can i just not talk to him

partially deaf jeremy content in the bootleg:

  • Michael keeping his hood up all throughout the day and only taking it down when he’s around jeremy, not just because he’s comfortable around his boy, but so there’s nothing shadowing his face and jer can read his lips clearly
  • whenever he’s telling jer something important (giving him the “ill mock u forever if u don’t” pep talk outside the auditorium), he holds jer by the shoulders and gets close to him to make sure he’s actually taking in what he’s saying and reading his lips and understanding him because jeremy WILL space tf out especially when he’s anxious
  • jer had zero clue what chloe was talking about when he was trying to get to his locker so when she ushered brooke away in disgust he was just like. oh :(
  • jeremy communicates exclusively in “uhhs”, “whats?”, and “huhs??” because no one at this Hell School will speak coherently
  • that’s part of the reason why he’s so attentive when christine is doing “i love play rehearsal”. she speaks so loudly and so expressively that he understands everything she’s saying and it’s so refreshing and wonderful and he doesn’t know if he wants to date her or just be her best friend but. he loves christine and her loud voice
  • how did jer copy the hand movements rich did during “the squip song” for his little reprise even though rich only did them once?? he’s used to doing asl and picking up a hand motion in one go, boom.
  • michael sits in the left beanbag because jer’s hearing is better in his left ear. even when they switch he always makes sure to switch back to the left when he needs to say something to jer
  • jeremy is a flailing, talking with his hands mess because he doesn’t know how loud he’s being and doesn’t want to chance a voice crack so the Flail is used to get people’s attention

  • rich feels kinda shitty about ragging on jer for his bad hearing when he’s got his own speech impediment and genuinely wants him to get a squip so he’ll be able to hear just like rich was able to speak correctly
  • the stunned look on his face when the squip enters and says his name?? it’s been years since he’s heard anything so clearly
  • his absolute terror when he first walks into the hallway during “more than survive” is not having to Hear much that morning then all of a sudden walking into school and having to filter through hundreds of voices

can people stop acting like desiigner isn’t a part of this collab. like everytime i see people talking abt it, they always leave out desiigner and tbh it’s very irritating and it’s also very sad. like desiigner is so fucking hype abt this collab and remix but no one is acknowledging him for it.

I Did Something Bad - Synonym Edition

I don’t count on a narcissist, but they dote me
So I bow ‘em like a fiddlestick
And I make it be oh-so-simple
‘Cause for every fib I give them, they give me iii
This is how  reality works
Nowadays he cogitates of me

I can sense the blaze on my skin
Scarlet red coat on my lips
If a guy talks bull, then I owe  him nada
I don’t regret it one wink, 'cause he had it approaching

They say I did something blah
Then why’s it feel so swell?
They say I did something blah
But why’s it feel so swell?
Most joy I’d e'er bear
And I’d do it o'er and o'er and over once more if I might
It just felt so swell, swell

I ne'er trust a playboy, but they dote me
So I fly 'em all around the earth
And allow them feel they rescued me
They ne'er see it approachin’, what I do next
This is how reality works
You gotta scram before you get scammed

I can feel the flames on my skin
He says, “Don’t toss away a great thing”
But if he plops my brand, then I owe him nadaAnd if he wastes my change, then he had it approachin’

They say I did something blah
Then why’s it feel so swell?
They say I did something blah
But why’s it feel so swell?
Most joy I ever had
And I’d do it o'er and o'er and o'er once more if I might
It just felt so swell, swell

They’re toasting all the witches, despite if you aren’t one
They got their big forks and facts, their receipts and excuses
They’re scorching all the witches, despite if you aren’t one
So toast me up (toast me up), toast me up (toast me up)
Toast me up, go onward and toast me up (toast me up)
toast me up (toast me up), toast me up (toast me up)
toast me up (toast me up), toast me up

They say I did something blah (oh)
Then why’s it feel so swell? (so swell)
They say I did something blah
But why’s it feel so swell?
Most joy I e'er had (most joy I e'er had)
And I’d do it o'er and o'er and o'er once more if I might
It just felt so swell (swell), swell

Oh, you say I did something blah
(You say I did something blah?)
Why’s it feel so swell, swell?
So blah, why’s it feel so swell?
Why’s it feel, why’s it feel so swell? (blah)
It just felt so swell, swell

