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can we please get blind Lance asking someone (anyone) if he should tell Keith how he feels but Lance don't know he is talking to Keith?

I don’t know who you are- BUT YEAH YOU CAN!!! I just kind of picked Allura, cause I feel like Lance would turn to her for that kind of stuff :D

Though I changed it just a bit…. 

(Keith was just trying to eat his burrito!! XD He didn’t realize he should have informed Lance that he sat down! XD)

Magic (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt Scamander

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Muggle!Reader, No-Maj!Reader

Title: Magic

Requested by anon:

Can you do a Newt Scamander imagine where he gets jealous because his beasts like the reader more than him and he realizes he’s on love with her please? I love your blog!!!

Requested by anon:

can you do an imagine newt from fbawtft about where one of his creatures(i forgot the name) was stealing christmas items and stuff and reader and newt has to save christmas then in the end they meet under the mistletoe and you can end how you want. 

A/N: I will change the second request a little bit because it’s not currently Christmas, but I’ll do something similar anyway. 

New York could be awfully boring sometimes for such a big and exciting city. I was just making my way on the streets as usual, minding my own business when something out of the ordinary happened.

Almost like I was tempting fate by being bored of my routine. Almost like it was making me want to be careful for what I wished for.

It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it was crazy enough to get my attention.

A poster turned to life! I was calmly walking along the sidewalk when I noticed something with the corner of my eye, and it was the fact that a poster in the wall on my left was moving!

I frowned and stopped, thinking that it was impossible. Then I glanced at it and saw the man on it was blinking! Until I blinked myself and it was no longer there.

I would have thought I was seeing things if it weren’t for the fact that a nearby dog barked at whatever it was too.

“I must be tired” I just said to myself nonetheless, shaking my head and carrying on with my life.

While I was at it, I accidentally bumped with a woman who gave me an unfriendly glare.

“Sorry” I mumbled with a forced smile.

“No-maj…” She said under her breath before she walked away.

“What did she just call me?” I wasn’t sure, but I could feel it was an insult.

I shook my head in outrage and just kept on walking.

Had I know that wasn’t even the beginning.


I wasn’t sure if people were bumping into me on purpose or if I was the clumsy one. However, I bumped into someone yet again.

“So sorry” The man mumbled quietly.

“My bad” I apologized too, proceeding to keep walking.

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Bloody Ocean Waves: Chapter 2

Darkness, silence, and overwhelming pain. What a way to wake up. My eyelids feel stuck to my face like they’re covered in glue. I tried to open them but failed. Something had crusted over them completely, I think its blood. I attempted to scrape the blood off with my right hand but found it stuck. My entire right arm felt buried under something. Was I still in Blue’s cockpit? I reached out to her mentally but I couldn’t feel her. That’s… worrying. I bit my lip and tasted something metallic. Seems like my entire face is covered in old blood. That can’t be good for my complexion. I groaned loudly, I just hope Blue’s okay. She’s only gone offline when seriously injured or… please let her be alright.

How did I get here again? Something about saving Allura, we were about to wormhole but then… Keith got hurt. Then something went wrong with the wormhole and Keith was with me. Keith’s hurt and alone. Oh god, I need to find Keith. I tested my left hand to find it wasn’t buried under a load of rumble. I harshly wiped the dried blood from my eyes. I blinked rapidly to return vision to my eyes. I wasn’t in Blue’s cockpit but looking to my left I could see a powered down Blue with deep scrapes littering her body. Nothing that looks fatal, she’s just healing herself right now. I breathed a sigh of relief. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I looked at my right arm to see it crushed by a large overturned tree. I tried to roll the tree off but my limbs felt heavy and numb. It was a pitiful attempt. Something was keeping me from properly moving around, and it wasn’t the tree. Looking down I could see where all the blood had come from. There was a sharp looking tree branch coming out of my gut. I couldn’t move at all. I grabbed the tree branch and tried pulling it out of me but just as an inch gave away I felt something snag into of me. OOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOH fffffffffUCK THAT HURTS! I bit my lip to prevent myself from screaming.

I let out a whimper of pain when my body convulsed in agony which leads to even more pain. My insides were being torn apart by that damn stick with every small movement. I let out a small gasp of pain but managed to stop my body from moving around so much. Alright, so moving around is a big no-no which is just great to know. I looked down to see that the top half of my paladin’s armor was heavily cracked and was barely hanging onto me. I could see my helmet lying to my left with a broken visor. So the helmet’s visor broke while I was wearing it, that’d explain where all of this blood on my face came from. I couldn’t see my own face so I don’t know if said cuts are still there. They might have healed already depending on how long I’ve been out and how bad they were in the first place.

Alright, so I’ve got nature’s natural harpoon impaling me, a crushed and broken right arm, probably a broken rib judging by how hard it was to breathe, and no time to deal with any of this because my regular human teammate is bleeding to death somewhere. I could survive all of this due to my healing factor but Keith couldn’t. And I’m too useless to do anything to help him! I growled it anger and grabbed at the tree branch again. I could handle the pain. Keith needed me right now.

