’s accepting that possibility if the two ever did become a couple, he just needs to get to know Helga and have her guard down. One step at the time. But I don’t believe that’s what he thinks all the time or goal to see if he has feelings for her. He’s following his instincts and just pretending FTI didn’t happen. He wants it naturally. He’s just accepting the possibility but he needed a reason. 

But it’s more after learning a lot from his old crushes (Ruth, Lila, and Summer), that he has to be now more sure and careful of his love and who he gives it to. He’s not exactly protected heart as Helga, but he’s getting much more cautious. He’s being cautious with Helga, but not overthinking about it with intentions. It’s more afterwards with Lila, Arnold has to identify between “falling in love with the idea of someone” and “really falling in love with someone”. So pretty much after he gave up on Lila, he’s careful but pretty much open-minded these days. 

I imagine afterwards the FTI confession, that Arnold does watch Helga a little more closely and tries to figure out when they passed or encounter. Helga would do something amazing and show once again her kind side, and she would quickly cover up as Arnold was left a little amaze to see that side of her. Arnold may be able to tolerate Helga a little a better, but there are a lot of moments when he forgets about that kind side of her and her confession and is just frustrated at her bullying him. I imagine Arnold starts to doubt what Helga said is true and wonders why she is still bullying him if she has feelings for him, so it became much a little easier to pretend FTI never happened. 

April Fool’s Day, is the only episode we get to see what’s Arnold’s perspective and reaction afterwards of the FTI confession (no, no, we are not including The Journal, since we didn’t see how Arnold reacts to Helga) He was annoyed and went to a breaking point, deciding to get back to her. He forgets in that episode what Helga felt till after he accidentally blinded her, that he had remembered of Helga’s good side. The good guy he is, he of course felt guilty and offers to help her. For once, he felt he was really taking care of the real Helga instead of a forgetful amnesia Helga. But it was a bit tiring for Arnold. He couldn’t believe he sunk that low in her level. 

And when he learnt that Helga was faking it, he decided to get back at her by pushing her to the pool. But he needed to really distract so he tango with her. I don’t think he truly thought of distracting with intention of knowing that he would use her feelings, at least consciously he didn’t. His ultimate goal was to get back at her and distraction. What better way than pull her much closer to him. He was smug with the whole dance, satisfied that he knows what’s coming and that HE has the control over her. He was enjoying the dance, no denying and was flirting with her. But he was not intentionally using her feelings, it is just happening and he’s following his instincts. He doesn’t know why he’s being much more…sexual and close and being a bit husky, but he feels like he’s playing the game and he’s in control. He’s releasing his frustration at her through tango dance. But this is also for the second time, probably, where Arnold stands up to Helga and be very firm. In ways, they became equal. Arnold had decided to be Helga in a way. And he learnt a new side of him (or as you guys prefer to call it, Dark Arnold, but Arnold is not really going to think about it that much except that he had a good time with Helga). Hehehe. I think he and Helga shared a good laugh and it felt like a truce in the end of the episode, at least, for the day. 

Afterwards that episode, I believe Arnold had been surprised at what he did, playing that memory of tango dance again and again, and he is analyzing why did he flirt and dance with her much sexually. He was reminded once again of Helga’s feelings for him, and he slept peacefully at night, accepting once again that he did enjoy dancing with Helga. And that just maybe, maybe, he does feel something for her. And that’s the moment where he finally admit to himself. 

He had flirted, and dance with a lot of tension, and filled with excitement and the mix of the good feeling of finally getting back with her. And yeah, a lot of tension and maybe sexual, simply releasing all the frustration between them.  

In all honesty, I don’t think he truly was worried about him and Helga being a couple or the remote possibility THAT much. He may be confused, frustrated and just wants damn answers from her. But I don’t think he’s really worried that one day, he would have to answer if Helga has confessed her feelings to him AGAIN or make the first move. He’s not expecting it, probably. He has plenty of time to think and wait for a serious relationship. At least, he’s not TOO worried about Helga demanding if he does return her feelings once she confessed. But I think he’s also expecting it. He expects in few months or years, Helga will come to him and confess when she’s ready. If she did a couple of weeks or months later after the film, by THEN Arnold will answer that he needed time. He’s not going to completely brush it off, accept nor reject her. I think it sort of depends how Helga acts around him. 

He’s being mature, a little cool and laid-back and letting it all play our and see what happens. Especially, he never knows if what Helga has for him was a phase or something. It’s like if the time comes, the right moment, it would happen. He’s not going the way he did with his old crushes, that his usual advice might be if you like-like someone, then tell them. He’s not traditionally doing that with Helga. I think at that point, he really just wants to be close and have friendship first before remote possibility to ask her out on a date. It’s still his goal and what comes first to his mind. To be her friend and understand her a little better. He’s a little platonic, but he’s open minded of the possibility of like her-like her. 

