can i just take a moment and express how much i love this rp

Disney Lyrics Starters

  •  "I want more.“
  • "I’m not meant to play this part.”
  • “If I were to truly be myself I would break my family’s heart.”
  • “Why is my reflection someone that I don’t know.”
  • “No man is worth the aggravation.”
  • “Who do you think you’re kidding?”
  • “Girl, you can’t conceal it.”
  • “No chance, no way, I won’t say it.”
  • “It’s too cliche, I won’t say i’m in love.”
  • “I thought my heart had learned it’s lesson.”
  • “You keep on denying who you are and how you’re feeling.”
  • “Face it like a grown up.”
  • “When you gonna own up.”
  • “Check the grin, you’re in love.”
  • “I won’t say i’m in love.”
  • “You’re way off base.”
  • “Get off my case, I won’t say it.”
  • “In your dreams you will lose your heartache.”
  • “Have faith in your dreams.”
  • “You’ve got power in your corner now.”
  • “You ain’t never had a friend like me.”
  • “Come on and whisper what you want.”
  • “I’ve got a powerful urge to help you out.”
  • “You think i’m an ignorant savage.”
  • “How can there be so much that you don’t know.”
  • “You think you own whatever land you land on.”
  • “I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.”
  • “Who’d have ever thought this could be?”
  • “I admit in the past i’ve been a nasty.”
  • “I’ve mended all my ways.”
  • “It’s a talent I always have possessed.”
  • “Someone couldn’t pay the price.”
  • “A girl who gossips is a bore.”
  • “It’s she who holds her tongue that gets the man.”
  • “Make your choice!”
  • “I’m a very busy woman.”
  • “I haven’t got all day.”
  • “It won’t cost much.”
  • “Now’s your moment.”
  • “We all must pay the price.”
  • “I can show you the world.”
  • “When did you last let your heart decide?”
  • “I can open your eyes.”
  • “I can’t go back to where I use to be.”
  • “Let me share this whole new world with you.”
  • “I can see what’s happening.”
  • “Disaster’s in the air.”
  • “Time is racing towards us.”
  • “Heed my every order and you might survive.”
  • “I only steal what I can’t affort.”
  • “One jump ahead of the hitman.”
  • “I’ve got that wanderlust.”
  • “The world is my backyard.”
  • “I’ve only got myself.”
  • “You’re alone and you’re scared.”
  • “Come on and lift your glass.”
  • “Every day is like the one before it.”
  • “Every guy here love’d to be you.”
  • “I never see you anymore.”
  • “It’s like you’ve gone away.”
  • “I wish you would tell me why.”
  • “People have been asking where you'be been.”
  • “Please let me in.”
  • “We only have each other.”
  • “Put on a show.”
  • “Make one wrong move and everyone will know.”
  • “It’s only for today.”
  • “It’s agony to wait.”
  • “I’m getting what i’m dreaming of.”
  • “But with you I’ve found my place.”
  • “it’s nothing like i’ve ever known before.”
  • “Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried.”
  • “Don’t let them know.”
  • “I don’t care what they’re going to say.”
  • “It’s time to see what I can do.”
  • “You’ll never see me cry.”
  • “I’m never going back.”
  • “The past is in the past.”
  • “That perfect girl is gone.”
  • “You don’t have to keep your distance anymore.”
  • “I finally understand.”
  • “You don’t have to live in fear.”
  • “I will be right here.”
  • “Your life awaits.”
  • “Just stay away and you’ll be safe from me.”
  • “I get the feeling you don’t know.”
  • “You don’t have to be afraid.”
  • “We can work this out together.”
  • “I can’t control the curse.”
  • “You’re not safe here.”
  • “This is where i’m meant to be.”
  • “I am on my way.”
  • “I’ve been around the block before.”
  • “I’ve given up hope that someone would come along.”
  • “I’m down to one last hope.”
  • “My words are a matter of pride.”
  • “It’s clear from your vacant expressions that the lights are not all on upstairs.”
  • “So prepare for the chance of a lifetime.”
  • “You will be rewarded when I am at last given my dues.”
  • “You’re expected to take certain duties on board.”
  • “As you thgouth life you’ll see, there is so much we don’t understand.”
  • “Things don’t always go the way we planned.”
  • “Can I still just be me the way I am?”
  • “Can I trust in my own heart?”
  • “Am I just one part of some big plan?”
  • “One day when you’re strong and big, you will be a king.”
  • “I’ve been exiled.”
  • “I get a little tense.”
  • “I hate to let them live.”
  • “The battle may be bloody, but that kinda works for me.”
  • “They can have the world, we’ll create our own.”
  • “I am home if you are right there beside me.”
  • “I know love will find a way.”
  • “This is what you give me to work with?”
  • “Well honey, i’ve seen worse.”
  • “You’ll bring honor to us all.”
  • “Sometimes it’s too much for even me.”
  • “I have your hearts and you have my pity.”
  • “I can improvise.”
  • “Why should I worry?”
  • “Why should I care?”
  • “You can own this town.”
  • “You can wear the crown.”
  • “You’ve got alot to learn.”
  • “You’ll feel right at home on the street.”
  • “We make an art out of staying alive.”
  • “Get what you want then get away.”
  • “Ain’t got time for messin’ around.”
  • “It’s not my style.”
  • “This town can slow you down.”
  • “I know exactly where i’m going.”
  • “People down here think i’m crazy.”
  • “There ain’t nothing that’s gonna stop me.”
  • “Things for sure are gonna go my way.”
  • “I’m almost there!”
  • “I’ve worked hard for everything i’ve got.”
  • “You’re my queen of the night.”
  • “Love is everything, don’t you agree?”
  • “Don’t matter where you came from.”
  • “When you find out who you are you’ll find out what you need.”
  • “That ain’t gonna make you happy.”
  • “All you need is some self control.”
  • “Maybe love will grant you peace of mind.”
  • “You’re something i never chose.”
  • “You’re the best I never knew I needed.”
  • “i need you here always.”
  • “Who knew i’d be here.”
  • “When will my life begin?”
  • “Stuck in the same place i’ve always been.”
  • “For the first time in forever i’m completely free.”
  • “Guess I always knew this day was coming.”
  • “It’s a scary world out there.”
  • “One way or another, something will go wrong I swear.”
  • “You’ll just upset me.”
  • “Go ahead and leave me, I deserve it.”
  • “On your own you won’t survive.”
  • “They’ll eat you up alive.”
  • “Don’t let him device you.”
  • “I won’t say i’ve told you so.”
  • “I’m where i’m meant to be.”
  • “At least I see the light.”
  • “Everything looks different now that I see you.”

