can i just not talk to him

Can we please talk about the faces Keith makes in s1e4 when Lance gets injured?? He arrives behind Allura and is like-

-and then he catches sight of Lance and it’s just-

he is so shocked. He’s reaching out, he wants to do something, he wants to help, but then Shiro is already there so he just-

-he just comes as close as possible and he does that thing where he crunches his right eye up a little-

-and then that Arusian guy comes and complains about the sentries in his village and Keith just-

-he’s looking back at Lance, he really doesn’t want to leave Lance, but he knows he has to and just. Fuck. All the others share these expressions too. But then these frames happen-

-and you know that he is so very upset. So incredibly worried about Lance. You can see him shoving his emotions aside to do what he has to do. I’m a m es s,, ,

I don’t know.” she said. “I was just there, standing in front of him. Crying—silently but my heart is beating loudly. I knew he’s talking—that he’s explaining the reason why we have to end what we’ve had started. But I can’t hear clearly every word he said because I was very busy—trying to calm my heart. I was so focused on thinking about something that will make me win him back. It seems like I’m the thunder trying to drown the sound of the rain. And I ended up losing. I fade away slowly and the rain just kept on pouring endlessly.
—  ma.c.a // My best friend was the thunder storm
I just love you too much!

Not Langst today, my friends. Today I bring you ‘LaFluff’  :v 

Also, guess who hasn’t finish writing their other stories just to make a new one? That’s right, me. 

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In the contrary of everyone thinks, Lance is really shy and doesn’t like to talk about feelings. Yes, he may talk about a lot and say lots jokes, but feelings are a hard subject for him. He loves his friends, a lot, and would do anything for them. Anything but telling them ‘i love you’.

They started telling ‘i love you’ to each other thanks to a bonding exercise that Allura gave them to help them realise they were something more than just a team. Shiro and Hunk were the first one to say the words. Pidge followed not long after them and to eveyones surprise, Keith did too. 

But Lance never did. 

Lance loves all of them! He truly does! But everytime he tries to tells them those three little words, he frezees. 

Shiro and Hunk are always telling him ‘I love you’ and looks a little bit hurt when Lance says nothing back and just smile. Pidge and Keith looks disheartened and hurt as well. 

To be honest, Lance feels guilty. 

They never complained or pressure him, but he could see how it was affecting them. Lance felt thankful for to them for being so kind and patient, but he needed to find a way to express them without words how much he cared. He needed to let them know he loves them as much as they love him. 

Lance has always being an affectionate person, so his hugs and cuddles didn’t surprise his friends anymore. If he wanted to make a point, he needed to do something really special. 

Hunk was cooking when Lance arrived. They started talking and joking like usual. The only different thing was that Lance was being more clingy than other days. Not that Hunk minds at all, he enjoys being the one Lance looks for when he needs a hug or some kind of affection. But there was something different… Hunk could tell. He wasn’t sure what was it, but Lance was acting a bit different. A little fidgety. 

“Are you ok, buddy?” 

“Me? I’m fine, dude. Don’t worry.”

Lance helped him around the kitchen. Hunk gave him ony the easy tasks not wanting to take any risks. Lance was a terrible cook both on Earth and space. He learnt that the bad way. 

“Well, i think we’re done. I’ll tell the others the food is ready!” Before Hunk could leave the kitchen, Lance took him by the wrist. 

“Hunk, wait! I need to… To tell you… Show you something… I think.” He murmured.The yellow paladin looked at him with some confusion before finally understanding what his friend was trying to do. 

“You don’t have to say it, Lance. I can say it enough for the both of us, ok? Until your ready to say the words. No need to rush.” Lance’s eyes widden at this. Hunk chuckles. “I love you, so you don’t have to worry–”

Suddenly, a pair of lips were over his, and Hunk mind goes completely blank. It takes him a few seconds to finally comprehend what’s happening. 

Lance Mcclain was kissing him. 

The kiss was slow, sweet and full of tenderness. When they broke apart Lance gave him a soft smile and without any explanation, he left the kitchen. 

Hunk’s heart was beating fast. 


“… Wait, Lance?! What was that? Buddy?!” But Lance was already gone. 

Hunk spends the next few days trying to talk about what happened with Lance with no success.

He doesn’t know how, but instead of talking, they always ends up kissing. 

Hunk stops caring after a while. 

