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I like dark warm colours but my room and wardrobes are white and I can't repaint because I rent. Any tips for how I could warm the place up a bit?

Room anon back! My room has a couple decent sized windows, a loft bed, & it’s pretty open (but rn it’s kinda cluttered & messy haha). I’d like to make it more cozy, & I really like nature so I’d like to add some nature-inspired touches too? (ps you’re a sweetie :D)

So I got these two messages at once and I think I can make a joint post to help you both. 

How to warm up a white room or any room in general. 

  • Choose a colour scheme. In the case of the white room it should be easy because you only need to add a colour to the preexisting white. Since you’re going for warmth I would obviously advise you go for a warm colour (yellow/red/orange - or you can even use cooler colours as long as they are not too cool: e.g. mauve, dark blue, olive green). The colour scheme i used for my old room was a mixture of warm yellow/plum/wine colours :) Btw, choosing a colour scheme doesn’t mean repainting or changing furniture. You can do it by changing small things in your room (curtains/bedsheets/other small decorations around the room).
  • Fairy lights. Maybe instead of plain fairy lights you can choose multicolored ones to add even more colour to your room. Like these:

Also the ones in the centre are meant to look like flowers. So something like that would definitely add a nature-vibe to your room (they also sell fake ivy that you can hang around your room if you want). I think fairy lights look great when they’re framing either a door or a window. If you’re worried about fire hazards they sell battery charged fairy lights.

  • Curtains/rugs/bedsheets. Basically, just changing the preexisting curtains and/or rugs to your colour of choice (I also think curtains with a floaty material add a magical touch to your room). I’m not sure if the person renting can make these changes, but if you can, I think it would definitely add that warmth that you want.
  • Crates. This is more for the nature-inspired anon. Wooden crates as storage space for books/etc, or as your bedside table are a cheap and tasteful option to give your room a rustic vibe :D I think they’re also sold for reasonable prices on different online stores.
  • Accent Wall. If you can’t paint your wall you can easily make an accent wall out of anything. Some of my favourite options for cheap/non permanent accent walls include: 

Throw/tapestry wall hanging.

Chalkboard Walls. Basically removable chalkboard wallpaper which you can use to draw on or even use as a planner! They sell in all kinds of sizes online so you don’t need to get one that takes up an entire wall if that’s too much for you.

Big ass map lol. This one might be a particular thing of mine. But I LOVE old looking maps as decoration. So if you can find a big ass map to take up part of your wall or if that’s even your kind of thing i’d definitely go for it.

  • Finally, I realize this might not be doable for you. But if it is, a canopy/mosquito net over your bed increases your room’s cozy score by +1000. It’s science.

I hope I could be of some help :) If not, you are always welcome to ask for advice xx

From the day you were born, Regulus, I knew I’d be there for you. Even if you didn’t.
I was allowed to hold you when you were two days old. I didn’t notice how closely they were watching me; I wasn’t even two, after all, and you were so small.
With my sticky toddler fingers, I held your tiny pink hands for hours and days, and when they grabbed mine, my face brightened up, and so did yours.
When you first tried to crawl, I got down on my knees and taught you how to do it right. It took you a while to catch on, but when you did, you started chasing me. You always wanted to be with me, and I was always there.
When you were one year old, little Reggie, you learnt how to walk. I led you out of your nursery, walking backwards in front of you, holding your fat little forearms, and you followed me and beamed at me. Mother got upset with me, and you cried. I wasn’t mad at her for telling me off, I was mad because she had made you sad. But she picked you up and cradled you in her arms until you smiled.
I got a toy Quaffle for my fourth birthday from Uncle Alphard. I taught you how to hold and throw it. I didn’t know a lot about Quidditch back then, but I explained everything I knew to you. You were a patient listener. You’d always listen to me, understand me, and you followed me everywhere I went. You were like my little sidekick, Reg, and whenever I wanted to build a pillow fort, I’d tell you what to do and you’d help me do it. You’d bring me stuffed animals to cuddle and books to read to you. I couldn’t actually read yet, but I’d just make something up and you’d listen to me.
I learnt how to read when I was six. I wasn’t very good at it and I didn’t like the books mother gave me. I still tried to teach you how to do it, because you asked me how. You were a fast learner, Regulus. We ended up learning together, and I liked it better in the end. I’d still read stories to you. Babbitty Rabbitty was your favourite.
You were six, my little Reggie, when I had the glorious idea of making the walls in my room more optically appealing. I asked you to help me paint over the boring old silk wallpaper, and you helped. I thought it ended up being really beautiful, but Mother didn’t think so. She yelled at us and slapped our hands, mine a bit harder because I was older. We both cried.
But Reggie, can you remember the times we went to see Uncle Alphard? Mother didn’t like him because he’d have different women over almost every time we went to see him and didn’t marry, but he had a large garden and let us play Quidditch. You were a faster flier, and I was a better chaser. And one time, when you were seven, Narcissa and Andromeda showed you how to make daisy chains. You got impatient quickly, but you made one for me to put into my long hair like Cissy. That was the only time you made a daisy chain in your life.
I got a chess set for my ninth birthday, and I taught you how to play. I had played with Uncle Alphard very often, and I thought I’d be better than you. It didn’t take you long to outsmart me. I guess you’ve always been more of a strategist than me. Still, I loved playing with you.
When you were eight, you accidentally knocked over a vase with the new broomstick you’d gotten for Christmas. Mother snapped and yelled at you, dug her claws into your lean little shoulders and shook you until you were weeping. When I tried to tell her to stop, she pushed me against the wall. My back hurt for weeks, but I just had to protect you. As always.
When I was ten and you were nine, we made up a story about two little boys who had no parents, just each other, and they found a golden treasure in the Jungle. The animals took them to an old fortress, and they ended up living there happily ever after. We built our fortress out of paper boxes, and Mother told us we were too old for these ridiculous little plays. Toujours Pur, we learned, meant Always Boring.
Mother stiffly hugged me when I got my Hogwarts letter and faked a smile, but she took me to Diagon Alley and bought all my stuff for me. I was the Heir. Regulus, I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you trailing behind us like a stray cat.
The morning I left, Father wasn’t home. When I didn’t hurry up, Mother screamed at me and kicked me down the stairs. I was almost used to these incidents. You didn’t try to help me, you never did. You just stood there, your face white, your lip trembling, and when she was gone you hugged me tightly around the waist and asked if I was alright. That was your way of helping me. As always.
I’m sorry, little Reggie, for making you cry by leaving, but I had to. I wouldn’t have made it out alive.
I’m sorry for finding more brothers in Hogwarts.
I’m sorry for not being a Slytherin. I’m sorry for telling you. I’m so sorry for what they did to you when you were the one to tell them. You shouldn’t have.
I’m sorry I didn’t come home for Christmas that year. That was selfish, but I didn’t realise until later.
Oh, Regulus, I missed your letters.
You wrote to me almost every day in the beginning, telling me new things, sending me the books you were reading.
I watched all the pieces of you that Mother ripped out of you fade into nothingness as your letters arrived less frequently and became dull and empty. It wasn’t you any more who had written them, not truly, just a shell. I’m sorry I thrived while you suffered.
You were pale and thin when I came back home. Kreacher had been your only friend, and you flinched when I tried to hug you, as though you were always prepared for someone hurting you. Mother had carved Toujours Pur into your flesh with a knife. Seeing the white scar on your lower back was the worst thing Mother had ever done to me, because I should have come home for Christmas.
You weren’t smiling any more. But I took you to the lake and taught you how to swim. I loved you with every cell of my heart and brain, my baby brother. I’d let you sleep in my bedroom every night because it made your nightmares go away, even though I had nightmares, too. Mother wasn’t making us feel at home. I was glad you’d gotten your letter, too. I wanted Hogwarts to become our home, and when you didn’t become a Gryffindor like me, James helped me smuggle you into our dorm.
I didn’t return home for Christmas. But this time, you were there with me, and you smiled even when Mother didn’t send us any presents. Because we had each other. Remember? Do you remember how we were always safe when we had each other?
Oh, little brother, I love you so much. I wish it had always stayed that way. Please, please come back.
Sirius x

Imagine getting in a fight with James

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“JAMES!” you shouted through your shared room as you walked through the space, a pissed off expression on your face and a stomp in each step. 

“Coming Darling.” He replied finally as he revealed himself from behind the corner, a smile on his face, his mustache rising with it, and his eye wide and filled with love. However after looking at your own pissed off expression his alter to a look of confusion, “Why my dear, why are you looking so sour today? For tonight is the most grand night of the year, you should be ecstatic.” 

