can i live here forever please and thank you

Super Saturday Night Download Links:

Here’s HQ videos and clips I took in Houston, that anyone can download. If you use them for edits please credit the drive or this blog. Just here to share the love and experience. Thanks!


  • All Too Well  x
  • Bad Blood  x
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever  x
  • This Is What You Came For-Better Man  x


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jaaaaasmine, congrats on your award!!! also also have you read any good fics lately :O ???

ahh thank you so much and here are some updated recs:

Ruff and Tumble

Better Off As Lovers, and Not The Other Way Around


The Origin of Love (not finished tho)

A Proper Couple (lol not finished)

High on You

Love Is In The Air (Please Make It Stop)

You can sleep in my bed.

Cold Season

before we turn into a monster (with two heads) 

i will follow where this takes me

A Night Reimagined

@AmazingPhil: Landed in Vegas!

we can live forever

Falling For You.

A/N: Request by @scarletwinchester84: (Can you write me and angsty smuty Sherlock fic using the name scarlet watson for the main character. Please please. I’ll love you forever and ever…..well I’ll live you anyway but yeah.) Please enjoy! All feedback is greatly appreciated. If you want on my tag list please add yourself here. I really hope I got his character good enough.

Summary: You are visiting your brother John, what happens when you meet his flat mate Sherlock?

Warnings: Angst, Smut, Slight Fluff.

Sherlock x Named!Reader

Words: 3128

Beta’d By @megansescape (Thank you so much for all of your help!)

Gifs Not Mine:

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

You took a deep breath as you looked at the door in front of you; 221B.

You didn’t know why you were so hesitant to use the knocker; you missed your brother and wanted to see him. Finally you knocked three times.

You had decided he wasn’t home and was about to leave when the door opened. “Can I help you?” The woman that had answered was older and looked sweet. “I’m Scarlet Watson.” The woman smiled as if she understood. “You must be John’s sister, he said you were coming. I’m Mrs. Hudson. I’m the boy’s landlord.”

You looked at her confused. “Boy’s?” Mrs. Hudson chuckled. “Yeah, come on in.”

You followed her in. The way your brother talked about his flatmate made it seem like he was staying with the woman he loved. But if he was in love with a guy that was completely okay with you.

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please help

UPDATE: I found out that with my new job starting in the second week in May, I will miss the pay period and won’t be paid for the first time until the end of May.

Thats about a month with no money coming in. I had to renew my car registration which cost $60 that I don’t have. I wrote a check but I only have $15 in my account (that $15 is thanks to you lovely humans honestly). I need my car because the new job has a 30 min commute every day, and I’ll also need to drive my youth places here and there. So with that on top of already struggling to pay for gas and food like??? I’m such a mess.

I won’t be able to afford therapy in the meantime, but once I get health insurance through this new job, my therapy and meds will be covered THANK GOD.
Anything helps:$JApr
Even a reblog. Its so hard to keep asking. But I need help. Thank you.

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Thank you @an-important-nobody for tagging me! 

Here are my top ten favorites songs! (In no particular order)

  1. How Soon is Now by The Smiths
  2. Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis
  3. Live Forever by Oasis
  4. London by The Smiths
  5. Song 2 by blur
  6. Come on Eileen by Save Ferris
  7. Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis
  8. Creep by Radiohead 
  9. Cum on feel the noize (cover) by Oasis
  10. Whatever by Oasis

(You can probably tell I love Oasis and The Smiths ❤️)

Please tag me if you choose to do this. Thanks!✨

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Ok then! How about mcdonalds? I'll pick you up at 12 k? Then we can go to Disney world! Don't worry about paying, i go a lifetime membership from my pal disney himself! Which is funny since he didnt know i was a country and ill live forever. Can't wait to see you dude! From the United States of america(aka THE HERO)

Omg;;; idk how long this has been sitting here but i’M SORRY FOR BEING LATE

i’ll bring my switch and i’ll beat you in mariokart and please bring pokemon so i can beat ur ass in that

thank you ily

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Hi.... my daughter is turning 18 next month and I want to take her to a pre screening of American assassin where she can meet Dylan obrien.... can u please help me???? Forever thankful

