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god bless you for fixing the cursed child 🙏🏽

Lmao, thank you friend <3

I just…like, I was reading some of the meta stuff and I was sitting there reading it going Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

Like, for real, you have a whole story arc within a play called “the cursed child” which pertains to the birth of a child hastening the death of their mother due to a curse…and that’s, not what the focus is??? She’s just another fridged mother murdered so a male character can have character growth? No, hell no

So yea. Now I have my own headcanon, and I’m happy for others to add to it or do with it what they will.

I’ve also got the Harry Potter fandom camped out on my lawn (again, hi guys) so that’s fun, it’s nice getting to talk to new people :)

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Could I request a used to be very poor/unwealthy mc trying to get used to living with jumin like she's still trying to be frugal I just think it would be really cute (I used to be really poor so this would be extra nice for me)

okay so hear me out jumin is my favorite bean out of all the beans in the mysme can and I think about stuff like this ALL the time, so I really hope you like what I’ve written for you!

- Admin Cat Mom.

  • ???? uhm???
  • this sweet man is offering you the world on a silver platter.
  • you could have literally anything you ask for, just say the word and he’ll arrange twenty different options for you to choose from.
  • yet there you are, having last night’s dinner leftovers for lunch.
  • you have this little habit of storing food in tupperware containers, that’s all there is in the fridge now thanks to you.
  • that… can’t be healthy… jesus christ.
  • honey, the chef has a perfectly good lunch already set up and ready for you to eat.
  • could it be that you didn’t like today’s menu?
  • is it the chef’s cooking? he can hire a better one if that’s the issue here.
  • jumin nO don’t fire the poor man.
  • whenever you’re out shopping together, you always seem way too wary of price tags and end up choosing the cheapest stuff regardless of whether you like it or not.
  • and he always insists you don’t?? need?? to spare any expenses??
  • and so these little incidents keep happening and he grows more and more concerned.
  • and it soon becomes a problem to someone who’s been raised in a wealthy family where struggling to meet bills has never been a thing.
  • besides, jumin han’s way of showing love is through gifts.
  • which while excessive and a bit ridiculous in his case, it’s still a valid way of showing love, especially because he pours his heart out into every gift he gets you.
  • and actually, the first time he tries pampering you with expensive gifts, things get awkward and you seem so overwhelmed.
  • truth is you feel undeserving of his gestures because there’s no way in hell you could give him something equally good in exchange.
  • when you both finally realize it’s affecting your relationship, you decide to sit down and have a heartfelt talk.
  • safe to say he doesn’t give a damn about your past nor your income as what matters now is the present and the future you’re trying to build together.
  • there’s no need to feel insecure or ashamed if you do.
  • you have financial stability now, you don’t need to worry about bills or debts, and your only priorities should be taking care of yourself, doing what you’re passionate about without any restrictions, and stay faithful to your core values because that’s why he fell in love with you.
  • among several other reasons.
  • and come on, according to what he’s heard and read, a couple should have each other’s back and take care of one another: for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.
  • yes this man actually recites the marriage vows as he’s holding your hands and looking at you like the sun shines out of your behind.
  • let’s not forget as well that he’s making huge efforts to tame his inner demons and ease his need of controlling your every move and decision.
  • so how about you try relaxing a little?
  • no more tupperwares, please.
  • and just know that he’ll treasure anything you get for him.
  • it does not matter if it’s not pricey, as long as it holds your heart, it’ll be more than enough.
  • bonus: he’s probably gotten inspired by your money saving skills and your strange ideas, so he’s started many projects just for you.
  • like he now wants to make everything fancy yet convenient and cheap for commoners, and he’s constantly asking you for advice.
  • jaehee tried to talk him out of it at first but… oh well, at least that’s better than his cat projects smh.
Olicity: Zephyr

Chapter 1: Taking Out The Trash

Summary: “Zephyr”
(zɛf ər), noun | A gentle, mild breeze. It does not disrupt, nor cause chaos, it merely brings a pleasant sensation on a warm summer day. (via wordsnquotes) Behind the vigilantism, they have to live. A look at our heroes as they go about the more normal moments of their lives.

Welcome to my new series, Zephyr!!
We’re going to be looking at the most domestic, normal, downright boring moments of life with Olicity. Still with me? Great, I hope so. Because I’ve realised that the moments I love writing most are the normal ones, so I’m hoping this can be fun.

The first prompt:
@aussieforgood said: You want boring, here’s boring. Taking out the trash.

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Welcome to the Family

gif is not mine

Pairing: Bobby x Reader (platonic- also featuring Sam & Dean)

Word Count: 1,590

Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I thought I’d try my hand at writing Bobby. I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Bobby was busy researching for the Winchesters.  They often needed his help when it came to lore about monsters they weren’t familiar with.  Fortunately for Bobby, it was a slow day and he wasn’t swamped with too many phone calls.

There was a knock on the front door, causing Bobby to look up from the book in front of him.  He wasn’t expecting any visitors.  Bobby stood up and grabbed his gun, slowly walking towards the door.  He gradually opened the door, his eyes growing wide at the sight in front of him.

“Please help me,” you muttered, leaning against the frame of the door.   There was dried blood on your forehead and you seemed disoriented.  “My name is [Y/N] and I need help.”  If Bobby’s judgement was correct you were only in your early twenties.

“Where’d ya come from?  Were ya with anyone,” Bobby questioned as he opened the screen door and brought you inside.  He let you lean on him for support.  In your condition, you were lucky enough to be conscious and aware of your surroundings.

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CURRENT AESTHETIC: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Like, the whole thing. Literally.

But if we are gonna get specific here: Spoilers!

-that adorable blue dress

-Emma Watson Emma Watson

-Gaston was literally perfect. His character was so spot on it was painful


-Belle is an inventor what?!

