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Prompt- Lily is on her period and James is sort of uncomfortable with the whole menstruating thing but eventually is really cool and supportive.

  • “oh my god, are you dying?”
  • james finds lily on the floor in the bathroom, covered in sweat and in a loose baggy t-shirt which he realises with a start is his
  • out of respect james hurries out before lily can scream at him
  • he takes out his phone and is ready to diall 999 and call for an ambulence because lily is literally the strongest person he knows and something must be very wrong with her to be in that sort of condition 
  • she looks like hell when she finally comes out. white, ghoulish skin, prominent eye-bags and chapped lips that could do with thousands of sweet, toe-curling kisses
  • and yet she’s still the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and he still gets those damn butterflies every time
  • “do you need me to call 999?” 
  • she’s staggering to the kitchen like she’s an 85 year old pensioner who forgot her walking stick. she’s mumbling something, her cheeks a little flushed as she sits down on a chair. something like ‘eve’s in the house’
  • he knows no one called eve
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t catch that.”
  • “pardon?”
  • “lily, babe you really need to speak up a bit-”
  • “……..oh.”
  • he has no idea what to do
  • lily is obviously in a lot of pain, that much is certain; she’s just sat in a chair, going ‘bugger’ and swearing like there’s no tomorrow
  • he’s super uncomfortable because well, when he was younger he once found his mum’s tampons and lets just say when she came home they both had a humiliating and mortifying conversation 
  • he’s never had any experience (can he even call it that?) about women and their periods. what is he supposed to do?
  • but then he remembers when lily looked after him two months ago. he had the worst flu ever, was stuck in bed for 2 days, was sweaty, had a runny nose, he lost his voice and ached all over 
  • but lily was there literally through it all. she was there, to listen to him say ‘babe, if i die please dont forget to eat that tuna in the fridge because it’s been in there for two days and it’ll go off’ only for her to snort, chuckle and say that she’d nurse him back to health. and she did. 
  • so now it’s not just that he’s obligated to do the same, but, heck, she’s the love of his life
  • that’s how he ends up in tesco 20 minutes later. staring, half traumatised, at sanitary towels. 
  • does she want ?normal? or those beasts which say ultra night 100% protection? he buys both. and gets neurofen express period pain, buys a bag of maltesers and the newest cosmopolitan magazine
  • the cashier is a middle aged woman and she beams at him when it’s his turn. 
  • ‘your wife is lucky to have you. what a wonderful gentleman.’ 
  • his hand cluctches the small box inside his coat pocket almost insantaneously. he gives it a tight squeeze before smiling and hurrying back to lily’s
  • she’s on the sofa now and as soon as he gets in he rushes to the kitchen and is making her a tea before she can even ask
  • “can i have a sugar though this time, please?”
  • he doesnt even bat an eyelid when he asks how many and she says, oh so casually, “three…. and a half
  • he runs her a hot bath, puts the items on the floor and sits, twiddling his thumbs. he holds the box as he waits, maybe he’ll have to ask her another time… but as soon as he hears the bathroom door open he hides it
  • “you okay?” 
  • he sits with his arms around her, stroking her soft hair and feeding her maltesers as they sit through episode after episode of friends. 
  • she apologises and he says she has nothing to be sorry for. being there for her is the only thing he wants to do
  • she smiles. he smiles. she says she feels a little bit better now, but he still insists on making the next three rounds of tea
  • that’s when he hears her voice ring through the living room and into the kitchen
  • “james… what’s in this box?”
Ring of Fire

Summary: AU. An all-consuming love like theirs can either keep them warm at night, or burn everything they know to the ground like a wildfire.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,471 (without lyrics)

Warnings: angst, language, wounds, more angst, love, fluff, implied sexytimes, no smut, song fic style

A/N: This is my one-shot entry for @caplanbuckybarnes‘s Song Challenge. I was given “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. This is my first attempt at (almost) canon.

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Love Is Not Over


SUMMARY: You are Yoongi’s psychiatrist that helps him through his dark days, but what happens when your days become dark as well?

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chapter one

December 1, 2012

You laid in bed, with your eyes wide open, waiting for your alarm to go off. It was supposed to ring in only five more minutes, but you couldn’t wait that long, so you sprang out of bed and ran to the kitchen to get some coffee. Today was the first day of your career as a psychiatrist. You worked so hard to get to this day, and it had finally arrived. You got ready in less than twenty minutes, and rushed out of the door.

When you reached the building, you realized that the lights were still off and your car was the only one in the parking lot. You sighed, turned the volume of the radio in your car up, and anxiously tapped on your steering wheel, nervous for what the day might entail.

After what seemed like hours, you spotted your new boss’s car approaching the building. You hopped out of your car and waited at the door.

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Soulmate Wonwoo

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

Everyone has some sense of tangible connection to their soulmate. No matter how far away you are, they become a physical mirror through which your body experiences the world- your life a string tied with their own.

It’s a very abstract thing which even the greatest minds of the modern age find hard to define. All anyone really knows is that bound soulmates have some sort of bodily connection which seems to provide indicators of well-being and health. When one person is hurt or sick, the other feels an echo of the pain. When one person gets close to death, the other loses grip on their senses. If one person dies, well, the other will experience indescribable pain and then never be the same again…

But when soulmates are together, especially in physical contact with one another, the touch somehow provides healing. Not complete, but enough to make a difference.

Scientists link it back to all sorts of things- the evolutionary benefits of having a connection to your perfectly matched life partner and being able to monitor their survival even from a distance, and to help with it when close. The more spiritual among the population would call it a divine providence- something that gives you a soul deep connection to your destined other half. 

And those who are simply romantic minded? Well, they just seek comfort in the fact that they can feel the presence of their soulmate in every breath and beat of the heart. 

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Got7: "I love you's whispered in the dark"

Jaebum: in the back of the car, where you decided to end your date early because you were late to your reservation anyway. After walking with no clear destination in mind, you both got tired and he tugged you back to your car. Neither of you felt like going home, and the moment felt so special with you staring at him like he was the only person who’s ever existed. He’d lightly stroke your cheeks in the darkness of the car, neither of you saying a word. Playing soft music on his phone, he pulls you tighter into his chest and sighs contently. “I love you, y/n.”

Mark: spending the whole day on the beach, neither of you wanting to leave and go back to your shared place. As the moon glimmers above you and the waves tickling at your feet, you’ve never felt happier. Mark laid out a blanket and lays you down on his chest, enjoying the peacefulness of the quiet beach at night. He’s never brought someone to this private part of the beach and this is really special for him. “You must be really special for me to bring you here. I must love you or something…” He can smell the salt in your hair as the wind brushes by, and inhales deeply, glad that you can’t see the blush creeping up on his cheeks in this late hour.

Jackson: you didn’t expect the night to turn out like this, as you cuddled deeper and deeper into Jackson’s side, avoiding looking at the screen. He thought it would be a great idea to invite the other guys over and have a horror movie marathon. While the rest of them laughed and gagged at the movie, you held Jackson’s hand tightly. He would just smirk and kiss your forehead every now and then, unable to understand why you’d be afraid of something so silly. “Jagiyaa, I promise you that nothing will happen to you.” He whispers, leaning in to kiss your neck and brushes your hair aside. “You know I love you and would never let anything happen, right? I’m right here.”

Jinyoung: running his fingertips up and down your arm, Jinyoung sighed peacefully. It was the night before he was supposed to be leaving for promotions for their new album. After spending the whole day with you, it still wasn’t enough. You’d remind him that he needed sleep as he was going to wake up really early the next morning. But he wouldn’t budge, and only pull you closer to him. “I’m going to miss you so much. I love you, y/n, and I don’t want you staring at any other guys while I’m away, alright?” He poked your sides and chuckled, but you could tell he was sad to be leaving you for a while.

Youngjae: “y/n…. please don’t leave.” This was the first time you had a full blown flight with your boyfriend, and things were quickly escalating. Both of you would shout insults at each other and you’d had enough, and stood up to leave. “Look, it’s really late and I’m not letting you drive when you’re this angry. Please don’t leave, I’m sorry. I love you.” He begged, his voice barely a whisper. This was the first time you had heard him say it, and it struck a cord in your heart. He really didn’t mean any harm by saying those things, he just never wants you to leave and be upset with him.

