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Killing me softly, just take me slowly


sixofcrowsnw challenge (take two) week 2: funniest moments

Jesper knocked his head against the hull and cast his eyes heavenward. “Fine. But if Pekka Rollins kills us all, I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.”

Brekker’s lips quirked. “I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”

“My ghost won’t associate with your ghost,” Matthias said primly, and then wondered if the sea air was rotting his brain.


A day out shopping w/ Oh Sehun.

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Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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A star shines but your light is the brightest 🌟

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So like, I have a really dumb question, but first, your edits are really good like omg. But out of curiosity can you tell me how you make them? Sorta of a tutorial? I just wanna make these for fun and send them to my friends/try to make actual edits for the hell of it lmao. Totally okay if you don't tho!! I respect that and I'll still love your blog. Thank you for reading this, have a lovely day~ ♡^▽^♡

oh my god this has been in my inbox for so long….. sorry it took me so long to answer it!!

Okay, so I’m not great at explaining things so I recorded myself making one, but I’ll still try to explain it so you can understand.  Also I use for all of this because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy programs, and it works good enough so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And aaaaa spoilers I recorded myself making a quote I haven’t posted yet

(Under the cut because this got very long)

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Imagine spending a day out with Simon. 

Originally you two were just going to spend the day watching Netflix and cuddling. Then he turned off the tv and said “Babe I have not seen you in three days. And as much as I want to stay here and cuddle you to death, I think we should go out and do something.” 

“Well what do you have in mind?” you asked with a big smile on your face. “I don’t know lets just go somewhere then take it from there.” He got up to change and pulled you out of the door to start your day. 

 You went window shopping at Westfield, and stopped at Nando’s for food. After your food you both decided to walk around then rent bikes. You ended up biking to this cool little playground, and playing like the children you were at heart. 

You caught a few cabs and walked a couple blocks trying to decide if you should go somewhere else or head home. You decided that the night was still young so you headed to Top Golf. You were both terrible but it was great fun. 

After golf you were both knackered and caught a cab home. When you got back to Simon’s room you flopped on the bed from exhaustion. You cuddled into Simon’s side and watched his chest rise and fall. Your eyelids started to feel heavy and before you knew it you were fast asleep.



AN: OMG I’m so happy about how this turned out. It took a whole day to make this video. I have never made an “edit” to go along with my imagines/ fan fictions but I really enjoyed this. Hopefully I can keep doing these. 

some AO3 tagging guidelines

AO3 tagging isn’t like Tumblr tagging, please be aware of the differences

  • tag primary pairing(s) - aka the pairings the fic is actually about
  • think before tagging secondary pairings(s) - if the pairing gets a lot of screentime or if the pairing is prominent, go ahead. if the pairing is mentioned twice in passing, do not tag it.
  • tag the categories - like pairings, only choose the ones that are significant enough. don’t choose “f/f” when a f/f pairing is only mentioned in passing
  • tag characters who appear in significant enough roles - again, don’t tag characters who are just mentioned. so tag the main characters and some secondary.
  • tag trigger warnings - if there is anything in your fic that might be triggering or upsetting, please tag it. this allows readers to make healthy decisions in their fic reading. you can be kind of vague in the tags and elaborate in an author’s note if you don’t want to spoil the plot
  • use the set warning tags - these catch the big ones people look for without getting too specific
  • use appropriate ratings - don’t tag something as General when it has hardcore violence and sex, because it doesn’t let people make appropriate choices when looking for fic
  • tag fic content - these are the things people might be looking for when filtering fic. things like established relationship, pre-series, alternate universe, fix-it, etc. using these well can even help get people to read your fic.
  • don’t tag your stream of consciousness - AO3 tags aren’t like tumblr tags. they have code and staff who have to go through tags and group them and index them for filtering and common tagging. when you put things like “#omg I stayed up until 3 am editing this #shoutout to my friends Friend1 and Friend2 #etc #etc” those tags are then looked at and discarded for being useless (also it makes it hard to readers to figure out what tags are relevant in a wall of tags). this is what the author’s notes section of each chapter is for.

edit to add:

  • for pairing tags: use “character/character” for romantic pairings and use “character & character” for platonic/familial pairings

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Napoleon having this huge crush on Bo Bo but thinking he doesn't have a chance, then one day Thor randomly shows up at the temple while they are practicing, to give Dizze flowers, because Thor is sappy like that, and Napoleon can see Boo has a little crush on Thor and decides to make a move

this is all so fucking cute im gonna die pls somebody write this out fully!!

edit: omg why is he giving him flowers?? is it dizzee’s birthday? is it their anniversary?? did he just walk past a flower shop and think “wow i love my boyfriend so much let me get him some” ??? gosh every possibility makes my heart flutter

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I downloaded a trial for photoshop to make some simple gifs and holy crap I did not think it would be so involved and difficult even without editing omg kudos to you and everyone else who make amazing gifs all the time ❤❤

it can seem pretty overwhelming when you first get it, but once you use it more and more, you get used to how it works and which tools do what and all that! i think the most fun thing about photoshop is that you get to experiment with things! try out different tools and effects and all that. sometimes they come out to be really cool things, and other times not but that’s okay! 

but thank you! i really appreciate that! 


