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In Pride and Prejudice, what amount of time passed from the beginning to the end? How do you feel about the way their relationship professed from "Wow I totally hate you," to "Head over heels in love"?

The novel opens sometime in early September, I think (prior to Michaelmas, anyway,) and ends before Christmas of the following year, so altogether it’s the space of roughly 12 months or so, give or take a couple.

I mean, it’s inaccurate to say their relationship began at ‘wow I totally hate you’ because that was only Elizabeth’s experience, and it’s her point of view which we follow throughout the novel. Darcy’s an awkward insulting moron at their first meeting, and it’s just kind of interesting how there can be two such disparate experiences of a relationship after such an outset. He quickly comes to appreciate Elizabeth’s attractive qualities, but has little notion how to show his appreciation, particularly as her low connections and ridiculous family DO give him pause, at first, as he later admits (ungallantly,) and only her charms begin to render him helplessly in love with her against his better judgement. He can’t seem to help himself, and after some initial resistance and promising himself that He Can’t and Won’t and Certainly Does Not…oops, there he goes, up to his eyeballs in love with Miss Elizabeth.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH, Lizzie’s own rankling dislike for Darcy’s manners and his first and only slight given to her are plumped up by Wickham’s dirty dirty lies, and also Darcy’s meddling with Bingley makes ANOTHER black mark against him, in Elizabeth’s book. So with all that against him, and Darcy being unaware, of course his first proposal is an unmitigated disaster.

Darcy retreats, does his best to set some of the misunderstandings to rights with regards to Wickham, then more slowly goes about fixing the mess he made with Bingley and Jane, and then gets involved in the whole Lydia debacle. He’s been in love longer than Elizabeth at this point, and has continued being in love.

Elizabeth’s progression seems swifter and choppier because she must dismantle her mistaken notions about Darcy and rebuild them with bits of information gathered second-hand from Mrs. Reynolds and the Gardiners, and her own fleeting experience of Nice!Darcy, as well as sifting through more of Wickham’s endless torrents of bullshit.

Darcy was almost always in love with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth always had the capability within her to respect and care for Darcy, had she come to know him, truly. But getting off on the wrong foot, her family being mega-ridiculous, Darcy’s social ineptitude, their investment in Jane and Bingley getting together or not, and Wickham’s rotten liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss all contribute to blocking Elizabeth from truly coming to appreciate and love Darcy. Once those matters are rather cleared up, the groundwork has already been laid, and Darcy is clearly worthy of her affection, and so the step to loving him is easily accomplished, by the end. Lizzie has done some serious soul-searching and cringing in the meantime, though, so to say it’s a total leap from Hate to Love in one fell swoop wouldn’t be accurate.

And 12 months or so is more than enough time for me to be satisfied with the progression of their relationship. It’s not like they had Netflix back then, so they had to do something with their time. Like needlework and falling in love with someone’s eyes when you didn’t think they were cute enough to dance with.

Reading the Cursed Child

me: oh my god. they’re meeting on the train. this is perfect… oh my god. they’re hugging now. i am so here for a potter/malfoy friendship… okay, so like, i mean i guess they’re just like really close friends?… i feel like i’ve never hugged my guy friends this much… hold up… “you make me stronger.” this feels pretty gay dude… “you two- you belong together.” oh. my. god. they’re not friends, they’re fucking boyfriends. <3 i can’t wait for them to tie it up in a sweet scene in the end making it canon…wait.what’s happeni- no, wait. WAIT.



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Such a small detail, but just noticed… seconds after yuuri sees both victor and yurio, he looks bit surprised to find the two waiting for him.

And I find it endearing, how based on that little moment of realization, we can assume yuuri might have not agreed to meet with neither of them. But they are still there, and yuuri might have not been expecting that.

And with such simple action, this boy becomes so incredibly happy.

angry short, mellow tall aus

these were requested by so many people omg,, time to deliver

  • you’re always making fun of my short legs well jokes on you sucker because you are failing so hard at this obstacles course with your giraffe limbs
  • you can pout all you want, at the end of the day i win all the arguments because i can just pick you up and place you in a corner a sulk yourself tired
  • i really wanna knee you in the crotch right now but your crotch is too fucking high
  • “how did you two meet?” “they tripped over me. while i standing.”
  • man, i hate going out into huge crowds with you because i always lose you among all the children and i have to peruse through all of them to find you
  • man, i love going out into huge crowds with you because you’re like a beacon sticking out and i’m basically never lost
  • whenever i get too mad or frustrated or down you give me a piggyback and it’s embarrassing how much it calms me
  • you’re so fantastic to cuddle because i can, like, hold all of you. no place misses out on my hugs, you get all the hug, the full hug,, all my love

- jo

-posting my masterlist just for the heck of it-

Full-lenth oneshots (typically around 1,000 words) are posted first under each name, separated from shorter works by a line. Enjoy!