- EverYThing Is So pReTTy

- That disgusted face the beast makes when describing Romeo and Juliet

- Later calling King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table a manly story with swords and fights and stuff and just lol

- *nose wrinkle* too touristy?

- “I don’t have tastebuds but I can tell that is exquisite*

- Lumineer trying to stay in his wobbling spotlight

- THAT LIBRARY OH MY GOSH im gonna set up and bed and a fridge and just stay there forever thanks


- on that note, mom backstory was totally sob worthy



- You GO Lefou ditch that jerk and spray people with tea i like this very much

- oh my lord of heavens the prince is literally worth staring at for ages I just want to watch that funny little, shocked smile over and over again he is practically bleeding personality Uuughh

- And that growl at the end *faints*


So, I really liked that movie. Like, a lot. Go See it if you Haven’t

Better Than Cheesecake

For @vanessa-0188, some new Sonny based on the prompt:  “Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry”. 

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

You wanted the part so bad it was all you could think about for the last three months.

Since the moment you heard about the open audition, you spent every second you weren’t at your day job (and sometimes, even stole a few moments there) delving into the play.

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Breakfast in the Sanders Sides household.

(Everything is chaotic. e v e r y t h i n g. whomst.)

“Pass me the milk,” Virgil said from behind his phone. 

“Wow, rude; can I get a please?” Roman snapped

Virgil lowered his phone and glared. “Please pass me the milk, moron.”

Roman grumbled, but reluctantly shoved the carton of milk to Virgil who took it with a mumbled, “Thanks.”

“Good to see you two getting along!” Patton said, walking in with a thing of doughnuts. 

“Patton, those consist entirely of sugar and carbs,” Logan said. 

“And deliciousness,” Patton said through a mouthful. 

Logan winced as crumbs dribbled down Patton’s chin and he shoved forth a napkin. “Please be careful. We just swept last night.”

“Will do, Logan!” Patton said as more crumbs hit the floor. 

Roman stood up and yanked open the fridge. “I need something quick. I have to help Thomas with ideas for his next video in ten minutes.”

“And I need to be there to shut them all down,” Virgil said, scowling. 

“Wonderful,” Roman said. 

“You can have my leftover chicken salad!” Patton piped up cheerfully. 

“Thanks, Patton,” Roman said, pulling out a paper plate with foil over it. 

Virgil poured milk over his cereal and then tossed the empty carton at Roman’s head. “Oh, oops. I meant to say heads up, but I just… didn’t feel like it.”

“Wow, rude.”

“Say “rude” one more time-”

“Now, now, kiddos, no need to fight-”

“Oh there’s always a need to fight,” Roman said.

Logan sighed. “Why can’t breakfast everyone be normal around here?”

Send me a word, sentence, or short paragraph and one of the sanders sides characters (or HP character), and I’ll write you a little fic! catching up on prompts!

Stardew Valley: Sebastian marriage dialogue

All of Sebastian’s dialogue from after you’re engaged/married!  This is all taken directly from game files.  My understanding is that his dialogue was changed a bit with the update that added Emily and Shane, so this reflects that most current dialogue.

Personally, while I really like how absurdly over-the-top delighted with marriage and the farm some characters are (like Alex and Elliott), I also like Sebastian’s more lowkey, snarky way of showing it.  As much as I hate to use the word “snarky”, I really can’t think of a better one for Sebastian.

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Twelve Years

He was right there. After twelve years, there he was. Vulnerable, standing on his doorstep. His clothes wet, torn. “Hi Remus,” he whispered.

“Come in,” Remus murmured, the rusted hinges of his front door squeaking as they swung open.

“Nice place,” Sirius observed, peeling his drenched coat off of his back. Was this how it was going to be? Simply-spoken conversations? Dull eyes and phony smiles?

“Thanks.” Remus’ eyes made their way towards the piece of clothing set in the man’s arms. “Bath’s down the hall to the left. I’ll leave some dry clothes by the door.”

“Oh… Alright. Thanks.”

“Yeah. And bedroom’s just across the hall whenever you’re tired.”

“Um, okay.”

Sirius pulled the soaked clothes off of his freezing body, tossing them in the sink to dry. The hot water fogged over the filthy mirror. Wiping away the steam, he met himself face-to-face for the first time in twelve years. But this didn’t look like him. This was not Sirius Black. Not the one he once knew. His lip was split, his face bruised. His hair matted and unkempt, his ribs protruding through his flesh. Shameful. Unattractive. He looked down at his hands. The blood had dried but the wounds hadn’t healed. He let out a shaky breath, tears finally falling onto his face. Weak. “Leave me alone, mother,” he whispered, wiping away the droplets on his cheeks. The hot water stung his skin as he sank into the tub, closing his eyes.

He snuck into the bedroom at midnight, quiet to not awake the bundle of covers on the right side of the bed. As he moved closer to the bed, however, he was disappointed to find an empty pair of sheets. He didn’t know what he was expecting. They weren’t school boys anymore. They weren’t young, they weren’t in love. They were hardly friends. He crawled under the cold covers, allowing the darkness to envelope him.

“You didn’t have to sleep on the couch,” Sirius spoke.

“And make you sleep on the couch? You’re my guest. It’s common courtesy.”

“Guest…” Sirius breathed, looking at Remus for some kind of sign that what they had was still there, even if dimmed.

“Do-do you want any coffee?” Remus’ fingers fumbled as he tried to lift his mug from the table. “I made a pot.”

“Um, yeah,” he murmured. “Thanks.”

“And, uh, if you’re hungry-”

“Have you forgotten, Remus?” he blurted.

“What?” Remus choked.

