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Fix it fic where Yousef comes back today? PLEASE? I don't know how maybe the girls surprise her and brought him back I know it doesn't make any sense it doesn't have to just please can you write one I'm so sad. Thank you!

Well nothing else makes sense anyway so why not? Hope you like nonnie!


“Fortunately, love does too.”

The end of the speech is met with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Sana has tears in her eyes and is hugging everyone around her. Just as they all calm down, her phone starts ringing. She looks down and a huge smile appears on her face.

Yousef is trying to FaceTime her.

She presses the green button and his beautiful face fills up her screen. Too much of her screen actually.

Sana laughs. “Why are you so close to the camera? Back up a little bit so I can see Turkey.”

“Turkey?” he says in a mischievous tone. “You’d rather see Turkey and not me?”

She rolls her eyes. “How about both?”

“See the problem is, showing both would be a problem because geographically it’s not possible.”


“If I moved, you wouldn’t see Turkey.”

The last word rings in her ears and it’s a little too loud. She turns around and there he is, standing a few feet away, wearing a white and golden kurta. Looking as handsome as ever.

She’s too shocked to talk, to move, to even blink. Because if she does, he might disappear.

The girls surround her and say, “You didn’t think the speech was the only surprise we had for you right?”

She’s too dumbfounded to even understand how and when and where they came up with this idea or did this, all she knows is that Yousef is slowly walking towards her and she’s having a hard time breathing.

“Eid Mubarak Sana. You look……stunning.” He says, with a little difficulty, apparently just as breathless as she was.

“What are you….I mean….” All her thoughts are jumbled and all she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and hug him for an eternity.

“I got a ticket in the mail three days ago, convinced my family for another two days, got on a plane this morning, and here I am now.”

She looks at the girls in disbelief and Noora winks at her and subtlety tells her to check her phone.

A new text from her reads, “Julian Dahl owed me a favor.”

Sana shakes with laughter and disbelief and happiness all at once. Then she looks up at Yousef, grinning from ear to ear.

“I can’t believe you came.”

“Don’t you remember? Alt for deg girl.”

                            When you want to make an Fairy Oc but you are not sure if anyone would interact with her.


I’ve seen many blogs hating Sarah J. Maas. Ok, I do understand why someone would ever dislike her books. People are free to discuss about it, but please be respectful. Many of you are hating her and making fun of her work. Are you better than Sarah while you write and post shit about somebody you barely know? Because people aren’t just hating her books. No, of course not. They are spitting hate on her. They are creating blogs and tags against her, offending Sarah’s characters, fans, ships and shippers. Honestly, how childish. How can you ask for respect without being respectful? Grow up!
She is human just like you, my dear hater. And if she is human, she is imperfect and so are her books.
I’m tired of seeing hate on my dash. It’s disgusting and it bothers me so much. And I know I’m not the only one.
Use your time for the greater good. And if you can’t, just be respectful and we’ll be okay. But if you aren’t capable of arguing without being an asshole, please… just don’t.


request:  please do 23!!! when Harry found her at a meeting or party after he cheated on her <3 &  Please, tell me it’s gonna be a part two of “shattered” because that was amazingly sad &  Are you going to write a part two to Shattered? It’s okay if you don’t, just a bit curious… absolutely loved it tho 💙💙 &  Can we please have a part two to “shattered”. It’s fantastic and we want more. Xx & a lot more

hello loves! yes, it is the long awaited part two to ‘Shattered’. I hope you all like it, considering you kept requesting it! keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Drinking had become a new favorite hobby of yours.

Before Harry got home from New York, before your life was derailed, you were never a huge drinker. Just like Harry, you would drink occasionally, for a celebration or a night out. But after Harry had betrayed you, you had grown quite a liking to vodka martini’s.

You hadn’t seen Harry in a week and a half. After he dropped the bomb that his bimbo in the city was pregnant, you walked out of the house, not letting him follow. You were staying at your friends house, pretty much avoiding the topic of Harry. By the time you had shown up at her house, you were in a fit of cries, barely being audible when you tried to explain to your friend Skye that Harry had cheated on you and gotten someone pregnant. She was, luckily, able to figure out what you were saying. After confessing once what had happened, you never wanted to do it again. Skye never pushed you on it, which you were more than grateful for, but she was getting worried about you. You were getting drunk every night, cashing in every vacation day you had to deal with your pain. You didn’t think that it was the best idea, but it was the only way you knew how to cope with it. 