Bambam: you couldn’t belive your boyfriend. Even after telling him a million times that you were afraid of the dark, he still managed to convince you to go to a haunted house and scare the living hell out of you. He’d let out a loud chuckle whenever you jump and get scared, but quickly makes it up to you and does some aegyo. “Awww baby, I’m sorry. You’re just too cute to handle. You still love me?” After ignoring his attempts, he still drags you to a fast food restaurant and buys you whatever will make you happy. “Well, that’s okay because I love you, even if you’re going to ignore me until you finish that shake and fries.”

Yugyeom: the boys had just come back after being away for weeks, and you couldn’t be happier to see your goofy boyfriend, with that goofy smile plastered on his face standing in your doorway. Despite being half asleep, you returned his hugs and kisses with a passion and he was so giddy just to have you back in his arms. You two cuddled in your sofa as he shared stories of the places they visited, but you could barely keep your eyes open. He smiled sheepishly, but not wanting to wake you up again, he softly kisses your forehead and drifts off to sleep himself. Not before whispering a quiet, “I love you, y/n. Sweet dreams.”

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Here have some markson to fend off the antis 

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can you please please do number 3 for jason?

Of course! I’m kinda happy with how this turned out and I hope you enjoy this! Thank you for requesting! 

I don’t want your pity. I want your absence.”

Jason lets out a grunt as he drops himself at the edge of the unoccupied bed. He runs his hand through his hair roughly and lets out another grunt. This night has got to be one of the shittiest nights Jason has experienced.

Out of all the things he could have said to you, Jason did not really expect for those words to come out. That night, he had been really angry but not just at you but at himself too. When the two of you finally got together, one of the things Jason had promised to himself was that he will never let his anger get the best of him. But that very night, not only had he let his anger get the best of him, he had also managed to say some hurtful things to you too. He also did not even bother to stick around afterwards; Jason simply upped and left.

Three days later, Jason is still regretting letting his mouth loose and feeling remorseful over his choice of words to you. Roy had taken him aside earlier – when Jason had left his shared apartment with you, he had ended up at Roy’s apartment and has since then been there for the past few nights – and scolded him thoroughly.

She is honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to you and we both know these type of people, they are hard to come by. Do you really want those words to be the last ones you will ever say to her? What if something happens to her? What will you do then?

Normally words like those do not really leave much of an impact on Jason because feelings are just too much to deal with most of the time but somehow, after hearing those words coming from Roy, Jason could not help but feel restless and listless. Maybe three days of silence is enough – this is, after all, the first time Jason has ever been away from you without having a mission to attend to and the nights without you by his side has been extremely hard. He knows, even without looking in the mirror, that he looks worse for wear.

Which is why Jason decided to make his way to your shared apartment. The closer he gets to the apartment, the more anxious he feels and Jason is torn between wanting to feel like he is afraid (how is he supposed to appear before you after all of the things he has said?) and wanting to just let the other shoe to drop because sometimes, Jason thinks you are better off without him in your life. But then he remembers Roy’s words and Jason steels himself – if he can face countless of villains without having any second thoughts, he can definitely face you.

“Babe?” Jason steps in to the apartment and frowns. The apartment looked like no one has been there since the last time he had been around and he shakes his head. Normally even when the two of you fight, if you ever had to leave town for work or emergency family problems, you would always tell him but he has received no texts from you. So you should be here - you should be in town. “Babe!” He calls out as he moves further in the apartment.

The living room looks exactly like the last time he has saw it: his clothes are still thrown over the sofa and he spies your reading glasses on top of a few books on the coffee table. He moves past the living room to the kitchen. It did not make him feel any better.

The kitchen is clean. Too clean. So Jason leaves the kitchen and heads for the one room he hopes you would be in.

But despite that, the closer he gets to the bedroom, the faster his heart races. His fear climbs to a dramatic height as realization crashes on him, that he might actually lose you especially when he opens the bedroom to find the bed empty and your clothes are gone. 

“Fuck, no. Shit,” Jason rushes in to the room and throws open every single drawer that belonged to you and when each turned out to be empty like your half of the closet, a lump forms in his throat. 

Suddenly everything Roy had said came to his mind and Jason feels like puking. What if something bad had actually happened? What if you had left him without letting him tell you just how much he actually appreciated you and how much he loves you for putting up with him, his nightmares and the baggage that he carries with him. What if - what if you died? 

He cannot fail you. Not like how the bat had failed him before. Jason could feel the tears welling up and before he could even do anything, the door to the bedroom opens once more. 

“Jay, is that you? Why are you sitting here in the dark!” Your voice floats in to the room. You are standing at the door, wearing a concerned expression. You could have sworn when you left the apartment, the lights had been working. “I think the power must be busted or something, I’m going to go and check it out.” Jason’s lack of response also prompted you to go check it out. Maybe he was still angry at you? You really needed to keep your mouth in check sometimes. Your father had always told you ever since you were young that your big mouth would cause you trouble one day and that day when you had your fight with Jason, that had been the day. 

As soon as you turn around to head towards living room, a pair of arms wrap themselves around your body and you are suddenly grabbed in an embrace. One that you have missed for the past few nights.


Hearing your sweet voice, calling out his name like that made Jason pull you closer, laying his head on your shoulder. Now that he has you in his arms, he realizes just how much comfort you bring.

You try to shrug him off because honestly this probably would not be too comfortable for Jason but he hugs you tighter instead. After much struggle, Jason relents and is about to drop his arms from around you when you turn around to face him, wrapping your own arms around his waist. The two of you stood like that for quite a long time. 

“I’m sorry.“ 

”…it’s fine.“

You pull away with a small smile on your face. You are glad that Jason’s no longer mad at you. The two of you clearly still have some issues but having Jason around you and in your arms, those are enough to make you want to forget the problems for now. 

Jason gets a good look of your face, tracing every inch of it. "You won’t leave me right.” It was not a question, simply clarifying an understanding between the two of you and when you nodded your head, Jason gives you a passionate kiss, one that left your head spinning, your face flush and your breath short. “Not that I am planning on ever letting you go.”

“I love you.” You stand on your tip-toes to give Jason another kiss and this time, he smiles in to the kiss. The two of you probably need to talk after this too but for now, he is just going to enjoy having you in his arms. 

“I know.” Jason gives you a genuine smile. “I love you too.”


Fenris/f!Hawke, 1997 words, sfw. Fenris and Hawke form a fledgling friendship over talk of the Deep Roads expedition. Content warnings for mentions of violence, slavery, and canonical character death.

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“Is your buying people fruit based on their place of origin a regular occurrence? Don’t you have an expedition to fund?”

“Well, you’re the only Tevinter I’ve met and not killed, and the greengrocer was rather persuasive. ‘The only ones you can find in the Free Marches, serah,’” Hawke says in an imitation of the dwarven grocer’s drawl, “‘handpicked by elven maidens and shipped straight to Hightown from the lush stretches of Perineum—’”

Fenris has a weird little cough. “Perivantium.”

“—that’s what I said—‘in crates enchanted with frost runes and pulled by free-range dracolisks.’ Oh, and it looks like it’s wearing a tiny court jester hat,” she adds, pointing to the strange flower that crowns the fruit as he pares it off before scoring the top. “Besides, I’ve never had anything from Tevinter and—oh, sweet Andraste on a stick, of course the damned Tevinter fruit is bleeding.”

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“Now darlin’, before we go in there I gotta explain a few things.” Leonard was kneeling in front of his daughter, preparing her to meet his two dearest friends. Not that he was about to say that out loud. To anyone. Ever.

The San Francisco streets were bustling with activity on the busy Friday afternoon. The Enterprise was docked for its annual repairs for the following week, freeing up the officers for a good long shore leave. It had taken every trick in the book to persuade Jocelyn to put Joanna on a plane and spend the vacation with her father. Fortunately, Jim had gotten a place in the city a while back, so they had a place to stay. And it was in front of that very apartment that Leonard and Joanna were having this conference.

“The blonde one is an idiot. He acts smart, but don’t be fooled. If he could, he’d feed you cookies for breakfast and cake for dinner. He’ll make a great playmate for you, but he’s a piss poor excuse for an adult. Between you and him, you’re the mature one. You remember that. Out there he’s in charge, but while we’re here you still follow daddy’s rules, you got that?” When Joanna giggles it melts Leonard’s heart into a molten pool of endless affection. She nods and holds out a pinky in a silent promise. “That’s good. That’s my good girl.” He can’t help but pause to brush her long brunette hair back over her ears.