Africa - Mike x Reader

A/N again, another one that wasn’t requested but inspo taken from Nancy teaching Dustin how to dance, i know snow ball is such a typical theme for imagines but i wanted to put a different twist on it, its also super short which i apologise for xx

Another campaign finished, and you and Mike were the only ones left in the Wheeler’s basement. After a campaign like that, it’ll be the only thing Mike talks about for weeks, to anyone that’ll listen. However, this time, he’s unusually quiet.
“What’s on your mind? After a campaign like that you’ll usually crazy hyper…” you say quietly as you help him pack up
“Oh…just thinking about..uhh..the snow ball…” he says, unsure if he can talk to you about it
“Well…what about it?”
“Im not sure if I want to go, I can’t dance…what if the girl I dance with ditches me for someone better…what if I don’t look right…” Mike trails off into a list off what if’s
You notice a record player in the corner and go over, rummaging for the closest thing you can find to a love song
“I can help you dance…my older brother was helping my learn the other day” you suggest as you put the record on, Africa by Toto, then turning to Mike, offering you hand.
He can’t hide his nerves as he slowly puts his arms around your waist, swallowing slightly, and you place your arms around his neck
“So, feel the rhythm, the lyrics, the song in general and slowly move, and pick up as the song does okay?” you say as you slowly start to sway in Mike’s arm, smiling uncontrollably, pulling him slightly closer.
“Am I doing it right?” he whispers
“perfect” you nod 

Subconsciously, you begin to mumble the words and look up into Mike’s eyes
“It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do”
“y/n…” Mike says slowly as you snap out daze
“yes Mike?”
he looked down, plucking up the courage to ask you to the Snow Ball, but something stopped him, he’d leant in instead, kissing you and quickly pulling away blushing like mad
“Wanna go to Snow Ball with me?” he says quietly, looking at his feet and you can’t help but grin, nodding
“It’s a date Wheeler” 

Shiro: Hey, Hunk, can you tell me what is the meaning of “crush”?

Hunk: Sure, why?

Shiro: Because Pidge was talking with Lance about him having a crush with me.


Shiro: OH! Okay, I get it, thank you, Hunk.


A few days later.

Shiro: okay, Lance, you are coming with me in this mission because you are my crush and we need to bonding.

Lance: I AM YOUR WHAT????

Hunk: *wispers * Sorry bro.

Pidge: HAH! I KNEW IT!

Shiro, Allura and Coran don’t understand what’s happening.

every time i bring up thor ragnarok, my brother likes to compare our sibling relationship to thor and loki’s despite how we can’t decide who’s who like sometimes i’ll say shit like “at work i’ll go out of my way to talk to the kids who are very obviously afraid of me because i’m tall, broad-shouldered, and have a buzz cut so they know i’m friendly and an ally” and he’ll be like “god, you are so thor” but then i’ll eat the last frozen burrito or smth and leave the box in the freezer and i’ll just hear him yell “this is why you’re FUCKING LOKI, NATHAN”

Taehyung Things That Are on My Mind on A Daily Basis #1 😍

Taehyung coming up with new ways on how to make us sexually frustrated and emotionally stressed

Taehyung trying to keep a straight face when you talk dirty in public

Taehyung being stressed throughout the day so he thinks of what he wants to do to you tonight and just..

TAEHYUNG WARMING UP MY SEAT LIKE A KING IM STILL NOT OVER THIS. Wow daddy, hi daddy, his thighs are unappreciated, his buldge is very visible, I can’t

Taehyung temporarily losing control at what your mouth was doing to him under the table

You know what breaks my heart tho? When Aaron said he wanted to have kids with Robert.

Why? Coz that mean, at some point in their messy relationship Aaron looked at that man and thought about starting a family with him. Yeah they were a proper little family with Liv, but I’m talking about having their own children. Aaron wanted to have kids with Robert, and he probably had his mind on the subject for a while coz with their history it’s not something you decide in a minute.

Just think about it, maybe while he was having a quiet day at the scrapyard he was daydreaming about the future. Their future. Or at night lying in bed, while Robert’s sleeping next to him, right after he accidentally kicked him awake, and he just couldn’t go back to sleep. Or at his wedding day, coz if Robert can do that for him imagine what he would do for their son, or little girl. Or in prison when the only thing that kept him going was the day when he could come back to his family, to his husband.

