can i like draw a fan series dedicated to just that jk

Alan of Trebond and Renge of Ouran

(Warning, spoilers for anyone who has not finished reading the series Song of the Lioness

I’m rereading one of my favorite series, Song of the Lioness, and am at the second book, In the Hand of the Goddess, when something struck me… 

So Alanna is complaining about being at feasts and how when she’s there she really can’t do much since she’s shy around strangers and flirting with girls is excruciatingly embarrassing. This is when she’s still disguised as a boy: aka Alan of Trebond.

Then it dawned on me. If I was one of the Ladies at court I would totally think Alan of Trebond was gay.

I don’t know if this is accurate to the world, I don’t really care.

Alan would have been a lot of news in court. He helped heal prince Jonathan of a deadly disease, accompanied the Prince to defeat ancient evil beings in the Bazhir deserts; fought and defeated a Tusaine knight who was more experienced, older, and a full knight while Alan was still just a squire; and was also the Prince’s best friend and personal squire. So, I’m assuming that Alan would have been pretty standard palace gossip. And when that squire is heatedly against flirting/engaging with women in any way and has never had any interest in females, and shows fierce dedication to his prince above and beyond your normal squire-knight relationship…yeah, I would have been shipping them together since the Bazhir. Also, there had to have been some sparks between them when they started getting together. Even if they were small. Come on, Alanna blushes at the drop of a hat when it comes to anything sexual. Fangirls would have picked up on something.

I’m not arguing this was happening. I don’t care if its cannon. But now I’m imagining a little gaggle of noble girls standing around in a corner in their elegant, puffy dresses, during the feasts giggling over Alan as he desperately tries to get his knight friends to stop forcing him to talk to girls. I’m also imagining one of them just happening to be on Palace Way when George plants one on Alanna. To them it would have looked like little Alan getting a kiss stolen from him by some friend in town. And now that girl is off to tell all of her friends the news. They’ll be sitting around a sewing circle the next day with their heads drawn in close trying to decide if they should tell Prince Jonathan that some rogue from the city is trying to steal his secret boyfriend, then they would decide they need to figure out who this man from the city is.

Dude, this is becoming a full fledge anime in my mind.

I’m imagining someone like Renge from Ouran being the leader of the Alan fan club trying to figure out how to get the Prince and Alan to confess their feelings to each other, or dramatically reacting to Delia of Eldorne coming to court and causing strife between them.

And now I’m imagining her and her gaggle of fangirls following Alan around EVERYWHERE. Them figuring out who George is and going melodramatic on it: ”will Alan choose the Rogue King or his Noble Prince? The man who stole his heart or the man he pledged his loyalty?” Them being there when Jonathan kisses Alanna in the garden. Of course, they would not have figured out Alan was a girl–in this scenario they would think Alan was cross dressing…cause come on! How many people with violet eyes would have access to Palace grounds?

AHHH, now I just want an manga of these girls reacting to Alan’s love life. When Jonathan and Alan go to war and they hear about the Prince sneaking over to the enemy side to rescue Alan, against his father’s wishes. You can hear the ‘awwww’s. When Jonathan starts rejecting Delia’s advances and they all start drawing bets that he and Alan are finally together. Them standing outside Jonathan’s suits trying to find out if they were right or not (because, seriously, what else did you really have to do at court as a girl waiting there to get a husband? JK, I’m sure they had to do a lot…but still)

Except, they DO NOT KNOW that Alan is a girl. They somehow keep missing it. When Alan reveals herself to be female, they all do a jaw drop then a standing ovation (cause female power!)

I just, I don’t know what my mind’s doing these days. Its amusing in here.


i swear my brain’s getting stupider by the day and also, i really like to ponder how puberty must have been for the kids during those three years k.

What they seem to fail to realize it that you achieve that ‘element of danger/suspense’ through GOOD WRITING, not by  1) being stupid enough to actually kill off the main character of the show or  2) continuously beating home/toying with to your audience in interviews OUTSIDE the actual show that you’re going to kill off said character/characters.

Allow me to explain further. I read a lot of books. And I mean A LOT. A good book is not one in which the writer succeeds in ‘shocking’ me by killing off the main character. I don’t go: ‘Wow, look how good this writer is because they just killed off the main character and I’m so shocked!’

Um, no.

A good book is one where despite being certain the main narrative character of the story couldn’t possibly die, I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, biting my nails, fearing for the life of my beloved character. Why? Because the writing is so good that I’m so caught up in the heat of the moment that I forget that it’s pretty much impossible that said main character will die/suffer some horrid fate.

THAT, ladies and gentleman, is good writing. Writing that manages to pull you into the story so completely that you’re entirely caught up in the moment. If you are seeking to achieve that element of suspense by doing either point 1 or 2 above it is the complete OPPOSITE of good writing. Particularly point 2. I’m so sick and tired of the way these writers keep toying with their audience.

Now, I know I’m kind of weird like this, but I don’t really like to read/watch interviews with show writers/actors. I don’t like hearing spoilers, and I don’t like hearing analysis of the characters/plots from the show’s team. Why? Because I like to interpret and draw my own conclusions rather than have them being told for me by the writers and actors that are privy to much more information than the audience. I’m not talking about discussion with fellow audience/fans. I’m talking about how watching interviews with the actors and writers is in a way kind of telling how you should feel/interpret something or someone on the show. Because, let’s be honest, most of the time if one of the writers or actors says something you are likely going to take it with you when you watch the show from then on. It’s hard not to when they are literally running the show. Anyways, I’m getting off topic. Sorry. My point is, I try to avoid reading interviews, but one of the disadvantages of joining tumblr is that I end up seeing/reading bits and pieces of them even when I try not to. I joined tumblr for the GIFs/edits/pictures. Regardless, despite my avoidance I have seen the writers make a reference to killing off Reese at least three times in the past few months.

At this point, I’m giving up truly caring when I see it again, but my respect for the writers of this show has gone down every time I see them comment and joke about it. And I’m someone who has praised their intelligent writing numerous times. I don’t know whether they are actually going to kill off Reese before the end of the series or if they are just saying it in interviews to ‘bring an element of danger,’ but either way their attitude in these interviews has dropped them way down in my book. I’m at the point where I’m going, fine, just please kill him off already then so I can stop watching the show. If you have to 1. brag to your audience about killing off characters, or 2. actually kill off the main character, OR 3. do both 1 & 2, in order to gain viewer suspense, then you are NOT doing a good job writing your story.  Yes, there are exceptions in some stories where killing off a main character works and/or needs to be done or whatever, but for most people, including myself, this does not usually make for a good story. Particularly in TV shows where said character has been one of the two dominant characters on screen for years.

Again, there are exceptions, but in most stories the most important aspect is the characters, and the plot comes in second. Obviously they are connected and the plot is important, BUT it is the characters that the audience connects with. Without them the plot is nothing. Who cares if the whole world is going to be taken over by an evil AI if you don’t care about anyone IN that world?

Main characters are NOT dispensable, and even if you as a writer do go down the route of sacrificing one of them you do it with RESPECT. Particularly in TV where there are two elements that make up a good character. One, is the writing, but another is the actor who brought the character to life and brought a little bit of themselves to the role. This is what the audience falls in love with and it can’t be so easily replaced or sacrificed. If Reese goes, a huge portion of viewers will to, no doubt (including me). And even if the writers are willing to make that sacrifice, it matters greatly HOW you do it. Toying with your audience, disrespecting both their dedication AND the actors’ is not the way to go about it. And while as a writer you obviously hold the power, a good writer also respects their audience. To quote JK Rolling, “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.”