can i lick his face

oooh I saw ur request and was like yeh i should do something cool for penny but then my inspiration was viciously murdered so yeah I just decided to do chapter 2 of that one au u mentioned to me about the revenge thing!! hooray for me being lazy and uncreative


girl almighty

aka act my age part 2

part 1


“I just…I wanna lick him.”

“Nasty. That’s so nasty, Juvia, god.”

Juvia flipped her hair and made a ‘la-di-da’ expression. “Not in a weird way, like, I just wanna lick his face. You know?”

“I can’t even describe all the levels of not knowing I’m going through right now.” Erza answered. She peered through the peepy hole in her magazine and sighed.

“Oh, shut up. You don’t have any room to talk, Miss I’m-gonna-spy-on-a-bunch-of-hot-guys-for-research.” Juvia huffed.

Erza blanched and set her magazine down with a smack. “Well it’s not like you’ve got any better ideas!”

“I do have a better idea.” Juvia said haughtily.

“Let’s hear it then.” Erza pressed.

“Well…there’s a party at his dorm later tonight, right?” Juvia began. By now Erza had lost her focus and stopped spying.

“So…?” Erza failed to see her conclusion.

“Duh. You hide a mouse trap somewhere in his house – so then when he least expects it – blammo! His hand gets decapitated!” Juvia smacked her hand on the table loudly to prove her point.

“A mouse trap?” Erza asked disappointedly. “That’s it?”


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Erza didn’t even conceal her groan. “Natsu, go away.”

Natsu sat down with a pout. Gray sat next to him.

“Don’t you lovely ladies want some company?” He asked while batting his eyelashes seductively.

“How can I say ‘no’ in a way you’ll understand?” Erza wondered.

“Not a chance, come on, what were you guys just talking about? Boobs? Periods?” Natsu inquired.

“Everything you just said was mildly offensive. I’m impressed.” Juvia admitted, even though her gaze was fixed on Gray.

“We were talking about revenge, if you really must know.” Erza informed tightly.

“Revenge? Any particular reasons?” Gray asked, interest piqued.

“If she told you, she’d have to kill you.” Juvia joked. Well, who knows. Maybe she wasn’t joking.

“Of course – standard revenge procedure, we get it,” Natsu nodded like he wasn’t going to pry any further. “Are you guys going to Jellal’s dorm tonight to study?”

Erza scoffed. Like any studying was actually going to occur.

“We sure are! We love to…study…” Juvia trailed off awkwardly, probably losing her train of thought to Gray’s hair, or face, or whatever she was attracted to.

“Awesome. Bring hot friends.” Natsu said pointedly. “I’m counting on you guys.”

“For what? Pussy? We’re not a delivery service, do it yourself.” Erza sniffed.

“Yeah, if you’re that horny, why don’t you just use each other?” Juvia asked before letting out a happy laugh. She probably wasn’t even joking.

“Gross. Gray’s an STD circus, I don’t want any of that biz.” Natsu informed. Gray punched his shoulder blade.

“Yeah? Well Natsu can’t even put a tampon in, I doubt he could take me anyways.”

“You wanna fight?”

“Right here. Right now. Let’s go.”

“Wait, are they doing it, or fighting?” Juvia asked lowly as the two boys stared at each other heatedly.

“I can confidently say both?” Erza responded. There was enough passion in their gazes to say they were far past being straight.

“Cool it, we’re not supposed to talk about fight club, you idiots.” Juvia decided to intervene.

“Yeah Gray, rule number one.” Natsu reminded. Gray kicked his shin.

“Hey, totally unrelated question,” Erza began begrudgingly, hardly able to believe she had sunk to this level of immaturity. “You guys wouldn’t know where I can buy mouse traps, would you?”




“-and then I was like, why even bother dating Edward, if that sexy piece of werewolf was right there in front of you? I totally don’t get this emo bitch Bella, hell, why won’t werewolf hot guys chase me? “

Erza stopped short, lamenting not taking a migraine pill and massaging her temple. “I’m gonna be honest here – I stopped listening a long, long time ago.”

“Aw, you missed my impromptu Twilight review.”


“-accident, probably.” Juvia interrupted with a cute little blink. “Right Erza?”

Erza stopped in front of Jellal’s dorm, digging her hand in her purse gently. “I got the mouse trap, what do I do now?”