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Maybe he thought about what would it be like to look after a little one. To know what it’s like when you’re responsible for another life. Yeah, he thought about that. And he wanted that with Robert…

If you need a hug:

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Can we just talk about how Sam just //knows// Cas is the only person that Dean was thinking about when they were in the Impala? And the way he reminded him that he had told Cas to not do anything stupid? I screamed.

We should definitely talk about this!

I screamed too. :P

(well i screamed quietly… i didn’t want to wake up mr mittens)

(speaking of mr mittens, he hasn’t seen the episode yet. I think I need to go rewatch it with him, and this time I’ll be able to scream properly)

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I️ liken Harry to Freddie so much (for years but especially as a solo artist) that it didn’t even occur to me that anyone would argue about that answer but antis and hets always find a way I️ guess. It must be exhausting not to be able to enjoy how fabulous Harry is lol

SBB is Louis and RBB is Harry, then it makes sense that RBB was always dressing up as Freddie Mercury when it turns out that he has always been his influence this entire time ;_;

people can stay distressed but ultimately it doesn’t change their knowledge and admiration of lgbt artists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

can anyone help to sub Gunmin and Heedo vlive today? I don’t usually do this but this one is really important.. Their audition was completely edited out, Gunmin got zero boot and revived and his revival was edited out too and none of the korean fans shared how the audition went so here they were talking about the audition, their feeling and stuff, praising how handsome suwoong is etc etc…. so in a nutshell I’m damn curious so here am I practically begging for someone to sub this, thank you

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but like can you imagine sam coming over for your birthday and it's the first time he would be around your whole family so he kind of tries to keep his hands off you but he can't help to hold your hand and run his thumb over it and his hand goes to your waist or thigh on instinct and your dad pulls him aside and just kind of looks at him before saying "i know you, son. you're a good guy. don't be shy about holding her hand, she loves that shit. she always tells us about it when she gets home."

ohmygooodddddjdodjsi he’s hold your hand under the dinner table or have his hand resting on your thigh and when you’re standing around talking to your mom his arm is just instinctively around your waist and you l o v e it and then your dad calls him over and he’s kind of freaking out but you give his hand a quick squeeze and your dad tells him not to be afraid to hold your hand and he’s all blushing a bit after when he comes back over. “hope he didn’t scare you off” “quite the opposite” and he kisses your cheek and you’re very !!!! and your cheeks are all red wow why do i get so carried away obmynfodn

send in headcanons for the boys
Little PSA for my boy Finn

So I’ve only been friends with @b-buh-billy for a month now, but I can without a doubt say that this kid is one of my best friends. He makes me laugh and smile every single day. He checks up on me and makes sure I’m okay and that I’m happy. He sends me dumb ass jokes, and laughs at my dumb ass jokes. He’s brave and amazing and the strongest person I know. Not a day goes by where I don’t want to talk to him or see how he is or send him stupid gifs, because I know he’ll reply with something just as stupid. I’ve never trusted someone as quickly and as easily as I trust Finn, and I hope we stay friends forever. What a truly beautiful human being he is.

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can u just imagine peeling potatoes with Grayson preparing for thanksgiving and you just can’t stop staring at his hands and how focused he is on them and he notices you and drags you away to sneak off for a little while hoping no one notices ;)))))

This… This is a concept I need to come true by next Thanksgiving!! Him coming over to my parents house & we’re helping my mom prep, & I sneak him upstairs for a little quickie before we get back down & finish peeling he potatoes. 😏

Journal #22: Revelations

Made up with my mom, kind of. She said she was sorry for making me think she was dismissing me or whatever, but she still kept on trying to explain herself. Ugh, I get it, Mom. You didn’t mean any ill-will. You can stop talking about it now.

I told my dad just to see if I would get a different reaction. He didn’t get it, no matter how much I tried to explain it to him. He just thinks I’m scared of girls or something.

Told Threepio because I was mad at everyone else. Threepio understood. The kriffing protocol droid understood.

