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*Curtsies* Dear Duke, I'm actually having a quarter-life crisis. I just finished undergrad and am completly lost to what to do now. I'm not even sure in what area I really want to work and whenever someone asks me about my future I get depressed and sad and anxious. I considered taking a year off but have no idea what I would do with my free time. Do you have any advice for this situation? I'm just very lost. Thanks for your time.

*Curtsies* I think your instinct to take a year off is probably the right one, because the last thing you want to do is throw yourself into a career or a graduate degree you’re not even sure you want to pursue. It’s okay if you don’t have a plan nailed down for that gap year. That then just becomes the first thing you sit down and iron out. The first concern is probably going to be getting some sort of job so you can feed and clothe yourself. And here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be a stepping stone to your dream career. All work experience is good and there’s nothing at all wrong with taking a job (or two) with hourly wages. The year after I graduated I worked three and sometimes four of those jobs, and not at any point did I feel like I was wasting my time, partly because I tried to find jobs doing things I was at least interested in. I worked in a bookstore, a wine bar, and for two different theatre companies. Those were all things I enjoyed and jobs I learned a lot from. So that’s the first thing. Don’t expect to be making $60,000 a year, but find a job that’ll keep you engaged and afloat so you can pursue other stuff without starving. 

That’s part two, the pursuing other stuff. If you’re feeling lost and like what you don’t know what to do, take the pressure off yourself for a year and experiment. Figure it out. Research career options for someone with your degree. Take a stab at artistic interests you haven’t had the time to explore. Look into different grad school options if that’s something that appeals to you. Do some volunteering. I don’t know. All I know is that a gap year is only a good thing if you do something with it. I’m not saying you have to solve world hunger or paint a masterpiece, but a year down the line you don’t want to look back on it and feel like you just wasted a year of your life. So brainstorm. Talk to friends and family who know you well. Do some soul-searching, and when you find yourself saying, “Maybe I’d like to do that,” learn more. Go try it. 

Here’s the last thing I’d say to you: Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing at age 22, so don’t freak out thinking you’re a failure or any of that, because you’re not. Everybody has some sort of identity crisis in their twenties. It’s scary, yes, but it’s also totally normal. Chin up. You’ll be fine. 

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iiaat to get overwhelmed by your own emotions? i feel like i'm constantly having breakdowns because everything happens too much and i can't not feel things to the nth degree and suddenly i just end up crying when someone tells me they love me.

Yup. Autistic people tend to experience emotions very intensely. This can lead to emotional overload which can be very similar to sensory overload and can lead to meltdowns or shutdowns. 


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I'm sad and frustrated. Despite 2 uni degrees, I am apparently unemployable because I don't have a driver's license (anxiety + dyspraxia is preventing me from getting one). I love animals but all the places hiring dog walkers and such say that it is essential to have a driver's license and vehicle so you can transport animals... Even entry level positions here seem to require 3-5 years of experience... :(

I get it :( I have adhd and dyspraxia as well, and I just learned today that I got my driver’s license after 2 years of efforts and two failed road exams. It really took a toll on my mental and physical health. But as you said, it’s basically impossible to find a job if you don’t have it …

Have you looked at our driving advice ? (two different links)

It’s also worth saying that most job offers ask for a lot more than they’re willing to settle for ! It’s a bargaining technique, which is especially bad for autistics since we’re reluctant to apply to jobs which we feel we’re underqualified for. So it’s worth applying anyway, and see where it goes !

- Sister Cat

I’m already thinking about getting my masters degree in the very near future. Unrelated to that (until now), my sister just bought a 4 bedroom house where she lives. (She’s younger than me and sometimes takes dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for lunch to work where she’s a flight test engineer so figure all that out.) Our mom is convinced that I’m going to quit my job and move in with her and get a teaching job there. But she lives in the middle of the desert where it’s regularly like 115 degrees in the summer which is both literal and metaphorical hell. 