Juvia slapped her arm. “What do you mean, ‘what do I do now’? You hide it in his cereal cabinet, and then when he goes for a little cap’n crunch he gets his hand chopped off!” Juvia ended her charade with a karate chop.

“That…I don’t think that’s how mouse traps work-“

“-course it is! Haven’t you ever seen Tom and Jerry, Erz? Honestly, what would you do without my boundless knowledge?” Juvia asked rhetorically. Naturally, Erza didn’t give her the pleasure of ending on a good note.

“In a better place, probably.” She answered her question before looking down at her outfit. “Ok, I look hot, right? Hot enough to destroy Jellal where he stands?”

Juvia looked at her sideways, tightening her lips and sighing. Then she reached forward and tugged her crop top down a little bit.

“Christ Erza, why do you cover them up so much? They’re there, use them.” Juvia gestured to Erza’s boobs disappointedly. “And you look so good in black, you’re making me look like a sad petunia.”

Erza scrunched up her face. “Are petunias blue?”

“Shut up.” Juvia seethed. She pushed a small red strand out of Erza’s face and nodded at her work. “Perfect. If Jellal doesn’t explode from jealousy, or whatever you had planned, I’ll be absolutely damned.”

“I don’t want him to explode – I just want him to hate himself for being an asshole to me and missing out on all this.” Erza corrected, gesturing to her well-endowed body proudly.

“Ah. Self-hatred. And after that, we can steal his identity and buy a lifetime supply of cat food!” Juvia plotted deviously.

Erza looked at her blankly. “We went over this. We’re not stealing his identity.”

Juvia pouted. “Can it be plan B?”

“We’re going inside now.” Erza said, knocking on the door crisply.

“Ooh, pull up your shorts a bit – let him see that ass – hey, Jellal!” Juvia halted her sentence midway through with an awkward smile.

“Hey – wow, you guys look…”

Erza smiled. Amazing? Gorgeous? Fantastic? Ha, suck it Jellal, you motherfucking-

“-dressed up.” He finished lamely.

Erza felt her spirit droop. That was anticlimactic.

“Yeah, Erza was just on a hot date, so…yeah.” Juvia said, snapping her fingers like she was a sassy twelve year old.

“Wow. Sorry to interrupt, I guess.” He concluded. “Do you guys want to come in, or…?”

“Step aside, pretty boy!” Juvia yelled, pushing her palm to Jellal’s cheek and quite literally forcing him to step aside.

Erza scooted around Jellal. He looked rather awestruck at Juvia’s forwardness, but shut the door after them anyways.

“Looks like the party’s arrived, come sit by me, flower child!” Cana wailed from the futon, referring to Juvia’s short flowery skirt.

“Wow, you guys look great!” Mira admired aloud. All of their fellow speech kids were cramped up in Jellal’s living room, doing a lot to do with nothing and nothing to do with studying.

“Thanks,” Erza responded, making the decision to sit next to her.

“Wow Erza, wow. I thought I told you to bring hot friends. I’m not seeing any hot friends.” Natsu deadpanned.

“Ouch Natsu, that hurts.” Juvia whined, kicking him in the head from her spot on the couch next to Cana and Gray. Erza was sure she was losing her mind being that close to him, but she seemed to be hiding it quite well.

“You don’t count, blue.” Gray added in, most likely for brownie points.

“I’m honored to be the exception to Natsu’s wannabe booty call.” Juvia said to Gray, one hand poised over her heart.

“Did you guys finish yesterday’s homework?” Jellal asked conversationally, entering with a bucket full of pretzels. Literally, a metal bucket. Maybe he was out of bowls.

“No way,” Cana answered for the group. “I’m waiting till midnight tonight to finish that shit.”

Erza said nothing. The truth was she had finished the homework. She was a fan of getting a good night’s sleep – as far as that extended when you share a room with Juvia.

“Writing intros sucks, I never know how to write an attention-getter, or whatever their called.” Gray said.

“How bout this – you shout the word boobs. Then you’ll have everyone’s attention.” Juvia offered with a shrug.

“You have a nice dorm, Jellal. Who’s your roommate?” Mirajane asked. His dorm was remarkably clean, almost like he was there alone.

“Ah, his name is Laxus. He’s pretty cool, but he doesn’t come here much. He’s kind of a party animal, actually.” Jellal informed.

