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Call Me By Your Name - Questions Masterpost

Okay my Darlings!! I have received so so so so many asks, Im compiling them into one long post.

This post does not do the movie justice. So I implore you to please go see the movie. It is a masterwork.

I also apologise if I have any details wrong – this movie is one big warm happy summer blur in my head.

Now unfortunately these are all going to contain various spoilers, so if you have a question please message me privately – more than happy to give you a spoiler free answer – or answer a question that I haven’t been asked yet.


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Misreading the Situation

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3300

Request:  Ok I got a Stuart request! How about the reader is Billy’s daughter and she meets Stuart thinks he’s a complete asshole but then Stuart gets drunk and confesses that he loves her in a phone call that was supposed to be to Billy but it actually is placed to the reader then the reader gives Stuart a chance and maybe they get it on idk you take it from there

Author’s Note: This took so long to write and I apologize immensely. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski and @rememberstilinski for looking this over for me! I hope you all enjoy the filthy sin!

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Encore, Encore, Encore! {Jackson Wang} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt:   Hi, can you please do number 3 and 4 for Jackson from got7 pretty please and thank you!! I looove your writing 💛💛 // Jackson finally talks his girlfriend into guest starring on his show,

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning: smut, cam boy!au

|| Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist ||

**Eh, I didn’t use the prompts as sentence starts, but please, still enjoy!

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i couldn´t be happier with my new wallpaper ! It´s just so sexy that I could lick the screen…wait I CAN! 

Four seconds



Prompt: chemistry between Matthew and the reader.


A/n: I want to dedicated it to @paradiselover-18 because I know she is in love with one-shots about Gubler


When someone lie his own lips above other ones, something changes in their relationship. Something lights up in their minds and immediately they understand if the things will turn the right way or the bad one.
It usually takes about four seconds to decide the destiny of the kiss and this story talks about these four seconds plus five years of friendships.

The same day you moved to Los Angeles you understood that it was the best decision you could take. The first evening you spent in that wonderful city, a tall blond man sat next to you at the table where you were drinking alone and when you explained him why ‘a beautiful girl like you was all alone in a bar’ he friendly started telling you which places you had to see and how good you’d been there. It all started that evening, with a failed flirt and a couple margaritas. You met your best friend that night.

Of course, Matthew initiate you to Criminal Minds and every time you watched an episode you started fangirling over him because you knew it’d made him laugh. Then you started visiting him over the set and when everyone started noticing your presence, it was difficult to explain them that you were just good friends.
It was a normal friendship that made you feel good, and so did Matthew because you finally found someone who really loved you, you took care of each other.

What do they usually say? The time runs really fast? Well, it is true because years already passed since that night. They were years full of nice and lovely memories.
You remember the photos you took when Matthew took you to Disneyland and the time where he took you to Las Vegas to meet his family. You were not together, ok, but it was important to him that the most important people in his life knew each other and you were really happy. Then, you remember the time he took you at the Awards when Criminal Minds was nominated as Best Drama Series. You wore a skinny yellow dress, which showed your best curves, with your black heels and when he see you for the first time in that outfit, you could bet that he was near to have an heart attack. Men…
But only if you knew why he looked at you that way that night, you’d changed your mind.

“I mean, look at her Shemar” Matthew whispered while you were talking to the other ladies “she is so beautiful! I bet that man behind her is gonna ask her out soon.”

“Are you jealous?” Shemar said smirking

“What? No! She is just my best friend, why would I be jealous?”

“Because you are crazy about that hot stuff, Pretty Ricky. Go and take her man.”

But that evening, he didn’t take you. Because he was not sure it was the best decision. Because he thought he was out of your league. Because you were just best friends.

Some days later you went for a walk on the beach and he was still thinking about what Shemar said that evening. He was right, he was crazy about you. Yeah, at the start in that bar he just wanted to flirt but he never imagined it’d turned out in these sort of feelings to him.

‘I kinda love her’ he thought when you touched his hand accidentally.
‘She is beautiful, ok, but everyone can be beautiful. But she is caring: when I have a bad day she always makes sure that I am ok and if it is not, she lies with me in bed until I fall asleep. She is kind: I have never seen her treats a person badly, even if sometime they deserved it. Then she is just… perfect to me.’

“Hey Matthew? Earth to Matthew Gray Gubler?”

He suddenly saw your big smile in front of him, then thinking that it was another reason why he liked you so much: you were able to make him smile just with your own act.

“What (y/n)?”

“This lovely girl asked you for a photo.”

Then the girl, who turned out as Katy, corrected you.

“I would like a photo with you too (y/n).” she said your name as you were famous too, because his fans always saw you together and since the moment you were part of his life, they wanted to know everything about you too.

“Sorry, with me?”

“Yes! Because when you two will get married I can say that I have a photo with the two lovebirds.”

“But we are not together.” you said smiling as a matter-of-fact.

“I bet you will be soon.”

But you didn’t want to disappoint her so, you took a picture of the three of you and when she left you, you looked at Matthew with an incredulously smile.

“After five years they still think that we will end up together. They are so cute.”

“But you are more.”

You smiled without saying nothing, and to take yourself out of the embarrassment, you took out your phone.

“You know, I always have fun reading your fans comments under our photos. Like, have you read this one? ‘Matthew, put a damn ring on (y/n)’s finger!!’, or maybe ‘You two are killing us! What are you waiting for to get together?’” and you went on for five minutes long, as Matthew laughed with you at his fans cuteness.

“Oh this is one of my favorite: ‘Matthew I swear that if you don’t kiss (y/n) right now, I’ll kill you. Make my day and kiss that girl for the love of God!’”

When you looked up from the screen, you could see his eyes looking at you deeply. He was not laughing at the comments anymore, he was just smiling. And while his eyes were dancing between your own ones and your lips, he licked his ones.

“Matthew what are you…”

He came nearest and nearest until you could feel his hot breath on your mouth.

“Can I… kiss you?”

“You can Matthew.”