If there is a pre-screening with a live Q&A with Taylor I will definitely be posting about it here. But, sorry, I have no inside track to get anyone let alone myself into a screening. So the best I can do is keep you informed. If you’re looking specifically for a Dylan O’Brien screening you might want to follow his fan accounts. Unless Taylor is somehow involved, I’m probably not mentioning it. 

taylorswift Hi Taylor, I’m Ong. I’ve been your biggest fan since 2010, after I listened to You Belong With Me on radio that day. I’ve been in love with you and all your songs ever since. I got a chance to see you live in KL last year. Time flies. It’s almost been a year after RED Tour KL, the best night of my life. It feels like it was yesterday, when I saw the prettiest girl alive, singing live, in front of my own eyes. No words can describe the happiness, for meeting my goddess. I hope you can follow me back. I love you so much. I cannot live without you and your songs. Your songs helped me through my toughest times. Heartbreaks, mostly. Thank you so much, for making good songs. What you doing here is something good. Haters will try to knock you down everytime they see there’s a chance. But keep doing what you’re doing. It’s what you’re meant to do. You save lives, through your songs. Stay beautiful. Love you forever and always. Pls come back to Malaysia. I hope I can see you again in the future. Please, please, please follow me. I love you so much. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that but it’s never enough to fully express how much I love you. (Sorry if I’ve made any mistakes or errors. Grammar is a tough thing to learn. Lol)

[TRANS] Compilation of Quotes by Kris

This is our Kris, the one we have always loved.

“Usually, spend your time with family and if you have spare time spend it with us.”

“I like you, every single one of you.”

“Because you are here, everything is just right.”

“Forgive me for being powerless, for only being able to do things with a limit, when you do so much for me.”

“If I can, please allow me with what I am able to do and with limited time to bring you happiness.”

“Don’t forget that I’m a dragon, I can fly, I will use the shortest time to fly the members to where you are.”

“I wish I can fly, to be able to fly to wherever our fans are.”

“You are all angels, you guys know that right?”

“Just being with mom is a blessing.”

“I’m only going back to see my mom.”

“Because I was afraid of getting homesick, I didn’t even have the courage to pick up the phone.”

“Goodnight, please be careful on the road while going home.”

“This bag, it’s okay, I can take it myself.”

“There’s a car, be careful.”

“Be careful, pay attention to where you’re going”

“The weather is pretty cold, and it’s also pretty late, go home directly ok.”

“If you’re outside give your family a call, if you’re planning to go outside then take a look at the weather report beforehand.”

“In my memory, everyday is a sunny day…..and it will be in the future as well.”

“2013, 我们不见不散” [T/N: it’s a saying referring to a date, which literally means : I will not leave until I see you]

“You need to be happy in the New Year, life might not be perfect, but it would be meaningless if it was perfect.”

“Fan Qin, Happy New Year, forever together.”

“We have received your never ending support and protection. In my heart your existence is the same as angels.”

“Can you please not hate me, I really do love you all.”

“You’re young, be adventurous, don’t give up, and then your dream will come true.”

“Thank You for being here.”

“Don’t forget to live for yourself and for the ones who love you.”

“Slowly, I have almost read through all the fanletters.”

“Having everyone’s love is already enough.”

“Don’t push him.”

“We can just all sit here!”

“I won’t let you be disappointed; I will show you my fighting spirit.”

“I miss you, I love you, and our fans are the best.”

“The fans sitting up high, can you see us? Let’s stand out a little more.”

“Move back a little, be careful be careful. We love you, so we don’t want you to get hurt.”

“After returning to China, you guys have given us a lot of surprises and we’re really grateful.”

“I don’t know four different languages, it’s three, and the other one is a form of dialect.”

“You will wait for us right? We will prepare and then return to everyone’s side.”

“Till we make our comeback you will wait right?”

“I see all of your replies.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

“I hope that the sunbaes will acknowledge us, that we are a Chinese Group.”

“With our brothers.”

“No matter what, I still remember our first showcase, you guys were really great. That is the most precious moment of my life.”

“Everyone was together: trained together, ate together, when we cried we cried together, when we sweat we sweat together. So there’s a lot of things that are hard to forget.”

“We’ve already returned to Korea, the past few days in Indonesia were quite good, and going back to China was also a happy experience. We haven’t debuted for a long time, and till now we haven’t had much chance to interact with you and give signatures, but I believe that there will be chances in the future. Thank you for everyone’s trust, care and protection.”