“Oh I was. For if you couldn’t tell I have been preparing all day, making sure that whore Sally doesn’t fuck up the main event, and that the food taste nothing like it did at the Devil’s Night of ‘65. I even did my hair and face, which I doubt you noticed, however upon revealing my outfit, which has been hanging on OUR closet door for weeks now, I discovered the oddest thing. Do you know what I discovered?”

“What my love? Has it been stolen?”

“No James. There is a blood stain, which matches the one that is on the door handle from when you grabbed the handle last night after carving the guest in room 36. So now my dress, which I had custom made and ordered, is now ruined. For the dinner starts in half and hour, and while Mrs. Evens can get any stain out there is no way my dress will be wearable in that time.”

His mouth began to twitch as he looked at you, your face reddening.

“My love.” He finally got out, “Why do you not just wear another dress, and wear that dress next year?”

“Maybe I should just go naked, since you find this so amusing. Honestly James, how am I to present myself as your wife in a old dress which I have worn to the dinner before. Beside all my dresses were given to the Countess, in an attempt to buy her love back, but you wouldn’t have any idea who would do something like that now would you?” 

His face went from amusement to anger, his eyes, which once shined with laughter were now growing dark, he advanced towards you, a finger pointed as he snapped, “If you so much as show up tonight with anything less then a dress which reaches the floor, I swear I will punish you tonight, on the table, in front of everyone. I will make them watch as I…”

“Don’t. I will just wear something I can get from one of the other girls, since my husband’s carelessness has RUINED my evening.” You shouted before storming out the door, leaving James to punch the browning wallpaper.

“Tell me old friend, where is the Misses?” John Wayne asked as he sat beside an empty seat, which was to be holding you, however you had yet to make an appearance.

“Well my good fellows, and Aileen, that my wife has been….”

“Your wife is right here.” You answered as you opened both of the doors leading into the room, your hips swaying as you approached the table, in one of Elizabeth’s gowns. As you took your seat beside James, you leaned over slowly and whispered into his ear, “To get this dress I told Elizabeth she didn’t need to dine with you for a year.” And slowly leaned back into your seat, as you watched him boil.

“You WHAT!” He exploded as he slammed his glass onto the table cloth, causing it to shatter. He went from calmly sitting to standing, glaring at you as though he was going to kill you again.

You just smiled up at him as your body leaned forward to collect your glass of red wine, “Oh James did you not tell them the story of what you did last night.” You cooed as you turned from him to the table, “A young maiden checked in last night, claiming she wanted nothing more then to see a ghost tonight, she was hoping for either John or James. She got her wish I guess, I mean she saw me first, sitting on her bed, waiting to scare her, but ultimately James was the last thing she saw before my wonderful husband craved her up and turned her insides into a juice for his beloved ex wife. And then upon returning from his little craving session, he opened the closet  for a new suit, and got a blood stain on my 65,000 dollar custom, designer gown for tonight. This left me in a pickle, and in the end I was forced to ask his ex wife for a loan for the night, in exchange for whatever she wanted. As you can tell though my husband is not pleased with my payment, and will probably need a moment so if you will kindly excuse us.” 

You rose from your own seat, glass still in hand, as you used your other to guide James out of the room and into the hall, when there however you felt his hand wrap around your neck and push you into the wall, your glass shattering second after the release of it.

“I told you….”

“You told me,” you choked out, “to wear nothing less then a floor length gown, or you would have sex with me upon the table, and as wonderful as that sounds, I doubt our guest want to see your cock.”

“So?” He snapped

“So I went to the only one I knew would fit your silly requirement, and who was my size. In the end she didn’t want to just give me the dress for free, and demanded you never dine together ever again, I talked her down. YOU should be THANKING ME.” You choked as he slowly released you from the wall, air (Which you really don’t need) filled you again as you took a deep breath.

“Is this the part where I thank you, and act like you are a saint?” He snapped

“No this is the part…”

“NEVER INTERFERE WITH MY DINNER PLANS WITH MY WIFE AGAIN!” He Screamed as you just looked at him in shock. For James never screamed at you, not like this at least, nor did he abuse you like this, unless you were love making. 

“You mean your widow, the one who tried to ran away, the one who loathes you, hates the very ground you walk on, the one you beheaded, the one who tried to kill your baby, lost your fortune, and who makes spouses to cheat on you with? I seem to have forgot that no matter what I do… no matter how much I try to please you, or love you, that I will never be her, even though you told me you loved me, and you married me, and you killed me so that I could be with you.” Your voice was shaking as you finished, your steps quickly leading you away from him, as he stood there shaking with rage.

Part Two


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The reason for the same arrangement as Wizardess Heart wallpapers is not the lack of creativity. I created them with the same sizes so you can use them together as slideshow wallpapers if you’re really any otome obsessed :D

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 2

Hailey’s Pov

i stormed into my room so mad.

i can’t believe Luke hemmings is my new next door neighbour.

i jumped on my bed and screamed into my pillow but i stopped when i heard a car door slam and then i heard my mum’s voice.

great she is already talking to them.

Liz hemmings seems lovely but her son makes me life hell and i hate him much, what is he going to do at home?

10 minutes later i heard the front door open and then my mum shouted up

“Hailey come down here” she yelled

i groaned as i got of the bed and stomped down the stairs

“I need to run to the shop for food, have you met our new neighbours? that boy of hers looks a good fit for you hailey” my mum said

my eyes widened at her words, did she hit her head or did Luke throw something at her head?

she has to be out of her mind if she thinks Luke is a good suit for me, she does know who i am right?

i am not her.

then she continued after me just staring at her for a couple of minutes

“We finally have some nice new neighbours honey so i kindly asked them over for dinner which is in 2 hours, could you do me a favour and run to the shop for me while i go get some food”

She picks now to do something kind.. Really? Could she not invite any other neighbours for dinner, this is going to be great.

I have to eat at the same table with Luke Hemmings and his mother.

This is just great.

I rolled my eyes and said “ Fine, give me the money and tell me what i’m getting”

She smiled and she got out her purse and told me what to get, i took a note in my phone so i wouldn’t forget.

I ran upstairs so i could put a hoodie on because it takes over 10 minutes to get to the shop and i don’t want to get cold.

When i walked outside, i saw Luke was working on his bike.

He stopped and turned around and looked at me, making us make eye contact for a second and then i turned away and started walking, the only problem was i had to walk past him, i just hope he doesn’t say anything.

I was wrong.

“guess were neighbours now, i’m going to have fun having you next door” he said as he smugly crossed his arms over this chest smirking at me

i crossed my arms over my chest and i looked at him unimpressed and said

“and i thought you had better things to do for a bad boy, i guess not”

i walked away from him but i did enjoy watching the smirk remove from his face.

i really hope he doesn’t try to make my life hell like he does at school, i think i will have to move by myself if he did.

When i got home from the shop i only had so little time to get ready, it took forever in the shop.

So i ran upstairs in search for something decent to wear.

I got a shower but i didn’t need to wash my hair because i done that this morning so i just washed my body and then i wrapped a towel around my body when i was finished.

I stood with the towel wrapped around me body doing my makeup in the bathroom, once i was done and made sure i looked okay i walked out and then i dropped the towel as i put on my shorts and tank top.

I walked over to the window because it was warm, as i opened it i looked up to see Luke smirking at me making me scream.

Great i bet that is his bedroom, right across from mine.

I rolled my eyes and turned around so i could get ready, i searched and searched for something decent to wear and then i came across this red dress i haven’t wore in so long.

My mum bought a while ago for me, it’s not something i wear often but it should be okay for tonight.

