can i just...unf!

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ian+mickey | “together” (+4x08) by atrabiliouss

I think like most of us, I didn’t like Ian’s manipulative behavior and emotional terrorism.  That being said, can we just… unf.  I was mewing the entire kiss.  I can’t.  Despite what made us all a bit wary, last night was important.  Let us bask.

Breaking the Ice- A Klub Ice story

Slightly mature! Read at your own risk.


Bruno POV
“Hello?! Everyone gather downstairs! Now!” I yelled into the prison, while dragging a blind-folded person in behind me. Well, I may say prison, but this is Klub Ice. Of course, none of my prison- uh, my lovely club goers know that they’re here forever. It is my secret to keep and no one shall ever leave.
I stood as everyone gathered on the dance floor, the bright, pulsing lights lighting up their features. Sharp noses, sunken eyes, and nice plump booties. My favorite. Seeing those bouncing on the dance floor just makes me so… Unf.
“Hello? Can I see yet?” I heard a soft voice speak from behind me. I turned and jerked them closer to me.
“No. Not until I say so.” I growled, fury flashing through me because this thing decided to question me. No one questions Bruno.
I finally decided to add a new member to my beautiful Klub Ice and so I went on a search. I didn’t want anybody that would be missed, so I just kidnapped a small person laying on the side of the road. I pulled them beside me and turned to the small crowd.
“This is your new member for Klub Ice! Let us welcome, Ada!” I cheered and untied the thing’s blindfold. A pair of crystal blue eyes blinked at my face then turned to the crowd. It’s plump lips parted slightly as it took in the crowd. My heart thudded on my chest and my eyebrows furrowed, confusion spiking through my body.
“Uhm, Bruno?” The thing asked quietly, it’s beautiful blue eyes downcast. “There are only males in the crowd.”
I nodded slowly, a ‘duh’ type of expression on my face.
“I’m a girl.”
Every single person in the room froze and I stared at her in shock. I had picked up a girl?! How was I supposed to make more hair gel with a girl? She is no use! She- no it- must be lying!
I stepped forward and lifted up her shirt and pulled it back down in the same move.
She wasn’t lying about being a girl.
I could feel little Bruno stirring from his sleep as I watched Ada blush and her mouth drop open.
“Did- what- shirt-” She stuttered, covering her chest. I shrugged and made my way through the crowd, intending to dissapear from the girl. Feelings are bad. I should not feel attracted to her.
Holy shit, it’s been a week and Ada won’t leave me alone. Every day she comes to my office and just sits there talking to me. Those blue eyes and full lips just throw me off. She’s also gained weight since I brought her here and her breasts and hips are filling out and it’s so distracting.
“Bruno? Are you listening to me?” Ada whispers, leaning over my desk.
Her shirt hangs down and I can see down it. I avert my eyes and nod, muttering a yes.
“No you haven’t. You’re a bad liar.” She mumbles and I swear I hear a lilt of something in there. I turn back towards her, my mouth open to say something.
“What are you talk-” I’m cut off by her lips pressing into mine. I gasp and she moves her lips and I can’t help it. I let my eyes close and I move in sync with her. She moved slowly around the desk and sat down in my lap, all without breaking our kiss.
What seemed like an eternity of us kissing later a small knock at the door broke us apart and I stared at her, chest heaving and heart thumping. Ada leaned her forhead against mine and smiled softly. I think I, Bruno, may be in love with this girl.
“Looks like I broke the ice, didn’t I?” She giggles, toying with my belt.
“Oh, yes, darling.” I growled. I lifted her up and plopped her on my desk, sending papers flying. “You broke the ice and here comes the tidal wave.”