“Because I sure as hell haven’t,” he continued. “You can’t just, you know, pretend like nothing ever happened. Like we never happened. I wasted ten years of my life on you and now you just-”


“Fuck, I-I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Then how did you mean it?”

“I just-”

“I need to go.”


“The fridge is stocked with groceries. You can eat whatever.”

“Remus, please.” But he was already headed out the door. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Yesterday I must’ve seen something about one more super successful Patreon and became salty, or, idk, I’ve no idea what triggered me so much, but I really was all red and hot with rage. :’D So I went and snapped a fucking photo of our half empty fridge. This rage (and following jumpy mood bc I was nervous about people’s reaction) made my blood pressure shoot up, I couldn’t fall asleep for good 4 hours after that, and even after catching some Zzz’s I still don’t feel well physically, but if it was a necessary sacrifice in order to make that post, let it be.

I’m sorry that I had to reveal the ugly truth and tell details about my everyday life in order to prove why exactly Patreon is so important to me.

People’s reaction varied, I don’t pay too much attention to the exact follower number, but I could swear there was a few unfollowers. Well.. Let the life judge them. *unkind smile* At least I didn’t get any hate messages, I was ready (and armed) even for that. If I must, I will not sugarcoat the facts and tell how exactly my life is, if it’s required for people to finally pay attention.

Maybe it’s easy to get tricked by all the colorful and cute drawings and derpy posts, one may think I’m okay because I don’t talk about my troubles. *big nod at Aketan* It must be easy to disregard a patreon sign on every drawing of mine, posts about monthly rewards, polls, whatsoever. Maybe I really had to show you WHY EXACTLY I need patrons. I told it numerous times, but nothing was as effective as yesterday’s post.

People live with families, have parents and friends to back them up, can work full-time after all. My ass isn’t covered by anyone except my patrons. I live on my own (with an artist buddy on the same conditions) and my income directly depends on how much I draw monthly. I may have several illnesses that I don’t know about because visiting a doctor in my country does more bad than good. It’s a separate topic. Anywho, I have a weak, unstable body, so I can’t work like a horse. I’m doing my best to keep your dashboards alive and filled with cute drawings, despite everything.

I figured out that people acquired a habit of ignoring posts containing “patreon”, “help”, etc. So I kinda had to go full ham in order to draw attention. Sorry if it’s too much, this post is a roundup and is the last one.

Now to the good news!

On top of that, I received several donations via Paypal. I feel.. Words can’t express it! It’s like you gave up on completing a task that proved being impossible for you, and on the last try.. Bam.. It all goes smooth.. You finally did it.

It’s not covering my entire rent bill, but is already a huge help. It shows that you guys care, and have my back. Thank you so much for that. I’m deeply moved because I also received a lot of kind messages, caring, encouraging, and just distracting with pleasant talks. That’s exactly what I needed yesterday.

I’ll reblog the main patreon post and the fridge post once again on monday, to make sure that no one missed it. But I’m already feeling much better and safer in terms on money. Hopefully we can reach the next few goals, then I won’t have to worry about money ever again. This was a heavy burden that laid on my shoulders for months now, I was anxious and felt a giant pressure. Not the perfect working conditions for an artist, right. I’ve had an artblock for so long now that I don’t remember how it was before. But I’ve gathered my last energy to push through it, and am determined to change things for better. This’s only possible with your help.

TITLE: Meeting The Mum


AUTHOR: Angel Fantastic

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine moving into Tom’s old hometown and meeting Tom’s mum, without knowing who his son is, and befriending her. When Tom comes home for a break, his mum intruduces you but you act uninterested since you are younger then him and you don’t think he will be into you.

NOTES/WARNINGS: English is not my first language so sorry about any mistakes.

Meeting The Mum

You checked your shopping list once more before leaving your new home and heading out to your car. You just moved here, to Oxford, a week ago and you were still trying to settle. Your parents and some friends came and helped you while moving but they were all gone now. However you were still glowing with happiness, that your life is doing very good, better then what you hoped honestly. You got accepted into Oxford University for your graduate degree and found a good paying part time job and with the fact that the house you were staying belonged to your grandma and you didn’t need to pay rent, you could actually afford it all.

Right now you were trying to turn the house into a home before starting to school and work. The big necessities were done, you had some furniture, most was already in the house from your grandma but it didn’t bother you after they had been washed and cleaned. You liked the vintage look anyways.

Now you were heading to the shops for some fresh groceries and some other supplies that had been forgotten in the previous trips.

Shopping didn’t take long as you were getting used to where some items were at the shop. While you were loading the bags to your car, you noticed there was a woman across from you at the parking lot. She looked like she was in her 60s. What really caught your attention was she was holding on to the wall like she couldn’t stand on her own. You quickly closed your car and rushed to her.

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I am just feeling dizzy.”

“Let me help you to the bench over there.”

“Thank you, darling.”

You helped the woman sit on to the bench at the front of the shops and watched her with concern.

“How are you feeling now? Do you want me to call an ambulance or take you to the hospital?”

“Oh, there is no need for any of that, dear. I think it’s just my blood pressure. I forgot to take my tablet this morning and tought I would skip this one.”

“Do you have your pills with you now? And can you take them now or we can call your doctor?”

“Yes I have them in right here in my purse and I can take them.”

“Okay, let me go get you some water then. Please wait here, I will be back in a minute.”

You went to the store and got a bottle of water and returned quickly, finding the woman as you left her. After a few minutes of taking her tablet, she announced that she was feeling better.

“Dear, I am better now, I don’t want to keep you from your work. I will sit here for a bit more and walk back to my house. Thank you for everything but you can go now.”

“Please don’t even mention it and I am not leaving you here. Let me at least take you to your house, my car is right there.”

After some talking, you persuaded the woman to let you take her home. As she got into car she spoke.

