can i just say i love natalie


Where television is fantastic and is way ahead of film is it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women so much… Male writers, and I say this with all love and respect, often want to make a woman either the angel or the whore—make her the witch, or put her on the pedestal. When people ask me about Margaery, I say they’re not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to be practical and politically savvy and not be a good person. You can be a good human being and just be shrewd. I think all these women play similar characters.

sneaky 2016 playlist x

kanye west - ultralight beam
rihanna - needed me
the weeknd - secrets
frank ocean - nikes
tove lo - cool girl
gabrielle aplin - night bus
kate miller-heidke - youve underestimated me, dude
bamiyah - hero
the magician - shy (aston shuffle remix)
san cisco - slowmo
louisa johnson - so good (alex adair remix)
gibbz - oh my god
gorgon city - ready for your love
frank ocean - solo
the veronicas - on your side
tinashe - company
pnau - chameleon
katelyn tarver - hate to tell you
bruno mars - chunky
martin solveig - do it right (feat. tkay maidza)
banks - trainwreck
rihanna - work (feat. drake)
james vincent mcmorrow - get low
young franco - drop your love
drake - fake love
elk road - hanging by a thread (feat. natalie foster)
alunageorge - not above love
flume - say it (feat. tove lo)
carly rae jepsen - gimmie love
ariana grande - into you
cashmere cat - wild love (feat. the weeknd)
james arthur - can i be him
hayden james - just a lover
the veronicas - in my blood
the weeknd - starboy
ta-ku - love somebody (mr. carmack remix)
cazzette - static
sohn - conrad
carly rae jepsen - higher
gretta ray - drive
northeast house party - diamond
cashmere cat - trust nobody (feat. selena gomez & tory lanez)
jamie t - dragon bones
troye sivan - wild (feat. alessia cara)
zhu - genertionwhy
bryson tiller - dont
neiked - sexual
hayden james - embrace
terror jr - super powers
solange - weary
tkay maidza - simulation
dami im - fighting for love
betty who - i love you always forever
jarryd james - claim my love
snakehips - cruel
flume - smoke & retribution
james arthur - say you won’t let go
lady leshurr - where are you now (feat. wiley)
vancouver sleep clinic - killing me to love you
leaf - plate
poolclvb - you give me love
the xx - on hold
nicole miller - signals
kimbra - sweet relief
alunageorge - mean what i mean
astrid s - hurts so good
illy - papercuts (feat. vera blue)
drake - once dance

Satan and Me, Natan. T, All of the Feels™

Summary: She loves him, and he’s gone and got her dead.. Natan. 1600 words.

(the last update fucked me up and i need them to be okay)

He’s failed her.

She told him she loved him – loved him, how long has it been since someone loved him – and now she’s dead, all because of him. Dead and in Hell, and there’s nothing, no one, who can bring her back.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he says, over and over. She deserves better than this, better than him, god, she’s just a girl…

Then Death shows up, and strikes a bargain.

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hey, guys! so as you all (hopefully) know, it’s valentine’s day!!!
so firstly, happy valentine’s day <3
secondly, i do feel quiet bad that i’ve been pretty MIA this past few days, and i’m so grateful to all of you guys for sticking with me. thirdly, i hit 1.5k yesterday, which i cannot believe! thank you so much, all of you!
along with this, i just really, really want to convey how deeply i care for all of you guys. i’m not very well-liked irl, and it’s really tough to have lost so many friends in such a short span of time, hence, i’m so so so SO grateful for all of you, even if we’ve never interacted, because you’re the ones that get me through the days. :)
so i figured, why get three (love)birds with one stone, and celebrate with some mutuals appreciation? let’s go!

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Every Time Katy Perry Has Addressed Taylor Swift Feud While Promoting 'Witness'

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have supposedly had “bad blood” with one another for several years now, starting with Swift accusing an unnamed female pop star of stealing backup dancers out from under her in a 2014 Rolling Stone interview and continuing with Perry’s recent comments about Swift trying to ruin her reputation.

Now, leading up to Friday’s release of her new album Witness, the ball has been in the “Swish Swish” singer’s court, and Perry has had a great deal to say about the rivalry. From placing the blame on Swift to addressing her move to upload her entire discography to Spotify and other streaming services the night Witness dropped – and even hoping to make amends – read everything Katy Perry has said about her feud with Taylor Swift in the past couple weeks below.