“Now the tall sickly lookin’ one, his ears are not for pullin’ on, so you keep those pretty little hands to yourself. I know you’re not used to seein’ all of these different kinds of aliens back home, but he’s not that different from us. He takes everything literally so he might not understand what you mean sometimes, and that’s okay. Chances are he’ll question every move you make, but he’s a very logical kind of guy so you’ll just have to let him. Oh, one more thing. He doesn’t like to be touched so you make sure you steer clear of his hands. You got all that, Firefly?” Leonard beams with pride when his little girl nods.

“Yes daddy, I got it. I ain’t a baby anymore, I can play nice with the big boys.” How she can look sweet and positively mischievous at the same time is beyond Leonard. Must have gotten that from Jocelyn.  

Leonard knocks on the door as he shuffles the duffel bags on his shoulder to a more comfortable position. Jim answers it and he is radiating excitement and warmth. He sinks down to his knees to address Joanna face to face. “Hey there Jojo! Come on in, kiddo. Your daddy has been telling us all about you. We were so eager to meet you.”

The small girl sidles past Jim and ambles into the middle of the living room. “Couple things,” she starts, and Leonard knows the poor guy is about to get reamed by a six year old. “I ain’t no kid. I’m a big girl! I’ll have you know I’m in the first grade! And only my parents can call me Jojo. You call me Joanna.”

“I see the resemblance,” Spock comments from his spot on the couch. He’s grinning with his eyes, loving the way the tiny human just put the high and mighty fully grown Starship captain in his place. “Quite the first impression, Jim.”

Leonard is outright cackling in the doorway. Whatever words he’s trying to get out dies on his lips with the force of his laughter.

Joanna sets her sights on Spock and walks over to him with her small hands clasped behind her back and wonder in her eyes. She has never seen a Vulcan before. “I like your ears. Oh my gosh, are you a fairy?!“ The girl bounces on the balls of her feet, her tiny body barely able to contain her excitement. 

Spock raises a curious brow and considers the comparison. “I suppose my race does bear a striking resemblance to your mythical Terran creatures. However, your assumption is incorrect. I am a Vulcan.” Leonard isn’t sure what surprises him more; that Spock agreed to the assessment or that his daughter has taken an immediate liking to the guy that makes his blood boil. Jim must be having a similar inner monologue because he’s downright gaping at the pair.

Joanna’s smile lights up the room. She hauls herself right up onto Spock’s lap and he looks like he’s about ready to piss himself at the contact. Leonard breaks into another fit of laughter. “Don’t look so petrified, Hobgoblin.”

“Yeah, daddy already said I’m not s’posed to touch. I’ll be good,” she promises, folding her hands in her lap as a sign of good will. Spock relaxes slightly and tries to ignore the way Jim is glaring at him for stealing his thunder. “Uncle Spock, will you tell me a story about your planet? What are Vulcans like? Do you know any real life fairies?”  

“Very well. I suppose I—“

Jim interjects before Spock can even get started. “Hey Joanna, I picked up some local sweets for you to try. I thought you might like some goodies after the long shuttle over here. You’ve got to try the donuts here! What do you say to sharing some with me?” Leonard is welling up with pride and love for his little girl as she frowns, looking just like him.

“No thank you. Sweets rot your teeth and daddy says I need to take care of my pretty smile.” Jim drops his shoulders and huffs in defeat. Joanna turns away from him and looks up at Spock with interest, encouraging him to continue. He starts off on a long winded explanation of arbitrary things like his pet sehlat, Vulcan schooling, and his mother’s cooking.

Leonard edges up to Jim’s side and slaps a hand on his shoulder, making him frown impossibly harder. “You tried, Jimboy. Who’d’ve guessed she’d like Spock more than you? I don’t much understand it either.“ He sighs mournfully and shakes his head.  "Why don’t you make yourself useful and come help me unpack this stuff? Unless you’d rather sit here and listen to the hobgoblin drone on.”

Jim concedes and grabs the bags, carrying them down the guest room at the end of the hallway. They take their time unpacking their clothes and belongings. When the pair return to the living room, Joanna is resting heavily on Spock’s chest. The soothing sound of his voice lulled her right to sleep.

Spock is looking down at her with an expression akin to affection. When Leonard makes a move to pick her up, Spock stops him. “It is quite all right. She has an affinity for my higher body temperature. I assure you, she is rather comfortable. There is a high probability that she will wake if moved.” Leonard finds he can’t argue with that logic. And they do make a rather cute pair. 

The child looks so small on Spock’s lap, set against broad shoulders and muscle. She shifts slightly and curls up comfortably against Spock’s stomach. Leonard almost can’t believe his own eyes when he watches Spock drop a hand to sift through her long hair. The proud dad smiles fondly. 

And while this heartwarming bonding moment unfolds, Jim is watching them from the hallway, slowly being consumed by jealousy.  

Soulmate Seungkwan

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

The world is a beautiful place in so many ways. There are brilliant landscapes, small acts of human kindness, and all sorts of captivating things that can catch an eye or turn a head. 

But the one thing that intrigues you most is the certain kind of beauty which is hidden away- by nature itself- by the unfathomable laws of the universe- by something no one quite understands.

There are things only certain people can see. 

When you look down at your body, you know your skin is covered all over in intricate tattoos; yours are bright, all ribbons of pastel colors, weaving together into decorative symbols, shot through here and there with the brightest threads of glowing gold. But no one else can see the marks. To their eyes, you have empty skin. 

Indeed, the only person ever able to see the tattoos that mark another is the one connected to them in their very soul: the other half: the Soulmate.

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Caspian x Reader - Won’t Miss This Chance

Request: Caspian x reader where they meet when she & the Pevensies return and he falls in love with her. She has to go back to our world, but comes back with Lucy and Ed on the Dawn Treader. He finally confesses his feelings, she stays and they get married :)

Caspian x Reader - Won’t Miss This Chance
Setting: PC then VDT
Contains: Variations of PC and VDT so it doesn’t follow the movie exactly. That way, it doesn’t end up being like those fanfictions where the main character (or the reader in this case) takes the best lines. Cus personally, those ff got super boring whenever I read them.
Word Count: 1782

Enjoy! I got sorta lazy/didn’t know how to write the ending so I hope you guys are fine with all of this.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Is this… Narnia?” (Y/n) asked as she looked at her surroundings on the beach. The Pevensies stopped splashing water around and looked at their friend who entered Narnia for the first time. Susan had told her of the stories and the others told theirs. (Y/n) was honored that they had picked her to tell the stories. Lucky them, she believed it. Of course, (Y/n) will always believe Susan, she was her best friend after all.

“It should be,” Peter replied. (Y/n) slowly started to grin then she jumped into the water with the Pevensies.

“This is great! I never thought I would make it to Narnia with you guys,” (Y/n) started to splash her friends. 

“Well, if that’s the case that means Aslan needs us here,” Lucy told her. (Y/n) looked at her. She heard all about Aslan and each and every time they mentioned him all her worries disappeared. She felt like how she did when she found out she was going to study abroad at England. But ten times better. 

“But why?” Edmund asked. 

“I think we’ll found out sooner or later, look.” Susan pointed up on top of the hill where ruins were. 

“Were there ruins in Narnia?” Edmund looked at his siblings. They all exchanged a look and then got out of the water to go explore and discover where they were in Narnia.

“I am Prince Caspian the Tenth,” the long haired boy spoke out proudly. “Who are you?” 

“Peter, High King Peter of Narnia,” Peter answered. Caspian was taken aback. The horn had called the Kings and Queens of Old. He looked at them all but grew confused when he saw someone he didn’t recognize from the stories. Yet, at that moment he grew attracted to her. 

“But who are you? I only remember two Kings and two Queens,” Caspian motioned towards (Y/n). He would have remembered someone as beautiful as her in the stories. 

“(Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n) friend of the Kings and Queens,” (Y/n) answered. Caspian was completely transfixed by her voice. It was loud yet graceful. Commanding yet gentle. Almost everything about her was the definition of beauty. He just couldn’t wait to get to know her. 

