can i just point out that james and maggie are holding hands

Feats of Strength

A little fun feat. Flirtatious Lena ™ + Flustered Kara. Lena has some wine and challenges Kara to arm wrestle at game night. There’s a surprising winner. 

Thank you @weinzapfel for putting this idea in my head yesterday- I hope I did it justice! Thank you to @gay4katiemcgrath for making it a bit more extra.


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A Mostly Decent Proposal, Cat/Kara, Rating: PG

Kara tries everything. She drops Cat’s name. Lena’s name. Supergirl’s name. The snotty publicist turns her down each time with increasing relish. 

“The tastings are for engaged couples only, Miss Danvers.”

And it’s not like she doesn’t try Alex. It’s maybe a little insensitive to ask given that Maggie hasn’t exactly given an answer to the spur-of-the-moment proposal yet, but dammit Kara is feeling sorry for herself. Now the best cake on the entire West Coast is being kept from her by the sad fact of being single.

Not that she would have married Mon-El. Honestly it had been effort enough to teach him to chew with his mouth closed. But it had been less lonely, less Kara left behind, less table for one and going to bed early and alone. 

She posts to Facebook in desperation, hoping Winn or James will volunteer to play her fake fiancé and grab one of the exclusive tasting appointments. There’s only four left today, and Kara wants one with a need that’s bordering on obsession. 

Before anyone can reply and save the day, a text from Cat arrives. 

Assistant AWOL. Have my car out front in 5. Meet me there.

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He tells her he has to go home, and she isn’t quite sure why she’s so surprised.

(It’s not abandonment, she tells herself. She’s never been abandoned. She’d been too young to question why her parents put her in that pod alone—why one of them didn’t come with her, why more people hadn’t been warned about Krypton’s immediate destruction, why nothing was put into place to save her people. She’d been too understanding when Clark told her she needed a real family on Earth, too calm when he distanced himself and kept to mostly text messages and the occasional visit. She’d been too involved with hurt to notice Alex slipping away from her, James and Winn leaving her, J’onn finding new family without her.

She’s never been abandoned. She knew Clark was always a flight away, that James and Winn would come running at the first admission she needed them, that even now Alex and J’onn were hovering off to the side, waiting for the moment Kara was alone and could assess her emotional state. Kara tells herself she’s never been abandoned.

Yet it doesn’t stop her from feeling as if she has—again and again and again.)

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Guess who?

Danvers Sisters Week: Day Six: Double Date.

I WroTE thIS CAUse I AM a slUt For coMEdic tiMINg.

[Read on AO3]

“So…” Maggie drawls, grinning at Kara in a sly way that Alex really shouldn’t be thinking about at work. How is her girlfriend hot pretty much one hundred percent of the time? Lord knows.

“Yes…?” Kara drawls back, brow furrowed in obvious confusion.

“Who is it?”

“Who is who?”

“The person you’ve been seeing.”

Kara scoffs, shaking her head and gesturing wildly in that way Alex can only associate with her sister lying. She’s off like a shot, rambling at a mile a minute trying to convince them that she’s never been more single in her life. Alex and Maggie share a secret glance before turning back to Kara, who isn’t even looking at them anymore.

“Kara, c’mon.” Alex chuckles. “That ramble did nothing but cement our suspicions.”

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prompt from @sanverspotsticker – “Clark meets Maggie kinda in the way he met Mon El tonight”

She’s not that excited to meet him.

He’s only Alex’s cousin.

He’s only Superman.

And Maggie Sawyer is not – will not be – Winn Schott.

Winn, who practically tumbled down a flight of stairs when Superman flew back in (Vasquez lost ten bucks to Maggie in the process).

She’s certainly not excited to meet him.

It’s not like she idolized him growing up.

No, she’s not excited to meet him at all. 

Because he’s only Alex’s cousin.

So she’s not excited.

She’s absolutely terrified.

It had gone well with Alex’s mom, and Kara was warming up to her.

It had gone well with J’onn, and with Alex’s brothers.

But Clark was the extended family; Clark was the part of the family that Maggie was shuttled out to at fourteen. The part of the family who hated her, perhaps, even more than the parents who didn’t have to deal with her anymore.

So, ordinarily, she’d be nearly tumbling down those stairs right alongside Winn.

But this isn’t just Superman.

This is Alex’s cousin.

Alex watches her with curious eyes and a soft grin. She knows what a big fan of Leslie Willis, Cat Grant, James Olsen, Batwoman – the list goes on – that Maggie is.

Superman’s sure to be on the list.

So Alex nudges her slightly right before Clark catches her eye, before he tilts his head, before he strides over to them with a midwestern gait and a small smile in the middle of a war, because his cousin’s never giggled about anyone before, but god, she giggles about Maggie.

So, war or no war – dire circumstances or not – Clark is eager to meet his cousin’s girlfriend.

He holds out a warm hand, slight wariness mixed with genuine welcome in his eyes.

“You must be the woman my cousin is absolutely crazy about,” he offers, and Alex tries not to preen.

“Maggie Sawyer,” Maggie nods and shakes firmly, her voice somewhat smaller than it usually is, her eyes somewhat shier. 

“You’re treating her right?” he asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“I try to every second of every day,” Maggie tells him, restraining herself from adding a “sir” to the end of her sentence. She reminds herself that Kara used to change this guy’s diapers.

Superman grins, and his smile is almost as bright as his cousins’. “And is she treating you right?” he asks while Alex pffts and shoves him.

But Maggie’s voice is solemn, serious, when she answers.

“No one’s ever treated me better.”

Alex’s giggle cuts off mid-breath, and Clark holds Maggie’s eyes with such intensity that they almost start up his heat vision.

She holds his gaze, her chin up, her eyes earnest, her palms somewhat clenched at her sides.

And then she’s being pulled into a long, warm, surprisingly gentle hug.

From Superman.

She tries not to squeal.

“You two should spend a weekend with Lois and I in Metropolis when this is all over. She’d love to meet the newest member of the Danvers family, Maggie.”

Before Maggie can stammer out a response, the radio buzzes with information about a fresh attack west of the DEO.

Superman points upwards, and Alex nods.

“Up, up, and away,” he winks at Maggie, taps his index finger underneath Alex’s chin, and soars toward danger.

“Superman hugged me!” Maggie’s voice is slightly strained.

“Thought it was no big deal, he’s only my cousin?” Alex grins and nudges her with her shoulder as they both head back to tactical command.

“But he hugged me,” Maggie repeats, and she sounds an awful lot like Winn.

This time, Vasquez owes Alex ten bucks.

the way we grow

@mooosicaldreamz asked for more from the way we mend universe. not sure if this fits the bill but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hands shove at her shoulders.

It’s barely noticeable at first. A huff above her ear and then fingers skimming on her shoulder. Or are they pushing?

She blinks slowly, awareness filtering in. The room is quiet, nothing alarming which is always her first guess, but Lena’s heartbeat is quick under her ear.

(It’s nice but it’s not.