Friday, May 19, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Only one day after the release of her clap-back single “Swish Swish,” Perry was a guest on The Tonight Show. About the song, Jimmy Fallon asked, “Is that about anyone we know or…?,“ and Perry denied that it was about one specific person by saying, “I think it’s a great anthem for people to use whenever someone’s trying to hold you down or bully you. … ‘Swish Swish’ represents a liberation from all the negative that doesn’t serve you.”

Monday, May 22, on The Late Late Show Carpool Primetime Special 2017

James Corden took Perry for a Carpool Karaoke ride in his latest prime-time special, and because she was stuck in a moving vehicle with him, the topic of her feud with Swift was inescapable. “There’s a situation,“ she said. "Honestly, it’s really like she started it, and it’s time for her to finish it.”

Perry clarified that the situation was “about backing dancers” and that she “tried to talk to [Swift] about it and she wouldn’t speak to me.”

“I do the right thing any time that it feels like a fumble,” Perry added. “It was a full shutdown and then she writes a song about me, and I’m like, ‘OK, cool, cool, cool, that’s how you want to deal with it? Karma!‘”

When Corden asked if “the beef would ever be off the grill,” Perry said, “What I want to say is that I’m ready for that BS to be done. Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something, there’s going to be a reaction, and trust me, daddy, there’s going to be a reaction. It’s all about karma, right? I think personally that women together, not divided – and none of this petty bullshit – women together will heal the world.”

Tuesday, May 23, in an interview with SiriusXM’s Stanley T

In continuing her recent press tour, Perry stopped by SiriusXM, telling host Stanley T, "I did try and reach out to [Swift]. I tried to do the right thing, the good thing, and, you know, she shut me down and wrote a song.”

Perry also said, “By the way, I am ready, because I think when women unite, the world is going to heal. I don’t have any beef really with anyone. I love everyone, and honestly I love everyone and I think we need to unite more than ever. I think we see that today especially, like we need to come together and love on each other today. Don’t matter where you come from, don’t matter what you believe, don’t matter which music you like the most, we are the same and we need to be unified.”

Friday, June 9, NME cover story

On Friday, June 9, NME debuted a Perry cover story, in which the pop star added new layers to the beef. “I wish that I could turn the other cheek every single time, but I’m also not a pushover, you know?” she told the mag. “Especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls. That’s so messed up!”

Saturday, June 10, on the Witness World Wide live stream

Following the release of Witness, Perry promoted her new album by live-streaming the entirety of her weekend, continuing until Monday (June 12). Perry invited many guests onto the stream, including Ariana Huffington, whom she spoke to for her Thrive Global Podcast. “I am ready to let it go,” Perry told Huffington about the feud. “I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same form her. I think it’s actually like, I think it’s time.

"I love her, and I want the best for her,” she continued. “And I think she’s a fantastic songwriter, and I think that if we, both her and I, can be representatives of strong women that come together despite their differences, I think the whole world is going to go like, 'Yeah, well, we can do this.’ I don’t know. Maybe I don’t agree with everything she does and she doesn’t agree with everything I do, but I just really, truly want to come together in a place of love and forgiveness and understanding and compassion.

“There are bigger fish to fry and bigger problems in the world.”

Monday, June 12, on Today

On the Today show, Natalie Morales asked Perry what her thoughts were regarding Swift releasing her entire discography on Spotify the same night Witness was released. "I don’t know, I can only do me,” she responded.

Perry also tried to reiterate that she wants their feud to come to an end by saying, “I love her, and God bless her on her journey.”


can i just say the people at the taylor swift store are so nice?? i just realized a mistake with my order so i emailed them and they had it fixed within 10 minutes?? i love you natalie i would die for you

“Where television is fantastic and is way ahead of film is it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women so much… Male writers, and I say this with all love and respect, often want to make a woman either the angel or the whore—make her the witch, or put her on the pedestal. When people ask me about Margaery, I say they’re not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to be practical and politically savvy and not be a good person. You can be a good human being and just be shrewd. I think all these women play similar characters.”