“I Want to Try It With You”




It’s Just That…



“I Wrote This For You”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

Cha Cha Malone



See You Around

Nice To Meet You


Five Years



“It Brings Out Your Eyes”

“He’s Going to Be Fine”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”


“Birds Can’t Fly Without Wings”

“Take the Long Way Around”







“I’m Sorry… I’m Just Stressed Out”

“Please Don’t Do This”



Good Morning

Don’t Tell




Of Course






“What Happened To You Two?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I Heard a Noise”






“I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To”

“You’re Warm”


1:30 AM


Goodness Knows Why




“I Could Never Lose You”

“You Need Some Sleep”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”

“Your Feelings Don’t Matter Right Now; We Need to Do This”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“I’m Coming Home”


Let Loose

Out Of the Blue

Next Time




With You


“Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”

“Hold My Hand So He Gets Jealous”

“Don’t Say That”

“Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”



My Pleasure


I Insist



“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“I’m Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”

“Take Notes, Sweetheart”




“You Look Good”

“Someone Will Find Us”




“The Key Is Under the Mat”

“You Look Good”

“I Couldn’t Do It Without You”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“Have I Ever Told You How Much You Mean To Me?”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Pillows Are Over-Rated”

Jay Park



Give It a Shot

Go For It

Thank You

One Reason


Little Fish




Just You


“Go Back to Sleep”

“I Wrote This For You”

“Slushies Aren’t Just For Kids, Fuck Society”

“You Got a Cute Butt”

“Do You Do This Every Day, By Yourself?”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”

“You Still Have Me”

“I Cheated”

“I Swear, I’m Not Scared”

“Can You Just Leave Me Alone?”

“Get Over It”



“This Is For You”

“She Really Loves You, Doesn’t She?”

“Sleep Tight”


The Truth

Too Late

You Know That


Any Chance


“Who Was That Guy?”

“If You Fall, I’ll Catch You”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been In Love With You”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“I Just Wanted To Get To Know You Better”

“We’re Going On A Trip”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”


You’re All Mine


“Why Do You Only Kiss Me When I’m Sleeping?”

“I’m Pregnant!”

“Yes… But You’re Prettier”

“And Then On Top Of All That, I’m On My Period”

Mad Clown


“Who Was That Guy?”


You Promise?


“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“What Happened to You Two?”

“Tell Me What Happened, From the Start”

“We Still Have a Long Way To Go”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”




“Don’t Cry”

“Take My Jacket, It’s Cold Outside”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Someone Will Find Us”

“You Look Good”


Roll With It


“I’m Ready”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”



Everything I Need


“Can I Kiss You?”

“I Had a Dream About You”

The Quiett






“You Still Have Me”

“I Love You”

“Can You Come Over?”

“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”

Rap Monster




“Stay Over”

San E




“I Think You’re Beautiful”


Study Buddy



“Why Don’t You Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I’m Sorry, But That Was Adorable”

“But, I Said I Love You” (Angst Version)

“But, I Said I Love You” (Fluff Version)

Simon Dominic







Your Turn

I Don’t Need You

Remember That

Come Back


Some Other Day

Day 1

I Believe You

Just Check It


Don’t Remind Me

Good Night

No Big Deal





“I Was in the Neighborhood”

“You Should Have Told Me”

“I Wrote This For You”

“You’re Competitive and So Am I, and It’s Going to Lead to a Fight”

“Don’t Say That”

“He Really Loves You, Doesn’t He?”

“I Need You”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”

“I Don’t Think I Ever Told You, But…”

“No, You’re MY Bitch.”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

“You Have No Chill”


Keeping Score

Happy Birthday

Ugly Duck



“Stay There. I’m Coming to Get You”



“Someone Will Find Us”

“I Bet You Can’t Go 24 Hours Without Cussing”



“You’re Important Too”



“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”



Happy Birthday


“What Are We?”

“We’ve Become That Clingy Couple That You Used to Complain About”

“Do You Really Have to Do That?”