Lena’s heartbeat so close to her, not after filtering out half the sounds of the city to hear it. Just a feather light beat at her ear, warm breaths coaxing over her head.

But it’s fast just as those breaths, choppy and uneven when it should be calm. Should be Lena at ease by her side.)

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Wait, You’re Not Together?

In which everyone sees the way they act around each other

Kara still claims they’re “just friends” and “it’s how friends act around each other”

Also on AO3:

Kara furrows her brows as she reads the text one more time.

Because after months (twelve months and thirteen days to be exact), Cat Grant (Ms. Grant) showed a sign that she’s alive, well and is, in fact, up to date on what’s happening in National City.

It’s a simple message, three lines, and Kara surely reads it at least four times and she still doesn’t get it:

10:25am – [received from Ms. Grant] – Just read your last article on L-Corp and Lena Luthor. I hope she treats you well.

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Fanfiction things

oAll right I have a multi-chapter fic that I’m currently in the process of updating. However; I have another idea for a one-shot fic series and I would like to know if people would be interested in reading it.

When fighting #VillainOfTheWeek Kara somehow gets stuck as a 4 year old. 

I have a few ideas already:

  • Tiny Kara causing mischief at the DEO Base - messing with Winn’s computer, flying around the rooms.
  • Tiny Kara still having superpowers^ but is nowhere near as strong anymore so she actually can get hurt, cue protective Alex
  • Kara being scared of thunderstorms and loud noises
  • Kara being left with Winn because now J’onn has to cover for the city loss of Supergirl. Kara pouting and getting scared whenever Alex or James are out in the field
  • Kara riding shotgun in Maggie’s cop car and playing with the sirens.
  • One person cannot look after this tiny child alone so Kara stays with different people depending on who has the free time.

(In this universe Lena knows and helps at the DEO when needed)

  • Whenever Lena shows up tiny Kara blushes and gets really nervous.
  • Tiny child Kara who has no filter tells Lena that she thinks she’s beautiful. Kara drawing pictures of the two of them together and Lena is the only one who can calm angry child Kara down when she’s upset.
  • Alex giving Kara juice cartons and everyone doting on this sweet innocent child.
  • Reluctant Space Dad sitting with Kara as she colours or when he has to give her piggyback rides with the most deadpan face.

These are just a few of my ideas but any more are welcome. Let me know if this is something people would be interested in reading and any suggestions are gladly appreciated! Will add any suggestions I like in bold!

  • Kara wants to play hide seek with J'onn. To her everything is a game, she starts to run around the DEO always doing something and J'onn is going after her. 
  • Kara has a stuffed animal dog that she NEEDS in order to nap. She names it Krypto -  @bobbywatson <3
  • Kara wants to be just like her big sister. And as children do she copies Alex’s behaviour. (her big sister wears a cool uniform at work and tells people what to do and so does Space dad.)  Cue Winn and his sewing skills. 
  • ^ Next time Alex gets back from a mission she finds little Kara in a tiny DEO uniform complete with badge, standing on a chair(that on closer inspection has a tiny NCPD jacket that looks just like Maggie’s hanging off it) beside J'onn with her hands on her hips waiting to debrief the team.  
  • Obviously they can’t give her any weapons so she has a water gun in her tiny holster, and different little snacks in all the other compartments on the belt. They did give her real handcuffs, which they felt only a bit bad about when she cuffed mon-el to a chair and flew away. (anon I love you for this little addition<3)
  • Cat and Lucy end up having to babysit at one point. 
  • ^ Cat pretends to not know about Kara being Supergirl in order to take care of her, and to everyone’s “surprise” she is a total softie and great with Kara. 
  • Lucy watches Kara at one point, and she lets Kara wear her cool hat and Kara starts saluting everyone and every thing they come across (yes that includes saluting her stuffed dog pup Krypto)
  • Cat finally giving Kara one of her cupcakes because damn it if even she can’t resist a 4 year old Ray Of Sunshine pouting and pleading with her
  • 4 year old Kara reverts back to speaking Kryptonian especially when she’s angry or upset. J’onn who can speak some Kryptonian does not approve when this tiny girl grumbles a “bad word trying to punch another of his brand new monitors.
  • ^ which then gives me Tiny Kara punching punchbags with James.
  • Lena is a smart woman and because of Lex and learning that Kara is from Krypton Lena learns to speak Kryptonian. She speaks it almost fluently. Kara and Lena often have conversations in Kryptonian. - @whiterose-blackrose <3<3
  • Kara is restless and almost always has bundles of energy so getting her to sleep is quite a task. Lena is called whenever Kara is being particularly difficult because for some reason she is the sleep whisperer. (Alex knows it’s because Kara likes to snuggle up to Lena, falling asleep cradled in Lena’s arms -one hand wrapped around her Krypto whilst the other clings to Lena’s clothing)
  • Alex often finds Kara sitting atop of Maggie’s shoulders, Maggie is great with Kara even if she does sneakily give Kara two more scoops of ice-cream when she’s only allowed one.
  • M’gann WHO DID NOT LEAVE gives Tiny Kara stickers, a shit ton of stickers. Kara has a book full of space stickers. When she thinks someone did a really good job she gives them a sticker and everyone tries to act like it’s no big deal but even the toughest DEO agents blush and melt when she beams and presents them with one. You know every agent is working their butt off to earn stickers from their adorable Baby-Agent Kara. J’onn doesn’t even complain, productivity is way up! -anon you are wonderful! <3<3<3
  • ^ (my addition to this) Kara gives her favourite people more than one sticker and proceeds to pepper them with multiple stickers. Winn sniggers as Alex’s DEO badge has at least 10 and Lena’s dress is just covered in brightly coloured star stickers. 
  • Kara gets Alex and Maggie to take her to the park, holding both of their hands as they swing her and then they help her pick out some of the nicest flowers she can find. Lena is in her office when Kara arrives nervously clutching Alex’s hand, the other clutching a large bouquet of flowers. She hands them to Lena with a shy smile and a whispered “Flowers are pretty but not as pretty as you”. Lena answers with a kiss to Kara’s cheek. - @yellowanchor17 <3 (I added a bit to it)
  • Kara’s senses are heightened and she gets attached to being able to comforting scents. Kara likes to give Lucy lots of hugs because “she smells nice” -Lena will deny it but she’s a little bit jealous. That is until she finds out that Kara thinks Lena’s hugs “remind her of home”.  - @sarcasm-with-sarah <3 (I added a little bit but this is perfect!)
  • Kara can be quite protective so when people *coughs* Mon-El *coughs* get a little too close to her favourite people (Alex, Lena, Maggie, Lucy etc) she tends to throw things, things that tiny 4 year old children should not throw. After almost having his hand frozen he soon learns to keep his flirting to a minimum…unless it is involves a certain tech puppy. - @sarcasm-with-sarah (THIS! I love it)
  • ^ This links in to my own idea: Mon-El is actually great with kids, he plays games with Kara and tells her stories about space. He tells her about Royalty on Daxam and what was expected of them. Kara realises he has feelings for Winn and it becomes her match-making mission to pair the two.

anonymous asked:

can you write something about kara/supergirl finding out about lena's favourite little things?

i combined two other prompts with this because i’m terrible and haven’t worked on prompts in months. anyway. sorry if it sucks

It’s during their second interview that Kara learns Lena has a terrible snacking habit.