“Is he hot?” Juvia asked crudely. Cana high-fived her and waited eagerly for Jellal’ answer.

“I…don’t know how to answer that.” Jellal admitted.

“Do you have any cereal?” Erza interrupted, not really listening to the conversation at hand.

“Uh…yeah?” Jellal asked, raising his eyebrows in suspicion.

Erza gave him a sharp look.

“Do you…want some?” He asked cautiously.

She nodded, her face a mixture of ‘obviously’ and ‘please don’t think I’m weird’.

Jellal stood up from his sitting position to go to the kitchen to fetch her some cereal. Erza, unwilling to bail on her shitty revenge plot, quickly stood up to follow him.

“So, cereal, huh?” Jellal asked as soon as the rest of the group began their own conversations. They were alone now.

“Y-yeah. Juvia eats all of mine, so…” Erza covered up. Jellal looked mildly skeptical, but not to the point where he’d refuse to give her cereal.

“Alright.” He accepted her excuse. “By the way, you uh…”

She awaited his words with bated breath. For some reason, he always put her on edge despite his up-front friendly behavior.

“You look nice, is all.” He said, looking down in the slightest like even he was embarrassed by the declaration.

The second he looked away, Erza broke into a full-fledged smile. Finally – that idiot was falling right into her trap!

“You ok?” He asked, his hand buried in the cereal cabinet with a concerned look across his face. Right. She was making a Jared Leto face.

“Yeah, oh yeah. Just remembering this…this thing, Juvia told me yesterday.” She excused casually, looking at anything but Jellal.

“We have Lucky Charms,” Jellal told he, retrieving the colorful box from the pantry.

“Awesome,” Erza let out, forgetting how delicious sugary cereal was. Even though the cereal was merely a stepping stone to her intricate revenge, it couldn’t hurt to get spoiled a little in the process.

They both headed back to the living room while Erza waited for the best moment to plant the mouse trap in the cereal cabinet. She just needed a distraction…

As if she had been telepathically summoned, Juvia stepped up to bat with the most ideal distraction there was.

“Does anybody have a tampon?” She asked, particularly loudly.

“I think I got some,” Cana said, digging through her purse experimentally.

Erza continued eating the cereal slowly. It was amazing, just as she had suspected. Stupid spoiled Jellal, probably had oodles of good food spilling out of the pantry that he refused to share with the rest of them.

“Yo, Erza! Throw me some cereal!” Natsu requested, holding his hands up pitcher style.

“Eat a dick,” she hissed protectively, wrapping her arms around the cereal and almost letting out a dragon roar.

“I have more cereal, if you guys want some,” Jellal offered kindly. There was an uproar of positive feedback and he went back into the kitchen to get more, foiling her mouse trap plan.

“So guys, FMK, Gosling, Seacrest, Reynolds.” Cana said. It took Erza a brief second to realize she was referring to three different Ryans.

“Ew, kill Seacrest.” Juvia said with a wrinkled nose.

“Marry Reynolds,” Mira pitched in helpfully.

“FUCK GOSLING.” Natsu said, freakishly loud. It made Erza question his sexuality on a whole different level.

“I mean, or yeah, whatever.” Natsu added in. Gray was practically puking his guts out from laughing so hard at Natsu’s confession.

“Ok, we have Froot Loops and Honey Comb.” Jellal presented the remaining cereal boxes and they were greedily snatched up by the rest o the group. Erza was slightly intrigued by his generosity, normal kids would be fighting like rabid hyenas for delicacies such as these yet Jellal seemed to be feeling rather charitable today. Interesting.

Unfortunately, Jellal took note of her bewildered expression and decided to take a seat next to her. Of course.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked, obviously referring to her dumbstruck expression.

“You sure like sharing,” she mumbled, shoving a dry marshmallow into her mouth ungracefully.

“I guess so,” he shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

“Why?” She pried annoyingly. He sure didn’t like to share in primary school, she could first-hand vouch for that.

“Misery loves company.” He said mysteriously before smiling slyly like he knew something she didn’t.

She felt hatred course through her veins immediately. How dare that smarmy idiot look her in the eye like he knew more than she did?

She crunched her cereal rather loudly and plunged one of her hands inside her purse. It was go time.

“I’m gonna go put this back,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t crack as she made slight eye contact with Juvia. She grabbed the mouse trap from inside her purse and scurried back into the kitchen.