“Please… Don’t Lie To Me”

“I Want to Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Get Out of the Way Before I Murder You”

“I Think I Busted a Rib”


Tell Me It Again

“Don’t Be an Asshole. Asshole”

“Leave Me Alone”

“Sleep Tight”

Muse as old as time
  • "I'm far too old for these games."
  • "What's it like to be immortal?"
  • "How old ARE you?"
  • "I'm afraid I don't understand the current slang."
  • "Do you know how to use a smart phone?"
  • "I am waaaaay older than you."
  • "Being this old has pros and cons."
  • "Do you have any idea what Netflix even is?"
  • "Did you meet Shakespeare?"
  • "I was alive when the pyramids of Egypt were built."
  • "Are you an angel or demon?"
  • "Humanity has jumped chasms in just the past thirty years. It took at least two hundred years to upgrade from wood to an iron plow."
  • "I'd rather ride a horse."
  • "You can't be THAT old!"
  • "That's simply impossible."
  • "I remember when stars filled the night sky and cities were practically nonexistent."
  • "Magic is real."
  • "Your problems are inconsequential."
  • "The universe spins, the earth moves and time passes ever on."
  • "What's it like, being as old as you are?"
  • "I'm just glad corsets have finally gone out of fashion."
  • "You can be upset about security measures all you want. I'm happy it doesn't take a month to travel across the Atlantic."
  • "Are you REALLY immortal?"
  • "I have seen all of time and space. You know what? It's the little stuff that counts."
  • "It's the here and now that's important to me."
  • "Doesn't it ever get boring?"
  • "I have loved many people over the many years. Each one is special to me."
  • "Every day brings new things."
  • "Do you ever want to end it?"
  • "I couldn't ask for anything more."
  • "Sometimes I just don't get mortals."
Just something I made up to ward off the impending ending of yoi
  • Yurio: I've wanted to kiss you all day long.
  • Otabek: well why haven't you?
  • Yurio: *sighs* I can't reach your face.
  • Otabek: *starts slowly leaning down*
  • Yurio: *stands on his tip toes, grabs Otabek by the neck and DRAGS him down so their lips can meet*
  • Otabek: *blushes*
  • Yurio: *blushes*
  • Yurio: you know I'm going to be taller then you soon.
⊳Calling A Familiar Spell⊲

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    Familiars are one of the witches greatest companions. If youre knowledgeable about familiars you might want one yourself. There comes the problem of finding one. Sometimes you may already have a pet or spirit in mind, but others you may be totally lost. I do not recommend under any circumstance buying a pet just for the sake of them being your familiar. You cannot tell at first glance whether you two will be a good pair and its not fair to the animal if you end up giving it away because it isn’t able to be your familiar. The best option is for you to do some magic so you and a potential familiar can meet and bond.

    Now, onto the spell, but before you do this make sure you genuinely want a familiar and think they would be a big part of your craft. Here is what you’ll need;

◆ A jar(or container of some sort)
◆ A piece of paper and something to write with
◆ A tag lock from you(a piece of hair, a nail clipping, spit, etc)
◆ Dandelion fluff or bay leaf
◆Rosebud(if you don’t have this, you can substitute it with pink sea salt or rose petals)
◆Catnip or cinnamon

    First take your paper and writing utensil. Write down the ideal traits of your familiar(you can add a sigil on it if you’d like). Now fold it up however you want and put it to the side, you’ll come back to it later.
    Next take your jar and put in half your ingredients, then add your tag lock. Now you can add the other half of the ingredients.
    Now you can put your paper in the jar. After that, screw on the lid and place you hands on the sides. Envision you and your future familiar working together and being friends, put all your intent and hope into the jar. Now shake it up, letting the energy buzz around in the jar. Stop when it feels right. Leave it somewhere you go often(like beside your bed or next to your altar). Whenever you feel super witchy and passionate about getting a familiar you can shake it again. Now a familiar will find you, or you will find them. Good luck!

- Mod Faye

So I did, and I wrote — I didn’t dare even start off writing gay characters, but I had sort of outlandish characters in there, and I would get notes literally from executives saying, “Could this character be less gay?” even if it was, like, a straight woman. Or, “The language coming out of this character’s mouth seems very flamboyant, which we think is too gay and will offend some of our viewers, can you take that out?”

And then two things happened. It just sort of made me mad, so I just sort of leaned into it. I wrote a bisexual character, I wrote about … a lesbian character, I had gay characters. And I would have meeting after meeting and they’d ask me to take them out and I’d say, “No, I won’t do it, why do you want it taken out?”