Her massive desk has a well hidden drawer—one that Kara missed the first time she x-ray visioned the office, much to her chagrin—filled to the brim with energy bars, trail mixes, crackers, and expensive chocolates Kara’s never even heard of, maintained and supplied by the very perceptive Jess who is well aware of her boss’s unfortunate tendency to forget several meals in a row and insists on at least ensuring that the CEO subsists on snacks at the very minimum.

Kara spends the hour Jess has painstakingly fit into Lena’s schedule smiling as she watches Lena pull out a bag of trail mix, snacking through every question, chewing thoughtfully as she ponders how to respond to the inquiries into her family.

“Oh no,” she murmurs, after asking Kara to try the dried cranberries, informing her that they’re her favorite and that she wants Kara to try them too, “I don’t think my mother was working with Lex before. I think his going mad was what broke her. She was never quite shy about being obvious for her preference for Lex.” Lena stops, digs through the mix for a moment, searching for any chocolate—something Kara’s noticed is the first to go—and shakes her head. “Can we leave that off the record, Kara? I just…let’s talk about something else.”

And Kara nods, promises to leave out any mention of Lex and Lillian (focusing only on Lionel), and accepts the cranberries, trying hard not to blush at the smile Lena sends her way when she agrees it’s likely her favorite part of the trail mix as well.  

(From that day forward, Kara always checks the secret drawer, letting Jess know on the sly if Lena’s stores were running low—much to the assistant’s pleasant surprise.)

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“Danvers, I already got all cued up. You in for a game?” Maggie handed over the extra beer bottle she ordered for Alex. Winn, James, and Kara all raised their brows when Alex left them to join her new cop friend.

“They’ve been hanging out a lot,” Winn commented. Kara kept her mouth shut.

“Hmm, you think you have a chance, Sawyer?” Alex smirked as she set up to break.

“Oh, I do,” Maggie’s eyes raked up and down Alex’s body as she bent over the table. Just friends, Maggie.

“Yes! I love stripes!” Alex exclaimed as she hit a ball in its pocket. Maggie giggled.

“Nerd,” Alex rolled her eyes.

“Let’s see the game you’ve been working on here,” she watched as Maggie furrowed her brows, deciding on where to hit. The second Maggie lined up to shoot Alex shook her head.

“No, no you’ve got it wrong. Here let me show you,” Alex gently pressed herself against Maggie’s back, absentmindedly gliding her fingers along her waist. Maggie’s breath hitched but she relaxed into her touch and slowly bent further so she would press harder into Alex. From across the bar James shot Winn a look.

“Just friends, huh?” James whispered in his ear. Kara glanced over her shoulder at the two woman - who were so clearly into each other - flirting without acknowledging it. She sighed.

“Mmm, yeah that’s better but you have to hold the stick like this,” Alex slowly slid her hands down Maggie’s arms to her fingers to place them in their proper place. Maggie’s face flooded with heat. Alex smirked. Maggie cocked her head back so she could see Alex’s eyes.

“Like this?” her voice was raspy. Her eyes fluttered down to Alex’s lips for just a moment. Friends, Maggie goddammit. Alex nodded and let her fingers linger on her back before stepping around to the other side of the table to watch her shoot. Maggie sighed at the loss of body contact but continued onto sink four balls into the pockets.

Alex won the first round then lost the next five in a row. Maggie jumped up and down with excitement and took a shot every time she won. James, Winn, and Kara left long before the two “friends” starting getting into bets.

“Danv- hey, I got an idea,” Maggie slightly slurred as she swayed the pool stick back and forth. “If I win you owe me a grenade. Oh, and dinner.”

“What do I get if I win?” Alex crossed her arms, stepping closer to Maggie. Maggie ran a finger through her non existent beard.

“Hmm…I’ll buy you breakfast. Tomorrow morning,” Maggie flashed her dimple causing Alex’s heart to race. 

“Game on, Detective,” Alex motioned back towards the table.


“Maggie, hey. I didn’t think you’d actually follow through with the bet,” Alex bounced over to where Maggie was holding out a box of donuts, a grin plastered on her face at the DEO. James nudged Winn’s shoulder.

“I’m a loyal sport, Danvers,” Maggie opened the box of yummy treats. Alex clapped her hands together, debating on digging into the glazed or jelly-filled. She chose both.

“Ooh, I know a good place where we can eat these!” Alex chimed and dragged Maggie to the roof.

“Wow, the view is….”

“Beautiful,” Alex finished her sentence, not taking her eyes off of Maggie. Her friend nodded in agreement, unaware of the content behind Alex’s comment.

Downstairs Winn, James, and Kara were discussing what was happening.

“Hey, Kara…so, are Alex and Maggie…?” Winn inquired. Kara shrugged and turned away.

“They’re just friends,” she answered.

“Oh, come on "just friends” don’t look at one another like they each hung the moon,“ James commented.

"Who looks at someone like they hung the moon?” J'onn dropped in.

“Alex and Ma- Ow!” Kara punched Winn in the shoulder. J'onn looked around for a moment, oblivious to Kara’s reaction.

“Speaking of Alex where is she?”

“Probably making out with her "friend,” Winn muttered under his breath. This time it was James who kicked him.

“Excuse me?” J'onn questioned.

“Nothing, sir! Nothing at all,” Winn shrunk into himself thankful Alex and Maggie chose this moment to slink back down from the roof.

“I’ll call you at lunch!” Alex promised as they approached the gang. Maggie playfully nudged her shoulder.

“Can’t get enough of me huh, Danvers,” she winked and headed out waving bye to the agents. J’onn glanced between the two women. Alex’s eyes never left Maggie’s back. He smirked. 

Tuesday Night:

“Alex, I think you should stay in tonight. I know Winn, James, and J’onn were going to the bar, but we can have a sister night!” Kara placed a hand on Alex’s forearm. The scratch on her forehead was still raw and her head was pounding. 

“No, Kara I’m fine. I think I could use a drink anyway. And besides…” Alex trailed off.

“Besides what?” Kara already knew the answer but urged her sister on. 

“Maggie’s going to be there,” Alex said, her voice barely audible. Kara nodded understandably and grabbed the keys as they walked out of the DEO lobby. 

The super gang all entered the bar together, Alex lagging behind. Stop being so nervous, Alex. She’s just your friend. Who invited you to hang out. As friends. 

“Alex, what happened to you?” Maggie did a half run half walk over to Alex the second she laid her eyes on her. It was almost as if the world stopped turning and it was just them two in the bar. Maggie softly placed her thumb and swiped it across the scar forming on Alex’s forehead. Her eyes spoke worry, comfort, anxiety, frustration, love. 