“The training period was quite long, and especially for me (2007-2012). If I said that I never felt lost, it would be a lie. I often felt weak, and you can say that getting rid of the negative thoughts was the hardest because we never knew when or if we were going to debut.”

“Being able to do promotions with my brothers, to be able to stand on the stage, I feel especially happy, I don’t really know how to say cheesy stuff. But I am really thankful towards all our fans. You have supported us all along, and we will always work hard, to show you the best side of us. We can see everything you’ve done for us, thank you.”

“I really really miss you, really miss. Waiting is painful, but it can also be a blessing. Face each day with courage, loved ones, I will always be here. Good morning to everyone that I have always liked and that I will never let go.”


[2012.11.15] He shared 大白兔candies with his fans at the airport.

[2013.02.18] He bought starbucks for his fans/

[2013.03.14] It was white day and gave chocolates to his fans.


Compiled in Chinese by EXO-M全球粉丝汇 @weibo.

Translation by xingheii@tumblr

I can’t find the original post but I want it in my blog so I reposted! ;A: but when i do find it, i’ll reblog that and delete this. But until then..


Hey tumblr, you like kittens, right? Little itty bitty kittens?

Like this?

Sure, who doesn’t love furry babies? A friend of a friend found this particular cutie in a plastic bag inside a dumpster. D: Luckily they got her out okay, but they couldn’t keep her. I have her now, but I already have 2 cats and can’t really afford to take care of her long term. I’ve avoided naming her to avoid getting attached while I find her a home, but my fiance has started calling her Garthrax the Destructor.

Interested in an adorable ball of fluff? I mean, look at this face:

If you live in or around Atlanta (preferably north/northeast as that’s closer to me) and are able to adopt this cute little baby, here are some highlights:

  • She’s about 5-6 weeks old as of this writing
  • We’re about 90% sure she is a she, but she’s still young enough we could be wrong
  • She is still on a formula-only diet. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. She was weaned from her mother too soon and needs to either drink milk replacement formula (you can find these in pet stores) or goat’s milk for the next two weeks or so. After that, she’ll need kitten-specific food for her first year to make sure she’s getting the right nutrients.
  • Let her lap milk out of a saucer. Do not bottle feed her. She will eat the rubber nipple. (I learned this the hard way - don’t worry, she’s okay!)
  • SHE”S NOT LITTERBOX TRAINED YET. We’re working on it, but kittens this young are prone to a lot of accidents until they get the hang of a box, so be willing to work with this.
  • She is not spayed nor does she have shots yet - she’s still too young to be spayed and we’re still looking into shot options that she can get this young.
  • She’s socialized with older cats - I’ve been letting her interact with my boys (2 and 5 years) and while they’re still cautious around her, they are getting along well
  • She loves people and snuggling.
  • She will follow you everywhere. EVERYWHERE. In cute little gallops.
  • She loves attacking toes. It tickles.
  • I am looking into getting her into a cat shelter, but their availability is unsure and I’m still waiting to hear back, so I’m trying to find a forever home for her if that falls through.
  • If you are interested, message me on tumblr for details to see if you’re a good fit. I am in the northeast metro Atlanta area and can’t go out further than maybe an hour or so from where I live, so you’d need to be near here or able to get here.

Please signal boost if you can’t take her; I want this sweetie to find a loving home! Please also tag any reblogs with “Garthrax” so I can keep track of this. Thanks tumblr!

Hey guise! A few days ago this blog reached its +1k followers so we decided to join that bandwagon and do a follow forever… After kindly stalking, many (MANY) blogs and trying to learn how to get this done properly we realized that we are not “Good at the Internet”. *What a shitty introduction* We have no idea why y'all stick around our trashblog but we would like to thank each and everyone of you for making our blog more colorful and our lives more interesting. Just the idea that there are people out there thirsting over the same biases (cause there can never be only one), fangirling, and shipping like us makes us enjoy tumblr-ing even more. SO FAM here it goes *drum roll please* SAYHUNMYNAMES FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER!!!! *i literally just stole a picture from google…lame* 

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My Dearest Madison,

You are just 8 days away from your “due date.” You are my little Thanksgiving baby! 

I’m so excited for your arrival! :) I’ll admit it will be wonderful to not have all this back pain and to be able to sleep more comfortably too! 

