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Okay but Lena being convinced that she’s dating Kara and holding her hand and cuddling with her and Kara thinks that they’re just friends so she doesn’t think it’s odd until one day Lena pecks her goodbye and calls her “babe” and Kara practically combusts on the spot and is like “what? Oh ok...”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be dating Lena.

She does.

Rao, she does.

But Lena’s called them friends before, and to Kara, that means that she only wants to be friends.


So Kara lets herself love Lena the best way she can. 

In all ways.

But only as her friend.

So certain things… certain things stay in her imagination.

And she thinks it’s her imagination when one day, Lena kisses her on the cheek – Kara’s heart leaps, as it always does – and tells her, “see you tonight, babe.”




Kara’s heart leaps and it twitches and for a moment, she’s flying. 

She must have misheard.

Or maybe she hallucinated.

Maybe there’s something in her brain that’s being attacked by some alien, maybe she should get herself to the DEO, maybe –

“Kara? All good?” Lena asks, and Lena is touching her arm, and her face is so close, and her breath smells of red wine and perfection and –

“Lena, I… did you… I… you know what, never mind, yes, yeah, later, dinner plans, our dinner plans, I’ll see you for them. For the dinner plans, yes.”

The skin behind Lena’s eyes scrunches slightly and normally Kara finds it attractive but today it’s increasing her panic, her confusion.

Her being convinced that she’s having some alien-induced visions, because Lena Luthor cannot possibly have just called her – 

“Babe, what is it? Did I… did I do something wrong?”

And now Kara’s stomach really sinks, because that’s worry in Lena’s voice, that’s panic in Lena’s eyes, and suddenly both of Kara’s hands are on her upper arms because no, no, no, she cannot panic like this, question herself like this, not because of Kara.

“No, Lena, of course not, I just…” She steels herself and she breathes and she lets herself fall, just for a moment, into Lena’s eyes. “You called me ‘babe.’ And I… no, no, shh, it wasn’t wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, Lena, I… it felt nice, but I… maybe it felt… too nice, or… I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, Kara, please, tell me. Whatever it is you’re thinking, I want to know, so we can deal with it. That’s what relationships are built on, right? Communication, and… and trust?”

“Rela… friendships. Friendships, huh?” Kara chuckles and adjusts her glasses.

Lena squints.

“Kara, if calling you babe is too fast, that’s fine, that’s okay. Or… or if you’d prefer another pet name… I often think of you as… as my darling, in my head, if you’d prefer that to babe… I just… I thought… I’m sorry, Kara, truly, I didn’t mean to – “

“Wait, Lena, I… what – what?”

“Kara, you’re my girlfriend. You’re allowed to tell me what you like and don’t – “

But Lena doesn’t finish her sentence, because Kara’s lips are on hers, and Kara’s breath is her own, and Kara’s pulse is her own, and…

“You can call me babe all you want,” Kara whispers into her mouth, and Lena swoons, and Kara steadies her with strong hands and a trembling heart and soft, soft lips.

“Excellent,” Lena smiles into Kara’s mouth, and they dive into their first kiss with just as much synchronicity as they dive into everything else.


Here’s a currently untitled little ficlet based off of recent spoilers (ya’ll know the ones) and the possibilities that it may not be as it seems. however, this is all speculation and an excuse for me to write some bed sharing! :D

The Sinnerman grips Chloe roughly by the forearm. They stand on the edge of Lux’s penthouse balcony, wind whipping at Chloe’s hair.

“You will regret this.” Lucifer growls, fury barely restrained. How he wishes for his Devil Face, a flash of his true face and the human would be gibbering and useless.

“Maybe.” the Sinnerman man shrug. “But I really doubt it.”

Lucifer steps closer, tries to get a read on Chloe. She’s holding herself still, ready to act the moment she can, but her eyes are scared. He tries to wordlessly communicate to her not to worry, that he’ll get them out of this somehow. The Sinnerman’s gun presses harder into her side.

“I wouldn’t get any closer.” the Sinnerman cautions.

Chloe closes her eyes and bites at her mouth. Lucifer stops, unwilling to endanger her.

“What do you want?” Lucifer says between gritted teeth.

He laughs. “What do I want? I’m afraid you little tricks won’t work on me, Morningstar. But I’ll be lenient, just this once, and tell you.”