I don’t think he could outright confront her and demand that she just admit her feelings to him, at least during Middle School. It’s would be a little hard to predict if Helga would mature and let go of her tough bully thing. If she let her guard down, I do not doubt that Arnold would be drawn to her. 

(In theory if TJM didn’t happen, if there is a Season 7 and set either in fifth or sixth grade, I think Helga and Arnold might possibly hide their feelings. Arnold would reach the point that he has feelings for Helga and has admitted to himself, but he’s hiding it. That is, if Helga hasn’t make a move.)

So that’s my analysis of Arnold’s reaction and perspective of Helga and the post-FTI confession. One that will lead to TJM (coming 2017) where we’ll finally have Arnold reciprocate Helga’s feelings. That movie will be the final push, one that made Arnold felt he had a reason now, and will have the courage to make the first move and have his eyes open and see what an amazing person Helga is. I honestly hoped it wasn’t just Helga saving his life or doing some ultimate sacrifice thing. I hope it starts small. I mean, I honestly hope in that movie, Helga decided to have her guard down a little and that maybe when she and Arnold alone, she shows her true colors and Arnold felt that he’s finally getting to know her and some emotional connection between them. Next thing they know, they are running and hiding through the jungle. And blah, blah, probably Helga saving his life or something, and Arnold’s eyes open and will attempt to kiss her and be interrupted by Gerald maybe. 

His eyes will open and will finally see that Helga is the one for him, and the kind of person he would fall for. That what she did was truly amazing, and yet he will always be intrigue of her.  After that, I imagine they dated and get to know each other. Arnold admires her even more and learns the full extent of her family issues. And there would be bumpy rides between the two.

Conclusion: Somewhere deep down, Arnold did have repressed feelings for Helga. He hadn’t been aware and it hadn’t fully developed, but subconsciously recognizes a real connection to Helga. That there is part of him that is very drawn to her, and it was meant to head into that direction as long as he gets to know the real Helga. The more Helga has her guard down and the more she acted much more amazing deeds, one that is very UNFORGETTABLE than those small ones (like Helga thanking him sincerely, showing understanding after what he went through). Saving the neighborhood was one big step that even overcomes her tough bully act and make you see the person a whole new light. Arnold’s eyes opened as he starts to really pay close attention and really taking note of the person she is behind the mask and the good deeds that are purely selfless and compassion with generosity, the more he starts to fall in love with her. Or like her-like her. 

Hehehe. You might have to wonder who’s really mature about love here between the two?

P.S - You know, in the episode Married, right at the end of what Phoebe pictured. THAT is what I genuinely believe will happen and how Helga and Arnold turns out in the future (yeah, I do believe that’s how they look like and Arnold will always be a couple of inches shorter than Helga. Hahaha) I do truly believe they are meant for each other, just as Craig says so. And I do believe Craig put that one there as a hint and hope and a message to us all Helga/Arnold fans. They’ll be ups and downs, but they are meant in the end to get married and have children, no matter what. They’ll find their way to each other. 

That’s my analysis folks! :) See ya when TJM comes next year 2017. 

BTS reaction to their daughter wants to marry them

Anonymous said :

Can I have BTS reaction when their 5-year-old daughter says she’s gonna marry them when she’s grownup because they are just so perfect? Thank you 😘

Hi darling~thanks for requesting !’s your requested ship and I hope you like it >< .

P.S : I read it ( 3-year-old ) ,I don’t know if this affects but in case you found something strange ;) .

Jin :

Jin’s daughter was setting on her father’s lap while he was doing for her a braid she asked him to do ,why ? ..because she is her dad’s model and bestfriend ,and he will never refuse an order from her ! .

She stood in front of the mirror to see what her dad made ,but she was so short to even see her forehead ,Jin came and held her up between his arms .She looked at her hair and smiled brightly ,that smile which lights Jin’s day and make him the happiest father ever .She looked at him and kissed his cheek , with a childish keen tone she said :

“ You are the best daddy ever !” ,that made Jin look proudly at himself in the mirror .

“aren’t I ? ..and now ,because I’m your perfect dad ,what will you do for me ?” He said with warm eyes as he kissed her chubby cheeks .

“what I will do ? ..ummm ” she said while looking at her fingers ,it’s a habit to look at her fingers and move them randomly while thinking ,that was the cutest thing Jin has ever seen .Then ,with wide eyes and a huge smile she said .

