can i just pinch your cheeks

Wolf AU: EXO reaction to their mate adopting a puppy and gives the puppy more attention

Xiumin: Xiumin would be obsessed with the puppy as well. Playing with the puppy whenever he has the time. Even goes as far as calling the puppy brother.

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Luhan: *hugs you and restrict you from going to the puppy* “NO! You didn’t hang out with me for the past 2 days! I’m part dog too!” 

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Suho: “Jagi! Pay attention to me!!!” 

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Lay: *Have a wolf to pup talk* “You can’t steal my mate. I more fierce than you”

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Baekhyun: “I’m a puppy too! Kiss me !”

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Chen: *After getting your attention, you kept pinching his cheek*
“Ok… Jagi that’s enough..”

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Chanyeol: *plays the guitar* “my girlfriend dumped me for a puppy~”

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D.O: “As expected”

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Tao: “Fine, I’ll just give my attention to Candy. Let’s see how you feel”

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Kai: *Just wait til tonight and all of her attention will only be on me*

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Sehun: “Where ‘s Vivi when I need him”

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BTS Reacts to You Wearing Glasses

Jin:  *Gets jealous becuase you look better in glasses than he does*

“Take them off, we’re getting you contacts instead.”

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Namjoon: *Thinks it’s super cute*

“You’re not allowed to take them off.”

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Yoongi: *Likes to tease you about wearing them*

“You’re my little nerd, why don’t you go read some books?”

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Hoseok:*Does his signature J-Hope scream and then dances*

“Jagi you’re so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

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Jimin: *Thinks it’s super hot*

“Can you be the teacher and I be the student?”

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Taehyung: *Blushes and pinches your cheeks*

“So cute, never letting you take them off.”

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Jungkook: *Is scared the other members will try and take you*

“Nope you’re mine, you’re never wearing these glasses in front of them.” ( you just walked into the room and you see all of them staring )

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Hope you enjoyed this reaction, make sure if you want to request something just ask!                                                                    ~ Savannah ~

Not that smol

Anonymous said:

“Hiya! Can you please write a you/yoongi fluffy oneshot imagine where the maknae line teases you by calling you really tiny (but you’re only a few inches shorter than yoongi) so you decide to tell yoongi but he calls you tiny too but kisses your head?”

Absolutely! This is a super cute request, I hope you like what I wrote for it! And please feel free to send in other requests <3

“You’re just so small!!” Taehyung pinched your cheeks as he spoke, and you made a face at him as you brushed his hands away. You and Yoongi were going to go out for a late dinner, but he was still composing when you arrived at the dorm. You didn’t mind waiting for him, and the other members certainly didn’t seem to mind you being there– it gave them a chance to tease you. 

“I’m not!” You objected, standing to your fullest height.

“She’s right, Taehyung.” Jimin smiled mischievously. “She isn’t small, she’s fun size.”

You rolled your eyes, for a second you thought Jimin was actually going to help you! 

This had all started because you had borrowed one of Yoongi’s t-shirts last week, and when the other members had seen how big it was on you, they had to joke about it. They hadn’t paid any attention when you pointed out that the shirt in question was also slightly big on Yoongi.

“Just accept it, y/n.” Jungkook leaned his elbow on your head, not applying any weight, just showing that he could. “You’re tiny.” 

“I’m not much shorter than Yoongi,” You pointed out, stepping out from under Jungkooks elbow.

“Hey Jimin,” Taehyung said, ignoring your comment. “Do you think y/n would fit in my pocket?”

“Probably.” Jimin nodded, and Jungkook giggled. 

“You’re ridiculous.” You huffed, but it was difficult to truly be annoyed at any of them.

“Who is?” Yoongi shut the door to their studio behind him, smiling at you.

“They are.” You said, walking over to him. “They keep saying I’m tiny, I’m not.”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you. “But you are tiny.” He said, then laughed at the look you gave him. “I’m kidding. Kind of. Not really.” He kissed your forehead before whispering; “You are kind of tiny, you know.”

EXO reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said so cute

anonymous asked:  Exo reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said “so cute”. Love your reactions they give life! :)
A/N:and you’re making my heart beat fast:) <3
Xiumin- “So would you say I’m boyfriend material?”

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Luhan- “You’re cute”

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Kris- “really? So would you accept this cutie’s asking you out on a date?”

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Suho- “Not as cute and beautiful as you are”

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Lay- “Then maybe… you can call me something else….like….boyfriend”

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Baekhyun- “You just want this don’t you”

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Chen- “You’re too cute for your own good”

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Chanyeol- “Here’s a flower for the most beautiful girl in the world”

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D.O- “Why are you making me feel this way”

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Tao- “Give me a hug”

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Kai- “t-thank you”

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Sehun- *Just gif honestly sehun doesn’t need no words*

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Preference "How they react when you get jealous from someone flirting with them"

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay for our favs being so loving XD Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- Realizing as to why you wouldn’t address him, he’d find you absolutely cute and grab you over to sit on his lap and try to pinch your cheeks, teasing you about it as much as he could saying “Awww, Y/N! You can get jealous too?! That’s so fucking adorable of you! Here I thought that you were a tough one and you could handle me being with the other women!”