He didn’t cut you off or anything. He just slowing positioned his soft, shaking lips above yours and stayed still for some seconds, then you dared to move.
Usually it takes four seconds to understand if a kiss is good or bad for a relationship, but you only decided in one.

A Night with the Winchesters

SPN Writing Challenge: deans-colette vs. sacrificialackles
prompt: seance + wincest (because I can)
pairings: Sam x Reader x Dean, Wincest
word count: 2396
tags: smut, wincest, threesome, bottom!dean, top!sam (even though I like it the other way around tbh), dirty talk, come play, rimming, anal sex, this is pretty dirty
note: ummm…this got kind of out of hand…muahah. *don’t read it if you don’t like wincest, and don’t complain about it to me*

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Spideychelle Headcanon: In Which MJ Gets Real Extra Real Quick On Valentine’s Day, p.3

Here Is Part One! | Here Is Part Two!

  • So Peter got the kiss of his life and he’s going to the movies on Valentine’s Day with the girl of his dreams who is suddenly like crazy in love with him
  • Not how he expected Valentine’s Day to go
  • He still doesn’t know why she’s suddenly so extra but he kinda likes it but he’s also concerned?! Why is MJ acting like this?!
  • But they’ve been texting virtually nonstop and playing footsies whenever they sit together during class or AcDec practice because damn she’s melting him like he’s nothing and he can’t bear to bring it up because he might as well enjoy this rush of affection because he can’t deny he wants it and wants MJ so
  • Ned has a member’s club thing or something so he borrows his pass to buy the tickets for half off, and MJ said she’ll buy popcorn and sneak in snacks
  • And even as he prepares for this with Aunt May who’s delighted AF, he still hasn’t given MJ her Valentine he made her

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I Want You

Request: Can you write one where when James cordon says him and camila make out and he doesn’t believe they don’t Shawn tells him he has a girlfriend thank you it can be y/n

I kind of combined Shawn’s latest Corden interview with the one where they speak about IKWYDLS. Hope this is okay… Sorry xo

Words: 1484

Today, Shawn is doing a talk show. A show that is quite commonly known for making celebrities do and answer some crazy things. The Late Late Show, yes the one with James Cordon and I get go. I don’t get to sit in the audience or anything, I’ll be out the back in Shawn’s dressing room but still it counts, right?

As filming is completed in the afternoon before premiering at night, we were required to be there at 12noon. Which meant Shawn’s management gave him the morning off. Of course, Shawn was still doing business. He actually called up Camila, they had been rumored dating. It was quite hard to watch. She is a lovely girl and all but it didn’t make it suck any less.

I’m not usually the jealous type but I will admit I did get a little jealous when they ‘worked’ on the song. It was like gushing over a puppy. The person that has the puppy is full of excitement and can’t wait to tell everyone and anyone who’ll listen and there is one person who constantly gets to hear about it. I’ll let you decide who was who in this situation.

It never got easier, especially when the media got in on it. I don’t know what they were talking about and I can’t even remember for how long but I do know it was a very long time. Whenever Shawn brought Camila up I tried my hardest not to let it phase me and for the most part it worked. Others turned a little sour real quick and it wasn’t pretty. I’m still not 100% sold on their stories but I’ve got to trust Shawn, that is what our relationship is built off. Trust.

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Imagine Request - Distractions

can you do an imagine where y/n is on the phone and Justin teased her by kissing her neck and trying to district her x

“Come on, baby.” Justin rasped into my ear quietly, the touch of his hand burned into my thigh as he slid it further up. He rubbed his nose along my collarbone licking just beneath it with a slow flick of his tongue.

I attempted to move further away, my eyes never leaving the bright screen of my phone as I typed away. “Justin, I’m busy, I have to get this sent out.” I sent him an apologetic look, to which he huffed.

“I wanna spend time with you,” He leaned his head on my shoulder. “I wanna make you feel good too.” He mumbled, bringing his lips to my shoulder and looking up at my face.

“Later, okay?” I smirked down at him, pecking his lips softly before returning to the phone in my hand. He licked his lips, tasting my kiss.

I heard him let out a soft groan before shuffling around beside me on the couch. I thought nothing of it when his hand started to play with the ends of my hair, I thought nothing of it when he bit down on the surface of my shoulder with his teeth, but when his hand reattached itself with my thigh and moved dangerously close to the beginning of my trousers, I sighed.

He smirked in response. He moved my hair out of the way and pressed his lips against my neck; he knew my weak spot. He wrapped his hand around the side of my thigh, pulling me onto his lap. “I know I can make you forget about that phone of yours.” He muttered, grazing circles on my neck with his tongue.

“Justin,” I sighed once again, closing my eyes. “Don’t do this now.” I almost whined childishly as I became frustrated.

“I’m not doing anything, princess.” He sucked my weak spot, making me let out a soft moan which only spurred him on even more. “You seem tense, I just wanna help you release some tension.” He grinned against me.

“You’re distracting me on purpose.” I muttered, but felt myself giving in to his touch.

“I’m doing no such thing, can’t I innocently touch my girlfriend anymore?” He sent me a mischievous grin. “Come on, I know you want this. I know how easily I can turn you on.” He pecked his way up my neck and my jawline.

I simply hummed as I basked in the feeling of his lips on my skin. His lips found my own, they collided sloppily as Justin used all his might and built up frustration to kiss me.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader has some not-so-pure thoughts when she sees Priest!Dean for the first time…

Word Count: 2,336

Warnings: Smut, sacrilege


A/N: Well, there’s 12 years of Catholic school down the drain. Sorry Sister Margaret. 

You sat in the wooden pew, halfway through the church, glancing at the sloping ceilings, following their path down to the columns that held the church together. 

Most of the pews were empty, it being the early afternoon on a Saturday, hours before the next service. But a few stragglers sat sparsely throughout the nave.  

There was a lingering smell of incense that reminded you of your childhood parish, all the Sunday mornings you spent staring up at the giant crucifix of a tortured man. 

You never liked church, despite it having been forced on you your whole life by your parents. They thought, by sending you to catholic school, you would grow up a righteous and moral woman.