Pidge likes to work at night alone. She enjoys how quiet the castle is when everyone else is sleeping. It gives her time to think and to concentrate in some of her projects. Sometimes, Shiro arrives to try to convince to go to bed early or just to give her some company. Sometimes, instead of Shiro, is Hunk. Bringing her some midnight snacks. 

Tonight, to her surprise, it was Lance. This wasn’t something new. It was weird when he joined her, but it usually happened when he was feeling homesick or just lonely. 

“Hello, Pidgeotto. Mind if i stay here with you for a while?” He asked in a sleepy voice. Before Pidge could say ‘Yes’, Lance was already sitting beside her like he always did, but much closer. 

She didn’t complain though, she only looked at her friend with curious eyes before smiling at him softly. 

“Do you want to know what i’m working on?” 

“Enlighten me, tell me what fantastic stuff have you been doing.” Pidge laughs. 

“Sure you want to know? You know once i get started i don’t stop.”

“We have all night darling. I’m all ears.” 

Lance could be very talktive during the day, but when it was only the two of them, he would often encourage Pidge to talk about whatever she was working at the moment. Pidge noticed that when Lance was feeling down, he prefered to listen to others insteat of talking. 

Hours passes. And they are now laughing about some stupid little joke Pidge made about space. Lance was now hugging her from behind and his chin was resting on her shoulder. Pidge doesn’t feel uncomfortable with this new position but everytime Lance’s whipers near to her ear or his breath hits her neck she feels… Funny. Everything is too intimate, it isn’t like anything they’ve done before. 

Lance tightens his grip on Pidge and she sighs as she leans more on him. “I love you, Lance.” Her voice is small, but Lance is capable of listening the words thanks to how close they were. 

There’s a shift. And suddenly Lance was pulling apart from her. Pidge panics, thinking she messed up the moment. She turns to him, trying to say an apology but Lance was alredy kissing her. 

Unlike Hunk, Pidge reacts fast, and clings to Lance joining the kiss with eagerness. She doesn’t know what came over her or the reason behind Lance’s actions, but she was going to accept his show of affection. 

There’s no need to say, that from that night on, they kiss every time they have a chance.

Shiro knows there’s something going between Lance and Hunk. Everyone with eyes could see it. Their bond was stronger than ever and Shiro couldn’t be happier for them. He also knows Lance and Pidge have become closer. They talked more and spent more time together.

Shiro was proud of Lance. He had been worried for him since the bonding excersice Allura gave them. Shiro is not stupid, he knows Lance have his reasons for never returning their feelings.Yes, it surprised him. He was expecting something like from Pidge or Keith, never him. But he was understanding, everyone was. They did not pressure him or criticized him for anything, they all agreed to wait for Lance to feel comfortable with the situation. 

Still, it didn’t mean they weren’t hurt by his silent. Shiro tried and told the others not to let it show a lot, since he didn’t want to make Lance feel guilty or anything like that. But as more time passed the team grow more insecure thinking it was them the problem and that Lance truly didn’t want to be a part of Voltron. 

Thankfully, that was not the case. Lance was finally feeling comfortable around them again and that was a huge relief them. 

Shiro finds Lance in the hangars and a big smile draws on his face.

“Lance!” Shiro calls his name and the paladin jumps in surprise. 

“Shiro, hey! You scared me, what are you doing here?” 

“I wanted to talk with you for a bit.” 

“Oh… Did i do something wrong?” Shiro frowned at this. 

“What? No, of course not! I came to tell you how proud i am of you!” Lance’s eyes widened. “ You have strengthen your bond with Pidge and Hunk on your own way and you’ve been great on the battlefield. You have improved a lot, Lance. Your aim is amazing and you hand-to-hand combact is much better now, have you been practicing?”  

“I ha-have, umm, yeah, i have… y-you notice?” There was a soft blush on his cheeks. 

“Of course i did. Sorry if i didn’t comment it before. I’m glad to see your commitment. Just don’t strain yourself too much, ok? I don’t want you to get hurt in training. We need our sharpshooter protecting our backs.” 

Shiro was happy, and meant every word. Lance was improving, and he needed to know his efforts didn’t go unnotice. But his smile drop when he saw a few tears rolling down Lance’s face.

“What’s wrong buddy?”