“Oh how rude of me, I haven’t even intruduced myself. My name is Diana Servaes.”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Servaes. My name is [Y/N] [Y/S/N].”

“ There is no need for formality dear, you can call me Diana.”

Before dropping Diana off, she invited you to tea for the next day and you exchanged numbers. You went inside with her for a few minutes to make sure she was settled on the couch and okay.

The next day, you arrived with same baked goods from the local bakery. You and Diana got along very well despite your age difference. You met couple of times a week, sometimes to have some tea or dinner together. You talked about all sorts of things, she had many good stories. One day, you were at Diana’s and you were chatting after dinner, she went into the kitchen to get you two some tea while you were in the living room. You always liked this room, the furniture was simple and classic and the art decorating the walls made the room a lot elegant. There were not many pictures in the room, just a few baby pictures of her two daughters and a son. While looking around you noticed that there were some the movies in the bookshelf and you went closer to see what they were as Diana came in.

“I wouldn’t guess that you were quite a marvel fan.”

“Well, I started watching them because my son is in some of them and I liked them, they are fun.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Plus, my son is probably going to be in one more of the movies so I am watching all to be able to understand his movie.”

“Oh, you are such a good mother. He is lucky to have you. Which role is he in?”

“He plays the bad guy, Loki.”


“The bad guy Loki, Thor’s brother.”

“Wait, your son Tom is the Tom Hiddleston?”

“Yes,dear he is. Didn’t you know that?”

“Oh, no I didn’t. God, you didn’t think that I was some kind of stalker or something right? I swear, I had no idea.”

“Hahahah, calm down dear, don’t be silly. Of course, I didn’t think anythink like that about you. But I thought you knew who he was, I have told you some of the films he was in.”

“You never told me that he was the main characher of those movies.”

Diana laughed because of your shocked looks but you still couldn’t believe that you were friends with the mother of Tom Hiddleston. You couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed and you really hoped that she didn’t think you were a fangirl trying to be close to her. You took a deep breath, you were over reacting, she wouldn’t invite you to her house many times if she thought you were a crazy stalker.

A few weeks later,it was Diana’s birthday and you decided to stop by to wish her happy birthday and give her the present you got for her. You decided to go to her place in the afternoon since she was having lunch with her friends from her club and her daughter was coming for dinner. After a few minutes of your arrival, there was a knock on the door. Diana opened the door as a happy and loud man’s voice shouted.

“Happy birthday, mum!”

Oh my god, it was Tom Hiddleston.

Diana hugged his son and let him in. Apperantly, Tom said he wasn’t coming and suprised her mum. You were feeling very awkward as they turned towards you. You were a fan of Tom and you took a breath calming your nerves so you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of him and Diana.

“Tom, let me intruduce you to [Y/N].And [Y/N], this is Tom.”

Diana continued to speak as Tom walked towards you to shake your hand.

“Tom, do remember, I told you that one day I got a bit dizzy in the shops and a young lady helped me. Well, it was [Y/N].”

“Yes, I do remember. And thank you very much for that [Y/N] and nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too and don’t even mention it.”

You smiled as you stood up. You wanted to leave and you were already starting to feel like a third wheel in the room.

“I should really get going.”

Both Diana and Tom protested.

“Please don’t leave because I came.”

“Oh, really, I need to go and you should spent some quality mother-son time. Diana, I wish you have a wonderfull year, happy birthday.”

“Thank you,dear. You sure you can’t stay for a bit more?”

“Yeah, see you later.”

“Nice to meet you, bye.” Tom called as you left the house.

Well that was weird, you thought as you drove to your house. Tom was as handsome as he looked on screen but you weren’t going to try to seduce him or something. Even thinking about something like that made you turn red. You couldn’t even properly flirt with normal guys, who were not famous and at your age. Besides, Tom wouldn’t be interested in you at all, he is probably going out with models and actresses and he must have thought you were weird since you were befriending his mum, someone decades older then you. You decided it would be best to stay away from Diana until Tom leaves.

You were still thinking that way when Diana called the next day, inviting you to the barbecue she was having that Saturday because Tom was there. You tried to decline politely but she didn’t take no for an answer. You honestly didn’t want to go, there would be a house full of people you didn’t know, family friends, distant relatives and so on and you knew you would feel excluded and out of place. You were never very social. However Diana insisted so much that you were forced to say yes.

You arrived the party a bit late, the house was already full of people. Both Diana and Tom greeted you and Diana intruduced you to some people but after a few lines of polite chatting, you found yourself alone in a room full of people, as you anticipated. After some standing in the corner and playing with your phone, you decided to go to the kitchen and find something to busy yourself with.

There were a few women in the kitchen when you arrived and they immediately gave you the salad mission when you asked if they needed anything. After a few minutes, you were alone chopping some extra lettuce in the kitchen. You liked being alone from time to time and this was one of those times. You were intending to stay there as long as possible.


You didn’t here anybody coming in so you actually got scared a little when somebody spoke. You looked over and saw it was Tom. You didn’t answered him just nodded towards him and hoped he didn’t notice that he scared you. He continued.

“ I thought you left when I couldn’t see you in the garden or the living room. What are you doing “

“I am making some extra salad.”

“Need any help?”

“No, I got this.”

You continued working on the salad but noticed that Tom hadn’t left the room a few seconds later. You looked at thim and he looked back at you. Then he walked towards the fridge.

“I think I am going to have a beer, would you like one?”

“No, thanks.”

“You don’t drink or you don’t want to right now?”

“I don’t like beer that much.”

“Oh, okay. Can I get you something else?”

“No, thanks. I just finished my soda.”