Sorry mom and dad. 

The problem was, it just never felt right to you. There was always some connection that you seemed to be missing. You just didn’t get religion. You had nothing against it, but it didn’t do anything for you.

But here you were, arms resting on the pew in front of you as you take in the silent supplicants–an old woman pushing through a string of rosary beads, another woman blotting at her eyes every so often, and a man, a young man, looking lost, his eyes constantly wandering the church.

Sam had caught a case about a woman who wandered into this very church, crying out in tongues with whip marks on her back and puncture wounds in her hands and feet. 

You had gotten to the church first, scoping it out since this technically was your turf, even if you didn’t practice anymore. You’ve seen every type of person sitting in these pews, asking, begging and crying to God or Jesus or Mary for help. You would be able to tell if anyone seemed out of place.

The boys were on their way, needing a little extra time to get ready. They were going to pretend to be sanctimonious advisors to the local bishop and hope to get an honest account from the parish’s priest that witnessed the grotesque death. 

Despite the solemness of the situation, you had to bite your lip at the thought of Sam and Dean—Sam, the one true vessel of Lucifer, and Dean, former demon—dressed as the church’s finest. You weren’t entirely sure they would be able to pull it off. 

The vestibule doors creak behind you, but you don’t turn around. There was an unspoken agreement of privacy to every person that walked through that door. Sure, you may have known Billy Whats-his-face his entire life, but if the two of you found yourself sitting in the pews, side-by-side, you wouldn’t say anything about it to him, and he wouldn’t say anything about it with you. There was a protection granted to each person who walked through those doors looking for solace. 

You hear two pairs of feet scuff along the marble aisle, and two large bodies, dressed in black strut by you, one with a bible in hand.

Here we go.

They approach the parish’s priest who had been busy at the alter before they arrived. At first, he seems happy to see them, but his demeanor quickly falters, Dean and Sam probably having revealed the purpose of their visit.

The three men speak in hushed tones, respecting the peace of the room, but you can see Sam take over the conversation as Dean seems to bounce a bit on his heels, seeming uneasy. 

He hadn’t been in the best state of mind since Mary had left. You were worried but knew there was nothing better for Dean Winchester than a good ole fashion hunt to get his mind off of things for a while. 

Sam and the priest continue talking as Dean’s head rolls side to side, taking in the room, he glances over his shoulder, his green eyes finding yours and you swallow hard.

Holy hell. 

Dean’s hair was sticking out, seemingly unbrushed, or more likely from him constantly running a hand through it. He hadn’t bothered to shave, a fine line of stubble clinging to his strong jawline. Perhaps its the all black, but his green eyes seem to shine, and even from here you can see the freckles that dance across his nose and cheeks. 

All the priests you had ever known were older, much more grandfather figures–both physically and metaphorically. 

But the black suit stretches tightly across Dean’s shoulders, framing his strong body all the way down to his shining shoes. You were in trouble. And ten hail marys wasn’t going to be able to help you out of this one. 

His eyes dance across you, his lips tight before he continues his evaluation of the room.  

You body is alive, tickling your every nerve as you shift in your seat, tightly crossing your legs, the sudden throb between them becoming distracting as you watch as Dean tucks his hands in his pockets, his shoulders rolling back and straining against his blazer. 

You were so going to hell. 

You can’t hear what the boys are saying, but suddenly Dean’s voice begins to carry through the quiet church. Sam’s shoulders roll back as he shoots Dean a look–leading you to figure Dean was getting short with the priest. 

So maybe hunt wasn’t what Dean needed to relax. Maybe he needed a little help.

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dannaxji  asked:

hey :) it's the "tour 09 feast of v senses" dvd and can't remember if it was a knot only or not :/ but it's the live from disc 2.. I was licking my screen the whole time haha I'm just kidding :P I love the dvd tho.. let me know if you need some help <3

OOo THANK YOU!! I will definitely check this out 🎉🎉🎉🎉

I´m sorry but I will post this picture (maybe) quite a few times today because… Oh Lord… He´s merciless… This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo rude!

Let´s have a serious conversation about this Christopher!!! I´m a yound woman who need her ovaries in perfect conditions. You just can´t look this good and yet never ackowlwdge my existence!!! It´s not fair!!! SO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND START TO NOTICE ME, OK?

Ps. If I get caught licking my computer screen today at this frontdesk and get fired… it´s all your fault!!!

Proving A Point

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Request: Could you write a Dean smut where him & the reader have sex in front of Sam? Maybe like Sam teases Dean that he can’t make the reader feel good, so he proves him wrong?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,210

Warnings: language, smut

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my little brother just came out of nowhere and ate the spoonful of ice cream I was about to stick in my mouth and just imagine smol bby Tim doing the same thing with Jack or Janet.

Jack’s relaxing on the couch, not really paying attention to the bowl of chocolate ice cream in his lap; instead, his eyes are focused on the tv as the reporter on screen spouts further details about another sighting of the Caped Crusader. He brings a spoonful of the sugary treat up to his lips, but before he can even open his mouth, Tim is suddenly there and licking the spoon clean before pulling back, smiling at his dad innocently.

“Excuse me, son,” Jack splutters, holding the bowl up and out of the little boy’s reach. “I think you already ate all your ice cream. This is mine.

“But yours tastes yummier than mine did!” Tim whines, flopping belly-down on the couch beside Jack, who rolls his eyes with a fond smile.

“They’re the same, Timmy.”

“You’re just saying that so I won’t eat any more of yours.”
PHAN: Grind

A/N: Most original title ever. Anyway, I saw this prompt on phanfic.tumblr and wanted to write it so I did. I like it.

Phil’s head shot up as soon as the unmistakable Skype tune rung out from his laptop and a grin spread across his face as his boyfriends name was displayed on the screen. Phil leant over to answer the call, sitting back to return his attention to the drawing he was currently working on, although he knew he would get distracted by Dan in no amount of time and the sketch would be pushed aside until later. “God you are so beautiful when you’re concentrating. What are you sketching?” Dan asked a few seconds after Phil appeared on his screen. He knew that the older male would be drawing; it’s what he always did.