There’s a beat of silence stretched out between them and the Sinnerman’s smile goes cruel.

“I want you to answer a question.” he says.

“Anything.” Lucifer replies instantly, desperate.

“Does it terrify you? That she will finally know what you are?” the Sinnerman grins triumphantly and pushes Chloe off the edge.

She screams.

Chloe!” Lucifer yells, her name torn from his throat. He sprints to the balcony and launches himself after her without any hesitation.

He spots her easily, free falling just below him. He angles himself, streamlining in order to catch up to her. Her eyes are wide and terrified as he cuts through the air towards her. He is close enough to reach out to her, straining, and then his hand closes around her arm and he pulls her to him, arms enfolding.

She clutches at him, desperate. “Lucifer!” she gasps in his ear.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. I’ve got you.” he says and goes to unfurl his wings…and there’s nothing. He looks over his shoulder to see nothing, blood soaking through his shirt in two wet patches, hot and sticky.


They tumble helplessly through the air, the wing muscles along his spine cramping as they try to move limbs that aren’t there. “Father, please.” he begs, wrapping himself around Chloe more fully.

There is no answer. His wings remain absent.

“I’m sorry.” he tells her, distraught. “I’m so sorry.” He doesn’t know if she can hear him, the wind tearing the words away the moment he utters them.

He keeps her face tucked against his neck. He doesn’t want her to see how close they are to the end. They plummet, tangled up together, the ground rushing up to meet them. Then everything goes dark.


Lucifer comes awake with a strangled scream, jolting upright, lungs heaving. He’s drenched with sweat, trailing down his back, collected in the hollow of his throat. His sheets are soaked with it. He shivers, chilled.

He pulls his wings into the physical plane, curls them around himself. A built-in safety blanket of feathers, glowing slightly in the darkness. For the first time since they’ve been stuck unwillingly to his back, he is grateful for their presence.

It was only a dream.

Bloody hell, that was horrible. Fright still curls in his veins, frantic. He can’t just sit here. He has to know, he has to make sure she’s alright.

He kicks away the tangled bedding and gets to his feet. He slides on a pair of pants, snatches up a shirt from off the floor and throws it on, barely bothering with buttons.

He reaches for his keys out of habit and then stops. It won’t be fast enough, not to sate this unrelenting panic. He walks out to that same balcony, but there’s no Sinnerman, no danger. Even so, he can still hear Chloe’s phantom scream ring through his ears.

Lucifer splays his wings out, feeling the way the wind drifts through his feathers. He gives them an experimental flap, reveling in the smooth motion, the flex of muscle.

For the first time, he flies.


There’s an insistent knock at her door. Chloe blinks blearily, her mind slow to understand the noise that drug her from sleep.

Her phone tells her it’s an ungodly hour and that means it can only be one person. She supposed she should be grateful he didn’t just break in like he normally does.

She hauls herself out of bed, looks at her threadbare pajama pants and her oversized LAPD shirt and decides if he’s going to bother her at this time in the morning he can deal with her appearance.

She shuffles over to the door, nearly rattling with the force of his knocking, and opens it. Lucifer stares back at her, leaning against the side of the door frame. He looks disheveled, hair wild, his shirt buttons mismatched. He’s barefooted, toes peeking out from under his pant legs.

“Lucifer, what -” she starts.

“You’re okay.” he breathes, like it’s salvation. Then he’s moving forward, fingers on the side of her face first, then the rest of him as he steps through and embraces her. “You’re okay.” he repeats and she realizes he’s trembling, holding her almost too tight.

It’s the first time he’s ever initiated contact like this. She returns the hug, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“I’m fine, Lucifer. Everyone is fine.” she tells him, mostly muffled by his chest. Still, she lets him hold her, far past the point of propriety. He’s warm and solid against her, banishing the chill that the still open door is letting in.

He finally eases back and now he looks embarrassed. She doesn’t let him go far, catching at his wrist and keeping him near.  

“What’s this all about, Lucifer?” she asks when he won’t meet her gaze.

“Just a nightmare, Detective. Nothing more.” he says dismissively. “I shouldn’t have bothered you.” he begins to tug himself loose, but she tightens her grip.

