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Sugaspiano Mobile Masterlist

I needed to make this eventually, and what time is better than to do it while procrastinating my class work :)

BTS Reactions:

BTS Scenarios:

Most to least likely to:

Roadtrip with them would include:

Dating them would include:


This list will be added to each time a piece of writing is published!

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Trust me, you're not being replaced. We all still love your cc, you sims, your Dina story, and you in general. Although I've never met you, you seem like a truly nice person, and honestly I hope you don't go on hiatus when you come back. Please don't. But if you have to, I respect your decisions. I hope your trip is going well! Bye! -Nonny

hi nonny :-) thank you for the lovely message (and everyone who replied to that post) it made me snap out of my weird funk… i guess i easily lose confidence in this blog & the stuff i make i feel this huge pressure to “keep up” when i find i’m happiest just doing what i like. i decided not to go on a second hiatus, i revamped a few things and am feeling inspired again i can’t wait to get back into the game/simblr!! thank you :-)) 

I’m literally crying so much. So I just had Popeyes and like with my meds I can’t eat a lot so I still had like breasts and they were really big so I didn’t eat them. As I was walking back to my dorm I saw this homeless lady so I gave her my meal and she was like but what about you? Like she was so worried about me and I was like no you keep it and she took it and I cried

saeran--choi’s peter parker masterlist

not to brag or anything, but my peter parker masterlist is lit af 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m going to work on writing and posting a new imagine for my superhero bae tomorrow night since I’m exhausted right now, but here’s a full list of all of my parker stories so far. this will be updated MAYBE, because I honestly always forget to update my original masterlist as well so we’ll just have to wait and see.

**= indicates smut

[[ ]]= indicates angst

oversized sweater



inked tragedy


chapped lips

cellophane wrap


lovesick loser ((request))

versus ((request))

first time**

coffee creamer kisses ((request))

can you keep a secret? ((request))

smile like you mean it ((request))

ice cream smiles ((request))

a real hug

dance with me ((request))


collider ((request))

this town ((request))

secret admirer

boys in plaid

warped ((request)) 

necessary secrets ((request))

tongue tied


spider bites ((request))

white string of fate

the harlequin formula

rooftop confessions ((request))

the same boy

who will protect you?

rainy day cuddles

be my forever ((request))


goodnight morning light


rough mornings

[[beloved season]] ((request))

wherever you are

hey, everyone!! i just kinda unfollowed many blogs that changed fandoms/post what i don’t like anymore etc and my dash is pretty dead, so im looking for more blogs to follow!! so if you post b&w/pastel stuff (sorry, gotta keep my aesthetic) with any of the these things (i love multifandom blogs btw), pls like/reblog this post and i’ll check out your blog!!

- harry potter
- star wars
- marvel
- the 100
- game of thrones
- b99
- htgawm
- shadowhunters
- movies
- books
- bands and artists (muse, tøp, fob, p!atd, halsey, troye)
- aesthetic stuff


Yoongi Trainee Friendship Confession Request (idk?)

Part 1 of 1

Request by Anonymous: Hello~ Can i get a text with Yoongi where y/n is a bighit trainee ( shes yoongs friend) and shes getting close with an another trainee ( a boy ) so Yoongi gets jealous and Confess ?? ㅠㅠ ♥♡ thank u~~ (ps: Keep it up im reading all your texts gurl ♥)


Thank you so much for the request lovely😘 I’m so SO sorry it took so long for me to get to😔 but I had to be an adult and partake in life and such but here it is and I hope you like it!😊🙈

Just so everyone doesn’t get confused, these 3 conversations happen on different days🙌

Also uh excuse me…💁 Nearly 600 of you like the stuff I come up with???🙊 What even is air??!?!😭 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, THANK YOU!😘💖

Let me know what you think though (MAKE REQUESTS)

I will update my Masterlist soon and another update for Heartbreak Girl is in the works and will be up fairly soon!🎉


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Can you please do a BTS reaction when they get jealous?

Ooooo spicy

Jin: He seems more like the “protect his princess” type of guy, so whenever that guy started flirting with you, you better believe he’s going to be by your side in two seconds flat. He would also kind of be a little mocking and fake-sounding when it came to jealousy.

“Hello, I’m this beautiful woman’s *lovely* boyfriend and I would like to let you know we were just leaving. Have a ‘great’ day.”

Originally posted by yoongichii

Suga: He would keep it on the inside until you two were alone. While the whole scene was happening, he would be off to the side really ticked off. Later, he would grab your arm and drag you off and tell you how he felt about it after you got home.