“I’m going to marry you when I am 23 !” ..she said while pointing at his nose .He had that shocked face and weird smile ,then put her on the ground .

“ohh babe ,I know I’m that pefect and you won’t find someone like me but .. you can’t marry me ! know why ? ,because you will be always your perfect dad’s princess ! ,let’s make some cupcake !” .

Suga :

When Suga has to make or produce a new song ,it’s so normal to see his daughter next to him in the studio ,because it’s her favorite time ,and he likes to spend time and share his achievements with her ! .She was on his lap that day when he finished making the song and decided to let her play with the piano or ,teach her how .While pressing randomly on the keys and laughing at every sound she was hearing ,she asked him .

“daddy ? know how to play on this thing ?” ..she asked while looking up at him ,so he looked back at her .

“yes baby-girl ,this thing called the piano ,and those are the keys ,and I think I can play for you anything you want !” She smiled widely and looked admiringly at him .

“ohh ,really ? you can play that song in Tom and Jarry ? ” she asked while waiting for his answer with wondering eyes .

“yes I can ,listen to this ! ” , he started playing professionally and she was so shocked yet so happy because of his skills .She hugged him the moment he finished ,so he did back ,then looked at him and said :

“can I marry you ? so you can play it for me everyday before I go to bed ? ” ..she said in an innocent way ,so his gummy smile suddenly showed up .

“and why ? ..I can play it for you everyday before you go to sleep even if you didn’t marry me ” he said while playing with her hair and smiling ,so she pouted .

“NOO ,I’m going to marry you ! ” she said while burying her face in his chest .

“as you like my angle ” ..he said as he started playing the song all over again .

Rap Monster :

It was the learning hour ,as Namjoon was calling it .Him and his daughter ,everyday ,were sitting to the dinner table as he was telling her about random things in the world or history ,anything she wanted to ask ,he was there for her to answer  .One day ,he was telling her about the history of the T.V ,in a very simple way ,so her small mind can understand .

“and then the colored T.V was in every house in Korea ! ” ,he said while swiping some photos in the iPad ,he always used visible tools to teach her .Suddenly she asked with opened mouth :

“waah dad ,how do you know all these things and they happened before you were born ?” ,he giggled .

“well ,books and helpful websites are available for anyone !” ..he said as he placed his chin on his hand ,so she looked at the library in the other side of the room .  

“so you read all these ? ” ,he nodded with a shy smile ,so she shouted with her eyes locked on the books with shocked face .

“I HAVE THE BEST DADDY EVER !” ..then she stood on the chair and hugged him ,so he did back .

“you know you can read these too ? ..and maybe more ? ,so you can learn about anything in the world ?” ,he said as he pointed at the bookshelves near them .

“NO ! ..I hate reading ! .. ” she said as she locked her arms near her chest with a frown .

“baby ? ..and how do you imagine to learn about what you want ? ” he said with a stunned face ,she took a minute before she found the solution .

“I can marry you ! you can always read books and give me learning hours !” ..she said with a huge smile ,he giggled at her childish thoughts .

“but you know you have to love reading now or then ! ” ..he said with a warm smile which showed his dimples .

“ok ,but I’ll marry you anyway ” ,she said as she smiled brightly and opened the iPad again .

“now tell me about the history of dolls  daddy ! ” she said as she showed him a photo of her teddy bear and sat to hear his lecture .

J-hope :

He was teaching her some simple dance moves in the practice room under their house .She loves to see her dad dancing in a professional way ,so she got jealous and wanted to be as good as him .That moment ,when she was in her dancing clothes ,she entered the room and he was doing some break dance moves in an amazing way ,with her penguin walk she ran toward him as the music was finished ,so he held her and swung her in the air ,which made her giggles get higher and higher ,she screamed the moment he stopped .

“YOU ARE AMAZING !” She screamed as she hugged his head .

“ohh and you are a perfect daughter ” he said as his dimples were shown and he kissed her cheek a long one .

“dad ? ..I want to marry you when I grow up ” she said with a cute tone ,so he laughed so hard .

“ohh babe ,you can’t marry me ,cuz you are my little princess ” she frowned ,as if she was that close to cry .

“but dad ,I want to learn those dance moves when I grow up !” ,he held her closer .

“and you will learn them ,you don’t have to marry me ,mom will get mad ” he said with a huge smile .She giggled ,they always used  to talk about you in your back ,that made her laugh so hard .

“ok ,but promise me you’ll teach me this dance ! ” she said as she started to whisper so you won’t hear .He nodded and went to the player .

“I promise ,and now ,let’s dance a little ! ” .