She shoved the box back into the cabinet, and then slowly set the mouse trap and put it in front of the cereal box. There. Now she’d get her revenge. Sort of.

It was then that Erza realized exactly how many flaws her plan had. Who was dumb enough to not see a mouse trap in front of a cereal box? What if his roommate is the one who gets trapped? What if-

“Erza?” Jellal asked, peeking his head into the kitchen.

“A-ha…sorry!” She called, yanking her hand out of the cereal cabinet and placing it on her hip awkwardly. “Be right there!”

Oh well. She’d just have to hope for the best.




The next day at speech class, both Juvia and Erza were pleasantly surprised.

“You saw it, right?” Juvia asked excitedly, practically bouncing in her seat.

“Of course I did,” Erza responded. There was a band-aid on Jellal’s pinky finger. Their plan had worked. Sort of.

“I told you the mouse trap thing would work!” She boasted.

“Keep it down! It’ll be embarrassing if he finds out it was us!” Erza barked, still wary on the idea that she had actually stuck a mouse trap in someone’s cereal cabinet. It didn’t get much lower than this.

“Oh whatever! Next time, we should steal all of his toilet paper, than put it back the next day, and keep doing that for like, ever, and then he’ll think he’s going insane-“

“What’s the story, morning glory?” Natsu interrupted Juvia’s brilliant insight with a yawn, smacking his stuff down on the table.

“Shut up, we’re watching.” Juvia said, pointing Natsu’s head to Jellal who was talking to Gray.

“What? What are we watching? Do you still hate Jellal, or whatever?” Natsu asked boredly.

Yes, now shut up and watch.” Erza grabbed his mouth and closed it.

“Hey guys,” Jellal greeted before taking his seat behind Erza.

“That was…anticlimactic…” Juvia whispered.

“Well, what were you expecting?” Natsu whispered back.

“Perhaps a moan of pain?” Erza put in.

“Yeah, that would’ve been good.” Juvia said. “I should probably get back to my seat – I’ll catch you after, Erz.”

“Ok.” Erza grumbled, barely interested. She couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe she just wasn’t cut out for revenge.

“Hey Erza, can I talk to you for a sec?” Jellal asked suddenly, breaking the tension with ease.

“Somebody’s in trouble~~” Natsu sang softly. Erza punched his shoulder and begrudgingly stood up to follow Jellal.

“So,” Jellal began, once they were out of earshot. “I have a question for you.”

“Uh…fire away.” Erza said, wondering what he could possibly ask of her.

“Did you, uh…” he scratched the back of his head anxiously, “leave a mouse trap in my cereal cabinet?”

Erza stared blankly at him. She hoped her expression didn’t seem guilty, because on the inside, her conscience was in flames. How the hell did he know it was her? Well…besides the fact that she was the only one that went in the kitchen…hm…she really didn’t think this through, did she?

“W-why would you think that?” She laughed, sharing his awkward neck scratching trait and smiling creepily.

“Well, it seems kinda dumb, but…” he paused for a second to evaluate her expression. “I found your receipt.”

No way, she cursed herself, I put it in my pocket…god damn it! Fuck girl pants and their pocket-lessness!!


“So, I figured it would make you feel better if I was hurt.” He added, holding up his bandaged pinky finger. Her eyes narrowed. What did he mean by that?

“I…uh…” she continued to fumble around her words like a dumbass.

His face fell at her lack of response.

“So, I guess what I’m trying to say is – why?”

Her mouth opened and shut like a dying goldfish.

“I…saw…a rat? In your dorm…thought I could…take care of it…”

Jellal shook his head, like he was disappointed in her.

“In that case,” he said, peeling off the tiny band-aid with ease, revealing a fully healthy pinky.

Bastard! He had pretended to get mouse-trapped! What a twist….

He watched her remorseful expression and laughed. “That’s what I thought.”

“I…don’t think I-“

“Erza, if you’re trying to do some petty revenge scheme for all the shit I threw at you in primary school, then have at it.” He said, surprising her by holding his arms in the air like he was surrendering. “…but I expected more than this from you, Erza.”

At this point Erza was fairly sure she looked like the entire audience during the Empire Strikes Back, only this time, it wasn’t her father who was trying to recruit her to the dark side.

