can i just meet mark's dad please

BTS & Got7

Jimin: hey look its our favorite rookie group

JB: um arent you guys rookies too

Jimin: we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about being idols. call me hyung

JB: im pretty sure im older than you

Rapmon: yeah jimin sit down 

J-Hope: so…what do you guys wanna do 

Jackson: i think i wanna get to know jungkook better

Jungkook: sure hyung what do you want to know

Jackson: mmMMmmm your voicEe. maknaes are my favorite

Bambam: i thought i was your favorite

Jackson: dont worry boys, theres plenty of jackson to go around

Junior: jackson stop being so creepy

Mark: hey you

V: *looks around room* me?

Mark: yeah. theres only room for one of us

V: umM what are you talking about

Mark: theres only room for one beautiful redhead. so how do u wanna duel this out

V: i dont

Mark: martial arts contest ????? good idea *does a backflip*

Jin: woaH mark be careful. you dont want to hurt your lovely face. thats the struggle of being a visual. trust me, i would know

Mark: wow, finally someone who understands me 

Suga: can you guys stop being gay as fuCk

Junior: yeah guys, seriously

Suga: uM werent you just sitting on JB’s lap five seconds ago

Junior: thats how we get to know each other better

Jackson: i hope we all get to know each other *creepy smile* especially you jungkook

Jungkook: um 

Yugyeom: wow jungkook how old are you???? haha youre like two 

Jin: arent you younger than him

Yugyeom: yeah but look at me. im a man

Jimin: WOW yugyeom we have SO much in common. my age says young but my body says old *lifts up shirt*

Jackson: wow-

JB: no jackson dont even 

Youngjae: *laughing to himself in a corner*

Rapmon: whats up with him

Jackson: shhhh dont worry about that babe 

Rapmon: ok you need to stop

Suga: hey bammity bambam, i head you can drop some sick beats

Bambam: yep! im the cute rapper *aegyo*

Suga: why dont we join our swag together and make something beautiful

Bambam: like what

Suga: anythin u want homie. min suga can do it all

Mark: but can you do a backflip

JB: please stop 

Mark: please stop hiding your jealousy

V: hey mark

Mark: wuT peasant

V: can i meet ur dad

Mark: no

V: why ?? we have a lot in common 

Mark: like what

V: we’re both cooler than YOU 

Mark: *faints*