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"I'm not jealous! It's just... you're mine!" + "No like.... I can't believe you're actually wearing my clothes" (I think it was something like that I don't remember it exactly) pls ^^

“so maybe not taking an umbrella wasn’t such a good idea” you looked down at your clothes. Your once light blue jeans, were now dark blue jeans.

“I can hear your mum tutting” Jungkook laughed, pulling his soggy hat off his head and onto the counter with a loud slap.

“You can’t tell her” you pouted, amused by his very right statement.

“I won’t” he pulled you in for a hug. He was warm, the soaked shirt seeped into your slightly wet one. He had thrown his jacket at you when it started to pour and ran like lightening ahead of you. You were crippled on the floor from laughter, he had to come back and drag you back to his.

Just as he stood away from you to pick the hat off of the counter, the heard walked in. The heard meaning the rest of Bangtan. They each gave you a one over, Namjoon winking, Yoongi’s amused expression, Hoseok’s pleased smile and Jimins smirk- all the while Jin grabbing Jungkook shoulders and spinning him around.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed or anything kook, but look at the shirt” Jin’s finger pointed at you, you looked down the same time Jungkook did.

You felt the air being knocked out of your lungs when you were rugby tackled to the couch.

“Guys, leave the room please” he muttered into the crook of your neck. They all left with the hoot of laughter, cackling and shouting “Kookie-boy” at the top of their lungs.

“You know sometimes, it’s like they’re in a frat” you could hear the rolling of his eyes.

You pressed the palm of your hands to his shoulder, shoving him off you to the side.

“Thank lord… I can breathe” you squinted at Jungkook who looked like a guilty puppy.

“Sorry” he laughed awkwardly- his face looking like someone had flicked him on the nose.

He eyes moved down to your shirt, then back to your face.

Um, I’ll be right back” he dashed out of the room, skittish like a rabbit.

He re-appeared with a towel, a different shirt on with shorts and grabbed your arm. “come to my room, you can change clothes there”

The door closed with a slight muted ‘click’, he turned and gestured to the bed.

“These are some of my clothes, you can wear those for tonight”

“Can you turn around?” you motioned your finger into a 180 twist.

“oh yeah, yeah” blushing.

He moved, facing the door. Switching from foot to foot nervously. You kept one eye on him while you changed, peeling off the sodden clothes and putting on the soft cotton that slid over your skin like silk over a wooden table. Putting on his way too big joggers so that it looks like flappers.

“You can turn around” you fiddled with your hands, tugging on the long sleeves. He turned and did a double take. He looked in awe, like this is something that he’s been wanting to see for a while.

“Are you ok?” you took a step forward, watching him. He had an unrecognisable expression on.

“yeah…” he started.

“well, no” he corrected himself.

“No?” your eyebrows creased.

“No like…. I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes” he fingered the bottom of the shirt with a small smile on his face.

“Why? It’s just clothes” you perplexed.

“No” he laughed breathlessly, “let me explain”

“When you have someone that you really like, you want to be around them all the time, be with them and even see them in your clothes. It just, feels nice to see and I feel like I have everything” he blushed slightly from the explanation, but you were touched.

“Really?” you hugged him, but then pulling your head back with a raised brow.

“Is that why you were jealous earlier?”

He snapped his head to you, “Jealous? Me? No?”

“Are you sure? Think real heard about what just happened earlier kook” you watched the wheels turn in his head, the realisation crawled onto his face.

“I’m not jealous! It’s just… you’re mine!” he defended.

“They were peering at you; I’m allowed to be jealous” he hugged you tightly.

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Konichiwa, can I request a scenario chubby s/o with toshinori, aizawa and bakugou, has they're s/o are always very sad about they're body and frustrated for being like that? (Separate each of them pls?) I'm so grateful for all your kindness and keep it up the good work!

Of course you can lovely! I very much hope I could answer this well enough and that you’ll like it. And thank you very much for your kind words dear, you’re always welcome here if you want to talk or anything. Take care lovely! <3


He wraps his partner up in a hug and pulls them against him. He feels their slumped shoulders and they rest their head against his chest.

“It’s just so hard sometimes.” They murmur into his shirt, their arms coming up to return the hug. “Sometimes it feels no matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t work out.”

Toshinori rubs a comforting hand along their back and kisses their temple. “I love you. And I want you to know, that I desire you the way you are.” He tilts their head up to meet their eyes. “If you want my help with anything though, you have it.”