“You…want me to…”

He smiled briefly, looking impressively sexy and Erza cursed every god out there for making her mortal enemy as attractive as sin.

“Impress me.” He said, before walking back to his table like nothing had happened.

Erza stared at the whiteboard, at a complete loss for words. Huh. So this is what it felt like to be check-mated. And if there was one thing she hated, it was losing. And chess in general. And Jellal, and his stupid, smug ass.

He may have won that turn, but it was her move next – and she’d be damned if she didn’t win this game.

Young love (Harry Styles imagine)

For hopelesslyinloveornot 

So the concert was over but the best was about to come. Not only had I managed to bag tickets for the one and only one direction, where I was lucky enough to see Harry styles, and feel goosebumps arise on my skin when he reached those high notes in drag me down, but I had also managed to grab meet and fucking great tickets… I mean, as if!

To say I am excited is an understatement. I mean, I can actually lick his face if I want too. I’m not actually going to do that, although I’d happily lick somewhere else if you get what I mean. No, y/n, stop.

Keep calm and show those boys that your not some little pathetic fan girl who kisses posters of them to sleep every night. Okay, you can do this.

Walking through the door with y/b/f/n I was taken aback. The four lovely lads were all sat on the large sofa waiting for us.

“So, here’s the lucky ladies then!” Liam stood up and pulled us both into a warm embrace. Niall was the next to greet us, and he too opted for a friendly hug. Louis was more gentlemanly and gave us both a kiss on the cheek and then a tight squeeze.

Next up was Harry. He looked so fucking good. Even if he was all hot and sweaty. I smiled shyly and receive a big grin from him. You know the one. The grin that makes his dimples pop. He opened his arms and said “hello love” in a warm and friendly voice. I kindly accepted his warm embrace and snuggled into his chest. The smell of his cologne traveled through my nasal passages and almost made me lose all sense of consciousness. Harry looks good in pictures, but girls, it’s safe to say he looks waaaaaay better in person.

“Did you enjoy the show” he asked, only paying attention to me. I nodded shyly causing him to speak again. “A bit shy love?” he laughed. “Just a little” I giggled back. Liam and Louis shot each other knowing glances whilst Niall spoke to y/b/f/n.

“Shall we get some pictures then! Surely that’s what you girls want!” Louis suggested causing me and y/b/f/n to nod. Harry was glued to my side on every picture, something that I wasn’t complaining about.

“Lou, get a picture of me and y/n on my phone please” Harry spoke whilst passing Louis his phone. I was confused but posed for the picture anyway. “Now love, this would be a good picture to put next to you in my contacts wouldn’t it” he spoke huskily whilst passing me his phone. “Is that a hint Mr Styles?” I teased. “It certainly is” he replied whilst you tapped your name and number into his phone.

“Ahhh, so that’s your name love” he smiled whilst looking directly at me. “Yep” I replied. “Well it’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he smiled. I felt as though he was flirting with me, but that thought was soon pushed into the back of my mind. Surely Harry styles wouldn’t flirt with me?

-3 Weeks Later-

Sitting in the small cafe  perched on a corner table i was feeling happier than ever. Facing me, engaging in conversation was the most amazing man i’ve ever met. 

When Harry rang me to say he wanted to meet up for the fourth time i was in disbelief. It was crazy! The guy i’ve been crushing on for the past 4 years wanted to meet up with me. He wanted to go on a casual date (his term not mine). So here we are, sat in a lovely cafe in Holmes chapel.

Harry had a few days break from tour and wanted to spend time in his home town. I only live in Manchester so he agreed to come and pick me up then bring me back to his favourite cafe in the small dainty town. 

He was looking absolutely gorgeous. His hair was in a low bun, and his sunglasses were placed on the top of his head. He was wearing a black shirt that wasn’t buttoned up all the way (surprise surprise), black skinny jeans and his tanned YSL boots.

For the first time ever i felt like someone was truly interested in me. He paid attention to me, and that wasn’t something ive ever been used too.

I somehow ended up back at his house. He suggested a movie night, but really i just think he wanted an excuse to cuddle me all night. But as we all know, cuddling usually leads to other things. The sexual tension was high. I wanted him as much as he clearly wanted me.

So when his thumb began to trace circles on my bare thigh i didn’t object. “Harry, what are you doing?” i whispered. “I’m feeling frustrated, and having a beautiful, sexy girl snuggled into my side isnt helping” he whispered back, voice hoarse.