Daryl- At first, he’d be oblivious to your change of mood but soon realize why. He’d then feel special for you to feel that way about him and just walk over to you to grab your hand so you could look over at him and smiling, he’d say “Y/N…You got jealous earlier, right?I always thought I was the only who felt that way about you when other’s flirt with you…but for you to feel this way for me then that must means you really…really…love me…”

Rick- He’d immediately notice you being jealous and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He’d let it go on for a while just because he enjoys it so much seeing you react jealously. In the end, he’d finally walk up to you and hold your arms and say “Y/N…was that you being all jealous? Oh, yeah it was! Come on, Y/N, just admit it! Just admit that you can get just as jealous as me sometimes!”

Merle- Seeing your reaction, he loved it that for once, you were the one being jealous and feeling what he had felt for you before you both got together. He’d want to keep it up but in the end couldn’t and he’d pull you closely to him and whisper “So like that my Y/N can get jealous too? Never thought you’d let me see that lovely side of you…Then that means I must be really special to you, right?”

Glenn- He’d noticed your change of behavior and wonder what was wrong. He’d later find out as to why and start to chuckle. He’d want to see you smile again and start tickle you and tease you saying "Aww, Y/N…You got jealous from that girl flirting at me, didn’t you? Well, there was nothing to worry about…You know how much I love you already!”

Carl- He’d wonder as to why you were avoiding his gaze and once he realized as to what the problem was, he’d start to play a little along with the other girl. In the end, as you left he’d go after you and put his arm around your shoulder and said “Oh, come on, Y/N! You don’t think I really like her, right? I was just joking around! I mean it’s not everyday I see YOU getting jealous!”

The Governor- From the way you looked over at him, he’d immediately know what was wrong and smirk to himself. Later at night, he’d come back to your room and climb on top of you on the bed and holding you he’d stroke your cheek and say “Y/N…I never expected to see you like that…So that’s what you’re like when you’re jealous…I gotta admit…It’s a real pretty sight…”

Abraham- The moment he’d realize what you were feeling, he’d start to laugh about it and find you that much more endearing. He’d then approach you and start to playfully bump his shoulder into you and speak loudly so everyone could hear, saying “Y/N’s jealous! Yeah, she is! Look at her, she’s all red! Damn it, you’re fucking cute, when you’re jealous!”

Eugene- He wouldn’t even have noticed he was being flirted with but by your reaction, he’d then finally catch on. He’d immediately feel bad and go grab your hand just to walk away from the flirting. As you’d walk, he’d finally say “Y/N…firstly…It’s awesome to see you jealous like that…secondly, to be honest I didn’t even noticed her flirting with me, I-I swear!”

Jesus- Seeing you all jealous would amuse him and make him try to hold in his laughter as much as he could. The more it went on the more he wouldn’t be able to and he’d finally just walk over to you and say “Y/N! Do you know how flattering it is for you to feel jealous for me?! I love it! I’d be lying if I said you weren’t adorable like this!”

Ron- The instant he’d realize you were jealous, he’d smile to himself and feel much more confident about you and him. He wouldn’t even hear what was being said and just walk away to go join you and grabbing your shoulder, say “Y/N…You were jealous back there, right? That’s really nice of you to feel that way for me…and I think you just made me realize how much I can mean to you!”

Dwight- Seeing you act up out of jealousy from someone flirting with him would completely surprise him. He’d soon look at you with a grin and mischievously go along with what was going on. However, as you’d storm off he’d immediately run after you and laugh finally catching you. “Y/N, wait! Damn it, sorry! It’s just you’re so cute…and it was really funny to see you being the jealous one for once!”

Morgan- Seeing you avoiding his gaze and pouting at him throughout the day, he’d genuinely start to worry about you and wonder what was wrong. He’d then go over to you and finally realized the problem, would start to chuckle.“Y/N, really? that’s why…I-I didn’t even noticed her…I only noticed you giving me a dirty look…You made me all worried back there but…you were still lovely though…”

Shane- After figuring out as to why you were acting jealous, he’d be amused and try to tease you as much as he could. He’d flirt back with the girl all while still giving you his puppy eyes. He’d then catch up to you and grab you to start kissing your cheeks. “Y/N! Calm down! I was just joking around! I just wanted to see how much you really love me that’s all! And I guess you really really love me to act out like this!”

Milton- At first, seeing you all tense, would make him nervous. However, realizing it was out of jealousy, he’d feel relieved and start to laugh and smile. He’d be so happy you felt that way, he’d go to join you back in your room and hug you the moment you opened the door. “Y/N, you were acting that way because you’re jealous, right? Please, don’t deny it! It’s lovely of you…and for once, it’s nice to see you on the other end!”

Aaron- He could always tell whenever you were jealous and each time it always made him smile. One day, he’d feel bold enough to play along and only laughed even more seeing your reaction. He’d later feel bad and approach you saying “Y/N, i’m sorry…It didn’t mean anything! I was just trying to see how far I could go with you…You know, I can always tell when you’re jealous!”