They were interested — this was at the WB — they were interested in gay people who were tragic. They were interested if you were gay and you would kill yourself. Or if you would try and commit suicide. They weren’t interested in gay sensibility, or the language of being gay, which is sometimes not just gay characters.

So I fought and I had great executive producers that backed me, and I kind of got those characters on, but then the show was canceled after two years.

But in that process … I had one meeting with an executive about a script, and I showed up at the meeting, and he started imitating my voice, and making feminine hand gestures — which I don’t have — and I never thought my voice was gay until he repeated it back to me. I literally was stunned into silence and he was being really, really brutal to me.

                                            - Ryan Murphy on being a gay writer in Hollywood. 

jungkook as your roommate

a/n: this is a re-post from my other blog, but it’s edited it a bit tho. and the gifs don’t belong to me, credits to the owner.

meeting // moving in-

  • the first day when he moved in
  • it was so awkward between the two of you because
  • he avoided your eye-contact and didn’t even tried talking to you
  • and just went straight to his bedroom when 
  • it became dark outside 
  • he realized it was a bit rude to just walk away 
  • without telling his roommate that he’s going
  • so he decided to knock on your door
  • “yeah?”
  • “i’m sorry for being disrespectful earlier, i’m like this to people i don’t really know”
  • “it’s okay, you can come in though”
  • you and kookie probably talked for the whole night
  • he went back to his room when you fell asleep of course
  • before he left, kookie smiled at himself
  • knowing that this was the start of a friendship that he’s never ever gonna forget 
  • and totally gonna love lots


  • i can see you two making up many many rules
  • but would end up 
  • just having two real rules
  • like caring for each other when one is sick
  • not to eat each other’s food without telling each other
  • i can see him saying things like
  • “but what if there’s like a zombie apocalypse, y/n?”
  • “then you should eat the wall”
  • “but that’s too hard to eat”
  • “ew kookie you’re not saying you want to eat me right”
  • “that sounds so wrong and no, i’m never gonna eat my roommate that i love”
  • one of you would eventually end up breaking the rules
  • “jungkook!”
  • “what?”
  • “you ate my food!”
  • “no i didn’t, it wa- oh.”
  • “yeah oh. now i dare you to eat all the chocolate bars!”
  • “no way, y/n, my stomach is gonna hurt the next day”

feelings for each other?-

  • i can see him getting feelings for you
  • but noT showing any signs that he does
  • jungkook wouldn’t help but get butterflies whenever
  • you say his name
  • it would hurt him when you come home with a guy
  • he doesn’t know about 
  • jungkook would try calling his ‘experienced friends’ and ask them
  • about it what he’s feeling
  • “it means that you’re jealous,”
  • “no. i can’t be, right. it might be something else that i’m feeling…”
  • “jungkook, listen. if you confess to y/n everything will be solved.”
  • “are you sure about that?”
  • “not really 100%”
  • “that’s not funny”
  • let’s go to you
  • i think for you, you wouldn’t straight up realize that
  • you actually like him, no, love him
  • because jungkook, is such a talented handsome perfect guy
  • you would end up talking to yourself like
  • “no. there’s no way he likes me too?”
  • “he did dropped a few hints at dinner last night…”
  • “should i tell him about this?”
  • “and when i brought daniel (yas changkyun) home a few days ago he seemed..”
  • “jealous?”

sharing _____-

  • bathrooms
  • just imagine his face
  • when he walks in on you dancing on dirty songs
  • he’d be so flustered and walk out of the bathroom
  • and act like he didn’t saw that
  • “i’m sorry! i didn’t mean to disturb you, mr/s dancer.” and then winking at you 
  • “i swear if you come in again i will kill you jeon jungkook”
  • and sometimes you need someone to fangirl/boy with
  • that you just storm into the bathroom while he’s showering
  • “really? that’s good! but as you see i’m showering”
  • okay your guys bathroom would be full of clothes
  • and sometimes you accidently pick up his boxers
  • even though in yours there are holes as well
  • the bathroom made you two closer tbh