Toshinori leans down to kiss them gently. “Whatever it is you decide to do, you don’t have to do it alone.”


Aizawa listens as his partner tells him about their troubles and the way they see themselves. He holds their hands in his and rubs a soothing thumb over their skin.

Once they trail off and fall silent, Aizawa speaks up. “I want you to know, that I love you and I don’t want you to think you need to change for me, because you think it will make me desire you more. When I fell in love with you, it’s with all parts of yourself. For me, you don’t need to change.”

He ducks his head a little to catch their gaze. “And I stand by you, no matter what you decide to do. This is your body and you decide how you feel comfortable in it. If you want my help for anything, you have it, I’m here for you.”

Aizawa gives them a soft kiss. “It’s going to work out, I believe in you.”


As soon as he notices his partner looking tense, their face drawn in a sad and frustrated frown, he sets down the food he’s about to prepare and steps to their side.

“What the hell are you thinking about?” He asks, brushing a hand along their cheek, his own face drawn in a frown that half hides his concern.

His partner presses their lips together for a moment before they answer. “I can’t stand myself today.” They admit quietly, wrapping their arms around themselves. “I don’t know what to do at this point.”

Bakugou pulls a chair besides their and sits down, his knees bracketing and pressing gently against theirs. “We’ll fucking figure it out, alright?” He says, giving their hands a squeeze. “I damn like you the way you are, and if you want to change anything, you got my fucking support. Just tell me what the hell you need and I’ll help you.”

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Can you do 18 year old Ponyboy as a boyfriend headcanons?


▪ this boy is so lanky and no matter how tall u are he’ll always set his chin ontop of your head and hug you from behind so if you’re only a couple inches shorter than him he’ll stand up on his tippy toes to do it

▪ he’s really bad at gifts he’ll probably buy u a toaster for ur birthday

▪ if u two get into a fight, no matter how small, until u make up he will be so winey and dramatic to everyone around him it’s ridiculous

▪ he always makes cheesy jokes and pickup lines and laughs at his own jokes but if u make one he’ll just, “………wow that rly sucked”

▪ lots of little nose, forehead, and shoulder kisses 24/7

▪ modern!ponyboy would send u pics of naked mole rats and be like “this reminded me of u, ur basically twins”

▪ after you two graduate, you’d rent a dainty apartment and with that, one time you were both brushing ur teeth and it was so crowded in the bathroom, he accidentally spit in your hair when aiming for the sink

▪ you’d take personality quizzes out of magazines together

▪ small apartment + loud sex = angry neighbors and landlords (he didn’t leave the house the next day from embarrassment what a dumbnut)

▪ tries to open jars for u to seem macho but one time he couldn’t so he tried every technique in the book but it wouldn’t budge until u took it from him and opened it

▪"but i loosened it !!111!!!“

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hi bee! (i'm sorry if you don't like the nickname, it's just- ever since i followed idk why but you are 'bee' in my head, maybe because of your url. eeep) just wanted to share a lil bit of fluff with you: i've read a fic where s & j's child thinks sherlock's name is 'love' because that is all john ever calls him and i !!!!!! honestly am so endeared, i can 100% picture it in my head. well, that's all i wanted to say. i hope you have a good week and pls, give darcydog a super hug for me :)

hey hey! you can call me whatever you like tbh i’m pretty flex! i have read this fic, it’s Call Him Love by itsallfine @librarylock who is awesome! i will deffo give darcydog a huge hug, she deserves all the hugs lol <3

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so how it is your list ? most to least favorite on exo? who are your sons? in which place was kaikai before? who is jongdae? so many questions...

I like them all they just go in groups

Top 2 is obviously Chen (Jongdae) and Xiumin (Minseok)

My sons are Kyungsoo (D.O) and Yixing (Lay)

and my precious little dumb sheep boy is Suho (Junmyeon)

and everyone else in exo are just in the group after these kids mentioned above.. kaikai used to be in this group but then after Japan concert I almost wanted to adopt him and make him my 3rd son so he is somewhere in the son zone LMAO

and I’m sorry did I read this right? WHO IS JONGDAE??

What is a Kim Jongdae you say??