Usually you drank alone at Skye’s house, but after she refused to allow more alcohol in her house, you started going to bars. You would get drunk off your ass, having several people come up to you, asking is if Harry knew where you were. You may have been wasted, but you still had enough consciousness to know that you couldn’t actually say what had been going on. 

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Kiss meme, #20, Rebelcaptain, and please feel free to make it hurt I like that. I mean uh ...

Originally posted by thisobscuredesireforbeauty

Hold still.

20. Kisses because everything hurts right now including being loved by you but you’re also the only thing that makes it feel better

Available on Ao3

“So you’ve grounded me.”

Jyn chews idly at her thumbnail, staring at the floor. She shrugs.

“I think piloting that mission is a vast waste of your talents. You’re a spy. Why would you want to be cannon fodder?”

Cassian paced her room, seething. “You can’t just swap me out of missions because they don’t suit your desires. The rebellion needs me.”

“It’s a little less flippant than just my desires. I need you.”

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Ok, but ya'll talk about how important Sora crying over Riku was, but ignore the time when Sora goes dogeza in front of Saix, completely surrenders himself, and BEGS to be taken to Kairi. Or the fact that Sora, who displays very Japanese-typical reactions to close intimate contact (see: Space Paranoids), not only accepts her hug but returns it.

Relax dude, relax. Look it was just our personal opinion about all the so//kai thing. I know that Sora begged to save Kairi, and had their moments in the game (for example halloween town), but to me everything that was achieved with that scene lost strength with the reunion. I compare Sora’s reaction with Kairi and Riku and to me it was more intense with RIku, he fell on his knees, taked his hand and cried. It was more natural for me and with more emotion…

I know that the cannon supports So//kai but, hmmm how can I say it, I don’t believe it (?), I know they have their moments to tell us their connection and how important are for each other, but I see it like… forced. Sora and Riku relationship had more development. Then DDD happened and it didn’t help a lot with the So//kai thing and let’s be sincere Kairi in the games has not had much character development and I hope that now that she is training we can see development in her.

I do not hate her, I don’t want to argue about this and it’s just my personal opinion about this. You can ship whaterver you want, have your arguments, etc. But my opinion is my opinion and it will stay that way.

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DONT fucking let those people anger you please as a middle easter also Ive found that most people dont realize that we're actually from the WHITE race.One time I drew a portrait of my mom who has a fair complexion and I wrote her name and when people saw that she was arab they became angry??Like Im sorry ?tHaT i offended you by drawing my mom as she is?I just dont get it have lavender skin if you want I dont care you do you,your skin colour is the least I care about.

I’m sorry to hear this, my dear. People can be so ignorant.

In fact I have relatives who were born with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, and some who had brown skin. It can also depend on the part of the Middle Eastern country they were born in. Back when I lived there for a time, my best friend was as pale as I am with blonde hair, and I was never surprised by it, nor questioned it. Nor did I question that my other best friend had brown skin and beautiful black curly hair.

I suspect the people who showed anger towards your art have either never been to the Middle East, or had only been to one country.

Just Canadian Things ™ like your mom tilting her laptop over to show you her Facebook feed, where her best friend from highschool just posted a picture of her nephew in his new NHL jersey.

My four-year-old nephew criticized my taste in hockey teams last month, and then correctly predicted the winner of the Stanley Cup final.

I’m in that category of Check Please fans who like it despite the hockey and run around begging people to tag real hockey stuff so I can limit my intake because IT’S SO HARD TO ESCAPE. /o\

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wait can u please explain what happened w chriseva i mean wtf

so what happened in short is that julie just throw a two years of chris and eva’s development as a character and a relationship under the bus using the “once a fuckboy always a fuckboy” trope to make eva go back again to her toxic relationship with jonas as if s1 never ever happened!!!! i can’t believe this!! he just cheated on emma with her?!?!?! but hey that is okay for julie as u see!!! 

but u know anon lets pretend that this last clip never happened!! and the show ended with the chris schistad clip!! 