You returned to your work but Tom was still there standing a few feet away from you. You looked at him again questioningly. Why was he staying there instead of going to back to the party? Was he feeling bad for you because you were alone? You certainly didn’t want his pity. He spoke before you could tell him he didn’t need to keep you company.

“Am I making you uncomfortable? I can leave if you want.”

“Mm, It’s technically your house you can stand whereever you want.”

“So that’s a yes about making you uncomfortable. My apologies for that.”

“No, it’s just why are you hiding in the kitchen instead of having fun at your party. You are the guest of honor.”

“So, that’s what you are doing here, hiding?”

“Maybe…and salad. But I don’t know those people.”

“I don’t know half of them either, they are mum’s friends and I haven’t had a remarkable chat with the other half in the last two decades. Sorry if I don’t want to contunie chatting with my great uncle about when I am going to start doing a real job.”

You chuckled at Tom’s comments. You never thought he from all the people would be hiding from people in a party.

“I am one of your mum’s friends, you know.”

“Hah, yes but you are not telling a story about your grandchildren.”

“Hahah, but you can’t keep hiding here with me for much longer. I will be leaving in about thirty minutes.”

It was the time you decided to leave before coming here and your excuse was going to be an assignment due to Monday.

“No, you can’t leave. Please, if you leave the average age of the party is going to drop to 60… But really, am I that boring and uninteresting?”  

“I didn’t say that.”

“Then, stay and tell me a bit about yourself.”

You stayed and chatted with Tom for the most part of the party. He was interesting and very charming but you did your best to not to get too friendly with him. You knew he was talking to you because he was bored and you probably never going to have a proper conversation with him again.

The party was coming to an end as Tom asked you another question.

“So, have you seen around Oxford? Did you like it?”

“Yeah, I have been to a few places. It is ok I guess.”

“Oh my, that sentence is so wrong. You aren’t in love with Oxford which can only mean one thing. You haven’t seen enough of it. I would like to give you a tour if you like. I am here for about two months.”

“Oh, really. I thought you will be staying like a few days.”

“No, I wanted to have a proper break for a while. I am happy that I chose now.”

Tom smiled shyly to you before continuing.

“How about tomorrow? I can show you around, we can have some coffee or lunch.”

You stayed silent for a second. What was he asking you? Was he asking you on a date?  

“I…don’t… You aren’t asking me on a date, right?”

“Mm, yes I am actually. So what do you say?”      

Requested by: @suicidaldemondarling



You walk up the stairs, thinking about the empty fridge that you will have to fill in as soon as you leave the heavy backpack at home. Bruce hasn’t been home in more than two weeks, so you had to buy food on your own. Usually he is the one who finishes work on time (more like gets home with no traffic) and buys products. You sigh. Life without the genius was pretty boring and tough. You take the keys now and pick the right one, ready to open the door as it opens in front of you, and Bruce is standing right there, smiling like a crazy man.

“Hello beautiful,” he smiles, as you laugh and run-walk the next two steps to hug him. “Hey, hey…” he puts his arms around you and laughs. “Come on, I can’t die, you know.”

“But you could get hurt,” you mumble, as he makes a step backwards and closes the door in order to not disturb the neighbors. “I missed you so, so much.”

“Well, your life stops when I am not around, so…” you pull away, trying to behave as an adequate grown-up, but end up throwing yourself at Bruce, trying to grab him with all the hands. You need more. “Come on, babe. I am back.”

“You’re idiot.”

“If you say so,” he agrees because knows that you can’t deal with his dangerous habit of helping the Avengers on daily basis. “I am back, though. I am. And the next mission is not soon, so I got us some food.”


“Yes. Food. You know, the things you usually put in the fridge.”

“I didn’t have time to go and buy anything!” you excuse yourself, as Bruce is laughing at your blushing face. “Bruce!”

“Y/N!” you laugh and take your coat and shoes off. “I made dinner.”

“Good Bruce,” you smile, as he picks up your bag to take it to the dining room. “Thanks.”

“My pleasure, beautiful. I am afraid that if I eat your food, the other guy will have to intervene,” you are happy that now he can joke about the “other guy.” When you just started dating, he was always tensed and stressed, afraid that Hulk may dislike you. But he didn’t. Luckily, you even found out that communication with the big guy was quite nice and enjoyable when he was calm. And there was no flashing lights. He hated those. “He missed you. I believe.”

“Oh, I missed him too!” you really did. You believe. “Are you both ok? You know, no Stark visits in the next few hours?”

“”No… Tony won’t come again,” you think of the last time Hulk destroyed something in Stark labs, and Tony flew over (blew up a few walls on the way) to “talk” to the “very nice guy I do not like so much right now.” Luckily, you managed to calm him down before he made Hulk mad. He was on the edge though. “So… Dinner?”

“You are adorable,” you state and follow him in the kitchen, ready to help with plates and whatever else.


External image

  Sasha was shivering in her spot, desperately clung to Connie’s shirt (much to his annoyance) as they continued to watch the ending to a recent scary movie. They had just finished playing Minecraft for over 3 hours and ate a steady amount of both their weights in Pringles and Orange Crush pop. So far their sleepover was going as any other, yet Connie was greatly regretting the idea of picking a horror movie instead of Space Chimps; Sasha’s choice.

 There was no talking through the movie, except Connie’s occasional gag at the horrible CGI, and Sasha’s unending questions about what was happening. All the house lights were off and it was nearing 2:00 am, they were all alone since Connie’s folks had went out of town for a few days to some concert in the city, they had allowed Connie to invite over Sasha and Sasha only; being his best friend since elementary, and all. They both weren’t ones for huge house parties, anyway.

 “Okay, so where did the guy go?” Sasha asked, her hands tightening grip on Connie’s shirt as the main protagonist on screen was hiding in the attic.

 “Watch and see”, Connie replied, tugging down on his shirt so some of the fabric in Sasha’s hand could fall out.