“(Y/N), I really didn’t like the way he was looking at you……”

Originally posted by yoonggi

Rap Monster: Okay, now he would be the one to cuss the guy out and run him off before he could make another move. You would have to restrain him to keep him from going after the guy (Gosh darn it Namjoon!)

“Yeah, and you better run!”

“Namjoon, isn’t that a little much”

“Sorry, my ‘God of Destruction” comes out easily in these situations…..”

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

J-Hope: He would get a little bit insecure, but it would come out in a weird way. He’d act extremely joyful, but indirectly tell the guy to move along.

“Sorry we have to go! Me and my jagi~ have to go home now! See you never!”

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Jimin: He’d be extremely jealous. He would be so upset. Not Namjoon upset, but upset. He would go over to the guy and tell him to get out of his sight not talk to his girl in that way. Truth is, he’s just one insecure little baby….

“Okay, yeah, you need to leave because I’m her boyfriend and you’re not so bye bye.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

V: He would kind of react the same way J-Hope would, but he would just completely ignore the guy. He would also be an insecure cinnamon roll. 

“Okay jagi! Let’s go over there! I found a reeeaaalllyyy pretty dress for you!”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jungkook: Jungshook over here wouldn’t know what to do at first, but then would react similar to Jimin, but not as straight forward. He just would mainly want to protect you.

“Hey what’s up dude. You know if you wouldn’t flirt with other people’s girlfriends that would be great.”

Originally posted by dammithoshi

(Gifs credited to owners)

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So could I maybe have some ironpanther with a side dash of natasha&tony friendship? If that is too vague I'll come up with a scenario but I just crave me some ironpanther and you write Nat so beautifully aggressively caring, I just need that too.

I started a different story and decided it would be a different post entirely because it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. So I guess keep an eye out for that other story too? Anyway, I hope you like it! Look out for under the cut! (Can anyone tell that I have difficulty figuring out how to write T’Challa and Shuri’s speech patterns lol?)

Natasha Romanova was a menace.

“You are pouting,” Shuri said, not even bothering to hide her grin.

T’Challa crossed his arms over his chest. “I just find it hard to believe that every time I have a moment to spend with Tony, the Black Widow needs him for something she cannot possibly handle herself.”

Shuri glanced over at where Natasha and Tony were currently bent over a five-thousand piece puzzle she’d said had a secret message encoded on it. “She is certainly devious. I cannot think of one thing she has asked for help with that he could say no to.”

“…He could have done a puzzle with me.” His sister began to laugh quietly. He couldn’t blame her. His cheeks were burning having said it. What a petty thing to say.

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people r always bringing up the fact that 80% of bi people end up in het relationships to support excluding bi people from the community and it’s just? have you thought critically about why that is? before insisting we’re traitors or fakers or any of that gross mess
1) some people would like to have biological children. it’s hard to do that in same sex relationships.
2) family pressure. when i came out to my cousin she made me swear to her to marry a dude. that kind of family pressure can be hard to resist guys…. i’m sure some people would rather cave in and marry someone of the opposite sex in order to keep up a good relationship with their family
3) because they can’t come out for their own safety. in many places in the world today it is not safe to be openly same sex attracted. duh. it’s simply easier to be with someone of the opposite sex.
4) maybe they just? fell in love with someone of the opposite sex? wow how dare they i cannot believe

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Your translations have helped many of us a great deal. I just hope nothing bad happens to you and Lezhin will let you keep doing this for us.

I would rather work with Lezhin than see them cut me out like an infected limb. A lot of people say “well maybe they should pay for the chapters” or “they shouldn’t read it if they can’t afford it” and honestly, that’s insensitive. Some people can’t choose whichever income level they are in and some people are not to be blamed for their country’s weak currency value (Greece, Vietnam, Iran, etc.). Most of us have the opportunity to buy the chapters but it’s buying it itself causes the most problems.

That’s why I suggested that possible solution in my conclusion addressing about Lezhin’s recent announcement on copyright infringement - I want readers from any income level to not be denied by the most simple of pleasures.

You’re Everything I Want (And Nothing I Can Keep) - Chapter Nine

“Prove it. Bring her along this weekend, and prove it to everyone.” After a little white lie, Hiccup has to do something drastic to avoid embarrassing himself at a family reunion. Lost for any other ideas, Hiccup asks his best friend to pretend to be his girlfriend, just for a day. What could possibly go wrong?

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter | Start from the beginning

( (ao3)

A Speech About Love

“You’re going to get cramp in your hand.”