“When I was auditioning for Joffrey. I only had one audition, and the producers and writers were laughing at my performance because I was being so snotty and arrogant. They found it comical. I thought that was good.” –Jack Gleeson

“Jack is gorgeous – a wonderfully sensitive, quiet, intelligent scholar. He’s the antithesis of that character.” –Michelle Fairley

“Jack, who plays Joffrey is such a lovely fellow.” --Ian McElhinney

“He’s this really contemplative, erudite, really gorgeous, generous human being, and he plays Joffrey so well.  It’s very disturbing.” –Natalie Dormer

“Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey is an absolute sweetheart in real life, you know what I mean. He’s such a brilliant actor. I think he’s a genius.” –Mark Addy

“He’s the most polite, lovely, intelligent person in the whole cast! He’s just so humble and everyone loves him. There’s nothing anyone can say bad about Jack. He literally just turns it on. As soon as they go, “Action!” he goes from lovely Jack to the most sadistic, horrible creep on television.” –Sophie Turner

“Jack Gleeson is really a very nice young man, charming and friendly.” –George R.R. Martin

“I kind of wish he would do more television interviews so that people can see what he’s really like, because there is so much hate for Joffrey, I feel protective of Jack now. If I were him, I’d be petrified that people would come up and slap me on the street! I should be his bodyguard.” –Sophie Turner

“Jack is actually a very sweet boy and very bright, very intelligent young man with a natural talent.” –Charles Dance

“Jack! He’s the coolest. He smokes a pipe, people. Talk about great acting for somebody who’s so different from the part he plays. I love that guy.” –Peter Dinklage

i hate that i can’t say i love jane foster without being told she’s as boring as a bag of rocks. i hate that people say that they love tony and bruce because they’re genius scientists but for every post that says jane foster is a great character, there’s ten posts saying she’s a bore.

god, yes, i love my strong warrior women. and i know natalie portman dropped because of dissatisfaction and bc of scheduling. but it just makes me sad to see a woman being trashed and called boring because she doesn’t fight in the same sense as valkyrie or wonder woman etc etc. how are we supposed to encourage girls to go study mathematics, physics, and compsci when we don’t see that shit in the media anywhere (and when it is, it’s so poorly replicated that the real life version of it is a complete let-down)? when I was a physics major, there were seven to nine guys for every girl in each of my classes, not to mention every single one of my teachers was a dude.

and it’s not even like being a fighter and being a scientist is mutually exclusive (again, tony and bruce–er, hulk) but for some reason for GIRLS it seems like it is. if im supposed to be happy with jane being tossed out just to make shit “less boring” then for God’s sake replicate the science angle from somewhere else with a female lead.

this has nothing to do with valkyrie but more about Jane’s send off and reaction by the audience. she’s treated like a complete after thought. for the sake of plot, fine, whatever. but im tired of loving these genius women who don’t fight traditionally or who can’t defend themselves against extraordinary things (LIKE MOST OF US?) and then seeing 90% of the rest of the audience trashing her just because she isnt “badass”.

if my future little girl wants to be valkyrie or wonder woman when she gets older because she loves the look of physically decking her villains, then she can. but she should also be able to want to be a kick-ass astrophysicist who proclaims entire new theorems on intergalactic atomic transference without being called weak or boring.

Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N:: This was requested. Jack and his best friend falls in love.
I hope you guys like it!

You and Jack had been friends since you guys were knee high to a grasshopper. You guys knew everything about each other. He moved to London and you did too. But you lived in your own flat. Not too far from Jack though, as per requests. Today was just a normal Friday for you. Uni, work, hang out with Jack. It was now 8:45 at night. Fifteen minutes until you were out. You were a waitress at this diner. You had to wear all black to look professional. You liked it though, black was your color. You were cleaning the tables as you hear someone walk in. You turn around and see Jack. You smile and walk over to him.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” You ask, hugging him. “I’ll be done in like 10 minutes.”

“I know but I wanted to pick you up. Take you to get some food and then go back to my place to hang out. Maybe you could stay the night.” He shrugs and rubs the back of his head.

“You are such a sweetie. Sure, but I am a mess.”

“I brought you clothes and other things.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have given you a key. Weirdo.”

“Hey! You gave it to me for this reason.” You recall one day having had a bad day where you forgot your work clothes. So you called him, gave him a spare key to get your clothes and he has had it ever since.