 “Does she die?” she asked again, “that would be so gay if she dies.”

 “Oh my God, Sash, just watch”. They continued to watch the ending of the movie, only to unravel that the protagonist DID die, and there were some flashbacks and epiphany scenes. Then finally the punch line of whom the murderer was… and credits. They both watched silently as the text scrolled down the screen with bad emo rock blaring in the background.

 “Wow… WOW”, Sasha exclaimed, “We just got our nights worth, holy shit”.

 “That was retarded” Connie chuckled as he stretched himself from the couch. Sasha laughed and followed his lead. “So what now, another movie?”

 “Yeah, let’s watch a happy one please. Netflix should have that movie we watched at Armin’s, remember the movie all three of us were laughing our asses at? Or we could finish our castle on Minecraft”, Sasha said “that movie made me feel like shit, but I’m gonna go change, my bra is killing me”.

 “Thanks for sharing…”

 “Oh! When I’m done can we eat those pizza pops in the fridge I saw?” Sasha beamed, excitedly.

 “What?!” Connie exclaimed, “But we literally just ate all that stuff we bought!”

 “But I’m hungry though…” Sasha pouted; her voice as innocent as a child. Connie couldn’t help but cave in. It was a trick she started using ever since they started high school, and he was a sucker for it.

 “Ugh… fine, I’ll put them in the microwave”, Connie grumbled as he dragged his feet to the kitchen.

 “Spank you!” a door was heard shutting behind her. Connie threw at least 6 packets of pizza pops (knowing Sasha’s appetite) on a plate and put them in the microwave for a few minutes. He was already in his sweatpants and white v-neck, pretty much as comfortable as could be. But regardless he had been wearing his v-neck all day, so he went to his room to find a looser fit. But when he opened the door to his room he froze, red in the face. Sasha wasn’t in the bathroom changing, she was standing naked all except her underwear facing away from the door until it opened. This was the second time Connie had seen Sasha’s boobs, except the first time they weren’t even boobs, since they were 7 yrs old at the time. Connie wanted to quickly shut the door and apologize, but he couldn’t stop staring. Like his eyes were glued to what was in front of him. Her head shot his direction and quickly covered up; cheeks flushed.

 “What the hell, Connie, This isn’t the YMCA locker rooms. Get out!” She squealed as she grabbed the blankets on his bed and covered her chest.

 “Sorry! I’m-I just… I need a shirt! I thought you’d be changing in the bathroom!”  

 “No. I left my backpack in here… what shirt do you need?” she asked.

 “Never mind, I’ll come back later when you’re done!” Connie, now covering his eyes, began to back out until Sasha spoke again.

 “No, it’s fine. Just come grab your shirt while I get changed, I don’t want to wait for you when I’m done”, Sasha released the blanket, feeling oddly comfortable enough to do so. Even though his knees were clacking, Connie could see Sasha’s perspective, and with his hand over his eyes he quickly made haste to his closet and shuffled through the shirts. He knew the layout of his closet, but the only thing he could think about was Sasha behind him wearing next to nothing. Sweat was growing on his chest and his heartbeat bumping. Suddenly he could feel a shadow over head and another hand reaching into the closet. It was Sasha with still no shirt on, and she was hovering just over him. Connie didn’t dare look up, no matter how much he wanted to. He was not allowed to feel any sexual impulse to his best friend, this ‘why boner’ he was getting was horrifying. Sasha’s voice was heard closely, “Do you know what the shirt looks like so I can help?”

 “Agh! Sasha, can you at least get some clothes on?” he badgered.

 “Haha, why? We’re best friends, we should feel comfortable with no clothes on” Sasha giggled, her hand on Connie’s back. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, either, but she felt compelled to be close to Connie. They weren’t in Elementary anymore… she was being introduced to feelings she hadn’t felt for her best friend before. And even though he wouldn’t admit it, so was Connie.

 Connie’s breathe was intensifying, “be-because it’s just weird, okay!” At last he had found his shirt, but when he turned to back out of the room he slammed into Sasha, accidentally. Nerve-wrecked and eyes covered, he let out a frustrated groan. Sasha then gently took a hold of his shoulders, making Connie stop dead. Her hands softly glided to his and pulled them away from his eyes like peeling petals from a rose. His eyes were open; petrified. They were the simplest of auburn that drew Sasha in. She never really noticed how beautiful his eyes were until her perspective changed. She finally let go of the awkward tension of liking her best friend in any romantic way and gave in. It was beyond liberating. Connie’s stare returned fear and confusion, but he couldn’t take his eyes away.

Sasha smiled, and slowly she whispered, “Can I tell you something?”

Connie swallowed and whispered in return, “What…?”

 “You’re eyes- they’re so cute. I never got the courage to tell you that” she smiled again.

Connie perked a brief smile and spoke a little more octave, “Well so… so are you I mean- as a whole you’re pretty. Like you’re gorgeous, I mean…” Connie couldn’t help but curse himself in his head, he sounded like an idiot. Whenever it came to girls he sounded like an idiot- Sasha was the only one he could speak to comfortably… but now he was a blubbering moron, why?

 Sasha smiled, her face leaned in and she rested her forehead on his. Connie played along, not sure what she was doing but he was enticed to no end, so he wrapped his arms around the bottom of her back; feeling up her dimples with his palms. Sasha breathed in the smell of Axe and light BO, not the most appealing smell to others, but to her it reminded her wholly of Connie. Her nose smoothly grazed his cheek, and he could feel the slight tickle of her lips barely touching his. Connie’s eyes closed and his head relaxed. His mouth went agape as did Sasha’s. They continued to breathe on each other’s lips still considering the idea of kissing. Even though it seemed like it could damage their friendship, it was such strong temptation. Sasha’s soft lips were moist with cherry lip balm, and Connie wanted to taste it more than anything.