Gabriel- Seeing you all jealous would make him smile and laugh but nonetheless he’d politely walk away from the other woman. As he’d join you, he’d grab your hand and link your arm with his and walk you back home. He’d chuckle seeing you trying to get away and say “Y/N…Please, she didn’t matter to me…Come on…Hey, but you do realize the more you’re denying me…the prettier you are!”

The Wolf- He’d be intrigued by your sudden change of behavior and try to investigate as to why you were acting that way. Once he found out, he’d confront you out of nowhere and pointing at you with a smile say “I know exactly why you’re like this lately, Y/N! You’re acting out of jealousy! Which is great! It means you have feelings for me as much as I have for you!”

Michonne- Realizing you were acting strange out of jealousy, would make her smile but she’d try to hide it. She’d act casual about it and would then approach you and put her arm around you. She’d then say "So like that, you’re jealous?Oh, don’t deny it I saw the way you just glared at us, earlier…Come on, Y/N, admit it…You know you’re always adorable when you’d admit it!”

Maggie- Seeing you act differently, she’d immediately understand as to why and start to chuckle. She’d try to flirt back with the other person but finally wouldn’t be able to keep it up and just walk over to you and hug tightly. “Oh, Y/N! You’re such a cute thing when you’re jealous! But seriously, you have nothing to worry about!”

Andrea- Seeing you acting out of jealousy, she’d smirk to herself and then try to act as if she didn’t know what was happening. She’d slowly get closer to you and whisper “You’re acting different, Y/N…What’s wrong? Is it because you’re feeling jealous? Jealous, from someone else flirting with me? Come on…tell me!”

Jessie- She wouldn’t have noticed you acting differently until the others pointed it out to her. She’d be in denial about it but soon start to smile and chuckle whenever she’d see you. “Y/N? You’re acting like this…because you’re jealous, am I right? It’s just really different to see you like this…but I mean I don’t dislike seeing you jealous…”

Beth- She’d noticed your behavior and wonder as to why you were like this. When she’d find out, she’d smile shyly and just to make you happy she’d get the person to stop. She’d then go to you and grab your hand in hopes to try and cheer you up. “Y/N, as much as I think you’re cute like this, I don’t want you to feel this way anymore, alright! ”

Sasha- She’d be pleasantly surprised by your attitude and would jokingly play along with the other person, just to see more of your reaction. In the end, she’d go after and grab a hold of your arm and turn you around to face her. “Y/N…I’m sorry…I just got caught up by how adorable you can be when you’re jealous…Sometimes, I forget you can ever feel that way too!”

Rosita- Seeing you all jealous, would make her feel confident about herself and she’d find you that much more lovely. She’d just want to grab you in for a kiss but hold it in until you were both alone and say “It’s really amazing to see you on the other side for once…I love this Y/N…Jealousy really suits you…”

Enid- She wouldn’t have noticed you acting strange, at first until you’d express yourself openly. She’d then understand and start to feel happy about your feelings for her. She’d then tell you “Well, Y/N…you have nothing to worry about…there’s a reason we’re together…I like you…”

Tara- Seeing you act differently from usual whenever she was being flirted with, she’d smirk and try to get a good eye contact with you. She’d find it amusing to see you that way but in the end she’d run to you for a hug and say “Aww, Y/N…I can’t keep this up if you’re this adorable! How can you be like this when you’re jealous?!”

Your Worst Nightmare - Cole Fluff/angst

Request: Hiya can u do one where some dude is flirting with u in public and cole gets jealous and gets in a fight :)

Warnings: Mild language

Notes: Ignore the caption in the second gif :)

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“Hey baby, are you Cinderella? Cause’ I see that dress coming off at midnight!”, an unknown man says in the middle of the street, and pinched my ass. I yelped and smacked his cheek hard.

“Feisty. I like it”, he smirks. 

“Did you just fucking touch her?”, Cole, my boyfriend, says as he walks up behind me. 

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“And who are you?”, the smug guy asked, getting angry. 

“Your worst nightmare”, Cole growls and steps in front of me. 

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“Cole, stop. Let’s just go”

“No, this fucker needs to learn his lesson”.

“Cole, can we please just go!”, I plead. 

“See baby, if you were with me, I would actually listen to you”, the smug guy remarked. 

“That’s it”, Cole says before taking a swing to the guy’s face. 

“Cole!”, I yell and pull him off the guy and drag him to the car.

“Why the hell did you do that?!”, I continue to yell.

“Because he was disrespecting you and you don’t deserve that sort of treatment”, he says softly, looking down at his fingers which he was playing with.

“Well thanks for protecting and standing up for me”, I say, placing a finger under his chin and turning his head to look at me. We both lean in and smash our lips together. 