anonymous asked:

Lottie!!! Do you have any feelings about the accents of various Harry Potter characters?? I would love to hear about it bc I for one am very passionate about Sirius Black occasionally sounding EXTREMELY posh and feeling a bit embarrassed about it


and by ‘the accents of various Harry Potter characters’ I mean the LACK THEREOF and the Overwhelming amount of Posh Wankers in this series. I MEAN. it winds me up MASSIVELY, and it also opens a can of wooorrrmmmss re: the wizarding population around the British Isles. like… We Need To Talk About Wales. caveat: this is all coming from a Northerner, so as far as I’m concerned the Midlands are in the South, but I’m going to try to be geographical instead of Northern about this.

SO, for those who can’t tell the difference between various UK accents/didn’t realise there were accents in England other than The Benedict Cumberbatch (which, if you’re going from these movies, is understandable), let me break down the film accents for you: McGonagall, Cho Chang and Oliver Wood are Scottish, Seamus Finnegan, Mad-Eye Moody and Luna Lovegood are Irish (Evanna Lynch is from the border region so her accent sounds slightly Northern Irish), Neville Longbottom has a Yorkshire accent (Yorkshire is a county in the North of England), Hagrid is from the West Country (which, despite how it sounds, is The South), and literally every other character sounds like they grew up below the Watford Gap. discounting the ones I’ve just mentioned, everyone else is Generic Southern or straight up Good Old Boy RP (Received Pronunciation, which is like standard BBC English that you hear on the telly/out of the gob of pretty much every HP character). 

(I mean, in fairness, this wasn’t really a Movie decision. in the books the Midlands and the North are just places the Hogwarts Express has to pass through to get to Scotland. Harry is from Surrey, the Weasleys are from Devon, it never really says where Hermione’s from but judging by how her dialogue reads I’m guessing it’s The South, Sirius grew up walking distance from King’s Cross, Godric’s Hollow is in the West Country somewhere, Malfoy Manor is in Wiltshire, and even though the footy team you support doesn’t always indicate where you’re from we’ll ignore that in this case and say that Dean Thomas is from Stratford, East London. and those are just the characters I can remember off the top of my head. that’s a lot of southerners. like, Pureblood wizards seem to be mostly very old aristocracy (I remember reading that the Malfoys came over from France with William the Conquerer in 1066), so you could argue that, like, they all had wizard babies in/around the capital and they’re slowly but surely spreading outwards hence the CLUMP of southern wizards (not to mention they tend to stick together in communities like Ottery St Catchpole and Godric’s Hollow) but a) that is a stupid, reaching theory and I seriously doubt it, and b) even if it WAS true, MUGGLEBORNS EXIST! why aren’t there wizards popping up in, like, Liverpool or Salford or Birmingham? why is EVERYONE so goddamn WELL-SPOKEN???)

I do think about the accents thing a lot. and I get mad about the movies a lot. I mean, Hagrid’s accent reads as Yorkshire. he says ‘summat’! he’s the most Yorkshire thing ever!! and Dean has a Generic Nice Southern accent, not an East London accent! he should sound like Alfie bloody Moon!!! also, considering Godric’s Hollow is in the West Country, DUMBLEDORE SHOULD HAVE HAGRID’S ACCENT!!!!! I JUST DIE OVER THE TERRIBLE ACCENT CHOICES FOR THESE FILMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU LET MICHAEL ‘I DON’T NEED TO READ THE BOOKS’ GAMBON DO A WEIRD DRUNKEN IRISH LILT WHEN HE COULD HAVE BEEN HAGRIDDING EVERYWHERE!!!!!! (also if Voldemort hadn’t ruined everything and Harry had been raised in Godric’s Hollow he would also have a Hagrid-ish accent. amazing.) AND, according to the HP wiki, Little Hangleton is in the North somewhere, which means Gaunt cottage is in the North somewhere, which means VOLDEMORT IS NORTHERN. LOL. take a moment for that one. let it sink in. Voldemort is my past, present and fookin’ future, innit. 


so if we’re going by the books there’s literally one Scottish person and one Irish person that we know of at Hogwarts (AND one of them is a teacher, AND I don’t think either of them were ever SPECIFICALLY said to have a Scottish/Irish accent). which begs the question: where the fuck is everyone who isn’t middle class English going to school??? what the hell is going on here???? as far as we know there is one (1) Irish student and this school and no (0) Scottish students. which… is wild. especially because the entire Irish quidditch team must have passed through the hallowed halls of Hogwarts in the preceding 10 years, but suddenly: a dearth. AND THERE’S NO WELSH STUDENTS! WHERE ARE THE WELSH? obviously the Holyhead Harpies are a Welsh team, and the common Welsh Green is a Welsh dragon, and Dai Llewellyn who had a ward in St Mungo’s named after him sounds Welsh, and I’m pretty sure Helga Hufflepuff was from Wales*, SO WHERE ARE THEIR SPROGS AT? 

*IIRC aren’t the four founders all from different countries? I’m sure it’s at least implied by the Sorting Hat at one point. like ‘Gryffindor from wild moor’** = Dartmoor, I assume, as Godric’s Hollow is in the West Country = England, Ravenclaw’s from ‘glen’ = Scotland, I’m sure there are glens in other places but SCOTLAND, Hufflepuff is something something valley? again, valleys are everywhere, but whenever someone says ‘valley’ my brain immediately puts on a Daffyd Thomas voice and goes ‘IN THE VALLEEEEYYYSS’ which it certainly doesn’t do for any other country, so = Wales, and SLYTHERIN = FEN = Ireland has a shitload of bogs and fens and stuff. plus Slytherin is green, Ireland is the Emerald Isle, I’m just REALLY GLAD SLYTHERIN’S IRISH HAHA ÉIRE GO BRÁCH LOSERS 

**FOR THE RECORD the HP wiki told me Godric’s Hollow is in the West Country, and that seems very likely as the North of England doesn’t seem to exist in the HP canon, HOWEVER I PERSONALLY choose to believe that the ‘wild moor’ is in fact THE YORKSHIRE MOORS and that Godric Gryffindor, like Tom Marvolo Riddle, is a top lad innit mate. 