I mean my whole blog is pretty much Kim Jongdae and my icon has his face on a ferrero rocher chocolate.. but trust me I don’t know what is a kim Jongdae either

Kim Jongdae.. Kim daedae.. Kim chenchen … Kim Kittydae.. Kim pikachen is the world’s most precious piece of shit ever..Let me introduce you to my ultimate little shit ….. I AM SORRY IT WILL BE A LONG POST

His smile/laugh can bring world peace (click here to be healed)

His singing will heal you too…. before you scroll through the pictures.. just go to my chenaudio tag for his singing.. laughing and also the weird noises and sounds he makes. TRUST ME.. YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE

He is a kitty because of his lip curl

he is pikachu because his power in exo is thunder/lightning and his lip curl is same as pikachu’s 

(Insert my own pikachu plushie from Japan lol .. yes I went to pokemon centre >.> no shame)

His eyelashes are so long and curly.. it makes me jealous and I want to put mascara on him

and also we need to talk about his moles.. they are like constellations or something lmao.. I’ll just focus on the moles on his face down to collarbone.. body moles shall not be discussed 

from what I remember.. on the right side of his face. there is a straight line of four moles browbone to temple? .. and then I think there are some (2?) hidden in his right sideburn…. one on his right earlobe and one on right jawline/neck… and then we move down to my fave moleee.. THE COLLARBONE ONE.. which i call it the sekshi mole (I have a tag for it)

and then on the left side of his face… there are 2 near his temple area? and then one pretty noticeable one in his sidburn area… and then there is one right underneath the arch of his left eyebrow… and that zit looking thing (i still call it a mole lol) at the beginning part of his left eyebrow… (WOW this did not sound creepy at all.. nope.. WOW I AM TRASH )

and lmao lookie I found a pic that shows most of the moles I mentioned above


some jfan or program? measured his eyebrow tilt lmao

HIS SIDE PROFILE.. his jawline… his forehead.. his *u* HE IS BEAUTIFUL

I think Jongdae srsly gives the best and warmest hugs he snuggles(?) his head into your shoulder when he hugs 

and his facial expressions……i love his face

He is cute and precious and fluffy most of the time.. but sometimes he can be a rude piece of………… oh and did I mention HE CANNOT CONTROL HIS FUCKING TONGUE??? (pls just look at my chentongue tag) 

and let me also introduce you to the Chooty and the thunder guns

and look at this quality footage of his pants flossing his asscrack

Thunder guns =)

I FEEL EXHAUSTED AND I DON’T WANT TO FREEZE EVERYONE’S DASH.. I WILL END THE POST WITH THUNDER GUNS AND CHOOTY.. please just go to my tags page for all the fucking tags I have for Kim Jongdae… i have over 25 at least ………. and there are more but I didn’t include most likely i honestly don’t even know how many tags I have for him… i gave up… i lost track

I Could Never Hate You (Sirius)

Anon:  can you write a sirius x reader where she is James’ sister and her and sirius like each other and are v v cute together and then they meet again when he escapes azkaban and he’s worried that she hates him but she just tackles him into a hug and just v emotional fluffy stuff pls? Thanks, i love youuu!

* * *

‘You alright y/n?’ Sirius asked as he sat down next to you. You were outside sitting next to the Black Lake reading. ‘Sure am.’ You replied, putting your book down. ‘You?’ You asked. Sirius smirked, lying down with his head on your lap, ‘Couldn’t be better.’ He replied. You smiled down at hi, running your hands through his hair. ‘Your hair is always so soft.’ You said mindlessly. Sirius grinned, ‘It has to be. I’ve got a reputation to uphold.’ 
‘Ah yes,’ you said, pulling gently on stands of his hair, ‘how is being popular going?’ You asked sarcastically. 
‘Pretty good.’ Sirius said closing his eyes, ‘Sometimes difficult because of all the adoring fans but, hey, that’s the price you pay, right?’ You laughed, leaning down and kissing him softly on the lips. ‘You’re the only fan I have time for y/n.’ Sirius said. 
‘You’re such a twat.’ You said, laughing, hitting him softly on the head with your book. ‘What are you reading?’ He asked. 
‘It’s a muggle book. A love story.’ You said, dramatically.
‘Ooh.’ Said Sirius, sitting up and looking at you, ‘Is it a better love story than us?’ He asked, winking. You pretended to sigh and said, ‘Unfortunately it is. You don’t really have as much style as Romeo. Sorry Sirius.’ Sirius rolled his eyes, ‘Oh I have style.’ He said. You raised your eyebrows, 
‘Really really.’
‘Show me then.’ You said. Sirius gave you his signature smirk before pouncing on you, making you fall back onto the lush grass. He sat on top of you and kissed you very suddenly and passionately. ‘There’s my style.’ He said, hopping off you. You giggled as you sat up, ‘It’s pretty good, Black. But the real question is…would you die for me?’ Sirius opened his mouth to reply but got cut off. ‘Oi, you two need to watch it.’ James said sitting down. ‘Soon the whole school will know that you’re shagging my sister.’ He said to Sirius who smirked, ‘Why should we care if they know?’ He replied, putting his arm around you. You rolled your eyes, ‘James please never talk about me and Sirius “shagging” ever again. I think I might throw up.’ 
‘Repulsed at the idea of shagging him are we?’ Said James, winking. 
‘No,’ You said, ‘I’m repulsed at the idea of you thinking about me shagging him.’ Sirius laughed as James rolled his eyes, taking the snitch out of his pocket. ‘Put that thing away will you?’ You said to your brother. 
‘Why?’ He replied, ‘The ladies love it?’ 
‘If by “ladies” you mean Lily then I can confirm that she doesn’t love it.’ You said, picking up your book again. James caught the snitch and looked at you seriously. ‘Did she say that?’ 
You smirked, ‘Maybe.’ James shook his head and let the snitch fly around again, ‘She so loves it.’ Sirius looked at you, rolling his eyes, making you laugh. Sometimes you felt like you and Sirius had some kind of mental connection where you could just look at each other and know what the other was thinking. ‘You never answered my question’ You said to Sirius.
‘What question?’ James butted in.
‘None of your business, git.’ You said, throwing your book at him. Sirius leaned close to your ear and whispered, ‘I would die a million deaths for you.’ 