Jackson As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

I wrote this in Social Ap

•a bit annoying when you first become friends but eventually you get over the fact he does NIT STOP TALKINH and you fall in love with him
•what’s silence?
•brags about himself to you to make it seem like he is cool
•but you just pinch his cheeks and call him cute
•so romantic when it comes to dates
•buys you new flowers like every week
•skinshiP TO THE MAX
•forehead kisses with his hands on the side of you face, holding you.
•constant hugs and cuddles
•would do anything to make you happy
•when your sad he buys you food and distracts you with games and cuddles
•Needy boy
•"Jagiii~~ Love meeee~~“
•"Literally the first time I’m busy in a week, go find mark”
•"but I want kissesssss"
•when he can’t sleep he will wake you up and talk
•talking till 4am
•you being nervous about him meeting your parents but he is so chill
•"if you say something stupid Jackson I swear to god"
•"You love me, they’ll love me too. How can they not? I’m perfect"
•Aegyo when he wants something
•competitive at video games af
•boys don’t even wanna play with you two anymore so you just play with each other
•long ass Skype calls when he is away
•sometimes you have long talks about life and someone usually ends up crying. (Him)

•half of the time he ruins the mood with random comments like “Here comes your sexy Man” and you just chuckle and get up, leaving him in the room
•but when things do go through, you can see Jacksons eyes turn dark, his cute expression turning into a sultry gaze
•"mmm.. Jagi, how much do you want me?“
•dirty talking is a must
•"Daddy, please hurry, I can’t wait any longer”
•once you said that he would start going faster, ripping your clothes off of you and him
•rough kisses on your lips, collarbone, and down your chest and stomach
•would not fuck around, would want to be as close to you as possible and does not doddle.
•his moans would be grunts through gritted teeth, trying to quiet himself down so he can hear you moan
•would smile every time you moaned and It would bring him closer than anything else could.
•completely cherishes your body with everything he has and knows everything about it and how to make you cum in seconds
•safe to say you would born cum at the same time, you grabbing onto his arm, squeezing tightly as he rides it out
•he would catch his breath before falling beside you, telling you how much he loves you
•Would do everything for you after, wash you, put your clothes on, place you in bed, tuck you in, anything he could because you’re his baby

•this boy deserves the world, please give it to him

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Doing Grayson's makeup

(Y/n) pov:
“Come on, Gray, please let me do your makeup?” I begged.
“(Y/n)….” He begged, his voice hoarse, “No.”
“Why not?” I pouted.
His eyes softened and he turned away. I giggled and got in his lap. He looked anywhere but at me. I grown and kiss his jaw softly.
“That’s cheating,” he whined.
“Just a little bit of makeup? Not even a full glam look,” I pinched his cheeks softly and he sighed.
“Can’t we do a compromise?” He leaned his forehead on mine.
“Like what?” I hummed.
He thought for a few moments and then smiled widely. It was one of my favorite smiled where his eyes would scrunch up and he’d let out a small laugh.
“I do your makeup,” he nodded enthusiastically.
“Hmmm,” I pretended to think, “No, it would be much more fun to do yours.”
“(Y/n)……” He sighed.
I looked deep into his eyes and gave him puppy dog eyes. No matter how hard he tried he could never resist these eyes. It was quite funny actually. He leaned back and closed his eyes.
“What are you doing?”
“If I can’t see you then I won’t give in,” Grayson seemed as if he was trying to convince himself.
“Gray,” I sniffles pretending to cry.
His eyes flew open and he glared at my smiling form, “(Y/n), why?”
“Because it would make me happy, and it would make me laugh,” I nodded knowing it was working.
“Ugh….fine. But expect payback,” Grayson sighed.
“Yay!” I cheered, “Let me go get my makeup!”
After setting up my makeup i made Grayson sit still. He looked angry but I just laughed. I couldn’t help it. He thought I was only going to do a little bit I was going to go all out. I got out some foundation and dotted it on his face. His face scrunched up and he frowned.
“It’s so cold, ow, why are you beating my face with a sponge?” His eyebrows furrowed together and his lips curled into a frown.
“I’m blending it into your skin,” I smiled as he nodded.
Next I did his eyes and put a gold sparkly shadow all over his eyelids. I then did winged eyeliner and put on false lashes. I moved into his lips and went for a dark purple shade. I then gave him a bit of blush. I smiled and laughed.
“Ugh, I’m so embarrassed,” he tried to hide his face. This was when Ethan came in and laughed.
“I got the whole thing on camera!” He laughed.
Grayson frowned and glared even more at me. I just laughed.

Makeout Session - Hoseok (BTS)

Ahh his got long too.

Hoseok is an adorable little baby and I love him so much. I see him as like a playful kisser. He’s so happy and energetic all the time, he’d pepper small little kisses all over your face and nose and eyelids. He’d love to see you giggle. But besides all the playful , he’d be extremely passionate. Hoseok is so full of love, you’d definitely feel it if he were to kiss you, plump lips caressing yours in just the right way. He’d probably pinch your cheeks as a joke but in all seriousness, he’d hold your waist and make sure you two were as close as humanly possible.

Playful Hoseok would give fast, short pecks to your lips and face but passionate Hoseok would absolutely kiss you long and slow. His tongue would make small appearances throughout, shyly poking into your mouth and repeatedly retreating back. And Jesus God can you imagine him moaning for more? I can see his nails digging into your skin when he gets real into it.

Positions for Hobi would be so silly and adorable like this boy just doesn’t stop. He’d probably (forcefully) ask you to lay upside down on the couch or something cute while he kisses you that way. Upside down kisses are definitely this dorks thing. Other than that, he’d probably just love to hold you in his arms.