Time seems to go by really fast when you’re having fun. And that’s what (Y/n) was having, fun! With the Narnian air working on her the moment she entered Narnia, a lot like the Pevensies, she grew much braver, stronger, and skillful in fighting. Which certainly caught the eyes of a certain Prince. 

But of course, all good things must come to an end and that was what happened, an end. 

“I’m afraid this is where we leave,” Peter said to all of us. He looked at the tree that teleported three people not that long ago then back at us. “Back to England.” 

“What?” (Y/n) was barely able to breath out. “But, the stories you told me. Can’t we stay a bit longer?” Her eyes started to water a bit. 

“Would we ever come back?” Lucy asked. 

“You guys are,” Peter motioned to (Y/n), Lucy, and Edmund. 

“We’re not,” Susan finished. She had the saddest smile on her face. Right when she got used to living in Narnia once more, it got snatched away. 

“But, I’m the same age as you Susan, why do I get to come back?” (Y/n) questioned. Aslan, who was sitting down and facing them, spoke up.

“It is because you still have a lot to learn, they have learned what they can here in Narnia. Now it’s time they learn things in your world.” (Y/n) nodded in understanding. It was in that moment when they all went to say their goodbyes. (Y/n) walked up to Caspian and they stood in front of each other before enveloping each other in a hug. 

The five started to walk towards the tree and Caspian finally mustered up all the courage he could gather.

“Wait- (Y/n)!” He tried to reach out towards (Y/n) but it was too late. They were long gone. 

Aslan walked up beside Caspian and looked up at him, “Don’t fret, dear one. You will see her again.” A lonely tear ran down Caspian’s face before he quickly wiped it away. 

Three years passed in Narnia. Only one had passed for (Y/n). Edmund and Lucy were at their cousin’s house for the summer in Cambridge. (Y/n) lived with her family. Though, one day (Y/n)’s family decided to pop into Cambridge for some family matters. (Y/n) took this chance to go visit Edmund and Lucy.

“Uncle Harold, I bought all of what we could but they didn’t have carrots again,” Lucy carried the bag into the house with Edmund and (Y/n) following from behind. “I also hope you don’t mind that a friend of ours can come over for a bit.” (Y/n) stood there awkwardly staring at the man who was reading a newspaper but didn’t pay any attention towards the three kids. Edmund, who disliked his cousin, Eustace, and Aunt and Uncle strongly, stuck out his tongue at him. 

“Father, Edmund’s making faces at you!” A voice from the stairs yelled. (Y/n) spun around and before she knew it, Edmund chased the poor kid. (Y/n) stared at Eustace then looked back at Lucy. 

“I’m sorry,” Lucy said then she went off to start putting the groceries away. “You can stay in my room a bit, up the stairs and the third door on the right.” 

“Thanks, Lu,” (Y/n) went up the stairs and then walked into Lu’s room. She saw a painting hanging on the wall and she slowly walked up towards it. 

“It’s very Narnian looking isn’t it?” (Y/n) jumped but realized it was just Edmund. 

“Yes… I miss it a lot,” (Y/n) reached out towards the painting and stroked the ship that was drawn on it. 

“Edmund, (Y/n)! We got a letter from Susan!” Lucy ran into the room and then sat on her bed. Edmund sat down next to it. The two Pevensies continued to read it but (Y/n) continued to stare at the picture thinking about Caspian. 

“When do you think we’ll get back?” (Y/n) turned around to face her friends. “To Narnia, I mean.” 

“There was once three kids who wasted their time believing in old Narnia nursery rhymes,” Eustace came in from the door. (Y/n) ended up glaring at him, she barely knew him for an hour and she disliked him already. 

“Please let me hit him,” Edmund took a step towards Eustace but Lucy held him back. Eustace, who was obviously scared, tried to seem tough but had taken a step back. Then when he realized Lucy wouldn’t let Edmund hit him he walked towards the painting, lightly shoving (Y/n). 

“What’s so fascinating about this painting anyways? It’s hideous,” Eustace stared at the painting then looked back at the three. 

“If you dislike it so much, why don’t you get out of here,” Edmund spat back. 

“It’s my house, I do as I please,” Eustace said proudly. (Y/n) and Lucy were staring at the picture and they both started to notice that the water is moving. They looked at each other. 

“I-It’s moving!” They both said at the same time. The two tried to get Edmund’s attention but he spent his time going on about how he licked Eustace’s candy. Then finally when the two noticed what was going on, Eustace tried to smash the painting.

“Aslan is that your country?” Reepicheep asked. Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, Caspian, Aslan, Reepicheep, and last of all (Y/n) stared into the wave that seemed to stay still. 

“Yes, it is,” Aslan answered. 

“Well, if that’s the case,” Reep took out his sword and planted it into the ground, “if you may, I’ll lay down my sword and ask if I can enter into your country. It had been my dream to enter your country and see it with my own eyes.” Aslan chuckled and smiled.

“My country was made for noble hearts like yours,” Aslan looked back towards his country and a small boat made for someone the size of Reep sat at the shore. Reepicheep looked up at the magnificent Lion and then back at his dear friends. 

“Your majesty,” Reepicheep bowed towards Lucy. She walked forward and knelt down onto her knees. 

“May I?” (Y/n) smiled. Lucy was asking for a hug, something she always wanted to do since she met Reep.

“I-I suppose. Just this once-oof!” Lucy already bent down to hug him and Reepicheep melted into it. Reep went off to say his goodbyes to Eustace and then went off into Aslan’s Country. 

“It’s time to go home, isn’t it?” Lucy sniffled. “This is our last time here, too.” 

Aslan looked at Lucy sadly and nodded, “By knowing me a little bit here, I hope you learn me a bit more in your world.” 

“Then you’ll come visit us, won’t you?” Lucy asked. 

“I’ll be watching over you, always,” Aslan replied. Lucy gave Aslan a hug.

“It’s time to go Lu,” Edmund tugged on Lucy’s sleeve. Eustace walked up to Aslan and the same with (Y/n). 

“What of me?” Eustace questioned. 

“Narnia may have need of you yet,” Aslan answered. “And you, (Y/n), must stay. Caspian?” Aslan looked over at Caspian and he immediately walked over towards (Y/n). 

“I’m not going to miss my chance like I did last time, stay here with me in Narnia and be my queen,” Caspian almost demanded. (Y/n) had tears start to run down her face and she looked over at her friends. They smiled but their eyes showed sadness. They nodded, telling her to stay. 

“Yes, I-I’ll stay with you,” Caspian immediately kissed her there and then. When they broke apart they all said their goodbyes towards each other. 

“Tell Susan and Peter goodbye for me. And that I love all of you,” (Y/n) was sobbing as she hugged Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace in one group hug. 

“We will,” Lucy too was also crying. They walked into the wave and it closed.

“Aslan, how will my family react?” (Y/n) still looked over at the wave that took her friends back to England. 

“For now, they won’t remember you.” (Y/n) nodded then looked up at Caspian. “It’s time to head back now.” 

(Y/n) grabbed Caspian’s hand and they went back onto the boat. Aslan gave them a current to go back towards the Dawn Treader. When they looked back, he was gone. 


Word Count: 1.1k

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Reader 

Genre: Angst

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” 

The wooden panels creak softly as you step inside the silent studio. The white walls give the room a heavenly glow, but it’s nothing compared to the radiance of the scattered canvases. Along every side of the room, line various paintings. Some unfinished, and some only with a single stroke of medium. You love every single one of them. 

The floors are speckled with year-old stains from oil paints, charcoal, and cold coffee. You wonder how the walls still lay untouched. 

A lone easel sits in the center of the room, its legs buried by crumbled paper, paint tubes, and broken brushes. You walk over and sit on the wooden stool next to the stand. Your eyes are drawn to his latest work. You admire the vibrant colors and wonder how he does it. It’s just a base layer of blues and whites, but a strange warmth envelopes your heart. 

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The Other Allen - Winn Schott Drabble

Originally posted by supercanaries

Request: (By @smurryheartbeatz) Could you write a Drabble where reader is Barry allens sister but she fell in love with Winn and moved to the other earth to be with him, and she’s homesick?

Words: 935

A/N: Ok, so this got a wee bit angsty, but not too bad. 

“Hey, are you okay?” Your boyfriend came and sat next to you on the couch.