“Don’t.” she says, voice firm. “Stay.” she commands in a voice that expects obedience. His feet remain rooted where he stands. She steps around him and closes the door, sealing off the cooler night air trying to sneak in. She turns back to him. “Now, what was this all about?”

He shifts. “It is foolish.”

She pushes back in his space, almost a hug except that their arms remain at their sides. His head dips down towards hers, like the pull of gravity. 

“Tell me anyway.” she says softly.  

“You were falling.” he says hoarsely. He closes his eyes tight. “And I couldn’t catch you.”

Chloe sighs faintly and rests her head against his sternum. It rises and falls slightly with his breathing. Then she straightens. “Well, come on, then.” she says and starts to walk back to her room.

“Detective?” he asks, uncertain. She looks back at him, standing there, looking lost and unsure.

“Are you coming?” Chloe asks, raising her brows. She gives him an impatient gesture and that finally spurs his feet after her. He halts again at the threshold of her bedroom, seeming bewildered at this sequence of events.

“I’m sorry, I think I’ve misunderstood.” he says.

“If you went back home, would you get any more sleep tonight?” she asks.

“No.” he replies quietly. Yeah, that’s what she thought.

“And then I would be up all night worried about you after you left, so this way maybe we both can get some rest before we have to go into work tomorrow, alright?”

The fact that he doesn’t argue with her or make a lascivious comment tells her that this nightmare really shook him. He just brings his hands up to slowly undo the buttons on his shirt. He hangs it on the back of her doorknob while she gets back in bed. He reaches for the covers and pulls them back, sliding carefully under the sheets beside her. 

There’s an odd swoop of sensation in her stomach at the mattress dipping with his weight. It has been a long time since she’s shared a bed with someone and nerves flutter briefly in her belly before she pushes them away.

He settles himself, tense and holding his body carefully away from hers. Well, she’s not having any of that nonsense and rolls close. His eyes are shadowed and unfathomable in the dark, and she meets them for a moment before she wriggles down against him, nose at his throat, sliding an arm around his waist. She forces herself to relax and, after a moment, he gradually eases and winds his arms around her, too.

He exhales a shuddery breath into her hair and Chloe makes a small humming noise of contentment, pressing soothing patterns into his back with her fingertips. They fall asleep like that, tangled up in one another, and nightmares do not visit them.

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may i please request a mileven fic where el gets very hurt physically and has to go to the hospital while mike is freaking out and crying (maybe a car crash or she gets shot?) 🌻🌻

“Mike, Mike!”

Mike opens one eye, groans loudly and rolls over. He wants to hibernate for a year until he’s allowed to see Eleven again. He’s been told that isn’t an option but not for lack of trying on his part. He’s still shocked though when Nancy turns on the lamp next to his bed and rips the blankets off of him. He’s outraged too. He’s about to give some kind of excuse when he looks over at the clock.

“It’s four am,” he says.

“No shit, sherlock,” Nancy says rolling her eyes, “Chief Hopper called, he says you have to be downstairs in five minutes or he’s not stopping.”

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In the wake of all sorts of role-player related ups and downs lately, I’d like to take a moment to remind people of a couple of things that I have learned during all this time I have been a role-player. Please keep in mind that these come from my experiences alone, and they certainly aren’t enforced rules. Just things that might help others who are trying to get into the RP community.

1.) Communication is KEY. If you take anything away from this text post, let it be this. 

Not feeling an RP? Say something. Something come up and you can’t make a scheduled RP that you have set up with someone? Say something! Need a break? Say something! One of the literal worst feelings when being in an RP situation and not knowing what’s going on with the other person, especially when it comes to long gaps of time where nothing happens…or maybe someone’s just focusing on another alt. Silence and lack of communication is a breeding ground for uncertainty, assumption, jealousy and frustration.

2.) Real life comes first. Always. 

There should be no guilt being given or received for needing to sleep or rest, or to take care of one’s family or friends. Even just the need to be away from the computer or gaming systems. Real life ALWAYS comes first.

3.) Set engagement expectations early. 

Some people play one character and are looking for constant engagement with that character. Some people spend time across a number of alts and may favor a few of them more than the rest. Some people can only RP once or twice a week due to schedules. Make sure people involved understand availability.

4.) Roleplay should NEVER be forced.