but back to The Absent Welsh: I like to think that maybe they’ve set up their own school. it’s a weekly boarding. everyone speaks Cymraeg. all the Irish and Scottish students go there too because they fucking hate the English. it would certainly explain the lack of Scottish, Irish and Welsh students at Hogwarts. they’re all just getting on with it in Wales somewhere. probably Anglesey. or maybe there are actually wizarding schools that are just normal day schools and Hogwarts is just the famous one because it’s a big, old, prestigious boarding school. considering Harry apparently had his name down since birth… MAYBE HOGWARTS IS THE ETON COLLEGE OF MAGIC! THIS IS MAKING SO MUCH SENSE!!! all the middle class English lot are like ‘oh darling, you simply must go to the Eton College of magic!!’ meanwhile muggleborn Gary ‘Gazza’ Bloggs from the Wirral is like ‘nah mate I’ll just go t’ t’ local like.’

(SPEAKING OF ETON COLLEGE, Justin Finch-Fletchley had his name down for it, which is aaaaabsolutely hilarious. Eton is an independent all-boys boarding school which costs roughly £37,000 ($48,000) per academic year. if Justin hadn’t been a surprise wizard he probably would have gone to Eton, gone to Oxford, joined an elite drinking club, burned money in front of homeless people, rattled a dead pig and then become Prime Minister. but instead of doing all of that he has to go to a PUBLIC SCHOOL with negligible rules, very little uniform, girls, AND he can’t even tell any of his posh little mates about it when he goes home to MUMMY for the VAC. to top it all off he’s gone from being a Good Old Boy Top Shelf Jolly Hockey Sticks Young Chap on the path to upper class glory and the Houses of Parliament to being a MUGGLEBORN HUFFLEPUFF i.e. the bottom of the Wizarding world/Hogwarts food chain. but never mind, eh, he seems pleased enough. bet he has a CORKING accent, what!)

even though my Average Joe Wizard High School idea is definitely not true, I definitely 100% feel like Ireland should have its own wizarding school. the Republic of Ireland’s relationship with The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is so long and arduous that even I, who has an Irish mother, can’t keep it all straight in my head, but basically Ireland is not part of ~the UK~ or ~Great Britain~ even though it is part of the British Isles, so they really need their own school. (tbh I’m low key offending myself by talking about this like they Should have their own school rather than They Have Their Own School, Obviously, but… whatever.) THEY ALSO SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN MINISTRY OF MAGIC! they might have! we just don’t know! why didn’t Harry make better friends with Seamus!!! UNLESS, of course, wizards don’t trifle themselves with Muggle Affairs and didn’t get involved with the Irish revolution and the Troubles etc. (although considering how the Order of the Phoenix being founded/the war really kicking into high gear coincided with the Winter of Discontent/widespread right wing sympathy across the UK… I doubt it), and so Irish wizards are still being governed from ~Westminster. but again, if that’s the case, WHY ARE NONE OF ‘EM GOIN’ HOGWARTS??????? WHY IS SEAMUS FINNEGAN THE LONE IRISH DIASPORA AT WIZARD SCHOOL???? 

I… literally cannot believe how Away from me this has Gotten. 

accents. okay. 

yes, Sirius Black accidentally being EXTREMELY POSH is something I am very passionate about also. he tries to mask it by being all rebellious and Landaaaannn about everything but fails miserably because every so often he’ll say ‘one’, and when he’s tired or excited he’s just like… the Queen on steds. arrived at Hogwarts fluent in French and passable in Latin. knows how to use so many forks. a prank goes right and he’s like ‘YESSSS TOP SHELF, BOYS! ABSOLUTELY BANG ON!’ James is also posh but posh in the rich, big old farmhouse, Barbour jackets and Hunter wellies way, so he gets away with it because he’s never been to a cotillion and doesn’t sometimes slip and say ‘spiffing’. meanwhile Remus is from the Midlands in my heart (maybe Shropshire)*** and is just very normal and not at all impressed by these posh knobs he has to share a bedroom with. Peter is probably from somewhere with an accent that grates on you after a while, like Birmingham. (no offence @Brummies.) according to the HP wiki (it’s teaching me SO MUCH but literally where tf are they getting this info) Snape is from the Midlands, which means that surely Lily is from the Midlands, because they met when they were playing out as kids!!! this Excites Me! also imagining Snape with a Wolverhampton accent is just… exquisite. 

***I know a lot of people are All About Scottish Remus and while that is second in my heart to Midlands Remus it is certainly In My Heart. 

I love and support Neville Longbottom having a Yorkshire accent because I, too, have a Yorkshire accent, and his in the films means SO MUCH TO ME!! he’s OUR BOY!!! GO ON, LADDDD!!!!!! etc. I really want Lee Jordan to have a Limmy-esque Glaswegian accent, because IMAGINE him doing the quidditch commentary and just getting more and more incomprehensibly Scottish, and McGonagall keeps yelling at him because she can actually understand what he’s saying whereas everyone else can just manage to catch ‘Slytherin’ and ‘cheating’ and ‘10 points’ so they’re just like ‘???!!!!! ! !! ? !!’ also I’m a big fan of Bristolian Lavender Brown, for no other reason than I just thought of her greeting Ron by saying ALRIGHT MY LUVVER and nearly died. 

in conclusion, you could say that I do indeed have feelings about the accents of various Harry Potter characters and I hope you weren’t lying when you said you’d love to hear about it. 