You had been staring out of your apartment window all morning as you let the mug of coffee in your hands grow cold.

“What? Oh, yeah, I’m sorry.” You sighed. “I guess my mind’s somewhere else today.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Winn draped his arm around your shoulders.

You put your mug on the coffee table and leaned back into his embrace. His arms tighten around you as you tucked your feet up under yourself and rested your head on his shoulder. The sound of the rain against the window lulled you into a nostalgic state.

“I was just thinking about this one time after Joe took us in, we were playing in the park and it just opened up and started pouring down rain. So, he yells for us to come back to the car before we get soaked, but he went from having one kid to three pretty much overnight and he just doesn’t have a handle on it yet.” You chuckled, “Now Iris and Barry are good kids, so they come when they’re told, but me, being a rambunctious six-year-old, I’m not done playing yet. So, cut to a Benny Hill style montage of Joe chasing me around the park, slipping in the mud, while Barry and Iris are watching from the car and making bets on who will outlast the other. It must’ve looked ridiculous, because when he finally dragged me back to the car, Barry was the happiest I’d seen him since what happened with our parents.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that you were always this much of a handful, huh?” He gave your arm a squeeze as he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” You smiled up at him.

You sighed heavily, causing him to instinctively begin playing with your hair, which began to soothe you.

“It all seems like so long ago. When did our lives become so chaotic?” You pondered.

“I would say probably when we started hanging out with superheroes.” He chuckled to himself.

“Yeah, probably.” You laughed similarly. 

Despite his calming touch, you couldn’t help but feel a wave of sadness washing over you. Perhaps it was the cold and the gloomy sky the rain brought with it.

“I honestly don’t know how Barry does it all.” You shook your head. “He went years with people not believing him about Thawne, and then he gets these powers and has to save the city constantly, and then Zoom…”

You felt a lump in your throat that you tried to swallow. “God, he had to watch as that monster shoved his hand through our father’s heart. He had to watch both our parents die…”

“I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what that must have been like.” Winn was apologetic and somber. “But he’s strong and I think a majority of that strength comes from others. I think most of it comes from you.”

“Yeah? Some pillar of strength I turned out to be?” You muttered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s just… sometimes I feel like I abandoned him.” You could sense Winn wanting to protest, but he waited for you to finish. “He’s always facing off against some bad guy and the moment he’s finally happy and things are quiet, when we can finally spend some quality family time together, I leave. I just up and leave for some parallel universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love being here, but I feel like I turned my back on my family to do so.”

“That’s bull and you know it. Nobody forced you to come here and more importantly, nobody forced you to stay there. Your family knew the risks and the rewards. They knew what would make you happy and they let you go. They love you and would do anything for you,” his slightly agitated tone softened to a more loving one, “including letting you run off to a parallel dimension with some nerdy computer programmer.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, who could blame them? He is pretty hot.”

“He thinks you’re pretty hot, too.” He playfully rolled his eyes.

You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“So then, why don’t you call Barry using that, uh, inter-dimensional extrapolator that Cisco made you?”

“The communication function is busted.”

“Oh, well let me take a look at it and see what I can do.” He offered. “In the meantime, you can still use it to make a breach and go visit him.”

“I don’t know. He’s probably really busy fighting some new big bad. I swear, there’s always someone.” You rolled your eyes. “Besides, I’ll probably just get in the way. Or get myself captured because I don’t know what I’m walking into.”

Or, hear me out here, you could spend a nice weekend with your brother.” He waved a hand. “If I’ve learned anything from working with Kara, it’s that there is never going to truly be a quiet time. There is always going to be some bad guy to fight or some kitten to save. There’s never going to be some ideal time to live your life. You have to live it in the here and now. You have to make your own happy moments, not wait for them to magically appear. So go, visit your brother. And if it’s a bad time, make the best of it.”

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the smartest man I know?” You smirked. “And I know a lot of smart men.”

Loved You First (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader just returned from a long trip abroad, only to discover her best friend, Peggy Carter, is engaged to none other than her heartbreakingly beautiful ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes. (Modern au!)

Word Count: 2.2k

Wanings: none

A/n: Me actually posting something: a concept. Thank you for sticking around I love y’all :))

Tags:  @minervaem @imaginingbucky @buchananbarnestrash@illuminationunknown @aweways @aboxinthestars @marvel-fanfiction @alwayshave-faith @kapolisradomthoughts @johnmurphys-sass @captainmqmeep @iamwarrenspeace @missmalfoy1703 @allyp1023@fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl @38leticia @love-dria @archer-whovian-violinist @rockintensse @awwtommo @heytherepartner @theloveablesociopath @gerardwayisapotato @stevnsbucks @littlenerdgirl16

Part 1 | Part 2

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A week went by, and you managed to push your conflicting thoughts about Bucky to the back of your mind. You spent a lot of your time working with Peggy to plan her wedding. The two of you looked at floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and different venues. Bucky was largely absent, as he had to fly to Chicago for a business trip.

“(Y/n), what do you think about this one?” Peggy asked, gesturing toward a tall vase with dahlias and hydrangeas peeking out of the top. You wrinkled your nose.

“It’s too tall,” you mused. “Your guests should be able to see each other over the centerpieces.” You ran your index finger over a shiny leaf. The two of you continued to walk around the shop, smelling and admiring the multitude of different centerpieces. As you rounded a corner, Peggy stopped, her hand latching onto your forearm.

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Mirrors 02

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: So Much filth
Rating: M
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N:: This is the sequel to Mirrors 01. This is the ending of that drabble request.

Mirrors. How could something so pure turn so naughty in a matter of seconds? Your husband will never let you live this down and what made it worse, you let him see your sworn secrecy. Only you knew until now. You were left panting on the mirror as he went to go clean up. When he came back, you didn’t like the look he was giving you but you still didn’t move.

“Jagiya…” he drawled out with a deep sigh. “Why didn’t you tell me you loved mirrors in such a way?? Hm??” He taunted as he was looking through the dresser drawers. There was a long pause.

“I- well I- …” you didn’t know what to say besides stutter until you could think of something. But he cut you off.

“Aren’t we supposed to be honest with each other? I’ve told you all my secrets….my kinks…and yet you seem to let this small kink slip your mind….” he teased enjoying seeing you squirm where you were on the mirror on the bed. He turned around with a few toys in his hand with a smirk on his face.

You licked your lips in anticipation. You didn’t think it would be a problem to let one slip especially one that you knew he would use against you. And use it against you he did.

“Jungkook…” you try to reason with him but he is too playful and mischievous to listen to your pleading.

“Mrs. Jeon….” he says to you teasingly. “Look at you…even the mirror loves your taste…you’re practically dripping on it…” he licks his lips and as he advances on you slowly.

“K-Kookie….please…” you plead but you weren’t sure why you were pleading your husband.

“If you’re a good mommy and can keep this in, daddy will let you come….but if you don’t….I will start all over…we have all night…all day…Mrs. Jeon.” The words dripped with a different tone. Something dominate, something submissive. Perhaps both. You couldn’t tell. You were too far gone in your own lust to have your husband fuck you.

“N-No…I..I mean…” you try to say but your stuttering gets the best of you.

“There is nothing you can say now Y/N…I’ve caught you in lie…it’s time you own up to it jagi..” he teases as he spanks your core that’s drenched.


You whimper out a moan. “I can’t believe you would keep something like that from me.” He says more dominate. You raise up on your hands and knees.


You moan out again. “Why aren’t you counting? I thought you were a good mommy Mrs. Jeon.” He taunted behind you as you were met with another smack.


“One!” You moan out but he wasn’t satisfied.

“There is no reason to count now sweetheart, might as well keep that tiny mouth of yours shut.” He threatens then before you hear your worst nightmare.

There in the mirror you can see everything that he does from behind. You silently curse the mirror.

Zzzzzzz. Came the sound just before he placed it inside you and held it there as you could feel the toy vibrate and rotate inside you.

“Oh my god!” You breathed in, your pants becoming uneven. You tried to squirm away but couldn’t. Not in the position he had you in.

“This why you should never lie to me Y/N…” he says behind you biting his lip as he watches you squirm in the mirror. “Even if it was a small kept secret.” He says close to your ass before he bites cheek.

“H-Hubby…” you whine. “I’m sorry…please just fuck me into oblivion….anything just please fuck me…” you beg and plead almost screaming.