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Wicked Games (5SOS - Part 4)

A/N: apoligizing for minor errors and mistakes due to this being written and corrected on my IPad since I dont have access to my laptop 😘

“We found this club and I swear it looks so good the boys and I consider visiting it tomorrow maybe.” Luke rambled on while sitting in front me with his phone, meanwhile I was sitting with another boring Magazine to occupy myself while I listened to Luke.

“I feel like you aren’t listening but we will for sure bring you with us!” Luke stated and I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Girls grinning up against everything, creepy boys who wants to fuck everything with a pulse and alcohol? I’m not so sure it’s my scene.” I mumbled and Luke shook his head at me, disagreeing.

“I will make sure it’s your scene. If that means I will have to entertain you all night with my drunk rambles then be it.” He said with an unserious stern voice and i cocked my eyebrow at him.

“If it’s something along like this, I will for sure pass out in the club in boredom.” I said cheekily and Luke looked at me with wide eyes, ready to defend himself but was interrupted. ”Luke, come on.” Ashton yelled, puking his head inside the bus. ”Hey Y/N.” He smiled, changing attitude as he noticed me sitting in front of Luke.

”Be right there.” Luke mumbled, placing his cup on the table and sent me an apologizing look. ”Where are you guys heading?” I asked curious but the only respond from them was an odd mumble and a wave before they headed out of the door to my confuse. I quivered an eyebrow in thought while standing up from the booth to take a look around. Nobody seemed to be here. A perfect queue for me.

I fumbled in the back pockets of my jeans to find the note Lance had sent me with my suitcase. My hand wrapped around the paper tight and pulled the grumbled white paper piece in front of my eyes to see the first mission.

”Hack into Michael’s XBOX and give us the secret codes that are hidden in it.”

To me that sounded like a first world problem for me. Considering that the only technical thing I’ve been occupied with throughout my whole life was my phone and a small old box TV I wasn’t very familiar. It didn’t make everything better that I had only seem the so called XBOX in game shops but never had the chance to actual play on one. Though, the latest days I’ve been sitting with Michael and checked out how he did the basic things with it and so. But I wasn’t sure it would be a benefit now.

Putting the paper back into my back pocket, i bowed my hair down to put it in a ponytail. Securing it with my hair elastic I took off my cardigan and placed it on the table next to me on the booth table, before heading towards the familiar back area of the bus, ready to explore.

When I came inside I immediately did the exact same thing Michael had done; turning on the big button of the XBOX machine, took the remote to turn on the tv and grabbed the black controller thing with the weird different colored buttons. The screen in front of me lit up with a menu of different games and I quivered and eyebrow confused to how Michael had not put any code on any of them. It was almost a too easy access for me.

I roamed through the at least 30 games in big confuse, mainly because I had no idea what I was looking for. Lance wrote that there should be hidden information but how would i know it was actually hidden information and not just some kind of weird witch spells.

My eyes started to grow tired and bored and my head was getting heavier and heavier, leaning against the massive pillow that Michael was alway sitting on when playing. I was at the point of giving up on everything but that was when my eyes spotted it. The last game wasn’t like the others but looked more like a file than a game. It made me sit up straight to get a better view of it and I pressed the blue button on my controller to open it. But Michael had done something different to this.

“Code to get access” was written all over the screen with red thick font.

”You’ve got to me kidding me.” I mumbled rolling my eyes and moved forward on the sofa so my legs were resting on the floor again and my head fixed on the screen, eyebrows furrowing in thoughts. Lance always said that I had to find out codes myself because that was one of the things they couldn’t get access to at all. And when I thought about Michael I could literally just imagine how he could choose codes for his machines named after odd Characters from his favorite TV shows and games.

I took a shot and wrote the first two game names that I could remember in my mind but they were both rejected by Michaels XBOX. My hand came up to scratch my head in thought and I knew this was my last chance. It was always like that, a three try’s trial before the machine would turn off completely.

If I failed I could always risk it and try another time so I did the most logical thing in my mind, which was to type in a code that was so simple that even the smartest ones would look past it.

I rolled the loose control mover around to type in some numbers, my mind trying to remember clear what Michael had told me the other day. When I had written his whole birthday as a code, 201195, I looked between the accept button and the screen, daring.

I pressed the button so harshly that my thumb almost turned red and my eyes were ready to pop out with excitement when the screen started to show a loading sign. It counted up to 100 and then I was transferred to a list with paper stuff, making my eyebrows furrow.

Zooming in on my controller I took a confused glance at the weird sentences, my eyebrows furrowing. It looked similar to song lyrics and I felt like I was being cheated on or something.

I grabbed my phone out from my pocket to take a few pictures of the screen, taking at least 30 frames. I placed my phone next to me on the pillow and grabbed the control to investigate more but was stopped when I heard the sound of the front door of the bus opened. My heart started to pump in a fast pace, my eyes wide and looked around confused as to I had never seen how Michael turned this shit off because he would always stay up later than me.

I started to press on the return bottom repeatedly to get out of the secret file but as soon as I came back to the menu it wasn’t possible to do anything else than else than select games. Panic spread through my body and before I knew it Michael was leaning against the doorframe with a puzzled look staring at me.

"What are you doing, Y/N?” He asked, his tone dark and his eyebrows furrowing.

My mouth opened but no words came out. It was like the whole Sahara in Egypt had visited my mouth for a small takeout and making it impossible for me to speak.

“I just wanted to play a game. You know, it can get kind of boring being alone here on the bus.” Michael nodded his head and licked his lips while staring at me. He moved his body forward and away from the door so he could see what was on the screen to see that I was only in the menu. ”But you haven’t chosen anything yet?” He asked, lifting one eyebrow. ”That’s because I got nervous you know, when i heard the door opening. I thought all of you guys were out now so yeah.” Michael seemed to understand my explanation well and he took a seat next to me, before grabbing an controller from the drawer under the couch, Don’t be afraid it’s just me.” He said and I nodded my head smiling.