  • cleaning days has come
  • i can already see him getting ready to leave in the morning
  • around 3am
  • “i hope s/he won’t notice i left”
  • and you would hear it from your dream and wake up
  • you would chase him around the house
  • and his punishment is to clean the toilet, the garden with 10000+ insects
  • “but it’s not fair”
  • “it’s not fair that you go out and let me clean the whole house by myself jeon jungkook”
  • expect him to put loud music as well every where he cleans
  • like he has some really big speakers with him
  • he’d continue listening because he can’t hear you
  • jungkook would happily dance to the garden
  • and would suddenly scream because all insects were climbing on him
  • you would just look at him with an evil smirk on your face
  • while watching your poor roommate struggle
  • in the end you’d eventually help him get the insects of him
  • and you and jungkook would clean the house together

lazy days-

  • the whole apartment would smell like rotten cheese
  • even though there’s no rotten cheese
  • you wouldn’t even come out of bed 
  • the same for jungkook you two just throw something
  • at the door so it opens and you guys can 
  • talk to each other
  • “y/n.”
  • “jungkook.”
  • “do you want to order some food”
  • “i don’t want to pick up my phone”
  • “don’t you sleep next to your phone??”
  • “i do but it’s all the way at the end of my bed”
  • you would eventually stand up and go to his bedroom 
  • to lie down next to him
  • “so basically”
  • “yeah”
  • “we should stay like this for the whole day bro”
  • the two of you would build a fort in his bedroom
  • you and jungkook would lay down there and look at each other 
  • both with smiles on your faces
  • you two would end up talking about really random topics 
  • from how cool the last episode was of the japanese cold case to how pens are made

to think it’s been 7 years since these two met at manchester piccadilly and began making their shared impact on the world, it’s incredible.

it’s the seventh anniversary of dan and phil meeting, so i decided to make this to celebrate the occasion. :)

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My only regret with becoming a Johnlock shipper in the ACD Sherlock Holmes/Granada fandom is that I’ve been in it for all of two months and it may have ruined me for almost all other romance. My expectations are just too high now.

Romance is my favorite genre, but it can be so hard to be satisfied when you want your romance to be interesting. Sometimes you just get two characters and the most interesting thing about them is that they’re going to end up together. You see it all the time, especially in mainstream het romance. Sometimes the setup is literally just: “Boy meets girl.” And we’re supposed to stay invested in it. Like, why should I care about these characters as people? Who are they outside their attraction to each other and why should I root for them to be together instead of apart?

And then you get Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This isn’t boy meets boy.
This is neurotypical, bisexual medical man with postwar scarring and PTSD meets manic-depressive, neurodivergent, gay (and possibly graysexual) genius with a drug addiction. Not only is that one of the most interesting setups for romance I have ever encountered - - and I’m not even including the cases here - - but it is just… the most heartwarming and beautiful thing. Ever.

Because if you order your ACD canon on a bed of Granada, my shallow labels don’t even begin to do these characters justice. They don’t cover Holmes’ playfulness and his heroic heart, or Watson’s boyish laugh and his sometimes embarrassing levels of sincerity. Not to mention the never-ending warmth in their eyes whenever they look at each other. And that’s not even the half of it. Any one quirk of their characters that other stories would reduce them to for the angst or excitement just builds these two into round, whole people, who almost feel alive. And they make each other better.

The hilarious part is that the adventures of Sherlock Holmes aren’t even a romance by definition. They’re mysteries and tales of social intrigue - - and yet, the romance is undoubtedly there, so long as you’re keeping your eyes open for it. In Granada, you’re plopped right into the middle of the love story.  We get both the adventure of the cases and the domesticity of Baker Street. Between the wild disguises and crazy locales and daring chases, we get a warm room, a meal from Mrs. Hudson, and the easy physical intimacy of two people who live together and love each other deeply.

These characters are so multifaceted and their lives are incredible - - and yet, in a way, it’s to be expected. The extraordinary is everyday for Holmes and Watson because every day is extraordinary. Maybe that’s a bit cheesy, but it’s also terribly interesting.

Which is to say, I’m new, I’m hooked, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be quite as satisfied by anything else. Maybe most other love stories just need 130 years to catch up.


Whenever I’m alone…
Or if I’m feeling grey…
There’s one place I can go
To brighten up my day!

It makes me want to sing!
That’s how the show should end!
But wouldn’t it be good if I…
Could sing it with a friend?

Ok fine whatever I’ll join in too!

I might go outside
And feel more alive
Without Twitter,
Where would I be?

I guess I’d be fit
I’d stop posting shi-Rubbish!
But tumblr’s a part of me!

There’s so many websites! And so little time!
Plus one or two you should avoid…
Just don’t stop watching YouTube
Or we’ll be unemployed!

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

It might be anti social
But these days that is fine
Cause life is so much better
When you spend it all online!

A place where you can be yourself
No matter if your geeky
Find friends that share your hobbies
Even if they’re freaky!

Where any question in your head
Is answered in an instant!
Who cares if you procrastinate
Your one shot at existence!

