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❤♫ 8^]]]]]]] HELLO HELLO MANDY

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I might have erased Zen from MYSME out of the picture oops

I also caved… I hit a writer’s block in my essay once more

song lyrics from Snap Out Of It by Arctic Monkeys


Memorable Quotes:

“My husband gives me strength. I often return the favor.”

“Little girls should be able to dream bigger than today’s society allows them.”

“I am feminine and masculine and an architect. I am a bisexual woman who does not are about what bigots think of her.”

“I may be wearing stilettos and a black bra but that does not mean I can’t kick your ass.”

“Women should follow their dreams and not be ashamed of them.”

“I should’ve worn my Hello Kitty bra. And pink lipstick.”

“You should _never_ let go of what you love.”


“Nice bra.”

“It was for a magazine, Percy.”

“I still think you would have rocked the one with the Hello Kitty heads.”

(you’re welcome, folks)


I had….the most awesome dream last night.

Okay so picture this, I’m on a reality show, which I know is bullshit but I want to see how far along I can get before they kick me out. What this reality show is about I’m not certain, but I know at least part of it involves swim training with David Hasselhoff.

We all live in dorms together, presumably so things can stop being nice and start being real, but also it’s some sort of giant mall during a convention possibly of freak shows. Phelan is there at a cafeteria at one point and Julien is at the table too, saying nothing I guess because he’s too cool for school.

Anyway, one of the producers drops this bombshell on us: in order to spice things up, the twist on the show is that we will be joined by our evil, alternate dimension selves. CUE A BUNCH OF BADASS DOPPELGANGERS GETTING OFF LIKE A PRISON BUS. They are having none of us. I laugh hysterically, because this is apparently normal and also great reality TV.

So our evil selves are walking around beings jerks and Evil Nella does NOT want me to talk to her girlfriend. Also one of the contestants is Martha Stewart, but her alternate self is super angelic and has a high pitched voice. I offer to sleep on the floor and give my bed to another contestant who resembles but probably isn’t the Robbie Rotten guy from Lazy Town. He says he doesn’t want to use a bed he knows I’ve been in.

The time comes for me to meet my alternate self. I see her there, dressed in a Stay Puft onesie, and say hi. She just looks at me, says, “I’m not your friend,” and walks away.


I try to be a jokey jokester and ask why no one told me the onesie looks stupid, but I’m met with crickets, I can’t top that. Anyway I think maybe I complain about it to Phelan but that’s really where the dream should’ve ended, because come on.

i just wanna post a lil reminder and motivational help for my followers who thought about deleting their blog ‘cause theyre not good enough for their muse.

in the ten months i already have tendous blog ( lol, see? ten = tendou = his number in middle school ) i thought about deleting probably like at least ten time ( whats with the number ten, jesus ), if not even more times than that. all of because my insecurities, and fear of writing are kicking my ass more than i can kick theirs. but you know what? im still here. my drive to improve, to get more comfortable with my creativity and writing plus my willingness not to give up ( cause lbr, im a stubborn asshole ) brought me ten months of fun, and my tendou muse is just as strong as before.

and believe me, when i can get that far, u can go even further! i believe in your power, in your brilliance, in your love for your muse!


“Aw, our first fight.” 

gfdi I love you >.>

Now.. As the AMAZING little shit Best friend that I am. This is a call out post to you, @cowjimin , the birthday girl. So everyone can see what i go through with you, and see how we, best of friends, talk to each other. ^^ Even if at times I want to punch you. We already got slaps out of the way

You guys see this?? This is what I have gone through in return for my love. And it’s actually pretty damn worth it… Plus I get a kick from teasing her, what can I say its funny. The drunk ass picture in the middle pretty much explains us and our relationship, no?? I cropped out most of it bc.. yikes.. im not pretty. 

~~♡ Happy Birthday Cely ♡ ~~ 

Horsey weight loss plan has already kicked into effect.

I can’t get on horses and not lose a bunch of weight because of the sensory stimulation and stress relief they bring on top of exercise. Once I am riding regularly, the weight should come right off and I’ll go back down to riding shape weight of 165-170.

When my primary doc sees that riding produces the weight loss results she has wanted for the past year, maybe she’ll be a bit more okay about me being on a horse given it’s getting me the health benefits we want.