I gripped the tree branch and pulled as hard as I could. I screamed in agony. I could feel it violently shifting inside of me. It’s jagged sides caught on my organs and pulled them with it. A harsh whimper escaped my throat. I gave a harsh tug but it wasn’t budging anymore, tugging just seemed to bring more pain. Just how long is this thing!? Wait there’s a smart way to go about this. I was about to let out my kagune but to my surprise found that I’m already in “ghoul mode”. Guess I must have switched while in a half conscious panic. I shifted to my right slightly to allow it to slither out from underneath me. The tree branch pressed painfully against my insides as I moved, I ignored the pain. Now that it wasn’t crushed under me I sliced through the tree branch, cutting off the top half of it. Now I could just lift myself out of it, or I would have if my arm wasn’t crushed.

I slid my kagune to my right and propped it under the tree. A ghoul’s kagune is naturally their strongest limb so this should work. It’d work like a crowbar right? Easy enough. With all my might I lifted the tree. I could feel it rising off of my arm. I gritted my teeth in pain as the last of the energy in my body faded away. I was so close come on. The tree dropped onto my arm again. I jerked forward in agony. I can’t let Keith die! The tree rose farther up this time. For Keith!! The tree was propelled about a foot in the air, it was honestly kind of pathetic considering I’m using to doing much more when not dying but whatever I’ll take what I can get. I grabbed my right arm and pulled it to my chest before the tree could come back down. It landed with a loud thud that seemed to shake the quiet forest I had landed in.

I panted heavily and gazed down at my arm- if you can even call it that. A regular human would have this amputated. Even a ghoul would take a while to heal from this. The top half of my armor all fell off during the process of removing my arm. The black undersuit was torn enough for me to see parts of my arm. It was bloody and mangled, I could see bits of bone peaking out from the ruined skin. The skin that wasn’t covered in blood was either a deep purple in color or a rotten black. I think all my fingernails fell off as well. I’m not done yet though I can’t rest. Keith’s still waiting for me.

I pulled myself off the tree branch slowly and carefully, the direct opposite of my actions against it earlier. I flattened my kagune against the ground and pushed up with it. I fell forward rather ungracefully and directly on my ruined arm. I was completely overwhelmed by the pain for a solid minute. A scream of pain escaped me but hooray I was free! I pulled myself off my face and onto my knees, my right arm hanging limply from my shoulder. I should probably brace that once I know Keith’s alright. I stumbled from my knees to my feet, my kagune swaying left and right to keep me balanced. Once I was firmly on my feet and confident enough to not need it for balance anymore I tucked it away.

Or I tried to. I stared at it in alarm. I couldn’t return to human form. This had never happened before hell I’ve never even heard of this happening even in all those stories Lola had told me when I was a kid. Oh god if I can’t disguise myself how can I form Voltron how can I even return to the team looking like this. I couldn’t see my eyes but I knew they were that horridly ugly red against black I’ve come to hate. How can I even save Keith like this? What even caused it how could this happen why me!?! I’ve done my best to be human so why me?! My whole life I’ve tried to ignore my ghoul heritage. This is my worse nightmare, a nightmare I’ve never even thought of before. What did I do to deserve this!? I felt my broken rib rub against my lungs with each panicked breath I took.

Haggar that’s got to be it. That’s what that magical beam did. I mean that’s the only explanation right? I could still feel her hands on my kagune and how cold and disgusting that felt. Even throughout all the pain I’m in right now I could still her violating me, hurting me, touching me, ripping every secret I’ve kept right out of my body. I could still feel the cold hand reaching down my throat and tracing my lips with those sharp nails of hers. But why would she do this what does she want what’s going to happen to me. What if I’m even more ghoul-like now? Is that even a thing?? What if I lose control anytime I come into contact with a human I don’t know what’s happening! I bit my lip with abnormally sharp teeth and felt cold tears mix with the blood painting my face. My lungs pressed against my broken rib painfully as a pathetic sounding sob escaped my lips. I can’t return to the others like this. What would they think of me? What would Keith think of me now… Wait, why do I care what Keith thinks.


I stopped breathing all at once. I don’t have time to worry about how I look right now, Keith’s bleeding out somewhere and instead of helping him I’m having a panic attack like the pathetic seventh wheel I know I am. I gripped my right arm and held it close to my chest and breathed in a breath of fresh air, well fresh air mixed with the overwhelming scent of blood but whatever. I need to calm myself right now. I need to find Keith and then deal with the consequences of him knowing I’m a ghoul. If he kills me then at least he’ll be safe and alive, I’m the expendable one anyway his safety is much more important than that of a ghoul.

I inhaled the air deeply to find his scent. Ghoul’s have enhanced scents which really come in handy for situations like these, even if it’s actual purpose is for hunting. Humans had a very distinct and overpowering scent that made it easy to find someone, a humans scent varied depending on the person but they always smelled… delicious. It’s kind of disgusting to think of Keith as delicious. Scratch that it was disgusting to think of anyone as delicious. But anyway back to the point every human had a recognizable scent. Hunk smelled like fresh vanilla cake straight out the oven, Shiro smelled like a berry smoothie, Pidge smelled like slightly burned BBQ, and Keith always smelled weird compared to other humans. While he still smelled like food (a chili dish to be specific) there was this rotten scent as well. It was odd to describe, the rotten smell wasn’t always there but it showed up when he got angry. Right now I could only detect that rotten, oddly metallic, and burned smell.

Still, it was better than nothing so I decided to hobble to the source of that scent. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty weird how humans smell like human food yet human food tastes disgusting to me. I wonder why that is. What’s the point in humans smelling like their food if their food tastes disgusting to me? Human food smells nice despite its terrible taste. I mean I can tell the difference between a human and their food by smell easily enough but the reason how is something I can’t really put into words. I guess I’d describe it as an instinct? I wonder if other predators are like that. Ugh, I don’t like describing myself as a predator. Note to self, don’t use anything along the lines of “predatory” to describe yourself.