Lance shook his head and hugged Shiro. “It’s nothing… ”

“Lance… You’re crying.” There was a murmur. “What was that, buddy? I didn’t catch that.”

“I said i’m happy… I thought… I dunno. I wasn’t good enough for Voltron, you know?” 

Shiro looked at Lance with disbelief. "What?”

“But having you here… Telling me i’ve been doing a good job… It’s reassuring. Sometimes i just… Doubt my position in the team and… I don’t know. I’m glad to know i’m doing something right. ” And Lance looked truly happy. Shiro cupped his face.

“Lance… I want you to listen to me. You are a big part of this team, you were already good enough.. You may not be strong as Hunk, or fast as Keith, but you are a great sharpshooter and can create awesome plans! You don’t to doubt you position in the team, but if it truly helps to make you feel better I tell you everyday how much i love you and what an important part you are to this team, ok?” 

The boy nodded. "Ok… ” Lance’s eyes were shining and looking at him with so much wonder that Shiro couldn’t help but blush and smile with fondness. 

“I love you…” When those words left Shiro’s lips, Lance launched himself to the black paladin. To seal their lips together and wrapping his arms around him.

Shiro was so surprised he didn’t even move. Lance broke the kiss, and they both stared at each other in silence. The look in Lance’s eyes was enough to make Shiro understand the meaning behind the kiss.

The words he couldn’t say were they, tingling on his lips.

They kissed again, and again and again. Always sweet, always soft. And sometimes, with their grip in each other strong.

Shiro quickly figures out what Lance has been doing with the other paladins.

He can’t truly complain when he enjoys so much of Lance’s special way of telling them 'I love you’.




Ok, i know you are wondering, “Where’s Keith part?” Well, i didn’t like it. So i decided to write it later. (it was becoming harder and harder to write for some reason????) 

So, i hope you like this. Love you all.  

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Ok Em, ok, I need you to think about something for me... imagine Derek and Stiles have their first baby right? And this can either be mpreg or them sitting it out waiting for the adopting mother, but either way, labor was long, Derek did NOT sleep through the like twelve hour process, he's so tired, and when their baby falls asleep for the first time he's just dead tired, so he's crying, he's just really sobbing because their baby is SO. BEAUTIFULL. ok? SHE IS SO BEAUTIFULL EMMA!!! 1/3

And Stiles can’t take how cute this is so he gets the camera out and records him- “Derek why are you crying?” (in that way people talk when their loved ones are high on sedatives) and he’s just sobbing “She.. she’s so… she’s so beautifull, I have the most beautifull baby ever…” “Ok but why are you crying?” “Because she’s sleeping…” “Why does that make you cry though?” “I want her to be awake but she’s also so amazing when she’s asleep and I don’t know”.   

And by the time Derek DOES finally take a nap and eventually wake up the video has made the rounds on the internet, and I just want you to think about Derek being a totally wrecked sobbing new dad and Stiles getting way too much pleasure out of it BECAUSE IT’S SO FREAKING CUTE.

I can’t add to this. I’m just….

THIS IS ALL I WANT FOR THEM. Thank you for this blessed post, nonnie. 

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Can I have some of that sweet WilHost? Fluffy shit preferably

sure thing, sweetheart! hope these are okay for you! 💖

  • wilford loves going to sit at the beach to help clear his head. he brings host along just to have someone to talk too, but host loves tagging along as well. host enjoys how peaceful things are and doesn’t feel the great urge to narrate everything.
  • whenever wilford chews bubblegum, host always warns wilford to not blow huge bubbles. wilford mocks him, only to get bubblegum stuck on his face from a too big bubble about five seconds later.
  • wilford used to be really close with the author, the two of them being as thick as thieves. but now that the author is now the host, wilford befriends him once again, wilford and host joking at the host is so much more calm and collected than the author.
  • at night, wilford curls up on the couch and listens to host narrate and tell stories, which typically put him to sleep very quickly. wilford always wakes up with host’s trench coat draped over him.
  • wilford was the one who managed to convince the other egos that host should have a cat. it was a good thing they all said yes, because host has had a little grey kitty staying at his house for a few weeks prior.
  • wilford loves playing video games and brings his console and controller over to host’s house whenever he needs a quiet space. although host can’t see visually, he does help wilford navigate to find hidden areas and secret chests within each game. wilford always gets so overjoyed, which makes host beam.
  • host has a strange fascination with wilford’s mustache.
  • host loves holding hands, especially wilford’s, they’re at the same time both rough and soft, but warm.
  • wilford has a lot of scars on his chest and stomach, the biggest being a bullet he took back in the events of ‘the ned affair’. host enjoys laying next to him and tracing his fingers along each scar and curiously asking how wilford got them (even though host already knows the answer, he still enjoys hearing it from wilford’s mouth). 