Jungkook chuckles at you. “As much as I love hearing you beg for me, this should be your lesson honey.” He laughed behind you cruelly and with the flick of his wrist that was holding the toy within you, he pulled it in and out fucking you with it.

You screamed making your legs wider and rocked your hips into his thrusts in with the toy. You screamed at his mercy. This was your lesson and a lesson you knew you would get the longer kept such a secret to him. The mirror was helping except turn you on even more and he wasn’t going to give you what you wanted until you had learned your lesson. So you could beg him all you want.


You reached your orgasm so quick you didn’t notice the dark glare he gave you.

“Jagi…did you just do what I think you just did?” He asked you laced with venom.

You didn’t dare answer him. He must have wanted an answer as he stilled his movements causing you to whine. After five long minutes, he thrusted the toy in you at a slow rate. You wanted to grip the sheets and bury your head into the pillows but you were met with the cold foggy mirror that lay beneath you. You wanted pay back but you couldn’t even think straight. Your legs were shivering as you tried so desperately to not let him win.


“Ngh….” you moaned out by accident but he heard it perfectly well. He didn’t say anything this time instead he pulled the toy out and shoved it into your ass and left it there. You didn’t have to even think what would happen next as he spread your dripping core with his hands and devoured you like a starved animal. A predator enjoying his prey. Your tongue hung out of your mouth as you tried to close your legs shut but the sensation from the vibration in your ass and the flick of his hungry tongue on your core was too much.


“D-Daddy!!! ” you scream out in your third orgasm.

You could hear the slurping sounds from him as if he was slurping the last essence of a drink through a straw. You were so wet. You craved for him to be inside you. But did you learn your lesson? No. Not yet. Because even if you did, he wasn’t done punishing you.

When his think tongue muscle flattened over your clit and licked upwards several times. You were done for. You kept squeezing your ass trying to get the vibrating toy out but every-time you clenched and unclenched, the toy would sink deeper. You swore you were going cross eyed and when you were about to come undone for the forth time, he removed himself and the toy. You slumped down into the mirror like a rag doll.

But he flipped you over to and rammed himself into you making you face him as you took him. “I hope you learned your lesson jagi…” he grunted through clenched teeth.

“I think I found my new kink.” He teased as he thrusted in and out of you at a quick rate. The sound of skin slapping against each other was the only sound in the room besides your moans and his soft pants.

You can’t even comprehend what he tells you because you were seeing stars and you were so sensitive down there, all you needed was to cum but you wouldn’t dare defy him again. So you tried to be a good girl this time.

He shared a hungry lustful kiss with you as you felt him hiss and come undone inside you. You come with him and breath heavily as you scratch his back which you were sure was going to leave claw marks. But in the moment none of you cared.

He pulls away to whisper in your ear. “think of this as a warning for keeping something from me again.”

And you whimper but nod your head as he gets up to clean himself and you up before placing you in the chair and making the bed back to its original setting. Then he carries you to the bed and cuddles you asleep. “Goodnight Jagi.”

December birthday (part two)

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“How long are you giving me the silent treatment for then?” Harry sighed mid-story. When I had woken up on the sofa (with a pain in my neck and cold toes from being too tall for the seat), I could hear Harry rattling around in the kitchen as he hummed along to the song playing on the radio.

After finding the energy to lift my head from the cushion, I shuffled in to get a glass of water and some paracetamol and ignored his ‘good morning’ greeting, deciding instead to sit myself down at the table and busy myself with replying to Poppy’s messages.

“’m not giving you the silent treatment.” I eyed him. “I just have nothing to say to you.”

“Love,” He sighed, setting down the dishcloth he had in his hand and moving to pull out the chair opposite me on the table. “How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?”

“You don’t.”

“You know I didn’t do it purpose, I have your present wrapped up n’ everything.” He continued. “jus’ got the dates mixed up.”

“I don’t want any presents, Harry.” I snapped, finally looking up at him. “All I wanted was to have you for one day. You couldn’t even fit me into your busy schedule for one day.”

“Hey, c’mon now, it’s not like that!” He protested gently, brows furrowing at the thought.

“Yes it is! That’s exactly how it is!” My voice had raised now out of frustration but I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “This isn’t just about my birthday, you haven’t been with me for weeks now.” I shook my head and looked down at my fingers as a means of distraction. “There’s always something more important- whether it’s a meal out or a quiet night in and now even my birthday, I just don’t feel like I-“ I took a deep, shuddering breath as I found a way to word my next sentence.

“Like you what?”

“I don’t feel like I mean as much to you as you do to me.” His face fell when I said it and it broke my heart to see him look so sad, but it was the truth. “And that’s ok, I can’t force you to- just don’t keep leading me on.”

With that said, I quickly stood up from the table, placed my glass in the sink and made my way upstairs for a shower. Harry didn’t move or make an attempt to respond to me- which I was glad for, because I wasn’t sure I had much more to say to him.

Once I was showered and dressed, I grabbed my coat and keys and made my way downstairs. The radio was no longer on and Harry wasn’t humming to himself as he normally would but I knew he was still here because I could hear the light clatter of the cutlery against his plate as he ate silently and alone.

It broke my heart to think that he may have set out a plate for me, hoping I’d come join him and it took eveything in me to not peek round and check; because I knew that if I discovered he had, I would have forgotten that I was left on my own yesterday and would have dropped everything to be with him. So, instead, I slipped on my shoes and left the house without another word.


After the events of the past 48 hours, I found it strange that all I wanted was to have a day on my own; and in between getting a few groceries, walking round Hyde park and sitting alone in a small coffee shop, I had time to think about everything over the past few months.

There was that feeling of guilt floating around inside me, for being so harsh and unforgiving with Harry but it wasn’t him forgetting my birthday that made me so upset- it was the fact that he spent so little time with me recently that I felt like nothing more than a burden when we did have any time together and him forgetting when my birthday was after years of making it so special, made me wonder if he even cared anymore.

From: Harry 14:20pm

Hope you’re enjoying your day wherever you are but I have something planned for you if you can come home this evening? If you don’t want to I understand but Iet me know xx


From: Harry 14:21pm

I love you xx

To: Harry 14:34

 I’ll be home around six.



True to my word, I arrived home at six o’clock and was met with a darkened house- the only sign that Harry was home was the dim light I could see through the living room window which was most likely a candle.

As I stepped through the door and set my keys in the dish on the shelf, I found what looked like a homemade cinema ticket- with Harry’s messy handwriting scrawled across it.



For the first time since yesterday morning, I felt a smile tug at my lips. Without having to look, I felt his presence in front of me and I kept my gaze on the homemade ticket as I spoke.

“What’s all this?” I gave him a tiny smile as I looked up to see him look as nervous as I had ever seen him before.

“November 18th.” He cleared his throat and I looked at him with a confused expression. “The night we were supposed to go to the cinema together and I cancelled because I was stupid enough to think that a drink with my mates was more important.”

“Harry, that was no big deal.” I laughed softly. “I’m not gona hold a grudge with you because I didn’t get to see a movie.”

“No.” He shook his head, silencing me. “’s not the point, I shouldn’t have let you down.”


“Alright, so will you come to the ‘cinema’ with me or not?” He tried his best to sound confident as he changed the subject but I could see in his eyes that he was nervous.

“Is there popcorn?”


“Well then I guess I might go.” I smiled.

“Before popcorn, we have chinese for that lazy night in we missed on 30th October.” He began, clapping his hands together as he led his way into the living room- where I found a mountain of blankets, chinese food on the coffee table, the movie title playing on the tv and a bowl of popcorn sitting next to the remote.

“Harry, this is really thoughtful.” My heart was melting at how much effort he had put it- it wasn’t what I expected to get off him at all.

“And,” He called from the kitchen. “Prosecco for that night of Joanne and Dean’s wedding, when I left you in the room alone with the bottle of prosecco we were supposed to share.”

“You didn’t have to do this, I wasn’t bitter aboout those things, H.” I said and I genuinely meant it from the bottom of my heart.

“I know you weren’t, but you had every right to be.” He sounded nothing less than  disappointed in himself. “I know I’ve been a pretty shit boyfriend the past while-”

“You haven’t, it was just-“

“I have.” He shook his head. “I have been. I’ve been putting everyone else before you and you’ve never once complained. I know you must think you don’t mean much to me but you’re so wrong- you’re everything to me and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Ok, now you’re sounding cheesy.” I laughed.