I looked around at the planet that I had crash landed on. The area I was in was heavily forested with large purple trees with weird patterns decorating their trunks. It almost looked like a child’s doodles. Wonder if that’s natural or drawn on. The flora that littered this forest were made of deep browns, tans, and oranges with withered flowers. Guess it was Autumn here, or maybe the forest was dying? Or it the plant life looked withered when it actually wasn’t? I don’t know Pidge would probably be able to tell if she was here, Pidge was really smart unlike me. Hey hold on there’s the rotten smell lingering around those trees. It’s not fresh but does that mean Keith was here? Last time I saw him he was struggling to stay awake so that’s doubtful. Better keep my eyes open for anyone else.

Actually now that I’m thinking about I’ve smelled that rotten scent somewhere besides Keith… But where was that? Nothing’s coming to me and I feel like it’s something that should. Though it’s admittedly kind of hard to think when you’re in excruciating pain like I’m in right now. I gripped my broken shoulder and bit down own my lip as another wave of pain passed over me. My arm is so fucked up. I wonder if my healing factor can even do anything to save it at this point. It might be easier to regrow this arm than have it repair itself. And if I did cut it off I’d get a meal out of it. After all the only thing besides humans I can eat are ghouls. Yeah that sounds like a better idea than waiting for it to fix itself, it might not heal back correct anyway. Alright it’s been decided, once Keith is safe I’ll cut it off. And god that can’t come soon enough considering the massive amounts of agony tearing through me right now.

Suddenly I saw a bright red that stood out against the purples and browns of the forest. I raced towards what I know could only be the Red Lion. I stood in front of the powered down lion and surveyed the damage. While she was certainly more banged up then Blue I know she’d survive. After all Red’s a tough girl. I stepped up to her maw and manually opened it with my kagune while giving a quick apology to Red, even if she was powered down she was scary. Really hopes she forgives me for the whole “man-handling” thing. I mean it’s for Keith’s greater good and I know just how much Red loves him. Like Blue is fairly protective of me but Red goes straight into mother-like in her protectiveness of her paladin. She might as well be Keith’s mom. Anyway, I opened her mouth and inside was the cockpit and inside of the cockpit was Keith.


In the Red Paladin’s armor, though helmetless, was an injured Galra. He was throw awkwardly on the floor in a puddle of his own blood, a mix of red and purple. It looks like he was in the middle of patching himself up when he passed out. A partially used med-kit was at his side and some lose bandages covered his chest, looks he had removed the chest plate to treat himself seeing as said chest-plate laid to his right. Large furry ears grew from the sides of his head, they looked to be the weird mix between a bat’s and a cat’s ears. Purple fur only covered the side of his face leaving a human looking center. There seemed to be two lines of purple fur that originated from his temple passing over his eyes that separated fur and skin. Sharp fangs poked out from his upper lip, not that I’m one to talk. But the most recognizable trait of this Galra was his hauntingly familiar mullet. This Galra was Keith. Keith was Galra.

Again, what!?

Keith was Galra the whole time and he kept it a secret. I wasn’t the only monster on this team. I could cry with both relief and shock. That’s where I’ve smelled that rotten stench before. When facing off against Galra! Now that I was closer I could smell that human scent buried deep underneath all the rotten and inedible musk. Haggar must have done this, Keith was hit by that magic bolt as well after all. This brought upon me another shocking revolution. I’m not in danger of eating Keith. I could get as close as I wanted with one of my teammates without having to worry about being too drawn in by their scent. Again, I could cry with both relief and shock. But I don’t have time for that seeing as good old fluff-ball is over there sitting in a puddle of his own blood.

I hastily sat down next to him and starting wrapping his chest, admittedly difficult using only one hand though my kagune helped out. I hope he was smart enough to clean and dress the wound before bandaging it. If he didn’t my already poor wrapping job here will become even more pointless. A quick sniff at the chest revealed that yes, Keith did indeed have enough brains to properly clean his wound. I wonder how badly he was injured in his fight with Zarkon, once I’ve finished wrapping this I’ve got to properly look him over. One last sharp tub at the bandage to insure it’s security before I tied the bandage down. Do you tie bandages to close them? I mean how else would you keep it tied down? Fuck I don’t know I’m not a doctor I just hope I’m not killing him.

I tugged the rest of his armor off to get a proper look at the rest of him. A few spots on the undersuit were painted red with blood but I had the feeling that was due to his chest wound, not separate wounds. But I checked underneath each bloodstain anyway just to be sure. It was hard to tell due to the thick purple fur that now covered half of Keith but I could feel the mass of bruises that covered him head to toe. I don’t know how to treat bruises, I mean do they even need to be treated? I guess not. Either way, Keith will just have to deal with them for now. I checked his hands next since it was so easy to remove the gloves of the undersuit.

His right hand was fine for the most part, a few small cuts I covered with what I like to call “space neosporin” but his left hand was totally broken. Or maybe fractured? God, I wish I had Poco teach me more about medicine when I was home. She always wanted to be a doctor before her accident. And I’d always play patient to her doctor even if ghouls didn’t need medical treatment. I mean it’s my duty as the older twin (by five minutes) to encourage my little (again, by five minutes) sister. Right, Keith’s dying need to focus no time to ramble right now. I’ve been saying that a lot lately, I wonder when it will be time to ramble. Anyway! Broken or fractured I’m just gonna wrap it up and hope for the best.