Luke’s Pov

the last thing i need today is to have my mum nagging at me.

it was her idea to move, i don’t want to help she should know that by now.

i can’t believe who is living next door, i have enough of her at school.

the way she walks around school thinking she is such an angel with everyone wanting to be her friend,she makes me sick.

she’s the only one who isn’t scared of me, she should be but she isn’t.

i don’t know why, i try my best to make her wish she never spoke up to me but she continues to walk around as if i don’t bother her and it really bothers me.

i walked into my new looking around at the plain walls and then i looked out the window.

i could see right into Haileys room, this should get interesting..

even though she bothers me i wouldn’t mind seeing her little body.

the thought of having dinner over at her makes me want to be sick, i tried to get out of it but my mum was having none of it.

it better not take to long because i have a party to go to tonight and i need some alcohol after this move.

i set my guitar down on the ground and i went to open my window so i could have a smoke, i was just about to light up a cigarette when i saw Hailey walk into her room

my eyes widened and i had to get my phone out to take a picture..

a picture of Hailey Wilson naked.

that has defiantly made my day!

i looked through my contacts until i got her number, she doesn’t know i have her number.

i should have deleted it ages ago but there was a time i wanted to get closer to the little virgin and i got her number and then she opened her mouth and spoke back to me and i never wanted to get anywhere near her, there was plently of better looking girls out there to keep me happy.

now i’ve seen her body.


i opened her contact and decided to text her “Damn”

it sent and when i looked up Hailey was dressed but she was wearing the shortest shorts i have ever seen, i don’t think i’ve ever seen her legs before..

maybe being neighbours won’t be such a bad thing..

she saw me outside and came walking over to her window and she opened it and said

“Delete that photo now”

i couldn’t help but smirk as i blew out a cloud of smoke and then i said

“ I didn’t know you had such a hot body little virgin”

she gave me a digusting look which i didn’t like and then she said

“You disgust me”

i couldn’t help but laugh at her words as if i care what she thinks of me and then i said

“I’m never deleting this photo, in fact i’m going to make it my wallpaper”

she looked even more annoyed.. this is more fun than throwing paper at her during class

“Can you think with something other than your cock, grow up Luke for once”

i just stared at her and then i watched her close her window and curtains, i threw my cigarette away and turned back into my room

fuck her and this dinner.

Hailey’s Pov

I had a message from a number i didn’t know.

I opened it anyway.. It read.


I didn’t know what it meant, i really wanted to know what it meant and then my phone vibrated again from that unknown number.

Oh my shit!

It was a naked picture of me, Luke must have taken it when i dropped my towel.

I could not be more embarrassed.

Luke Hemmings has a naked picture of me, i wanted to die more than ever now.

I started to have a mini heart attack and then i looked out the window to see Luke still at his window this time he was smoking.

I walked over to the window and Luke smirked standing up straight and then i spoke

“Delete that photo now”

His smirk got bigger and then he said “ I didn’t know you had such a hot body little virgin”

He makes me sick

“You disgust me” i said angrily to him i was about to turn and walk away but Luke spoke again

“I’m never deleting this photo, in fact i’m going to make it my wallpaper”

Can he be more of a dick?

“Can you think with something other than your cock, grow up Luke for once” I said to him and then i closed my curtains knowing he can no longer see me.

I cannot believe he has a picture of me naked, this is just great.

My curtains are going to have to be closed forever.

i phoned Lauren and Sophie to tell them about my new neighbour, they were shocked more than i was.

They laughed when i told them Luke has a naked picture of me but they thought i was joking but i’m not.

I just got off the phone to them when my mum walked in

“The new neighbours will be here in 20 minutes, what are you wearing?” she asked

I rolled my eyes and pointed to the red dress that was hanging on the bathroom door to her, she smiled and approved of my choice and then left.

As if i was asking for her approval i would have been wearing it anyway.

The dress fitted perfectly, which i was happy about, i put on my small black flats because i will be sitting down eating so i don’t need heels or nothing.

Not that i want to dress up for Luke anyway.

Once i was happy with myself, i walked down stairs letting the smell of food hit my nose on the way down.

My mum has gone all out, jesus..

The bell rang meaning they were here.

Oh great i can already see how this is going to go.

“ Hailey will you get the door” my mum shouted oh great now I have to greet them great, let’s get this over with.

I opened the door speechless, Luke looked really hot,he was wearing a buttoned up black shirt his tattoo’s were hidden and his piercings were missing, he looked different a good different.

I don’t admit that Luke is hot often but right now i have too.

I greeted them both finally finding my word, Liz was very thankful and she walked on in to where my mum was leaving me and Luke alone again for the second time.

I didn’t know what to do, this was the first time i have ever felt uncomfortable in my own home.

“I would love to know what you’re wearing under that dress” Luke said smugly

I rolled my eyes at him already regretting thinking he was hot looking, once he opens his mouth he makes me think twice about him.

“Please don’t talk to me tonight, i want to get this over with and i’m sure you do to so please just leave me the fuck alone” i said to him

My mum and Liz appeared just as i finished speaking luckily because i was sure Luke was about to say something

“ What a handsome boy you have Liz” Was the first thing my mum said she looked Luke up and down god she was nearly undressing him.

“ Foods ready, let’s eat” Mum said and we followed her into the dinning room.

I had to sit next to Luke and my mum sat facing him and Liz sat facing me..

Well if this wasn’t awkward I don’t know what is.

Just as thought that maybe this wouldn’t be too bad halfway through the meal i felt Luke’s hand on my thigh which made me almost choke and spit out my food.

Luke laughed a bit making my mum give us a weird look, i took his hand and pushed it away from me, i couldn’t believe he just touched my thigh.

I felt really insecure about it.

Of course it didn’t work and Luke kept putting his hand on my thigh, i gave up pushing it away.

I was thankful that Luke just kept his hand where it was and he didn’t try to move it.

I almost forgot his hand was on my thigh and then i felt his squeeze my thigh just as i was finished my food and he was finished as well and then his had moved up my thigh more almost close to my middle part.

That’s when i lost it, i got up from the table quick making Luke drop his hand from me and my mum gave me a weird look and so i spoke before she could

“ i need the toilet” i walked off and ran upstairs to the bathroom, i closed the door behind me catching my breathe because i ran so fast up the stairs.

I cannot believe what just happened, Luke hemmings just tried to feel me up, this day is getting worse and worse by the second.

What i couldn’t get my head around was; Luke always picks on me and tries to make my life a living hell but the way he was looking at me tonight and his touch made me think maybe he likes me?

Ha what am i saying? Luke hemmings could never like me.

There was a knock on the door making me jump, i turned around and opened the door to find Luke standing there.

Luke came barging in as if he owns the place, can’t he leave me alone for once?

“Yes please come on in” i said annoyed as i closed the door and leaned my back against it.

Although when he started walking closer to me i decided i should have chose a different place to stand, i was nervous i didn’t know what he was going to do or say.

He’s Intimidating.

“With pleasure although it is your pleasure i really want” Luke said, he was so close to me.

I had to lean my head back just to look up at him, he had his smug of a face looking down at me.

He disgusts me.

I pushed him back from me not wanting him anywhere near me anymore and then i spoke

“I told you to leave me the fuck alone”

I moved until i was by the sink and i looked at myself in the mirror.

I felt him behind me, his front pressing into my back and then he moved a piece of my hair behind my ear and then he looked into the mirror at me and whispered

“I know you want me”

Is he out of his mind? What gave him that idea?

I didn’t spend the night with my hand on his thigh..

He smirked at me through the mirror as i just stared at him and then he leaned down and kissed underneath my ear.

I hand to grip the sides of the sink because i thought i was going to fall over, when Luke kissed me it made me feel something deep down inside. I know what it was but i don’t want to think about it.

“What makes you think i want anything to do with you?” i said to him making him stand up straight, i no longer felt his chest against my back.. I couldn’t help but get cold with the lost of contact.

“I’m Luke hemmings, every girl wants something with me” Luke said

But he didn’t say it with his usual smirk, i heard the sadness in his voice.

I turned around making our bodies touch but he moved back so we wouldn’t touch which is weird, 2 seconds ago he was all over me.

This boy is hard to read.

“Well i’m not like every other girl and i wouldn’t go anywhere near you” i said seriously to him hoping he would know i meant it.

His smirk was back making me nervous again and then he moved a bit closer to me and he put his hands beside me which meant i was now blocked and couldn’t move.

I didn’t know what he was going to do.

I got really scared.

His face was so close to mine, i couldn’t help but stare into his blue eyes, i never realised how blue they were until now. It’s like looking out onto the ocean.

They’re kinda beautiful.

“How about now nerd, tell me has a boy ever been this close to you before?” Luke said slowly and quietly.

The tension in the bathroom changed and it was really warm, i need to get out of here.

I bet my mum will be wondering what we are doing.

I didn’t want to speak so i just shook my head at him making me almost laugh at me which i didn’t like. I screwed my face up at him making me stop and turn serious

“Have you ever kissed a boy before?” Luke said looking into my eyes.

I don’t like how close we were, Luke looked away from my eyes and down to my lips. I really hope he isn’t going to kiss me.

I don’t know what i will do if he does.

I shook my head at his question making me smirk at me and then he looked down to my exposed chest and then spoke

“I bet i would have you screaming my head with just a touch,although i don’t fuck virgins i would love to see those pretty tits bounce up and down as i make you scream my name”

What a fucking disgusting pig.