“I know, I know.” He chuckled with me. “But basically I just wanted to say sorry for everything and, starting tonight, I’ll make it up to you if you’ll forgive me.”

I pretended to think for a few seconds but couldn’t take the look of anxiousness in his eyes any longer.

“Of course I will you cheeseball.”

To Rediscover

|To Fall| |To Be Afraid| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Yearn|

Member: Namjoon 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 2.6k 

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: writing for Namjoon always gives me these feels that I never knew I had. Enjoy Xx 

Originally posted by dannismith

“Namjoon-sshi, what is love to you?” The camera pans from the interviewer back onto Namjooon.

Love. What a foreign concept.

“Love you say?” He pauses for a moment. “That’s a very good question. It’s funny because with all my years of training and finally becoming the artist that I can be proud of, not once have I thought that I would stumble across this question.” Staring blankly at the screen, you notice how puzzled he looks.

The subtle crease between his eyebrows, the small scratches to his chin, and switching position of his crossed legs. All very mediocre actions, yet very distinct to Namjoon himself. Actions that seem almost second nature to you.

Love. In your eyes, love is something unreachable. Something so close, yet it seems to fade away the moment your hand is able to feel it’s ghostly presence.

“I think love is like rainstorm. Some may find the rain beautiful and peaceful while others find it a nuisance, yet in the end, a rainstorm can bring upon beautiful sights. A rainbow, the fresh smell of the damp earth, the chirp of birds, and strips of the sun teasing the sky. Love is exactly like that. It’s a rough journey, but in the end, we know it’s worth the wait.”

Then where were you all this time?

His words resonate in your mind. Love is like a rainstorm. Violent yet beautiful. Such words couldn’t have been phrased more beautifully, as expected of Kim Namjoon, yet they hold such a heavy weight. These words which he couldn’t stay true to years ago.

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The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt.3

You x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times.

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him). 

Part 1,, 4, 5, 6, 7

Credits: Loosely inspired by the movie “Just Like Heaven”

Maybe somewhere, deep down, you knew Namjoon was telling the truth. There was something about him, his aura perhaps, which gave off a very distinctly inhuman vibe. Something that said “I’m real, but not here, exactly.” This was probably the reason that you weren’t all that surprised when you opened your eyes to find him sitting cross legged in front of you, hovering a few inches above the floor.

He was looking at you as though you were the most fascinating thing in the world, and it was a bit unnerving.

“Ugh, you’re still here.” You grumbled sleepily.

“And you can still see me.” He said, unfazed by your tired glare. “Do you know how long it’s been since had a conversation with someone?” He continued. “I mean, I talk to the baby downstairs, but she just responds with giggling.”

“I wish I couldn’t hear you.” You sighed, pulling a pillow over your face.

“I wonder why that is?” Namjoon pondered, apparently not taking the hint that you wanted him to go away—permanently. “That you can see me, I mean. So far, it’s just been babies and animals that—“

“Do you ever stop talking?” You complained, sitting up before swinging your legs off the bed to stand. Namjoon moved quickly so that you wouldn’t walk through him on your way to the kitchen.

“I do sometimes, but I don’t want to right now.” He said, floating after you. You were still wearing your clothes from the previous night, and you were sure you looked like a mess. But your appearance wasn’t exactly high on your list of priorities at the moment.

“Don’t you have something better to do than haunt this apartment?” You asked irritably as you opened your overnight bag in search of food. You found some poptarts and grimaced; not exactly the healthiest breakfast ever. “Don’t you have family or some friends to bother?”

“No, I really don’t.” Namjoon replied. “I mean, I have all those people, but being around them makes me sad.”

You hoped up to sit on the island in the middle of the kitchen, your feet dangling a good foot off the floor.

“Why don’t you hang out with other ghosts, then?” You asked. “Surely there’s something you could do. Join a ghosts-only club maybe?”

“Not really.” Namjoon said, sitting on the counter across from you. “I haven’t found any other ghosts. I think we might be invisible even to each other. That, or I’m the only one. But I find that to be highly unlikely… Don’t you?” There was a hesitancy in his voice, a vulnerability that made you think that it must be very lonely to be a ghost.

“I’m sure you’re not the only one.” You said, seeing relief in his eyes as you said the words. Who would want to be the only anything? Particularly if it meant being invisible to all those around them? Surely no one, and definitely not this man who was determined to talk your ear off. “So why don’t you leave this apartment and go find them.” Lonely ghost or not, he was still a stranger that you didn’t particularly want to live with.

Namjoon pouted. “I don’t wanna.” He whined. “And anyway, aren’t you just a little bit curious why you can see me?”

“No.” You replied flatly.

“Well, I am.” Namjoon shrugged. “So I’m going to stay and find out.”

You sighed deeply as you slid off the counter. “I really can’t let you do that.” You said, walking to the front door.

“And you’re going to do something about it… How?” Namjoon followed, looking just the slightest bit worried.

“I don’t know yet.” You muttered, opening your front door and marching across to knock on—what was his name again?—Hoseok’s door. He opened after a minute or so, Namjoon complaining the whole time.

“He’s weird, why him? Can’t you just do a google search to get rid of me? I don’t like this. Stop ignoring me, I know you can hear me—“

“Hello person who didn’t believe in ghosts, still feel the same?” Hoseok looked rather amused; the feeling wasn’t mutual.

“Alright, you were right. I admit it.” You said. “The man I saw last night? He’s who’s haunting the apartment.”

“And how’s that going for you?” Hoseok asked, looking genuinely concerned now.

“Terrible.” You said. “It’s only been a few hours and I already feel like he’s going to drive me insane. You knew he was there—what do you know about getting rid of him?”

Hoseok laughed. The rate at which he could switch emotions was a little disorienting. “You can’t.” He chuckled. “You don’t think the manager tried? He even smudged the place.”

“Smudging gets rid of negative energy.” You folded your arms. “Namjoon isn’t negative, he’s annoying.”

“I don’t know if I should be offended by that or not.” Namjoon huffed.

“You’re on a first-name basis with the ghost?” Hoseok snorted.

“No. Yes. It’s complicated.” You hadn’t even realized it until Hoseok pointed it out. But Namjoon seemed so real, so solid (as long as you didn’t try to touch him) that you weren’t sure how else to refer to him. You didn’t like the idea of just calling him “The Ghost.”

“Have you tried asking him to leave?” Hoseok asked. “Sometimes that works.”

You shook your head. “I’ve told him to leave, does that count? He just says no.”

“I don’t see what’s wrong with me staying.” Namjoon said. “It’s not like you have to feed me, I’m dead! I won’t cost you any money.”

You realized that Hoseok had said something, but Namjoon had spoken over him and you had no idea what the other man had said.

“What?” You asked. “Shut up Namjoon.” You shot him a look, and Hoseok raised an eyebrow at you. It took you a second to realize that it was because Hoseok couldn’t see Namjoon, and it probably looked like you were talking to the wall.

“Are you a medium?” Hoseok asked, leaning against his door frame. You shook your head.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“So why can you see him, and I can’t?”

“That’s what I want to know.” Namjoon said, and you gave him another look before answering Hoseok.

“How would I know? Look, if you’re not going to be any help, I’m going back inside…”

“There might be a reason, you know.” Hoseok called after you. “Maybe the two of you were supposed to have met before he died.”

You slammed the door behind yourself. You had saved up so long to afford an apartment like this—and even then, it was only because it had been sitting empty for months that it was cheap enough for you. It was right down the street from where you worked, in a central area, and it was so nice. If you walked out on your lease, your deposit would be gone and you wouldn’t have a place to live.

“You have to move on.” You decided, turning to face Namjoon. “That’s why ghosts are around in movies and books, right? Unfinished business. We just have to figure out what that is, and you can walk into the light.”

“You’re going to help me?” Namjoon asked, not looking the least bit convinced.

“Of course.” You said. “But until then, we have some house rules to go over. If we’re going to be living together, we’re going to have to get along, right?”

A/N So it should get a little more interesting from here on out! Reader is determined, but Hoseok might be right ;) Anyway, thank you for reading and being so patient with me! I’m hoping to update Disposable soon as well <3 As always, let me know your thoughts/feelings! I love to hear from you guys <3 <3 <3

the problem with being the hero...

and banging the bad guy.