I finished my examination of the patient and found only a few more minor wounds. I made sure to clean and dress them all since that was the only thing I know about medicine. At the very least he doesn’t look like he’s gonna die anymore, though I should probably move him away from his blood puddle. It was both disgusting and unsanitary. I carefully lifted Keith by extending my kagune and laying it flat under him before lifting up. God this must look awkward, the things I do for you, Keith. Either way, I carefully laid him down on the other side of the cockpit face down so I check his back for wounds.

A quick look over revealed a gash on the back of his right thigh, it doesn’t look deep but it might still be bleeding. I extended my kagune to grab the med-kit on the other side of the room and brought it over here. I grabbed one of the cleaning rags and drenched it in some kind of space disinfectant that I couldn’t read the name of. Thankfully Coran had shown us all what was inside the med-kits and their purposes, otherwise I might have been rubbing anti-burn cream on a broken hand. Once properly wet I pressed the rag against his wound. He flinched even when unconscious. You know I always heard this stuff hurts but I’ve never felt it myself, no point in giving medicine to someone who can regrow limbs after all. Speaking of which I wonder how long it would take my arm to come back since I’ve never lost a full limb before. I heard a well fed ghoul could regrow a limb in only a day. Considering I’m the opposite of well fed it’ll probably take much longer than.

Once I was sure that Keith’s cut was clean I removed the cloth and started bandaging his thigh. The action was still awkward due to one of my arms hanging limply at my side rather than helping but I’m managing. I had my kagune wrap around his ankle and hold his leg in the air while I worked on it. While I certainly don’t enjoy being a ghoul having a prehensile tail does have its perks. This whole process would have certainly been much more difficult without it. Hell, I would have never escaped earlier if it wasn’t for my tail. Ugh on second thought I don’t want to have any positive thoughts about being a ghoul. No matter how natural moving my kagune around felt. Even if I haven’t used it years it still came naturally to me. How does that phrase go? “Like riding a bike” Yeah that sounds about right.

I finished bandaging his thigh and sat back with a sigh of relief. He was safe and I could finally get to work on myself. Probably should have done that sooner, I’m sure ghoul or not having a dead limb still attached isn’t too healthy for you. I rested my hand on my gut and carefully traced the sides of the large puncture wound. It seemed to be healing well enough, should be completely closed tomorrow when I get some food in me. I grabbed the knife Keith keeps strapped to him at all times, he’s a real weirdo when it comes to weapons but hey comes in handy when you need to chop a limb off.

“Sorry pal but I’ll be needing this more than you” He did not respond, big surprise. Whatever I’m sure he’s fine with it I mean I’ll clean it afterward. I eyed the med-kit wearily. Might as well bandage it once the job’s finished I guess, I’ve lost enough blood today. I grabbed a roll of bandages and set off into the forest. I mean I know she’s the RED Lion but she’s already got enough red painting her cockpit as it is.

Once outside I headed towards the sound of a nearby stream. It was a short enough walk away so I could still hear what’s happening with Red but far enough way so I couldn’t see her. Hopefully, they’ll be alright while I do the dirty deed of lobbing off an arm. And then eating it so I don’t starve to death. God, I’m really gross aren’t I? Well, shitty situations call for shitty alternatives and being a ghoul’s as shitty as it can get. Besides, self-cannibalism is better than regular cannibalism. I’d eat myself more if it didn’t take so long to regenerate, a regular and well-fed ghoul would be able to heal within a few hours but it takes days for me. It becomes too noticeable so I haven’t done it in awhile, which is why I’m so hungry nowadays. Hell even if I self-cannibalized on a regular basis I’d still be hungry. Just not as hungry, I know at some point I need to get some real food in me. Even if it’s both impossible, considering I’m in deep space, and unappealing.

I sat down by the stream and took the roll of bandages. I tied a strand of it around my shoulder tightly, cutting off blood flow. Screaming might attract attention neither Keith or I need right now so… I grabbed a nearby stick and shoved it in my mouth. Ugh, this tastes disgusting. Here’s to the hope that I don’t die by random poisonous stick after facing Zarkon himself. That’d be a pretty lame way to go.
I readied both the knife and myself. I took a deep breathe in through my nose before plunging the sharp blade into my shoulder.
I bit down on the stick to prevent a scream of agony, I could hear it cracking under the strength of my jaw. Dude I can rip apart human flesh why did I think that a stick would survive my teeth. It completely snapped into multiple pieces in my mouth. I kept gritting my teeth anyway. Oh god, I didn’t think about this at all how do you cut off a limb. I gripped the knife harshly and pulled it out of the flesh of my shoulder before diving it back in once again. FUCK! MMMNnnng yep still hurt just as much as the first time. Just like pulling off a bandage come on Lance you can do this. I starting rapidly stabbing myself in the shoulder ignoring the pain to the best of my ability. God damn it why hasn’t it come off yet! I hooked the knife at the top of my shoulder and dragged it down. I’ve got to be halfway through by now right?? I plunged the knife deep into my now exposed shoulder socket and like a crowbar started trying to pry the arm off. I heard the arm disconnect from my collarbone with a sickeningly loud snap. One last sharp tug sideways and the arm fell off leaving behind an unevenly cut open shoulder.