“Do you want me to help you out?” i smirked seductively. “I’m not sure foreplay is going to do the trick babe” he sighed. “I wasn’t talking about foreplay.” “But, i thought you wasn’t ready kitten?” he looked at me with a concerned tint in his eyes. “That was a few weeks ago, i’m ready now Harry… I’m all yours” i whispered whilst crawling on top of him and straddling his waist.

“Are you sure?” he asked causing me to nod vigorously. He took this as an opportunity to pick me up and walk upstairs to his bedroom. He then gently placed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me.  “Are you a hundred percent sure?” he asked again. “Yes Harry, hurry up before you kill the mood!” i giggled.

“I feel like this isn’t special enough, like we need some petals or something” he looked around quizzical. “Harry, its fine. Please just hurry up!” “Okay love” he smirked whilst beginning to pepper wet kisses down my neck. He then removed the straps of my top and pulled it off over my head. I noticed he was staring at my boobs and i suddenly became very self conscious. I covered up my bra with my arms. “No, kitten… i’m staring because they’re fucking perfect, everything about you is perfect. No need to hide” he spoke whilst moving my arms.

He then reached around my back and unclasped the bra, whilst looking at me for permission. I nodded quickly resulting in him removing my bra and tossing it to the side. “Fucking hell” he breathed, his head now close to my breasts. Lowering his head down he began to suck on my nipple causing me to lowly moan. “Harry, please…” i begged, and he must have got the message as his hands began to pull down my shorts and thong whilst he worked magic on my breasts. His breath could be felt on my skin, causing goosebumps to arise as he moved down towards my throbbing centre.

“So wet kitten” he whispered closely to my dripping core. I then felt his lips attack my clit, causing me in arch by back as pleasure ran throughout my veins. I swear he had done this before as he was an expert at lapping up my juices. My fingers tangled into his hair as i pushed his head further into my centre. “I’m so close Harry!” i moaned, before he abruptly stopped and unclasped his belt.

I bolted upright and unbuttoned his shirt by throwing it away from his body. I felt desperate, and needed him with incomprehensible urgency. His jeans had soon been discarded along with his boxers. I eyed up his errect length and suddenly felt nervous again. He must had sensed it as he asked me ‘are you sure love?” to which i nodded confidently, not wanting to back out.

“It might hurt a little but i’ll make it stop i promise, just tell me if its too much for you sweetheart” he said before placing himself in front of my centre. I felt his tip push in. My eyes never left his dreamy green pupils. He then pushed himself in further and i gasped.

“It will get better” the tattooed man promised me. I grabbed onto the sheets as his pace began to quicken. Tears began to prick at my eyes, but they were soon long forgotten as the pain turned into euphoric pleasure. I moaned out causing Harry to quicken his pace. Beads of sweat were now beginning to form on his forehead, and i had never seen him concentrate so hard.

He moaned and groaned as a feeling i’ve never felt before began to build up in the pit of my stomach. “Harry, i think i might be close…” i moaned out. “Just let go when it comes baby” he panted. Before i knew it, an intense wave of pleasure overtook my body and i was screaming out his name. My centre clenched around his shaft causing him to moan out in pleasure too, and his lips connect to mine in a state of desperation and empowering lust.

Once we had both composed ourselves he collapsed down on the bed next to me and pulled the sheets over both of us. I turned to face the most amazing man ive ever met that lay beside me.

“Was that okay?” he asked, whilst tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I nodded shyly. “I know i should have probably asked this before we had sex but will you be my girlfriend?” he smiled hopefully. I giggled and nodded. “Of course” i smiled before kissing his cheek.

“Thank you for making my first experience the best ever Harry. I’m glad i waited a little longer as i couldn’t have chosen anyone better to share it with. I’m just worried that people will criticise my age…” i spoke. “Let them talk. You’re 18 in October, anyway, that’s irrelevant. It’s legal, they’re only like 2 and half years difference. Plus, its our decision not theirs” he reassured whilst kissing the top of my head.

“I guess so” i replied whilst snuggling into his chest. “Just get some rest lovely. You’ve got a hectic day a head of you, now that you’ve become Harry Styles’ girlfriend” he winked.

“I can’t wait” i replied, thankful of the past few months. Never did i ever think i would become the girlfriend of Harry Styles.

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