“Ah, just another alien attack,” Alex waved her off to try to stop the redness in her face from spreading at Maggie’s touch. Alex didn’t realize her friends had already sat down at their own table, each one glancing back towards her every now and then. 

“Let’s get you something hard then,” Maggie flashed her dimple and made her way to the bar. Alex unwrapped her jacket and slung across the back of a chair and sat down. From the bar, Maggie shot a look at Alex. At the way she was sitting, guarded and fearful of what the world has done and can do to her in any moment. The way she nervously wrung her hands and bit her lip. Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off of her and Kara noticed.

“God I just wish they would kiss already, jeesh,” Kara groaned. 

“What are you - ah.” Winn followed her gaze from Maggie to Alex.

“Someone’s gotta push one of them. As far as I can tell they are clearly in love already but sometimes two people need a bridge,” James said. J’onn looked over to his earth daughter. 

“I will,” J’onn pushed back his chair and met Maggie at the bar. Kara’s eyes widened and James hit Winn in the arm, excitement drawing across all of their faces. 

“Detective,” J’onn placed a gentle hand on Maggie’s shoulder. “Nice to see you.” Maggie grinned.

“Nice to see you too, sir,” she replied.

“You can call me J’onn,” he winked at her. She nodded slightly and floated her eyes back to Alex for a brief moment. “She likes you, you know?” 

“Wh-what?” Maggie mumbled. 

“Alex,” he pointed his thumb behind him to Alex. “She really likes you. And you like her too,” his voice was since, not pushy. She bit her lip. “I can tell by the way you look at her. Like she hung the moon. She looks at you like that also. But this is just coming from someone who cares deeply about Alex, and who spends enough time with her to know you are all she thinks about. I know you’re scared but you should give it a chance. Give her a chance,” J’onn smiled and walked back to his table. 

Maggie looked down at her feet. She was oblivious to the way she felt about Alex. No you aren’t. You like her. No, but you can’t. Stop. But she’s beautiful and funny and likes aliens and is basically perfect. But you don’t deserve her. Maggie shook her head. To hell with it. 

She grabbed the two beers in one hand and the two shots in the other and slowly sauntered towards Alex. She looked over at J’onn and he shot her a thumbs up. 

“Took you long enough,” Alex muttered and grabbed ahold of the two drinks. Maggie sighed. “What’s wrong?” 

“What do you mean?”

“You have that look in your eyes, Maggie. I know when something is wrong. And you’re playing with your hands,” Alex nodded to Maggie’s fingers pulling on each other. Maggie’s heart swelled at the woman sitting across from her. It swelled because she - Alex, Alex, Alex - paid attention to her. She cared about her. She could see the worried look in the way her forehead crinkled. 

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Maggie looked away, unable to focus on Alex’s soft eyes. 

“Maggie, you can tell me anything. You can trust me,” Alex steadily covered Maggie’s hand with her own. 

Over at the super gang table James coughed in response to Alex and Maggie holding hands. They all turned their heads to the two women who were completely unraveling at their seams, all grinning like school kids. 

Maggie bit her lip, unsure of where to begin - or how to speak for that matter because Alex’s hand was on hers. Alex’s thumb was tracing small circles upon her skin. Alex wanted to protect her, to pull her in. Alex wanted to love her. 

“Do you want to get out of here? So we can be alone?” Maggie uttered. Alex threw her shot back and nodded eagerly. Maggie chuckled then stood up to collect her things. Alex quickly waved to her friends and followed Maggie out of the bar. 

“That’s my girl,” J’onn whispered to himself. 

“What place do you have in mind?” Alex asked as she slipped onto Maggie’s bike, wrapping her arms around her friend’s waist. She desperately wanted to feel Maggie’s skin. No you don’t. 

“You’ll see, Danvers,” they rode for about half an hour until they came across this clearing of a field. Its hills seemed to roll about forever. 

“Where are we?” Alex was curious. Maggie rolled to a stop and parked her bike.

“I found this a few years ago. I like to come here when I want to be alone.”

“So why’d you bring me here?” Maggie bit the inside of her cheek.

“I thought you’d like it,” she motioned her hands towards the vast grassland behind her then pointed up to the stars. “I also want you to teach me a thing or two about the night sky and the way it lights up,” Alex revealed a soft smile, her heart pushing over the edge. 

Maggie began walking up the hill, taking in the darkness, taking in the fresh air, taking in the way the stars seemed to beam for them, and the way the moon seemed to speak to her. She took in the way Alex followed her quietly, the way she knew Alex’s eyes were glued to her back, the way she felt love radiating through her body. 

“What do you want to know, Sawyer?” Alex asked when they reached the top of the hill. Maggie laid down and her eyes wandered through the sky. Alex purposely pressed her side into Maggie’s when she laid down. Maggie blushed. 

“Show me your favorite constellations,” Maggie softly spoke. Alex couldn’t help but smile. No one ever really cared enough to want to know what Alex found whimsical about the stars. But she was glad Maggie was finally the one to ask. 

“See those three stars right there,” Alex pointed.

“No which ones?” Maggie’s brows furrowed. 

“Here,” Alex grabbed Maggie’s hand and guided her finger to the constellation. She turned her head to watch Maggie’s reaction. Maggie sighed in disbelief, her hand still gripping onto Alex’s.

“I love that,” Maggie whispered. “It fascinates me that the stars are watching over us. They are just there, you know? And we have no idea when they die or really what they mean, but we look up in awe at their endless wonder because for some reason they feel so powerful. They feel so fortifying and secure if that makes sense,” Maggie rambled on making Alex’s smile grow deeper. Maggie glanced over at Alex. “Why are you smiling like an idiot?” 

“I love the way you think about the stars. I’ve just always felt attached to them and the moon. They always feel like home when I tilt my head back and gaze at them. I can never stop staring,” Alex commented. Maggie bit her lip.

“Alex…”Maggie’s voice was suddenly raspy and faint. She propped herself up on her elbow then smoothly pulled herself on top of Alex, legs on either side of her torso. 

“Maggie what ar-” Maggie’s lips crashed into Alex’s, their breaths becoming one. Alex’s hands absentmindedly made their way to Maggie’s waist lingering above the hem of her shirt before slowly lifting it up. Maggie melted into Alex’s kiss before realizing she didn’t ask for permission. She jolted up.

“Sorry I- was that okay?” Maggie looked down at Alex with worried eyes. Alex brushed the hair that had fallen around her face behind Maggie’s ears and nodded. 

“That was more than okay, Maggie,” she pulled her down and kissed her like she wanted her, like she needed her, like she was falling in love with her because oh did she feel like falling. Maggie couldn’t help but grin into Alex’s lips, causing them to part slightly. 

“I’ve been wanting to do that,” Maggie whispered.

“I can tell,” Alex beamed at her. Maggie placed a gentle peck on her lips, her cheeks, and her forehead then settled to burrow into her chest. 