I dropped the knife and laid my head down on the forest floor. I just kept there breathing heavily for what felt like hours. Sweat, blood, tears, and drool all poured from my face and onto the tan grass. Pain racked what remained of my shoulder which coupled with the phantom pains of losing an arm. Said arm laid to my right spraying blood but not as much as expected. Guess that was due to how rotten the limb is. With my head still on the forest floor I blindly reached around for the roll of bandages. My fingers knocked ungracefully against it and I picked it up. Using my teeth I tore a piece of it off the roll and started bandaging my shoulder. Damn if my wrapping job with Keith was bad I’d hate to see this. Doctors all over the world are probably cringing right now, from both my shitty bandaging job and the fact I just amputated my own arm without sedatives. I wonder if Altean sedatives would work on me since human ones never did. Probably should have tried them out anyway.

I’m so tired right now. Just need to eat and head back to Keith, then I can finally pass out. Hopefully, Keith doesn’t kill me in my sleep when he comes to, that’d be a great way to repay to the person who had just saved your life. I slowly lifted my head off the ground and looked over to my arm. Ghoul or not that entire process was a nightmare. I’ve never had to amputate a limb to eat before, I’d always just bite off some arm flesh or maybe some toes since those were easy enough to hide with long sleeves and shoes. Ghoul flesh doesn’t taste disgusting per say, but it’s nothing special. It always tasted bland and cold. It was almost flavorless. Or at least that’s what I taste like maybe other ghouls are different. I kind of don’t want to find out.

Well, might as well get this over with. I reached for the arm but hesitated when I saw just how disgusting it was. Purple and black rotten skin with yellow patches of puss leaking out from various wounds. It was completely crushed and mangled to the point where you couldn’t even tell where the two forearms connected. I could feel bile rising in my throat. I really didn’t want to eat this but I also would like to not starve to death. I let out a shaky breathe and grabbed my severed arm by what remained of the wrist. I placed it on my lap and wiped the puss off with the sleeve of my undersuit. Without allowing myself a second thought I picked my old arm up once again and bit deep into it.

The flesh and skin came off bone almost too easily. It was dry and flaky in my mouth. The taste was overwhelming compared to the usual taste of ghoul flesh, it was too foul to properly put into words. I swallowed it before completely chewing it. I didn’t want to taste this any longer than necessary. I could feel it come back up immediately after the swallow. I gulped it down once again before it could re-enter my mouth. It went down this time. I paused in my “dinner” to heavily gag. I took more rapid bites and swallowed the moment flesh hit my tongue. Hopefully the broken skin was soft enough to not choke me. I almost threw up a few more times but I managed to keep everything down. I hit a wet spot on flesh. The metallic-tasting blood poured down my throat as I continued eating at an extremely brisk speed. Soon I reached bony yet brittle fingers that crunched and snapped underneath my teeth. Small bone fragments that felt like toothpicks stuck between my teeth and gums. A trail of blood, slobber, and a little bit of puss dripped down my jaw. I refrained from licking my lips clean. A sudden wave of nausea hit me like a train. My meal threatened to exit me once again. I looked down at my arm that was now mostly bones.

I wiped my mouth clean of it mix of disgusting fluids that coated it. It was over. I breathed a sigh of relief. Ugh, the taste’s still on my tongue, hopefully, Blue has back up toothpaste in storage. Then again it would be Altean toothpaste which could be poisonous to me for all I know. Or maybe they don’t even brush their teeth? Ha, imagine that a race of super-intelligent space aliens that have achieved advanced cryostasis but not basic dental hygiene. Though Allura and Coran’s teeth looked well taken care of. Maybe they don’t even need to clean their teeth? Oh, right I’m rambling again. Need to stay on track, return to Keith and then pass out. Sounds like a fine plan.

I tossed what remained of my limb into the stream before getting to my feet and turning around. Soon enough I could see Red still collapsed on the forest floor surrounded by broken down trees from her crash landing. Her mouth was still open so I stepped inside to her cockpit. But Keith was nowhere to be found. I gulped in fear. Either something had come along and eaten him or he was walking around before his injuries could heal. Both scenarios involved erasing all of the hard work I had put into earlier. Considering I didn’t hear anything while I was… “busy” he was probably just walking around. Or he was eaten by something super quiet and likely to kill him next. I bit my lip and tried to calm myself. The latter’s completely implausible… right?

Something sharp was pressed against my neck from behind.

“OH GOD DON’T KILL ME!!” I screamed in a completely heroic and manly manner.


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I can't wait for your reylo Batb fic, snipped you posted got me hooked :)

Yayyyyy!!!! Here’s another snippet for being so awesome!!!

That’s when she finally turned to look at him, at the face of his mask staring down upon her. She reacted just as he imagined, jumping back in shock from the creature in the mask. When she finally composed herself, she held her head up in defiance. In a calm voice she replied.

“Please, let him go. I will stay in his place.”

Kylo smirked behind his mask. “You would offer yourself up, for him?”

“Rey, NO!”

She ignored the pleas from her friend.

“Please, he’s my friend and he must go back to help my mentor. She’s all I have, that’s why he came here. To retrieve the potion that could save her life. Please.”

She grabbed onto his forearms and looked into where she believed his eyes to be. He felt his gruff demeanor begin to melt, ever so slightly.

He didn’t take his eyes off of Rey as he said, “Fine, he’s permitted to leave but you have to stay. And he’s never to come back. I forbid it.”

Damn why is my girlfriend just so damn gorgeous

And not even in a physical aesthetically pleasing sense, it’s deeper than that. It’s deep af actually.