…Many Years Later…

You put the newspaper down, the back of your throat getting tight. This couldn’t be real. You could hardly believe that Sirius actually got taken to Azkaban for the murder of your own brother and his wife, but now he had escaped? You lay your head back on the chair and closed your eyes, remembering. You remembered your first kiss with him. You remembered him always turning around to flirt with you in Transfiguration. A small smile came to your lips as you thought about him. About you both together. ‘This can’t be right.’ You said to yourself. The Sirius you know would never ever do any of this. You picked up an old photo you had on your coffee table. It was a moving image of you and Sirius. You were both standing there smiling at each other and right at the every end James runs into the shot making you and Sirius laugh while pushing him away. You smiled, tears coming to your eyes when you suddenly heard a noise outside your house. It sounded like a scratching noise. You opened the front door to find a dog. You knelt down next to it, ‘Where did you come…from…’ As you knelt down you found the dog very familiar.  You suddenly stood up, gasping, clasping your hands over your mouth. Could it be? ‘S-Sirius?’ You said in barely a whisper. The dog ran past you and into the house. You slammed the front door and followed its dirty footprints into the living room where…
‘Sirius.’ Your voice cracked as you looked at the man standing in your living room. He looked old and worn out but behind his eyes you saw a hint of spark. He looked at you, unable to think of what to say. He opened his mouth as if to say something but you ran at him and jumped into his arms. The noise around you seemed to stop and all you could hear was the sound of his breathing. You didn’t know where your body stopped and his began as you seemed to melt into each other and every thought that has been on your mind disappeared. After the hug you looked at him, both of you had streams of tears running down your face. ‘Where have you…what have you..?’ You stuttered, unsure what to say or where to begin. Sirius smiled sadly, ‘Hello, love.’ He croaked. You laughed through your tears as he said this, making you think of all the times he had said that when you were in school. You hugged him again, wrapping your arms around his neck. He was so thin. ‘What do you need?’You asked, looking at him. ‘I-I can’t stay.’ He said. ‘I don’t know if you noticed but I’m kind of on the run.’ He said. 
‘You can stay here.’ You said. He shook his head, ‘No baby,’ He said, making your heart skip a beat, ‘I can’t. They’ll catch me. And if I’m here then you’ll get in trouble too.’ The tears ran down your cheeks again,
‘You can’t leave.’ You said, your voice cracking. He help your face in his hands and wiped away the tears that stained your skin before suddenly kissing you passionately on the lips. You closed your eyes. His kisses always made you feel like you were flying, being carried away from the butterflies in your stomach. After the long kiss he looked at you in the eyes, ‘I love you. And I’m so sorry. But once this is all over, I’ll come back.’ He walked out of the room but stopped as he got to the doorway, ‘Remember y/n, I would die a million deaths for you.’ He flashed you his famous smirk and turned back into a shagging black dog. You walked to the front door and opened it, letting him out. ‘I love you.’ You whispered. The dog stopped and looked at you with Sirius’ eyes and barked loudly before sprinting off down the road and out of sight.