Imagine talking to Chris about details of your upcoming wedding. You spent the day meeting with florists and caterers, and finally found a bakery that would make him an apple pie to go alongside the wedding cake. In the middle of all your rambling, you notice he isn’t even listening - he’s just staring at your lips as you talk. He can’t help but laugh that you caught him. He swears this is all very important to him, but he loves the way you speak when you’re passionate about something.


When Will goes into the cafeteria, a few people from the caravan are sitting around a big Formica table. Payton’s there too, and Ian, who sometimes leaves the compound on scouting missions. Will walks up to them casually, hands in his pockets, trying to act like he belongs.

Payton turns her head and smiles at him, scooting over a little to make room. He takes a seat on the bench, his hip just brushing hers. He tries to focus.

The group continues talking without acknowledging Will at all. “Stay out of Raleigh,” one of the men from the caravan is saying. In his seventies, with military posture and sharp cheekbones, he’s clearly the group’s leader; his companions all look toward him, and Will can sense their deference. “Some crazy jackass set up his own fucking kingdom there, some kind of cult. People don’t come back, and I don’t know if they’re joining up or getting killed, but we don’t want no part in it, either way.”

There are maps of the Eastern Seaboard spread out all over the table, with different handwriting on all of them. One is marked up all the way from Boston to Atlanta, with some complicated symbology and no key. It’s more secure that way, Will supposes, though he finds it frustrating to look at.

On his map, Ian marks a big red X over Raleigh. Payton’s was already marked.

“Where are you headed next?” Ian asks, idly tracing the area around their compound with his finger.

“The mountains,” the man says.

This shuts everyone up. “Come on,” Ian says finally. “You’ve got kids with you.”

He shrugs, running a hand through his cropped gray hair. “It’s an untapped market. It’s just business.”

“They’re killers.”

The man snorts. “You don’t know that. You’ve never been up there. Look, I know about Raleigh because I went to Raleigh. You’re all terrified of the mountains but none of you’ve got any clue what’s really there.”

The whole table gets to arguing, but Will sits in silence. Thinking. When he’s reached out toward the mountains, what has he actually felt? Fear and anger, sure, but that’s what he feels in the compound too, most of the time. Everyone’s afraid. Everyone’s angry. And it’s true that no one comes back, but there are a million possible reasons for that —

“It’s not like we can stop you,” Ian’s saying.

Payton pushes her map toward the center of the table. “This is my supply route,” she says, pointing to a highlighted line that snakes around the area. “Everything Ian’s saying is true.” She looks up at the caravan people, making eye contact with each of them in turn. “I’ve been to every town at the base of those mountains, and they all say the same thing. Nobody goes up there who comes back down.”

The man looks at Payton’s carefully annotated map, eyebrows raised in approval. “You could join us,” he offers. “It’d be safer than working on your own.”

She snorts. “Not if you’re going up there.”

“I’m just saying. We could use someone like you. Someone who knows the lay of the land down here.”

“I work better alone.” Payton smiles, baring her teeth. It could read friendly, if you’d never seen a human being smile before.

The man withdraws. “Suit yourself.”

They get back to comparing notes and maps, and when he doesn’t think anyone’s paying attention, Will runs his hand lightly over the closest map, touching his finger to a town not too far from the compound. He closes his eyes and reaches, keeping the town in his mind.

Sure enough, he starts to see. Low clouds, the threat of rain. Summer heat, sweat, dogs barking. An old Victorian house with a big fence outside and five families inside. A garden, and everything in it is dead, rotted in the ground. People starving. His eyes flicker open again, and the woman across from him looks hazy-eyed, unfocused. These were her memories, then. He’s glad it was her, not Payton. He’s never tried to read her; he never wants to.