-even though I’d revive Duval too anytime. I’d kill Pudding-chwan, so I can get away. I want to dominate Violet-chwan so that leave  me to be stabbing Nami-swan- but I’ll revive her anyway. I’ll grind to Mallory-chwan, I’ll rob from Nami-swan because she has more money- I am very sorry but I’d deny Robin-chwan- I’d punch Kaya-chwan because I never met her, jump on Conis-chwan, and submit to Laki-chwan—




M!A Truth Serum - START

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Since we got sleepy Niall today I can't help but think about him being so tired but still wanting to please his lover so he'd give lazy neck kisses or little kitty licks on her clit while laying in bed. He just seems like that kind of guy who would put his lover's needs above his own even if he's such a tired baby.


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can you pls finde umm like a story where Camila is like an Egypt princess that is looking for her mate or something, it's not fanfiction that is an idea for one (pls fine it i really liked it) nad also i think it was and idea thanks to Camila's performance crying in the club/billboard xD ty in advance/ luv u :3 ps: sorry for my english

“Hii can someone please make a camren oneshot based on this: Guys. My dudes. You have no idea how satisfying it is to be the only girl at a table with five dudes who are all hitting on the waitress and you’re the one who gets her number (it would be cool if Lauren is the waitress and camila is the one who’s with the five dudes) thanks :)“

“Just saw those Wonder Woman fic suggestions and I second them! Someone please please write them 😏😉😩🔥 “

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Mail!verse: The daisies scene, please and thank you.


The door buzzed.  Emma glared at the intruding sound, out from under her pile of blankets and used Kleenex.  She had just been in the middle of watching Sigourney Weaver scream, “GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU BITCH!” at the xenomorph queen–her very favorite part.  Groaning, she paused it and mustered herself up to the buzzer.

“Who is it?” She said, attempting not to sound pitiful.

“It’s Neal Gold.”

Emma gasped in outrage.  She thought for a second and pressed the buzzer.  “What are you doing here?!”

“Uh…may I please come up?”

“Hell no, you can’t come up!” Emma yelled at her buzzer.  She then unleashed  a five minute litany on just the sort of person she thought he was and how dare he try and see her face to face–but was abruptly interrupted by a knock on the door.


How the hell had he gotten in?  Furious, Emma dove for her fuzzy bathrobe which would disguise her fifteen-year-old holey pajamas.  Stuffing the strewn tissues into its pockets, she opened the door with great dignity.

“What are you doing here?” She demanded.

Neal stood awkwardly.  He was holding something in his hands wrapped in newspaper that almost looked like flowers.  She stared in suspicion.

“I heard you were sick,” Neal explained. “And I was worried. I wanted to make sure–is that Ripley?”

She glanced behind her.  “Yeah. I like to watch monster movies when I’m sick.”

“Good choice,” Neal said approvingly, walking inside.  Emma was too tired to fight him.

“What do you want, Neal?” She plopped onto the couch exhausted. “Vying to evict me from my apartment along with putting me out of business?”

“No, of course not,” Neal said patiently. “I brought you flowers.”

Emma groaned, flopping an arm over her face.  “Thank you.”

“Belle says hey,” Neal retrieved a vase from the top of the fridge. 

“How’s Belle?” Emma turned over, so her voice was muffled in the pillow.

“A pain in the ass,” Neal said fondly. “Dad is furious about all the changes she’s making–but falls in love more and more every minute.”

Emma grunted in response.  Her expression softened when he brought over the vase full of daisies.  She smiled, touching a petal.

“I love daisies,” She sighed. “They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” 

Neal nodded in agreement.  They sat in silence for a moment, until Emma’s kettle whistled.  Neal sprang up, fixing her a cup of tea, confirming the proper way she doctored it.  She took the mug from him gratefully, inhaling the hot vapor.  

“My head’s getting fuzzy,” She complained.  In response, Neal grabbed a quilt off of her rocking chair and gently tucked her into the couch.  She grumbled at this, but did not refuse the gesture.

“Why did you come over again?” Emma asked sleepily. “I forget.”

“I wanted to be your friend,” Neal said quietly. “I know that’s impossible–I’m the guy who put you out of business…but what can I say. Sometimes I just want the impossible.”

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So this probably isn't what your normally get but I just need help with something. I was talking about whitewashing to my colored friend, as I thought she woukd understand the best and I showed her the restored photos. She didn't understand.I quote "Ew no! Asians are Asians and that means being pale like why would they complain aboht people lightening their skin when they look terrible with dark skin." How can I teach her how wrong whitewashing is? And also, how can I not slap someone?