I pushed him away making him almost stubble a little, i had to hold my myself back from laughing and then i said

“Don’t ever say that again to me, i wouldn’t want you to fuck me if you were the last boy on this earth, you make me sick god love your mum who has to deal with a horrible disgusting prick like you”

I may have taken it a bit far and by the look on Luke’s face i see that i may have pushed a button but right now i was so mad at him.

He looked angry and he was about to speak but then there was knock at the door..

“Everything okay in there?” i heard my mum’s voice say

“It’s fine ” i shouted not taking my eyes of Luke who was staring angrily at me.

“You know nothing” he said quietly maybe i wasn’t meant to hear it but i did and then he turned and walked out of the bathroom

I felt bad for what i said, i shouldn’t have mentioned his mum. He just made me so angry and confused with his actions and words, it all just came out without me thinking about it.

I walked out of the bathroom and downstairs, Luke was gone he must have went home.

Liz was just saying goodbye. i was happy this night was over.

I walked back up the stairs to my room and i found myself looking out the window i seen Luke’s light on i guessed it was Luke’s room because he was looking out the window early at me.

I couldn’t see into his room, it was too dark but then i saw him slam his front door, he didn’t get on his motorcycle he just turned and walked down the street.

I couldn’t help but wonder where he was going but then i hear he goes to a different party every night so i guess that’s where he is heading.

Luke’s Pov

i sat on the swing just letting my legs swing back and forth but i don’t make any movements

i took the last sip of the vodka bottle i had with me

How dare talk to me about my mum like that, she has no idea what happens at home.

i kept drinking trying to blur out the anger on her face as she spoke.

i don’t know what came over me but ever since she dropped her towel and i saw her body i haven’t stopped wanting her.

i told her i don’t fuck virgins and that’s true because virgins will get attached and i don’t need a girl getting attached to me but there is something different about Hailey.

i don’t know what it is, up until a few hours ago i wouldn’t have thought of her in any way but now i can’t seem to get her out of my head.

then suddenly i heard noises coming from behind i turned right now, not to quickly because i have just downed a bottle of vodka

it was Hailey

it’s 1 in the morning

what the fuck does she want?

So guys what did you think of this chapter?!?

i hope you liked it!

i have changed Luke a tiny bit but don’t worry there will be a love story with Hailey and Luke soon.

let me know what you thought

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Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-10

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

Disclaimer/ Warning:Mentions of depression

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Originally posted by kibaems

“Ready for school Y/N?!” I heard Sehun yell from downstairs, I ran down the stairs with my backpack slung over my shoulders, skidding in front of the door so I was standing next to him. “Ready!” I said looking up at him, he chuckled and put his large hand atop of my head ruffling my hair “You never change” he laughed. I half expected him to say happy birthday as it was my 17th birthday, but he didn’t. I smiled anyways and passed through the open door strolling forward to his car.

I climbed into the front, putting my bag between my feet. Looking over to see Sehun climb into the driver’s seat, he pulled the mirror own to check himself in the mirror, brushing his hair back. He turned back towards me after flipping the mirror back up “ready?” he asked starting the car, I nodded turning to look out the window. He began to drive the 30 min way to my highschool so I could go to my classes. I watched as the trees passed the car, the leaves buried under the melting snow, the spring sun bringing the warmth to melt away the memories of winter.

I sat in the silence of the car with radio playing softly in the background. No words were exchanged between Sehun and I the silence comfortable. I began to wonder to myself if they were possibly hiding something for my birthday later, or if they had possibly forgotten, I hopped for the former.

We pulled up to my school, Sehun unlocking the door as soon as it was parked. I pulled open the door and got out, turning and grabbing my bag and going to say goodbye “see you later, Sehun” he smiled lightly “see you later, have a good day” I waited an extra second to see if he would say anything, but he never did. I stood back up straight and shut the door watching him drive off.

I turned around and walked back into the school, walking straight to my locker to see my group of friends gathered there. “Hey guys!” I say approaching them “hey” they all called back, then turned to whatever they were doing. I slowly became part of the circle they made, hearing them talk about their nights and what they planned on doing in the next few days. I stood silently just listening to their conversations and waiting for class to start. Nobody said anything to me until the bell rang “alright see you guys later” we said to each other and left.

Through the entire day not many people said anything to me, a few remembered my birthday and wished me a happy birthday most of my closest friends forgot and never said anything. By the end of the day I was ready to just go back to HQ and forget everything. I collected my things from my locker and went on my way out to the parking lot to wait for Sehun to pick me up.

I waited for a few minutes before I saw his car pull up in front of the school, parking it in one of the empty spots. I walked up to his waiting car and pulled open the passenger side door and throwing my bag on the floor. I hopped in and pulled my seatbelt over myself, looking up and out the window. “Hey, Y/N how was your day?” Sehun asked in a monotone voice looking at the window, pulling away from the school. I glanced over at him with slight smile, ignoring my emotional drop “it was good” I answered not looking to elaborate.

The rest of the way we drove in silence, I only hoped that the guys hadn’t really forgotten my birthday and that it was all some trick they had played on me this morning.

Sehun pulled up to the back of HQ and exited the car before me to unlock the door. I got out myself and walked to the door following Sehun through it and allowing him to lock it behind us. I waited for a surprise or at least for the guys to come greet me but none of that happened. Sehun passed me and went to lay down on the couch in the living room “you got homework?” he yelled out over the couch, not bothering to look at me. I glanced at the floor and looked over to my room, trying to keep the tears at bay “uh… no. no I don’t” I answered successfully keeping the sound of my throat closing up out of my voice. I walked down away from the guys and towards my room. Closing the door behind me and locking it, I layed down on my bed face down in my pillows.

The rest of the night I laid in my room. Dinner was served and I ate with the guys, but afterwards I went back to my room to be alone. Nobody bothered me all night.

A few weeks passed and nothing changed, no one ever said anything so I could only assume that they had forgotten along with my friends. It wouldn’t have been so bad if my friends hadn’t have been my friends on facebook or if my birthday wasn’t on the calendar but it was. Which means they either didn’t care or they forgot. Both were hurtful to think about.

Maybe I am just forgettable, maybe nobody really cared that much about me. I think back to all the times my friends have forgotten me, or have stopped asking me to go to things with them because they didn’t seem to care what I was doing or is I even wanted to be invited. I was never the first choice in my friend group, I’ve never been the best friend I’ve only been a casual friend. The one you call when you go out as a group but never call to hang out alone with. Because I’ve never been as important as the rest of them.

Thinking about it the guys have done the same thing to me, maybe I was just forgettable. Sometimes it seems like I’m standing in the middle of the room screaming at the top of my lungs and nobody can even hear me. Like I was just apart of the wallpaper, constantly being passed never to be noticed.

I lay down in my bed, wrapping myself in my comforter and shoving my face down into one of the many pillows. I began to sob, making sure my face was cover and that nobody hear me through the thick material.

*downstairs in the living room*

*sehun pov.*

I sat on the sofa looking at the tv but not really watching, I thought over how odd Y/N have been acting recently. Over the past few weeks she hasn’t spoken much to any of us, she wouldn’t even sit with us anymore. Opting to take her dinner to her room and eat by herself. I thought that maybe school had been weighing down on her and that she eventually will talk to us when she got a break, but it’s been a few days into spring break and she continues to act the same way.

Sighing I lift myself from the couch and walk towards the kitchen. Opening the fridge I get out an apple to eat. I close the door looking forward, I see the calendar. A date is circled in red pen, I look closer to observe the writing inside the circles and freeze.

The sloppy handwriting reads ‘Y/N BIRTHDAY’ I look back at the date and realize that it was a few weeks ago. We had all forgotten her birthday, of course she was distant from us, we had all forgotten her on the one day of the year that should truly matter to us.

I quickly whip out my phone, typing in a message to all the members, excluding Y/N from the chat.

Sehun; everybody to the office now. Meeting

I type in, walking briskly to the office upstairs passing Y/N’s room and thinking about how terrible she must feel. I get into the office and begin to pace, waiting for all the members to come in. Kris is first with a grumpy look on his face, followed by everybody else who looked very confused.

“What is this about Sehun?” Kris asked in a grouchy tone everybody nodding in confirmation. I stop my pacing and look at them “do you guys know what date it is today?” I ask. They look at me confused “that’s what you wanted to call a meeting about?” Baekhyun asked “just answer the question” I say. Xiumin still confused answers the date “and do you know what happened a few weeks ago?” I ask after. “Fairly sure we all know how the months work Sehun” Chen answers smartly. “No what I mean is that it was Y/N’s birthday a few weeks ago” a look of horror grows on their faces. “What?” Chanyeol whispers in disbelief “yeah, we all forgot, it’s no wonder she’s been avoiding us” I say looking down at the floor boards. “We need to go apologize” Suho says sternly, turning around he walks out the door on his way to her room, us all in pursuit after him.