Wicked Lyric Meme
  • "Isn't it nice to know that good will conquer evil?"
  • "No one mourns the wicked."
  • "The good man scorns the wicked."
  • "Goodness knows, the wickeds lives are only."
  • "Goodness knows, the wicked die alone."
  • "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"
  • "Have another drink, my dark eyed beauty."
  • "Woe to those who spurn what goodness they are shown."
  • "Many years I have waited for a gift like yours to appear."
  • "My future is unlimited."
  • "What is this feeling so sudden and new?"
  • "Let's just say, I loathe it all."
  • "Every little trait, however small, makes my very flesh begin to crawl."
  • "There's a strange exhilaration in such total detestation."
  • "I will be loathing you my whole life long."
  • "These things are sent to try us."
  • "The trouble with school is they always try to teach the wrong lesson."
  • "Life's more painless for the brainless."
  • "It's just life, so keep dancing through."
  • "Life is fraughtless for the thoughtless."
  • "Those who don't try never look foolish."
  • "I hope you'll save at least one dance for me. I'll be right there. Waiting. All night."
  • "It's clear we deserve each other."
  • "Finally for this one night, I'm about to have a fun night."
  • "Black is this year's pink."
  • "I've got something to confess. A reason, well, why I asked you here tonight."
  • "We deserve each other. Don't we?"
  • "I've decided to make you my new project."
  • "When someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over."
  • "You're gonna be popular!"
  • "I'll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys, little ways to flirt and flounce."
  • "I'll help you be popular!"
  • "Don't be offended by my frank analysis, think of it as personality dialysis."
  • "Did they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh!"
  • "It's not about aptitude, its the way you're viewed."
  • "He could be that boy, but I'm not that girl."
  • "Don't dream too far."
  • "Don't lose sight of who you are."
  • "Wishing only wounds the heart."
  • "One short day full of so much to do."
  • "I think we've found the place where we belong."
  • "One short day to have a lifetime of fun."
  • "I am a sentimental man who's always longed to be a father."
  • "I think everyone deserves the chance to fly."
  • "Why couldn't you have stayed calm for once instead of flying off the handle!"
  • "I hope you're happy how you hurt your cause forever."
  • "I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition."
  • "I don't want it- no- I can't want it anymore."
  • "Something has changed within me. Something is not the same."
  • "I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game."
  • "It's time to try defying gravity."
  • "Can't I make you understand youre having delusions of grandeur?"
  • "I'm through accepting limits cuz someone says they're so."
  • "Some things I cannot change but til I try, I'll never know."
  • "If that's love it comes at much too high a cost."
  • "I really hope you get it and you don't live to regret it."
  • "If in flying solo, at least I'm flying free."
  • "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
  • "People are so empty headed, they'll believe anything."
  • "I can't harbor a fugitive. I'm an elected official."
  • "There isn't a spell for everything."
  • "Finally from these powers, something good."
  • "Surely now I'll matter less to you. You won't mind my leaving here tonight."
  • "I've got to go appeal to her. Express the way I feel for her."
  • "You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you."
  • "I never asked for this or planned it in advance."
  • "If you insist I will be wonderful."
  • "Where I'm from we believe all sorts of things that aren't true. We call it history."
  • "A rich man's a thief or a philanthropist."
  • "Is one a crusader or a ruthless invader?"
  • "It's all in which label is able to persist."
  • "I need help believing you're with me tonight."
  • "My wildest dreamings could not foresee lying beside you with you wanting me."
  • "I'll make every last moment last as long as you're mine."
  • "Maybe I'm brainless, maybe I'm wise, but you've got me seeing through different eyes."
  • "Somehow I've fallen under your spell."
  • "Say there's no future for us as a pair."
  • "Know I'll be here holding you as long as you're mine."
  • "It's just...for the first time, I feel wicked."
  • "Let his flesh not be torn."
  • "Let his blood leave no stain."
  • "Let him never die."
  • "You're the latest victim of my greatest achievment in a long career of distress."
  • "No good deed goes unpunished. That's my new creed."
  • "Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention?"
  • "No good deed will I do again!"
  • "Wickedness must be punished. Evil effectively eliminated."
  • "I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn."
  • "We are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them."
  • "I know I'm wrong am today because I knew you."
  • "Who can say if I've been changed for the better."
  • "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."
  • "So much of me is made of what I learned from you."
  • "I ask forgiveness for the things I've done you blame me for."
200 Followers: Follow Forever

It happened. I don’t know how but it happened and I can’t quite believe it. The fact that there are 200 people who have taken interest in Steven and his adventures means so much to me, especially in such a short time (2 months).

I want to thank each and every person who has ever interacted with my blog in any way, whether that’s through RP threads and talking OOC or simple as liking my posts.

If I could tag every single one of you in this post I would, however, that would take a very long time and make this post even longer than it’s already going to be. But I do want to do something to thank you all, so any ideas for a fun event or something to do in thanks would be super appreciated. Like maybe an open request art live stream? Or a Watch2Gether of Pokemon Live? Anyway, I digress, time to get sappy and thank a bunch of you! even though I don’t think I can quite express exactly how grateful I am and how I feel in words

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Doms and Subs: How To Be Effective

Here’s a topic I see come up a lot in RPing, ‘Domming’ and ‘Subbing’. In case you aren’t aware these stand for ‘Dominant’ and ‘Subordinate’. It’s more or less a set of terms determining who has the most power in their hands in an RP. Who’s the predator? The alpha? The initiator? Even though these terms are most widely known from the bondage community, they really come into play with almost every interaction you’ll have in an RP, both sexual and non-sexual. Even if you’re RPing some grand adventure, someone has to be in charge. Who decides if you run into a dragon? Who sets the rules for your universe? Whose choice is it, ultimately, what happens to the characters?

The subordinate is usually the reactionary position of the pair. The dom initiates an action, and then the sub reacts. How the sub reacts to the action of the dom progresses the RP and so forth. However this does not always have to be the case. It is perfectly possible to have equal control of an RP, by planning beforehand and giving equal input on what you’re going to do, but we’ll talk about this more in a moment. For now, lets go into each position in-depth.


As someone who has RP’d for quite some time, I notice that a lot of people have trouble with this position. It’s perfectly understandable, there are a lot more subs in the world than there are doms, so not everyone quite has the mindset to play the dominant role. I do think however, that anyone who wants to RP on a regular basis should at least know the mechanics behind such a position. If you’re going to have a long term partner, they might want to switch it up every now and again. Most of the long-time friends I’ve made during RP sessions could at least handle doing so every now and again. Variety is the spice of life, so its worth it to look into doing this to make sure everyone is happy. It can be a special treat for a friend, or just a way to be in the power position for a bit. There are several things that make a good dom, so I’m going to do this in bullet points.


