can i kiss loki

Imagine your first kiss with Loki, it ends up being your first kiss period. The two of you are sitting down beside each other and Loki can’t take his eyes off you, finally accepting that he’s in love.
“Darling,” Loki murmurs softly, “can I kiss you?”
Your face burns bright red as you turn to look at him. Seeing the sincerity in his face, Loki fully aware that you’ve never been kissed, you bite your lip and manage to nod slightly.
Loki leans forward slowly, his mouth gently brushing against yours as he kisses you almost tentatively, like he’s afraid he might break you. His hand gingerly reaches to cup your cheek, coaxing you forward and attempting to deepen the kiss. Your hand moves down bracing yourself, resting on Loki’s thigh. The other hand mirrors Loki’s touch as you cup his face, enjoying the feeling of his skin beneath your fingers.
When you finally pull away seeking breath, you smile dazed.
“Thank you.” Loki murmurs softly.
“For what?”
“Everything.” He replies, leaning forward and kissing you again.