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

Without the Internet…
We never would have met!
We’d never be here on a stage
Doing things we might regret!

DANCE BREAK! -music-

Who cares if your a loser,
And everybody knows it!
Or if you spend your life,
Drawing whiskers on your noses!

Even if your chances,
Of getting tanned are slim…
Or if you live vicariously,
Through the life of a sim…

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

It might be anti social…
But these days that is fine…

Cause life is so much better…
Life is so much better…
Life is so much better…

When you,

“I Come to You, Step by Step” Jinyoung/You

jinyoung is an international student and you’ve been paired with him for your university’s Pal Program

“Look,” you sigh, feeling more exhausted than any five minute interaction with a boy warrants. Jinyoung doesn’t protest when you plop into the chair opposite of him, or maybe he wants to, but shuts up when you barrel onwards. “Just meet up with me once a week. It doesn’t have to be life-changing or anything. Maybe we can just meet here, talk for ten minutes. We might even become friends.” It sounds corny, even to you, but you don’t think the face Jinyoung pulls is necessary.

“Fine,” Jinyoung says eventually, like he’s dredging the word up from a deep, painful place. 

The jinyoung au that’s been killing me for the last two months. I’m sorry in advance for the length. I hope you really like it. (rated T) 

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amillionsummers  asked:

Hi Cassie, I have two questions. The first one is: can you tell us what kind of danger they are going to face? You can give us a clue (if you want obviously) but since the threat from LM is out, what's coming? And the second is: are you coming to Argentina in the near future? because you are my hero literally and I NEED to meet you so bad

TDA Team Good? They face the wrath of faerie kings and ancient immortal warriors, the schemes of the Seelie Queen, the restless dead and the bigots of the Clave; just a Tuesday in the life of Shadowhunters, really. 

As for Argentina, I’ve been invited and I’d love to go, just trying to scrape out some time!

  • [Carter is on the top deck watching the stars, waiting for Percy to meet him there. Percy appears behind him without announcing his arrival]
  • Carter: You've been avoiding me, Percy.
  • Percy: How do you do that, without turning around?
  • Carter: To be perfectly honest? The first couple of people I did that to were not you, but... here we are.
And two makes four - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: And two makes four

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Minor season 12 spoilers

Summary: Imagine Mary meeting yours and Dean’s twin girls.

A/N: After the latest episodes of TVD I just can’t stop thinking Dean with two twin little girls. At the beginning it might look a little familiar but it is different story from any you’ve seen. Brand new.

“(Y/n)!” he shouted desperately “Wake up!” he gritted his teeth “Wake up damn it.” he growled well up in his eyes “Please.” he choked out a sob leaving his lips as he gathered your face in his hands.

“(Y/n)” he almost whimpered and a moment of silence followed. A moment that felt like eternity to him and Mary could only hold back and watch her broken son’s eyes fill with tears.

“What the-” you grumbled and Dean let out a sigh of relief he’d been holding for very long. You groaned more, moving your hand up to your forehead only to be met with blood. The fight that had taken place only a couple hours ago had left you out cold for quiet a good amount of time. You rubbed your eyes, but despite the headache you were alright.

“(Y/n)” the voice that you heard caught your attention faster than anything else and your eyes snapped open and at the mere sight they widened.

Your mouth fell open and you clasped a hand over it, just as you felt new tears well up in your eyes, as if you hadn’t shed enough already. Although this time it was different, because the first ones had been about his loss while now… it was so much different.

“Dean” you sobbed and he gave you a weak and broken smile, his eyes were glossy. No wonder it was one of both fear and relief.

“Hey sweetheart.” he whispered and you couldn’t help the mix of sob and laugh that left your lips.

“You- you’re- Dean you’re- Oh my gosh.” you sobbed grasping his jacket and crashing into his arms, and of course he didn’t hesitate to wrap his firmly around your form.

“I thought I lost you.” you sobbed, tears flowing down your cheeks.

“I’m here princess.” he whispered, smiling in relief “I’m here.”

You laughed even through your sobs, clenching the fabric of his jacket in your one fist and threading your fingers through his short hair. You buried your face at the crook of hs neck for a moment, breathing in his scent.

You sobbed more but despite the tears you smiled, pulling slightly away to look at him. You cupped his cheek and kissed the other, the both of you shutting your eyes to enjoy it as much as you could. Another laugh left your lips and he chuckled softly as well. You pulled slightly away but only for a minute because soon you crashed your lips to his. And he kissed back, again and again and again. You peppered kisses all over his lips and his face and he smiled. Your lips went back to his, kissing somewhat sloppily but you didn’t really care. Having him back felt like having your entire world come back to you after you thought it was crumbling down.