”Where is the other boys and why aren’t you with them?” I asked, changing the subject so he wouldn’t ask me any further questions. Michael took a look away from the screen to look over me. ”I was out to get a flannel. We’re going to a club tomorrow in case Luke didn’t mention it this earlier. The boys wanted to go out and party so we could have one more day off. They said it would be a little bit fancier place so I thought i should go out and buy a button up flannel. They didn’t say where they were heading?” Michael explained and I shook my head.

”Well they’re probably out doing that as well or something.” Michael mumbled, and we got an intense eye contact. It was like I could see right through him. He looked like he knew the flannel story wasn’t that convincing. We stared at each other for a few more seconds, it was like Michael could feel that I didn’t believe what he was saying which I didn’t. Even a dummy would know that they were probably out to do some kind of drug business.

”So yeah..” Michael said, giving me one last shady glance before he turned his attention back to the screen. ”What kind of game do you wanna play?” I looked at him rather confused to what in the world he was talking about but then I noticed the controller in my hand and I looked up at him with my mouth hanging. ”Just pick one easy and teach me?” I said, sincerely and Michael nodded his head and took a look around his massive pile of games.

”I think this will be good for you.” He said after a good amount of search and I moved back so my head and back could rest on the pillow next to him ready to play.

Michael was surprisingly good to explain me how to do the things. It was clear on my clothes that I had absolutely no clue on how to use all of this. He taught me the basic things on how to shoot and run with my fictional man in the game and he even gave me a few of his own secret tips on how to win. At first i thought it was totally boring mainly because i didn’t really know how everything worked out. But after playing for some time and I got used to how it should be done it was entertaining to say at least, doing my best do kill Michael’s game player. Everything went so fast and Michael was so calm and just in his right spot that we never realized the time and before we knew it, we had been playing for good 2 hours with chats, laughing, and deep serious playing in between.

”okay, we need to stop now, you’re getting too good at this.” Michael laughed and sent me a cheeky smile before he threw the controller onto his lap. "Just admit it, you’re afraid that I’ll kick your butt.” I said with a wink and he shook his laughing.

“I think the other boys won’t be home before tonight so they probably wont eat with us. Do you want to head out and find some food?” He asked while taking a look outside from the curtain, everything dark from the night sky. “I know a McDonald’s close to this place.”

“Sure thing.” I said and stood up from my seat, placing the controller on the table before heading towards the other end of the bus. I grabbed my cardigan and put in on my shoulders while watching Michael approach me, doing the same thing with his cowboy fabric jacket. “Ready?” He asked and I nodded my head to sprint down the other end of the bus, “just gotta grab my phone.” I mumbled and took it from the couch.

Michael stood at the front of the bus and waited for me until I got back and I sprinted down towards him ready to go. “Ready.” I said as I stood in front of him and he smiled in delight.

“Great because I’m starving.” He said while opened the door to the bus and let me out first before him.

As we started to head down the road I felt my pants vibrate and I sneaked my hand down to grab the phone, seeing a text from Lance. I took at look up at Michael and he seemed to occupied with finding the McDonald’s so I felt this was my queue to send the pictures I found earlier.

“Any news? - L” I read on my screen and I opened my phone to answer him.

“I broke into Michael’s XBOX and found this. Not sure what it means though. - Y/N” I attached the pictures I had taken and pressed sent. Sooner than I expected Lance answered me.

“Brilliant my Dear! We’ll get some to break the lyrics codes for further information. See you sooner than later. - L”

I grimaced and narrowed my eyes by the nicknames dear. I was about to answer back but the sudden feeling of Michaels face next to mine made my whole body jolt in shock. I had almost forgotten he was there.

“Who are you texting?” He asked, and I managed to press the home button before he could see anything.

“Just some guy from home.” I said causally while shrugging before I put my phone back into my pocket. “An old flame?” Michael asked and I almost choked on my spit by his question. “Dear god no.” I exclaimed in disgust and it made Michael laugh, “It was just a guess.” He said and I nodded agreeing.

Michael opened the door to the McDonald’s and the gentleman he was let me in once again before himself and we headed towards the check counter. “so you’re not seeing anyone or have some sort of relationship from back home?” He asked while scanning the screens with food and I shook my head even though he didn’t looked at me.

“No not really. I’m not that dating type of person.” I answered, my eyes fixed on the chicken nuggets’ picture on the screen. I could have given him the whole story about my one time where I almost fell in love with one of the other smugglers around my time at the age of 14. It was forbidden but also a romantic love story which ended up in him being shot. Lance had always had a sweet spot for me so when he heard that I had messed around with one of the other smugglers he made sure that it wouldn’t develop. On the harsh way of course but I knew that he survived. Though I haven’t spoken to him since. It’s one of the main reasons why I keep myself away from boys and why I don’t believe in any love related shit.

“Ready to order?” Michael asked and I nodded my head and told him what I wanted. Michael was determined to pay which was really sweet of him even though I was far from being on lack of money.

When the food was done and ready for us to take we grabbed our trays and headed towards one of the green coach booths just like the one in the tourbus, right by the window.

“What about you? Any lucky girls in the goodie bag?” Michael smiled while taking some fries with his fingers. He looked down with a smile and shook his head. “Not really. I don’t feel like I have the time. And i probably don’t.” He explained and I nodded my head understanding.

Chats like this continued on between us while we ate. It was quite nice to be honest because it was like time stood still and I was another place which i technically was. But hanging around at McDonald’s was something all the other teenage kids had done which I’ve never in my life experienced. And Michael was a funny guy even though some of his jokes were pretty lame. That was what made them so funny and at one point I almost choked on my coffee shake in laughter just because he was firing of lame jokes to make me laugh.

“I’m so full, oh my god.” I said, my hand running up and down my blown up stomach. There was still at least 5 nuggets in my before 20 pieces of nuggets filled box. “You serious? I can eat those for you.” Michael suggested and his eyes lit up when I pushed the box towards him.