Nike png’s for all you Nike lovers out there (omg what am i saying). Please like/reblog if you save/use💕
EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT *plays the trumpet of excitement*

wow i almost forgot it was 2017 and the rpc will do anything to fuck up your wanting to make a roleplay or to roleplay all together. i didn’t know it was a crime to modify a theme to be like someone else’s WITH THE SAME CREATOR WHILE KEEPING THE CREDIT ON when it wasn’t anywhere to be found. how about don’t write on your theme page that people can modify it anyway they want to then attack them for making it like one you were apparently gonna release. omg people actually know html and can modify a theme’s coding who knew ?? sue me. since i’m being forced to take this theme that i worked hard to modify down and not drag anything out anymore by attitudehqs AND i’m being made out as the bad guy for editing a theme since i couldn’t find the theme they used i quit i seriously can not handle the bullshit the rpc puts people through anymore. i am so turned off by this community. this is supposed to be a place to have fun but everyone makes it some hectic mess. who gives a shit about themes we all use the same one anyways.

so this was a good effort to try to bring something wintery to twitter rp but y’all can go fuck your selfish selves.


Okay so here’s my opinion on McLennon:

–Disclaimers: I haven’t done extensive research on this and I’m too lazy to cite sources. I’m just working off of things I remember seeing and reading. –