Hiccup’s heart jumped out of his chest and his shoulders tensed up to his ears, his arms flailing madly, knocking off his headphones as he did so. They toppled onto the floor, dragging the keyboard and tablet down with them, landing in a tangled heap on the carpet. “How did you get in?!”

He’d been working solidly for most of the day, his hand cramping over his graphics tablet and his headphones thumping loud music. After he’d asked his boss for the time off, he’d received the stink-eye and was sharply told that he better get all of his work for the month done before he left, so all of Hiccup’s free time was consumed by sitting in front of the computer and trying to finish off as much as he possibly could. He had to rush through as many as possible to justify the two weeks off.

“Door was unlocked,” Astrid said cheerfully, bending down to help Hiccup gather everything that had fallen and put it back on the desk.

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Hello~ I'm a secular baby witch and I don't really know how to work with my altar. Everything I read about it involves working with deities. How do I practice without deities? And should I leave offerings to the universe rather than to deities? Also, can I please get a recommendation for other secular/non-religious witches? Sorry about all of the questions.

Hi!! I had the same issue starting out. I was seeing allll this stuff about altars and deities but I was like ??? I don’t have deities??? what the heck do I do???

You don’t have to have an altar, first. It’s not a requirement. If you do have one and are secular, you can do an ancestral altar to honor your ancestors. You can do a self love centered altar. You can simply just keep it a sacred space for you and your materials that you practice with. Mine is simply my desk, I keep my grimoire, my astrology books, my crystals, my tarot cards, candles, any oils I have made or jars I want to keep out for purposes there. 

I hope this was helpful!!

And as for other secular witches – there are so many! I am blanking on most of them though. The ones I get off the top of my head are @stonesandsigils @sorcieresaphique @cunningcelt @upthewitchypunx  uhhh I really can’t think of more – feel free to like if you are a secular witch!

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I am also POC and a part of LGBT community. Yet my voice does not count because I am guy liking Karamel. Guess I should keep my opinions and likes to myself.

Everyone deserves a voice. But sadly, people hardly ever have something nice or positive to say. But know that you’re certainly welcomed in the Karamel Club! I’ve discovered that they’re the nicest bunch you’ll ever meet in this fandom and it’s with them that I can get excited about Mon and Kara. Spreading the space puppy love! This blog is a safe place for everyone—POC, LGBTQ+, etc. I’ll never post hate toward anyone in those groups. Just rants and ramblings of how idiotic antis can be. And I hope you find your voice, my friend. :)

Ok so I can’t respond to everyone’s messages, and I am sorry about that. 

I would just like to that thank you all so much, you are all so supportive and super fucking sweet. As cliche as it sounds, I keep drawing because of your support!

I am planning on doing more animatics/animations in the future. I already have a handful of songs and audio clips that I want to animate to. But it all depends on how much time I have (which is most likely going to be not much)

All in all,

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So I've been reading your 'Find You' Series, which is adorable currently! But it really reminds me of 'Just Like Heaven' with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

And? People write stuff based on movies all the time! I didn’t know about “Just Like Heaven” until after I had written out the outline for “Find You.” But like… Fan-Fiction is based off of movies and so on. 

Why do you guys keep pointing that out to me? I know I base fics off of other stories. I can’t keep coming up with original ideas, my brain is too tired and I feel like I’ve run out of gas, but still wanna keep writing for y’all. 

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When you just keep realizing things you did and currently do. Like almost everything I say is something I've seen in a movie or read in a book or heard someone else say but people just think I'm being funny when I quote movies. And in grade 7 a rude boy nicknamed me Echo because I would just repeat what other people said. So i think subconsciously I stopped being so obvious in my repeating. (I can't remember the fancy word for it sorry)

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Hey admins... are you guys doing fine? Is everything alright? Just checking up on you guys since i know it's been a hella month for y'all..

I think we’re both pulling through as best as we can. Truth be told, I’ve pretty much spent most of the week feeling meh and on most days I only came onto the blog to reblog whatever art was in the tags; I didn’t really like staying on here longer than I needed to. But I think I’m starting to kick myself back into gear and slowly but surely getting over whatever it is that had me keeping my distance from the blog. I also had a ton of personal problems going on that I stressed over for a good chunk of the week, so that didn’t exactly make me want to hop back into the blog either. 

And other than a couple personal problems on their end (nothing I’ll divulge because I don’t know how much they feel comfortable sharing), Kae is doing alright too. I think they’ve been able to handle all the chaos that unfolded a lot better than I have; they’re my rock when I’m at risk of just floating away.