Before I say anything else, I want you and other followers on here to know:

Please, do not call people who are not white, “colored”. There is a very long racist history behind that terminology and is considered as a slur when used against us. If anything please use “____ of color”, such as “friend of color” or “my friend is a person of color”. I’m just gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you probably didn’t know any better.

As for the rest of your ask, I am just going to say this straight up. 

No matter how much you try to talk to that person, there is a very high possibility that they are not going to learn. And it is also a very high possibility that they might not WANT to learn. If there is anything I have learned over these years, it is that people will stay ignorant and will continue to do so not out of lack of information. But rather that they have a victim complex in order to not take responsibility for their own actions, finding themselves to be unfairly persecuted while blindly ignoring the hurt of others. 

Racist mentalities and other discriminatory behaviors are really hard to break out of for anybody. And yknow… not every story has a happy ending. 

Also, considering that you referred to them as a person of color that is not Asian, I am going to assume that you are white. In this situation, what you have to say will not hold any weight to that person. And it can be seen as invasive of you to take part in discussing things that will not affect you. This would have been different if you were a POC/Asian and your friend was white/not Asian. Calling out people and actively debating with them over this subject is not a position that you can take.

You should not approach this in a sense of “I need to thoroughly convince this person and initiate conversations with them about this because they are wrong”.

Rather I think the only way you can approach this is through, “I support what this group [oppressed group you agree with] has to say because this directly affects them. They say these actions are harmful and I would rather treat people with respect instead of having a stereotypical bias of what people should look like.”

You can only support us or defend us, nothing more than that. If they decided that they want to learn more, that’s great! We have plenty of sources and there is also a lot of sociology stuff people can look up regarding this.

If they decide that they don’t want to change… well… then they don’t necessarily care what you have to say on the subject. It is your decision at that point to weigh out their worth to you as a friend. And that is something only you can do.

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One More Year: Chapter 28

All I can do is apologise 9 billion times. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this out. I’ve had some bad writer’s block and a few busy weekends. I’ll try and make things more regular from now on but I can’t promise that.

Even though I don’t deserve it, please review/like/reblog link

I do not own Pitch Perfect or any of its characters.

Chapter 28

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Okay so I can’t find any memes just yet I want to reblog on her but my muse is screaming so like this post for a starter from XI’s Missy. She’s @bananasbadgirl (my sideblog). If you have previously asked for one but didn’t receive, please check for your tag on her blog as I believe I did one for everyone who asked last time. Please also be warned that she’s not had any of the experiences of the show’s Missy so she’s spoiler-free and unhinged in different ways. I will do my best to get these done as soon as I can but I’m in the middle of a slow house-move and I want to do what I can to give you a fun starter to set the scene. Thanks loves, and looking forward to threading!

P.S. Extra note. This Missy currently has Rassilon’s Gauntlet so she’s got the potential to be a pain in the bum with her power but I’ll ask you to trust me and you can certainly get revenge later on when she doesn’t have it.

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Can I please have some headcanons for Sinbad with a teenage daughter (single parent maybe?). In honor of Fathers Day. Thanks.

> Most of the people and her friends would consider him to be a cool dad, but even so Sinbad has his embarrassing sides too. He tries hard to be liked by her friends, sitting down with them and joining their conversation or telling her that he loves her in front of them, which are good things, but his daughter is still young and will urge him to leave, a request he just doesn’t get

> Sinbad loves his little princess, but every day he sees her, his heart feels a little more heavy. Maybe because of the fact that she’s not little anymore and comes at night because she had a nightmare or how she solves task and questions she has without him. He’s very proud of her, but deep inside he fears how fast she grows up and slowly doesn’t need him anymore

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Can I get a cute scenario on the following sword boys (Kashuu, Yasusada, Mikazuki & Tsurumaru) reacting to hearing their child say their very first word which is "daddy" please? Kashuu and Yasusada have daughters while Mikazuki and Tsurumaru have sons by the way!(:

Okay! Thanks for specifying the baby’s sex btw. Sorry they’re only short reactions!

• He gets totally overwhelmed and probably tears up a little. He’s always trying to get her to say it again.

• He’s probably just repeating “oh my god” and hugging her. He’s just so happy. Tells everyone he can get his hand on. He’s so proud.

• Drops literally everything. He was so suprised but happy. Picks up his son and asks him to say it again and again.

• He’s a little emotionally overwhelmed, he says it’s one of the greatest surprises he could ever receive as he dotes.