HOWEVER… I have a math aide who works with me in my classroom and I can’t imagine doing my job without her and next year could be her last year with me because she’s retiring soon. We joke about how neither of us can leave before the other and we’ll just have to both up and leave at the same time. So she gave me this idea: Get my masters and go teach at the community college in my sister’s town, but be able to leave town during the summer because I’d still be teaching. And now she has me seriously considering this….. 

Just imagine

Cliché alien abduction where they kidnap a human to get info so they can invade, right? And once the aliens get around the language barrier, they question the human. And as they ask questions, they get more and more terrified.
Humans can live in -20-100 degrees Fahrenheit no probs
Sometimes the ground SHAKES for no reason, and we usually go on with our daily lives
We have oceans, pools of water literally miles deep
Not to mention the humans themselves
We will literally die for each other, for the good of the group
We have technology that will show us the stars
We can do extraordinary physical feats when under duress
When we lose limbs, we make metal to do the same job
And of course, the human who is telling the aliens this MIGHT exaggerate a bit
“I once saw a guy whose entire body was made of metal. First he lost an arm, then a leg…”
“Oh yeah, humans have huge underground cities, they can live down their for centuries!”

a small collection of things my lecturers said/did this year

  • “you didn’t really get off on yeats, did you?“ 
  • "just google it on the internet" 
  • reading out a six stanza ballad and explaining every line
  • “L… G… i can never remember what comes next”
  • tearing up while reading an auden poem aloud
  • an american lecturer: “it reminds me of a snow globe. you guys have those here, right?”
  • asking me if i have a catholic background due to my in depth knowledge of purgatory
  • upon asking a question and getting no answer: “you know, i get paid a salary. i can stand here doing nothing and still get paid”
  • “this girl from shakespeare’s time probably doesn’t want anything to do with the men because she’s a lesbian”
  • “i’m sick, i’m really sick. so if i die, that’s that. very appropriate for a gothic literature class" 

not to be a preachy freak but community college is an awesome, underutilized resource. if people could get their heads out of their asses and stop stigmatizing cc, everyone could save so much money.

for some people like myself, it is a 2nd chance. in high school i was seriously considering dropping out but i graduated w a 2.5-2.7 gpa that no uni was gonna take. now im in 1 of the top 10 design programs in tha country. some people did fine in hs but can’t afford a 4 yr right away and cc almost halves that cost. Or maybe u just want ur associates degree.. or maybe u just need to stay close to home to take care of ur fam…or u’re an older student and cc gives u the chance to work while taking night classes. there are so many reasons ppl go to cc and there’s nothing wrong with any of them…stop shitting on cc and cc students

Becoming an adult is more of an elusive, sort of abstract concept than I’d thought when I was younger. I just assumed you’d get to a certain age and everything would make sense. Bless my young little heart, I had no idea!
At 28, I can say that sometimes I feel like an adult and a lot of the time, I don’t. Being a Millennial and trying to adult is wildly disorienting. I can’t figure out if I’m supposed to start a non-profit, get another degree, develop a wildly profitable entrepreneurial venture, or somehow travel the world and make it look effortless online. Mostly it just looks like taking a job that won’t ever pay off my student debt in a field that is not the one that I studied. Then, if I hold myself to the traditional ideal of what it means to be an adult, I’m also not nailing it. I am unmarried, and not settled into a long term, financially stable career. Recognizing that I’m holding myself to an unrealistic standard considering the economic climate and the fact that dating as a Millennial is exhausting, it’s unfair to judge myself, but I confess I fall into the trap of comparison often enough. Sometimes because I simply desire those things for myself, and sometimes because Instagram.
My ducks are not in a row, they are wandering.
—  Maria Eleusiniotis

21. Staying cool during a heatwave (from this list)

It was well past thirty degrees out before Ladybug and Chat Noir finally stopped for a break in their weekly patrol.

“So, can we get an akuma that, like, turns off the sun or something next?” Chat groaned where he was sprawled out on the shady, lukewarm concrete under the rooftop overhang they’d discovered together. “Just for a day. One day.”

“But then we’d have to fight in the dark,” Ladybug mumbled back, trying not to whine as she leaned (melted) against the wall by his feet. “I hate fighting in the dark.”