“Oh piss off.” You ruffle his hair and go back to cleaning. He helps out and then waits for you to clock out. You walk back out to him and take his extended arm.

“Ready?” He asks leading you out. You nod and follow him. “I was thinking about having some Nando’s?” You nod, not having had that in bloody ages. You guys walk to Nando’s and you can’t help but get chilly. He sees this and places his jacket on you. You smile and pull it around you.

“Thank you Jerk.” You kiss his cheek and he chuckles. You could have sworn he blushed too. You guys arrive and go in. There are a few fans of Jack so you go order for both of you. One fan comes up to you. She’s about 17 and you can’t help but get the feeling that she may be mean to you. You have read things about fans being mean to girls associated with the boys. Heck you have gotten hate. But this fan, she smiles at you.

“You’re Y/N right? Jacks best friend? OMG can I have a hug? You are like goals.” She is so happy to meet you and you can’t help but smile as well. You hug her tight and she is beaming with love and happiness. “You just made my week. I follow you everywhere and I just love you. You are so nice to the fans and you are just so beautiful. I wish I could be like you.”

You just smile and nod. “Just be yourself love. I love you for you. It’s fans like you that keep us going. What is your name?”

“Natalie.” She says, shaking a bit. You rub her arm.

“Hey Natalie. Beautiful name for a wonderful girl. Would you like a picture?” She nods and takes her phone out. She seems to be struggling so you gently take her phone. You take the picture and a few others. “Tag me in them and I will follow you.” She smiles and thanks you. You guys hug once more and you get the food.

Jack was just standing there admiring your interaction with fans. That is when he realizes that his love for you is real, he is in love with his best friend. “You are so great with fans. I love it.” He says, taking the bag. You smile and nod. “

“I try, she was so sweet. I love that fans are so nice.” You guys walk to the uber he had ordered (?). You guys talk about what has been going on in life. The things you don’t disclose over text. You guys exit the uber and go up to his flat. You go change while he sets up a little date type of set up. You change into leggings and a V-neck t-shirt. You walk out and gasp. It was really cute. Candle light, FIFA on the TV and Jack standing there.

“I knew you had a hard week so I thought I could try to make it better.” You walk over to him and take the rose.

“Is this a date?” You ask and smirk. He shakes his head.

“Not exactly.” That leaves you confused. What could that possibly mean? You brush it off and sit on the ground with Jack. He and you talk and laugh while eating. You guys play FIFA after and you beat him. He takes it hard but then laughs as you pull funny faces. He beats you once and you pout.

“No pouting. You won before me.” He pulls a funny face and you can’t help but giggle.

“Fine! Let’s make a fort!” You say, jumping up and grabbing the pillows. He just laughs and shakes his head.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” You nod and begin building. He helps, of course. You watch him finish up and you can’t help but pay attention to his features. The way his muscles flex when he lifts a pillow. The way his tongue juts out as he thinks about how to make the fort better. How his eyes sparkle when he likes what he has done. You begin to realize; you have fallen for your best friend.

My First LARP

Since starting this blog I’ve been getting at least one ask a fortnight from people who want to start LARPing and aren’t quite sure how, or people that feel too inadequate to even give it a go. My advice is always, of course, that LARPing can be for anyone, and everyone has to start somewhere. If you don’t know where to start, obviously finding your local LARP is the first step. A quick google search will surely lead you somewhere, has a fairly decent database, and most LARP groups will have some form of online presence, i.e. a Facebook page. If social interactions give you anxiety (I totally understand this) you can introduce yourself from the safety of your keyboard before committing to trying-not-to-feel-like-a-derp irl.

So you’re off to your first event and you’re still scared as hell? Take a friend! There has to be someone, somewhere in your life that will act as your social backup and go along with you, even if you owe them 10 favours after. I dragged my friend Natalie ( along for support and now she loves it as much as I do. Of course there were times in the first 2 months when I went by myself and hid behind my phone (would not recommend as I know it hindered my making friends quicker), but having the courage to just say ‘Hi, I’m new. What’s up?’ to a stranger can go a long way. Your conversations will include, but are not limited to ‘how long have you been LARPing?’, ‘what’s your character like?’, ‘tell me about your armour/weapons/fighting style?’ and ‘what do you do outside of LARP?’. Most of the time people will be more than happy to talk about how much effort they put into their craft. You’ll be making friends in no time.