Curious, he places his palm over the mountains. He shouldn’t get anything, none of them has ever been there, but —

Brown grass, dead trees. Smoke and something toxic in the air. Nothing living anywhere – not a person or a cat or a cockroach. And a glass tower, rising up from the ground like a scene from some bad sci-fi movie —

Will shakes his head, trying to clear it. When he opens his eyes he can’t tell who the vision came from, but it can’t be real. It’s not possible. Will is suddenly conscious of how little he knows about his own powers.

The woman from the caravan speaks up. Her voice is low and resonant; it makes Will wonder what she was Before. “It’s not just business.”

The old man looks to her and they have a silent conversation that makes Will wonder if he was wrong about who’s in charge here. She continues, “You know about the crop failures.”

For the first time, Ian and Payton both look to Will. Around the other side of the old college there’s a greenhouse, part of some horticulture program. They’ve filled it with fruits and vegetables, using soil Payton collects from abandoned hardware stores. Looters took all the knives and tools and lighter fluid in the first few weeks after, but everyone assumed that you could just get soil anywhere.

And now it’s the second summer after, after the bombs and the plagues, and still everything that comes from the ground is poison. The greenhouse is their secret, the thing that will save them. Or the thing that will get them killed.

“Yeah, we know,” Will said finally.

“The situation is different everywhere. The contamination is worse on the coast and in the valleys, so it stands to reason that it might be less at elevation. And that’s the highest elevation we’ve got access to.”

Payton frowns. “It’s a huge risk.”

Narrowing her eyes, the woman snaps, “We can’t live on canned food forever. I don’t know about you, but every raid we go on, we come back with less. If we can’t find untainted ground somewhere, we’re all dead. Including you.”

Before it gets dark, Will follows Payton out to her truck to help her unload. There’s not much today, but she digs around for a minute in the cab. Usually there’s nothing up there except her gear, so he can’t help feeling curious.

She emerges from the cab with a basketball, and she grins broadly – a real smile, this time – and spins it on her finger for a second. “Look what I found,” she says. “You said you’re good.”

Will gapes at her. Surely this isn’t for his benefit. He’s a weird nerd, and Caroline always calls him kid, but— “Yeah,” he says, “or I was, anyway.”

Payton looks at the horizon like she’s measuring the minutes until the sun sets, then tosses him the ball. He almost doesn’t catch it, he’s so flustered.

“One-on-one,” she says. “Let’s go.”

In the parking lot Will takes aim and shoots, listening to the rusty hoop clang as the ball hits the backboard. Payton’s quick and light on her feet, and he’s so busy concentrating on beating her that just for a minute, he forgets about the waning daylight, the darkness in their future,the fires still burning in the mountains.

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I'm laughing I just remembered the bit in s10 (can't remember the episode) when Cas is in Dean's room talking to him and just "there's a female in the car". Of all the ways to word it - "my friend is in the car" or "there's someone waiting for me" - he had to use that line 😂

Originally posted by torn-and-frayed

It’s all nicely part of the: 

Cas’ entourage: Angels, specifically Hannah exposing Cas’s general emotions and feelings for Dean. 

Dean’s entourage: Hunters / Amara exposing Dean’s general emotions and feelings for Cas. 

I love it :)


let’s talk about this for a second,,, so in the first two pictures they are sitting close to each other laughing and just being cute, their laughing soon fades and isak is just kind of gazing in to the camera(such talent wow). even, however is just looking directly at isak, his eyes are basically locked on him. and what i love about this is that you can literally see how much even admires and appreciates his boyfriend. you can literally see him just taking a moment and realizing that isak is in his arms and how lucky he is to have him and-

I’m just going to put it all out there honestly. Until tonight I have never even fucking heard of this Thomas Sanders person. I talked to another mod about this and she hasn’t either and as far as I can tell, all active mods tonight have not heard of this guy. 

You anons accusing us of spreading a smear campaign against him are seriously fucking ridiculous trying to start some shit because not only have we never heard of him, we’ve never made an original post about him or reblogged anything about these accusations against him. The FIRST TIME his name was even brought up on this blog was by an anon who brought him up randomly in an ask about something completely different.

Someone on anon accused us of being against aces because there was “a big aphobe trend in the notes of these posts.” Which, 1. we do not have control over our notes and 2. we have no idea what you were initially talking about. THEN we got another anon (possibly the same person) saying that we were “against aces,” which, again, I asked how are we responsible for what happens in the notes. Then we got this anon ask:

you reblogged 1 terf-y post from moon-boob, and just a few posts down on that blog is this post: moon-boob. tumblr. com/post/161629535365/ so with one click I saw both terf and aphobe nonsense straight from your blog. To fill in the Thomas Sanders details: he stated he was ok with NSFW fan art from his fans. An underage fan drew such, he was unaware of their age and shared it - and as soon as he learned they were underage he removed it and clarified NSFW had to be of-age as well to be OK by him.