“A way to win my heart.” He said looking at me amazed and I laughed at him, “I can’t believe how you can continue to eat, you just eat 2 meals of BigMac!” I exclaimed and Michael looked up at me while chewing on a nugget. “I’m a growing man and the BigMacs were nothing.” He explained and I nodded my head impressed.

Silence clouded over us while Michael finished the last nuggets and I took around the McDonald’s to check out the other people. My eyes went wide immediately when they landed on a familiar figure standing close to the exit area, sitting with some beverages, staring at me. It startled me so much that I ended up hitting my knee against the table above it and giving Michael a shock.

What’s wrong?“ He exclaimed, looking behind him fast to see nobody. He turned his head back to look at me rather confused.

"I just think I saw a shadow. Scared me for a second.” I explained, a cold giggle escaping my lips, trying not to sound nervous.

“Okay.” Michael said unsure, grabbing his milkshake to take a few sips.

I smiled at him to show that nothing was wrong but it faded away quickly when my eyes landed on the same figure, sitting with a soda and slurping on the straw.

“Fucking shit.” I cursed to myself, catching Michaels attention again.

“Whats wrong? Shadows again?” He asked confused but didn’t turn around.

I nodded my head but my eyes weren’t on Michael. They stared at the guy who now stood up from his seat with the soda in his hand. He wiggled his eyebrows at me before disappearing out of the exit door.

Michael turned his head again by my staring but he only got the chance to see the back of the man disappearing out and the door shutting.

“Did you know that guy?” He asked confused, motioning his head towards the now closed door.

I hesitated a breath before mumbling out “Somehow.”

“He was kind of an old friend I guess.” I added and Michael nodded his head.

“I can confirm from your reaction that he was not someone you wanted to greet and meet.” Michael said, and I nodded my head slightly. “Far from that.” I said, eyeing Michael while he put all of his food trash on his tray.

“Lets hope he didn’t then.” Michael said and helped me with my trash. I nodded my head but of course the boy had seen me.

The guy was a dude names Joey. A guy that I never was on good terms with back home. It was always a competition between us who could perform the most for our Company. I always ended up winning and at one time he tried to ruin it for me and I ended up beating him up in order to save myself. For my protection Lance ended up with transferring Joey to another place to work with smuggling that was considered shitty. I was surprised to hear that Lance had better offers at his place than others. The only reason i was grateful for being in Company with him.

Ever since then I swore I would never meet Joey again considering he wouldn’t come back. But this was most probably his territory and I was clear weak here. If I ended up alone again I wouldn’t be sure if I could beat him up again. I didn’t know this place at all.

Michael ripped me out of my thoughts by asking me if we should get Dessert and my heart shot towards him with wide eyes. “Sure.” I smiled even though I thought it was ridiculous considering we had just eaten and I could most probably not get a thing down but I agreed anyways to get my thoughts away from Joey.

“Alrighty then. I think a Mcflurry with snickers is calling my name.” Michael beamed and stood up ready to finish off the good meal with cold soft cream.

redamancy pt.2

pairing: you x kwon jiyong
author note: this is the second part. also please respect me for putting here highly underlined part of being foreigner - and what it comes with that, character is complete opposite to natives in south korea. second thing, i really want to focus on feelings and words so for most of you this can be total boredom. i do not own this gif, all credits goes to owner/editor.  

waking up on your day off is beautiful and hazy. sun caresses your milky skin when you cover your sweet yawn. looking down at your legs you see small head and ears and you gently pats your dog with affection. just when you stretch your muscles from sleep your phone vibrates and you slowly take it and look at the message.

from: J
sleeping in the sitting position is rather painful.

you smile, grabbing silky robe to cover yourself. making your way towards the kitchen you reply to him that sleeping with open window can be harmful too. opening a natural yoghurt and throwing there some muesli you sit in small space of your apartment with silence around you. another buzz and you quickly leave your breakfast just to unlock your screen.

from: J
it depends. what are you doing today?

leaving kitchen you take with yourself a glass of water and entering the bathroom you open your window shelf with blank stare. seeing your pills you gaze at shining screen with frown.

to: J
trying to overcome many things. and at least get a cup of good coffee.

two tablets vanish in your mouth and you look at yourself with emptiness in your mind. it’s hard to keep with the emotions within you. the past months tried to change you into crying mess again. perfectly knowing how huge impact had the heartbreak on you, you try to live as a normal human being. only the constant visits at the therapist ruin your simple life.

living with depression was never easy, that feeling of being so heavy to stand up from your bed and get out of your home. you hated that so much. but after all you came back home and all you did was laying and breathing, and even those tasks made you worn out. being in the state of depression is frustrating now. you are not fighting with your body but with your mind and all of those words or memories which hurt you so deep.

glancing at the stiff phone you retreat to your bedroom, wondering how you are actually going to spend such a sunny day. soft bark makes you look at your animal friend.

‘guess you will be my date’


from: J
i’m so fucking tired.

you watch as the tv commercial leaves the screen and you focus on answering him properly. shifting your legs you curl them under your body earning wet lick of the tongue of the shiba laying beside you.

to: J
green tea or chamomile can help. personally i prefer second option.

you smile when you put your own mug to your lips and inhale soft and addictive smell of your chamomile drink. you can easily remember all of that stressful nights when you tried to study in every possible way just to get the opportunity to work in south korea.

from: J
are you even real?

smelling your cup you close your eyes reminding yourself of your struggles. but it was worth it. it was.


your wet hair is glued to your neck when absently you answer your phone with silent words.

‘you were right. it tastes somehow strange but it helps’ your heartbeat seem to quicken when you hear his crystal clear voice. 'your breathing is also soothing’

oh, that’s rather nice complement’ you manage, feeling your legs tremble under you. quickly moving towards your bed you sit on it softly.
'your voice is harmonious’

his mute laugh makes you nervous.

’thank you. how is your day?’ looking at the dark sky you bite your lip and stretch your fingers.