If you are logging on and role-playing feels like a chore? Something is wrong and you need to think long and hard about what that is. Maybe it’s a lack of story, or you aren’t getting particular types of RP out of the current set-up you have. Maybe it’s time to move on to another game for a new, fresh start. Try to address this as soon as you start feeling it.

5.) There are good and bad kinds of drama.

Is there some juicy story drama happening during an arc? Romance? Tension? Action? This is the good kind of drama. In Character drama can be healthy and fun (again, so long as there is communication).

Are players treating each other with disrespect? Games of he-said she-said about players? Discrimination? Name-calling? Avoidance or alienation? Now we have some problems. 

Identify drama early. Address it before it becomes a wildfire. 

To reiterate, a lot of what was said above are things that I have experienced, and situations that might help others. There’s certainly no guidebook or laws set in stone regarding RP engagement, but maybe some of the things I have learned (both positive and negative) can help others enjoy this wonderful hobby.

If you have any other helpful tips and tricks when it comes to RP, speak up! I certainly love to read helpful ideas and experiences. Sharing wisdom can only help!

Fic: “No Secrets”

After he’s returned from his abduction, Mulder and Scully have a talk about their relationship.  Season Eight AU.  Rated G, also here on Ao3.


Mulder feels fine now, really he does, but Scully doesn’t seem to want to listen.  “You need to rest,” she says, ushering him towards his room as they walk into the apartment.  “You’ve been through a lot.”  And he knows where she’s coming from—he remembers after her abduction, the way she had to insist on being back in the field again and even then he wasn’t quite sure about it, and there wasn’t even as much between them in those days.   But resting is the last thing he wants to do right now, when there’s so much else he could be doing.  Eating something good, maybe, instead of hospital food, or going for a run, or pulling her into him and kissing her.  That last one sounds especially good, but they haven’t in a while, not since he came back, not since she found him, and he’s not sure where to start, not with that expression on her face.  But when she says, “Why don’t you get some sleep?”, he feels the need to protest.

“I don’t need to sleep, Scully,” he says.  “I’ve gotten plenty of sleep in the hospital.  I’m really not tired.”

She looks at him as if she’s going to push back—to protest his protest—and then her expression shifts.  He’s not sure if he likes the shift, though.  There’s still a challenge in her face, and when she says, “All right. Why don’t we talk, then?”, he gets the feeling there’s going to be some kind of reckoning.

But he says, “Sure, let’s talk.”

They both take seats on the couch, at her insistence: she says she wants him resting in some form, at least.  It hasn’t been that long in the grand scheme of things—only a few weeks—but it’s odd for a moment, settling into that familiar place, those familiar positions, with all that they’ve just been through.  She looks at him steadily for a few moments, still with that same expression, and he’s about to say something just to break the silence when she comes out with, “Were you ever going to tell me?”

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partially deaf jeremy and sensory overloads:

  • one of the worst parts of being hoh is that. you still get sensory overloads just in different ways
  • having to constantly be completely alert and aware of everything and what people are doing and reading lips or subtitles is super exhausting and can be really overwhelming, especially for jeremy “gets overwhelmed picking out what shirt to wear” heere 
  • school days alone are usually tiring enough. some days jer will fall asleep in the car when michael drives him home (michael secretly thinks it’s really freaking cute when jer falls asleep with his face all smushed against his seatbelt) or he’ll take a little nap while michael does his homework and he’ll usually wake up feeling much better and ready to play video games
  • some days, though, are worse. before the squip incident, morning run-ins with rich make him hyper-conscious of other people talking and he becomes convinced that people are talking about him and he pushes himself too hard to listen and read lips and it’s just. Too Much
  • Michael can tell just by looking at jeremy when it’s been one of Those Days. when they meet for lunch, he’ll just wordlessly nod towards the parking lot and jer will nod gratefully and they’ll take shelter in the pt cruiser where jer can turn his aids off and just let things be quiet, knowing that if he needs to communicate with michael he can always sign. 
  • sometimes during these lunch periods michael will drive down to the 7/11 and get jer a slushy so he can fidget with the straw (and also so he’ll at least get some hydration, even if it’s mostly Sugar Ice) 
  • if jeremy is really upset or just breaks down michael is right there to give his boy a hug if he needs it or to tell him a cheesy story about his moms to make him smile or just hold him some days. he doesn’t mind being a few minutes late for fifth period just to wait for jer to remember how to breathe and make sure his eyes aren’t red
  • “we’ll just tell people we’re hotboxing out here if they say anything” “won’t they think we’re stoners or something?” “I have weed socks jeremiah what do you think”
  • conversely whenever michael’s having sensory overload they’ll usually go to the car and jeremy will wait patiently for it to pass with him. since michael has to have his headphones on or else he’ll literally Die if he hears another sound the sign language really comes in handy so that jer can check in on him without speaking. 
  • yes michael is slightly jealous that jer can just Turn Off the world at any given moment and make everything stop being so loud but he would never admit it
  • no matter how bad things get, they have each other. and most days that’s enough