Her eyes felt dry when she blinked and her tongue felt cool when she licked her lips and it was really much too hot out to be doing anything that didn’t involve copious amounts of cold water, but she and Chat had a duty to the city, so patrol they would, regardless of the danger of heatstroke.

Chat sighed gustily and flopped a hand in her general direction. “Imagine I just said something really great about holding your hand. It’s too hot to think up lines.”

Ladybug laughed through her groan despite herself. “It’s too hot for holding hands, too.”

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What’s the difference?? 만큼 and -느니만큼

Back with another grammar post! 만큼 and -느니만큼 look similar, but there’s a small (and important!) difference in their meaning.


The 만큼 grammar can be used with descriptive verbs; action verbs in the past, present, and future; and nouns. It indicates that what follows 만큼 is similar or equal to what comes before it, or that the two things are of a similar degree. Let’s look at some examples:

  • DESCRIPTIVE VERB: -(으)ㄴ 만큼 — 학생이 똑똑한 만큼 성적이 잘 나와요. (Students get better grades depending on how smart they are [Students get grades equivalent to how smart they are].)
  • PAST: -(으)ㄴ 만큼 — 경훈 씨는 제가 공부한 만큼 공부를 열심히 했어요. (Kyeonghoon studied just as hard as I studied.
  • PRESENT: -는 만큼 — 뷔페에 갈 때 돈을 내는 만큼 많이 먹어야 돼요. (When you go to a buffet, you should eat as much as you pay for [to the extent that you paid for it, you should eat that much].)
  • FUTURE: -(으)ㄹ 만큼 — 아이들이 다 충분히 먹을 수 있을 만큼 음식을 많이 준비해 주세요. (Please prepare a lot of food so that the children will be able to eat enough.)
  • NOUN: 만큼 — 동생의 키는 오빠의 키만큼 커요. (My younger brother is as tall as my older brother [My younger brother’s height is as big as my older brother’s height].)
    • Please note that with nouns, 만큼 attaches to the noun! When used with descriptive and action verbs, there is an obligatory space.

만큼’s meaning is similar to that of 정도, which expresses the degree of something!


-느니만큼 is similar to 만큼 in that it expresses the degree of something, but it also expresses a reason for something, similar to -니까. It can be used with action verbs, descriptive verbs, and nouns, in the past and present tenses. It can sometimes be switched with 만큼 as described above, but you lose a bit of that “because” meaning.

  • AV PAST: -았/었으니만큼 — 공부를 열심히 했으니만큼 성적이 잘 나오겠어요. (Because you studied hard [and to the extent that you studied hard], you should get good grades.)
  • DV PAST: -았/었으니만큼 — 배가 고팠으니만큼 많이 먹었어요. (Because I was hungry [and to the extent that I was hungry] I ate a lot.)
  • AV PRESENT- -느니만큼 — 열심히 일하느니만큼 피곤해요. (Because I am working hard [and to the extent that I am working hard] I am tired.)
  • DV PRESENT- -(으)니만큼 — 공기가 좋지 않으니만큼 마스크를 꼭 챙기세요. (Because the air is not good [and to the extent that it is not good], please wear a mask.)
  • NOUN PAST: -였/이었으니만큼 — 가장 간절히 원하던 꿈이었으니만큼 그 꿈을 이루기 위해서 다했어요. (Because it was my most fervently desired dream [and to the extent that it was my most fervently desired dream] I did my best to achieve it.)
  • NOUN PRESENT: -(이)니만큼 — 중요한 발표니만큼 준비를 철저하게 해야 돼요. (Because it is an important presentation [and to the extent that it is an important presentation] I must prepare thoroughly].)

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or, if you see any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them!

Happy studying~


10.03.17 Friday Afternoon Studies

The small relief at the end of the week! When I can just sit alone in the in front of the computer and get stuff done! Plug in some earphones and type up those patient logbooks!