*back in Y/N’s room*

*Y/N pov.*

I startled awake at an abrupt knocking at my door. I must have fallen asleep after all my crying. I wipe my eyes of the tears that still seemed to be on my cheeks. I’m about to stand when another knock stops me “Y/N can we come in?” I hear Sehun’s voice who sounds hesitant. I clear my throat trying to clear the crying from my voice “come in” I call even though my voice is still bad. The members all come rushing in, when I spot them I put my head back down into my pillows.

“Y/N?” Sehun asks approaching me, moving slowly looking cautious. I only hum instead of looking back to them “Y/N listen I looked at the calendar today” he pauses “I’m so sorry Y/N, we all are.” As soon as those words leave his mouth I can’t stop the sobs from coming “am I that forgettable?’ I ask raising my head from my pillow to look at all them through my hair.

Sehun rushes forward to hold me close to him “no you are not Y/N, I promise you. We are just idiots and I’m sorry if your friends forgot too. You don’t deserve this. I’m so sorry” he says pulling my head down so it’s resting on his chest. “We all are sorry” Kris echos.

anonymous asked:

So i share a small room with my sister and we have bunkbeds ,what could i do to make it look like a Tumblr room and should use paint or wallpaper or maybe both??

If your room is small then I wouldn’t recommend decorating it completely with wallpaper as it draws the eye’s attention and will make your room appear smaller. Instead, I would use a neutral palette with some light paint colours on the walls with maybe a feature wall of wallpaper. Mirrors will help you get that ‘tumblr’ aesthetic whilst also maximising your space. Additionally, plants can help add life and interest to a room and will probably help your style too. Hope this helped!

Exaulted Part One

Originally posted by thegirlinthe-boots

Parts: Prologue, One, Two

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: None yet! (There will be bits with most of them tbh)

Word Count: 4K

AN: Part one! So excited to start this new story! The guys make more of an appearance later on, though you do see a few in this one! Also, just to explain, this story is going to have a bit of a love triangle/square. (One will be Yixing because he’s my bias so obviously…) Though, they’re all pretty much fuck boys in this so they’ll all get a moment lol.

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Modern AU - Ian and Rachel’s Wedding

Anonymous asked: Can I request your own version of Ian and Rachel’s wedding night and subsequent honeymoon?

I keep thinking I’ve already done a modern Ian and Rachel wedding, but I can’t find it. So we’ve got this one instead! I’ll continue/conclude their honeymoon in the next installment, but this part felt like a good end. Shout out to @everythingyouweretooafraidtoask for helping me brainstorm some fun things for young Ian.  Hope y’all like it!

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Sometimes Sorry isn’t Enough. P1

A/N :- SO SORRY I HAVENT POSTED ANYTHING SCHOOL STARTED AND LIKE BOOM.  Also I have a request to write and it involves smut… and smut is hard to write :/

Summary:- So basically Sam x reader, when he’s soulless he tried killing you so Dean wont get his soul back blah blah! You move away scared of Sam and he doesnt know why x enjoy

Also, part two?

“Sorry Y/N, I just don’t need you.” Sam raised his heavy hand with a silver knife occupying it. You were trying to get out of the rops, Soulless Sam had put you in with a horrible rag in your mouth. This is it, this how you were going to die. By the hands of your lover. You didn’t stop the tears streaming down your face since it seemed pointless, why would he stop at the sight of your discomfort? Amidst your tears you prayed for Cas, hoping he could come but they were blocked since Sam angel proofed the whole place.You felt your heart beating against your chest while you shut your burning eyes. You begged Sam but they were muffled by the rag making them inaudible. You let out what seemed to be a shaky breath and waited for fate to occur.

But the blow never came, you heard Sam fall to the ground and your eyes shot wide open. You could hear your pulse pounding in your skull and your whole face was now throbbing. Slowly looking up you see Dean and you were ecstatic. Letting out shaky breaths of air you were now crying, shaking your body violently in the process. Dean’s heart broke at your scared posture,he hated Sam for this. He hated knowing that you were definitely afraid of him now and that won’t change for a long time.

Dean rushed over to your exhausted frame, he saw how the wash of relief caused your head to limp from side to side. Dean carefully ripped off the ropes and removed the rag so you could finally breathe with ease.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so damn sorry” You heard the struggle in Dean’s voice, the struggle to keep strong. The truth is he was tired, we all were.Sam was taking a toll on everyone, hell this isn’t the first innocent person he’s tied to the chair to kill. He once tried to kill Bobby and that should’ve been a clear sign that you weren’t safe. But you held onto the sheer hope that Sam would return to you, sleeping in your arms once more.

“I did it, Y/N. I finally did it. We’re gonna save Sam.” With your heart still rapidly beating you looked over to your once gentle and sweet boyfriend. Normally, his calmed face could soothe you in a heartbeat but now that face belonged to a robot that made you want to cower.

“H-how?” With a shaky breath you slowly rose from your death chair. The events of the last 5 minutes still played in your head and it was still overwhelming, but you’re stronger than this, you’re a damn Y/L/N. You can get over it. You swallowed your pain and worries, preparing yourself for one thing only, Sam.

“Death. I did what he asked and he’s going to do it, Y/N. We’re saving Sam, our Sam.” With happiness now invading his eyes, you nodded shaking away all the tears that pricked your y/e/c eyes. Walking across the creaky floor of Bobby’s living room, you grabbed a needed glass of water.

“So what do we do now?” The water washed down your throat, hydrating it once more.

“Take him to the panic room… and Death will put his soul back in.” Gulping the last sip of water, you wiped the beads that were dripping on your chin.

“Fine let’s do this.”


“Sorry Y/N, I just don’t need you.” You felt the sweat dripping from your forehead to your neck.The ropes burned into your wrist while you frantically attempted to get out of them. The rag which muffled your pleads was slowly unravelling, choking you in the process. You stared up at your loving boyfriend with one thing in your mind. This isn’t him so don’t be scared, this isn’t your Sam. Your eyes burning from the endless tears and your throat throbbing from the endless screams. Your body was fighting but your mind was telling you to give up, that sleep will get rid of all the pain. Slowly shutting your eyes you waited. Sam grabbed a handful of your hair and forcefully pulled your hair back, straining your now visible neck. He brought down his heavy hand, slicing your neck causing you to bleed out immensely.

You awoke from your restless slumber gasping and struggling for air. Your hand flew to your throat, checking for any traces of blood. When there was nothing you bought your shaky hands to your face in an attempt to breathe normally. Your hair was now sticking to your skin from the sweat evident everywhere. Looking around your dark room, you saw the body of your boyfriend rest next to you. For a second you thought it was Sam which caused you to scramble far away, but it wasn’t him. Andrew stirred, slowly waking up to your frantic state.

“Hey baby, you okay?” His deep sleep ridden voice instantly bought you comfort. Though it was nothing like Sam’s.

“Yeah yeah, just another nightmare.” Andrew grabbed your hand, running his fingers across your knuckles. You stared into his hazel green eyes, comparing them ,as you usually do, to Sam’s. You felt guilty, you didn’t love Andrew and he knew that. After leaving Sam and Dean you went to the one place you knew you’d be accepted. Andrew’s. He was your best friend growing up, you two grew up in this life together. So you told him everything. You left out the fact that the people you were with were the Winchester’s, since they were on everyone’s bad side but you told him about Sam. He deserved to know. He took your broken body in and promised to live the apple pie life with you. That should make you love him but you were cursed, cursed to live life in love with Sam.

“Wanna talk about it?” He sweetly whispered afraid of pushing you on the edge.

“Nah I’m just going to grab a glass of water, go back to sleep hun.” You kissed your boyfriends forehead and grabbed your phone, making your way into the kitchen. The blaring white screen made you squint your eyes as your thumb hovered over the contact D.W. You hadn’t messaged him in weeks and you felt guilty knowing he was probably worried.

When you dragged Sam down to the panic room, Death put his soul back in but you couldn’t stay. Every thing was a reminder of how he tried to kill you, a chair, rope, silver or even cloth. Dean tried to convince you to stay but he ultimately stopped when he realised you had made up your mind the minute Sam tied you up. You promised to stay in contact and message each other once every two days but you stopped when he started telling you about Sam. How much he misses you, or how he found out he was soulless. You were furious when Dean told you Sam knew he wasn’t in hell for a year, but his soul was. If Sam remembers then the wall breaks, so don’t scratch the wall. That was Death’s clear instructions. It frustrated you how those boys don’t understand how dangerous some things could be. Sighing you looked at the time and thought Dean was most probably still awake.