“Perhaps it’s just not in your programming,” he said. “As far as I can tell, the primary function of the mating instinct is to propagate the species. It seems to me there’s more than enough propagation going on without your help, Master Ben.”

I guess I regret comparing him to a toaster oven.

GOD no one talks about battlebuddies in fahc like. they work so well together but in the most chaotic and violent way!!!!

the vagabond is usually so silent and focused when he works, but rimmy tim has an energy that’s just so contagious. jeremy laughs and cheers and loves blowing shit up, which SHOULD be annoying to ryan, but he can’t help but smile and laugh with him

they’re so dangerous together because when they’re with eachother, they’re constantly trying to one-up the other with how crazy they can get; blowing up cars, shooting rockets at helicopters, etc. sure, the other teams have their strengths, but the battlebuddies are so good at being pure chaos

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I GOT ANOTHER ONE IM BORED IM SORRY, the x-men are all hanging out in the kitchen and then jean looks over at peter and he’s just staring at the reader talking to kurt. she starts reading peters mind and he’s just thinking about her and is like thinking how to tell the reader he loves her, then jean just yells out “JUST TELL Y/N YOU LOVE HER ALREADY” and they all just freeze and look at peter

Jean, Scott, Kurt, Peter and I are all gathered in the school’s kitchen. I talk to Kurt about his next exam while we both sit on the counter.

“So you can tutor me, (Y/N)?” He asks.

“Of course!” I smile.

I steal a glance at Peter, I’ve had a crush on him ever since Charles found me and brought me here.

He seems deep in thought, which isn’t a smart thing to do considering that Jean, the telepath, is standing right next to him.

I can tell that she’s reading his thoughts, she keeps making faces. One minutes she looks angry, the next minute she looks surprised.

This goes on for about 5 more minutes and I finally give up trying to figure out what he’s thinking and go get a glass of water.

Scott helps me up to the top cupboard, I’m too short to reach it. I grab a glass and he lifts me back onto the floor.

Whistling a tune while I make my way to the sink, I get interrupted.


Her yelling startled me and I drop my glass, shattering it.

Oh. That’s what they were thinking about.

“JEAN WHAT THE FUCK.” Peter yells back.

Everyone is panicking and yelling at each other, just as startled as I was.

The yelling stops as soon as we see Charles in the doorway.

We all let out different worried versions of “Heeeyyy Charles.”

“The five of you are senior students! You are supposed to be good role models for the freshman and other younger students! Yelling at each other in the kitchen, where everybody can here you because of the vents, is not a good example of role modeling!”

Peter let’s out a small squeak and before I know it, the two of us are on the other side of the school.

“Peter, why’d you bring me here?” I ask.

“I didn’t want to get in trouble with Charles. He’s scary when he’s mad.”
He chuckles.

“Well now you’ll be in even bigger trouble because you ran away with me in the middle of him lecturing-“

I was cut off by a kiss. I didn’t even realize that he was leaning closer to me while I was talking.

His lips were surprisingly smooth, I expected them to be chapped because of all the running he does, and the wind…

I should stop rambling.

Peter pulls away. “I love you, (Y/N).”

I take a dee breath. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you too say that. I love you too, Peter.”

We both smile at each other and stand in comfortable silence.

That’s ruined.

“Peter and (Y/N)! Don’t you ever run away from my lectures to go make out! You guys are supposed to be role models!” We here Charles ramble on in our heads.


You know, with all of the other Jokers I’m like “oh .. that piece of shit .. I love that horrible psycho clown but I hope Batman beats the living shit outta him until he can barely walk and talk”.

But with John I’m like “… MUST. PROTECT. Keep safe. No one touch him!”

Like, I already feel bad for John if someone is even a little bit mean to him. Telltale what have you done to me. John somehow managed to become one of the cutest Joker adaptations (besides ofc lego Joker). Yeah the dude clearly has issues but he has these big puppy eyes and almost an innocent kind of excitement when he fanboys over Bruce&Batman - it’s just so endearing.

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What's a typical day like in the life of Craig? What subjects do you take at school?

I walk to school with Tweek and see him at any possible chance I can. I sit at lunch with him, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy and usually spend most of lunch just talking to Tweek. After school I walk to my house with Tweek and most of the time he spends the night. I take astronomy, calc, english, anatomy, and photography