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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Art History for Dummies

I’m a big art and art history fan. Unfortunately, between college, work, and other commitments I don’t get to create to a decent standard as much as I’d like to but I hope to return to that once the little issue of getting a degree is out of the way. Through time spent looking for work to blatantly plagiarise and actually studying artists’ work for the Leaving Cert., I’ve picked up a decent amount of art history knowledge. If I ever need to give a TED Talk style presentation on something it would be on my favourite art history movements. Although who can tell whether this is because I’m actually a little knowledgeable this field or I’m just incredibly stupid in others.

Regardless, below is a brief outline of not only four of my favourite art movements, but four of the most important and significant art movements in history. Designed to give the art history rookie a decent understanding into art’s biggest movements, you can now be confident that if you ever find yourself in an art gallery, you can charm your way to impressing whatever party you may find yourself with.


Characterised by: Small, visible brushstrokes, use of light, ordinary subject matter, use of and representation of movement

Championed by: Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Camille Pissaro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Impressionism is a 19th Century art movement which came about essentially when a group of artists, tired of the stuffy and outdated standard of art expected in Paris at the time, decided to go in a different direction, in terms of subject matter, technique and style. To make any sort of decent living as an artist at Paris at the time (the place to be for art, what’s changed?) your best bet was to submit a piece of work to the French Salon, Paris’s official art exhibition. However, the selection committee for the Salon were quite particular in what they would display, preferring art done using traditional styles perfected by the old masters and specific subject matter (generally religious or inspired by monarchy in some way). Meaning that anyone who dared to submit anything that varied from this strict set of ideals was fresh outta luck.

Édouard Manet was the artist responsible for bridging the gap between the previous major art movements of romanticism and realism, and the new movement, impression. His piece Le déjeuner sur l'herbe (the luncheon on the grass, pictured below) caused a fair bit of a stir in the art community at the time. Mostly because of the naked prostitute in the forefront (Pro Art History Tip: if there’s a naked woman in a painting from the 19th century, you can be fairly confident she’s a prostitute). This did not sit well with our stuffy friends at the Salon, who when upon seeing this exclaimed “Oh my word, what is this?!” while clutching their pearls (or so I’d like to imagine). It was described as “ugly” and “risqué” in terms of its subject matter (to which I’d say no sh*t Sherlock, that’s the point”). But it did pave the way for true impressionists to make their mark (while Manet was a key figurehead in the impressionist movement, he wasn’t actually an impressionist painter himself).

Claude Monet is the father of Impressionism. His piece Impression Sunrise, featured below, inspired the name of the art movement and truly captures the characteristics of the movement:

Interestingly, a lot of these Impressionist artists were active in Paris at the same time and would often hang out in Parisian bars drinking absinthe (inspiring a Degas piece by the same name). When they all (predictably) were rejected from the Salon, they gave them the ultimate f*ck you by setting up Salon des Refusés, which literally translates to “the exhibition of rejects”, where they could display their work. This went down about as well as you’d expect given the circumstances. Ballers.

Post Impressionism

Characterised By: A more developed use of colour than that of impressionists. Post-impressionists use colour as a way of expressing emotion and are less concerned that things are accurately represented colour-wise. Subject matter is quite ordinary and are not always depicted to scale.

Championed By: Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat.

Despite the (ironically) less than creative name, post impressionism is a really interesting point in art history’s timeline. Impressionism marked the moment that art really started to change rapidly. Post-impressionists rejected the limitiations that impression presented but still took influence from it. Post-impressionism artists continued using vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter, but were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, distort form for expressive effect, and use unnatural or arbitrary colour.

Arguably the most famous post-impressionist (and my personal favourite artist) was Vincent Van Gogh, whose huge arsenal of work is recognisable worldwide. Van Gogh famously suffered with mental illness during his lifetime and this is evident in his work, which can border on sinister at times. If you can deal with science-fiction, I’d recommend the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who (Episode title “Vincent and the Doctor”, season 5), which does an excellent job of portraying Van Gogh’s inner turmoil and why his work remains so influential today. Also, if you’re ever in Amsterdam, do yourself the biggest favour and go to the Van Gogh museum. Splurge and get the audio guide. It’s an incredibly enriching and educating experience. I had a moment in that gallery, I’m not going to lie.