‘cosy. i’ve done my daily workout and watched some silly cartoons. guess i’m not that old’ your hum is covered by your hand when strange butterflies in your abdomen start to scratch. ‘i bet you created another masterpiece’ laying yourself on the blanket you face your window and all of the stars. ‘the night has taken my breath away’

‘somehow i can believe you that tonight is rather beautiful. are you outside?’

‘no. i’m facing my window and today’s moon is golden. wow, i’ve always wanted to reach out for it’ your fingers play with the hem of your nightdress. ‘gazing at the starry sky is poetic you know? because you can think of anybody who is staring at it too and somehow you feel as the two of you belong to each other. under the same sky’ closing your eyes you inhale with almost silver smug of breathtaking moment.

‘what if see it too?’ you can hear his whisper as if he was leaning against your ear. ‘what if i’ve said that i believe we are connected to each other somehow?’ something stirs in his voice and his emotions are flooding from him.

‘but life is not a fairytale, jiyong’ your heart almost hurts with anxious feeling. was it inappropriate to call him by his first name?

‘no it’s not. but only people make it looks so bad. we are all twisted. we all have daemons inside ourselves. damn, were you scared of not being enough?’ his sigh makes you dizzy. sharp pain in your mind and chest overwhelm you instantly.

‘i am not enough. i’ve always been. but still i’m afraid of that’ you manage wiping your silent tears away. ‘i can understand that fear’

why? why are you not enough?’ hoarse voice startles you but you quickly muff your ragged breathing.

‘i’ve been in relationship for over five years. i thought that he would propose soon, because everything he did or i did was perfect. one day i forgot my passport from our apartment, i was trying do get my korean visa. he cheated on me. not once, not twice. over and over again. in my bed, in my sheets, on my damned table. i was hurt. all of these years thrown away, ripped from your heart as if there was nothing about them. five years of complete blindness and at the top of it that feeling of never being enough. why? because he fucked those girls due to my simplicity. due to my lack of being something called original. yeah, i kind of know why am i like that’ shutting your eyelids you try to erase every memory of that horrible day. for few minutes you could only hear his breathing and soft clicks of his tongue against his alveolar ridge.

‘you are stronger than you think. and you are more than original. you are extraordinary, and you are unaware of that’ you wished you could see him. propped on the elbow or laying on the couch, just to see him to be confident that he is real, that both of you speak at the same time, in the same country. ‘love is like hate, burns and breaks you. you are free from that deceiving bastard, you can shine all by yourself’ you smile hearing his words.

‘do you like being told about sweet dreaming?’

‘do you believe in your dreams?’

‘what are they?’ the scent of vanilla candles sooth your mind.

‘they are our wishes, desires. sometimes they are unreachable because you dream about person who doesn’t exists. but sometimes you create illusion of your fantasies about them. dreams are the part of you. you cannot escape that’ his tiredness echoes in his voice so you try to remember his advices and silent whispers.

‘i wish you then peaceful sleep with never-ending inspirations. goodnight, jiyong.’

‘sleep well, y/n’ 


you did. you did sleep well.

running from the subway wasn’t even that hard on the early morning. your high-heels and pencil skirt didn’t make you whine about them. shinhye told you about her blind date and about the kiss she shared with her partner and you giggled like teenage girl. everything about today made you smile, that butterflies in your stomach haven’t been flaw at all.

‘what has happened?’ you eye your friend with a frown. ‘you look starstruck’

glancing at the busy street you whisper

‘dreams. dreams have happened’


your willpower to jog is strong but when you actually start to run you slowly regret that. your legs carry you towards the han river and when you stand nearby, you inhale soft breeze. that pang in your chest is heavy. you recognize it as a homesick. you are missing your country. your family. the buzz of your mobile pull you out of your misery.

from: J
i’m flying to japan in few minutes. i don’t know what to say.

you look up to see stars and clouds and at the same time you see the air-plane too.

to: J
i’m sure you will be missed here. safe journey. sometimes words are unnecessary.

soft sound of thunder make you snap out of your musings and with melancholy look on your face you run back home.


when you are in your deep slumber you can’t hear the vibration of your phone. in the pitch darkness of your room the blazing screen shines with simple sentence.

form: J
i don’t know what it is but i miss you as if you have been in my life for years.

Phone call

A/N: Hey guys! So this is my first writing challenge I hope you like it! :) Thanks @roxy-davenport 

Words count: 1300 ish

prompt : “Did you buy that for me?”

Warnings : smut, masturbation, dirty talking, swearing.

Originally posted by sasquatchandleatherjacket

Sam and Dean were still on this frigging hunt. It wasn’t supposed to take much longer than a week. But now it went on for two. You were feeling alone in the large place that was the bunker. But you were also bored as hell. You couldn’t wait for the brothers to get home, especially Dean.

You smiled to yourself remembering the first time Dean kissed you, the numbers of time since them you had touched each other. You bite your lower lips and send him a text.

“Face time tonight?”

“I’ll call” that was all it took for you to get you excited. Dean wasn’t a big fan of this, he never knew how to end the call, or just holding his phone. You always have him in the most awkward angles. But tonight you didn’t care, you wanted more than just hear his voice, you wanted to see him. And play.

You waited impatiently for him to call, trying the perspectives with the front camera of your phone. You had left your face make up free but did your best to look good though, you knew Dean would be surprised anyway.

Finally your phone went off. You took a deep breath and tried to look normal. The first image that you saw was Dean’s nostrils.

“Baby you’re too close.” you chuckled, making sure he couldn’t see under your collar bones.

“Sorry, I haven’t realised you were on.” the two of you smiled, happy to see each other. You talked for a little while, trying to stay focus to not letting him know what was about to happen next. Only you couldn’t help but smiling, and giggling for nothing.

“Why are you so happy tonight?” he gave you a small, boyish grin.

“Well first of all, I got to see my boyfriend’s nostrils, which I haven’t seen in two long weeks now.” you both laughed. “And- I do have a surprise for you.” your voice was lower, tongue coming out of your mouth to lick your lips.