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There's a tomtord DDLB fanfiction on wattpad and I'M cringing because tord is 16 and tom is above the age of 20.

I seriously did not need to know this,
Especially when I just saw some fucking up shit on a hentai blog I stumbled on and I just can’t un see the fuck I just saw and I’m just re thinking life at the moment

What I’m trying to say is I hate Tumblr

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that @imhereforbvcky and I are having a full on discussion and she just says “oh hold on i’m watching tws and it’s the bridge scene”. So she can’t talk for the next 5 minutes. I should be offended but like

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Come on..

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Can you blame her?

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Who wouldn’t need to take a moment?


It’s not what you say
It’s what you do
Just keep wishing your wishes
Are true
Well, your dreams
They’re reality
There’s no pain
There’s no misery
Just polish the blood and the bruise
There’s just no way you can lose
Well, I wish it was true

~ White Buffalo

The Punisher, 1x03, Kandahar

Can’t gif, so screencapped one of the most powerful moments in the show

What if...?

So…let’s just say….for argument’s sake…that Kylo and Rey are related. Stay with me, stay with me (we are playing devil’s advocate here). Now, thinking about it, I’m not so sure how that would play out for the characters in the long run. What is being described as “the red string of fate” and “a feeling that they can’t name” and all this “push and pull”…imagine all that with siblings or cousins. Literally that is the weirdest way to describe two attractive people who have no romantic attachment whatsoever.

Imagine for a moment…this bond that Kylo and Rey share is being marketed as so extremely powerful etc, but what would that mean for anyone else who would get in to a romantic relationship with either them in the future? 

Imagine that Rey and Finn get together. Imagine how Finn would feel with this weird connection that Rey feels for Kylo looming over their relationship. There’s no way someone wouldn’t be jealous of that. Literally it would turn into a soap opera of ‘oh, you have this amazing connection with your cousin that I will never have with you.’ What a weird thing to have in a relationship. 

All I’m saying is…I watched The Force Awakens with my mom today and she instantly was on the Reylo train from what she saw. “Oh! She’s going to help him find the light again!!” was basically the gist of it. 

While my friend who is against Reylo says ‘Oh it’s bad writing to have them team up’, I say it’s bad writing if they DON’T. What is the freaking point of casting an actor like Adam Driver in the role of a villain? To get some acting. As Rian Johnson said, 

“I don’t see the point of trying to get behind his mask and learn more about him if all we’re going to learn is ‘Yeah, he’s just an evil bad guy that needs to be killed.’”

All I’m saying is, if Rey and Kylo are related…then all the marketing and hints and sexual chemistry has been a lie. I wouldn’t be mad that they didn’t get together. I would be mad that Rian allowed for such awful character development and misleading content.

We need character development and growth from this second installment, and that is what I am praying for above all else.

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How do you think that kiss scene plays out in STAR labs? When we got the first commercial/gif, I thought they weren't going to kiss. Then, we got the second promo and it's such a passionate kiss, almost like a good-bye kiss. Maybe they kiss, but then do the forehead/Eskimo kiss thing? Wow, this crossover is going to give us great WA content!