This is SUPER important for any dom, and subs for that matter, even if you might be into non-consensual scenarios. This is where OOC (Out Of Character) comes in handy (typically in brackets). Before you start an RP with anyone, always make sure they’re okay with anything you want to include. Talk as yourself for a bit, and run some things by your partner. Is it going to get bloody? Make sure they don’t mind, or even in some cases like, blood. What rating are you going for? Something G-rated or straight up XXX? Do they also want to do that? Always make sure everyone in any RP is okay with the things you want to tackle inside of it. I’ve been in many an RP that was going swimmingly until the Dom (or subs in some cases) brought something out of left field that just totally killed my interest. If you know someone might not be into something, run it by them first.

* Understanding Your Sub

I’ll have to do a whole post on OOC at some point. But nothing improves an RP like understanding just what your sub wants.  Doing a sexual RP? Then know how to push your partner’s buttons. Doing an adventurous RP? Know what kind of stories your sub would like to do. Someone who loves pirates isn’t going to want to RP about the zombie apocalypse, and someone who’s into feet isn’t gonna want to do an RP all about hands (Unless of course you do a Foot Loving, Handsy Zombie Pirate RP, whatever floats your boat). But even beyond that, before you start an RP, use OOC to understand why your sub likes a certain thing. I’ve had numerous people know what I like out of general principle, and then proceed to dance around it in un-interesting ways because they didn’t take the time to talk to me about it beforehand. Discussion is key to any RP. Talk, understand, listen, and then play. Sometimes you’ll meet someone whom you click with to the point where you don’t have to do this, but more often than not, this improves RPs.


If you have trouble playing the dominant role in RPs, I’d suggest looking at dominant roles you yourself enjoy, or that the person who will play the sub enjoys. How do they move? How do they talk? What kind of things might they do in a given scenario? RP stands for role playing, so know your role. The character doesn’t have to be like you, because its not you. You’re filling a role, so try to fill it well! I’ll do a post on character creation and falling into a role later down the line, but for now, if you want to dom, go look at some doms!


If you’re not good at domming, then, just like with anything, you need to dom more! Trust me, there are PLENTY of people out there who will fall at your feet to be practice partners, and this is often a fun way to explore yourself as much as your partner. How do you dom? While the sub’s interest are important, doing this lets you find out what you enjoy about doming. If you play a dom you don’t enjoy, then no one is going to have fun, so feel yourself out a little.  Maybe create a character just for doing this with, or if you’re a more adventure RP kind of person, a world in which you make the rules. This can be a learning endeavor and well worth it. Some of the things you’ll have to practice apply to both parties, so I’ll go more in depth on this in a later post about ‘Switch’ roles.

Because I can’t possibly list every way to be a good dom in this post, I’ll move on to subs for now, but I will try to construct a list of dom-archetypes in a later post to give folks a better idea of what to expect from which type, and what things to practice specifically for which type.


“But wait!” I hear you cry. “I’m already a good sub, subbing is easy!”

No. No it isn’t. Trust me, as someone who ends up playing the dom quite a lot, a sub that makes you do all the work is about as fun as a water balloon full of thumbtacks. A lot of people take subbing for granted, but trust me, there’s a LOT of bad subs out there. The sub is just as much a part of the RP as the dom, and can ruin a good RP just as easily as the dom can. Here are a few tips to avoid this.


If you’re the sub in an RP, don’t just drift along like a leaf in whatever’s happening. Simply squirming, or laying back and trying to let your dom guide everything can get boring quickly. Even if you’re bound from head to toe, there’s still a bunch of reactions that you can get through just from describing things like thoughts, facial expressions, heartrate, and things of that nature. If your dom does something to you, such as goosing your rump, or siccing a dragon on you, you have to react to it, and describe those reactions. There’s nothing more disheartening for a good dom than setting something up, and having the sub totally ignore it.

If they touch you, describe how that touch felt on your end. If they say something to you, say something back if appropriate. You react to the dom, and the dom reacts to how you react to them. If you don’t give them anything, it’s hard to get anything. This factors into something I’ll go into more detail on in its own post, but the main thing is to try and balance your posts with your doms. A good RP has posts of similar length on both sides. If you’re a “One-Line” RPer, that’s fine, and even fun sometimes, but try to find someone who shares that post length so reactions are balanced.

*Don’t Write for Your Dom

As the owner of this blog, and someone who tries hard to stay neutral and fair to all RPing styles, let me take a moment to break character. This. Gets. On. My. Tits. I have met many a sub who is a bit of a control nut, I’ll have something written out, and then when it’s their turn they’ll say my character has done something I never said they did. This is usually due to them wanting to get to the good bits quickly, or wanting the dom to do a certain action they haven’t done yet. But let me tell you its terrible form. It either forces your dom to go with what you’ve written, or halt the RP breaking immersion to point out that their character hasn’t done that. As a sub, you can do anything you wish with your character within the bounds of reason, but never write for your partner’s character without permission. I’ve been frustrated by this many a time.

“As u releaze me frum teh handcufz ur hand shuts out to greb myne :D!”

~Bad RPer


This is more a tip for finding a partner than anything, but find someone who matches the tone you like, or if you have a friend who doesn’t quite match your tone, but is a fun partner, try to match the tone on a case by case basis. If there’s a deep, threatening predator in the RP, don’t go for a bunch of smiles and hugging, unless that’s the tone your dom is going for. You can be yourself OOC of course, but once in an RP, try to keep the tone of that RP. I’m not a huge fan of smilies, but some people love them to death, and that’s fine. If you want to toss a little <3 into your RP go right ahead, but if it’s in an RP about the death of civilization, or some kind of bondage or non consensual scenario it’s not going to fit.

“;X then i activate my final forme and destoy the wurld ;ZZ”

~Brother of Bad RPer

RPing is a dance, try to move with your partner, and not step on their feet. This is the ultimate theme throughout both subbing and domming; match tones with your partner. Match lengths, posting times, anything you can, find rhythm. If someone types five paragraphs, don’t respond with one line. If someone writes one line, don’t respond with five paragraphs. Dance with them. You won’t be able to do this with everyone, but when you find someone with whom you can it’s wonderful.

*Don’t Be Demanding

As I stated at the start of this post, there are a lot more subs than doms in the world. So in a lot of cases, when you’re RPing with a dom, it’s usually a sub or a switch filling the role for you. Be considerate of this, and don’t get angry for things they might not want to do, or try to force them into things they’re not comfortable with. I’ve had this happen to me a few times and its never fun for anyone. If your dom has said no to something, don’t try to sneak it into the RP later, and if you’re not sure someone is cool with something, don’t spring it on them. OOC is important, talk to your dom, find middle ground. Usually there’s a compromise to be had.