If somebody walked in, I think we all know what would happen. Hoseok would scream his god damn head off like no other. After getting over the initial shock, he’d probably be annoyed af and kick the bitch out so you two could continue.

If Woozi were a pocket sized companion that rode on you and went with you everywhere

“Y/N no”

“Y/N NO”

“Yah! Stop pinching my cheeks!”

Always concerned for your well-being

Writing songs together

Intense cuddle sessions

Like he can cuddle you

But you cuddling him makes him feel jUST HOT AS HELL AND HE”S GONNA PUSH YOUR ASS AWAY #smolgrownmannu

But then he gets sad

“Please cuddle me?”

Fluffing his hair

“I’m not cute” *embarressed blushing*

“Yes you are, shut up”

Puttin band aids over your little cuts bc it can get infected and young Jihun don’t want that shit

Him getting mad when someone upsets you

“I can make a deal with Satan and-”

“Jihun nO”


Kissing the top of his head bc he’s still so sweet to you

Reminding you that you’re his favorite person each night

More Versions:  Vernon/ Jeonghan/ Seungkwan/ Hoshi/ Jun/ Joshua/ Wonwoo/ Mingyu/ The8/S.Coups/Dino/ DK/

A/N: Hope you guys liked it!

Seventeen Reacts to You Slapping Their Ass (Vocal Unit)

Jeonghan: “How’d I know you were going to do that?”  He shakes his head softly, “You naughty girl. I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

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Joshua: “I almost dropped my food! I would never forgive you if that happened.” He kisses your cheek, “Just kidding, but don’t think I’ll let you get away with touching my butt again.” He pinches your butt, warning you and you blush.

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Seungkwan: “It’s nice, isn’t it?” He has a smug smile on his face and you can tell he is proud of his bum. “Just do a lot of squats honey and you’ll have a great ass like mine.”

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DK: “You’re such a pervert.” He smiles widely when you grip his ass and he swats your hand away. “Would you like me to do that to you?”

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Woozi: Woozi was sleeping like usual and you would be fine with it if it wasn’t 3 in the afternoon! He didn’t wake up no matter how hard you tried so you slapped his butt, and hard. He wakes up slowly and he smiles when he sees you, “I’m up now, baby.”

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Dating S.Coups would include...
  • yet another group for me to fawn over
  • soooo cheollie 100% knows when he likes you
  • and makes it very obvious
  • 100% increase in pick up lines and flirting
  • whenever the boys try to tease him, he turns it into some way to bring up his attraction to you
  • it embarrasses you quite a lot but he just pinches your cheeks and asks you out
  • so when you two do go on a date he takes you somewhere where he can spoil you
  • shopping!!!!
  • you don’t want him to buy you anything but he insists
  • and you go to a cute little burger place for lunch
  • at the end of the day you are laden with shopping bags and guilt
  • despite him telling you that he wanted to buy you everything
  • he leaves you shell shocked at you door after a amazing first kiss
  • gosh i want one
  • he continues to spoil you well into the relationship
  • like if you even so much as mention something you want in passing
  • boom! you have it
  • also has some kind of sixth sense for the things you want but dont tell him about
  • 100% a hugger
  • loves wrapping his arms around you and giving you massive bearhugs
  • backhugs all the time
  • no matter where you are
  • you spend a lot of time in the practice room with the group
  • and my god does cheollie whine when you have to leave
  • so much so that the rest of seventeen threaten to tape his mouth shut
  • talking of the members, they’re always being so extra with your relationship
  • like covering dino’s eyes whenever you kiss
  • he goes grocery shopping with you all the time 
  • bc he spends so much time in your home
  • and more specifically in your fridge
  • playfighting so much
  • but you always lose bc hes so much stronger
  • and it always ends up with him above you pinning you down smothering your face with kisses
  • you have such a good dynamic with the members 
  • especially jeonghan
  • like you two go on coffee dates and gossip about him
  • he pouts so much when you do this bc he’s basically a massive puppy
  • he gets very heated very quickly when he’s in the mood
  • but something always comes up
  • like you’ll be in his room making out
  • then in bursts dk looking for something
  • and suddenly he’s screaming and you’re blushing and coups is just grinning
  • poor dk
EXO Reactions: You are a ‘00 liner


*Can not believe what you just told him*



 He just grins widely and gushes over you.

“Aww my jagiya is so young and cute! aw come here let Oppa give you a hug!”

he then proceeds to pinch your cheeks.


*confused little puppy*

“But….I thought you were 18….”




“Age is but a number,I still love you..”




“Well good thing I know Wushu so I can beat up anybody that says our relationship is wrong. Age is just a number,what matters is that we love each other..”


*amazed because you act so mature for your age*



“Well then…..this whole time iv’e been calling you Noona…..huh,I guess i’ll have to find a new nickname for you…”


“Don’t let anyone tell you that we shouldn’t be together because of our age gap…I love you no matter how old or young you are…”



“ I guess that means i’m your Oppa huh?~”


He really doesn’t care about age,he loves you for you.He tries to make you laugh because you were really upset about it.

“What? But I already have enough children!”