Idk! I thought it might be a goodbye kiss before they have to part ways, but we saw them doing that in a previous promo when he’s suited up and they’re just hugging. I can’t decide which I love more…the literal kiss or the super adorable forehead touch + Eskimo kiss. @inksmudge suggested in a post that it could just be a quiet moment between them of Barry kissing her while they’re still dressed up b/c he didn’t get to in the church. Maybe it’s his way of saying they’re GOING to get married when everything is all over, that they’re going to defeat these guys & get married & they will BE MARRIED. Nothing will stop that from happening in the end. Which ofc I would love. Either way, I will love that scene so much I’m sure!! (Or that moment if it’s squished into a group scene. Heh.) They are going to feed our westallen souls so well!!! 😍😍😍 It’ll totally make up for the lacking WA we’ve had these last several episodes.

“And something else. IT’S CALLING ME.”

What’s calling her is her Force Bond Connection to Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). She’s had this connection for a long time now; I believe even before they met. Which is why when Kylo says, “It IS you,” in the novelization, it’s so important and telling.

For so long now, we’ve seen hints to Kylo and Rey having a connection; a Force Bond Connection. They alone are neither purely light or dark… but instead, the BALANCE.

In earlier trailers we heard:

“What do you see?”

“Light. Darkness. The balance.”

“There’s so much more.”

Now it’s:

“What do you see?”

“Light. Darkness. And something else. It’s calling me.”

Resist it, Rey. Rey!”

Rey has a strength and raw power that Luke has only seen once. After that, we see the Jedi Temple burning and we know he means Kylo. So now when we see Rey cracking the rock, it’s not because of her raw power alone, it’s because what’s calling to her, is that connection she has with Kylo. And Luke knows this, or figures it out quickly. Which is why he says, “it didn’t scare me then. It does now!” He knows what she can do; what THEY (Kylo x Rey) can do together.

This crack represents the yin-yang we’ve been seeing so much of. Once again, that balance that they’ll restore to the Force. But Luke doesn’t see that, because I don’t think he fully understands the inner turmoil Kylo is going through. He just thinks this darkness will pull Rey fully into the darkness.

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Luke will most likely push her away after this moment, and that’s when Kylo most likely will arrive. Kylo will accept her and tell her he can help guide her. I think she’ll be desperate and will have felt their connection the whole time leading up to this with feelings and Force Visions. She’ll go with him.

I truly think Kylo will think that Snoke can help them both with this Force Bond Connection. But Snoke has felt the “weakness” (good) in Kylo and knows the compassion he feels towards Rey. She alone can bring him out of the darkness for good. Snoke, knowing he can’t turn Rey to their side, will have a final test that Kylo will be put through, unknowing to him until Rey is being tortured. He’ll be more than conflicted but maybe through their Force Bond Connection, he’ll gain even more strength. And he’ll Fulfill his Destiny but not in the way Snoke will think. He’ll save Rey, and they’ll escape the First Order.

I think the movie could end with Rey and Kylo talking and him saying the whole, “Forget the past. Kill it if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.”

Maybe that’s when he’ll put his hand out for her to take.

Anyway, more so than ever, do I think their Force Bond Connection will be the main theme of this new trilogy and this new trailer cemented that theory in stone.

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Hiya! I just wanted to talk about the way Timmy, or Elio, says "no" when Oliver asks him if he'll hold what happened last night against him, when theyre at the lake. I've seen the film twice and that part really stuck with me and i wanted to see if anyone else remembers it

Of course we can talk about this! I think about this part often - thank you for bringing it up!

Timothée’s delivery of that “No.” was so perfect and just what I imagined from the book. The book passage says:

As we were swimming back, he asked as though it were an afterthought, “Are you going to hold last night against me?”

“No,” I answered. But I had answered too swiftly for someone who meant what he was saying. To soften the ambiguity of my no, I said I’d probably want to sleep all day.

Tell me Timothée didn’t play that perfectly?! To be honest, Armie sets the “No.” up beautifully as well. But you can really see that Elio is trying not to hurt Oliver - he knows the right answer is no, he’s not going to hold it against Oliver. Because he knows his own issues are not to do with Oliver, they’re to do with what they spent the night doing. But his “No.” was so utterly unconvincing… it honestly broke my heart a little bit, to see Oliver’s reaction. To hear how Elio wanted to be kind, but couldn’t muster up enough with the way he was feeling to make Oliver believe it. It’s such a small moment but it’s so significant. I love it.

Anyway… tl;dr: Timothée is a genius and he literally became Elio and every choice he made was taken right from Elio’s mind because he absolutely nailed it.

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Thank you so all so much for your comments.

