can i keep her!

So no hospital tonight. She got me down to 145/95 by the end of the appt so not good but I don’t have to go to the hospital so I’m okay. She just told me to take an extra dose of my meds tonight and she’ll call me tomorrow with what med changes we are gonna do. She asked me if I could stop working all together until Little Girl gets here and I said no because we can’t afford it 😕 but she wrote me a note to take off as needed and limit physical activity like running up and down the steps, so hopefully that’ll push work to stop pissing around.

sigh. I just hope I can keep baking Little Girl long enough to get her where she needs to be. They gave me a script for another growth scan in like two weeks, and I’ll see the high risk specialist at that time as well….and she said there will be at least one more growth scan after that (if we make it that far, anyways). I’m just gonna say a prayer that the medicine does what it needs to do, and that she’ll stay in there until the last second needed….even if that’s only 37 weeks.

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Would it be possible your laptop has a virus? What kind of weird?? 💞💞💗💞💞

Nah Malwarebites has given her a clean bill of health, it’s mostly just that my laptop is 7 ½ years old and I swear it just gets moody sometimes. Some days it’ll run almost anything at full throttle, I’ve often been running like 20 tabs on chrome, spotify, steam, a separate chrome window I opened accidentally by dragging a tab, a forgotten paint window, and a women’s VHI mini marathon and it’ll be going fine, and sometimes I’ll just open file explorer and it gives me lip.

Physically, it’s literally falling apart. One hinge is breaking and the case sort of pops apart and back together, the battery holds charge in minus numbers, and occasionally the disc drive will whir and pop out for no apparent reason. The first fan it had also melted itself and I had to replace it. I want to keep her going as long as I can though because I’m going to have a very hard time finding a laptop as cute as this that can do so much.

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

  • ron bashers: romione sucks because ron doesn't care about her
  • me, an intellectual: harry potter and the deathly hallows uk edition page 375, chapter 23, line 8
Queen of Air and Darkness snippet

“I can’t do this.” Helen tried to keep her voice steady, but it was nearly impossible. She hoped the strain would be covered by the sound of the waves crashing below them, but Aline knew her too well. She could sense when Helen was upset, even when she was trying hard not to show it.

“Baby.” Aline moved closer, wrapping her arms around Helen, brushing her lips softly with her own. “You can. You can do anything.”

Helen relaxed into her wife’s arms. When she’d first met Aline she’d thought the other girl was taller than she was, but she’d realized later it was the way Aline held herself, arrow-straight. The Consul, her mother, held herself the same way, and with the same pride — not that either of them was arrogant, but the word seemed a shade closer to what Helen imagined than simple confidence. She remembered the first love note Aline had ever written her. The curves of your lips rewrite history. The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. Later, she’d found out it was an Oscar Wilde quote, and had said to Aline, smiling, You’ve got a lot of nerve.

Aline had looked back at her steadily. “I know. I do.”

They both had, always, and it had stood them in good stead. But this —

“This is different,” Helen said. “They don’t want me here –“

“They do want you here.”

“They barely know me,” Helen said. “That’s worse.”

One neat thing I noticed while rewatching is that some of the paladins’ introductions in episode 1 coincide with their elements! Like:

The Yellow Lion’s element is Earth, and the first thing Hunk ever does onscreen is complain about being in the air and then work with metal. The fear of heights / motion sickness makes sense considering his affinity is with the ground, as does his talent for mechanics.

The first time we see Pidge, she’s working a communications unit. The Green Lion’s thing is Forests, and a big aspect of that is the idea of roots and connection with other living things (”we are all made up of the same cosmic dust”) and the first thing she does on screen is literally connect with others.

Red’s element is fire, and Keith’s introduction is literally him blowing something up and then punching some guys. Which. Speaks for itself honestly.

Weirdly, Shiro and Lance don’t seem to follow this trend. The first thing we see Shiro do is help Matt extract ice from Kerberos, and the first thing we see Lance do is fly the simulator, and neither introduction seems to be related to their given elements of air and water/ice respectively– in fact I’d say they seem swapped. I dunno if that means something, and maybe this observation is meaningless lmao, but it seems to hold up with the other three, which is interesting.


I’m gonna make it a series, it’ll be called People Who’ve Barely Said A Word In Canon And Yet I Love So Very Much Anyway

Okay but- Sabine and Ezra undercover mission together.

A couple of us were talking on our discord about the Miraculous characters as the Overwatch characters. We decided a couple of us would draw them, so of course I called dibs on Chloe as Mercy. 

I think the funniest thing about this matchup is Chloe would probably still try to be offense.

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I love how you said Empty Graves would probably be pretty niche, and now it's the most popular of your fics on ao3 by hits and kudos. (This is not meant to be passive aggressive. I really love it.)

I significantly underestimated the appeal of making Martha Kent a backwoods bitch with a shotgun