You let out a trembling sigh and opened your eyes. You pulled just slightly away but then rested your forehead against yours as he did the same. He brought a hand up and cupped your cheek, wiping away some tears.

“I thought you were dead.” you whispered, your voice cracking.

“You know me-” he gave you a weak smirk “-too stubborn to die.”

You breathed out a laugh, closing your eyes for a moment and nuzzling your face close to his. You opened your eyes soon and looked only to his. However before you could say or ask him anything your eyes fell on another figure and they certainly widened.

“Oh my God” you breathed out, stumbling back and Dean’s back straightened.

“Uh yeah.” he cleared his throat, helping you up “(Y/n), that’s uhm my mother. Mary.” he motioned to her “Mom” he turned to her, his one arm around your waist “This is (Y/n).” he breathed out, the love and adoration written all over his face as he looked at you for a moment “My girlfriend.” he said with a smile and one spread on her face as well.

“(Y/n).” she said the name, nodding her head softly “It is great to meet you.” she extended her hand and you took it, shaking it with a small smile.

“It is certainly great to meet you too, Mary. I-” you breathed out a laugh “I honestly never thought I’d say that.” you chuckled, grinning softly at her and Dean gave you a squeeze. He knew how you shared his happiness in everything already.

“I am definitely happy to see my son has someone like you by his side actually.” she smiled and you nodded your head shyly as Dean kissed your forehead.

He cleared his throat, frowning as he saw a fresh wound on your head and of course blood. Fact that brought him back to reality.

“What happened here?” he asked and you looked around you, frowning for a moment as you tried to recollect eh events.

“We- we came back and-” you narrowed your eyes “And there was someone… waiting. For us. And there- there was a fight and guns and- oh my gosh.” you gasped as everything started coming back to you. Your head snapped in Dean’s direction and his eyes were just as wide as yours.

“Dean!” you screamed and without the need to hear another word from you he was fast on his feet and rushing. You wanted to follow and you were about to run after him but the moment you took a step forward you felt dizzy and if it wasn’t for Mary you would have met the ground once more.

“Th-thank you” you said weakly to her and she offered you a smile, helping you sit on a chair.

“What happened though?” she asked softly “Why did Dean react in that way?” she spoke and you were about to answer her question, even if you were practically holding your breath in fear for what could have possibly happened after you passed out but-

A childlike voice brought a sigh of relief on your lips and your heart finally to go on its normal heart rate.

“Mommy!” it shouted and you heard fast footstep, soon followed by the sight of bouncing brown soft curls runningtowards you.

Finding the strength to, you got up on your feet and rush towards her. Kneeling to pick her up and gather her in your arms. Her tiny arms wrapped around your neck and legs around your waist and you gave her a squeeze.

“Oh baby, thank God.” you breathed out, kissing her head “Are you alright, sweetheart? You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

“No, mommy I am fine. The bad lady didn’t get to us because uncle Sammy protected us. But- but mommy there were shots. Wh-what happened?” a small frown and pout formed on her face and you sighed, kissing her forehead and tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear.

“Nothing, princess. Everything is alright. Everything will be alright from now on.” you tried to put on a hopeful smile for the three-year-old and she nodded her head.

“But mommy where is uncle Sammy?” another tiny voice asked and you turned your head to look at Dean walking inside the room, the soft blonde hair being the first thing that you noticed.

You smiled, or at least tried to, before sharing a look with Dean who held our other daughter in his arms “Uncle Sammy is somewhere far away, baby. But he- he will be back.”

“Are you going to get him back soon then?” she tilted her head to the side as Dean held her closer to his chest and she snuggled closer to her father.

“Yes, sweetheart. We are going to get him back soon.” Dean told her softly, kissing her forehead before she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Mommy, who is that?” the little girl in your arms asked and you saw her looking at Mary who was simply staring at the sight in front of her with wide and watery eyes. Her lips were parted as she stared practically in shock and you glanced at Dean for a moment with a smile.

“Uh girls-” he cleared his throat, walking to stand by your side “We would like you to meet someone.”

“Someone very important to daddy and uncle Sammy. Someone that is family.” you added as they both had their eyes on the woman they saw for the first time. Although Dean had talked to them about her, he had even shown them pictures – or mostly they had dag them up once and he instead of being angry talked to them about her – you didn’t expect them to remember her.