Jimin :

He was sitting near her on her bed before she fell asleep ,talking about how you both met, fell in love and got married .As she was smiling ,hugging her teddy bear he finished and said :

“then you were born and our life became totally perfect” ..she smiled

“I like it ” with a simple whispering way she said it ,which made him take a quick kiss and whisper :

“yes me too ” ..

Then she started playing with her teddy’s hands in a cute way ,he smiled again and said :

“I know you have a question ,ask ..” , she mumbled after he finished :  

“you said you love mom so you married her ?” She said while staring at the wall .

“yes ,if you love someone you should be loyal and love him forever ,and that what I wanted when I thought about marrying mom !” He said while patting at her hair ,so she looked up at him .

“so ,can I marry you ? ..because I love you ?” She said with an innocent look and shiny eyes .He giggled which made his eyes turn into two black crescents .

“ohh babe ,I love you too!” He said as he stole a kiss from her cheek .

“so can I marry you ?” ..yes he tried to make her forget that question cuz he didn’t know how to answer ,so he made a weird smile and got up .

“sure babe ,any time ,go to the dreamland ,good night angel !” he said as he waved for her ,got out and shut the door behind him .

V :

They were watching a family series they used to watch everyday ,when a marriage scene came and and she shouted out loud .

“I HAVE A DRESS LIKE THIS DAD !” ,he giggled and looked down at her ,being silly till the max :

“yeh ,you should get married too !” ,he threw that sentence and didn’t realize that his daughter was thinking about it the whole time ,so she suddenly stood up ,turned off the t.v and looked at him with a smile .

“I want to marry you dad !” ,a boxy smile made its way on his face ,then sat and looked warmly at her .

“why ? still a little cutie ” he said while squeezing her cheeks ,which made her pout :  

“but I want to wear that dress and get married ! ” ..he kept looking at her with a smirk on her face , a while and he said with a keen happy wide smile .

“you wanna get married ? ” she nodded with a smile ,so he took her and entered the room .

“then let’s get the bride ready ! ” ,she didn’t know he was planning for a new game ,when he got her ready from head to toe ,then changed to his formal suit and started a photography session like a real bride and groom ,and she was having fun doing it too ! .

Jungkook :

Kookie and his daughter sat on the grass ,admiring the sky and talking about the clouds’ shapes when his girl looked up at him and said :

“dad ! .. I want to marry you !” In the cutest tone and the most innocent way ,he used to hear this tone when she is that happy ,so he couldn’t resist but smile ,we can’t ignore the fact that he got nervous and shocked from his daughter’s sudden comment but ,that didn’t stop him from enjoying his girl’s childish thoughts and have fun while she is in that spontaneous age ! .

“ohh ,wh- ..why ?” He said with a hesitant voice ,so she looked down at her dress and said ..mumbling :

“because ..because you said you married mama because you love her ,and I love you !” ..that moment Jungkook couldn’t control himself but smile widely his bunny one ,super happy because how his daughter thinking so highly of him .

“ohh ,ok ..I’ll marry you ,but we need to ask mom if she agrees ” yes he was surprised but in the same time he was so glad of the way his daughter expresses her feelings ,so he kept admiring her as she ran straight to you to ask for your permission .

GIFs are not mine .

Requests : Close ! 

-Admin K .

Take Me Home

Oh the fluff…SO much fluff :)  Just a one shot with juice and fluff because why not :)