It makes sense to me that johnandpaul were a thing from the early days. I mean. John was this cool older kid. I know they shared their love for music early on, but that doesn’t change the fact that John was a “tough guy” and paul was a baby. What makes it especially obvious is the fact that John dropped all his cool friends in the band to hang out with paul and Paul’s friend George. George was a lot younger than John, and I feel like he never would have gotten anywhere with John if it hadn’t been for paul. It’s almost like John kept George around initially just because it made paul happy. Especially with that whole Japage 3 thing. John should’ve been too cool to go along with that. And the cringey name. Unless he was making excuses to spend time with paul, I don’t think he would’ve been so enthusiastic about babysitting Georgie. Also, The whole “banging around upstairs listening to records” quote is really suspicious. Like good job being friends but if you’re as into music as you say you are, you might want to sit still and listen to all aspects. Not jump around and bang into walls. John had other friends who were okay at music. He didn’t really need paul. In all honesty, Paul was kind of an embarrassment compared to John. Kind of trying too hard to be a cool guy and top marks in school. John put in the extra effort to teach paul how to break rules (skipping class). He had plenty of other people to do that with. So yeah. I think they were a thing from the start. At least there was a chemical attraction between them that they acknowledged early on and recognized that they were more than friends to each other. It’s possible at that point that it was only a lot of hinting. Maybe they never came out and said it. This would explain Paul’s jealously over Stu in hamburg. He felt like he and John had something and he was losing it (or so he thought). By the time the Beatles reached America though, they must have finally admitted what they felt for each other. What with all the Sappy love songs being sung to each other, it’s hard to deny that those words stemmed from that thing between them. And, i read, the original lyrics to “I want to hold your hand” were “i want to hold your thing”. A joke, possibly. But this happened again with “she loves you”, which used to be “I love you” according to John. And I don’t know. Paris, the spider hand thing, sharing clothes, arms around WAISTS (a romantic gesture) doesn’t seem like a thing just “friends” would do. I know my timeline is screwy and my thoughts are incoherent so I apologize. Anyway, I think that by this point, they were definitely lovers. We all know that John was unfaithful to his wife Cynthia many times and paul was in an open relationship with Jane Asher. Paul doesn’t seem like the guy who would deliberately hurt his female partner by cheating. He had to make sure she was okay with him sleeping around. And John, well, he did what he wanted. By the time yoko came around, I think they were still together. Lovers fight, right? John never had a problem with going behind Cynthia’s back, and had no problem going behind yokos. However, I think he must’ve been so fascinated with her, he was starting to neglect paul. And paul was still in it as much as he had been, which means that he wasn’t getting out of his affair what he had been putting into it. Hence, jealousy and anger towards yoko. And John was so enthralled with her he didn’t really notice or care that paul needed him. They were still together, but suddenly paul wasn’t the priority any more and it was the Stuart problem all over again. Around the hey jude/revolution filming in September of 1968, when they wore the same shirt in different videos taken on the same day ;))))) it must’ve been their last hurrah. In the hey jude video, John looks pretty annoyed. And he loved that song. Obviously there’s other conflicts there. They certainly had feelings for each other still, but paul didn’t like feeling second fiddle to yoko. I think that’s especially when tensions got high because the songwriters of the team weren’t getting along because of unresolved feelings and sexual tension that was too painful to deal with. They had to put it off because they had deadlines and contracts to uphold. At this point, I think John and paul must’ve still been together but they were falling apart. They were never together sexually anymore because they just ended up fighting about yoko and apple and other stuff. I also think paul started dating Linda initially because it bothered John. Maybe he thought he was making John jealous. And I don’t believe he officially broke it off with John until he got serious about Linda. Obviously, he fell in love with her after a while. But, as he said so himself, she wasn’t really his type and he was surprised that he fell for her. I think she definitely changed him for the better. And since they only dated for (two months?) his wedding to her seems like it was on a whim and he got lucky that she ended up being his life partner. Just the fact that he dated Jane for like eight years and was married to Linda for like thirty proves that paul was in it to win it. He wanted to be prioritized and took hit relationships seriously. I think? Anyway. John was mad that paul dumped him (even though it was his fault) and married yoko a week later. Probably to spite paul. Or make him jealous. And that’s when the band really fell apart. I think paul was sorry that he had to give up his partnership with John and tried to let him know (oh darling, etc), but he was also unwilling to give up Linda because that was his most realistic relationship (and universally accepted by the public) as opposed to being gay with his band mate. Besides, she brought out a new side in him that he hadn’t experienced before. I guess tensions got too high and the band broke up. And John and paul never reconciled because it was too messy for them to deal with their issues without hurting their wives. After the break up, there were a lot of hostile words between themselves. John resented Linda (for stealing paul?) and showed it in that letter he sent her using a lot of nasty words. He put everything into yoko and paul into Linda. They wanted to be apart so they would just forget everything. In imagine, you can see the evolution of his thoughts towards paul. He was angry (how do you sleep) but then he was apologetic (jealous guy). It’s like he realizes this whole mess was his fault with yoko. And he doesn’t really want to hurt paul because despite everything, they still loved each other. And when paul released dear friend, it’s kind of a cry for help. He loves Linda but he also loves John. But he can’t be with John because it’s frowned upon and he’s too loyal to his wife and stepdaughter. So he’s torn between his childhood love and his family. They both matter to him. With paul showing up at John’s house unexpected, it must’ve been his awkward attempt at reconciliation that never quite panned out because John was too terrified of confrontation and too frustrated by Paul’s inability to commit to a purpose. I guess they made up and saw each other again officially. The last picture ever taken of them, in 1974, shows them sitting together on a bed. Taken by may pang I think. So here’s John, no longer loyal to yoko, and paul, still loyal to Linda. With all the old feelings festering behind the surface and just the nature of johns character, I can’t help but think of how easy it would’ve been for him, emotionally disabled and fragile, to lean over and do something stupid, like kiss paul. Which would lead to another falling out because paul still isn’t ready to give up Linda or confront his affliction. Maybe that’s why John was so gruff on the phone when paul called him afterwards. He was embarrassed to have been so vulnerable. Did paul yell at him? But on the phone, paul was apologetic and did anything he could to keep him on (baking bread! Babies!). Like he wanted to talk to John but couldn’t remember how. And I think that by the time their relationship had mended enough and they had set up some boundaries, they wanted to work together again. Both experienced roadblocks that only the other could solve. Paul wanted to help his career and reignite the flame of his childhood. But John wanted the entire relationship back, more than professionally. That would explain the tape saying “for paul” with all those songs on it. It’s like a message saying “look. I miss you and all but I can’t be just friends with you. I need you all the way with me for the long term”. Obviously, the reunion never happened because some dick gunned him down. However, when paul finally got that tape, he must’ve understood and felt bad about everything that happened. Paul of all people should understand how fragile and messed up John was. Paul was much more insecure about his sexuality than John was, but John was in no place to convince him to stay. Also, when Linda died, I feel like paul must’ve thought something along the lines of “so this wasn’t long term”. Not that their relationship was a waste, but that he could’ve saved himself all that pain of her dying if he’d just stayed with John.

Idk the whole situation is weird. Like obviously they had their problems and those never went away. I know that this whole analysis is long and stupid and factually incorrect, but thanks for taking the time to read. If it doesn’t make any sense, it’s because I didn’t have time to edit. I thought this up while watching my cousins band perform. Holes in my story? Probably. There’s definitely a lot I left out that I meant to include but ran out of time and mental capacity for. If my crappy way of thinking offends anyone, sorry in hindsight, but I would like to know your thoughts on the matter!!

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Okay I respect everyone's right to ship what they want but I genuinely do not understand the Aquaman and Superman ship. Do you have any idea? Like beyond the fact that Jason Mamoa is stupidly gorgeous.

tbh i think that’s the most common reason as of now: Jason and Henry look good together. Jason stood up to defend MoS. Jason hugged and made effort to include Henry in the JL cast. Jason and Henry chatted with each other on Instagram. And the legendary SS premier. Their real life chemistry can be transformed easily to their roles. End of story.

BUT. if you want more solid reasons/details in the comic- hmmm the fact that Clark would go to war for Arthur (twice) and Arthur holds Clark in very high regard???


Buckle up anon, I’m taking you on a drive

(special thanks to @cryptmirror for helping me out with this, let’s show the world the glory of comic AquaSupes (´∀`)♡)

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