Alex occasionally pointed out a few constellations but Maggie’s eyes stayed fixated on the woman holding her. Protecting her. Comforting her. The two stayed tangled in each other until dawn broke through and the sun flooded the sky. 

“We’re gonna be late for work,” Maggie sleepily rubbed her eyes but curled deeper into Alex. 

“Oh well,” Alex pressed her lips to Maggie’s forehead and interlaced her fingers with Maggie’s. 

Wednesday afternoon:

“Agent Danvers, you’re late,” J’onn crossed his arms. The glow Alex radiated, the grin she was wearing, the thoughts she was replaying in her mind seeped their way into J’onn. He broke out into a smile.

“What?” Alex nudged his shoulder. 

“Nothing,” he winked then headed towards the equipment room.

“Alex, nice of you to join-,” Kara halted in her steps.

“What? Why is everyone being so weird?” Alex looked eyed her sister, James, and Winn who were silently giggling. 

“Someone had a good night,” Alex’s face flooded with heat. 

“Oh, pfft. Just a, you know, just a-a casual night at h-home. Alone!” Alex muttered. 

“Oh sure alone,” Winn shoulder bumped his friend. Alex was too loopy to retort a small punch. 

“Come on, spill,” James demanded. Kara bounced on her feet, tugging at her sister’s sleeve. 

“Please tell us everything!” 

The more Alex delved into talking about Maggie and the way she made her feel, the more her heart expanded. Her story was interrupted by Kara’s shrieks or James’ “right ons” and Winn’s fist bumps from time to time. J’onn listened in, smiling to himself because Alex, his precious Alex, has finally found a person who turned on the light inside of her that’s been out for so long. 

anonymous asked:

Can we please have Sanvers comforting Kara after the break up. Like... We all hate him but she thought he was special and she's probably hurting a lot right now and could use some older sister TLC at the moment.

She cums hard and she cums loudly – something she’s never done before, with anyone – and she cums so many more times than once that even competitive nerd Alex loses count.

And normally, she’d drift off to sleep.

Safe and happy and peaceful and home in Alex’s arms.

And normally, Alex would press endless kisses to her forehead and they’d whisper to each other – about work, about their teenage years, about their exes, about their adventures, about their terrors, about the random cat memes that Kara would send and Maggie’s latest gym shenanegins with James and her latest pool hilarities with Winn and how beautiful you are and how lucky I am and what did I ever do to deserve you – until they fell asleep.

But tonight, they both lay awake.

Tonight, they look into each other’s eyes and they smile, and then they laugh resignedly, because they both know what the other is thinking.


“I’ll order ahead for the pizza and potstickers. You let her know we’re coming,” Maggie says as she passes Alex her shirt, her bra, and grabs one of Alex’s for herself, a habit that Maggie has never had with anyone else and a habit that Alex loves, loves, loves.

“I lo – you’re… you’re incredible, Maggie.”

“In bed? Yeah, you seem to have informed me –  oof!”

A pillow smacks her shoulder lightly and they both giggle as they languidly pull their clothes back on.

“For knowing. For caring. About Kara. For not… for not being mad at me. For needing to go be with her.”

“Alex, she’s your sister. Of course you need to go be with her.”

“You’ll come too? She’s kind of gotten attached to you.”

Maggie smiles, thinking of the last game night when Kara had encouraged Mon-El to go home and get some sleep, but practically begged both Alex and Maggie to stay, and she fell asleep in both of their arms with a safe, comforted smile on her face that was too rare nowadays.

“Of course I’ll come, if you think she wants me to.”

Alex laughs as she looks down at her buzzing phone, and she holds it out to show Maggie.

Yes. Please bring potstickers, pizza, and your girlfriend.

They hold hands the entire drive over – taking Maggie’s car because Alex’s bike needs an oil change and they’d walked home from the station, and because they can’t bear the loss of physical contact – and they somehow still manage to keep holding hands while carrying three pies and two heaping bags of potstickers up to Kara’s apartment.

She’s curled in a ball and she’s sniffling and she’s red-faced and puffy-eyed when they get there, and she holds out grabby hands for the food and for her sister and for her sister’s girlfriend, but she says nothing, because there’s nothing to say.

“Do you feel relieved at all?” Alex asks softly, only after Kara’s torn through five potsticks and a slice of pizza.

Kara’s lip wobbles and she shrugs and Maggie squeezes Alex’s hand and elaborates gently.

“It’s okay if you do, you know. He was a piece of home. Or, well, closer to home than any human could give you. Because he might be the prince of all assholes – no, not might, he is – but Little Danvers, he knew your language. Your history. And not because you told him about it, but because he grew up knowing them. Like you did. That’s important, and it’s powerful, and it can make you overlook a lot. Hell, Kara, you could kiss him without breaking his nose, you could be… intimate without hurting him. That… that’s special, Kara, those are… those are special things, and they’re hard to… They’re hard to lose, even when maybe we should. It’s okay if you feel relieved, though. It’s okay. You’re not betraying your history. You’re being true to yourself.”

Alex beams at her girlfriend and kisses her sister’s forehead and strokes her hair and pulls her into her arms.

“I’m proud of you, Kara. Do you… your text said he told you he loves you. Do you…”

She nods, and then she shakes her head, and then she nods, and then she shakes her head again.

And then she shovels three more potstickers into her mouth, and Maggie grabs four subtly – two for her, two for Alex – before they’re gone.

“It’s what Maggie said, I think, I… Daxam was… complicated, it was wrong, but if I’ve learned anything about my past since coming out as Supergirl, it’s that Krypton wasn’t all that much to be defended, either. That weapon my father made, Fort Rozz, I… he’s part of home. Not like you, Alex, not – you’re my home, Alex, you’re the only home I’ll ever need, I just – “

“I know. It’s okay, you don’t have to explain. I know.”

Kara sighs her head into Alex’s shoulder and Alex draws her closer and Maggie’s heart warms watching them.

“I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize that he just… I deserve so much better than someone who lies like that, who invalidates me and manipulates me and – that’s what he was doing, right? Am I making that up just because I’m hurt now, I – “

“No, you’re not.”

“Absolutely not – that’s what abusive, gaslighting relationships make you think, Little Danvers, that you’re out of touch with reality, that things are your fault, that you’re making things seem worse than they are…”

“It wasn’t abusive…”

“Alright. That’s okay. That’s a big word, and it’s a scary one. I get it, I do. You can process that how you need to, at whatever pace you need to. We’re here, both of us, through all of it, okay?”

Kara nods slowly, her brain spinning, and Alex kisses the crinkle between her eyes.

“Kara, you’re amazing. And I’m so proud of you for knowing what you deserve. You know that, right? That you deserve only the best?”

Kara sighs and takes her glasses off and rubs her eyes and Alex smiles.

“You are so beautiful, Kara. For yourself. Not for some man to redeem himself for. For yourself.”

“You have to say that, you’re my sister.”

“Well I’m not, and I say she’s right.”