Whew! Well that took a while. I hope you enjoyed, and if you read down to this point thank you! I couldn’t cover everything, and I’ve BARELY blown the dust off the surface, but I hope it helps! But if you have any specific questions, ASK ME! I’m here to help! Anything at all, nothing is too lewd, or embarrassing. I’ve done it all so go right ahead. Please, like follow and reblog if you’re enjoying our little discussion on RPing, much thanks to Solidness for helping with this post.

All the Young Dudes

Author: castielohcastiel

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1034

Warning: fluff 

A/N: Request by @feelmyroarrrr : Record store day and unsurprisingly Dean. Sorry it took a while! You also asked for a Cas one, that will be posted soon.

Also, thanks to my girl @netflixandcastiellll for beta-ing my mess. <3

Castiel Record Store Version

Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes

The Impala roared into the small parking lot of Resistor Records. A giddy feeling rushes over you as Dean parks the car. The hunter, whose idea of a Thursday morning does not consist of waking up at seven in the morning to wait in line for some records, is grumbling subtly. But this is all for you. That’s all the motivation Dean needs to get up at the ass crack of dawn, if it meant spending any amount of time with you alone. The hunter has harbored deep feelings for you since the moment Ellen had introduced you to Sam and him. You still remember him flashing a brilliant smile and his charming yet caring demeanor. This is why Dean found himself standing beside you in the cold, fourth in line.

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(For warning it’s a bit long)

“Elliot… Elliot!”, Arthur groaned as they trotted through the marsh in the mostly rained on fields of IIvermony.

“What?”, the brunette with bright green eyes shrugged ,“ we’ll be a little late but who cares am I right? Let’s have a little adventure.”

Arthur chuckled and shook his head ,“ you are always getting me into trouble. I’m surprised Dad hasn’t considered you a bad influence yet”.

“I’ll take that as a compliment from a Graves”, he quipped .

Arthur rolled his eyes ,“ you would, charmer.”

Elliot stopped and turned to the jet haired boy , meeting his ice blue eyes , bowing slightly ,“ guilty as charged .” Then pointed to a wall. It was about 5 feet over them plus their own height. Too high for either of them to climb alone but maybe with a boost. But Arthur blinked and then scowled ,

“Elliot , no. Are you serious? We could get expelled going into the Brush.”

Elliot shifted his shoulders back and whined ,“ oh c'mon Arthur! Haven’t you ever wondered WHY they don’t let us over there?”.

Arthur crossed his arms ,“ sure, but I ain’t gonna go find out .”

“C'mon, please? Just a peek-”




“I’ll let you read me all you want about birds in that book you annoy me about. I’ll even add , no interruptions.”

Arthur cocked a brow ,“ really? Will you actually listen?”.

“To your damn bird-ology ? Yeah. ”, Elliot smirked.

Arthur thought hard before furrowing his brows. “Oh for the love of-fine”, he gave him a smile .

Elliot fist pumped the air and waved him over ,“ Sweet! Now C'mere and give me a boost.”

Arthur snapped his fingers with a wink ,“ you got it cap.”

Doing as said and lifting him up over the wall. Arthur gave him his hand and Elliot gripped it, pulling him up roughly.

They jumped to the other side and Elliot huffed , setting his hands on his hips and slouching ,“ huh. Not much.”

All they saw was the over grown weeds and canopies of tall trees surrounding the area. “Well”, Elliot nudged Arthur’s shoulder and started to explore .

Arthur scratched the back of his head and followed ,“ hey let’s try not to get lost in here okay?”.

Elliot waved his hand ,“ we won’t get lost I promise.”

Arthur frowned with a wary expression. Glancing around him, until he saw a bird and completely dozed off into figuring out what type of bird , and how it moved . He walked over ,“ hm, ah. Another American Gold Finch”, he said as he saw the glimmer of yellow feathers . He called , waving his hand over ,

“ Hey! Elliot! Come over here, and let me teach you about birds”, but when he turned , Elliot was gone.

“Elliot?… Elliot?! Dude this isn’t funny!”, he said . Panic started to take his heart but he breathed. Looking around and listening closely.

“HELP!!!!”, he flinched , the golden bird and more burst through the branches and flew away upon hearing Elliot’s pained screams.

Arthur bolted towards the noise as he shouted ,“ ELLIOT ! IM COMING!”.

He ran , and ran , Elliot’s screams starting to die down ,“ no no no!”

He then tripped over a log , tumbling down a steep hill . Through bushes and mud and dirt he bounced until he met the even floor with a thump. He took a moment to recover , groaning, feeling fire in his wrist.

“Shit! Agh… Agh”, he breathed , then stopped , his eyes growing wide as he saw blood on the ground. He had noticed Elliot’s screams had gone quiet, and he trailed his eyes along.

“Elliot…”, his voice was broken as he saw his best friend , lying , blood dripping from his mouth, and the precise gash across his abdomen.

“Elliot please , no no”, he crawled over and shoved his fingers on his throat for a pulse . When he felt nothing, and his chest unmoving. He knew it was too late. He lightly pulled his hand back, before scooting himself away , “ oh.. Oh my .. Oh my…”, he panicked , tears brimming his eyes ,“ oh my god.. Oh my god , ELLOIT!! ”, he wheezed , shaking the lifeless boy’s body .

“ELLIOT WAKE UP! PLEASE WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!”, he sobbed shaking him ,“ p-please.. I-it’s not safe… We.. Could be late to class”, he said bitter sweetly through wails. “Please wake up…”

He then took a moment, instinct taking over and he looked at the wound. It was too clean to be a stab wound, yet.. To long and wide to be anything else. Someone… A spell. A curse would have done something like this. He sat back, he knew he should have been running. But he couldn’t. He felt sick, and a pain so unreal it was as if he felt nothing. He stared for moments at his best friend’s Pauling face. The light in the boys eyes gone. He started to cry again.

It had been hours , the sun starting to set . And he woke up still in the forbidden Brush.

(You don’t have to answer and ANYONE can join blah blah , just sorta getting it started y'know , it’s an open thing and I was genuinely proud of myself when re-read it . Like I was like, god damn. Lol)



Okay but sit down because I cannot even begin to express the enormity of what this scene meant to the Doctor or why he did it or how it was so significantly a part of his character and even here I feel like I’m barely scratching the surface–

“No, really. Just leave me. I’m an old man, Doctor, I’ve had my time.”

