can i just say i was completely freaked out the entire time i was making these

'Till Death Do Us Part

Right, so, I had two completely different ideas for this Dark!OQ prompt thing. I’ve written this one first because a) I wanted to test myself and see if I can stomach writing really angsty stuff yet, and b) I’m not going to lie; I’ve gotten a little kick out of giving friends little sneaks and watching them freak out.

As I mentioned this is angsty and may require chocolate or comfort food or alcohol to get through it. I will not judge if you have the same mindset as isazozo​ and mickaelapar​ (two of my closest friends who also write) and just want to boycott this one entirely.

I’m going to try to write the other idea but it may not be posted before the deadline (even though my other stuff hasn’t really been on time either)…

But yeah…

Please don’t kill me; I’ll try and make it up to you all.

He lays in wait for her cloaked in the shadows of her balcony. The breeze ruffles the hair poking out from his hood, flaps his cape behind him and provides ambient noise as it rustles in the trees below.

This had not been planned as meticulously as it could have been, but he is not in his right mind. A red mist has descended over his eyes, his judgement has been clouded by revenge.

He will kill her, or die trying.

As soon as the large double doors start to open he has an arrow knocked in his bow and ready to release.

For a split second he wonders how such a beautiful woman could cause so much destruction, but then he reminds himself that many a sailor has lost their lives to sirens, their beauty enthrals as they’re lured to their deaths. He would not suffer the same fate.

Focussing, he lines the tip of the arrow up with the base of her throat. He’d aim for the heart, but he’s not entirely sure she has one.

He takes in a deep breath and on the exhale, relaxes his fingers and lets the arrow fly.

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