To: D.W

Hey still alive. Had another nightmare, for the 20th time this week, and it’s only Tuesday. :) I’m fine though, hows uhm… you know who?

From: D.W


I’m just so happy to hear from you, you don’t understand. What’s Sam now, freaking Voldemort? (Did I make the correct reference?)

He’s not doing well Y/N. I mean he’s physically fine but everyday he asks me about you and I always say I haven’t seen you since Lawrence. Which was last year, Y/N. He’s going to kill me if he finds out I knew where you are and that I’m lying to him.

You smiled at your best friends antics, you missed him. You missed them. You missed Bobby’s complains whenever Dean would trail grease into the house, or Dean effortlessly throwing you over his shoulders when you’d win a bar game, you missed Cas’s naive questions about human life which made you compare him to an innocent child. But what you missed the most was waking up next to Sam in the morning with him kissing your nose. Or the way his hair looked in the sunlight and how he’d laugh at the simplest things you’d do.

To: D.W

It’s “he who shall not be named” loser.  (You took a selfie of your Harry Potter shirt, making devil horns, sticking your tongue out in the process.)

I’m rocking my PJ’s tonight.

My apple pie life does need some investigation.I’m so damn bored, Dean. I wouldn’t mind a visit from you. You’re not lying, you’re protecting him. What would happen if he found out? Hell would come running in, that’s what. This is best, you and I both know that. Look I gotta go, I have an early shift at the cafe tomorrow, night Dean x GO TO SLEEP DEAN!

From: Dean

Wow sorry dumbledork haha… I wanna make that my wallpaper. You look hideous, what is up with your hair. KIDDING KIDDING You look beautiful, Y/N.

Actually I can drop by tomorrow? I have a hunt three towns over and you’re on the way, I can drop by and have a cup of tea. (that’s what normal people do right?)

Hey it’s either boring apple pie life or 24/7 surveillance in the panic room. This is best :) Night Y/N.

P.s you tell anyone I used that side ways smiley thing, I’ll get Cas to smite you.

Dean put his phone on the side table and looked over to his resting brother. Ever since he got his soul back it felt like everything was normal. Except one thing was missing, you. Sam keeps racking his brain over you, everyday he’d ask the same thing. “Any word from Y/N?” and Dean would reply with the same thing, ‘shut up Sammy’ or ‘I’ll tell you if she does.’ Everyday Dean felt guilty lying to Sam, he normally drowned the guilt in immense amount of alcohol but nothing could fill the hole you left.

When Dean woke up he saw Sam hunched over at the table with the newspaper in his hand, he was dressed in his running clothes which brought back nostalgic memories. Whenever Sam would go out for a run, you and Dean would stay back and cuddle in a brotherly sister way. He would jump into your bed and you’d rest your head on his shoulder waiting for Sam to get back. He missed those things, the pranks, the laughs, the hardships the three of you would go through together. He missed feeling like a family.

“Morning, hey any word from Y/N?” Dean rolled his eyes and grumbled at the question. But when Dean didn’t reply with the usual “Damn Sammy shut up”, Sam got worried and excited.

“You have, haven’t you?”

“Sammy loo-”

“No Dean… tell me what’s going on!” With a deep breathe Dean looked at his slightly frightened brother. Dean shook his head as he slowly got up out of bed. Grabbing his phone, he walked over to where his little brother sat.

“I have, Sammy. For 5 months.” Sam sat there, shocked. He looked at his older brother in betrayal. Sam thought Dean knew how much he loved you. He knew how much sleep Sam lost over you, over the thought of never seeing you again. So how could he hide that from him.

“W-What?” Stuttering, Sam questioned his guilty brother.

“I’ve been keeping tabs on her, Sammy. Okay, I’m sorry. After Lawrence we both moved in with Lisa and when soulless you found us we went with.” Sam kept quiet with his jaw tensing, more than usual.

“What did I do Dean?” Tears threatened to fall from Sam’s eyes as countless scenarios invaded his mind.

“Sam it wasn’t you.” Hearing that made Sam furiously close his eyes. It still was him, it was Sam Winchester. It wasn’t a shifter or it wasn’t possession it was  him. Sam stood up, leaning over Dean menacingly.

“What. Did. I. Do. Dean?” Dean sighed in defeat and he looked up at his wary brother. Cursing, he sat down at the table waiting for Sam to follow.

“You’re not gonna like this Sammy, you’re not.” When Sam didn’t reply Dean continued.

“You should know she’s out of the game. She’s not hunting, she lives with another guy named Andrew. He was her friend growing up and their families hunted together. Don’t worry I did a full check up on him and he cleared. So 5 months ago.” Dean continued with what he tried to forgot. He didn’t want Sam to remember what he did, he actually wanted to bury that memory deep into the Earth but if he wanted things to be normal, then Sam needed to know.

“So she left Sammy. She was too scared man, I couldn’t do anything. I tried, I did but she had a right to leave.” Sam let the tears flow, the thought of him attempting to kill the love of his life sickened him. He felt like throwing up all contents of his breakfast but he managed to keep it together.

“I need to set things right Dean” Dean felt a slight jab at his heart hearing his little brothers broken and vulnerable voice.

“There’s a case. She’s expecting me today. How about you come with?” When the words left Dean’s lips Sam instantly jumped out of his chair and began packing. A smile crept onto Dean’s face at the thought of things possibly returning to normal but will you forgive him? He knew this was crossing the line but the three of you needed it, whether you hated Dean or not.

Cuteroom Room Box Kit Part 3

And here is my completed Cuteroom Room Box Kit!

As you can see, my room looks VERY different than the one on the box. The room the kit is meant to make is sweet and hyper-feminine. I am not. I prefer bold colors.

It’s easy to see here that I changed the wallpaper and fabrics used, while keeping the floor, rug, and colors of the wooden furniture other than the pegs on the hanger-shelf. Those are meant to be made with a toothpick but I had trouble getting them cut evenly, so I used the paper stick from a cotton swab instead. I also turned the lampshade inside out and colored the lace that goes on it yellow. There was a bit of left over lace, so I put it on the candle holder on the table, too.

I made many substitutions and omitted a lot of decorative things. Both because they didn’t fit my personal sense of style, and because I have manual dexterity problems. I left out some of the more difficult pieces to keep the kit fun instead of frustrating. Cutting out the parts for the roses would have hurt too much, for example.

I’ve swapped out the pictures inside the frames with images from the 2016 Target Holiday Toy Guide. The fabric on the tops of the jars was changed from baby pink floral to brown with colorful butterflies. There was enough tubing and polyclay cane from the box of cookies that I was able to make a third jar and fill it with the remaining cookies.

Instead of making the vine, I used the leftover parts from the potted plant on the shelf to make a second, leafy plant to put on top of the curio. They’re hard to see against the background.

And I didn’t bother with the acrylic cover because I spent a lot of time and worked hard to make these little things and I want to be able to pick them up from time to time.

Despite leaving out a lot of the decorative pieces, the room feels very full and cozy, perfect for the Li’l Woodzees blind pack figure (Cheery Chipmunk!) I picked up at Target yesterday.

One last change:

By default, the battery compartment (it takes 2 AAA’s) is meant to lay on the table behind the box. That makes moving the whole thing a bit of a pain, so I built a very simple, paperboard container to hold it and taped it to the back with the Sookwang double sided tape.

This kit was a lot of fun to put together. I got to try some new things, and am happy that my design choices worked out and that the room doesn’t look under-decorated since I had to leave so much out.

E-shrine on your phone

I know it isn’t unusual to be a secret pagan, or in this case, HP. A lot of people in the community live by their own and/or can be totally open about their religion, which is incredibly awesome, but there are also a lot of us who can’t. For example, in my case, my family aren’t super strict Christians, but I just don’t want to have them mocking my beliefs.

Because of so, it can sometimes be dangerous having a shrine in your room. I do have one, hidden and small, but I know that some of you just can’t. Sometimes, the answer can be an e-shrine— but it doesn’t have to be open for everyone to see, like a Tumblr blog is. You can make an e-shrine on your phone. In my case: 

(Pictured: the unblock image, a devotional Apollo pic, like those aesthetic images. I’ll post the source when I find it. The second pic, the wallpaper, three lit candles.)

The candles are really helpful to give a more intimate atmosphere when praying, although I don’t use them as an offering because, well, those aren’t actual candles. If anyone can use them as an offering it’s up to them, though.