If you don’t have time to watch that Doctor Who Episode in its entirety, at least watch this clip from it (although why they didn’t film this scene in the freaking Van Gogh museum remains a mystery to me):

Vincent Van Gogh “Wheat field with Crows”

Georges Seurat “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte”


Characterised By: Subject matter that is rounded, reassembled and almost 3D looking.

Championed By: Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso

Cubism followed post-impressionism and is considered one of the most influential art movements of the 20th Century. In Cubist artwork, objects are analysed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form—instead of depicting objects from a single viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. Cubism was a turning point in the art world, leading to multiple diverse art movements that would have been unprecedented before.

The most famous artist of this movement was Pablo Picasso. Some people (who are wrong) may put forward the (incorrect) viewpoint that Pablo Picasso wasn’t a very talented artist. These people are (you guessed it) wrong, and if you hear anyone verbalising such an opinion you are responsible to hit them with the FACTS. Pablo Picasso was an incredibly gifted artist, and this included his technical skills. Even as a child he could paint images so realistic you’d think they were a photograph. But he (and pretty much all the other artists I mention here) didn’t limited in the way they created and wanted to branch out in different directions. Some people may look at a piece of art and say that it required no technical skill to complete (which I can place a firm bet that if they tried to do so they’d fail – not because they’re untalented but because we’re talking about the greatest artists of all time here) but that isn’t the point. The point is that these artists we the first people to create art in this style. It’s easy to say it’s nothing special now, after 100 years of looking at this style. But truth be told movements like cubism were nothing short of ground breaking.

Pablo Picasso “Three Musicians”

Pop Art

Characterised By: Influence of mass culture – comic books, advertising, cultural figures and mundane cultural objects.

Championed By: Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton and Robert Rauschenberg

Pop Art is an art movement that took place throughout the mid to late 1950’s that uses elements of popular culture as inspiration. Pop Art is widely recognisable and remains a popular movement in not just art but fashion, TV and social media. Pop Artists often use their work to express certain beliefs (sometimes political), which differentiates it from movements previously discussed here. Its use of recognisable images and people really shifted the direction that modern art was heading in.

Andy Warhol “Campbell’s Soup Cans”


#kdramawomensweek: day 2 // rent’s due (a character whose journey through adulthood you identify with…someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again)

↪ hong seol, cheese in the trap

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I wish people could realize that the majority of US artists that are noticing BTS now are not doing it because they truly care about them but only because they get attention from armys that keep asking for collabs to EVERYONE (pretty annoying, if you ask me). They don't like them for real, they only like the popularity BTS have and want to use that. And honestly, BTS don't need to collab with anyone to get attention, they're doing pretty fine without it.

erh, I don’t agree with some of your points here but I do understand where you’re coming from. I for one think it’s also very annoying how some ARMYs mention just about anyone to collab with bangtan. I think to some degree it can be annoying to these other artists too. I get the intention but I hope ARMYs would know when to stop. Also, bangtan doesn’t do collabs for attention.

I don’t agree about your point wherein other artists only mentions bangtan for attention. that’s kind of a very arrogant attitude…? bangtan is popular but it’s not like ARMYs attention makes these US artists earn anything. “They don’t like them for real, they only like the popularity BTS have and want to use that.” Use what for what? It’s not like we’re buying these other artists albums or songs too or whatever hehe~ In fact, I think it’s nice of these artists to mention bangtan in one way or another. It’s just like a “hi! hello!” in cyberspace.

Also sometimes it’s also ARMYs who keep asking and mentioning them on twitter to say something about Bangtan that’s why they do it. So it’s nice of them if they do and we should just leave it at that~

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How come some people seem like absolutely NOTHING close to what their natal chart says ? It just doesn't make sense.. do you have any idea why this may be?