Now you’re stuck for what to wear and you think you’ll look silly. Would you like to know where I started? It looked something like this:

And to be honest it took me a little while before it started getting any better. The next level of kit was basically all from thrift shops and the tabard I made after that was incredibly basic and embarrassingly the complete wrong colour. A couple of bodged sewing attempts later, some bracers (not pictured), a few pieces of cheap chain and a borrowed leather chest piece and I started looking a little more on point. (This photo was taken a good 9 months after I started attending Swordcraft.) 

When it comes to sewing your own costumes, I recommend starting basic, having patience and remembering that practice make… er… good enough. Your character will always be evolving, your skills improving and your tastes changing. I started out with a ‘I want to be a female Faramir!’ mindset, and well, you know where I’m at now. There are tons of online tutorials and free patterns available to download. A simple tabard, a belt and a cloak can go a looong way. 

You want to start buying stuff? Before you make any monetary commitments, please, please, please try out as many different kinds of weapons as you can first. LAPRing can be kind of an addiction and loads of people will own more than one weapon or spare pieces of armour they will most likely let you borrow or try out. I’m telling you right now, and all of my friends can back me up, LARPing can be extremely expensive if you let it be. On the flip side, my brother-in-law has been LARPing for 6 months without spending a single dollar on weaponry. My warband has more than enough spare equipment to use that he doesn’t have to buy his own. My first (brand new) LARP purchase was the Calimacil Magnus II, about 3 months into starting Swordcraft, and two years on she’s still going as strong as ever. 

Eventually the people that you LARP with will become your friends, and sometimes even your family. I’m not saying I’m a LARPing expert in any way at all, but I do love it more than almost anything. The best advice I could possibly give you is to just give it a go - you never know the amazing places it could lead you. Try not to worry too much about looking stupid, or about what other people might think of you. Just be nice, stay a bit humble (aka don’t be a dick head) and remember that it’s a game, and games are meant to be fun. Good luck guys! And maybe see ya on the battlefield some time. x

LEGACY POST (On Hufflepuff Secondaries)

Most updated version of this post HERE

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves… And then, in that very moment when I love them… I destroy them.”

-Ender Wiggin, explaining why Puff Secondaries can be frakkin’ terrifying

The thing about Hufflepuff Secondaries is that they really mean it.

They’re not often as direct as Gryffindors, as precise as Ravenclaws, or as adaptable as Slytherins, but there is a stunning genuineness to Hufflepuff Secondaries. Where a Gryffindor has an outward-facing self, a Hufflepuff is open and straightforward with how they care.

Like all the secondaries, the Hufflepuff secondary can be co-morbid with any of the primaries: A Slytherin Primary whose favorite game is kindness, A Hufflepuff Primary whose drive to service and community informs not just why they act but how. A Ravenclaw Primary who has constructed Hufflepuff’s system of caretaking and support. A Gryffindor Primary with an intuitive grasp of the inherent value of every individual life.

At their worst, Hufflepuff Secondaries are bitter and passive aggressive doormats, or self-destructive caretakers who neglect their own needs to disastrous ends. At their best, they don’t merely bring comfort, light and warmth to the world, but build thriving, supportive communities that can accomplish amazing things.

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anonymous asked:

can you write dilmer smut like on her tour bus please?

Sorry this took so long! Hope this lives up to everyone’s request for some Dilmer smutty goodness. Nearly 3000 words and I even included some cute moments in there too! Please send me some love in my inbox and through them notes. Enjoyyyyyyy :) :) :) *RATED* 

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“Where television is fantastic and is way ahead of film, is it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women so much. I experienced it in playing Anne Boleyn as well. Male writers, and I say this with all love and respect, often want to make a woman either the angel or the whore, make her the witch or put her on the pedestal. When people ask me about Margaery, I say they’re not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to be practical and politcally savy and not be a good person. You can be a good human being and just be shrewd.”

anonymous asked:

Hey can you sort the characters in the Lord of the Rings and those in the Hobbit?

You can find my sorting of the dwarves from The Hobbit here and the fellowship here. I’ll try to sort everyone else I left out now.

Bilbo: Gryffindor
He is so down for an adventure, even when he knows that he could very possibly die or get hurt. He also saves the dwarves many times and is very brave.