So you accuse of this stuff yet don’t even link something from our blog, instead you link some random shit from another blog who we reblogged from. And for some reason bring in this Thomas Sanders guy, who this random blog has apparently posted about. So somehow that means WE are smearing him somehow??

Then we start getting a wave of messages about this guy saying that we need to police our followers responses and people telling us about this whole Thomas Sanders pedophilia accusations. Which, ONCE AGAIN, we know nothing about this guy and nothing about any of this stuff regarding him so, AS WE SAID BEFORE, we are not in a position to talk about this because we literally know nothing besides what a few people are randomly feeding to us in a limited word ask. Like, this involves some pretty serious topics so we’re not going to act like experts on the goddamn subject when we know nothing about it. 

And then now we’re getting asks like this:

No, people are sending you information about what happened with Thomas Sanders because you shared a smear campaign that was literally made because people didn’t like that he supports aces/aros. That’s what everyone has been trying to tell you. Maybe try to get more information on what happened surrounding an event before sharing stuff like that??

And like, how the fuck are we sharing a smear campaign against this guy when we’ve LITERALLY NEVER TALKED ABOUT THIS GUY. You’re telling us to get more information before we talk about the subject and like… we haven’t. So what the literal fuck are you all going on about?

when i was getting my root canal the dentist took out a box that had a dental dam inside of it and as he was talking he opened the box wrong and just flung the dental dam onto the floor and froze and i could see him berating himself mentally like god dammit josh you can perform complex dental work but you can’t open a fucking box what would mother say

❧ Midnight Shadows  ; 2

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

 Genre : Fluff / Angst

 A/N : Sorry that it’s so short

1 | 2

‘‘Oh that’s a nice name’‘ I don’t know why people kept looking at me while I was talking to Jimin. That was really strange to be honest.

‘‘Yeah, can you leave me alone now?’‘ he says, rudely. I don’t get why was he so rude to me I didn’t do anything to him.

‘‘Fine, but one last question’‘ He looked up to me.

‘‘Just one question, and you’re never gonna waste my time ever’‘ he was very serious he never, smiled his expression was like stone.

‘‘Okay, so why are you this rude to me? What did I do to you. I never hurt you I just wanted to talk to you that’s all.’‘ I speak up more than usually my voice was pretty well heard.

‘‘You told your question. You can go now’‘ He looks back down at his book

I ran back to my room

How can anyone be that rude. Does he think I didn’t suffer enough, that I’m here. He might be depressed too but that’s not an excuse to talk to someone like that. If he didn’t like me talking to him he should’ve said that right away. He doesn’t like me. But there’s no reason that he should hate me. I mean I’m still new here.

But now I thought, why were the people so surprised I was talking to him? Maybe, he’s like this to everyone and that’s why they were surprised. Honestly, I couldn’t get rid of any thought in my head.

Why was he so rude to me?

The day past quicker that it normally would. It was still freezing cold in my room I don’t know why. I went to sleep and covered myself in blankets that I wouldn’t be so cold.

I was still thinking about life.

Honestly, that Park Jimin guy made my life worse I don’t know that it was possible to make it worse but he did it. I usually care about other people’s opinions. And him being this rude to me really hurt me. I thought we could’ve been friends.

The days went through and they were all the same. Going to the cafeteria outside, and Jimin just ignoring me. I didn’t have any friends neither did he so why didn’t he accept my company?

So I was thinking and one day I just approached Jimin.

‘‘You never answered my question though’‘ My voice sounded like I was crying a lot. Which I was in my room always. My parents never visited me and I didn’t have any friends here. I was broken.

‘‘Have you been crying?’‘ He said shocked.

‘‘Why would you even care if I was though?’‘ He tried to say something to me, but I cut him off

‘‘Why are you so rude to me? I just wanted a friend to laugh and spend time together. I never wanted to cry and feel broken. I wanted a friend that I could trust’‘ he grabbed my wrist

‘‘Look I don’t hate you, I’m not used to talking with people okay? Don’t cry because of me’‘ ending that sentence he walked away.