Usually it’s wrong or no birth time most of the occurrences.  I do get of people who message in yelling at me that their chart is very wrong yet they have no actual time of birth.  The moon is near everything in Astrology and it’s degrees can shift so widely in a 24 hour period (As much as 12.)  This of course can not only change the aspects it makes, but also of course the sign or house it’s in. Without a birth time the houses can’t be seen which actually is very problematic because seeing how the planets work in the physical world tremendously matters.  

Not only can the Moon be off but so can the Ascendant tremendously.  This will change their overall outward behavior as well as realign the wheel, aspects, houses and soul mission (north node.)

I can get into a multitude of other reasons why people make no connection to their birth chart.

They are younger than 18 and need to look at their Draconic charts to see how they feel about their life up to that point.

In need of contacting an experienced astrologer to determine a more rounded read on their birth chart.

Occasionally there is narrow mindedness concerning planets.

Bias - Yes, Bias happens a lot.  Someone hates a “sign” and doesn’t want to be this sign or placement and fails to want to relate to their birth chart.

Another form of Bias , though not purposeful, are transits and secondary progressions.  Some inexperienced people who seek out information for the 1st time (or very early in learning) don’t realize the impact transits (especially those darn outer planets!) have on them at a current.  I have seen people numerously mistake a Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto long term transit for a fault in their natal placement.

Once in a very blue moon it is a naysayer or someone with such a strong dislike/disinterest in Astrology their approach can be conceived as lying or blatant trolling.  As much as I hate to admit some people just do have a vendetta to disapprove the art of Astrology.


Okay, okay, I had a LOT of fun with these. For one I’m super proud of how the kissing one came out (I’m terrible at drawing kisses), and second, this request of Branch being kidnapped by Creek (poor thing Branch is so shaken up) was just a super interesting concept to me. I really got into it and even kinda expanded on the idea!

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Could I please get some headcanons for McCree taking his S/O on a road trip?

A/N: After a long night of drinking with my friends, it’s time to get back to the 9 requests I have in my inbox. Sorry for not writing any yesterday, I doubt you guys would want to try and make sense of my drunken ramblings. Happy Hangover Day!

  • Can you take a horse on a road trip? McCree’s tried, to varying degrees of success, though his days with the Deadlock Gang have left him rather capable of driving a motorcycle. A motorcycle is just like a big mechanical horse, right? What you give up in space you get back in freedom, the world is your oyster, nothing quite like feeling the wind on your face while you drive wherever you want. Plus if you’re on a motorcycle you can hold on tight to your favorite cowboy, don’t worry, he won’t let anything happen to you.
  • The American Southwest is a must, it’s McCree’s home turf, and he’d be so happy to finally be able to show someone around. The deepest canyons, the highest peaks, the oldest saloons, the largest ranches, McCree’s going to drag you to every landmark he can find. Depending on how much time you both have for the trip, he’d certainly be willing to drive to your ideal trip destination. Being a cowboy, he has a deep fascination with the area, but he understands that it might not be as entertaining for others.
  • If you’re not comfortable riding a motorcycle, he’s more than happy to travel by train, though he rarely gets to stay inside the cabin. If the train isn’t your speed, he’ll grab a car for the two of you, but don’t ask him to fly. The journey is more important than the destination to McCree, and flying is far too fast for his liking, doesn’t give you any time to enjoy the trip. Not to mention how stingy airline staff can be giving alcohol to him. What’s the fun in travelling if you can’t relax on the trip?
  • If you’re comfortable drinking, he’ll try and end every night at a local bar where the two of you can party it up. He won’t drive, obviously, but he might try and ride a horse while drunk, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s attempted it. McCree’s a sloppy drunk, so let’s just say it isn’t a pretty sight when he hops on, unless you like watching him slowly fall off the side of the horse.
  • The most important part of the trip is that the two of you are spending time together, and nothing is going to get between him and you. You’ll be practically attached at the hip during the entire trip. Expect him to drag you out to some scenic vistas to watch the sunrise / sunset, placing his hat on your head as he pulls you in for a long kiss. He’ll flash you a toothy grin every single time, making sure you know just how happy he is with you.