 “Sasha…” his breathe hot on Sasha’s lips, and Connie’s hands rubbing the bottom of her back as his thumbs played with her thong strap. Finally their lips locked, Connie pushed his into hers due to the unending torture of anticipation. Sasha stayed in sync with his lip movement and Connie reached his hand through her long brown hair, not being held in a ponytail as usual. His tongue began to move against her teeth, they briefly released lips for not even a second and rejoined. Sasha’s tongue tasted the orange pop and salt on Connie’s, it drew her in as it lit up memories of earlier that night, when they were just sitting around on the couch playing video games and eating. Now that seemed like years ago, currently something came up that they had pushed aside for recent years.

 The heat of each other’s lips was weakening both of their legs. They were tempted to collapse on the carpet under them and commence, but Connie began to lightly push Sasha to the bed behind her. Her feet followed and began to walk backwards; their lips not breaking for a moment. Sasha fell back onto the sheets on Connie’s bed that was cluttered with shirts and homework. The two pushed them aside onto the floor and then continued with each other. Very faintly they could hear the microwave beeping in the kitchen and the smell of pizza pockets arising. Not even Sasha cared; right now the only thing she cared about was the boy on top of her. Her legs spread so he could fit between her, Sasha’s torso remained topless, and the only thing still appareled was her underwear, that was slowly about to be peeled off by Connie. His hands barely tugged on the strap, not sure what Sasha’s response would be. Much to Connie’s joy, she arched her back and just with that movement was the permission he needed. It came off like a feather, there was no struggled or sticking to the skin. There was so much pulsing in Connie’s pants his mind wasn’t on anything else. Slowly he began to dry thrust against her, and Sasha’s hands pulled his v-neck over his head. His bare chest against Sasha’s breasts gave him the notion to reach his hands up her stomach to feel them. He gently squeezed them like they had to be cherished, while Sasha gasped under his mouth. Finally he pulled his lips away and moved them down to Sasha’s neck. The breathe for air gave Sasha time to calculate her thoughts. She was ready more than anything to do it. If she had to with someone for the first time, she wanted it to be with Connie. Her eyes remained closed in the exhilaration and she whispered with a rasp, “Connie… I want to”.

 Connie’s mouth stopped moving against her neck and looked up at Sasha; her eyes still closed, “To what, baby?”

 “I…” Sasha’s hands slid down to the strap of his sweatpants and fiddled with the rim, “I want to”. Connie sighed and kissed her again, this time more gently than the first. His hand went from groping her to helping her take off his sweatpants. They only managed to take them off (along with his boxers) half way to his ankles; it was good enough for the two. Connie’s heartbeat began to pound again, this is happening, this is really happening. They parted lips again and Sasha lifted her legs higher up his back, Connie moved his head down to look at what he was doing, the feel of his buzz cut scratching Sasha’s forehead. Their breathes were loud and anxious, Sasha moved her hands down to find his and when she did she took a hold of his erection. Her grasp was tight, it made Connie bite his lip. Never had either of the two done this before. There were a few close calls at parties with different people, but never the whole way. Connie removed his hand from himself and moved it to Sasha, who was soaked and dripping on his bed sheets. His fingers glided up and down; she dripped to his hand. A few soft moans were heard from Sasha, so slight it was barely heard. All Connie could think at this time was “Oh God this is awesome… Oh my God this is so awesome” but he remained silent, and could only breathe heavily. Connie slid one finger in, and moved it around inside her. Sasha clutched herself tightly around him. All he wanted to know was where to insert.

 “You ready?” Connie whispered, he looked up and kissed her on the chin. Sasha sighed and nodded, raising her legs even more as she led Connie in. They began to kiss once again, and continued to do so as she pulled the head of his erection to where it had to be. Once doing so, Connie pushed gently but effectively as it slid in more with every thrust. Sasha was very tight, and it took steps to make it more pleasurable for her rather than painful. She made several gasps and her nails went into his back. As Connie continued to thrust, he did so slowly but went deeper. Sasha moaned through Connie’s lips, this more octave, it sounded like her voice cracked. Even though their lips were touching, they were not kissing. Connie’s teeth were clenched, and he was grunting; not aggressively, but noticeably.  As he was able to pull and push more clearly now that Sasha was completely wet, he fastened his pace. There was a slap of their skin heard now, and their breathing heavy. Connie’s hands grabbed a hold of his sheets and the muscles on his back tensed as Sasha felt them. Sasha squealed and clenched her teeth; her nails were digging into Connie’s back. He clearly did not care; he was so involved with Sasha that any pain seemed irrelevant. He wasn’t even aware of his grunts or the sweat on his forehead dripping on her. He wasn’t even aware that they used to be best friends before this. They would play after school, eat glue or prank teachers. And as they got older Connie would wait for her at the bus every day, anticipated to see her and spend another great day with her; whether it was raining, snowing or sunny. He could never explain the bitter hatred in his heart when he saw Sasha with other boys or the sadness when she cried or the goofy smile on his face when she ate food, but now it all came together. Connie didn’t care about the aftermath. He didn’t care how awkward it would be in the morning.  Just the smooth of her skin, the sweetness of her smell, the sexy gasps of her voice were driving Connie. Sasha was his fuel in those moments, and in retrospect, she had always been.