~ Admin Xiuaith

2p's reactions to their five year old child saying random conspiracy theories

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America:….uhhh ok….ummmm, smart kid

James Williams/ 2p Canada:…sure *awkwardly pats there head*

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France:….yep and romance is just a chemical inthe brain

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: aww your so cute *Pinches there cheeks*

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: i have thought you well

Yang Wang / 2p china: and cats are fluffy!

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany:……yhe

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: have you been hanging around Sergei kids!

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano:……okey soooo you want a ice cream?

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: *thumbs up*

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: well you are my kid i can tell that much 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: yes now time for the next one

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: please stop talking dad is trying to sleep

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: aww so smart,

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine:. you got that right

Julia Héderváry/2p Hungary: yep and gender is just social construct, now time for target practice

“Can there be a little comic where Karma just hugs Nagisa and goes “He shall be mine. And he shall be my squishy.” And he pinches Nagisa cheeks.”

- @serenity0220

Hello I am here and I am Karmagisa trash. Please accept my dumb contribution to your noble cause. I even present a dumb chibi doodle to go with and their beautiful new hairstyles.


“Are you still having those headaches?” Harrison asked, causing you to lift your head off the desk and find him leaning over your workspace, reaching forward to press a warm palm against your temple in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure.  

You groaned and leaned into his touch before huffing out a rough, “Meta visions suck… I can’t figure it out though.” Shaking your head and pulling away from Harry for just a moment, you said, “I usually only get these premonitions whenever Barry is about to do something stupid but he’s about six dimensions away so…?”

“They’ve been stronger lately, haven’t they?”

With a nod, your head dropped back to the desk. “They’ve been excruciating.”

The room fell quiet for a little too long before forcing yourself back upright to see Harrison chewing on the inside of his cheek and staring at you with a pinched brow, almost as if he was about to grill you with a tiring game of 20-questions but instead of saying anything, he turned and started for his office.

“We might need to pop over to Earth-1…”

“What?” You started, pushing away from your desk and mounting a stance to scramble after Harrison. “What for?”

“Either Barry’s in trouble…. Or he’s going to be.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being a Meta-Human from Earth-1 but Living on Earth-2 and Working at S.T.A.R. Labs with Harrison*

Request: (@silverwingedfox) I got another one! Not sure if it qualifies as protective Harrison though. I guess it’ll go where ever it goes. Maybe the reader gets um premonitions (i think that’s the word) for the stuff that goes bad on E-1 cause she was born there and somehow got on E-2 and she works with S.T.A.R labs? I try not to send in too many requests.

[REACTION] Seventeen Knowing that You’re Scared After a Horror Movie [PART 2]

Because we are still scarred from our Train to Busan experience…


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  • Extremely empathetic, tries to man himself up to take care of you properly.
  • But then two of you would be too scared to leave the comfort of the living room
  • Leaves all the lights in the house on
  • Plays upbeat music and the two of you start singing
  • Until the neighbours complain
  • Turns off music and the two of you fall asleep on the couch

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  • Mingyu’s a perceptive kid, and he’d know just how scared you are even without telling him (and he is, too)
  • So you can be lying down on your bed alone scared shitless but Mingyu suddenly walks through your door and snuggles up next to you
  • “Admit it, you’re secretly glad I’m here”
  • “Admit it, you were pissing yourself during the movie too, Mingyu.”
  • Also cooks for you and makes you ramen

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  • To be honest, he’d just think you’re cute
  • Lots of head ruffling ft. pinching your cheeks because he thinks that your scared face is the cutest thing ever.
  • “It’s okay, just sleep. And if the ghost comes for you, I’ll just tell him to go away.”
  • Acts out how he’ll scold the ghost to make you laugh
  • Waits until you fall asleep before sleeping himself

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  • Is probably as terrified or even more terrified than you
  • He’ll totally be the type to buy a nightlight before the movie and keep it on for the rest of the night.
  • Starts shouting song lyrics as a way to scare off the ghosts (like what he did during ofd)
  • Accidentally bumps into the door while walking into the room and cursing every twenty minutes.
  • Locks all doors and windows and wraps the both of you up like burritos. 

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  • “Okay, on three: when I turn off the lights, we bloody run for it, got it?”
  • Then he’d switch off the living room lights and the two of you literally just sprint to the bedroom in the dark, lock the door and collapse on the bed giggling
  • Building a blanket fort and hiding inside it prepped with flashlights, chocolate and gummy worms
  • Asks if you’re alright while feeding you food

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  • Chan will take this opportunity to show just how manly he is because everyone thinks he’s like the childish youngest member
  • Expect lots of backhugs
  • I mean, LOTS. Let’s be real, he’s still a small child terrified of things that go bump in the night but he’d rather die than show his girl that he’s scared.
  • “Chan get off me thIS IS THE TOILET” “but what if the killer’s hiding in the bathtub who’s gonna protect you”

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Show or Reality?

Genre: Fluffy smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Reader

Word Count : 2.117

You were trying to figure out what to do when you were offered to join the ultimate famous show We Got Married. Being the requested member of your group you just felt a little bit burden. How was that suppose to work.

Decided to talk it over you called the others. Thank god all the other members were nice and sincere so they actually tried to help you through it.