I also keep in my phone a lot of prayers, because it’s easy to find them and also easy to delete if I had to for some reason: 

(Pictured: a screenshot of the prayers I keep in my phone)

Well, I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of this, but it might help someone.

Harry Styles' Body: A Christmas Miracle

also known as: the masterpost shamelessly objectifying harry’s body and mixing in cute lil imagines and a couple of really intense thirsty moments.

this is my secret s4nta gift for tumblr user gabbasaurus-rex. :) now everyone buckle up and let’s get started!!!

okay i guess we should ease into the thirsty part a lil bit. let’s start with his feet.

they’re HUGE!!!! and like. pretty clean!! considering that they’re feet!!!!

i wish there was some point of reference in this photo like a standard no. 2 pencil or something because i’m pretty sure his feet are literally twice the size of mine

sometimes he manages to wedge his big flippers into some shoes!!! and those shoes are ALSO huge!!! u know what they say about guys w/ big shoes…

…they’re dumb enough that they can’t remember which is which!!!! it ok harry. 

just casually posing in some squeaky clean new shoes while the size of  his feet ruin my life. it’s fine.

now. harry’s feet happen to connect, via his ankles (as often happens), to a very impressive set of legs.

mmmmmmmm. boy legs. i like boy legs when they’re not too skinny and harry’s got some meat on ‘em ;)

does he shave them? this is a Question. sometimes they look very smooth. but sometimes they look like regular hairy Boy Legs

look at his THIGHS i wanna BITE them


sometimes he clothes his legs, which, although it’s not my preferred state for his legs to be in, the pants (trousers) he wears always make ‘em look pretty damn good.

is there a harry styles’ legs calendar because i would buy 1000 copies and wallpaper my room with them

LIKE. OK. his legs are slim but they still have substance like they’re not SKINNY they’re just SLIM and he has these cute little calves that gently curve out and ok yes maybe his ankles are a bit skinny but he makes up for that by wearing heeled boots ayy lmao

he KNOWS he’s got good legs too he shows them off whenever he can

continuing our tour of harry’s body…

although i’m regretful to leave his magnificent thighs…

we have harry’s cute lil BUTT!!!!!!!

some of my friends (not the ones on tumblr, they get me) have trouble understanding why i am so into boy butts

WHY IS THIS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND???? look at its gentle curve. it’s just enough to grab onto when he’s lowered himself just like that on top of you ;)

imagine if you were dating him and he was about to go out golfing with the bros and you gave his bum a cheeky pinch on the way out the door :(

or if you were going to give him a sexy massage with some flavored massage oil you just got from victoria’s secret. HIS BUM WOULD BE THE PERFECT PLACE TO PERCH!!!!!

i think the only reason harry’s so happy all the time is because his butt’s so comfortable to sit on. like maybe sometimes zayn and liam will be like “how do you stand sitting on that stage for so long” but they will never understand because they have negative asses. harry’s ass is an ass of SUBSTANCE

moving around to the front of this delectable region of harry’s body, we have…. drumroll please……




oh, you’re proud of the way your jeans bulge out in front, aren’t you. you piece of shit.

there is a PENIS hanging HEAVY between his thighs AT ALL TIMES this is NOT A DRILL


does singing make him half-hard because i mean



jesus harry how much are you packing to bulge out the front of a SUIT like i’m pretty sure suits are cut for the explicit purpose of making your body into a clean uninterrupted line, not for being SULLIED by your HUGE GODDAMN PACKAGE.


does golfing turn him on or is his soft dick really that big now i want to know but at the same time i’m afraid of what the information would do to me

ok last one sorry sorry just like. LOOK at it. the line of his dick. ok. everyone take a deep breath in, then out. in, then out.

ok, we’re ready to move on to his torso. at least, i think i’m ready.

so harry used to have a lot of baby fat. we all did. we were all fat, ugly babies. 16yo harry was fucking adorable look at his little exhibitionist streak and his soft belly (✿◠‿◠)

then harry went through a superhuman-accelerated form of puberty and NONE OF US WERE PREPARED







ok ok sorry. back to the Thing. you know how harry knows his legs are aweomse? well he also knows his chest and abs and general everything is awesome, so sometimes he wears sheer shirts because he’s satan and wants to torture us all.

instead of using scissors to cut up my all of my inevitable med school rejection letters maybe i should just use harry’s v line instead because THAT’S WHAT DERAILED ME FROM HAVING A LIFE

also real talk harry has the perkiest nipples of any guy i’ve ever seen

they poke through his fucking shirts (and so does his SIX PACK)

they are always hard and always dark and i always want to bite them

look it’s like he WANTS you to play with them he’s fucking oFFERING THEM

his nipples yearn for the spotlight. i want to give them everything they want and more.

no like they poke through his shirts so MUCH you can’t convince me he doesn’t pinch them and play with them when he jacks off

speaking of jacking off look at his ARMS. more importantly,

look at his HANDS.

they’re HUGE.

you know what they say about guys with huge hands…


he heard me and he wants to prove me right ;)

while we’re looking at his face let’s talk about what a fine specimen he is

harry is confusing. he can be so CUTE DARLING SWEET CUPCAKE 

and then the next second be really intense jealous possessive. does his shirt say not safe for work. because i’m pretty sure that’s true.


his lips are sooooo so kissable too like look at them i bet he’d be a very focused kisser like very concentrated trying to please you etc :(((

he has his red carpet smirk perfected and it makes me want to punch his mouth and then kiss it better

i don’t know what this facial expression is but it’s making me want some alone time

look at what a sweetheart he is though like above all else :)))))


harry styles’ body is UNREAL and i want to lick every inch of it.



I decided to do the alpha Tek cave, and went in with just a pygmy gryphon from the Gryphons mod. I’ve not been taking special tames in, because I’ve never gotten one back even though the wiki says they’re supposed to teleport to the entrance after you ascend. But when I entered, it said I had two tames…?

Then there was an extra giga in the middle of the path. Heck you giga. I got to the Overseer’s room, and found the second tame: a dimorphodon, which apparently I glitched by having it on my shoulder when I ascended. I left the two tiny terrors to battle while I ghosted outside the room to have a look around. I don’t know how far you can go without dying (most games eventually kill you if you go too far out of bounds, dunno if ARK does). Once again I forgot that I wanted to take a screenshot with my HUD disabled because the view through the window would make a cool wallpaper.

After I beat the Overseer, I had a new and exciting bug: I got the alpha ascension achievement but didn’t actually ascend! I just got this lovely view of some dirt and all my controls were disabled.

anonymous asked:

if we were dating i would 100% hold ur hand 24/7 and kiss you a lot but not just on the lips i would kiss u on ur cheeks and forehead. Also!! lots of snuggles and hugging woOo backhUGS and i would make food with u at 3am when u can't sleep and just !!!!!! fall in love with u !!!! more than i already am !!!!!

LISTEN YOU’RE SUCH A SOFT @parkminhyuksegg MY HEART IS MELTING SMDH get ur ass over from Washington to New York so we can do this already please ;( would 1000% cuddle & wallpaper your half of the room with taehyung posters & make u rice 24/7 & rabbit with @izwing ;(


The library, living room and kitchen!

The library is interesting because it’s sort of the coolest room. Hallway? Pocket? I’m still not entirely sure how to utilize it, other than storing things in a pretty way. In any case it’s a room I look at and admire every time I pass it.

The living room is this funky reddish/rust color. I wanted it to be bohemian, but that was harder than it sounds, and I ended up turning my whimsical grandma aesthetic to 11. I grew up with my mom decorating with quilts; in fact, the one hanging there used to be at my house! But mom found another one she liked better and I ended up with this one. C: I think it’s fate, since it’s spools of thread. 

The kitchen is… the brightest-ass neon green ever, but it’s really grown on me, LOL. I just covered it in enough bright, sort of tacky things to make it look intentional.

Bedroom is over here!

I took a picture of the bath, but tbh it’s got hideous wallpaper and the only way I can tolerate it is to put up giant prints of mermaids to try and cover it up. And it’s all over just sort of frumpy.

After Katsucon, I’ll take pictures of the sewing room properly, because atm it looks like a purple bomb went off in it.

WINNER - Sentimental [ENG TRANS]!