“You have to agree with her, you’re her girlfriend.”

“I – “

“She’s got a point, Sawyer, I mean, ride or die, right?”

Kara laughs softly as Maggie fake scowls up at Alex and kisses her knee.

“I want what you two have.”

“Ugh, just like Brian.”


“Please don’t compare me to – “

“Then please don’t use his phrases.”

“How was I supposed to know he said – “

“You don’t wanna know more, trust me.”

Kara sighs into a laugh and snuggles into Alex’s lap. “Don’t leave?”

“Never, Kara. Never.”

“You too, Maggie?”

“I’m right here, sunshine. I’m right here.”

Kara smiles sleepily – all the crying, all the pain, will knock her right out – as Alex strokes her hair and Maggie wraps her in a blanket.

“I love you, Kara. For exactly who you are.”

“I love you too, Alex. For the same thing.”

Maggie doesn’t say anything – not yet – but in her mind, she repeats their words over and over, because as the three of them drift off to sleep in a bundled, pizza-heavy heap on the couch, she feels that love, too.

how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist

Danvers Sisters Week Day Seven: “She’s my best friend.”

HERE WE ARE. DAY SEVEN. TIME FOR THE ANGST™. Real talk tho, i’ve been talking this up all week and i hope this meets all you guys’ expectations. anyway have fun. 

Read the first part here.

[Read on AO3]

Kara can’t breath.

The rebar is the easy part. Alex’s leg slides off it easily and it doesn’t garner a reaction at all. She’s out cold, and Kara is panicking. Alex’s heart is pounding, too fast and too weak to be healthy. Kara needs to get her out of here. She’s stepping forward again to wrap Alex in her cape, to fly her to the DEO for urgent medical treatment, but a hand on her forearm halts her.

“You can’t fly her in this condition, let the medical team take her.” J’onn tells her quietly, though his grip on her forearm suggests that he knows she might try to do it anyway. She has to do something. Anything.

Kara can’t breath.

And Alex is dying.

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Kara is a Lesbian: an analysis by tumblr user aimee the-damnvers-sisters:

Ok so season 1 right we open with Kara being Very Bad at dating, insisting (too adamantly) that she’s not gay then turning around and using coming out metaphors. She definitely has a crush on Cat but not one she expects anything to happen, just one of those “Wow I really Admire her for some reason…” kinds of crushes.

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Escape the bachelor party


“No women.  Do ye hear me?  No escorts, waitresses, exotic dancers, prostitutes, strippers…in short, Ian, if they’ve titties, I don’t want them there. Ye ken?”

“Jamie.  Ye ken I would never – “

“Bollocks, Ian.  I ken ye would!  Just to watch me ears go scarlet.”

Main Event

Poker.  And whisky. So much whisky.  

Jenny had massive amounts of food waiting, and Jamie had a crate of the Fraser’s best sent over from the Distillery.  Truth be told he was looking forward to a night with the lads.  One week before he was no longer a bachelor.  One week until he’d be a married man.  Claire’s husband.  Of all the things he was looking forward to, the band on his finger was the most.

Murtagh was tough.  He had a good poker face anyway, and the beard made it even harder to read.  He never bet heavily either, so it was tough to know if he had a good hand or not. Ian was shite at cards.  His uncles were ruthless. They’d go all in just to cripple you for the fun of it. Willie was fast becoming one of the lads and it made Jamie happy to know the loyal young man was fitting in and finding his way in the family business.  Rupert was pretty good, too.  He liked to pretend every hand he had was crap, and then he’d rob you blind with a Royal Flush.

They were well into their cups by the time talk turned to the upcoming nuptials.

“She’s bonny, Jamie, I’ll give ye that,” Dougal said as he raised two fingers and discarded.  “Can’t say the same of my own Maura, God love her.  Even a blind man would say she wasna bonny.”

Ian spit his drink across the table.  

Colum, who could hold his liquor better than all of them, just shook his head.  

Rupert drained the last of his whisky and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, “Aye, she’s bonny, yer Claire.  Although, I like a hen with a bit o’ meat on her.”

Dougal closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, “I can think of worse things, then holdin’ on to that pair o’ sweet kakin’…”

“ENOUGH!”  Jamie roared.


“Forgive my brother, Jamie.” Colum’s voice soothed a room that went completely still.  “I wish there was a way to muzzle the idiot.”   He pointed a finger at Dougal.  “Maura deserves better than you, man.”  

“Aye, aye, aye….”  Dougal slapped his cards face down, stood and stumbled to the table for some food.

“Wha’ do ye like bessst about Claire, Jamie?” Willie slurred, eyes glazed over in drink.

Jamie, whose eyes were somewhat unfocused himself, swayed a little.  “Her arse.”

The room exploded into laughter.

Willie turned a shade of pink.  “I meant her personality.”

“Oh. Weel.  She’s fun.  And she can talk for hours about anything and everything.  She makes ye feel like ye’ve known her forever.  She’s a way about her that calms me to my soul.”  Jamie looked off into the distance for a minute, then shook his pickled brain.  He clapped a hand on Willie’s shoulder and said, “But she’s got a damn fine ass, man. I mean, Christ, gives me a terrible cockstand just to think of it.”  Chuckles from the older men as Willie started to squirm, “And she’s got this pair of hot pink knickers that….”


Every man froze in place.  

Jamie slowly turned around.  

“Jenny.  Hey.” He waved awkwardly at his sister.

“How dare ye talk about yer future wife like some common hoor.”  She looked about the room.  What a bunch of drunkards.  Time to shut this down.

“That’s it.  Show’s over lads.”  She walked over to the bar, locked up the liquor and gathered the glasses.  She pointed at her husband.  “Show them where the blankets are,” and with a fist full of tumblers she headed out of the room. “Sleep well, gentlemen,” she called over her shoulder.

Ian turned to his friends with a sloppy wave, “Sleep well, gent…men,” and promptly stumbled into the back of his wife who’d suddenly stopped.  “Oof! Christ, Jenny…”

“Where do ye think yer going?”  Jenny said, glasses clinking.

Ian’s head lolled to the side, confusion evident. “To bed with ye, my fair Janet.”

“Think again,” Jenny snorted, and spun on her heels to leave.


Claire sat curled up in the large leather chair by the fireplace, reading.  

She and Jenny had had a nice night with the children.  They all made their own pizzas, and then she and Jenny gave them baths to get the sauce out of theirs ears and hair and from between fingers.  They played games, and ended the night with Claire tucking in wee Jamie and Maggie, and reading them both a story.  

She’d planned to let Jamie have the night alone with his friends and family, but Jenny called to say she would like the company and told Claire to bring an overnight bag for her and Jamie. “I ken this lot, none of them will be fit to go home tonight.  I’ll not be in stuck in a house with a bunch of drunks on my own!”

She heard the heavy steps in the hall. The door opened, and Jamie came in. He stopped dead at the sight of her and smiled.  His eyes were having trouble focusing.  He staggered to the edge of the bed and struggled to remove his shoes.