Like big ups to my mans God for putting her in my life, because I don’t know where I would be today without her man.

Just having someone by your side that wholeheartedly believes in your dreams and in turn you 100% believe in theirs

Having someone that looks you in your eyes and you can just feel that love, that devotion, that passion

It’s ever present and it has been since the day I met her.

I’m just fortunate that I can spend the time I have with her, because she deserves it. And one day soon I’ll be able to wake up to that beautiful smile, those immaculate brown eyes.

I look forward to that so much, and it’s not that far off.

Soon babe.


<<Jackie!>>, Bethany admonished her. <<You can’t treat me like that, okay? I am risking my job to help you!>>.

Jacqueline rolled her eyes, waving her hand in the air. <<Whatever, Bethany. Nobody forced you to do this. So if you don’t want to help anymore, just leave. I’m not holding you against your will>>, she hissed.

Bethany threw her arms in the air, exasperated. <<Jackie, please!>>, she yelled. <<I just want you to settle this issue and see it’s not a big deal. Why do you care about this caller, anyways? They’re probably just a prankster>>, she insisted.

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"Monch monch love the cronch."

“Can you please stop saying that whenever Natasha takes a bite of her puff cereal?” I begged, as Baz cooed over our daughter’s breakfast endeavors.

He turned to me in disbelief. “So you can permanently tattoo memes on your body, but I can’t say monch monch love the cronch?”

“In front of an impressionable young child? Absolutely not.”

In retaliation, he just started saying it louder.

The Only Place You Wanted to Be (Jake X Female MC)

Title - The Only Place You Wanted to Be (Jake X Female MC)
Request - “That latest fanfic was too good 👏👏 can you write another one please where after Jake and MC have too much rough sex and MC has pain and can’t walk and she doesn’t tell Jake but then Jake gets to know about it and he helps her and takes care of her ❤” from anon
Pairing - Jake X Female MC
Word Count - 377

“Hey, babe? We should get going…” he muttered against your neck, placing a few final kisses on your skin and throwing his legs over the side of the bed, bouncing to his feet.

“Jake, can I just stay here for a while?” You sighed and curled up on the bed, drawing all the covers with you.

Not thinking much of your words he ripped the covers off of you, “No can do, Princess.”

You groaned as he did and tried to scamper to grab the covers and tugged on them as he tried to pull them from you entirely, “Jake…”

“Yes princess?” He chuckled, finding your face through the covers and giving you an Eskimo kiss.

You chuckled with him as he did and then spoke, “I’m gonna stay here.”

“Ok, but why?” He prodded, climbing in over you on his hands and knees, pushing you back playfully as he did.

You winced in pain when your lower half bounced off the mattress and came back down onto it hard.

“Woah, you okay? What’s wrong?” He immediately froze to give you time and you shook your head.

“Nothings wrong,” you mumbled.

“Something was defini–” the realization dawned on him mid-sentence, and a smirk lifted his features and with a quiet animalistic growl he chuckled, “ohh..”

Your face flushed a deep red and you pushed him off of you, “whatever..”

He laughed softly and then moved to hold you in his arms, “Stay here it is then.”

You blushed, still slightly embarrassed, but gratefully replied, “Thanks…”

“Anytime, Princess,” he continued placing gentle kisses on your neck and you were back where the morning began, in the security of his arms with love filling your hearts; The only place you wanted to be.
5 times Holtzmann tries to kiss Erin and they get interrupted and 1 time they don- no, wait, they still get interrupted but really.. who cares? (Certainly not Holtzmann) | Chapter 5| Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


Chapter: 5/6
Ship: Jillian Holtzmann/Erin Gilbert
Words: 2421

“I can’t believe this.”

Erin’s pacing around her apartment, a glass of wine in her hand.

“Baby, come sit down.” Patty says.

“I can’t. I’m too frustrated.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

Erin finishes her glass before finally allowing herself to sit down and take a deep breath for what feels like the first time after they left the bar two hours ago. It’s pretty late already, almost 1 AM.

“Please, just talk to me.” Patty says as she reaches out to touch Erin’s knee.

The physicist just groans in response, dropping her head down in her hands.

“I just think that maybe this is all some kind of sign.”

“A sign?”

“Yes, a sign that we shouldn’t be doing this.”

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I'm sorry but can we please get KDS back 😡😫⁉️ Wth did Starz put the kabash on her after IFH ⁉️This recent so called journalist/ journalism is beyond ridiculous smh Oh and she appears to be a Sam only lover also 🙄

Unfortunately I don’t think KDS is ever coming back.

 Also editor at large from EW is NOT Sam only fan, she just isn’t of any heroines , she clearly loves only male actors etc, just look at her twitter header from last SDCC .We are in for one really boring Outlander panel at SDCC 2017, if she hosts it…

well, the guy who came out to look at Jazmine took her.

he seemed really nice. he has a farm with donkeys and goats, his nephew wanted a horse and he thinks Jazzy would be the perfect size for him, as she’s pretty small. he has other horses too. 

i was very honest with him in that i haven’t ridden her since like October, and to have someone more experienced mess with her every so often first. he seemed very horse knowledgeable and even when she acted up a bit he didn’t care. he looked at her teeth, messed with her feet, etc.  i told him she can be finicky with new people and to just please be patient with her…she is a very sweet and good girl who loves treats.

after about a half hour or so of him asking me questions, he said he’d love to take her, she seems perfect. i told him he didn’t have to pay me anything, just please take care of her and spoil her and love her. 

i didn’t realize he brought a trailer with him. and he said he was taking her right then and there and i just started bawling.

jazzy usually goes right on the trailer, but i told myself, she will hesitate if she feels like this is bad. she didn’t hesitate, just followed me right on. when i went to walk away from her she turned like she wanted to follow me and i said, i’m sorry girl, you’re not coming with me this time and idk. after he left i just lost it, and my friend that was with me started crying too. 

idk. i havent stopped crying. my beautiful jazmine is gone. she was the best horse i could of ever asked for…and she taught me so much. i just hope he takes care of her. we’re going to go up and see her on sunday. idk. 