“Baby pd says you should do this and I think you can”

The newly greenish haired Lori told you with a sweet smile on her face. You just frown as you look down.

“But who is it gonna be? What if he is an horrible person in real life and gives me throuble.”

Merie pinches your cheeks as she chuckles.

“You can always leave, you know”

You shook your head in disaggrement.

“If I leave there will be rumors going around”

Sonji just held your hand to encourage you as she softly spoke.

“Our pd will take care of it and make a reasonable excuse, don’t worry about that”

As you said nothing Lori spoke again.

“We all believe in you Y/N. We know you can do it”

Sonji went on with agreement.

“Yes and don’t just think the worse… He may be an amazing person and who knows you can even fall in love”

She was shooting hearts from her eyes in her own world which caused Merry to groan and she just pinched Sonji’s nose.

“Enough with the love-story stuff” then she turned towards you “You will do it and have fun. Just don’t think the rest,ok?”

You nod then called the pd to inform him you would be joining.After the things needed done you waited for the shooting day which only was a week apart.

There were gonna be three couples but you had no idea who were the boys. Cameras began rolling and you were asked some questions about your ideal type and how you would react on some certain occasions. All the others answered the same questions to decide the best matches.

When the result came you were asked to stand in front of a dark black curtain. Heart pounding like crazy, you were curious who was going to be your mate. All the lights were on you and whoever was behind there. You just fixed the mini dress covering your nice features.

The Mc counted “1…2…3” and the curtain fell down quickly. You just couldn’t look up right away but you knew he was someone tall. As eyes slowly went up you couldn’t help but admire the perfect built body.

Both your eyes met at the same level and you froze. It was BTS’s Jeon JungKook. The cute and manly maknae whom you actually liked since you saw him on a music show as they were about to perform after you. You just gulped and bit your lip.

He seemed uneasy too so there was an awkward silence. The Mc announced you as the CuteXY couple and you two only could smile and say hi. After everyone joined the atmosphere was lighter so the uneasiness left you both. Soon you two were chatting about random stuff.

Mc came up and asked if you two expected the result JungKook somehow surprised you.

“I like cute yet sexy type of girls so I kind of guessed it was gonna be her”

You were in shock as you replied saying

“I always thought he was nice and talented . At some point I told myself that it would be good if it were JungKook. I just cant believe it became real”

Mc just asked for applause for you both while stating the fact you look dope together. Then JungKook held his hand out to lead you to the sweet house you were to share for at least a month.

While cameras were still rolling to record your first ever day you just cooked as he helped you with ingredients. You just listened some music and found out you share the same taste. By the night it was time to say goodbye to the viewers and sleep. Having no idea how it was gonna happen you were kinda stressed. You liked JungKook but it was strange to share the same bed in the end.

However JungKook already thought about it and took the matters in his hands. Instead of a huge bed there two cute small tents. They were white and decorated with silver, black and red ornaments.

Standing there with a wide smile he asks

“I thought you would feel more comfortable like this. What do you think”

You just played with some of the ornaments as you smile.


You truely were amazed and there was no need to hide it. When you wanted to thank him you just couldn’t help but gave him a hug.

JungKook stood still and gently put his arm around you as he cleared his throat. You both held hands waved goodbye at the cameras and the shooting ended. Thinking that your reaction was too much you blushed.

“Umm… About the hug… I didn’t mean to… I mean it was kinda much…”

JungKook looked at you with those doe eyes, he gave his bunny smile.

“Its ok…Uhh…I… I just thought how would the viewers react since its just the first day”

You went ohh and smiled but kinda felt sad. You hugged him yet he felt nothing but thought about that. Having no idea why, you found it disappointing. Decided to taste the water, you wore your sweet yet revealing nightgown. Making your way to the tent you noticed his eyes watching your every step but pretended you didn’t. He gulped which gave you some courage you accidentally (!) show tiny bit of your chest to him as you laid down in your tent.

The night was uneasy for JungKook because of your teasing. He already found you attractive so he had no idea how to handle this. Anyhow you laid down the comfortable smooth bed on the ground, the tent leaving only your head and your hands above it outside. You held hand right there for the night.

As the shooting goes on you and JungKook grew closer within the week. You were naturally sitting closer and those slight innocent touches weren’t awkward anymore. You both took a peaceful walk through the Han River. He took you to karaoke which was fun and he sang beautiful songs to you. You fell for him right then and there again.

Spending more time you were lost in JungKook. You knew he liked you but wasn’t at the point of showing it yet. That night after the shooting ended you pretended that you had a nightmare. JungKook offered you to sleep right next to him, which he regret later. You were in your sexiest nightgown which made it hard for him to resist you.

JungKook was about to fall asleep as he unconsiciously laid his arm all the way above your waist. You just snuggled up and let your bum rub him. He bucked his hips for a second yet stopped. You could feel he was getting hard and you weren’t gonna let it go.

You hummed his name softly which made him go crazy. You were like a toxic and he couldn’t handle it anymore. JungKook was all cocky as he whispered to your ear, voice low and dark.