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my dad literally self-identifies as an anti sjw and says some really nasty shit even abt me and my trauma but i always feel so guilty but i sometimes really miss who he used to be when i was a kid, just my dad, my best friend. is that okay? i feel like politics really force me to hate him but the kid in me can't

I don’t think that there’s any way that you’re morally obligated to feel in this situation. I know a lot of early-era Riley-esque guilt-based tumblr ~sjw~ politics are very heavy on the idea that you need to personally hate & fight every bigot (& speak out against them at every occasion, even though it’s frequently unproductive & more than occasionally unsafe to do so), but honestly that’s just absurd. you can love & miss your father & have fond memories of the person that he’s been for you + with you without condoning any of his views, & while being hurt by the way he’s treated you–there is no right or wrong way to feel here & missing him in no way makes you a bad person. in fact contending with those feelings, & with the tension between those feelings of fondness + feelings of disillusionment, is necessary imo if you’re going to come to terms with the situation. especially if talking to him about it isn’t something that you feel is possible.

I’m mad because I feel like once again the producers pushed for Lee to stay. I  think two weeks ago, when Rachel hinted at the pressures of being the black Bachelorette,I think  she was talking about the repercussions of keeping a Lee as opposed to any of the black guys . They don’t have to deal with how damaging that is for her especially since Lee is a legit racist. Furthermore, them pushing for Lee just to agitate Kenny is actually trash.  LikeI can’t imagine his mental state,  to have a racist piece of garbage always in your midst all day everyday and never being able to really escape him. I’d be aggravated every day. Kenny doesn’t deserve this shit. Like it’s too fucking much. I’m mad at ABC .

I didn’t at all like the fact that the scene between Andrew and Akko was skipped. It just felt awkward to me. Awkward and rushed. The episode itself didnt feel rushed. That scene just did. Like it was just boop to next scene. I can tell he really likes her and the fact alone that that scene was cut out without so much as him atleast having talked with her before the episode ended kinda legit upsetted me. Idk man. It just felt…incomplete.

I just can’t believe that Isak was this grumpy boy who thought no one would’ve ever liked him, loved him, appreciated him and was living his life with not that much interest, hiding, not talking about how he was really feeling. He abolished all his feelings and was almost resigned because he thought he could never come out of the closet because there was no reason to. But then he met Even, he saw this boy, this, at first sight, handsome, tall boy. Who knew this boy would’ve changed his life for the better. Even arrived and suddenly Isak’s life changed, he was reborn, Even made him do all the things he missed and that he should’ve done. Isak had a crush, has been jealous, has been confused, has been upset, sad, cried because of Even, found out things about this boy he didn’t know, discovered that he had a MI, discovered that it was not only about him anymore, only about Isak, but about Even too. He was brave, mature, he helped Even, he saved Even, he decided to stay by his side, didn’t know about tomorrow but was sure the next minute he would’ve been there for him. At a certain point it was about the two of them, Isak and Even, together, facing their issues and problems, loving, caring, supporting each other. Even woke up in Isak an amount of feelings ha had been hiding for so much time, Even literally saved Isak, made him get out of that hidden place where he used to hide and abolish his feelings. Even, with only his being himself, the cute and soft boy who loved Isak from the very first moment, who let him take his time. They saved each other, Isak and Even, they were meant to be. They are ‪those kind of couples that when finally meet everything gets cancelled, the before, the after. It’s just the two of them together against ‬the world, always been together, even before they met, together in the present, together in the future, the definition of “created to be something that doesn’t make sense without the other half”. Isak Valtersen has been needing Even Bech Næsheim all his life like Even ‪Bech Næsheim has been needing Isak Valtersen all his life. And they’ll be together forever and a day. ‬


tuesday night / 8:21pm {chapter 4 - part 5} 

Milo bows and smiles at the small crowd that gathered in front of him and proceeded to walk off stage. he made his way to the bathroom for a quick break after performing for 15 minutes straight. but what met his eye in a split second almost made him drop his guitar. “Kara? what- why are you here?” Milo says angrily. 

“you didn’t answer my calls. i had to see you. since there is no escaping me… can we step outside?” 

“K-Kara, we’re done. just like you said. what more is there to talk about? this is not the place and time to do this. Kara, get out.” 