This is the turning point. Until then, until that sentence, the Doctor’d been holding it together – he knew that he was going to have to die and he knew that he couldn’t fix it and he knew that he’d die for Wilf and he was going to take it with his head down and a lump in his throat and barely even meet Wilf’s eye and that was gonna be it. Because the Doctor was used to this, because hecouldn’t break the rules, because good men had no rules and surprise surprise, he did.There’s this point and I mean, yeah it upsets him, and whenever you give the Doctor hope and take it away he’s gonna be angry (see: “I can still save her!” per The Voyage of the Damned), but he doesn’t break until then. Until Wilf says that, until Wilf insists that his life isn’t that important, that it’s fine, and –

well, exactly! Look at him! Not remotely important – but the Doctor, him, he could do so much more, he could do so much bloody more, like standing there and watching more of his friends get themselves killed because that’s how it always ends, because all he’s managed to do is get them killed or hurt or injured and they all stood there, just like Wilf, they all stood there and his reward for the bloody things he does do right is FORGIVENESS, like it’s okay you’re killing me, it’s okay, I’m not important his reward is his friends believing they’re not important enough to save. His reward is the human race, the stupid forgiving human race that’s the only reason he managed to get this far in the first place, his REWARD is that they’re willing to die for him, without question, the moment he asks. Good littlesoldiers, responding to their General.

Man, I’m feeling sick just talking about this.

He has lost everything. He watched Rose turn to face her (would-be) death in Dalek and the last thing she said to him was I wouldn’t’ve missed this for the world, the last thing she said was to comfort him – and Donna, she wanted to die, because she wanted to know him for just five more minutes, to just know who she was to the Universe for that much longer. And Martha quit her career as a doctor to work for Torchwood, to become one of the best and most dangerous weapons London’s ever had. And out of all of that, out of all of the things he did, out of all of the most IMPORTANT things in his life that he managed to ruin, not oneof them ever told him it was his fault. Hell, half of them don’t even believe they’re important. Compared to the Doctor, to the marvellous, wonderful Doctor, how could they? He loses everything and it’s not fair.

I think what’s notable about this scene is that the Doctor is afraid. The sort of fear that leaves his eyes glistening, his throat thick, his breaths ragged – he doesn’t want this responsibility, he doesn’t want to keep going, to make up for it, to somehow make amends for lettingsomeone else die – he doesn’t want to be trusted, or loved, or cared about, because right now it hurts. Because he’s just entered this new world where there aren’t any Time Lords, where he has nobody, and he’s watching these people die, and he can’t fix it, and worse they don’t seem to realise, and is this the Time War? Was this what he’d done, is this who he is now – is getting people killed, getting people to die for him, all he’s good at, anymore? Is that it, is that who he’s become? And if he tells them then they’ll leave but they’ll leave anyway so he keeps going and humans wither, humans die, and don’t they see and god he wishes – he wishes – and he keeps going and… and… and god, look at them.

Oh, he’s lived too long.
He’s tired.

Look at him sigh, look at that drop of the shoulders, look at that deep, shuddering breath. He is sotired. He knows it’s been a good run, he knows Rose Tyler would not have missed it for the world and that Martha Jones got out and that Wilfred Mott was nobody important, really, he doesn’t mind. Sometimes he thinks he knows too much. But he’s just tired, and he’s alone, and he has to. Because this is how the story ends, this is the grand climax: a lonely man, in a lonely room, and this time this can be his reward. This time, he can be the one to say goodbye, first. This time he won’t have to watch them die, ‘cause it will be the other way around.

This time, he gets to forgive.

Wilfred, it’s my honour.” And he has never, ever meant any words more than he means them now. You are forgiven. You are so totally, completely forgiven. And this time – this time, maybe he can be, too.

The Doctor was afraid, he was tired, he was lonely.
But for this one golden, shining moment, just this one last hurrah, just these last few minutes before he has to let go of them (and he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to go, but that is how life works and he’s sorry), in these last few moments…

he will not have to be alone.

Well my friends,

2015 has come to a close and 2016 has started.

2015 started out with me being stuck in a rut I was in for a long while, I was depressed, and I was trapped in NC as a waitress, not going to college, and just barely making my way through life. Really, everything changed when I had a dream that I needed to grow up and accept that things in life are inevitable. You can’t keep someone from suicide, you can’t bring them back.

I lost her, him, them. She was a she, but I refer to her as a he, a them, a she. She went by all pronouns, literally, she was so open minded. She was everything to me, and then some. She was my first love, she was my life. I lost her at age 16, and for years I was just coping. My parents didn’t know why I was depressed because I had not come out to them as being Pansexual. They never knew we (jasper and I) loved each other, and even then, I knew I didn’t care much for “sex”. She was the first person who ever respected that, and we just held hands, and did things I was comfortable with. Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know, I just have noticed a lot of you tell me stuff about you, so in a sense I am reciprocating. In fact, 6 years ago, I had not even known about the term “Pansexual”. Anywho, I digress.

In the end, she committed suicide. I knew for a while she was suffering, but I didn’t know she was that upset. I had no clue. I was floored by the realization. Then I got mad at her, how could someone I love so much, who loved me, kill themselves? How could someone leave me? Why was I not good enough to live for?

Those are questions I still wonder, but may never have answered. Her journal’s last entry referred to an Alice, something her parents never figured out meant me. (Alice, my name, actually came from her calling me “Alice” from Twilight, she and I both were Twilight fans back in the day. For a short time, until we began to discover how kinda stupid it really was. She called me Alice. So I used it as a gamertag, and have kept it ever since. I am now, Alice. I no longer go by my real life nickname much anymore. She went by Jasper, aka J.G being her initials. I only ever refer to her as Jasper.)

In it, it said she loved me and that she was sorry. That was the only closure I got. I was the first on the scene immediately after it happened. I heard the gunshot, everything.