“I know you are awake. You are driving me crazy pretending that you don’t know. Walking in these…”

He turned you over and soon he was hovering over. When your lips crashed he began to devour you. Gently biting not letting you to pull away. Letting his hot breath wash your face JungKook bit your earlobe. His touches were sitting your skin on fire, his lips were soft cashmire causing you to want more. You grab his t-shirt, tossing it elsewhere.

However JungKook stopped and got out of the tent. When you raised your eyebrow he grinned.

“Baby I really don’t want this to fall down and ruin it all”

You giggled as he easily moved and put it across the room. He came back, crawling between your legs. He moved your nightgown up, squeezing your thighs. His head disappeared and you felt his lips over your skin. He gave a few kisses then used his tongue inside of your thighs, slowly going up. It was driving you insane and you were already wet even if he didn’t lay a finger on you yet.

He gave you a smirk before he slowly took your cute lace panties off. You startled him as you laid him down. You sat down on his legs as you kissed his chest making your way to his torso. He was needy and breathy. You pulled his shorts and boxers down.

He was big… Like surprisingly big. The tip of his length was red, pre-cum slightly glistering. You reached to touch it but surprising he grabbed you by the waist before you could do it. Instead he placed you on his thighs, whispered.

“Just look at it and ride my thigh as if you are riding it”

You gulped but his words left no room to break free. You just did what he said and damn. He was flexing his muscles as you moved your hips. You just couldn’t believe the actual friction it caused. Soon you were mumbling his name. When you were about to reach at your peak, he stopped.

Taking you under him JungKook lined his member by your entrance.

“You want it?”

You nodded but JungKook wasn’t convinced, he needed to hear more. When he didn’t move you moaned his name, literally begging. He pushed inside you which felt amazing, making you feel complete. As you adjusted to his size, you moved your hips.

When JungKook began to move you found yourself in heaven. Nothing felt that good before. The way his hips moved, they way he held your hands above your head… Everything felt right. You were getting higher as JungKook moved faster.

Skin slapping and moan filled the room as you both were lost in pleasure. JungKook pulled away and took you from behind. He was rough, pace unfathomable.

“JungKook…Ahh..God…Right there”

You kept moaning his name as you felt the familiar knot in your stomach. JungKook was also close as he let low groans out, pounding into you relentlessly. Your nails dig into his skin as your release hit you.

Your body shook as you laid your head down. JungKook reached his orgasm right after you, his member shaking inside of you. He placed a gentle kiss on your shoulder while pulling away then you both collapsed. Waiting your breath to calm down you heard JungKook softly whisper.


You just smiled.

“I have never felt like this before. My body is still… Oh god my legs gave up on me I guess”

JungKook chuckled, placing a soft kiss on your lips.

“Lets sleep”

You snuggled up to him and next you opened your eyes to the morning. God Damn It… It was the day other members of your groups to visit. JungKook was still asleep so you tried not to wake him up as you went for a shower.

Your body was still under the effect of your wild night. Hoping that warm water would help you took a while in there. JungKook was awake when you got out. He hugged you right before he took a quick shower.

It was right after he got dressed when the girls and other BTS members arrived. You two welcomed them cheerfuly. Since it was crowded the conversation was easy to hold. Decided it was time you made your way to the kitchen to serve some drinks.

JungKook followed you right away, giggling.

“Sorry about the guys. They are noisy… Like most of the time”

You shook your head.

“No thats ok. They are friendly. Especially Tae and Hobi. I like them all to be honest”

JungKook sighs in relief as he grabs the glasses that were way too above on the shelf. Leaving them down he held your hand. You laid your head to side as he nuzzled yor neck up slowly.

However both you were taken a back when you heard a fake cough. There were Jimin and Yoongi standing. Jimin was looking down while YoonGi awkwardly played his hair.

“I suppose this wasn’t meant for the cam”

You looked at JungKook who shrugged and mouthed the words “We will talk about it later”

Jimin looked at you with eyes twice their usual size.

“You two are together?”

JungKook only nods with a grin as he wrapped his arm around your waist.

Undertale {Sentence Starters}
  • "How adorable! I could pinch your cheek!"
  • "Please leave me alone. I can't come back! I just can't, OK?!"
  • "Are you bored? I should have given a book to you."
  • "You want to know more about me? Well, I am afraid there's not much to say."
  • "Why are you still here? Are you trying to keep me company?"
  • "Only the fearless may proceed."
  • "Sorry, I do not have much to say. It was nice to hear your voice, though."
  • "You're the type of friend I wish I always had."
  • "Even after all this time, you're still the only one that understands me."
  • "Don't you have anything better to do?"
  • "Oh dear, are you serious? I do not know if this is pathetic, or endearing."
  • "I don't regret that decision anymore. I did the right thing."
  • "You only wanted to say hello? Well then. 'Hello!' I hope that suffices."
  • "I just wanted to love someone. I just wanted to care about someone."
  • "I'm tired of all these people. I'm tired of all these places."
  • "This isn't funny! You've got a SICK sense of humor!"
  • "Someday you gotta learn when to QUIT. And that day's TODAY."
  • "Don't kill, and don't be killed, alright? That's the best you can strive for."
  • "Despite what everyone thinks, it's not as nice as it is here."
  • "And you know what the best part is? It's all your fault."