This was supposed to be some angsty smut, but it turned into Link having something of an existential crisis. Whatever. 

Uh, have some Link struggling with existentialism and trying to reconcile being the Hero of Courage and having a relationship with Power below the cut!

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greensocker  asked:

Hello! I would just like to say I really like your style of writing. This blog has quickly become one of the ones I check regularly, if only to re-read posts. Oh, and I especially like your interpretations of UT!Papyrus and US!Sans, since I usually see them written in a way that does not fully capture what made Papyrus my absolute favorite character in the first place. So, ramble ramble, I'm a fan. ovo

this seriously made my night. <3 i go through deep bouts of doubting myself and my writing (as i think a lot of writers/creators do), and was in the middle of another one of those… so truly, truly thank you so much for your sweet comment. i’m so, so happy to hear that you like my writing, and to the point of being interested in rereading what i’ve done!

and i’m especially happy to hear that you like the way i do UT Pap and US Sans - i try to do right by the original Papyrus (which is how i translate it to US Sans, of course), and i’m always excited when i hear that someone else likes my interpretation. i definitely understand what you mean about wanting to read more of that kind of Papyrus, the kind that at least comes mildly close to the one in Undertale that stole our hearts.

so… here’s just a silly little drabble for you in thanks, with a little UT Pap x Reader silliness. :)

You knew you had the music turned up a little too loud, but with it being the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday you felt you could let yourself get away with it. It wasn’t anything disruptive, in any case - after all, you worked in a small boutique tea shop. The atmosphere wasn’t what one would immediately describe as ‘lively’.

But hey - it paid pretty well, the owner was sweet, and you got to be around the wonderful smell of a staggering variety of teas.

So you hummed along to the relaxing song that you had going currently, reaching up on tip toe on your stepladder to dust the higher shelves. With everything stocked, reorganized, deep-cleaned, and more, there wasn’t much else to do, provided you didn’t accidentally make a mess yourself.


You screamed as you startled, instinctively twisting to look towards the booming voice - which you immediately realized was a terrible decision, resulting in your weight shifting so that you were pulled off balance, causing the stepladder to tip over and send you falling towards the floor. You clenched your eyes shut as you prepared for the painful impact-


You were caught in an unyielding and suprisingly gentle pair of arms, which were attached to an equally unyielding body, that had just huffed out with relatively anticlimactic effort as you made impact.

You opened your eyes as you caught up to the fact that no further impact was coming.

“Oh god, thank you, I- skeLETON THAT’S - YOU’RE A- errrr I mean hellllllo, sir-!”

Your recovery was about as smooth as it could be, clearly.

You stared upwards at the face of both your downfall and savior - an incredibly bright, cheerful skeleton. Your face flushed, from both embarrassment and a flurry of not-quite-formed thoughts as you registered how effortlessly this skeleton was holding you, at the placement of his hands near your shoulder and behind your knees as he held you close in an absurdly perfect bridal style.


Your flush deepened.

“I mean - I’m sorry, I wasn’t - um. I didn’t mean to scream,” you managed to say, giving up on correcting him and instead half-remembering that you’re supposed to be an employee. And speaking of which - “Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry, you can - you can let me down now, I should be fine to stand!”


Your hands were nearly covering your face, and your palms were close to combusting with the heat coming from your cheeks. Not only could you clearly not be trusted by this sweet, cute skeleton to stand, you - wait, nope, what were those adjectives, stop that right there.


… You had to give him credit, he picked out your words at the lightning speed they flew out of you and immediately righted you and had you standing. You didn’t pull your hands from your face. You weren’t quite sure you ever would, really.

“OKAY, OKAY, YES THERE- I - HUMANS CAN DIE FROM NOT STANDING?? DOES THAT APPLY TO MONSTERS TOO? I MEAN, I MAKE A POINT TO STAND A LOT, I’M QUITE THE EXPERT, BUT I’LL REALLY HAVE TO PASS THAT INFORMATION ON TO SANS, MAYBE THAT’LL GET HIM MOVING A LITTLE FASTER IN THE MORNINGS - OR AFTERNOONS, OR, YOU KNOW, EVER,” the skeleton said. He too was rambling, and to your confusion his cheekbones were glowing a faint orange as he quickly pulled his gloved hands away from you in anxious worry, before reaching out again, pausing, patting the air barely an inch above your shoulder, then fluttering them sort of uselessly.

He inhaled, somehow, then looked away as if catching onto himself. He cleared his throat then, again somehow, and looked to you with a somewhat sheepish tilt to his bright smile.


You nodded quickly - you absolutely were. Too okay, in fact. Despite your inclination to continue protecting the surrounding air from your blush, you lifted your own hands and waved them in front of you insistently.

“Yes, yes, of course! Thank you so much for catching me, I would’ve been having a really hard time otherwise,” you said, laughter bubbling out of you in polite amiability and ongoing embarassment. “I didn’t mean to trouble you like that - please, how can I help you today?”

He brightened at that, the strange glow still glimmering beneath his eyesockets as he straightened a little. “YES, OF COURSE! YOU ARE VERY KIND, HUMAN - I AM IN FACT NEED OF YOUR HELP, YOUR TEA-ORIENTED MASTERY IS IN FACT WHAT I MOST DESIRE! YOU SEE, I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS-” He struck a pose at that, a cheesy and yet dashing pose that you could imagine any knight-in-shining-armor ready to strike when ready to charge into danger. You pressed a hand to your mouth, covering a smile that was widening in a very, very genuine way. “-I HAVE BEEN HIRED TO BE A PERSONAL GUARD TO A DEAR FRIEND OF MINE, HIRED BY THEIR FATHER IN FACT, WHO IS SOMEONE WHO MAY OR MAY NOT LIKE TEA. A LOT. TO AN OBSESSIVE LEVEL, REALLY. YOU KNOW, AS HAPPENS. IN ANY CASE, I WANT TO BE A GOOD INFLUENCE AS WELL AS A GOOD GUARD, AND SHOW THAT I REALLY KNOW WHAT IS UP! AND WHAT IS EVEN HIGHER, IF POSSIBLE!”

“Wow, I… really admire that dedication, that’s - you’re amazing, Papyrus,” you said, returning his bright smile. Something about even just his presence was making you happy - but maybe that was his attitude… and confidence. And incredible posing skills.

The glow on his cheeks brightened at your words. He laughed, a sound that filled you further with warmth even as it stuttered as he glanced from side to side. “O-OH, OF COURSE, HUMAN! I AM GREAT, AFTER ALL, AND AMAZING FALLS UNDER THAT SORT OF… GREAT… UMBRELLA! YES.”

His gloved hand went to rub at his vertebrae, and you decided to be merciful. “So! You’d like to learn more about tea, then? And perhaps we could set you up with a few options to bring with you your first day, really show them that you know what’s up with tea?” You offered with a smile, sweeping a hand towards the beautifully full shelves of your store, teeming with variety and potential combinations.

“WOWIE, WOULD I! I KNEW THIS WAS THE RIGHT PLACE TO GO - IT WAS DEFINITELY MY SOUL THAT LED ME HERE! AND MY PHONE. BUT MY SOUL HAPPENED TO DEFINITELY CONFIRM THE VERY HANDY HINTS PROVIDED BY MY PHONE!” He nodded sagely as his gaze went to the shelves. He then turned his attention back to you, his expression lighting up once more, tinged with a mischievous excitement. The next moment he was bowing ostentatiously, and he looked up from it to wink at you… audibly. “LEAD THE WAY, TEAMASTER! I AWAIT YOUR LEAFY-WATER WISDOM!”

You couldn’t help the return of your blush as you slapped a hand over your mouth to keep from laughing. He rose with a cheeky tilt to his smile, a twinkle in his eye telling you that he wasn’t entirely unaware of what he was doing.

Your mind made up, you reached out and slipped your hand into his and tugged him further along the closest wall. “Alright then, Great Papyrus,” you said, looking back at his orange-dusted beaming face with a mischievous smile of your own. “Let’s see if you’re ready for the great secrets of tea.”

The Way Home (Part 4)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,475

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, tw: car accident

A/N: I’m in a mood. Sorry in advance.

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