I even nearly went to the military when I was 18, because I wanted out of the small town I grew up in since I was 8, I was originally from California. But, even though I could have gotten into Linguistics in the Army, I turned it down. I will always regret that decision. Then again, me being like Chloe Price and all, authority and I do not play well together >.>

With all that said and done, down to a recap of this year, 2015 was just me continuing a self-destructive pattern at the start, to sum it all up. Then I had a dream, like I said, and in May I suddenly grew up.  I got my shit together and went back to school, I made a 4.0 my first quarter. Life was good, I started to actually take chances again, I started opening up. I began to live again. It was like a breath of fresh air, it felt so good to be out on my own. During this time, I began the journey of finding myself and my sexuality. I began to figure myself out.

The second week into the second quarter, I began to fall back into a depression. My granddad died. It was a car wreck, a fluke one. It was terrible news, and it was the second time I lost myself in grief. I was the last family member he saw and spoke to in person before his death. The last thing he said to me was “Quit smoking, it will kill you.” I have begun to quit smoking, it’s just taking some time.

A little over a month after his death, I bought all the episodes of LiS and played it. I had played the first episode, but I played it smart, and played the first episode, and waited until all of them came out. I didn’t torture myself for the whole year. Heh.

The moment I saw Chloe in the game, I related. The anger, the resentment toward the world, the acting out to hide the fact she is really suffering. The “go getting” attitude, and the hard ass demeanor. She stole my heart. She lost her fatherly figure, William, I lost Jack, my granddad. My fatherly figure. She has a step father named David, I have an ex LTC from the Army who is an asshole as a father, his name is also David. Whom I resent quite a bit for the PTSD he has given me from screaming at me for no reason, along with a lifetime supply of emotional abuse and other things.

LiS also reminded me of the fact I would rewind time in a heartbeat to save my Granddad, or Jasper, if I could. It gave me such bittersweet comfort. It made me realize, that in life, sometimes not re-doing things is best. Even if you wish you could.

At the end of October I found my first tumblr fandom, and joined the fandom of LIS, and those who ship Pricefield. I met some amazing people, but for a while I was still shy. Then it just dawned on me, why not spread joy, and share the stupid shit I do with my tumblr followers? People responded kindly to my change in behavior, some even admit they like the dumb stuff I rant about and stuff. It makes people smile, and for that, I am thankful.

I have met so many people, so frequently it has happened so fast, so if I forget someone, it is not personal. I just cannot keep up with all the AMAZING people I talk to.

First came @atelierevzimus , a friend I speak with constantly. Evan, you are fucking amazing and I love the shit you message me. It’s always hilarious as fuck.

Next in line is @prcefields known as Andrew, and this guy will keep you in stitches. I love the little *flies off into the sun* tag he does, I hope I am not the only one that notices that either. Just the shit he says, funny as all get out.

Next I met, @rowanred81 whom I adored immediately due to the little gif wars we did, the fact they WRITE for the awesome comic that is “What If?” , and just their overall personality. Fucking amazeballs, this one. And just know I will silently judge you if you are a pricefield shipper, and you aren’t following this amazing person. Like seriously, get with it, yeah?

THEN COMES FENNY WOLF, @fenrirwolff who is like ZOMG my best friend on tumblr, cause we even talk on Kik. Yes. This amazing ball of fluff is like, a brother to me. Especially since they have “wolf” in their name. really, becoming friends with him was a no brainer. And it was totally fucking worth it 10,000 times over.

Somewhere along the way I met @priestessamy whom I impishly pester whenever I get a fucking chance, cause, it’s just a load of fun to see their reaction!! Plus, Amy has an amazing sense of humor, and seems to understand I do things just to make myself laugh, as much as I do it to make the other person laugh, so they never get mad at me. WHICH I LOVE ABOUT YOU, YOU LITTLE DELIGHT!!

@orinn123, another tumblr brutha!!! I also speak to him on Kik, and this one writes hella good poems, and is super down to earth. Super kind, thoughtful, and is always willing to make people smile. And he says funny shit.

Then I met @emsthebassist and I also talk to her via Kik. She and I just get along, idk how to explain it but, we just click. She puts up with me ranting and raving about stuff, especially when I am at work, and yes we still have yet to meet in person. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN! I promise. Still not sure why you want to meet me though. I’m really not interesting irl.

@vanosswriting probably the funniest person I know, and it just kinda happens at times that I need a laugh. Out pops a vanoss, and sure enough, laughter ensues. Plus, they make up for like half of my reblogs. This one here, literally reblogs 0.8 seconds after I reblog something. It’s ridiculously awesome.

Somewhere amidst all of this, @indiestorey came in. I fucking adore this one for drawing a literal MOMENT out of my fanfic, I about died when I saw it. It was super fucking good, and yeah, I cannot express how much I appreciate that kind of support. Like seriously. Just wow.

@painkiller08 has gone through some shit, and I was there for him during a dark time, and after that he had heard I was also going through a hard time, so we are like the two emo people over in the corner who can just talk about tragedy to get it off our chests, and enjoy each others company. Literally, this totally sums up our friendship. A friendship I value tenfold.

@somethingexplosion WHOISLIKESUPERFUCKINGPRETTYIMEANREALLY. Ahem. We have spoken a few times, and I adore and love love love this person. I wish we spoke more ;-; really I do. You seem hella dope. And I wish you a happy 2016, consider this my “MESSAGE ME ALL THE TIME, LET ME LOVE YOU” message. Yes, that.

@thelegendarydarcylewis YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE RP PARTNER. I will forever ship Logan x Aphrodite, and call their ship name Aphgan. And know, from the bottom of my own black heart, I love you, and wish you a happy 2016, and MESSAGE ME ON SKYPE MORE YOU NERD! I really miss you!!

Aaand that’s it. All of these people I mentioned, even the LITTLEST of things they do, give me motivation in life every single day. All of their kind comments, and some of them have even tagged me saying I have touched their lives in a positive manner, and it’s just “wow”.

When I came to tumblr, and joined this fandom, I had no idea people would be so welcoming, so supportive, and so loving. I am glad I have brought some joy into y’alls lives with my stupid and random posts. I just put shit up there, and as my quote before Christmas went;
“My blogs start out as thoughts on tumblr, and end up becoming a story.”

Because you all reblog and add your comments, and it’s just amazing. I love the attention support.

So goodbye 2015, hello 2016. And I hope all of you mentioned above have a hella 2016.

*taps ground with staff, transforms into a wolf, and runs off into the mist*

And Jasper, just know, I have never forgotten you. Just like you asked me not to that day we were at the pond, high as a kite. You will live on, if only through me.

Seven Years - Saosin