can i just use xe instead

Hear me out.

Jesse and Lukas giving each other back rubs after a long day of wearing armor & swinging swords.

Like, it starts one night when the gang is dragging themselves in & Lukas is muttering about a sore back, leaves his armor on the floor instead of bothering to put it up, and drops onto the first couch he sees. So Jesse is like, “Alright, sit up.” and convinces him to sit up so xe can give him a back rub.

And Jesse’s not exactly a masseur and apologizes for that, but Lukas tells xir, “You’re still helping.” as he’s trying to stay awake. His voice is all cool and collected, but Jesse’s hand comes close to his face as he’s awkwardly glancing over his shoulder to speak & there is definitely a warmth emanating from his cheek.

And when Jesse’s finished, Lukas yawns and turns around and says, “Ok, your turn.” which Jesse wasn’t particularly expecting, but hey, free back rub.

Except Lukas barely squeezes xir shoulders once and then starts snoring.

But then, it just, like, becomes a lil’ tradition of theirs to do back rubs before bed whenever they need them. It’s not an overtly romantic thing - at least, they haven’t labeled it as such - but it is immensely intimate.

Also, on occasion, Oblivia butts in bc she gets sore too & do you really need a romantic interest to get some relief around here? Besides, Jesse’s been her bestie for years, her other bestie Axel has too heavy hands, and Jesse doesn’t mind (even if it does shatter the aforementioned intimacy for a while.)

"kill yourself"

…whispered the anon who desperately wanted to be friends with Samm. But he/she can’t. For you see, said anon is a ghost. Longing for the warmth of another person’s touch. And as Samm snarks in reply, a single tear slides down his/her anon ghost face, as he/she stifles his/her sobs with his/her ghost hands. Poor, tragic anon. His/her sincerity goes unheeded once again.

spookyskirts-blog  asked:

Which sets of gender-variant pronouns are the best for publishing works concerning genderqueer characters, and do we have to explain the pronouns or can we assume the readers would be familiar with them?

Whatever pronouns the character uses are fine. For practical purposes, the more common ones (they, ey, zie, xe, etc.) will be better for both editing and reader comprehension, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to them.

If you use the pronouns consistently, most readers will figure it out, even if they don’t know. (Or they’ll look it up.) If you feel the need to explain, work it into the story. And don’t work in an explanation. Have the story explain it for you.

“Hey, Sam is coming too, can you tell her we’re meeting at 7?”“I can tell them.”

“So we went around the corner and she–”“Hey! Asshole! Stop using she! I’ve told you a hundred times, the right pronoun is eir!”

“I was talking to Robin, and xe said we should definitely call.”
“Awesome. I’ll–wait. Xe? What’s that mean?”
“Oh! Robin’s pronouns. Xe’s not comfortable with he or her, so it’s xe instead.”

Contextual clues like that will explain the pronouns just fine and then you don’t have an info dump about pronouns that will draw the reader out of the story.

Now, if it happens in the story that it makes sense for the character to go on a rant about pronouns, then by all means have them do that. But make sure it fits both the story and the character, because if the explanation is put in for the readers, it’ll be obvious.

Hey guys, so, I’m just gonna jump right into the core of the issue - I’m changing one of my pronouns.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ve probably seen me answering questions about my pronouns at least once (and more like, a bajillion times, even though I have info about them right in my faq… I digress), so this may be surprising. I love my pronouns very much, and to give anyone who is new to my blog a quick rundown, they represent the meshing of she/he and her/his, to make she* and hir. I have used them since I came out on here as non binary.

To be frank, though, I’m very tired of being misgendered. I am tired of people assuming I’m female because my pronouns are similar to she/her, and I am tired of people complaining that typing out she* in particular is annoying, and thus replacing it with she. Of course, the latter bit is not directed at anyone who has every accidentally misgendered me, we all make mistakes, but having it done deliberately is hurtful.

So I’m switching to xe instead of she*. It feels weird to me, but I hope that with time it will grow on me the way she* did, and that it will minimize confusion about what my gender is and how to refer to me. If you could reblog this I’d appreciate it, so that word gets out. I don’t actually mind at all if anyone continues to refer to me as she*, but officially, I will change my bio/faq/responses to xe instead of she*.

To make things extra clear, this is how you can use my pronouns in a sentence:

Jay runs a 1D blog. Xe mainly blogs about larry. Hir url is jawsandhobama.

As for pronunciation of xe, I’m going to link this video for the pronunciation of the word “xenon”, just take the first syllable sound. It’s sorta like “zee” but also with a soft “ts” sound at the beginning.

Anyway, carry on, just figured I’d let everyone know!