Claire didn’t say or word.  Or move to help him.  Foolish prat.  He’ll deserve whatever headache he’ll have in the morning.  

Jamie breathed deeply and staggered a couple of steps forward, swaying slightly.  

“Are ye a dream, my own?  Or real?” he said, eyes narrowed.

Claire decided to stay still, and quiet to see how this played out.   

“Tha thu am boireannach bu bhrèagha a chunnaic mi riamh,” he whispered. “Agus a ‘smaoineachadh, bi thu leamsa a dh'aithghearr.”  Claire wouldn’t have been able to move if she tried.  Jamie didn’t speak Gaelic often, except to swear.  This wasn’t swearing.  The low rhythm of his voice sounded like poetry. 

“Och! “ Jamie flapped a hand at his vision and scrubbed at his face with both hands.  She could hear the rasp of his stubble.  “Mo graidh.  Ye are real, are ye, no?” 

Oh, the temptation to answer. 

“Best ye aren’t.  After what I admitted tonight.”  Jamie attempted three times to pull the tee shirt over his head.  “Talkin’ about yer arse like that.” 

Claire raised an eyebrow.   

“I mean, it’s a damn fine arse, mo graidh.  Drives me mad.  But I shouldna disrespect –“ his voice muffled for a bit as his face disappeared under the cotton, “-air beulaibh mo theaghlach.” 

He finally managed to pull the shirt over his head, and tousled his red curls in the process.  He looked like a child who’d just woken up from a nap.  

He looked at her again.  

“Tha thu taibhse?”   

Claire had never heard Jamie speak this much in his native tongue.  She had to admit, it turned her on.  Big time.   

“Your eyes,” Jamie said.  He smiled softly, and raised a hand as if trying to touch her cheek.  “They’re the colour of our finest whisky, with the sun shining through.” 

Slowly, Jamie stepped backward, trying to find the bed. It took all of Claire’s strength not to call out for him to watch himself.  As it was he hit the edge of the bed with the backs of his knees, and flopped over.  She almost giggled as he struggled to sit up.   He tried to focus on her again, his eyes glazed over.

“One week,” his finger wagged in her direction. “One week, and I’ll be Mr. James Beauchamp.”

Claire snorted.

“I mean, you’ll be Mr. James Beauchamp.  No.  That doesna sound right.”

Jamie placed his index finger against his lips, tapping rhythmically as he tried to make sense to himself.  He tried again, “Mrs. Claire Beau…no…,” he measured every word. “Mrs. James Alexander Fraser Mackenzie….no, wait….”

“Fhalbh,” he swore.

And to Claire’s profound amusement, the love of her life promptly passed out.

Love (and Other Feelings Like It)

A thank you to @brinshannara for the beta, you great <3

This is J’onn centered, SuperCorp sap. And you can read it on AO3

The first thing J’onn felt was panic, pure, unadulterated panic. Even before Kara’s head shot up to grin at the heartbeat she could hear through the door, J’onn felt the anxiety wafting from the hallway.


He’d felt a lot of emotional whiplash in his life, but this was something else. J’onn grimaced as he felt the headache begin. The relief he felt from her was short-lived though, the anxiety already tumbling back into place as she stepped into the apartment.

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I Got You (but I don’t know how)

Danvers Sisters High School AU

She punched that Max Lord boy right in the nose a couple of years ago because he was taunting that nerdy Schott boy about his father.

And when Maggie Sawyer was being uncharacteristically slow in gym class because Eliza Wilke had gotten her kicked out of her home, Alex took a dodgeball to the jaw for her.

Alex knew how to protect people.


She was good at it. Too good, her father would tell her. She needed to take care of herself, too. She needed to think about herself, too.

But suddenly, none of that mattered.

Because overnight, she gained a sister; someone she couldn’t protect if she tried.

And god, did she try.

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anonymous asked:

director sanvers + spooning

so this started as a simple prompt about director sanvers spooning. then it turned into touch starved lucy, and here we are folks. enjoy! 

“i asked lois once,” lucy says one night.

they’re all home, they’re all safe and together and fed. they’re at maggie apartment - a storm is coming and with it kara, and they’ve found that maggie’s apartment calms her best. so lucy is curled in an armchair, a blanket pulled around her legs, a book dog-eared in her lap.

she’s looking out the window, away from where maggie and alex are sharing the sofa. alex at the end with the best light, a neurology journal before her. maggie at the other end, legs stretched out and in alex’s lap, moments before occupied by the nintendo ds in her hands.

when lucy speaks though, when lucy finally, finally finds the words to voice what’s been eating at her all night. what has her in a retreat, distanced from her girlfriends, they both pause,

they both look up.

maggie sets her ds down, the brightened screen illuminating the black army letting along the grey shirt she tends to sleep in. alex puts the journal down, but keeps the pen between her teeth, chewing the end and trying not to stare lucy down. trying not to startle her.

“i asked her about our mom.” lucy finishes, because this is the only way she knows how to talk about the knots in her chest “i was four when she was killed.” she explains “assassinated. she worked for the un as a lawyer. she-” lucy pauses “almost everything i know about her i learned from the internet.”

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The Protector - Daddy Daze (Bucky)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Daddy!Bucky x Reader

Requested by: @marveloussssworld

A/n:  I need more request for this series feel free to send them in anytime!

Daddy Daze Masterlist | Tagging and Daddy Daze requests are open

You watched you son carefully as he walked towards his godfather.  It was the first day of school and your James was going into the second grade.   Steve’s daughter Maggie was going into first grade and it would be her first time in ‘Big Kid School’.  Bucky had sat down with James the night before making sure that he would look out for his friend, just in case.

You had teased Bucky, saying that Maggie was stronger and smarter than Steve and could handle herself.  Bucky ignored your teasing,  giving you and James kisses goodbye leaving for the tower for his morning workouts.

James had arrived at his Uncle Steve and had stuck his arm out to shake the much larger man’s hand.  You see Steve smile fondly at his godson as James took Maggie’s hand in his own, walking her into the school.   Waving at Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, you set off back home to get some work done.

When 3 o’clock had rolled around, James made a very loud entry into your home, slamming the door he walks into the living room in a huff, not expecting to see you and his dad on the couch reading.

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Room of Requirement

DAY FOUR of #SanversWeek: Hogwarts AU. Contained in this fanfic is some sweet sanvers first time hogwarts sex. It was surprisingly easy to write.

@404artnotfound i will continue to shout out olive because she’s literally the best.

[Read on AO3]

There aren’t a lot of places in this god forsaken castle that you can be alone.

Actually, that’s incorrect.

There aren’t a lot of places in this god forsaken castle that you can truly be alone. Down every corridor, in every classroom, in the library, the bathrooms, the dormitories, there is someone- or something- waiting to interrupt them. In even the darkest, least frequented hallways there are ghosts roaming around, looking to cure their paranormal loneliness with a conversation, or a painting of some old wizard who, despite his intense denial of the fact, comes across a little bigoted.