It’s amazing how much has changed in the last year. I thought a lot about becoming a mom some day when I was still in my childhood. I imagined I would be around 21 when I started having kids. I wanted to be a young/hip mom. 

As you get older you realize how much can change and suddenly you’re older than you would have imagined you would be starting out, yet you still seem so young. 

That’s what I keep thinking, I can’t believe it’s my turn to have a baby and be a mom. 

I hope I’m a good mom. I know there will be new things I have to learn and it will be quite an experience as we go through this together.

Your dad is very excited for you to be here. He’s wanted kids for a long time  and he even picked your name out years ago. He said his first born daughter had to be named Madeline or Madison. No real reasoning other than him liking both those names. So I decided on Madison. 

I got to choose your middle name, but as I haven’t told everyone what it is yet, I won’t mention it til you are born. :) 

You are the first grandchild on my side of the family and the 10th on your daddy’s. Everyone is very excited to have you be born, especially since most of your cousins live further away. 

I’ve had such amazing support throughout your pregnancy. Shawna and Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square sent you a whole bunch of baby presents! They even recorded their voices reading a story book to you and I’m so excited for you to listen to it and follow along with the pages. 

Mallary Hope sent you the cutest outfit and blanket that you are going to look just adorable in!!!

Taylor Swift even tweeted about you! It was so amazing! She saw a video I made of you dancing to one of her songs! She said she could not calm down about it and it made her cry! Then everyone was tweeting such nice things, my mentions went crazy and I couldn’t even see all of them! 

This is probably very confusing as you have no idea what tweeting and mentions are, but one day I’m sure you will. Who knows, when you get older the new “In” thing will probably be something entirely different. 

I just want you to know that I’ll always protect you. We are going to have so many fun adventures together and I promise to spend as much time with you as I can! I also promise to give you your space as you get older and want more independence. 

That doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want little miss! 

Your dad and I didn’t grow up with two parents married to each other. We don’t have a real first hand knowledge of what healthy parenting between a mom and dad looks like, but I know we are up for the challenge. 

We might disagree on several things, but we will always have your best interest at heart. I’m so excited for family outings together and vacations. Now your dad hates photos, but I promise to make him be in some. I’m already trying to convince him to be in some newborn photos. 

He thinks they are cheesy, but I think they are precious and once in a lifetime. 

I’m very excited to make my Nana a great grandma. One of my dreams was for her to see me get married and for her to be a great grandma. Now, in just a few days, she will be able to have been there for both! I don’t have many pictures with her growing up. Mostly more since I got my own camera as I got older. Since I’ve looked the same for over 10 years, it pretty much just looks like they are all from the same time period! haha

So I promise to make sure your life is well documented with people who love you so you will always have those memories to look back on. 

I promise to unplug from the outside world and pay attention to you. I hope one day we can be very close friends, that even when you get older you will still want to tell me all about your day and go shopping together or to a movie. Thankfully your daddy manages a Movie Theater so we can go any time you want, granted all your homework is done! ;)

I promise to provide you with everything you need to grow and learn. You may not have everything you want, but you will always have everything you need! I promise not to spoil you and help you to learn how important it is to not be greedy but thankful for everything we get. Don’t worry, you will still have plenty of nice and wonderful things, but not every time we make a trip to the store!

I know you will make your dad and I proud of you. You will be one of those well-behaved children in restaurants and grocery stores. The kind that doesn’t throw tantrums and says please and thank you. I believe you will do great and wonderful things in your life and I’m so excited to see what you take an interest in!

I promise not to push my interests and activities on you, and to let you experiment trying new and different things. You can play whatever sport you want, or take up dance, or lessons of some kind. 

In just a few days you will be here and our lives will forever be changed. I keep feeling you move around in my tummy. Your movements are so powerful! I cannot wait to hug you and hold you and kiss your sweet cheeks! I hope you have your daddy’s dimples. :)

I should thank you for letting me finish working until my maternity leave started. Even though I want you here now, tonight is my last shift at work. So you can come any time now!! 

I hope all my maternal instincts kick in! I know your dad and I are gonna be so happy to finally have you in our arms. We already feel so in love with you! So please hurry and get here!! I think you’re cooked enough!! The whole family will be getting together next week for Thanksgiving and I know they will all want to meet you! 

I’ll be seeing you soon!!

I love you,