As you may have noticed, I’m not posting anything at the moment. I do have a lot of posts ready and in my queue but I need some time before things can go back to normal. 

Today and yesterday haven’t been as bad as I expected, probably due to me not living at home anymore and successfully distracting myself with games/tv/films. Tomorrow I have to go back home though for work and it’s going to be really difficult being there without Cas. He was always the centre of the house, coming up to the door when you walked in and saying hello.

Anyway. I just wanted to thank everyone who left a comment and say that I really appreciate it. I haven’t disappeared, I’m still lurking, distracting myself as best I can. Things will go back to a sense of normalcy, it’ll just take a while.

I’m pretty much sure that Moloch is the keystone of the story, and maybe even The Boy, and not only because his sign appears a lot.

In “Space Rabbit” Dirk, being thrown into Moloch’s room, says that he can’t “magic him awake”. He is very sarcastic and sassy at the moment, and speaks in one breath, without any second thought. The thing is, that then Dirk talks this way, he usually turns out to be right (on the contrary, then he tries to be logical, it doesn’t bring any results).

So I think, that Dirk will actually “magic” The Boy awake.


all shippy posts aside though - can I just appreciate how much the heroes in JL conducted themselves like adults, disagreed without resorting to outright punches, saved each other a gazillion times AND USED EACH OTHER’S FIRST NAMES. “Barry.” “Victor”. “Bruce. “Clark.” Hell, Bruce and Clark were killing each other a movie ago and there wasn’t a single “Wayne.” moment because that would’ve been laaaaame. 

Marvel, I love you, but you’re seventeen movies into a franchise and Thor still says ‘Stark’, wtf. WHERE IS ALL THE TEAM LOVE. OR YOU KNOW, POLITENESS AND COURTESY. I WILL BE HAPPY WITH POLITENESS AND COURTESY AT THIS POINT.


it’s my birthday ! and i really hate days like this . i could spin a sob story that’d span decades but i wont . thats not what this is about . i just wanna give a huge shout out to some of my favourite people here , people i’ve formed a close bond with and people who really make me look forward to logging on . writing noctis has become something of a coping mechanism for me ,  i see a lot of myself in him and then to come to a place where people just… love him , and are so excited to write with him , its really - its really amazing .  life’s been tough as shit lately , im hanging on by a thread and i can say without a doubt you guys make getting out of bed worth it .  so this is more a birthday gift to myself. just a quick moment of wow, so this is what its like to be  cherished  thank you all . seriously just . thanks . i owe you all in ways i couldn’t fathom with words . 

                                            — yours truly , dolce , your weird friend . 21 / 11 / 17

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You know why I honestly don’t give not even an eighth of a fuck what people think of me?

Because there is literally


You can do to change anyone’s opinion of you if they don’t want it to be changed. People only believe what they WANT to believe. So I just let everyone think whatever the fuck they want.



Anyone else’s opinion of you is


and should be treated as such.


Let that sink in for a fuckin moment.

Now read the first half of this post again in a screaming voice inside your head.

Say it aloud if you have to so that you

Remember it and live your life according to it.

You WILL be a happier person if you do.

I am living proof of it.

endersjane  asked:

I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the Vic and Walt GIF spam! I think you’re the only one on Tumblr making any. (I do not understand the shipper void for them on this site?!?!?) I may or may not have just ordered a customized rustic heart journal on Zazzle, though, so that when I go back and watch from the beginning I can write down every single cute moment I can find. 🙈 I might get inspired to make some GIFs of my own to add to the pool once my memory is refreshed. ❤️

You’re v welcome, friend, and oh yes please! make GIFs, share your thoughts and all your favorite moments bc there can never be enough of those posts. There aren’t, really, probably bc this show is not exactly “tumblr bait”. I suspect ppl here glance at the premise and think it’s made for gun-crazy rich white conservatives in their 60s, so they’re like “I pass”. And then there’s the actual show that makes a gun-crazy rich white conservative its arch villain, celebrates nature & animals, makes A+ music choices, crushes all those “real men…” stereotypes, and puts its titular character through a 6-year long “sensitivity training” during which he’s regularly schooled, dragged, and called out by women and minorities alike. It’s not perfect ofc but it’s a SOLID show and def deserves more love. And several re-watches. ;)