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Dorian collared again except this time Manon is trying to pull it off with her hands & she can't & Dorian is crying into her shoulder and she's like "please, Dorian. Come back to me. Please" & Dorian is sobbing "I can't" but then she kisses him and the collar comes off all

[2] All princess style. And Manon is wiping Dorian’s tears away with the tips of her fingers, & Dorian is moving the strands of hair from her face with his. & Dorian and Manon on their knees just hugging each other like that picture Maas has on pintrest.


First of all: YES. 

Second: Where is this picture. Send it to me! 

Blue Lion Log: Entry 24

Two days. Still no change in the weather. Honestly, it’s starting to feel like Hoth all over again, except red this time instead of white.

Hunk and I agreed that our best option is to try navigating the planet in order to get to the signal. Neither of us are very keen on the idea of leaving the planet without first investigating the source, just in case it does turn out to be the Castle. And if it’s not, or if we can’t get to it by the end of the day, then we’ll leave and look for one of those markets to restock at.

This plan of ours is, admittedly, a little bit dangerous, considering the storm and unknown landscape and the possibility of falling into craters and such, so if this ends up being the last log I make then please, whoever you are, take care of Blue and keep her out of Galra hands. I mean, it’s a worst case scenario kind of request, but I really don’t want to possibly-die again for nothing, you know? We’ve been through too much for that.

But this really shouldn’t come to that. Hunk and I will be careful. We know what we can and cannot do, and won’t needlessly endanger ourselves. Hopefully we’ll make it back in just a few hours with some good news. Or at least with another plan.

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Hey, Maddy! I know this is super random, but I thought of something really hilarious, and I want to ask your opinion on this. Since Chouchou Akimichi has truly shined in her moment in the 10th chapter of the Boruto manga, what do you think will happen if she meets Madara Uchiha? Do you think that their battle of the talk-no-jutsu is going to be really epic? Could you please make a headcanon for these 2 characters? Apologies for this extremely random ask, but I just couldn't help myself! XD

Lol, it’s beyond super random!

But I dunno. In terms of how they can talk people down, Chouchou has the sass, but Madara has the class. But yeah I’m stumped; my head only works around canon/feasible situations, so I con’t really formulate any headcanons regarding this kind of a scenario, it’s just too random :D

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Every now and then Tom and Charlotte will visit my local area, and I'll hear people going "Oh my god, Tom Hardy was at the cinema today!" or "Did you know Tom Hardy was shopping in Tesco earlier??" and I'll get really frustrated, because all I want to do is talk to him and tell him about a wonderful producer called Iman who is his all-time biggest fan and oh please could you say a few words to her so I can film you and send it over to her?? So yeah, I want it to happen- basking shark

doasijdlakdjlak THIS IS SO SWEET & GENEROUS OF YOU TO WANT TO DO THIS FOR ME?? ojsadklfs 😩😩😩 if you ever do meet him, please give him a hug in my stead!!! (if you’re comfortable with hugs) & send all my love.

and of course YOU have my love as well. this is just the sweetest message aosjdlakd you’re over there plotting & planning to do this sweet gesture if you ever ran into Tom and hit me by surprise……you’re gonna have me in tears, i promise u 


Thats right quickdraw is not dead just taking extended breaks due to school and work and other nonsenese

BUT! i am happy to annouce that there will be a stream on March 29 8pm est featuring the wonderful, lovely, and talented animator Andrea Caprotti! Roosterteeths very own!!

so please stop by and say hi on the twitch next wednesday.

remember you can email questions for her at rtcomunityquickdraw@gmail or right here on my tumblr

see you all soon!

Back off

Finally a new imagine It was requested by an anon and I hope you enjoy!

Request: are you taking requests? becasue if you are can you please write something where the reader is sick or sth and is lying down and thomas and minho fights over her loudly so she gets mad and newt walks in and tells them both to leave and kisses her?? idk but thanks:)

Characters: Reader X Newt


It was just another day in the glade, picking the tomatoes, potatoes and all kinds of vegetables, which was really getting on your nerves. Your head was pounding inside, it felt like you were getting hit by a hammer or something. As you were about to scream in anger and maybe go slap someone, you heard a voice, instantly calming your furious mind. It was Newt, your boyfriend, probably the only thing that’s keeping you alive in this shucking place.

“Hey, you alright?” Newt said as he wrapped his large hands around your waist from behind, and kissing your cheeks. You turned your head to meet his lips with yours, and pulled away to reply.

“Yeah… my head hurts a little.” You said frustrated, once again. “You know, this secret boyfriend and girlfriend thing is not really working out, I mean you can’t keep your hands off me for a minute!” You chuckled, breaking free from his grasp. You and Newt have been dating for about a month now, and wanted to keep it a secret because, well you were the only girl in the glade, there were strict rules. “Don’t you think Alby will approve? I mean your his right hand man.”