Kara crosses her arms, impatiently tapping her foot and makes a face that looks like she’s almost holding in a loud yell. her eyebrows curl in and Milo can tell she’s starting to get real mad. for what reason? she broke up with him. she’s at fault. 

“Milo, for fucks sake! you know how we ended was all bad and i wanted to come and fix it… to fix us. i had a couple days to myself and i was able to clear my head… if you just give me the chance to explain myself…” 

Milo scratches his head, exhales deeply and places his guitar somewhere safe and motions her down to the elevator. “this better be worth my time, Kara.”

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Dad, can you give me your Rivamika headcanons?😙

Sure thing

  • Mikasa likes to be close to him, but respects it that sometimes he doesn’t want to touch
  • Levi often looks at her, completely lost in his thoughts
  • Both of them have problems to express their feelings, so they just talk through their actions
  • Levi feels that Mikasa is like the air he needs to breath
  • Ever since learning that Levi is a part of her family, she is incredibly focused on what he does
  • I have the Headcanon that they will have a daughter (the Girl talking to Eren in the beginngin)


there is a difference between ‘being aloof’ and ‘being an asshole.’

jughead has a dark/sardonic sense of humor. he is somewhat aloof and cynical. he is not an asshole. he is not randomly mean to people he doesn’t know. jughead avoids conflict. it’s like 90% of his character. he doesn’t want to start shit; he mostly wants to watch from a distance and be left alone. when he is upset or uncomfortable, he doesn’t lash out at people, he escapes. he extracts himself from the situation and goes somewhere else. and if he can’t escape, then he just… takes it. there are numerous moments of people talking shit about jughead to his face where he just kind of stands there and absorbs it, with maybe a slightly snarky remark as a rejoinder. he rarely lashes out at people and i can’t think of a single instance where he lashed out at someone who didn’t provoke him somehow.

why am I saying this? because I keep running into AUs where betty and jughead don’t know each other and their first interaction features jughead being an unprovoked asshole to her. and every time this happens, i die a little inside, because A. that’s not the jughead that i know and love, and B. the betty that i know and love would have nothing to do with him after that.

i get that enemies to lovers is a big thing, but there are other ways to make them enemies. maybe they have… you know… conflicting interests? maybe they want different things that are mutually exclusive and cannot both happen? maybe they have different points of view on a subject and are both Very Passionate and can’t seem to agree on anything until they are forced to work together, at which point they discover they actually have a lot in common and that both of their viewpoints are valid in different ways? just a thought.

so… you know. stop making jughead an asshole please. thanks.

My Characters: Jakk

For this week’s special, in celebration of having almost 6000 followers, I figured I’d do something different. Today, I’ll talk about a few character concepts that I’ve either played or wanted to play throughout my time in the hobby.

I’ll also run through as much of their build and backstory as I can remember. Perhaps this will help inspire my fellow players and GMs? *shrugs*

Today, we’ll talk about my first every character from my 3.5 days: Jakk “The Pitied” named so as a tongue-in-cheek reference to using his bluff skill to manipulate others into seeing him differently. Gods it feels so cringey now.

Jakk was meant to be my personal avatar of who I wanted to be back in my late teens, an irreverent, snarky genius who had the power and the prestige to just get away with it and be seen as a charming rogue of sorts. Gods I’m cringing just thinking about it.

He was born of a mortal woman and a mysterious undead father who remained unnamed, and hailed from a land shrouded in darkness, because our GM allowed us to make up our homelands for a very loose, slapdash sort of setting, and I was obsessed with goth subculture at the time (still am, but with a more mature perspective I hope.)

Back in 3.5, Jakk was a sorcerer of the Deathtouched race from this one issue of Dragon Magazine, I forget which one. Essentially a dhampir.

If I had to rebuild him in pathfinder, I would first redo his backstory to be less cringy-edge, with an actual motive. The build itself would be a dhampir sorcerer of the undead bloodline focusing on a mix of control, debuffs, and blasting, dominating the battlefield with necromancy, evocation, and the occasional conjuration spell.

Feats would likely be metamagic-heavy, but also include expanded arcana to get even more spells.

It’s a pretty simple character concept, but it’s nice to look back on your old work on occasion, see how much you’ve improved since then. The rest of this week I’ll take a look at some characters of mine that I made later on, specifically for pathfinder.