“A surprise?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Yes but- are you alone?” You assumed Dean glanced at Sam and in no time he was outside in his car. You crackled as he tried to put the phone straight onto the dashboard, enough light coming in the car to see every details of him.

“All right I’m alone.” he declared smirking. Obviously he knew what “are you alone” meant. You could see he was a little impatient as it was the first time you did this type of call with video on.

“Good boy.” you lazily said and he let out a growled. “I remember you told me you like to see me in lace lingerie, so I went shopping today…” you lied on your back, stretching your body and held the phone a little higher, lens focused a little lower letting appeared the thin and see-through fabric of the black bra and thong.

You heard Dean gasping. “Did you buy that for me?” you chuckled at the silly question. You knew all his blood went straight between his legs. You nodded and hummed softly.

“You deserve to see what wait for you at home.” you continued brushing the skin on your stomach, circling your belly button just like Dean would do.

“Jesus Christ… you’re fucking gorgeous Y/N.” he breathed out.

“Thank you.” you grinned, cheek blushing slightly. Dean’s gaze always made you felt so shy and small. But tonight he wasn’t the one in charge.

“So are you going to do what I’m telling you to do?” you demanded letting your hand on one of your breast, gently playing with the hard pick there.

“Yes Ma’am.” Dean licked his lips, eyes observing everything he could on the small screen.

“You’re really, really good tonight.” you smiled and rolled onto your stomach, placing the phone on the nightstand against the bedside lamp just in the right position for Dean to see you had place a mirror at the bedside.

“You can see more angles of me this way.” Dean’s face was absolutely priceless. “Are you hard?” you demanded bucking your butt in the air, letting him see the bare skin into the mirror.

“God Baby.” he groaned.

“Answer me.” you ordered him. He swallowed hard, and nodded.

“I’m hard, so hard.” he mumbled.

“Good… you can opened your pants but don’t touch yourself yet.” Dean grunt but did as he was told.

“I’m soaked… maybe you should see by yourself.” you rolled on your back again and spread your legs, glancing at the screen to check he could see how you wanted him to see. You put aside your panties and let your fingers brushing your clit and your wet entrance.

“I’d love your tongue on my clit you know? Licking just the right way there, sucking a little… And I love when you do it while I’m sitting on this gorgeous face of yours.” you moaned as you inserted two of your digits inside yourself. 

“And then your fingers, thick and perfect in my tiny pussy”  you cried Dean’s name as you moved your fingers in and out, closing your eyes for a moment, listening to his breath. He was literally panting. You took out your shiny fingers from between your legs to your mouth, gently cleaning them and looked as Dean was trying to keep his hand from touching himself.

“Oh but then I know you would take care of my nipples too.” you reached behind you and let the delicate bralette slowly falling down. You sat up onto your high-heels, making your ass rounder than it was. Seeing your back and your front at the same time, Dean’s eyes were moving quickly to not miss anything. You massaged your breast, playing with your aching tits, hoping Dean could see the goosebumps on your skin.

“Take your thick cock in your hand but don’t move yet.” you told him. Dean grabbed quickly his length in his hand, it was almost hurting.

“Show me.” you continued and he gripped the phone in his free palm, showing you the way his digits were gripping his heavy member.

“Mmm… such a good boy. I’d love to take this into my mouth until the back of my throat…licking your balls and then sucking them.” Dean squeezed himself as you speak. “And then I’d love to take your cock whole inside my wet pussy and feel you come inside me, just so hot and perfect” you sighed seeing he squeezed himself again. “So perfect.”

“Please.” Dean whispered enough for you to hear.

“Show me your face and repeat.” he let out a small growl but put put the phone on the dashboard.

“Please.” he whispered again.

“Louder?” you demanded brushing your clitoris above the thin layer. He exhaled loudly and closed his eyes.

“Please.” he repeated louder. You smiled, you always loved making him begging .

“Good boy… Now-” you leaned on your elbows and held your hips up, one of  your hands doing circles on your small bundles of nerves. “Don’t come until I’ll tell you to and I want to see you jerk on your hand.”

“Fuck.” Dean moaned as he started to move his hand up and down, watching on the screen the reflexion on your ass, your fingers moving and then your face as the pleasure growth. You both moaned each other name and you felt soon you were on the edge of an orgasm, legs shaking as much as Dean was shaking himself.

“Dean- let me see your cock.” you groaned sweetly and he lifted the phone above keeping his eyes on yours. For once he knew how to centre himself.

“Come on baby, give it to me” Dean head felt backward as he came hard with your name falling from his lips, hot and white cum spreading onto his hand. You came at the perfect sight of him, your climax making you fell on your side.

“That was-”

“Fun!” you smiled and tried to straight up, taking back the phone in your hand.

“Super messy though.” he muttered trying to clean himself and you chuckled.

“Sorry, you know I would clean all of that if I was there.” Dean shook his head growling.

“How did I find a sexy, dirty, smart woman like you?”

“I guess you’re lucky.” you winked.

“Yeah…. I miss you.” he said softly.

“I miss you too… Hope I give you a reason to wrap this case faster.”

“Oh you have no idea, once we’re done, I’ll drive straight home and rip those panties of yours.”

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Watch me fool around in After Effects! (^_^) Many of you have noticed my mermaid manips running wild on the internet and it has been super exiting and I appreciate all the kind words and attention! <3<3<3 (Thank you everybody for you wonderful messages!! *throws cookies everywhere*)

I have made 11 mermaids now, and I am currently working on Nani and Lilo. ;)  But I kinda promised a tutorial, and I’m trying really really hard of doing that! It just takes a ton of time editing all the footage and don’t even get me started on the text! DX I will continue trying, but until then you can have this! I pretty much gave up on some things (the head’s positioning, the fingers, the bra’s coloring, etc) because AE is suuuuper sloooow when the screen recorder is on. I cut it out from here, but you cannot even imagine how often the whole thing just froze and lagged lick crazy. If it wasn’t for that then I would make more videos like this… O_Q But I hope that you guys enjoy! ;D

My latest mermaid (Esmerlada)

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