And Maggie is all too aware of this fact. She’s all too aware because for three and a half months, her and Alex have only managed to slip hands under t-shirts before some first year, or some ghost, or some pestering painting alarms the crap out of them with an out of the blue reprimand. And seriously, getting scolded by the portrait of an ex-potions teacher from the 1400s with a frightening resemblance to Maggie’s homophobic great aunt is a real mood killer.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Alex and Maggie are having a competition to see who has greater willpower so they're withholding sex and hilarity ensues as they try to tempt each other into caving whike they both are just riling themselves up

She calls her arm candy and she calls her breathtaking.

She calls her gorgeous and she tells her she cleans up nice.

She tells her because god, does she mean it.

And for a long while, Alex splutters, and Alex is shy, and Alex Danvers – badass, take-no-prisoners DEO agent Alex Danvers – blushes.

But then she realizes she can use Maggie’s open admiration for her body – for her – to her advantage.

Hell, they’re always competing, anyway. Always have a bet on about something or other anyway.

So when Maggie is reaching from her elbows to her hips, kissing her in the corner their bar, Alex chuckles and pulls back.

“You want something more than a kiss, Sawyer?”

Alex feels rather than hears the low moan in the back of Maggie’s throat, and she bites the inside of her cheek.

“You offering, Danvers?” Maggie asks, her voice already thick with want, her eyes flitting toward the bathroom.

“No,” Alex shrugs with a massive, innocent grin, slipping out of Maggie’s hands and practically strutting back to the pool table.

“Wh – I – Danvers!”

Alex turns on her heel and licks a slow path up Maggie’s neck until her breath is hot in Maggie’s ear.

“Bet I can hold out without sex longer than you can, Detective,” she whispers, and Maggie full out laughs.

“Yeah, okay, Danvers, do I really need to remind you about last night when you – ”

“Hi guys!”

Alex nudges Maggie with her shoulder, and Maggie grins as she nudges her back, both of them trying their hardest to contort their faces into pictures of innocence for Kara.

“Hey sis!”

“Little Danvers!”

“Why… why are your voices so squeaky? Why are you smiling like that? I… you know what, I stopped using my superhearing around you to for a reason, so I don’t want to know, I really don’t. Drinks?”

“Root beers?”

Kara nods and adjusts her glasses as she blushes her way back to the bar.

“So you wanna bet that you can withhold sex longer than I can, do you, Danvers?”

“I have DEO training, Sawyer, I can do anything.”

“Anything but me, apparently.”


Maggie tilts her head and grins.

“A flash grenade.”


“Stakes. If you give in and ask for sex first, I get a flash grenade.”

Alex squints down at her, biting the inside of her cheek and pretending to glare slightly. Trying not to think about how perfect Maggie’s lips look, how soft, how… no. No. Nope. Nope, definitely not. Because Maggie Sawyer cannot get her hands on that damn flash grenade.

“Done. And if I win – ”

“You won’t.”

“When I win… remember that lap dance we were talking about you giving me?”


The entire bar turns to look at them, Maggie with her face buried in Alex’s shoulder, Alex kissing her hair and waving off a scandalized-looking Kara, an amused-looking Winn, and a politely eye-diverting James.

“If it’s a no, Maggie, that doesn’t have to be – ” Alex starts, her voice sweet, her voice gentle, her voice genuine.

“Oh no no no. Deal. I win, I get a flash grenade. You win, you get a lap dance.”

They both blush and they seal it with a kiss. A kiss that they both immediately want to become something more.

But they can’t, because the stakes have been set. Alex cracks her knuckles and Maggie straightens her back in effort to restrain themselves.

Alex almost falters first. Almost falters, because even though the bet was her damn idea, Maggie knows she’s probably going to lose at pool anyway. Might as well make her loss worthwhile. So she sticks out her ass more than she usually would, she unbuttons her shirt more than she usually would, she licks her lips more than she usually would, while she lines up her shots.

Alex’s eyes blaze, but DEO training, DEO training. Something about discipline. Something about being a soldier.

But damn, Maggie in that shirt.

But she needs Maggie out of that shirt, so she needs Maggie to cave first. Needs her to cave first, so when Maggie has the early shift the next morning, Alex bites her lip and thinks long and hard and nervous before snapping a series of photos, careful and hot and needy.

She trembles slightly when she presses send, because god, she hopes they don’t look stupid.

She doesn’t.

Because Winn texts her immediately, to ask her what the hell she sent Sawyer, you kinky woman, she spit up her entire coffee all over my computer, seriously Danvers, can’t you keep it in your pants for five minutes?

But keeping it in her pants is exactly the point, and right now, she’s winning.

She’s winning, that is, until Maggie composes herself enough to respond to those texts, later that afternoon, when she’s back at the precinct and Alex is at the DEO.

Damn, Danvers. That body… the things I want to do to you right now… If you say the word, I can slip out of work and slip right into you. Because looking like you look in that lingerie, Alex? I know you’re already wet for me.

It’s Alex who spits up coffee on Winn’s computer, this time, and his shriek of frustration even makes J'onn jump.

“Agent Schott!”

“I’m sorry, sir, but first it was Maggie, now it’s Alex – does my computer have a sign on it today, begging to be caffeinated with a combination of coffee and spit?”

J'onn just stares at the siblings, nonplussed, and Alex claps her hand on Winn’s shoulder.

“No one told you our equipment’s waterproof, Winn?”

“That’s not the point, Alex, I… what are you and Maggie up to, anyway?” he asks as he and Alex start mopping up his console.

“Trust me, Mr. Schott: Agent Danvers has extremely loud thoughts, and you do not want to know their contents.”

Winn laughs – hard – and Vasquez chucks a crumpled piece of paper at him from her station.

Alex smirks and Vasquez winks and J'onn groans and Winn offers Alex a silent high-five, which she slaps cockily.

Of course she’ll win this.

All the filthy texts in the world can’t make her lose this.

Except her phone buzzes again, and she reads Maggie’s next message, and she nearly spits up coffee on Winn’s computer – again.

Nothing to say, Danvers? Does that mean you don’t want me to fuck you until you can’t do anything but writhe and scream my name like a good girl for me?

Winn grabs her coffee and holds it away from her.

“No more drinking while getting her texts.”

“And no more thinking, either. Please,” J'onn mutters, and Vasquez can’t stop laughing.

It continues – they continue – for a whole week, and by the end of it, no one is sure whether Alex, Maggie, J'onn, or Winn’s computer has suffered more.

They’re not even sure – by the time Alex is tearing off Maggie’s jacket and Maggie’s teeth are scraping at Alex’s throat – who lost, who won.

Who gets a flash grenade and who gets a lap dance.

And by the time Alex cums, writhing and screaming as she straddles Maggie, riding her hand as hard as she can; by the time Maggie cums, moaning and gasping as Alex holds her wrists down and whispers a filthy string of curses in her ear; they’re both claiming victory.