“This is Mary. Mary Winchester, your grandmother.” he breathed out, his eyes focused on his mother who was utterly emotional by the new piece of information.

“Hi” the little brunette waved her hand.

“My name is Mary too.” the blonde in Dean’s arms said and at that moment her eyes widened even more as she looked between the two of you and the girls.

You smiled “Mary, we’d like you to meet our little girls. Mary-” you glanced at the little girl in Dean’s arms “And Sam, Samantha, Winchester.” you fixed Sam in your arms.

“Our daughters.”

Yuri!!! on ice- ships

Yuri!!! on ice has gotta be the best thing to happen in 2016 so far. To commemorate it’s success i’d thought i’d put up a lovely list of my favorite and least favorite ships:


  1. Leoji (Leo de la Iglesia x Guang-Hong Ji) This is probably my OTP. They’re just so perfect as boyfriends, their personalites contrast each other perfectly. They are just amazing!
  2. Georgiko (Georgi Popovich x Minako Okukawa) This is one of my own ships that i’ve thought about. I feel that Georgi would be trying to move on and gets a little drunk and meets up with Minako (who is also drunk). They have a bit of a crazy night *ahem* then start to fall in love. 
  3. Michemil (Michele Crispino x Emil Nekola) I absolutely adore these two, you can see how worried Michele is when Emil falls and how Emil is in awe at Michele’s “Serenade for two”. They just are adorable together.
  4. Victuri (Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki) I think Victuri is amazing but in all honesty, i’m not too keen when Yuri is the dominant one, i find it a bit odd as he is the younger one. (not trying to start anything btw) But either way, their relationship is perfect and their airport scene really got me.

Unsure/ not too bothered by:

  1. JJSeung (Jean-Jaques Leroy x Seung-Gil Lee) I don’t really know what to think about this one as Seung is a very hard person to ship. It has potential but otherwise I’m not overly fussed.
  2. MilaSara (Mila Babicheva x Sara Crispino) Very orignal ship name, but overall i like the idea of these two being together but i don’t think i’d ‘ship’ it. They’re lovely together but i’m not majorly bothered

Least favourite/ unnecessary: 

  1. YURIO WITH ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!! He is 15! He doesn’t need to be shipped until he is 17, let the poor kitten have his innocence. I think Yurio is good by himself for now.
  2. Phichit with anyone. I think Phichit is one of my favorite characters, he’s just so funny. But I don’t think he needs a ship with anyone besides his phone.
  3. Chistophe with anyone. Guys, let him get turned on by himself don’t bother shipping him.

and thankyou to @gaynikiforov for your opinions on my countless asks, much appreciated!!!

(can we try and get Georgiko out there as well?)

BTS REACT: To you introducing them to your 2 dogs

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
hello can i pls request bts reacting to u introducing them to ur 2 dogs thank :)

Rap Monster: When you introduce him to your dogs, he’s pretty happy. He knows you love them a lot and you’re constantly talking about them -so getting to meet them was pretty sweet.

However, he’d realise that when you try to coax your dogs or sweet-talk them that you use the same tone you do with him when you want him to do something.

Should I be worried about that?

Originally posted by jjilljj

Jin: Although he likes dogs, he might feel just a little concious about how much love was being distributed between them and him. When you’d focus more on them he’d jump right in trying to get some of the attention.

“I can be cute too Y/N.”

Suga: When you first introduced your two dogs to Yoongi he’d be indifferent to it all. Like yeah, so you had to adorable doggies. So what?

Originally posted by jiminnejams

But as soon as you turned around he would be found making stupid faces while he tried to get the dogs’ attention.

Originally posted by hi-and-love

J-Hope: Your dogs would LOVE him. He’d always have treats with him, he’d never get tired of playing with them, and he’d be the one they’d run to if they ever made a mess because they knew he had their back.

In fact, they’d like him so much, they wouldn’t want to leave him. Like -ever.

Jimin: ChimChim will probably get really involved with your two dogs.

“Look, he loves me!”

To the point where you might get a little jealous because your dogs seem to like him more.

But don’t worry because they love their mummy too.

V: Tae’s the type of person who will always shower your dogs with love and affection -but also annoy them like crazy.

Dogs: “This is who you’re dating? Seriously?”

Just know that your dogs will expect an explanation.

Jungkook: Would love playing with your dogs.

“They’re so cute.”

Of course, he might let them get away with a little too much…

Y/N: “Oh my god, Jungkook! Don’t let him do that! Don’t smile while he chews your hand!”