 Connie could feel a pulsing that grew stronger, it was one of the greatest feelings he had ever felt. Sasha felt it too, yet she couldn’t explain if it was painful or exhilarating. Connie immediately reacted and pulled out, startling Sasha with the hot substance that swiftly went cold as it hit her stomach. It began to drip down the sides of her stomach. Realizing her and Connie had finally come; she relaxed her head and sighed loudly. Connie collapsed on Sasha’s breasts and abruptly began to sigh repeatedly. The two were exhausted and soaked in their sweat. Sasha’s hands softly glided up and down his back comfortingly. She licked her dry lips and released air from her nostrils. Sasha smiled, “So I think I love you…”

 Connie laughed weakly, “Ha… pretty obviously vice versa… I’ve loved you for a long time”.

 “But Connie…”

 “Yeah, babe?”

 “I think we forgot our pizza pockets”, Sasha muttered, her voice raspy.

 Connie laughed abruptly, “Haha… yeah I guess we did”.



omg look

My life is clearly significantly improved now that I have a fucking Alexei Yagudin magnet on my fridge, omg?!?!?!??! But also:

I never thought I’d own anything like this, so I’m just incredibly giddy with the thought that I can now display these DVDs prettily on my bookshelf! Thank you so, so much to @thoughtfullysaltydream who got these for me at the Moscow venue!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Now the only things missing from my Yagudin collection are the Russian edition of his biography and the 2003 calendar he published in Japan… please someone put the calendar up for sale pleeeeeeeease I’ve been stalking Japanese auction sites for forever and I haven’t seen it even once…

eta: JUST AS I POSTED THIS I noticed someone had put the Yagudin calendar up for sale oh my fucking god this is my luckiest day of 2017… I just put in an order with the deputy service please cross your fingers for me???

I need help

First of all, my name is Maria Fernanda, and I’m from Valencia, Venezuela. I never thought I would use this site for this. Before getting into details I would like to tell you a few things about myself and what’s going on in my country. 

Some months ago, four or five to be exact, an antidrugs squad came to my house to search, in fact, drugs. Just a few blocks from my house, there’s a cocaine business going on, but I have never, nor my family, been involved in that. Never. The thing is they came to my house and it was horrible. We had to be awake till 1am bc the cops will bring us citations to all of us so we could give a declaration. Even when they found nothing, they took my phone and some logbooks from my grandpa, since he built a residency years ago, all thanks to his hard work, that my grandmother is taking care of now. The citation included my sister (a minor) and my dad. 

This caused my dad a series of disastrious events for him (my dad), who by then had been diagnosed with delusional paranoid auditives ideas,  erratic behavior and mixed insomnia, the general diagonisis being EAP organic psicosis, psychic descompensation and was recommended house rest. You can imagine how a person with that kind of mental problems can be affected by any change. In this case: a dramatic event everyday. The thing is, my dad got really worse (not like he used to, when he attempted against his life and our own, but he got really low) and we had to give him a sleep cure. This consists of doping him so he can sleep nonstop and rest what he needs. Thanks to my mom working in a psychiatric hospital this was rather easy to achieve. My father got better and has  stayed in the treatment to this day. 

The problem now is my country. Some of you may be aware of whats going on in Venezuela, a lot of you may not. My country is going through a critical time in which we’ve lost everything. From human values to our value as venezuelans. It’s almost impossible to find food at affordable prices, we have to make huge queues for hours just to see if we can buy chicken, meat, milk, sugar, etc. The government treat us like livestock, and while we may find some stuff in normal stores, there’s we people that cant afford the food at those high prices. What does this have to do with the situation with my dad? Well, just as food is becoming unaffordable, so does medicine. My father’s meds are expensive, really expensive. We were alright for some time since the hospital used to give it to us, but now they stopped thanks to the lack of it.  We’ve had to sell our fridge, tv and a whole lot of other things. My mom’s salary is not enough and my dad its still not able to work. I’m just finishing my studies so i can provide a little bit, but it will still not be enough. 

The minimal salary my mom gets is gone with the food and my dad’s meds, not even in clothes for us. The only time we get new clothes is christmas, but thats not the point. The point is yesterday/today we took our dad to the doctor since he was really low, we thought it was the pills, so they gave him other ones and this just caused him to pass out. They ended up changing his meds, they made him some exams and needs to stay the clinic til today/tomorrow since public hospital have literally nothing. We cant afford this, nor the new treatment nor him staying two days. One of my aunts has helped us with some of the money, but honestly we dont know where we’re going to get the rest of it. I know this may seem crazy, like a dumb story, but its true. I need help, as soon as possible, or the next thing would be to ask for a loan that we have no idea  how we’ll be able to pay on the future. 

Anyone who can collaborate with this will be fantastic, i know not a lot of you have money to spare as well, but reblogging this you can help it be seen and someone who can donate will see it. I want to give something in return, but i dont know how to write (in english) or draw but i can make:

  •  gifs
  •  icons
  •  gif icons
  •  theme makeover
  •  and all that stuff. 


  • Seroquel XR 100&300mg 
  • Sertalina 100mg 
  • Akineton 2mg 
  • Dalpas 5mg

IT WILL WORK JUST FINE. anything, my ask is open and if you want to donate you can do it in here: MAFEGRAY@HOTMAIL.COM it is my paypal IF YOU CAN SEND IT AS A FRIEND WOULD BE AMAZING! Thanks for reading and helping!!!

Mirrors - Chapter 12

I would say I’m sorry for the insanely long wait during chapter 11 and 12, but I owe you way more than an appology. So I hope this chapter can make up for it. Let me know what you think!

And no, this is not the last chapter.



A lot of time to think. Too much time to try to avoid thinking. A few broken hearts. Too many hangovers, too many auditions, too many fights with my brothers, too many forgotten friendships, too many late night snacks, too many late night panic attacks about where my life is going.

But then, 23…not enough hangovers? Not enough auditions? Certainly not enough gratitude, definitely not enough late night snacks and probably, probably, not enough broken hearts.

Because had I have enough of these, I’d know how to behave myself to avoid any more.

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