Radagast: Ravenclaw
He makes me think a lot of Luna. He is insightful and observant. He knows a lot about the world.

Elrond: Ravenclaw
Obviously, Elrond is very intelligent. He speaks millions of languages and is very knowledgeable about a vast array of topics.

Bard: Gryffindor
Obviously he is brave. He has a steady eye in the face of danger. When his town is being destroyed, he knows what he has to do and does it without hesitation.

Beorn: Hufflepuff
Although he can be seen as a big scary bear, he is a gentle bee-keeper when he doesn’t feel threatened. He is just chill and hangs out with his animals when he can.

Smaug: Slytherin
Smaug is, in my opinion, one of the most intelligence characters in these books. He uses his intelligence to benefit himself. He is very cunning. He is extremely clever and witty when talking to Bilbo. He knows what he wants and takes it.

Sauron: Slytherin
Sauron’s thirst for power makes him a Slytherin. He is cunning and ambitious.

Saruman: Ravenclaw
Saruman is very smart. He is a white wizard and knows a lot about a variety of topics. He is also able to fool almost everyone into believing that he is not working for Sauron. He decided to work for Sauron because he thought it was logical. He didn’t see the other side winning so he chose the smartest side, in his opinion.

Thranduil: Slytherin
He cares about his people more than anyone else. In The Hobbit movie, he wants to hide all of his people in their home and wait out the danger. He is also intelligent and ruthless. He knows that he knows what he is doing.

Arwin: Ravenclaw
She is an accomplished healer and very intelligent. As an elf, her many years have brought her great wisdom.

Éomer: Gryffindor
He does what is right, even if it isn’t always what is easiest. He fights in all the battles and is very brave.

Éowyn: Gryffindor
She wants to fight to save her people even when people tell her she can’t do it. She disguises herself to do what she thinks is right, even when it is scary and she could die.

Faramir: Gryffindor
He takes over when his brother is killed because he knows that he has too. He is very brave and does what is right.

Galadriel: Ravenclaw
She just seems to know everything. She knows a lot about people. She can read people and know what they are thinking. She also is very knowledgeable about the world.

Tauriel: Gryffindor
She ignores Thranduil’s plan to shut down their home to go after the orcs. She believes that they should help fight in the upcoming war.

Gollum: ?
I tried really hard to sort him. His defining characteristic is obsessive over the ring. He is only loyal to Frodo when he believes it will get him closer to what he wants. I wouldn’t say that he is a Slytherin, although he is cunning in his plan to gain Frodo’s trust to get the ring back. He isn’t very brave, or wise, or loyal and just. So I don’t think I can accurately sort. If you guys have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. :)

-Natalie (Slytherin)

  • Emma: So is everyone, like, using Dark Swan or?
  • Regina: Well...
  • Emma: They don't like it?
  • Regina: They're traditional...they're sticking with The Dark One.
  • Emma: But...
  • Regina: Are--Are you crying?
  • Emma: I just really wanted to be like Natalie Portman y'know.
  • Regina: I don't know who that is...did she sacrifice herself and then turn into a dark magical being with a dagger?
  • Emma: No...
  • Regina: Well then what did she do?
  • Emma: The black swan...well she danced and...she was really emotional and creepy. It was a film!
  • Regina: I say this with love, dear. You can't dance and you're far from creepy, we're going with The Dark One.
  • Emma: Can--you call me Dark Swan? We don't have to tell anyone I don't dance.
  • Regina: Of course dear, I'll summon you later, I love you and Dark Swan--?
  • Emma: Yes?
  • Regina: Practice your ballet and we'll see...
  • Emma: You have seen it!
  • Regina: Goodbye Emma!

The “Last Chimera” hospital scene continues to fuck me up the more I watch it.
I love how right when Natalie says “we’re going to get you the best EVERYTHING”, Lydia turns her head to the door, right before Stiles comes in. Like, Natalie’s promising medical care and doctors, but what’s really best for Lydia is STILES.
I love how Lydia turns her head. Even catatonic, she can sense Stiles’s presence. And she does it BEFORE he comes in the door.
Also, this is the ONLY SCENE with catatonic!Lydia where she responds to the outside world at all.
I just…ugh. Emotional tethers all the way.