“Well …” Newt said running his fingers through his hair, “I’ll talk to him, while you go to the medjacks and get your head checked out. Alright?”

“I’ll be okay, it’s not that bad.” You said patting his shoulders to reassure him.

“Wish me luck Y/N” He screamed while running off to find Alby.

You chuckled to yourself, admiring how adorable your boyfriend was and once again feeling grateful for having him. As you picked up the basket to harvest some more vegetables, you head a voice behind.

“Why are you wishing him luck?” A sarcastic voice snapped at you from behind, it was Minho. 

“Yeah, you should wish me luck!” Said Thomas who was standing right besides Minho.

“Seriously?” You shot them a glare, “And don’t scream my shucking head hurts like-” Before you could finish the sentence you fell on the floor, a sharp pain pierced through your head. It felt like someone was stabbing your head multiple times.

You heard muttering, two boys arguing over something. Your eyes opened and saw Thomas and Minho yelling at each other, which was definately not making things better for you.

“What do you mean Y/N yours? She’s mine!” Thomas screamed pointing his fingers at Minho furiously.

“Well she clearly likes me better!” Minho argued back with a smug look on his face. “And why would she want to date a shuck greenie like you? I’m the keeper of the runners!” He said crossing his arms.

“That doesn’t mean anything!” Thomas yelled frustrated.

Right when you were about to shut their shuck mouths up, Newt walked in.

“Both of you out.” He said crossing his arms and shooting them a death glare “Y/N’s mine, we’ve been dating for a month now so if you don’t want your shuck heads thrown down the cliff you better leave her alone and back off.” He said with his strong British accent shooting out like bullets. 

“No way man, I don’t believe you.” Minho said smirking at Newt. “Prove it.” 

As soon as Minho finished his sentence you stood up and walked over to Newt wrapping your arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss. Newts arms grasped on your waist pulling you in closer as you both continued to kiss. Few minutes later you pulled away turning to face the two boys.

“There, proved it.” You shot them a smug look “What are you guys doing get out, Newt and I have some business to do.” You said as you once again leaned in for a long passionate kiss.


AN : Hey guys first of all sorry for the very verrrrrrrryyyyy minimal posts I’m working on some more imagine since my request box is now open I was busy because i moved into a boarding school and allot happened in the past year so yeah thanks for the support though.

The 100 characters

Okay, so quick backstory before I get into this. My best friend, Makaila who has only ever seen the pilot episode of the 100, asked me to tell her ONE thing I loved about each of the main characters. After I did, I thought this would be a great thing for Tumblr! I only picked the characters who have been in at least 3 seasons or else the list would just go on forever. I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anyone

Rules: You HAVE to name ONE thing that you love about each character. You can go into to depth with it or not, your choice. After you’re done, please tag five people to give their opinions and remember, these are my own opinions. We are each entitled to our own opinions

Clarke Griffin: I love her determination. Like, even though she’s been through so much crap, she still pushes on to save her people and the ones she loves

Bellamy Blake: Shit, I have to pick one thing?? I guess I would pick his heart. It’s so big! All he wants to do is help people even if it means he gets hurt along that way and that is so admirable (even if it gives me a heart attack)

Octavia Blake: Maybe her passion? Passion is when you have a strong and barely controllable emotion btw and you can definitely see that she feels emotions so strongly, whether good or bad

Abby Griffin: Her mind! She’s just so smart which can sometimes be a bad thing, but it mostly helps people

Raven Reyes: Self-confidence. It’s very rare when Raven is down on herself. She’s always so confident and that’s something I love about her

John Murphy: I guess his resilience because he’s been through so much shit but bounces back quickly and never really seems to lose his humor. It’s very admirable

Monty Green: Monty is just plain adorable. I love him so much, but I’d have to say that I love how smart he is, plain and simple

Jasper Jordan: Sarcasm. Whether I hate his character at the moment or I love him, his sarcasm always gets me to laugh. Especially his dark sarcasm

Marcus Kane: His dadness. He’s like a father to so many characters and it’s very heartwarming to see

Thelonious Jaha: I guess I would pick his leadership. He always tries to do what’s best for his people. Even all of s3 was him trying to help his people. He was so blinded by this that he didn’t see A.L.I.E. for what she really was

Nathan Miller: Ooh his protectiveness! It seems like he’s always trying to protect someone and it just makes my heart warm

Eric Jackson: I love his morals. He always seems to put Abby (sometimes others too) back on the right path and that’s awesome

Harper McIntyre: I love how she tries. It sounds stupid, but everytime I see her, she’s trying to do somethin for the good, like in 4x07 when she was trying to help the guy she knocked over

Lincoln: I love his voice of reason. He always tried to do what was best for everyone and he was like a buff Jiminy Cricket for a lot of characters

Emori: Idk I just really love her mischievousness. It feels so new for this show and I really want to see more of it

Indra: Oh boy. I guess since we don’t know much about her, I’d say I love her badassness

Echo: Her intensity. She’s so intense, which can be bad or good, and she is very committed to Azgeda because of that (gosh this was hard for me to pick cause I don’t like Echo that much)

Tag five people to reveal something they love about each the 100 character: @unconditionallybellarke @bl-ake @ethereal-bellarke @clrkesbellamy @taco-bellamy + anyone else who wants to do. Tag me if you do it please!