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

“Juice!”  You hop off the bar stool and jump, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Jesus, Chibs.”  Juice catches you quickly and stares at him.
“Juicy boy, she’s fine one second and then giggly the next.”  Chibs shrugs and takes another drink.
“Juice, baby, I’m fine.”  You pat Juice’s cheek lightly as he starts smiling.
“Uh huh.”  He mumbles.
“Where were you?  You missed all of the fun.”  You ran your fingers over his head, smiling and tilting your head as his eyes close.
“I just got back from a run, remember?”  Juice kisses your hand as it falls to his cheek.
“You’re right.”  You smile and hug him tight.  “You were gone for so long!”
“I was gone a week.”  Juice laughed at your dramatics.  He always found you adorable when you drank, which wasn’t often.  “What brought this on?”
“She challenged me to shots, which I forgot how much of a lightweight she is so,” Chibs motions towards you.
“I needed a distraction.”  You nuzzle into Juice’s neck and pull back, prodding at your own face, “baby, my face is numb.”
“Always is when you drink.”  Juice runs his fingers through your hair as your smile widens.
“Yeah it does.  You know what else happens when I drink?”  You hold his face in between your hands.  His smile widens to the impossibly big smile, your favorite, causing your cheeks to redden and heart to flutter.  A Wendy’s bag appears in front of him and you scream out.  “Potatoes!”
“Yeah, potatoes.”  Juice kisses your cheek and you giggle.  Chibs snorts next to you, watching the scene.
“Hey.  Are you numb?”  You turn to Chibs and poke his cheek.
“No, love.”  Chibs smirks while he holds your hand and kisses your knuckles.
“You’re Irish, you don’t count.”  You pout and Chibs laughs.
“I brought her car for you.  Just leave your bike here, I’ll take care of it.”  Chibs talks to Juice while your pointer finger traces his scar on his left cheek.
“I’m sorry this happened to you, Filip.  You didn’t deserve it.”  Your arms close around the back of his neck as you hug him tight.
“Thank you, love.  I barely even remember they’re there.  Don’t worry your pretty little mind about it.”  Chibs pats your back and lightly moves you to Juice’s arms.
“Hey.  We should go get a dog.”  Your eyes brighten.
“We have a dog, babe.”  Juice nods to Chibs and begins walking you to the car.
“Shit!  You are so right.  He’s so snuggly.”  You rest your head on his shoulder as you walk, “you are so snuggly.”  You trip over your own feet and grip onto his arm, your eyes going wide.  “Oh my god I’m so sorry.”
“You alright?”  Juice snorts.  He opens the door to your truck and helps you sit in the passenger seat.  He starts to back away until you place your hand on his cheek and pull his attention up to your face.
“I love you.”  You whisper.  You can see a small amount of red stain his tan cheeks as his chocolate eyes lock on yours.
“I love you too, (Y/N).  Let’s go home, ok?”  He brushes your hair back and puts your Wendy’s bag in your lap.
“Shit!  I forgot about the potatoes!”  Your face brightens causing Juice to laugh as he gets in the driver’s seat.  Your head whips to the side to see him smiling.  You shove a hand full of fries into your mouth and after swallowing them, you rest your head on his shoulder.  “We should get married.”
Juice bites his lip and laces his fingers through yours, bringing them up to his lips and kissing them individually, paying more time on your ring finger where the wedding ring he gave you a year ago sits.

@im-gay-for-chibbs-juiceyandtiggy its not the fluff I was telling you about but I figure fluff is fluff :P hahaha

Off-Limits II

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Off-Limits II
[Some rules are hard to follow│Junoflo]

▽ Off-Limit I

It was quite the feat, making it across your room without stepping on your shattered lamp and to somehow get decent enough to sit in your living room for a lecture. You huffed, hugging Sam’s jacket around your body watching Jung Kwon pace. As if he was so angry he was looking for the right words.

“Please tell me Tiger JK-Hyung isn’t your brother” Sam sighed, rubbing his temples and whispered to you.

“Brother in law” you rolled your eyes. “He’s married to my sister.”

“Tasha-Noona is your sister!?” he groaned.

“You know my sister?”

Jung Kwon scoffed looking at you. “Sam is Feel Ghood Music’s newest member.”

“What? I didn’t know?” you groaned. Out of all the people, you could have possibly met. It had to be someone in direct relation to work. “It doesn’t really matter..Oppa you need to leave now.”


“No buts” you stood up, pushing him toward the door. “Thanks for bringing me food. I’ll see you, and Unnie tomorrow for lunch. And not a moment sooner.”

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anonymous asked:



•eth wanting to participate in the wedding planning 100%


•"which of these frostings will look better when i smush it in your face?“
“Oh god im marrying a 10 year old”

•eth getting weirdly into picking napkin colors

•"i said DUSTY ROSE you gave me ANTIQUE MAUVE”
“Ethan chill”


•amy and kat coming with you to pick out a dress

•amy and kat lowkey tearing up when they see you in your dress

•turning into a bridezilla but its ok because eth is a groomzilla


•the people gasp as you begin to walk

•ethan literally cries when you walk down the aisle

•eth thanking the universe for giving him such a beautiful partner


•"I knew you were the one from the moment i saw your smile"

•ethans vows makin u cry

•"i’m so lucky i get to spend my life with the my favorite person on the planet"


This is getting long oops but lmk if you want a part two!!

pride & proposals | rating: G | 9,726 words

Bellamy Blake is essentially the last person she would ever consider to marry, but after the fallout of her previous engagement, her options are slim. The least she can do for her mother is give him a chance.  

a/n: for @hansolo-ing who won 1st place in my fanfic giveaway and requested a jane austen era story. i hope you enjoy!! also thank you to @fen-ha-fuck-you, my trusty and faithful beta.