(A&C: Kang Uk Jin & Nam Taehyun | L: Nam Taehyun, Song Mino & Lee Seunghoon)

[TH] This feeling that comes to me every night without fail
For some reason I hate it
Then I try calling you again
Just in case you’re feeling the same thing as me

[TH] I’m sentimental right now
[JW] I only stare at the ceiling
Even if I draw on a blank wallpaper

[TH] I’m slightly sentimental
[SY] My tiny room is so wide today
For me to lie alone in

[MINO] Bedtime story, sing me a lullaby
Even if I want to sleep, the sheep keep running far away
The sounds of windows bumping into each other sound like thunder
Scaring me tonight
The clock strikes midnight

[MINO] Even if the moon greets me
I’m not that glad to see it today
Shaking my head makes me dizzy
There’s no one near me
My feelings are low but I want to go to space
Who can understand this
I want to die, I don’t mean it

[SY] This feeling that comes to me every night without fail
For some reason I hate it
Then I try calling you again
Just in case you’re feeling the same thing as me

[TH] I’m sentimental right now
[JW] I only stare at the ceiling
Even if I draw on a blank wallpaper

[TH] I’m slightly sentimental
[SY] My tiny room is so wide today
For me to lie alone in

[SH] I just want to be a star that floats in the sky
It doesn’t do anything but shines on its own
My heart that became dark with the night that became dark
I’m lonely, I’m precarious, who will hug me?

[SH] I turn on jazz music that doesn’t suit this, like Ray Charles
As if I’m getting drenched in rain
The sound of music resonate from my ears to my toes ([JW] Listen)
Be careful, be careful, of SNS
Don’t post nonsense from getting drunk in emotion ([SH] Go)
Don’t call your ex-girlfriend with a hot-blooded heart

[SY] This feeling that comes to me every night without fail
For some reason I hate it
Then I try calling you again
Just in case you’re feeling the same thing as me

[TH] I’m sentimental right now
[JW] I only stare at the ceiling
Even if I draw on a blank wallpaper

[TH] I’m slightly sentimental
[SY] My tiny room is so wide today
For me to lie alone in

[JW] I can’t catch you ([MINO] Even if I regret it now)
I can’t see you ([MINO] No matter how much I try)
We won’t be able to be happy forever, right?

[TH] I’m sentimental right now
[JW] I only stare at the ceiling
[JW&SY] Even if I draw on a blank wallpaper

[TH] I’m slightly sentimental
[JW&SY] My tiny room is so wide today
For me to lie alone in

[TH] This feeling that comes to me every night without fail
For some reason I hate it

Source: Naver

Translated by:

Girl, Lover, Horror Story

I wanna be filled with satin and lace and maraschino cherries
And set on fire in a queen-size bed in my lover’s house
And my melting skin will make the wallpaper smell like Chanel N°5 forever
So that no one living in the house can forget the way I smelled
And now no one wants to go in that room, where I burned just for the sake of lighting fires
The ashes linger in the floorboards
My fingernails are still intact, and drunkenly red
I fall apart slowly and the satin unravels
I smell like smoke
My lover never forgets the wall I smelled
My lover never forgets the way I burned forever before they set me on fire
My lover never forgets my honey taste
My lover is haunted forever by the ghost my secrets

No, I Don’t Want Your Number

“Hey. Hey. Psst. Hey!”  I’m trying to catch the attention of the security guard standing at the door of the dispensary, a half-cocked smirk playing across my lips. “Mike. Mike!”

I’m standing behind the glass-topped counters that run the length of the storefront, lit along the sides with strips of white LED lights. Beneath the glass, the cannabis strains that are available at this dispensary are displayed in petri glasses, carefully labeled. One of the things I love about this job is the names of strains: OG Kush. Gelato. Blue Lightning. Beside the flower is packaging for medicated tinctures, bath salts, cookies and gum. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to how cannabis can be consumed.

This dispensary is a diamond in the rough: it is stunningly beautiful on the inside, but it’s in a bad part of a San Francisco neighborhood that’s known as the Tenderloin. Damask wallpaper in contrasting shades of light and dark green buttress tall mirrors that run lengthwise along two walls, granting a sunlit airiness to an already open room. Ornate, hand-pressed tin ceiling tiles make me feel like I should be wearing a flapper dress instead of my t-shirt.

I dart between the batwing doors that keep the budtenders separate from the patients, nearly tripping on the thick kitchen mats that run the floor behind the counters. I slide off of the plush mat and onto hardwood floors worn to a buttery sheen by soles, almost catching my knee on the maroon wingback chairs that are tucked in the corner for patients to sit in while they peruse the menu.

I am not a particularly graceful woman, and my forward momentum almost propels me directly into Mike’s chest. With dark, buzzed hair and a silver looped earring in one earlobe, he looks like a skateboarder who went and grew up. All dispensaries have security out front, and he’s one of my very favorites.

Mike grins, standing in front of the computer they use to check patients in. He holds a hand out to steady me, but I’ve caught my balance. I lean in conspiratorially and lower my voice. “Check out that guy over there – you see him? Standing at our 2:00.”

I wiggle my elbow in the general direction of the blonde haired, blue-eyed patient standing at the counter, the one who caught my eye the minute he came through the door.

“Yeah, what about him?” He raises an eyebrow.

I can’t help the manic giggle that slips out. “Okay, so, I met that dude in a bar in 2013 and dated him casually for about a month.”

“Uh huh,” Mike’s head is tilted towards me, arms crossed protectively over his chest.

“He ghosted me outta nowhere – stopped replying to my phone calls, texts, anything and everything. Typical dating in 2015 bullshit, right?”

“Emphasis on the bullshit.”

“Tell me about it. Anyways, he totally recognized me the minute he walked in and he’s doing everything he possibly can to avoid making eye contact with me.”

Mike laughs, a baritone chuckle that launches me into paroxysms of giggles again. “No shit? What are you gonna do about it?”

“I hadn’t decided yet, but I have to do something, right? The opportunity is too good to pass up.”

“Get back there and watch this.” I officially have a co-conspirator. I practically skip back to behind the counter, mentally running through the rolodex of dating the guy: sushi dinner, a pool hall, drinks at a kitschy little bar in North Beach. Obnoxiously, he always fell asleep to his telephone propped on his chest, volume turned up on Bill Burr’s stand-up comedy. In the mornings, he’d hop out of the shower, gesture towards the top of his head and ask, “How’s the lettuce look?”

I cannot for the life of me remember his first name. I already tried scrolling through my phone to find the contact – I’d know it when I saw it – but I deleted him as soon as he ghosted me. Smart Heather.

I lean against the back counter, elbows propped behind me and hands dangling. I rest one booted foot against the shelves in front of me, mason jars the size of my forearm filled with cannabis flower rolling back and forth. He’s just finishing his conversation with the budtender, paper bag filled with goodies in hand. Mike is approaching slowly, a velociraptor hunting unsuspecting prey. I watch him turn to leave, still studiously avoiding eye contact with me, and that’s when Mike swoops in for the kill.

“Have you met our promo rep, Heather? You should come talk to her before you head out!” He slings an arm over the guy’s shoulders, forcibly directing him back towards me.

“Uh, uh. No. Nope, I don’t think I’ve met her before.”

Mike and I are somehow moving in perfect synchronicity, a practiced ballet dance of humiliation and embarrassment infliction. I step forward and lean against the counter at the very moment Mike deposits him there for me, feeling my pointy chin dig into my palms.

“That’s funny, I’m 100% certain we have met before. At the Buccaneer, during a Patriots game. I’m also 100% certain we slept together, and equally as sure that you decided to completely ignore me without warning.”

He makes a sound in his throat that I think is supposed to be nervous laughter, but it sounds more like a death rattle.

“Yeah. Uh, yeah. Heh.” There’s a long pause, one I don’t bother trying to fill because I’m enjoying watching him squirm. He puffs his cheeks full of air, letting it escape slowly through pursed lips. “Heeeey. How’ve you been?”

I arch an eyebrow, trying desperately to keep a straight face. Mike has a hand cupped over his mouth, trying just as desperately not to laugh. The seconds tick by and the dude is wringing the paper bag between his hands like it’s going to teleport him out of the dispensary.

“So, uh, you’re not doing the dead person thing anymore?”

“Trust me, this is way more fun.” I lean forward on the counter so I can see all of him as I give him a thorough once-over, from the top of his lettuce to the bottom of his toes. I feel the top of my lip curl uncontrollably in the subtlest modicum of a sneer before I push back from the bar and drape myself across the back counter. He’s dismissed, and he knows it. He stumbles backwards, tripping over his own feet before pushing past Mike and out the door.

The second he’s past the threshold, Mike and I make eye contact and burst into doubled over, full-throated laughter, the kind that makes your abdominal muscles hurt the next day. We high-five, and I realize with a start that I am no longer the broken woman I was in the months after I kicked out my cheating husband, desperately trying to make someone love me out of my own self-hatred - and I really, really love my job for the first time in years.